View Full Version : Kawaii Ryou Bakura san!

QT Celebi
February 6th, 2006, 1:44 PM
Hey people! I did this picture on paint. Hope you like it! ^^ It took me hours XD Sorry it's a little bit blurry XD

February 6th, 2006, 4:39 PM

Awww...how cute :]
Although the sharp lines of Bakura does not go along well with the blurry edges of the Chinese character (which I can’t read even though I’m Chinese :\). I suggest tracing over the character so that it will have the same sharp lines.


Forest Grovyle
February 7th, 2006, 12:00 AM
What a cool idea! ^^ I like the idea of the character sitting on a...well...character! XD The person looks cool - I like the shading! I think the character is a little bit blurred though - I'd trace over it using the curve and paint tools ^_^ That way you can get a nice outline to the whole image! :)

Keep up the good work!

QT Celebi
February 8th, 2006, 12:37 PM
Thanks for the comments ^^ The image wasn't blurry to start with, and I saved it as .png but it came out a little blurry when I hosted it on tinypic.com XD Just so you know, the Japanese character says "Love" and it's Japanese not chinese XD I was a little uncertain with my Japanese because I'm English though XD And that's my first picture with no trace of spriting, and totaly from scratch XD Thanks again ^^

February 8th, 2006, 2:37 PM
Wow thats cute! your better than me at drawing >.<

February 9th, 2006, 5:01 AM
Whats with the love word....(LoL nobody can read chinese...LOL)

QT Celebi
February 10th, 2006, 9:23 AM
It's Japanese XD Loadsa people can reda Japanese ^^ ...right...? Okay so not many, but hey. It makes it look purdier ^^

February 10th, 2006, 9:57 AM
That's amazing ^_^ The anatomy is absolutely amazing, I have always had trouble with the human anatomy -_- However, the outlining needs a little work, possibly because of tinypic. They shrink down the picture if it's too big -_- The shading is awesome. And a character sitting on a character (O.o) is a great idea. I'm hoping to see more from you, because you clearly have talent ^_^