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February 11th, 2006, 2:32 PM
Yuppers, I've tried many of these on different RPing sites, and it appears as though they've become pretty likeable. I've also wanted to do something like this for awhile...so, here goes nothing! (And you can rate this somewhere by PG-13 or something...due to the random curses from agitated Sohmas...*no need to mention which members...*)

Stuff I need to get out of the way
This is basically a next generation RPG of the popular manga, Fruits Basket (No, it's not about fruit. If you came here thinking you got to roleplay a fruit of some sort...you're a freak.-_-). In order to join this RP, you must have a decent roleplaying experiance, and n00b (aka, Chatspeak) is by all means, prohibited. Well-rounded grammer and spelling are also key, but I'm not going to yell at you whenever you spell something wrong, unless it's a word that you should know how to spell by now. Oh, and you should have read up to (at least) book 12 **I am not going by the anime. Okay, enough with this, time for the plot (or at least the basic idea...):

The Basic Idea for this Roleplay
As I stated before, it's a next generation roleplay, which means no Yuki, no Kyo, no Tohru...nobody that is known in existance. Apparently, the curse has failed to be broken, and another twelve had been cursed with the zodiac animals once again...and we shall not forget about the forgotten cat. To refresh your memory, here's the story of why there is no cat, and why the other animals are where they are at:

A long, long time ago, God decided to invite all of the animals to a banquet⦣8364;? He sent out word for all of them to come to his house the following evening.. ⦣8364;œand don⦣8364;™t be late!⦣8364;? he said. When the mischievous rat heard the news, he decided to play a trick on his neighbor, the cat. He told the cat that the party was the day after tomorrow. The very next day, all of the animals lined up for the celebration. And the rat led the way, riding all the way there on the back of the cow. Everyone had a wonderful time Except for the foolish cat. Who missed the whole thing.

At no time in the history of the Zodiac has the cat ever been included among the twelve animals. The cat has been shunned by society for thousands of years and yet, it still yearns to be accepted. (Provided by fruits-basket.com)

Anyways, it is summer break, and the lucky, cursed Sohmas are going to a beach house well-known in the eleventh and tenth book...if you consider being forced to go there by the "Head of the House" lucky. Being dragged there with no say is either something the members take as a bliss, you find it downright annoying. But, in a life where one is constantly avoiding a collision or a mishap with one of the opposite gender, getting away from it all and acting normal should be well-taken to by most, if not all.

Sad to say, however, there happens to be a new beach resort nearby, and one particular 16-year-old has taken a liking to the private part of the beach where the Sohmas had claimed, and refuses to leave. Then, the threat of their secret being found out again has been arouse, for no matter how hard they try, the kid would not take a liking to any other area. Secrets are to be found, and the past should be replayed...until summer's over for the least...

More stuff
Yeah, not much of a plot...I know...>.> thus is showing all of my lack of creativity. -sigh- but no matter, I'm hoping that this should be a fun and enjoyable RP without anyone fussing or fighting (unless their characters hate eachother, then the characters can fight...) Anyways...the only real character that is truly needed is the 16-year-old kid... so...yeah. Basic RPing rules apply, and no made-up zodiac signs! You may RP two characters if wanted, but there can be only one of each sign...but I highy doubt that would pose as a problem. Oh, and the genders don't have to match their corresponding character. Meaning there can be a boy boar, a girl rat...but please, just even out the genders so we aren't crowded with many girl (or boy) Sohmas...

Taken Characters If there isn't a name by it, there's nobody roleplaying it! So, they're up for grabs.
Cat: Wolf_Goddess (Me!); Mikka Sohma
Rat: Mari; Alex Sohma
Boar: Radioactive_Waste; Katsura Sohma
Rabbit: Reyna_Fire; Reya Sohma
Dragon (Sea Horse): Naoko-Chan; Rue Sohma
Ox: Naoko-Chan; Kin Sohma
Snake: Usumaki_Naruto; Terry Sohma
Tiger: KuraTenshi; Haku Sohma
Ram: Wolf_Goddess (Me!); Lyon Sohma
Horse: Usumaki_Naruto; Yumi Sohma
Monkey: Mari; Axel Sohma
Head of the House (AKA, God): Naoko-Chan; Kousuke
16-year-old: Lily; Kari

Age: (12-27)
Zodiac: (if you're RPing the 16-year-old, this is not necessary)
Personality: (Must share at least one trait with the corresponding character)
Appearance: (See above)
Enjoying the Vacation: (Did your character want to come in the first place?)
Other: (Anything else that I might have forgotten?)
RP Example:

((When we get at least five people other than myself, and someone RPing the 16-year-old, then we shall begin! So until then, no questions!))

Name: Mikka Sohma
Age: 15
Zodiac: Cat
Gender: Female
Personality: Utterly despises the rat with an intense loathing. She would rather to keep to herself and not make a scene, but when the rat's around, her blood can't help to boil with a hotheadedness that all the cats appear to possess. Rather dislikes the beach, but seeing that she is forced to come, is acting rather sour about it.
Appearance: Possesses the same, orange hair all of the cats have, and wears it tied back in a semi-long, messy braid. Her eyes are a bright emerald green, and is rather tall for a girl, around 5'8" or so. She wears over-washed jeans and a simple gray shirt. And, of course, the beaded bracelet.
Other: Her mother and father don't quite care what happens to her (they don't even know she exists...), and he caretakers (Lyon's parents) are quite fearful of the girl. Mikka doesn't appear to care though, for she isn't doing well in school, finding that there's nothing better in her future because she is nothing more than the cat. She is considered nothing more than an outcast, and is only included when it is found totally necessary, or when the Sohmas need a punchbag to kick around.

Name: Lyon Sohma
Age: 17
Zodiac: Ram
Gender: Male
Personality: Utterly sarcastic and can easilly say cruel things without meaning to, or even knowing so. Not the quite who enjoys making decisions, he would rather just shrug it off and let it go, but does enjoy a good argument if that means insulting someone. However, he does have his softer spots. He can be stubborn at some points, however...
Appearance: His hair is a creamy brown/blond, and his eyes are a delicate blue. His skin is lightly tanned, and for this particular event he wears a simple white, over-large T-shirt and blue swimming trunks that also can be worn as shorts.
Enjoying the Vacation: He didn't care exactly what he did this vacation, and was rather pleased that he was forced to come without having to decide. Just as long as he's not doing anything that he does not care for, he's fine with this whole vacation.
Other: He lives on the "Outside," and his family has taken Mikka Sohma under their wing after she escaped the house for the hundreth time to go someplace else. He acts like her older brother, mainly by bossing her around and getting agitated with her quite easily, but since he has a soft patch, he sometimes cares about her and treats her with respect, but as Mikka goes, it is quite easy for him to go back to nagging her around. He can't wait until he moves out of the house to go to college when he's older, but his parents don't know what to do with Mikka, so are pestering him to get a house by the college so Mikka could come with him. No matter, says he, for she will be locked in confinement soon enough.

February 11th, 2006, 3:34 PM
Name:Rue Sohma
Age: 16
Zodiac: Dragon
Personality: Rue is calm, collected, sly, mysterious, and resourceful. She is more often speaking her mind, and nothing else. She is very bold, yet she has an issue with too much talking, therefore is labeled a quiet and thoughtful girl, because she's almost always in thought, thinking of possibilities and could-be's. She hates people who talk too much, and has the 'ability' to tune out anyone she doesn't want to listen to. Her cold sarcasm sometimes makes her look like a heartless person, and you won't hear her denying that fact at all. Rue's won't regret erasing someone's memories, because in her opinion, it's her duty. Her burden, and she's not going to make a big deal out of something that she can't help. She's very straightforward, and has about zero-tolerance for goofing off. Responsible as she is, she can't stand not getting something done quickly, and efficiently.
Appearance: Rue (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Black%20Hair/kianasistermabey9vv.jpg) has on a dark indigo silk skirt, that barely reaches her knees. Her open toed heels have straps that snake up her legs to her mid-shin, much in a fashion like her necklace.
Enjoying the Vacation: No. Why, she'd really have no choice to go, for if that meddling teenager discovered their secret, dandy day it'll be if she's not there to erase their memory.
Other: Being the Dragon, it is Rue's duty to erase people's memories.
RP Example:Merle walked through dark and murky hallways, having just recieved orders to go back to her quarters and stay there until she was called out.
She let herself into the pitch black room, and took off her mask with a sigh. There was no trace of light in the room. Not even one slightly lighter shade of black. She wore a black cloak around her shoulders to hide the purple from her eyes. She could see nearly everything in the room just fine.
Well...almost. Everything in the room had a foggy quality, making it look as though the furniture and ornaments were evaporating. It would look like an empty room to regular human eyes. Pitch Black with nothing to see.
She sat down on her black sheets, closed her eyes which were starting to water from not being covered by the mask and waited...waited for orders, and waited for something to do. What would it be next time? Spy on the Titans by means of the shadow's in their Tower? Would it be to mark a Titan and duke it out? Or would it be as simple as, 'Do as you please, just make sure you injure a Titan while your at it'. She hoped it would be either the first or the latter. Spying meant she didn't need to do any major fighting. Injuring a Titan could be physically or mentally, and she would definetly choose...both. But even so, she knew which Titan she'd go after, as he was always the problem during battles. He'd nearly blinded her last time with the flashes of light he'd thrown at her, if the shadows it created weren't there to protect her eyes like a shield then she may have as well said 'goodbye' to her already rather poor eyesight. Of course, he hadn't really known who he was fighting in the first place, as she'd kept herself well hidden in the pitchblackness and shadows that came from his blasts of light.

Merle put the mask back on and opened her eyes. There. It was normal now. Things weren't foggy, and things weren't evaporating. She could see as though the room was bright and clear, though there were still no lights.
A purr sounded through the room as a jet black cat who's yellow eyes pierced the darkness hopped into Merle's lap. The yellow eyes were extremely bright as they shone through the dark, Merle merely stroked the full-grown cat as it curled up in her lap.

But she thought nothing of the cat. Merely of her master's hate for the Titans. She was about to wonder why but then, 'why not?' Those goody goody's deserve to be put in their place. They deserve to learn exactly what happened when someone messed with her Master's anger.

February 11th, 2006, 7:33 PM
Name: Hikari Sohma
Age: 16
Zodiac: Dog
Personality: Very creative, she most likely speaks before she thinks, she can be very talkitive when she wants to but other times she atleast tries to keep her mouth shut. ( though she normaly fails at that. ) She is kinda a lazy person more like a couch potato bu at times she can be serious.
Appearence: She has medium black hair mostly in a pony tail,she wears a red strapless dress with red and black boots that go up to her knees, she wears a red hair clip
Enjoying The Vacation: She was forced yes, but she could use a beak after being swamped in work.

Miss Reyna
February 11th, 2006, 8:13 PM
Name: Reya
Age: 15
Zodiac: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Personality: She is a blond like person. She is very ditzy and clueless. Reya is very girlie and curious. She doesn't really know if she is doing something wrong till it is to late. She is talkive and friendly
Appearance: http://img457.imageshack.us/img457/8595/blond8er.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Enjoying the Vacation: She wanted to come on her own. The others didn't want her to come but after some begging she convince the head of house to let her come.
RP Example:

Reya couldn't wait till she left for the beach house. She had great excitment building in her. The last time she went to the beach house was when she was 8, seven years ago. She couldn't believe she was able to convince the head of house to let her go.

She had her bags packed and everything. She place a bathing suit and sun tan lotion in another bag. She then place more stuff into the cases. She then place her favorite stuff rabbit in there too. It had a small yellow tux on with a wand in its hand.

"You coming too Mr. Bun. I not leavingyou behind by yourself." said Reya. She took a look at the stuff rabbit and said, "Yes. You be sleeping with me thought out the trip. I hope the others don't mind."

She then gave the rabbit a huge hug. She then imange the sea and all the people that will be there. She think she heard of a resort being near by but he Head made her promise not to go close to it. She was ok with it anyways. She hope none of the guys come by and see her. She always love talking to them.

"I can't wait to go!!!!" said Reya.

February 11th, 2006, 9:11 PM
((Naoko-Chan and Reyna_Fire are both accepted. Pichugirl...you need to complete the format (with an included RP example) to be accepted. So far, so good, so go edit away! ^.^))

February 11th, 2006, 9:42 PM
Awww. Do we have to read up to book 12? Darn. Now I MUST read the last remaining five books before I post here. If I don't I might not get most of the story. I shall be back to post my character later. *runs off and looks for books* Oh yeah. I will post the character here so it won't waste space. *runs off again* *runs back* Nevermind. I decided to post my character first before reading the rest of the books. Well here it is. I was going to try drawing my guy but my computer doesn't have a scanner. And I am bad with computer graphics... Darn....

Name: Terry Sohma
Age: 16
Zodiac: Snake
Gender: Male
Personality: Terry is wise and intelligent. He may also be a bit hot tempered but other than that he is friendly. He can be unexpectedly stubborn even though he has a nice and friendly side. Terry is reliable but he can also be very lazy. He tends to avoid conversations and keeps to himself. He isn't exactly romantic or beautiful as he is suppose to be. Terry's cleverness is also not too well refined.(Maybe he is a defect? :P)
Appearance: Terry wears a white undershirt under a dark blue T-shirt and a dark blue shirt over it that is unbuttoned. He also wears blue pants and black shoes. He wears a dark blue headband with a blue wristband on his right hand. His eyes are a deep blue color and his hair is puffy and falls down in front of his face a lot. His hair color is a combination of black and blue with black being the primary shade. Terry stands at about 5 feet and 6 inches. His image does not reflect his wise self.
Enjoying the Vacation: Terry didn't want to come. He very well hated the thought. He just wanted everything to stay quiet. But after some very well consideration, the Head of the House forced him to go. He agreed to go if the Head of the House promised to stop pestering him. The Head of the House thought Terry would be able to keep things under control.
Other: Terry likes to draw if he has a lot of free time in his hands. Though they are not the greatest, his drawings are good and realistic. The others, however, do not know of his hobby for drawing. He also likes reading long chapter books. He is what you might call a "neat freak." Terry is organized, and he is also unexpectedly good with housework for some reason.
Rp Sample:

"Tch. This wasn't what I planned on doing. Now I probably have to do some guard job or something. Gah." I said as I tossed a couple pair of clothing into my duffle bag.

"Why do I have to go? There are enough people to keep our secret from getting out yet I still have to go? What is he thinking?" I mumbled. My good friend Vip slithered beside my foot causing a tingling sensation. I bent down and picked him up.

"Hey buddy. I am going to be gone for a while so you're going to have to take care of yourself. I can't take you because there are some troublesome things going on so I can't watch you a lot. Have fun outside and stay out of trouble." I said to my snake. He hissed with excitement. I placed him outside by a patch of grass near my window. He slithered off in his own adventure. I turned back and looked at my large duffle bag.

"Geez. When do we have to leave? Hm... What was I warned about again? Someone living in a private beach home near where we are going to stay? Was that it? Hm... Oh whatever..." I said grabbing the bag and trotted outside.

Yay. I fixed it.

February 12th, 2006, 7:17 AM
((Heh, 'tis fine that you didn't read the twelfth book...I just don't want you, or anyone else who has yet to read up to that to have a spoiler come out that might make you wish not to read it -likethewholeHeadoftheHousething-. Some people do read the manga online, so maybe someone on this site has its URL...

You also forgot your character's gender, but I was able to make it out with everything else so...

Anyways, you're accepted. I'm in a good mood today!

And y'know what, I'll RP the 16-year-old as well if nobody comes along to RP him/her. We are allowed to play two characters, y'know...^.^))

February 12th, 2006, 7:48 AM
OOC:What?! Well that'd been nice to know. Anyway, I haven't read the manga either, but *cough* I've watched all the anime, and well, it's too late for me as for spoilers. I know EVARYTHING that's worth knowing from the end of the anime on. Thank goodness for scanners. XD Reserve the ox for me?

February 12th, 2006, 7:51 AM
((Sure I will! ^.^ And don't worry about it, it was just that I would have prefered it if you read up to the twelfth...so...no more comments about that! o.0))

February 12th, 2006, 8:53 AM
I watched only the anime as well...I do hope this is acceptable. ^_^

Name: Kari
Age: 16
Zodiac: n/a
Gender: Female
Personality: Kari holds a very simple, childish demeanor. She is practically brimful of optimism with the ability to remain hopeful no matter what the circumstances may be...'though on some rare occasions she has the tendency of making few, insightful remarks which, by all means, should not be overlooked so carelessly. Kari is a relatively naive, happy person whose one bad habit is to brush away worries or concerns. She frets easily and dislikes being weak and helpless in situations. Despite her own beliefs, Kari's disposition is naturally strong willed and defiant when it comes down to helping others. Overall, she's not a bad person, with an unwavering loyalty and compassion to friends (or even strangers).
Appearance: What you'd expect from an average 16 year old. Shoulder length wisps of dark brown hair frame her fragile, cherubic face. Her eyes are the vivid shade of mahogany and deep violet, contasting sharply against her pale skin color. She usually wears a fitting pink top, laced with white lining, and a matching skirt swaying just below her knees. Plum shaded sandals finish off the summer outfit. She stands at around 5'5, but her lithe body makes her appear taller.
Enjoying the Vacation: Well, she loves the Sohmas' private part of the beach. XP
Other: She loves oceans in general.
RP Example: Um..do you mind if I edit this in later? I need to think of some things, first...^^; I apologize for any inconveniences.
edit- blah..not my best.

Dreams are nothing but wisps of faraway wishes. She did not seem at all fazed at all when particles of sand weaved through her hair, her clothes, even through the soles of her feet. She'd have to wash the sandals later...they were new, too. Kari sighed. No matter. Her love for the beach surpassed trivial, worldly distractions. It was simply too grand, to have discovered this unsightly part of existence.

Somehow, the girl felt a premonition. Perhaps not a definite one, but a faint, wistful feeling of passion and an irresistable sensation that sent her wallowing in the sand like some mud creature. The pleasant feeling simply didn't go away. She inwardly laughed at the refusal, relishing every moment of simply that: life. It didn't matter who this beach belonged to at that single, self defining moment; what mattered was the happiness that nestled deep within her young heart, mind and soul cooperating in the manifestation of joy.

"Suu~ It's such a pretty day," she muttered drowsily, letting sand enter her clothes and hair again as she plopped down. She wanted to dream again, of the many people she'd meet in the future, of love, hope, happiness, and so much more contained in her wishes..

February 12th, 2006, 10:14 AM
((So far, so good. And yes, that is acceptable. So far, everything is great, so I shall hold this position as reserved until you post your RP Example! ^.^

Yay! A couple more people and we can begin, soon!

-And on another note, I created my second character, the Ram. Eh, I felt like it anyways...-))

February 12th, 2006, 2:50 PM
Whoops. I'll go edit the gender part just in case. Of all the things. :P

I might create another character. It's still a "Maybe" for now.
Oh and I also might just do what you ,WG, said and read it online. But ,of course, I need to find a link or maybe do some google searching. Bleh. Is it okay if I call you WG, Wolf_Goddess?

February 12th, 2006, 3:19 PM
OOC: Going where Naoko has never gone before on PC! I'm playing a main character GUY! XD

Name:Kin Sohma


Zodiac: Ox

Gender: Male

Personality: Kin is almost always a 'white' personality. He is calm, dislikes speech, and usually makes it seem as though he cannot speak, making things difficult for others as they try to read his expression, or figure out what he's saying within his own invented sign-language. He likes complicated things, too simple isn't good enough for him, and he'll be the one to hide in his room, the door locked as he reads a book as thick as his two fists put together. He has a cold attitude, and his sarcasm consists of death glares, which is really his vocabulary put together. Kin carries many scars on his arms and his back, which are results of his rebelling against the God. He hates being controlled by someone, and is rarely seen smiling, after many incidents with the God. He could care less what you think of him, but his usual attitude is a cool and 'don't touch me' kind. The silent lonewolf's appearance. When he snaps, he'll totally snap, much like Haru, but he'll get so angry he doesn't see anything but revenge and will do anything to get that revenge. He's gone quite far at some times, often severly injuring the unfortunate person beside him. When he switches to ‘black’ he often doesn’t care who gets the full blow, as long as somebody does get hurt. In his ‘black’ mode, he’ll drop the cool attitude, and he’ll start to yell and shout uncontrollably, and after he’s turned back to white, Kin will most likely hide back into his room for about a week without leaving once. Kin likes tension, and uncomfortable silences. Peaceful settings unnerve him, and cheerful people are usually the ones who trigger his Black personality. He’s a strange boy, who likes blood shed and pain, as it seems to remind him of what life is really like, and it brings him back to earth, though he never cuts himself without good reason, as he’s never done so and doesn’t plan too. His attitude might as well be the God’s attitude, uncaring and hard.

Appearance: Kin (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/buster.png)

Enjoying the Vacation: Going to the beach was one of Kin’s punishments for contradicting the God’s decision. After seeing that beatings and cuts made no effect of the boy, the God decided to send him where he wanted to go least. A place as peaceful and cheerful as a beach was the place that he thought of first, knowing Kin’s personality.

Other: Kin is Rue’s older brother, though he’ll be the first to deny it, and it’s hard to tell as they don’t look alike in the slightest, one with silver hair and one with dark black hair. Rue doesn't know this, as he ran away from Sohma house at the mere mention that he would soon have a younger sister, and returned many years later. He wishes that he was the one who could erase people’s memories, and loates his sister with a pure hate. Kin lives away from Sohma house, but can be seen there quite often. He stays far from the Main house for not only does the God reside there, but his sister does as well. He tries to disassociate himself with the Zodiac and any Sohma he meets.

RP Example: {Um, do I need another one?}

February 12th, 2006, 3:46 PM
((No you do not, and it is accepted!))

February 12th, 2006, 4:46 PM
May I join?

Name:Katsura Sohma

Age: 16

Zodiac: Boar

Gender: Girl

Personality: Fiercly loyal, Kat-chan is very bubbly and charismatic. She trys her hardest to please people, and often-times ends up looking like a fool, but is really just trying to help too many people at once that she ends up helping no one! She trys her hardest to make friends, and has a chronic fear of being rejected for who she is. In a crisis, she is probably the last one to find out, but (depending on the situation) the most useful, for she has a wonderful sense of direction. Always the optomist, she trys to see the glass half-full and really just wants to have fun!

Appearance:http://img478.imageshack.us/img478/4083/person135zl.png (http://imageshack.us)

Enjoying the Vacation: Katsura was ecstatic about coming to the beach ^^

Other: None

RP Sample:

Katsura Sohma was excited. To most people, this isn't a big deal, but to Katsura, going on vacation was the best thing she could hope for, even though the Main House forced them to go. When she had first heard the news, she could barely contain herself, she had never been to the beach house before, though she had heard of it. But, she was just happy to go anywhere, actually because recently, her life had been more centered around school and trying to conceal the curse from her friends.

As she raced around her room, throwing random articles of clothing into the suitcase resting on her bed, a thought hit her. The beach they were going to, wasn't it near a resort? What if someone noticed the private beach? Then I'll have a new friend! Katsura thought happily, and continued packing her clothes.

(Did I write enough? I'm sorry if I didn't, but I have to go right now..)

February 12th, 2006, 5:04 PM
ish it alright for Mari to play two characters? :o

Name: Axel Sohma
Age: 16
Zodiac: Monkey
Gender: Male

Personality: Axel is a mischievous, obnoxious, trouble-making...troublemaker. He desires nothing more than to purely have fun (by teasing and taunting, especially) and has this laidback attitude that could...no, will make you furious in a matter of minutes. He is also rather daring, caring naught for his health nor of those he might endanger. But still, despite his nonchalant, couldn't-care-less interior, he is actually a slightly decent person who does good things for others every once in a while.

Appearance: [o n e] (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/rabbits.jpg) color-wise, check the second piccy. :3]

Enjoying the Vacation: He agreed willingly. Since he had nothing to do, and since he heard a lot of people would be coming, he had no other choice but to go. Otherwise, who else would bring annoyance and dismay to his poor cousins?

Other: Axel has a twin brother, Alex, and he is the younger of two. As what you'd expect in twins, they have a very close relationship. One might even assume they can read each other's mind, or something close to it. They practically do everything together. Everything. They might argue a few times, but they would reconcile momentarily. Also, both are rather skilled in athletics and in the art of mischief~

Rp Sample: 'tis from Lileh-chan's old RP thingie~
In the midst of a vast field, a child, merely ten years of age, indomitably strode forward through the tall grass that prevented her from moving in a quicker pace. She tightened her grasp on the thin cloth that served as her only guard for the raging wind and strained herself to continue on.

The smile on her lips was the most distinct feature of hers; it was so cheery and carefree, or rather, too cheery and carefree. One would assume that she would be crying, for she was lost in the middle of what would seem like nowhere, and of course, she had to continue with her current condition, which was not such a good thing as of now.

Yet still, she kept her pace and persisted on moving on, beaming in spite of her growing fever. A male spirit, knowing all of her situation, had revealed himself to the girl and blocked her way. She greeted him in her customary blissful way and was about to inquire about his sudden appearance when images flashed before her eyes. She gasped at the sight; it was a rare form of her Fortune Telling abilities, it was the type that would illustrate a horrible incident, leaving her oblivious of what it is, and where or when it would take place.

"Claude," She called; her voice unusually impassive. Her signature grin faded and her eyes altered to a lighter shade of cerulean. "A…mi…ss." She whispered hoarsely as she lifted her head and stared at the vague form of the moon.

"Your highness?" The spirit inquired apprehensively. He inspected the girl's face thoroughly, a worried frown forming upon his face. "Are you feeling worse?"

With blinking twice in confusion and shaking her head Sera had regained her poise. She faced the apprehensive spirit following her, forcing on a small smile. "Dai-jo-bu~!" She exclaimed contentedly, speaking in her friend's native tongue. "Now, let's go find a place to stay. It's getting colder every minute!"

As she spoke her complaint, she spotted a lone tavern not far from where she was. She eagerly dashed towards it, whilst making sure that the hood of her thin cloak was on her head, concealing herself. With a gentle push on the door, she slowly entered the tavern, relieved to see other humans, erm…other living humans.

Would this suffice, or would you prefer I write one from scratch? :o


Name: Alex Sohma
Age: 16
Zodiac: Rat
Gender: Male

Personality: Alex is very much like his younger brother. In fact, there are only few differences between their personalities. He is equally mischievous and unbearable, and just as laidback. They have the same habits (the teasing thing) and...and...basically, they're one whole split into two to spread more trouble. 83

However, if you comapre the two, you'll be able to tell Alex is relatively more responsible and calmer than Axel. He is not as dense as him and he's the one who can manage to be serious and rational in dire moments. Axel would be the wilder of the two.

Appearance: [t w o] (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/gokuu.png) [Yeshy, I know those two pictures are of one person. 8D]

Enjoying the Vacation: He also agreed willingly~ Of course the twins came for one goal only: pester the other Sohma's and have fun. Plus, the Sohma twins are never ever ever separated.

Other: Since the twins look alike, sound alike, and act alike, it is rather difficult for most to tell them apart. They have this habit of constantly changing their hairstyles, their eyes colors (by use of contacts, of course) and alter anything else that would make them even more identical, if that is even possible, and then play a game called "Which one is Which?"

So far, no one has ever won their game.

February 12th, 2006, 6:40 PM
((Okay, I shall reserve both of your parts until you both come up with RP examples. We shall soon begin once all those Reserved become taken, if you get what I'm saying...

Pichugirl is also wanting to be the dog, so whoever comes up with their Example first, gets the position! ^.^ Okays?))

February 12th, 2006, 10:20 PM
Now that I think about it, everyone is rping with two characters. :( After lots of consideration, I will make a second one too. :D The Horse is mine! Geheheheh...

Name: Yumi Sohma
Age: 15
Zodiac: Horse
Gender: female
Personality: Yumi is gentle, kind, and good natured. She loves caring for animals and doing housework. She has a shyness of boys but is internally strong because of it. When boys get to close to her "3 inch bubble", she usually makes up an excuse and runs off or steps a few feet back from the approacher and become protective. Overall, Yumi is a happy and cheerful person who likes to help out as best as she can.
Appearance: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f360/Naruto_kun5150/1134119873_csgame_076.jpg
Enjoying the Vacation: She always enjoy a good vacation off from everything. That's where the summer resort comes in. She is always eager to go there and usually always agree to go.
Other: Terry is Yumi's older brother. Though they are brother and sister, Terry and Yumi's appearances differ from each other dramatically. Yumi is not shy when she is with her brother. She tends to be playful around him. Of the Sohma's, she enjoys accompanying Terry the most. Though he hates it when she does, he rarely finds himself refusing her offers. Yumi likes doing housework, cooking (still has trouble at it :P), and many other things.
Rp Sample: I am thinking about doing one for Yumi also so......

I enthustiastically got ready to go to the summer home resort. I packed many different things. A few skirts, some shirts, a blouse, a pair of sandals, sun tan lotion just in case, and etc. I was excited about going to the beach resort. I was always excited I could say. But I couldn't remember the time I went there last. After all it was about 8 years ago. I had started thinking about who might be going.

"Hm.. I wonder if big brother Terry is going? I hope he goes." I thought looking out my window and at the view of trees and meadow. I suddenly gave a small sigh and had continued packing.

Gah. I did a terrible job on this one. Oh well. Hehehe....
I hope the picture is okay.
I'll RP in Third person omniscient when we start. First person might get a little tricky.

February 13th, 2006, 6:08 AM
((Alrighty, the Horse is accepted as well!))

February 13th, 2006, 2:53 PM
OOC: Alright, are we gonna start, since we've got almost all the zodiac? *ohemgee*

Found a better picture of Kin. (While you guys ignore his real name Mikanagi) ^^


February 13th, 2006, 3:00 PM
OOC: We just have to wait for the other people who said they were going to finish their Rp Samples to come back and finish. That's what Wolf_Goddess said at least before we start. *yawns* I am so tired today. *cough* And I'm sick. Bleh.

February 13th, 2006, 3:58 PM
((Meh, pity to hear that you're sick...

I'll PM them to see if they'd post their RP Examples...or just to remind them! ^.^))

February 13th, 2006, 4:26 PM
(It's okay with me. This is my first time being sick in like half a year. Kekeke.... I probably might stay home tomorrow. Ick. Valentine's Day. All that mushy stuff and another boring day for me. *sighs*)

February 13th, 2006, 5:05 PM
OOC: Sorry ta hear your sick, I have school tommorrow, too. Darn, why must I go to school on Valentines day? Well I guess all I can do is hope I can make it out alive..

February 13th, 2006, 5:36 PM
Name: Haku Sohma
Age: 17
Zodiac: Tiger
Gender: Male
Personality: Haku is a shy person, although when he talks he is extremely nice. Haku is also very smart, he studies a lot and he gets great marks. Haku can always keep a secret, he has a lot of his own secrets, like what he really is interested in.
Appearance: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c306/LegendSuicune/2173e509.jpg
Enjoying the Vacation: Haku is enjoying the vacation, most of the time he can wander off and be alone, sitting and drawing pictures.
Other: Nope nothing to add! Unless you count the History but I suck at historys anyway xDDD
RP Example: Something that I just made up in a few minutes, note: this is from another roleplay I'm in!

A boy around the age of seventeen stood in a tall tree. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was wearing a red muscle shirt, black jeans and black sandals. He scanned the area before jumping off the branch he was standing on. The name of this boy was Soul. Soul landed on another branch and then jumped off that one too.

Soul jumped from branch to branch. He was in a jungle, that was all he knew. His Fuuma Shuriken was with him, on his back, the four sharp blades not touching his flesh. Soul jumped from a branch and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Nothing moved, no sound could be heard. Soul then heard a roar from behind him, he slowly turned around and came face to face with a new threat. The king of the jungle stood before him. A lion about the size of a normal car walked in a circle around Soul. Its eyes always watching him. Its orange mane moved in the breeze, its tail did not move. Soul's blue eyes looked at the lion.

The lion continued to circle him, sweat slowly desecended down Soul's face. The lion roared. Soul did not move. The lion walked slowly towards Soul, closer and closer it crept. Soul still stood there. He didn't dare make a move, just one little step might make the lion jump on him. The lion stopped just inches infront of him, then it did the most amazing thing Soul had ever seen. It bowed. The lion lowered it's head and then looked up at Soul.

Soul looked at the lion, why had it just bowed to him? He didn't know what to do so he bowed too. It walked closer to him and sat down beside him. Soul looked at the lion that was now yawning beside him. The lion stood up and walked away. It looked back and motioned Soul to follow him. Soul obeyed and followed the lion out of the small clearing. It had felt like the lion and Soul had been walking for hours. But soon they made it to another clearing, this one however was bigger and it had a pool of water in the middle of it. There was a small cliff over the pool of water, a waterfall was rushing down towards the pool.

February 13th, 2006, 8:16 PM
There...I edited in my sample rp..not the best, but it'll do. ^^;

February 14th, 2006, 2:33 PM
((Alrighty, all are accepted (save for Pichugirl...sowie...) and now...WE SHALL BEGIN!))
Note: Bold is Lyon's point of veiw, normal text is Mikka's

The faint gleam of his parents' car disappeared over the horizon, and the dim summer wind blew his creamy-brown/blond hair about his face. He lets out a shushed sigh, looking at the girl who stood besides him. She stood there with her arms crossed, a disgruntled look around her face. She plucked at the bracelet about her wrist as though it was nothing more than a mere toy, and Lyon cringed.
"Stoppit. What if it breaks?" snaps Lyon underbreath as they walk towards the summer house. It was rather large, with multiple extensions, large enough to house several families. However, the many-roomed place belonged souly to the Sohmas, as well as a large part of the beach. He did notice, however, that there was another large building around the corner as they passed. Apparently, the Sohmas had sold part of their beach to them for a good profit, though Lyon didn't quite know exactly what the Sohmas did with all their money.

Mikka glares up at the older Sohma, her green eyes blinking simply. "Then that would be trouble for you, wouldn't it." She slips her hands down into her pockets, shifting weight from the ball of her feet to the heels in a rocking motion.
"Now Lyon, be sure not to shove Mikka around ALL too much," Lyon's mother had said gaily, squeezing his shoulder in a way of a hug, "That's the only reason why they let her come..." It didn't seem to faze her that the Cat was standing right in front of her.
"Heh, Mii-Chan could probably handle it," Lyon had laughed as his mother went back into the car. The father said something to his son, but it was barely audable to the cat.
"Don't call me Mii-Chan..." she had hissed underbreath when she kicked the stone, hitting the back of the car when it sped off.
Sighing as she recalled the scene that had just happened minutes before, she turns to Lyon with a scowl upon her face. "Let's go to the rooms..." she says, picking up their luggage and dropping it with a PLOP.

"Hm? Oh, you do that...I'll go for a walk on the beach..." he says, grinning. He hears Mikka mutter something, but continue towards the house lugging the suitcases alongside her, and he lets out a small chuckle as he heads towards the beach to get better aquainted with it.

February 14th, 2006, 3:24 PM
OOC: ((Alrighty, all are accepted (save for Pichugirl...sowie...) and now...WE SHALL BEGIN!))
Note: Bold is Lyon's point of veiw, normal text is Mikka's
I'm following yours too. Bold will be Terry's and regular will be Yumi's.

Terry shoved his duffle bag into the back trunk of his parents' car and gave a sigh. Finally. Shesh. I was tired of waiting. Terry thought to himself and gave a sigh. He sluggishly stepped into the back seats of the car and crossed his arms.

Yumi came out of the house and did the same placing her luggage ,with the help of her dad, into the back trunk. "Thanks Dad." she said said before stepping into the car. "TERRY! So your going too?! Yay!" Yumi exclaimed when she saw Terry in the back waiting.

"Yeah. So what? It's not like I wanted to go." Terry says and blows some air. He watches as his parents drove to the beach resort. He starts to doze off and stares out into the ocean.

"Thanks Mom and Dad." Yumi says while smiling.

"Yeah. Thanks a lot..." Terry says sarcasiticly and puffed up a bit. He lifts the bag onto his right shoulder and departs to the beach resort.

"Ah. Wait Terry." Yumi said while waving goodbye to her parents. She catches up to Terry and says with a little glare, "You could had waited you know."

"Yeah. I could had but I didn't." Terry said bluntly and rushes to the building.

Yumi races after him while pulling her luggage behind her.

OOC: Uhhh..... not the best but yeah. I need to work on 3rd Person PoV. Geez it looks bad.

February 14th, 2006, 3:38 PM
OOC: Kin is Navy, Rue is Indigo. It's not too hard to figure out after reading the posts themselves.

Ah the irony. How Rue had arrived before himself was a mystery to anybody, including himself. She couldn't be nearly as organized as he was, nearly as perfect, nearly as...him, as he was. He was sure to be there at least half and hour earlier, before any of the other Sohma's, so he wouldn't have to bear witness to his relatives. But sadly enough, he'd managed to bump into his younger sister at the doorway, but set a simple expression of his usual death glare and stalked off to his room, where he had been in for the past hour or so, having arrived earlier then he'd expected. The peaceful setting of an overly neat room was completed with the moderate amount of sunlight pouring in from the half opened blinds, just enough to clearly read the miniscule print of Kin's incredibly thick book. No music played, unlike usual where most people his age would listen to loud and ridiculous screaming as they studied, rolling their heads back and forth to the beat. No, for Kin, it was merely the muffled sound of singing birds from outside his window, and dead silence to go with it.

It was peaceful, as morbid as it sounded. He turned a thin page in the book, a page that looked as though the slightest twitch of his hand and it would completely tear in half. But his well coordinated and steady hand kept it intact until it reached the other half of the book, still as clean and untouched as it looked before. Much like the other two books lying on the desk provided in his room. There were also papers scattered all over the desk. He did go to collage, but the god had managed an excuse to get him out of school for this punishment, and Kin managed to wheedle out the next few week's homework from his teachers, so that he wouldn't fall behind. These books on his desk and the one in his hand was for studying, and for someone like Kin, a passtime, known as 'reading'. Adventure stories and classics were ridiculous in his eyes. Their limited logical explanations reaching only to the despcription of objects. The information covered in these thick textbooks was no fiction. All theorums, and facts, based on science, and not magical flying ponies with horns that could kill on their foreheads called 'pure'. Pure was a stupid word. Nobody's blood wasn't tainted with something. As for him? He was tainted with some stupid cow curse thing. It was a wonderful thing, knowing that as intelligent as he was, he turned into a cow with the IQ of -5 by the time a girl had wrapped her arms around him. Not that it happened very often, perhaps once or twice in his lifetime, including the moment his mother held him in her arms.

He had been alive for mere seconds, but it was as though the scream that came from her after she saw her true child rang throughout the Sohma house for etenity. As it did in his head, whenever there was absolute silence. Which was another reason he loved absolute silence. It let him reminisce, about happier times. Yes, happier. This was his sad existence, reading, going to collage, striving for a degree, destroying his classroom whenever he got a grade less than perfect, and trying to hide his horrendus secret from the others. How they would stare, and avoid him if he told them. Bliss. But, there was always the chance that they would ask him questions, pester him, and never leave him alone, thinking him unique, and 'awesome' as they said. He'd rather not take that risk.

Kin looked up from his book, his thin lips tightly sealed as he had refused to utter a single word since the start of collage. He carried around with him during classes a marker and a whiteboard, and answered only questions that required a simple 'yes' or 'no'. His parents-no-his Father, had talked with the principle, and explained that his son had an emotional problem, and had issues with talking to anybody. Including himself, and his entire family. The principal in turn had explained to the teachers this dilemma, but at his fathers request, he was never sent to counseling. Thank goodness.

Rue sat in the main room, scribbling away at her work. She was a brilliant child they said, able to become liscensed at such a young age. She knew this irked Kin, for what reason she would probably never know, but Kin never really liked anybody showing him up anyway. The piles of books and papers she'd brought with her surrounded her until she was barely visible. It was hard to distinguish whether she was male of female anymore, as only someone from behind her could notice her gender from her hair and clothing, her face and torse hidden behind a mountain of books. She scribbled out prescriptions in round and perfect handwriting, every line that was supposed to touch, touched, every line that wasn't supposed to touch, was evenly distanced from each other.

In the corner of the mountains, there was a small mug of hot cocoa, which had long since gone cold, but was still rich and delicious nonetheless. Either way, it remained untouched. Coffee and Tea appealing naught to Rue, as their caffine count didn't help her at all. A dragon would relentlessly finish her work no matter how long it took. She had since only seen few members of the zodiac, besides Kin and the god himself, as she often spent her days tending to the sick god. Kin seemed to show up whenever she least expected it, which was almost always, but he was never too keen to stop and talk, and by the glare on his face every time he saw her, she thought it safer to keep a good distance from the Ox.

She had her own room in the beach house, or, something close to it, where many of her duplicate belongings stayed, as she insisted the god come to the beach house when they were well enough. Fresh salt sea air was always refreshing, as was a moderately warm, but dry crisp winter air was. It was a nice soothing thing for an almost constantly red throat, red nose, and hacking coughs that rattled the god's lungs.

She quickly finished the prescription, set it aside, and hastily started another. She hadn't quite finished -started- collage yet, though, having to be the caretaker of the Sohma's, and the previous dragon passing on before she came of age, it was difficult to find a doctor that wouldn't find out their 'special' condition, so she was liscensed a little earlier. It wasn't too bad, Rue knew what she was doing, but very few outsider's trusted her skills. She was barely old enough to drive, why should they trust her with their life?

Rue's reasoning was because that she was much more down to earth than others her age. Excluding the secluded group of Sohma's, who usually distanced themselves from others, being many years more mature than their age would suggest. But Rue, had her appearance not been so young and full of...life? She could've been labeled as a fourty year old grouch judging by her attitude alone. Responisble to a fault and mature enough to discipline fifteen unruly gangsters, she was different from others in her grade...not that she went to school anymore anyway. Taking care of all the Sohma's and the god was a full-time job. Sometimes literally. But Rue didn't mind. This was the path destiny chose for her, and there was nothing she could do to change it. Perhaps a normal person, who didn't turn into a seahorse could, but she certainly couldn't. Not her oh no. She was the one born with memory erasing powers. The one born with a half blind right eye, and the one born as a perfectionist who could never be perfect herself. It was one murderous thought.

February 14th, 2006, 4:19 PM
Katsura stood and watched as the other Sohmas and their families packed their luggage into the trunks of the waiting cars. She had already packed her bags into her father's car, and was merely killing time before she had to leave.

The time came sooner then she had anticipated. Before she knew it, her dad tapped her on the shoulder to tell her it was time to go. She climbed into the passenger side of the car and settled herself in for the long car ride ahead. Even as she stared at the buildings whizzing past her face, she had fallen into a light sleep.

Katsura was woken from her light slumber by a sudden jolt of the car. As she looked at her surroundings, it pulled into the driveway of the beach house. It was bigger and more intimidating then she had pictured it would be.

But she was awoken from her thoughts by her father's voice, "Do you need help with your luggage?" He asked, looking as though he didn't really mean it, but was saying it rather because it was polite.

Seeing the reluctant look on her father's face, Katsura gave a weak smile. "No, I think I'll be fine for now." She stated airily as she picked up her overstuffed suitcase. She knew the reason for his unwillingness, and didn't want to cause any trouble.

February 14th, 2006, 5:29 PM
"Ah...the beach!" sighs the Ram as he lifts his arms up into a stretch and closes his eyes in a satisfactory grin. It was wonderful to get out of his mother's overprotective behavior, always touching his shoulder and wishing that she could fully hug him without getting a smelly animal in her arms. However, she constantly did so, embaressing her son when he wandered around the house in his live-stock form, hoping to God that Mikka wouldn't walk in when he changed back.
His thoughts draw to Mikka, thinking about her parents. Both had their memories supressed...and they didn't even know Mikka existed. They have two children with normal hair-colouring, siblings Mikka would never know. And she wasn't even born in her feline form, which would have been perfectly fine in her opinion to find an orange kitten as a child. Of course not, for as the cat before her she was born in the grotesque "true form," unloved from the first moment she was born. Wonderful...we have the cat to complete our collection, he recalled the Head of the House saying when Mikka was born, but he was merely two, why should he have cared of a cat?
His thoughts finally trailing away from it, he lays out upon the warm sand, listening to the soothing waves crash on-and-off the shore...soothingly. But he became uncomfortabley hot, and soon ripped off his shirt, leaving him in only his bathing suit. He tosses the shirt aside and climbs upon a large stone, diving into the cooling ocean.

"Swimming already...?" Mikka says, sitting upon a stone well-away from the ocean. She watches him shake the water out of his hair and give a wicked grin. "We just got here..."

"The bags in our rooms?"

"Yes," she sighs, leaning back to look up at the sun. She was hot, but could not bear the feeling of being wet. "I found my own room...and your's too. They're so big...it's unsettling." She curls up, eyes glinting. "There was already a special room made for...me, but it was too dark and dreary, so I found another. D'you think the Head would care?

"Of course," he says, mockingly, "Mii-Chan, nobody likes you. Do you think you would be given special privleges? No. If I can't, you definately won't. Now that I made you angry," he laughs, splashing her with the salty water. Noticing her look resembling that of (no pun intended) a wet cat, he cackles. "Come and attack me."

"You know I don't like to swim," she snarls, wringing her hair out, as well as her clothing. How she was going to loathe this vacation.

February 14th, 2006, 7:20 PM
Terry laid on his bed with a hand over his forehead thinking. He stares up at the ceiling and was about to drift into a sleep when Yumi's head pops in from the doorway.

"Terry!" Yumi yells. "I want to do some beach walking. Since your done unpacking, can you come with me?" she asks in a begging way. She tugged a few times on his sleeve.

Terry sits up and crosses his arms. He points to his unpacked duffle bag. "Does that look like unpacking to you?" he asks. He suddenly strokes his chin once and says to Yumi, "Nevermind. I guess I can go. I am bored and there is nothing to do. I'll have to unpack later." He stood up and stretched thoroughly.

Yumi jumps up and down. "Yay." she says with happiness. She runs to Terry and was about to hug him when Terry's hand pressed down on her head stopping her advance.

"Hey! Don't even think about it. You know what happens..." Terry says and glares at Yumi.

"Ah. Sorry. I was just happy and excited that I forgot. Heh. Sorry." she apologized but also gave a sinister giggle.

"It's fine. We should get going. I don't want to wait too long now."
Terry walks out and is followed by Yumi. He gives a small sigh and shook his head a bit. He looks up and notices two other people. A boy and a girl. Hmm... Who are they? I suppose they are also Sohmas. He thought.

"Hey Terry. Do you know those two?" Yumi points to the two people that Terry was wondering about. Yumi shielded parts her eyes because she saw that the boy had no shirt on but left enough to be able to see where she was going.

"I have no clue. And if you don't know, don't ask. You pretty much know everyone I know." Terry said back. That was true too. Yumi knew just about everyone of Terry's friends. Well... At least the girls.

Miss Reyna
February 14th, 2006, 7:28 PM
((Sorry if I late.))

Reya was sleeping in the cab. Her parents let her come on this trip alone. They didn't mind her doing this alone. They were busy anyways to worry. All they did was just a kiss good bye and that was it. Reya knew they care and that what matter.

Reya then took her stuff rabbit out her bag. It was Mr. Bun. She then took a look out the window and smiled. She saw a beach and was happy. She open the window and smelled the beach air. It made her create a huge smile. She never smiled anything like it before. She then said to Mr. Bun. "Smell that? It smells pretty."

The taxi driver then said, "You going to the beach house farter on the beach?"

Reya nodded and said, "This is mine first time."

"You know that they just built a resort or something not long ago. It a shame. The place was so pretty without it." he said.

Reya then said, "Yeah. It almost didn't allow me to go but now I glad I was able to go. I going to have so much fun."

The driver then said, "Don't say?" They kept on driving.

February 15th, 2006, 3:13 PM
OOC: Reyna fire, you might want to work on your grammar. I know it's apart of your character's uncomplete grammatical way of speaking, but it's hard to read the other parts like 'and that what matter'.

IC:Kin couldn't help but glance guiltily at the pile of unfinished homework that he hadn't even looked at since he arrived. He might have been halfway done had he started when he'd arrived. But, being him, his guilty glance was a stone hard one, with no traces of guilt in them at all. She sighed and carefully closed the ancient book in his hands, and prepared for his usual fest of doing loads of homework all at once.

Mechanical pencil stuffed with never ending lead. Notebook full of blank papers. A bright light source that didn't kill the peace. And a comfortable position, for about a few hours of the same thing.

He sat down at the desk, which already seemed messy from the massive amounts of notes, pens, highlighters, papers, books, and pencils scattered around it. This wasn't the most comfortable for Kin, as it was much too disorganized, but he needed to start. He needed to move his mind away from this stupid 'vacation' and think on something else for, at least, the day.

Rue slowly gathered up her things. It was a slow process that Rue herself made even slower. It didn't quite matter to her though. She was itching to get a good look at the reason she was dragged here. She may have visited often, but that was for reason. A good one anyway. Now she was stuck here just incase a bumbling outsider figured out their secret? Why wouldn't they just leave?! It was Sohma property after all. It's called the right to decline service. And then even if they didn't leave after that, it was called trespassing, and one hell of a lawsuit. That would've been her approach. But nooooo, the god insisted on these things. And who was she, to question their decision? Even being his doctor and being able to keep him in bed for the day no questions asked, it was still not her right to make decisions for the god. That was why they were called the god after all.

She was just a dragon. A seahorse at that. It would've been much better had she been able to turn into a real dragon, and not a teeny seahorse. How could the two relate? In no way at all. Rue stacked up the completed prescriptions, something she'd finished much earlier then she'd estimated, and placed them neatly in a black leather suitcase.

It was a little professional for someone her age, but not for someone at her maturity. And it told those crazy idiots her age with zero intelligence rate to shove off. And it certainly worked. Before she left school, she was known as the 'local nerd'. The one who was almost always cornered by some jock to do their homework for them. The thing is is that she always managed to knock them out somehow. Tai' chi Quan was certainly something worth learning, being graceful and destructive, all at once. Then she questioned, had she ever met a zodiac member who wasn't hostile? Who didn't know some kind of martial arts? Kin knew many different kinds of fighting, teaching himself at his own pace, but, he had too much time on his hands. The god didn't, she forbade them from learning, and she doubted they had enough stamina either way.

She closed the breifcase, reloaded with pens and prescriptions and refrence books, with a dainty snap, and let her gaze wander around the peaceful and plain room. Out the wide windows it was quite plain to see other Sohma's had arrived. Zodiac members no doubt, as the god had informed her. Mostly punishments, sometimes annoying begging, and sometimes stories he refused to tell even herself. He really only trusted the Rooster and herself anyway. Strangely enough, she'd never met the rooster either. Never did any zodiac come into the god's chambers when she was tending to them. It was a puzzling thought, but she never brought it up, in fear for things rumoured to happen to the others in the zodiac to her.

February 15th, 2006, 3:38 PM
"Hmm... Didn't expect it to be this boring and it sure is hot out." Terry said shielding his eyes from the sun. He found a stick near him and bent down to pick it up. He suddenly started drawing intentively on the beach sand.
"Ah. Here is something to do." He murmured. He started drawing a smooth face and sketched hair or what looks like an outline at least. As he applied the eyes, he turned his head a few degrees to look for Yumi, who was busy collecting shells that were scattered around the beach sand. He made no effort to show his small smile, which he rarely does, when he looked at Yumi, enjoying the fact that she was occupied with something to do other than regular housework. He turned his head back to the unfinished picture on the beach sands and continued his sketch of the girl.

"Oooo... This one is pretty." Yumi said reaching down and picking up a white and pink shell from underneath a rock that concealed it.
She found many different shells on the beach. Small ones, big ones, round and wide shells. There were many different colors too. Yumi placed the shell along with the others in a small pouch she had brought before they left the building. She thought about asking Terry to make one. She remembered seeing one in his room but he never let her in and the room was usually locked. As she collected a few more, someone or something in the distance but it was only for a split second. "Hm... I think I'm seeing things." She said but still had an eye out.

OOC: Oooookay. I am so drifting off course. :nervous:

February 15th, 2006, 6:37 PM
"Hmmm," Mikka says, looking up from drying her bright orange hair. She was sunning herself upon a rock, trying to dry off her clothing the 'old-fashioned' way. "Who's that?" she points rather rudely, at least to some, well-mannered person's eyes. She looks over to Lyon, who was drying off his hair with his shirt. Grimancing, she gets up, tossing a stone at his head.

"Owch..." he says, rubbing the spot where the stone hit, turning his eyes glaringly towards the Cat. He notices the others in the distance as well, and stops his drying for a moment. He tugs the moist, sandy shirt upon his body and scratches his head.

"Who are they?" she growls, pointing once again.

"Stop, it's rude to point. If you don't know, then I don't know. Why don't you go and talk to them. Most likely they're Sohmas...we haven't met all of them, Mii-Chan!" He says placidly, smacking down Mikka's hand.

She rubs the red patch of skin that he slapped. At this moment, she wanted to punch him in the face or kick him in the shin, and thus would begin some sort of battle. But no, she refused to do so. If the rat comes along, she knew who to use such energy on. "You're more friendly, go and aproach them instead." she snaps

Miss Reyna
February 15th, 2006, 6:44 PM
Reya cab finally made it to the beach house. She got out of the cab and took her bags out which was only a large suitcase and a few smaller bags. She also held Mr. Bun in between her arm. "We finally her Mr. Bun. Thankies Mister." she said.

"No problem Miss. Enjoy your time here." said the guy.

Reyna then took a sniff of the ocean air and smile. "Sure do!!"

The cab then drove off leaving Reya by herself. She tried her best to make her way to the house but found it a bit hard. "EEE!!! This is heavy." She yelled.

She tried to hop her way to the house which was a little better. She still foun it hard to move with the luggage she was carring on her. "Maybe I shoulda packed a little ligher Mr. Bun." Trying to look at her stuff rabbit.

February 16th, 2006, 9:38 AM
Yumi saw a girl about her age pulling a luggage that was quite large. "Hm... I think she needs some help." Yumi said to herself and rushed over towards Terry. "Hey Terry." Terry gives her a "what the...." look. "Hold these for me." She said shoving the pouch at Terry and ran to help the girl.

"Wa-What am I going to do with THIS?!" Terry shouted but Yumi did not hear him. She just kept running. "Gah. What is she doing?" Terry said rubbing his head with a hand. Terry notices that the girl with the boy was pointing towards him. "Ah. W-Why is she pointing at m-me?" Terry said with a worried look. "Agh. Should had stayed inside." He said.

Yumi approached the girl and asked, "Hello. What's your name? Mine is Yumi." Yumi brought a hand up to shake with the girl's but remembered the seemingly heavy luggage. "Oh. I can help you with that if you don't mind?" Yumi said smiling to the girl and stepped beside her.

February 16th, 2006, 11:55 AM
"My name is Katsura, nice to meet you." She said, smiling, as she wrestled with the bag.

"Oh. Can I help you with that, if you don't mind?" Yumi asked, stepping to Katsura's side.

"Um, well I don't mean to bother you with my burden, but if you don't mind.." She trailed off, still trying to yank the suitcase up the driveway. Finally,with a viscous snapping sound, the handle pulled itself free from the bag, and Katsura went sailing across the pavement. She lay there for a moment, seemingly paralyzed, as she regained her posture. Slowly, she stood up, giggling.

"I'm sorry for being so clumsy!" She said lightly in between gasps of laughter while walking over to where Yumi stood.

February 16th, 2006, 3:21 PM
OOC: Oookay. Not really who I was talking to but I guess I could alter it. :D

"Teehee. It's fine. And nice to meet you Katsura." Yumi said and giggles. Yumi stood by Katsura and wondered how to carry the luggage. "Um... How are we going to take it inside? It looks heavy." Yumi asked looking at the large piece of equipment. "Oh. I'll go ask my brother. He'll help. Be right back." Yumi said to Katsura and rushed to Terry. "Hey! Terry!" She shouted while running towards him.

"Oh good. She's coming back." Terry said to himself while looking at Yumi's direction. Yumi stopped in front of Terry and gave a few gasps of air. "Uh... What?" Terry asked annoyingly. His back was starting to burn from the heat the sun projected making him a bit irritated.

"There is a girl with a heavy luggage. The handle for it sort of broke off and I don't think we can carry it together." Yumi explained. "I was going to..."

"...ask me to help you guys." Terry finished her sentence. Yumi gave a bright smile. "Ah. How annoying. Well. Whatever. Sure beats sticking here in the burning sun." Terry said and walked with Yumi to the girl. Terry stop in front of the girl. "Hey..." was his reply to her. He bent down, picked up the luggage, and placed it on his right shoulder. "So.... Assuming you are a Sohma, which room is yours? This thing is pretty heavy." Terry complained shifting his position multiple times to cope with the heavy luggage.

"Teehee. That's my brother Terry. He sometimes is lazy and stubborn but he is really reliable." Yumi said to Katsura while giggling a little.

"Hey. I heard that." Terry said giving her a glare.

February 16th, 2006, 3:30 PM
OOC: Radio Active Waste I think uzumaki is referring to Reya. Just a suspicion.

EDIT-too late.

IC: Rue neatly carried her suitcase over to the window, and stared out at the scene. She was supposed to surpervise this after all. She easily spotted the Cat. The trademark orange hair was still as brilliantly obvious as ever. She thought she saw the ram with her as well, the dirty chesnut blonde color just as distinguishable as the cat's hair. She could name the rabbits as well. The god had told her not to let the rabbit out of her sight, as she was originally not permitted to come. Ah, how she would loathe being the babysitter. She examined the scene. How sweet. How bluntly deprieved of it's joy by the rudely pointing cat. No matter how much she tried to look at it in a different light, the cat was always the same to her. Stories were all she'd heard, but it was good enough. Rue didn't have time to be judging people herself anyway.

She was prepared to refuse to cure any of the other zodiac, as it would be their fault if they got sick, the ram and cat especially, standing out there wet. It wouldn't be too much of an issue anyway. She doubted any of them would get sick, as it hadn't happened much in the past anyway. Which was the exact reason why she'd never met really any of them. Another doctor could always fix it up. But if one of them got seriously injured, how peeved she would be. Why her? She would ask. Why not someone else?

Rue made her way to the balcony, to resume her babysitting job in a better way. The sea air was never refreshing for her. It just reminded her about the work that needed to be finished. But she was nearly done, and the sea air still wasn't refreshing. She was starting to think she'd never take the god here again. It was merely an annoyance to her now.

Kin grumbled as the sight of the other Sohma's was semi-visible in between the blinds of his window. How naive. Helping other's with their luggage? It was their fault they packed so much in the first place. The only one who was smart enough not to be polite, was the cat. He'd never really met any of them, but the pointing girl was plainly and obviously the cat. The bright orange hair was a slight giveaway. He couldn't help but notice her hair was in a loose braid. Why did almost all the red heads he met have their hair in braids? Did they think it looked good or something?

He shook the thought from his head and settled his attention on the others, giving them his own share of first impression. Those other girls are definet stay-aways. He thought taking one glance at the girl who was helping the others with their luggage. The other boys also looked a little too friendly for his tastes. Perhaps it would be worth getting to know them. In a silent accquaintence of course. They would know his name, and merely his name. And his ability to burst and shout a colorful number of profanities, but nothing on himself.

He let the now extremely shortened eraser of his pencil tap on the desk for a few moments, killing the ringing silence. Kin bit his lip in frustration as his disatisfied expression crossed his face, looking at the pencil as though it had just commited the most heinous crime of all.

"It's too quiet..." Kin said in a voice hoarse from disuse, standing up and looking around the room. It was rare, to see him angry from the silence. He was angry at himself for saying those words, after a year of being able to be silent and love silence, he'd broken it. It had to be these other Sohma's. In such a little time, Kin was able to finish up most of his homework, or at least, a third of it. His head was so empty, of the gossip and tidbits of information collected from adventure books and television, that he had enough room to memorize every little word on a textbook, every useless word a teacher uttered, and all the appearances of the people he met. He knew his teachers names, the god's name, his name, Rue's name, and nobody else's. Merely their appearances. He couldn't even remember his father's name. Simply that he himself called the man 'dad'. His 'mom' was long gone. Had probably left with Rue after his father came with him, to give 'supervision' to such a young kid.

'A kid that would become the scariest bully in school.' Kin thought with a smirk. 'A kid that would become a bully. But also the one with the best grades.' The smirk was gone instantly. His reminiscing was bluntly interuppted by the memory of how many teachers had recommended counseling. He'd been a silent figure, one to be afraid of to the others. One to ridicule and avoid. That'd been fine with him, but the teachers just HAD to interfere. He always replied that he'd never been the one to show his feelings. One to let it go after it'd happened. It was worthless to remember anyway. And so Kin would shake his head and let any memories of loneliness, and rejection fall out of his focus. He remembered that one time he'd managed a run in with a pissed drunk, who managed to tick him off enough to turn black, and being in this state, he wouldn't back off, even after he'd recieved a broken arm and managed to get a deep gash across his cheek from the man's broken wine bottle. Rue had to be the one to heal these injuries, and she'd asked him what he thought being strong was. What pride was.

He never had an answer for her. Or his father when he asked him the very same question. Kin thought each time he was asked this, was, it was different in each person you turned to look at. Kin sighed and did what he always did when he became too reminiscient. He shook his head and thought of something else. He'd let himself think again. He sat down and continued to work. He forgot about the silence, and the dead ringing that came with it, and immersed himself in work. It was probably a family thing, as both he, his father, and Rue could never do anything efficiently without doing anything productive.

February 16th, 2006, 4:10 PM
A faint peal of laughter could be heard, delicate and silky, chiding the air for being too silent. Strands of hair flew breezily with the salty wind, slightly obscuring a pair of bright eyes toppling over with manifesting joy. The girl, Kari as she was called, picked up another seashell. It was marvelously crafted, swirls of peach and cream blending to create a pleasant mix. Humming faintly, she held the vessel against her ear whilst closing off the world.

They say one can always listen to the ocean's hidden melody by this method.

Kari stood there for a moment more, ear receiving nothing more than the damp coolness of her priceless artifact. She waited a bit longer. She wanted to hear all sorts of secrets and happiness contained within her treasure. When sustaining patience for only too long, she was finally rewarded with a sound that shattered the scene's normality. Voices.

The girl quickly removed the shell, searching for the voices' origins. Kari had safely assumed this part of the beach was unknown to anyone but her..now who could have found out her secret hiding place? Squinting, her head turned towards the beach house, and just vaguely could she make out pinpricks of silhouettes moving...

Visitors! Kari thought, elated by the news. Inquisitively speaking, she slipped off her pair of sandals, holding them by one hand, and bounded barefoot towards her destination. Curious, relieved, worried, happy...it didn't matter. She wanted to meet these new people. Maybe I'll make friends, she thought cheerfully.

February 16th, 2006, 4:23 PM
"Hmf..." the cat says, shoving her arms in a mummy-like position and falls off the rock, doing somewhat of a roll in the sand. She gets up, whiping the grit off of her jeans. She was finally dry, but the feeling she got in her hair was quite annoying, rough and grainy as she ran her fingers through it. I hate the beach... she thinks bitterly to herself, and a distant humming bothered the heck out of her. Stamping her foot down in a complaining and agitated way, she kicked up sand and whined, "Stop that **** laughing!" Mikka places both hand on her ears in order to get the agitating sound out of her head.

"What the heck are you talking about?" Lyon murmurs, his hand upon his eyes as he relaxed upon the sand. His opposite hand was lazilly sketching lines in the sand, creating circles and other such objects.

"Oh...it stopped..." she says, removing her hands from her ears to listen. She looks around before stopping. "Great...another person..."

"What?!" Lyon says, sitting upright and shoving Mikka down into the sand. She lands with a yelp upon her backside, but he ignores the girl while looking in the direction that she was previously looking at. "You're talking the crazy talk...there wasn't any...hey, you're right, there is another person. Wonder why she's running...?"

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February 16th, 2006, 5:23 PM
...They noticed me! Kari ran faster, halting just when she caught plain view of them...the sandy-haired boy had just shoved the orange-haired girl on the sand, ignoring her painful yelp, focusing his attention on Kari. Suddenly she felt nervous, as if intruding on some sibling quandary albeit privately yearning for company herself. Watching them brought a slight tinge of jealousy. Did they come here with others? Were they on vacation? How on earth did they find this supposed 'secret' place?

She was finally aware of her imposing presence, and bowed clumsily as a polite term of an apology, a bit flustered. Here she was, a total stranger - covered with sand, holding a pair of white (slightly dirty) sandals, messy hair, and far more imperfections of her own...although there was something queer and foreign about the two.

Oh, silly me..I think I need to introduce myself...

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I apologize for interrupting anything...my name is Kari; may I ask your names as well?" she asked brightly, beaming at the duo.

February 16th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Lyon's eyes suddenly widen, and Mikka helps herself up. He nudges her, not in the sort of way to make her topple, and murmurs so that only Mikka could here.

"Mii-Chan...she isn't a Sohma..." he says, and then raises his voice. "I am Lyon Sohma, and this is my younger cousin, Mikka Sohma. This is our private beach, belonging to that place over there," he gesture placidly towards the building that was nestled between some trees. "What are you doing here?" He did not put his hand out to shake, nor did anything of the sort of manner. He merely stood there with a stiffened appearance, looking at her warilly. Since he went to an all boy's achademy (the God's wishes for him, as well as his parents') he did not know how to handle an outsider of the opposite gender.

Mikka, however, was different. Her bright personality peeved her in a way that well, everything did. She plucks warilly at the bracelet upon her wrist until it twanged and caused a red mark to form, and she flinches. She then looks at the girl with a studying glance, before looking up towards her cousin. Though she was not short (A rather tall, 5 feet 8 to be exact,) Lyon was still 6 foot 2, and was no doubtedly taller than she. For a moment, she looked bewildered at he, remembering when he was just at her height and she nearly towered over him.

Boy do guys grow quickly... she thinks quickly. "Oh, um...yes, I'm Mikka Sohma, but don't call me Mii-Chan like the loser over here does," she snarls, nudging the cousin so he stumbles to the side. "However...Lyon is right, why are you on the private part of the beach? Are you a part of the new resort that opened? They have a beach too, if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure the Head of the House wouldn't like it if he saw you on the beach..."

((Heh, I guess I may RP the Head when it is totally necessary, but he isn't that big of a character, so...))

February 16th, 2006, 5:57 PM
OOC: I could do it. I usually play head in other FB Roleplay's I'm in on Gaia. By the way, don't take any of my onsights of your characters personally. And, it's blunt, Rue's introduction, I know, but it's the way it's gonna be.

IC: Rue's eyes narrowed coldly at the new girl. How naive.

"So...here's our pretty little outsider..." She murmured to herself, swiftly retreating from her place on the balcony and down the steps to the beach, her long bluish black hair billowing behind her at the speed she was going down the stairs "Oh how I'll love getting rid of her memories..." She almost laughed, but she kept it in, as she strode quickly to meet the girl. Sand didn't blow up behind her like it would a normal barefooted person. Her heels were well placed, and properly walked on. She strode quickly to meet the reason she was to suffer this torment and babysitting 'fun' filled weeks.

"Hello there." Rue said in a honeyed voice, the one she used for people she needed to make a good impression on. She was dying to say 'God, just get the h*ll off this beach and make my life fifteen million times easier. But life was hard either way. "I'm sorry for being rude, but what are you doing here?" She nearly laughed, at the bluntness she'd appeared, and demanded the explanation. But it was all in good reason. She wasn't supposed to be here, and Rue was wishing she could make that clear as day. The god would forbid it of course...for what reason she knew she'd never know. But for now, the girl would have to live with it, as Rue herself did.

Kin almost laughed. He'd left the confines of his room already, being bored of it already. This girl. Was the big threat that the god had warned him about? This girl, if he transformed before her, would be the sole reason he'd have to suffer consequences? He pitied this reason. From the looks of it, she'd probably never realize they were cursed, even IF they'd transformed in front of her. Bubbly, ditsy, and airheaded. How ridiculous. As long as he avoided speaking to her, looking at her, and all the things he normally did, it'd be just fine.

'Besides,' Kin thought, 'Judging by the look on her face, she probably doesn't even know she's looking in the face of a girl dying to give her a heavy lawsuit.' He was of course, referring to his ticked off sister. You couldn't tell from her appearance, but...call it a brother-sister sense. She was pissed, and he would bet he was the only one who could tell.

'Ah dearest Rue.' He thought sarcastically, a cruel smirk on his face as he stood silently at the window of which Rue was once standing 'You are such a show.'

February 16th, 2006, 5:59 PM
Name: Hikari Sohma
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Rooster
Personality: Confident in her self. A bit too confident...Very creative, she most likely speaks before she thinks, she can be very talkitive when she wants to but other times she atleast tries to keep her mouth shut. ( though she normaly fails at that. ) She is kinda a lazy person more like a couch potato bu at times she can be serious.
Appearence: She has medium black hair mostly in a pony tail,she wears a red strapless dress with red and black boots that go up to her knees, she wears a red hair clip
Enjoying The Vacation: She was forced yes, but she could use a beak after being swamped in work.
RP Sample:Melein unwrapped the hose and set off back home.*Next day people!*(We all go to the same school.) Melein hopped on the bus to school. She kept on hearing the kid say things about last night. Her friend Aurielle had just got on the bus. "Hey did you hear about last night? Some kid said he saw a floating garbage can!" "Yeah. I experienced it..." She murmured.
Is this acceptable?????????

February 16th, 2006, 6:06 PM
Mikka and Lyon Sohma...even if she knew their names, Kari flinched slightly under the unwanting tone, and then widened her eyes at the 'private beach' part. Could it be? Shaking her head, she managed an optimistic smile, explaining, "Well, I found this place a while ago. I've taken a great liking to it, so I decided to stay here for an indefinite amount of time...I apologize," she bowed deeply, "I didn't know this was a private beach. Please inform..your 'head of the house' that it was not intentional..If I had known, perhaps this problematic situation could have been evaded..I apologize again." She bowed again, feeling quite embarassed but resilient, wondering if they received her implication. Kari did not want to leave. Usually she was the type of girl who'd comply for anyone's satisfaction, but she was too attached to this place.

"Hello there. I'm sorry for being rude, but what are you doing here?" Kari flinched again. The voice was rich and smooth, almost welcoming. Why were there so many people? Were they all one family? If there were, she envied them dearly...she had no siblings of her own, let alone a true family. How happy they must be, even with a private beach!

"Oh, I-I'm sorry," she smiled apologetically at the new stranger. "My name is Kari. I found this place a while ago, and I have taken a liking to it...I know this may be out of place to request," she hesitated, looking at all the people she had just encountered, "but will you allow me to stay here? I'm afraid it is terribly difficult to pry away from this place. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused." Again, she bowed out of respect, smiling brightly.

February 16th, 2006, 6:23 PM
((Ah, would you!? I would love it if it isn't any trouble for you to Roleplay the God, since you had more experiance than I.

Sorry Pichugirl, but the Example isn't much to my liking...so you are not accepted. And next time, Edit your previous post instead of creating a new one; it clogs up the boards...))

Great, the Head's puppet is here... Mikka thought grimly as the all-too familiar Rue Sohma, the dragon. Though she knew little about the dragon, one thing was all-too certain; she removed the memories of those who had found out the curse, and enjoyed it to a greater liking. When the others were finished speaking, the Cat piped in with a rather unfeeling voice, as though she knew not what to make of this subject.

"Our Head may not like it...and it's really up to him to decide...and his right-hand...woman, as well, I think..." she says, casting a nasty glance towards Rue.

"Shuttup you stupid Ca-a...Mikka!" Lyon says, quickly substituting everyone's favorite line when annoyed with the cat with her name. "You know you have no place as to decide such."

"Nor do you!" growls the girl, crossing her arms once again and sticking her tongue out rather foolishly. "Agitating Farm Animal..." she murmurs underbreath as she kicks aside some sand and heads over to a large boulder to reside there until matters were all sorted out. She sits, knees huddled up against her chest, and her arms wrapped in a criss-cross manner and held by the balls of her feet. She rests her head between her knees and watches with a stern eye.

Lyon shakes his head, running his fingers through his creamy mop of hair, rough with the gritty sea-salt and sand. "I suppose you wish to settle matters with her, Rue. After all, you are in charge of such a thing, second-hand to the Head, at least in my eyes..." he gives a mock bow, overexaggerated, and then moves some distance away from the girl, who had made him uncomfortable. He removes his shirt and ducks down into the blue waves of the ocean, wading lazilly about.

February 16th, 2006, 6:56 PM
OOC: Dark Green is Kousuke. I'll post up his sign-up tomorrow.

Rue's eyes narrowed, and she thought coldly 'Watch your mouth you stupid animals.'

"Of course." She said resuming her cool demeanor "I have already spoken to the Head of House, as you have already been seen roaming around our private beach, and he has given his consent for you to stay, as long as you don't cause any trouble for the Sohma's here. She folded her arms and said "As I'm sure you've already noticed, I'm rather disliked amongst the family, and I have to say that I would not be surprised if you came to dislike me, but I must make it clear that any request from me is expected to be fulfilled, as they are usually the requests of our Head. As long as that is clear, you are permitted to stay, associate with the other Sohma's, even stay in the beach house, but only if that is clear. If you fail to follow this, consequences will be put in order. And believe me when I say, they are much greater then just a simple eviction notice." Rue said. What a mouthful. The God really owes me one. She cringed at the way the Ram had said 'second-hand' to the God. She was no slave, she was merely busy curing him, and dealing out his orders. That was her only connection to him, besides the fact that she was related to him, in a sick twisted way.

A smirk unfurled unpon Kousuke's face as he watched the scene unfold outside. Perhaps the only one who knew he was in the beach house was himself, and the workers, who were all hushed extremely well. Not even Rue herself knew he was in the house. He was of course, in the room that had always been forbidden. The door had never been bothered to be locked, as the zodiac members who visited the beach house never dared enter the room under his orders to stay away. But now that this outsider was now permitted to live here...well.

Kousuke chuckled coldly as he turned the lock on the door leading to the solitary room on the very corner of the house. The side facing the beach, and soothing sounds of rushing waves. It made no difference for someone like him. It didn't matter either way. Rue was a fool to think this would make him feel better. How could someone feel better knowing they were to die? For zodiac members who were absolute ingrates to boot. Perhap's Rue would be slightly remorseful after his death. But only slightly. His gaze landed on the cat. Oh the cat. When he'd first seen her true form. The tradition of which the god should be the first to lay eyes on the true form after the inevitable parent's view. He remembered very clearly. He'd laughed. Laughed at the girl's burden. Laughed at her future. Laughed at the bleak prospect of her mere existence. And knew he'd never let her into Sohma House. He let her come on this vacation merely because he needed more torture for Kin. And Rue for that matter. It was plain to see that the cat hated anything associated with him. Rue believed she wasn't his slave, merely his doctor. How wrong she was. Perhaps even she knew it. Deep down, she was a servant.

"Dante, bring me some tea." Kousuke said motioning to the old man standing at bay, who immediatly bowed, much like Lyon had to Rue, except he did this sincerely, compared to Lyon's mock in which Rue had obviously ignored.

"At once." He said quietly.

Kin couldn't help but feel impending...doom was it? At the very view of the obvious fact that Rue was telling the girl she could stay. Oh that cruel Kousuke, playing games with his head and personalities again. He almost went black and almost smashed the glass door to peices. But though better of it, as he lowered his fist. He turned and sat at the main table.

"Dante." Kin mumbled in surprise as the old man came bustling through the doors leading to the main halls, quickly gathering ingredients.

"Oh Kin!" He said quickly, though not really looking at him "How was your day? Oh, but I guess I shouldn't expect a reply from you, I'm amazed you even remember my name, oh but I come to get you every time Kousuke wants to see you, well I must hurry, got to run!" he said quickly all in one breath as he left the halls again.

"..." Kin had no response to this excited flurry, nor did he have anyone to respond to. Dante was always...strange...always trying to please at all costs. Not like Rue, who was always protesting. A much better servant for the god then Rue, who resented her position as his lackey. Not that she'd ever say that of course. But the sibling sense was strong in him, as he'd never gotten to know her personally. It was a strange logic, but it made perfect sense to himself. He knew almost her every feeling, thought, opinion...he studied her. He made himself better then her in every way he could. That was why he ran away. She was competition. And now that he saw her so much, she really had become his unwary competitor.

Miss Reyna
February 16th, 2006, 7:21 PM
Reya finally made it up the steps and to the door. She sweated and said, "Gee o boy. That was a long hop up!!" She then tried her best to get the handle but the only thing she was able to get was Mr. Bun to the door.

She then sighed, "Mr. Bun. Please open the door for me pleazie!!" With some force the door opened and Reya hopped her way in. She then took a seat in a seat and sighed. "That was a lot of hard work don't you think Mr. Bun."

She then shook the rabbit's head to make it say yes. "You are right Reya but let rest." she said in a deeper voice.

"I agree. I want to know where my room is firstie and then get out." Reya then looked around and yelled. "PLAY!!!!"

She then imang all the fun she would have on the beach. She couldn't wait till she get on the beach. She had her bikini under her clothes.

She then stuck her finger in her month and said, "Where is my room anyways?"

February 16th, 2006, 10:17 PM
"Hm... Something's up." Terry said looking at the group that gathered by the beach. Yumi made a confused look but Terry ignored it. "It's nothing." Terry said to reassure Yumi that it wasn't too big a trouble though it was. "So.... That girl is the person who is causing this trouble. Hm... How troublesome." Terry thought. He didn't want to intrude in the discussion the group was having and decided it was better not too. From his vague memories, he remembered just a little about Rue Sohma, the Dragon, though Terry had never actually met upclose with her before and feels he wouldn't want to anyways. She was cold and quite blunt. She was also the one who erases the memories of people who found out about the curse of the Sohmas or mind erasing is what Terry calls it. That was about as much as he remembered. With another shift, he asked, "Okay. We might want to hurry. This thing feels like a million bricks if you carry it for too long." Terry complained once more.

Yumi was now curious about the group that had gathered by the beach. Though Terry said it was nothing, she knew there was more to it. Who was that unusual girl down there? Why were the other Sohmas talking to that girl? Isn't this private property? Some of these questions danced in Yumi head. She thought about it for a few seconds but then thought, "Nevermind.", and continued onwards with her new friend, Katsura, and Terry towards the beach house.

Miss Reyna
February 17th, 2006, 4:44 AM
Reya was getting a bit bored now. She been waiting in the same room for over five minutes now. She would go and find her room but the thing is she ahd no idea where things were in this place. The last time she came was when she was eight and that was with an adlut. She took a look at her stuff rabbit. "Yes. I want to go outside."

She then stare at it as if listening to what it was saying. She said in a deep voice as if Mr. Bun was talking, "Just go outside and come back later for the stuff."

Reya then said, "Me wish I can but me can't." she then jumped up and down in excitment. "I have to check in with hmm. I don't remember. I was told to wait in the front room till somebody came. I wish they come becasue I want to go outside. I see everybody is having fun except me!!!"

She then jumped around and the onto the couch.

February 17th, 2006, 9:33 AM
"Geez, it's so boring!"

"Where the heck are the others, anyway? It's no fun without them."

Sighing in complete unison, the twins gloomily trudged back to the house. They had arrived fairly early and as soon as they unpacked, they rushed off to the beach, looking for people. They were social butterflies, mind you. Besides, from their snooping around, they found luggage and unpacked belongings—that could only mean people. Lots and lots of people! (Okay, maybe not that much.)

However, much to their dismay, they didn't find anyone. At all. Granted, they spotted the ever-mysterious Rue somewhere, but she wasn’t exactly the best person to play with. They couldn't locate the carrot top, Alex's rival (truth be told, Alex didn't find anything wrong with the cat. Mikka—was it?—apparently thought otherwise about him, though) nor her brother. Heck, they couldn't even find that ditzy bunny who wasn't quite welcomed in the beach house. The twins thought she would be bouncing just about everywhere by now.

"D'you think they tricked us? Maybe it's punishment or something?"

"That's stupid, Axel. If he would punish us, he wouldn't put us in a beach. Maybe he'll put us in a small room without a PS2 or a television!" Alex thought out loud, tapping his chin in contemplation. Axel lightly punched his brother in response, shuddering at the thought. "Shut up, you're giving me the creeps!"

…It's sad to think how bored they were.
Thankfully, there was a commotion to make all their ennui go bye-bye.

"Axel, look! People!"

"Where? Where?"

"Just follow me!" There was a small group nearby; Mikka and Rue were there, and Lyon too, who was currently in the water. Oh, who was that? They never saw her before, and they doubted that they would forget seeing her; she was quite attractive. From the looks of it, there was something significant about her, especially since Rue was speaking with her.

Hn, was she a Sohma?

//ooc: forgive Mari if it ish a bit vague, she ish sick today and can't think straight. ;~;

February 17th, 2006, 11:57 AM
OOC: I'm so sorry! I wasn't sure who you were talking about! ^^'

Katsura hastily told her new friends where her room was, and started towards the beach house, trying to help with the luggage Terry was currently carrying. When she noticed Yumi was looking somewhere farther down the beach. She followed her gaze, 'Whose that?' Katsura thought 'Is she even a Sohma? She doesn't look like it. Then she quickly diverted her attention back to Terry, who was standing, holding the luggage, but looking as though he was about to drop it, before remembering something someone had told her once.

She tapped Yumi on the shoulder, "Isn't this private property?" She asked, pointing at the girl further down the beach, who was talking to some of the other Sohmas.

February 17th, 2006, 12:09 PM
Yumi looks at Katsura. "Yeah. From what I remember at least. She looks pretty." Yumi said putting a hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun to allow a better sight but they were too far away.

"Ugh. I...hate...to...butt...in...your...," Terry struggled to say as he dropped the luggage but carefully on the ground, "discussion but when are we going to go inside?" Terry was starting to get impatient.

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February 17th, 2006, 12:49 PM
"Gar!" Mikka says suddenly, leaping up from the rock she stood on. She nearly lossed her balance, but quickly regained it. "You!" she says, pointing her finger at the Rat who had now appeared into the scene. She clenches her fist in an overdramatic way and lets out a toothy grin, leaping down from the rock she stood on. Foolish indeed, for now Lyon stood in the water, watching now and he shook his head with a slight grin on his face. It wasn't her fault, it was forever in the cat's nature to chase the rat. However, she could never truly...beat him.

And besides, it seemed as though every generation of Cat made a bet with the Head that he (or she for this matter) would beat the rat to avoid containment, and become part of the Zodiac.

"Mii-Chan, don't make such a scene...even if your rival is here..." Lyon said mockingly. "And not with the 'new girl' here."

February 17th, 2006, 1:04 PM
OOC: Gotta start hugging people later~ >D

She stared, confused for a brief moment (ca-ah..? Farm animal?) However bit of words the head of the house's apprentice (?) spoke finally rushed through Kari's comprehension, although totally disregarding the 'consequences'. The girl's whole face lit up with pure happiness, gratitude etched along her features. "Thank you very much!" she exclaimed, sweeping down in a brief bow. "I promise not to bother anyone. As in exchange for your hospitality, I can help out with the housework, if you wish," she chirped, "I mean, I'm not that great as Mother when it comes down to laundry, but I shall still do my best."

She craned her neck farther to the right, seeing more people gather...was she being a nuisance already? "Is that all family? Wow! It must be great, having so many members!~ I always wanted a sister, or a brother, but I'm an only child...plus there's an exclusive beach house! You all really must be happy living together," she smiled, "with each other for support. I'd love to be in a family such as this." A wistful, joyous laugh escaped her, eyes flickering with such well-being, it was hard seeing the inconspicuous shed of sadness beneath the layers and layers of falsehood.

"Rue, Mikka and Lyon Sohma, was it? I'm afraid I don't know the rest of the names...would you mind introducing me to the rest?" Farther away, she could spot two ..twins coming near, other people standing around, and oh! she just wanted to meet everyone...

February 17th, 2006, 1:37 PM
OOC: Uh... If it would help, shouldn't we get like some room numbers? It really would help a little with the placement of people. (i'm having trouble finding someone's room already. :P)

"Awww crud. We should get going." Terry said noticing that the new girl was looking over towards the three of them and some others. Terry didn't want to meet the girl. Terry knew that it would be inevitable so he would try his best to avoid her. Yumi, on the other hand, was ecstatic. She always liked meeting new friends. Yumi was now concocting a plan with Katsura. "I'm not going to wait for you guys. I'm going first." Terry said rushing in to the building and the room of Katsura.

Yumi was talking to Katsura about going to meet the other Sohmas and the new girl. "We should go and say 'Hi' to everyone." Yumi said. She was so busy talking with Katsura, she didn't noticed that Terry had already left. Yumi turned around to say something to Terry but she didn't see him. "Terry? Hey. Where did you go?" Yumi asked. "Oh well. Katsura, want to go meet the other people?" yumi was quite eager to go but waited for Katsura's reply.

February 17th, 2006, 1:59 PM

Ah, Alex knew that distinct voice. How could he ever forget? He rolled his eyes as a sly smirk crept upon his face, baring his pearly whites. For one reason or another, he always found Mikka's aggressiveness towards him highly entertaining, a bit cute, even.

"Should've expected that from Mikka, ne?" Axel grinned, nudging his brother's side. "I bet she likes you deep, deep inside." The twins desperately tried to suppress their laughter while they inspected Mikka's face. Oh! they were having so much fun already~

A second or so later, they averted their gaze at Mikka as their attention was then caught by the foreign face (they have a two-second attention span, by the way...one second for each twin~). They grinned ever-so-widely at the unfamiliar girl as they raised their hands and waved playfully. Alex and Axel gave each other that look, and after a brief moment the twins were down on their knees; Alex by the girl's right, and Axel on the left.

"Hello there, Princess." Axel started, gently taking hold of her left hand. "May we know your name?" Alex continued and, as Axel did, he took hold of her right hand. The two galnced at each other once again, though this time their gaze was far more devious, as they simultaneously perched their lips on the girl's hands.

February 17th, 2006, 2:06 PM
((Yes, she should start hugging people...or someone could shove someone into her accidentally! ^.^))

"Ha-?" Mikka said, standing there, her face blushing furiously as Axel said that. "Of course I don't, I hate you ****ed twins...and don't go flirting over to her!" she whines, stamping her feet.

"I thought you told me once you never liked to make a scene..." Lyon says to the Cat, appearing suddenly behind her. He picks out water from his ear using his index finger. He grins, looking down on top of Mikka's firey orange top, and places a moist hand upon her head.

"Hey, stoppit Lyon!" she growls, whacking Lyon's hand off of her cranuim. However, she gives him a look of neither hatred nor of liking. But, it was rather a look of understanding at what he had just said.

'It isn't my fault...I never want to create a scene...' the girl says, buttoning up her shirt. Mikka casts a look at Lyon, who was cowering in the corner in utter fear, the bracelet still in his hand. He was shaking with fear from what he had just seen, and his eyes were wide when Mikka took it from his fingers and placed it around her hand. She did not wear a braid during this time, her hair cut short into a bob cut suitable for girls. She was ten, he twelve, and they had been playing roughly in the backyard of Lyon's house when it had happened.

He grabbed her wrist and the bracelet slid off in his fingers and... well, the rest was preictable. Sighing, the girl turns and flees from him.

'Wai-' calls out Lyon, but she was gone.

February 17th, 2006, 2:20 PM
(Haha. Yes, she should. Makes it more dramatic and such. Heh.)

After placing Katsura's luggage into her room, which was pretty hard to find, Terry trotted back to his room and sat on his bed peering outside and looking at the Sohmas that gathered around the mysterious girl. Terry oddly stared at the girl. Somehow, she captivated him. She was quite cute. Terry suddenly puts a "what the heck?" look on. What am I thinking? Terry thought. Turning his attention back onto the beach group, Terry sees that the twins, Axel and Alex, were once again played a devious trick on the innocent girl. What ARE those two trying to do? Terry shrugged and grabbed a pencil and his drawing pad ready to do more sketchings of things and people.

(I am out of ideas for Yumi's post so I won't do one this time for her.)

February 17th, 2006, 2:48 PM
(Sorry for the late post!)

Haku looked at the water as he walked across the sand, his feet making prints in the wet sand. Haku was a shy person, most of the time he was alone, times when he was near people he wouldn't talk. After a few more minutes of walking around Haku started to head up to the beach house, he had been here for a few days now, all of the Sohma's had to come to the beach house, that ment he would be surrounded by a lot of people. Soon he was in the beach house, Haku headed towards his room.

(short post...)

February 17th, 2006, 2:49 PM
((Shall I?))

"Yeah, let's go!" Katsura said excitedly,"It'll be fun!" She smiled and started towards the beach, when she noticed that Terry was gone.

"Hey, where did your brother go?" She asked, looking around. But then shrugged it off and started towards the beach with Yumi in tow. By the time they had gotten to the group of people clustered around the new girl, Katsura could barely contain herself. Sometimes, when Katsura got excited, she could get a little rambunctious, which,in this case, was a big problem. When she got up to them, she was so excited she tripped over a piece of driftwood, knocking herself into the boy closest to her, who she recognised as Lyon Sohma, the Ram. Unfortunatley, this created a domino effect, knocking him onto the new girl.

February 17th, 2006, 3:06 PM
"Ah!" Lyon said in utter shock, "Why you-" he gasped as he fell directly onto the girl, shutting his eyes on the impact. He tries to escape it, but fails miserabley and...


Mikka looks up from her thoughts, and lets out a cackle of laughter, and utter suprise as the Ram's bathing suit and shirt flutters down upon the sand, and sitting before them was a small sheep with small, nubby horns. She then, realizing what this has done, lets out a gasp, looking up at the newcomer. Mii-Chan then turns swiftly towards Katsura, finishing what Lyon was about to say.

"-Idiot!" she cries out, leaping upon Katsura in an idiotic fury, and pinning her to the ground.

February 17th, 2006, 3:08 PM
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February 17th, 2006, 3:11 PM
OOC: OMFG. I'm going to be gone for the rest of the night AND tomorrow, puuuhleeese don't get SO far! *puppy eyes* It'd be nice of you! XD

((Poor Naoko-chan! Of course we shan't go too, too far in this RP ...hopefully ...o.0

WE NEED YOU! ^.^))

February 17th, 2006, 3:18 PM
((Of course I'll wait!! I shouldn't have gone this far!! Please don't kill me, I am soo sorry!! This is my last post until you get back!))

As soon as she stood up again, Katsura was swiftly pinned down on the sand again by Mikka. She only heard one word from the cat's mouth, "-Idoit!" as she fell again with a thud. Katsura felt like screaming. How could she have been so stupid?! She glanced over at the new girl, maybe she hadn't seen? But it was a foolish thought, as the girl stood there in complete horror. Oh god, what had she done? A million thoughts swam through the girl's head as Mikka sat on her, still holding her down.

Finally, her voice returned. "Let me up" Katsura said calmly, even though inside she was screaming, and felt like running away. "Whats been done has been done, I can do no more harm" She said, her voice trembling as she spoke. Tears came to her eyes, what was wrong with her? She should have been more careful! The Head of The Household would have her head for this.

February 17th, 2006, 3:20 PM
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"M-My name is Kari...i-it's a pleasure to meet you, Alex and A-Axel," the girl stammered, face scarlet with embarassment, unable to meet the eyes of her two new acquaintances. At least she could confirm the fact that they were, indeed, twins. She could vaguely hear Mikka shout some offensive words and complain with Lyon responding (yes, there was definitely something distinctly peculiar about one of them)...new people and strangers heading towards her..it was too much for her poor head to take in. Her face was lit with a furious blush, trying her best to avoid committing acts of stupidity. This was certainly a different way of introducing oneself!-

She barely had time to think straight when a girl with pigtails collided harshly against her, sending her toppling out of the twins' hands. Letting out a small gasp, her feet struggled to regain balance, failing, and found herself tripping face front against a lean, sturdy chest of some unknown stranger. She could hear Lyon shouting, and then...and then...


"Ow.." Kari stood up shakily, rubbing her head. "I'm so sorry, Lyon!" she apologized profusely without bothering to look up, "I didn't mean to, honestly! I just lost balance and I didn't expect to hurt you or anything like that, please bear in mi-"

Kari stopped mid-word, now fully aware of something very..weird going on, for in the place of Lyon was..

A sheep.

A sheep.

A sheep.

"Mr...Lyon?" she asked slowly, eyes widening at the scattered clothes. Panic started swelling up in her, as she darted her face to Mikka, now pinning down the new girl, Alex and Axel, Rue..and..and..

"L-Lyon...and a sh-sheep...Oh, no!" Kari wailed, now fully panicking, tears threatening to rise (although part of her had no idea what was going on). "I bet I did something to Lyon! Please help me!" She frantically looked around, poked at the sheep, which did nothing except bleat. "We need to call an ambulance right away! Anyone! A phone! 911!~~!! "

February 17th, 2006, 3:28 PM
((^.^ Kya-hah, just like Tohru! And since Naoko-Chan is important, we won't go TOO far into the RP, perhaps just simmer down on the posting a bit.

Or we can just inform her when she returns on what had happened...hopefully that doesn't sound rude...o.0))

"Hell no I'm not gonna get off of you! How the heck are we supposed to explain why their's a sheep in replace of Lyon? You should watch where you're going..." despite her word, she got off of the girl and brushed off her jeans.

"How on earth are we to explain this...?" Mikka asked, crossing her arms. She gave up on trying to hide it, and she just wanted to break down and flee like she does from certain situations.

Lyon was in a state of panic right about now, but still hoped there was still to cover. Though he felt utterly stupid, he baa-ed. And she poked him, which was rather agitating.

"Hey, don't poke me!" he snapped, getting up and shaking the sand off of his wooly pelt.

February 17th, 2006, 3:43 PM
Though still annoyed that their special time with Kari was over shortly, the twins couldn't help but roll with laughter at the new turmoil occurring. Mikka pinning Kat down was a bit too hilarious for them to handle and Lyon…Lyon was...just look at him! Kari's actions didn't help the mischievous pair calm down either; her naiveté was just sooo adorable~ ♥

"Ka…ri.." Alex said through his laughter, but alas! he was incapable of continuing. He didn't bother checking on his twin as he knew Axel was practically shedding tears of...what could be a proper word?...mirth? Yes, tears of mirth.

//ooo: eep, short! ;~;

Miss Reyna
February 17th, 2006, 4:19 PM
Reya saw that everybody was having fun outside and she wanted to be part of that fun. She then looked at the stuff she had. She then looked back otuside and then to her stuff. Then to Mr. Bun. She then place the stuff bunny on the large suit case. She then said, "Mr. Bun? Could you watch my stuff for me Mr. Bun? Call me when somebody ask for me? Let them know I am outside okie?"

Reya went out the door and towards the beach. She loved the smell of the beach and felt like taking off her shirt. "Yay!!! Fun on the beach!!" She went towards a group she saw there. "Can I join in the fun?"

February 17th, 2006, 4:29 PM
Haku went into his room and got his notebook plus a pencil. Soon he was walking out of the beach house again, Haku was an artist, he wasn't very good but he enjoyed drawing. After he was out of the beach house he headed back down to the beach, thats when he spotted the ram on the beach. "Great..." Haku knew that the ram must be one someone from his family, he ran towards the small group. "Whats with the ram, and who is the girl?"

February 17th, 2006, 6:27 PM
"Why the hell are you laughing?" snaps Mikka at Alex and Axel. My my, what a commotion the group was stirring, thank goodness it was a private beach. She glanced at Lyon, who, at this moment, was scrambling around the sand, trying desparately to get himself away from Kari and trying in another feeble attempt to gather his clothing in his mouth. He was a petit sheep, suprising for one at his height, and even more suprising that he wasn't a Ram, with fully matured antlers. Oh no, those pathetic stubs upon his head weren't enough to be considered horns.

"Guys...guys." it was quite commical for a small sheep to be talking in such a voice that commanded. "You won't be laughing for long when our Head finds out about this...but," he stopped himself, blinking his liquid blue eyes. For some reason, he felt as though the Head was planning this all along, but for what? Rue would probably be more than happy to erase this girl's memory, but how could someone erase the memory of someone whose fit of shock was so...cute? He understood why Alex and Axel were flirting with her, for who in their right mind wouldn't? Besides, very rarely a Sohma gets to flirt with another.

"So, who's going to explain all this..." he sighs.

February 18th, 2006, 10:32 AM
OOC: You all are sooo nice! *huggles all of you* You rock!

IC: Rue could almost feel the imposing aura she was sending off as she glared down at the little sheep.

"Baa Baa Sheep." She said in a low and threatening voice "What a move you've made.NOBODY is explaining ANYTHING. If anyone does it, I should think it will be me. I think you all know perfectly well why." She would spill the beans, she would take the secret away. It was painfully annoying, and she knew this was the way Kousuke liked to do things.

She held her head high like she always did, her arms folded neatly across her chest and the gentle wind blew her hair across her face as her deep navy blue eyes flared at the ram "You are smarter then any Sohma I have ever met." Rue said sarcastically, picking the ram up by his collar and holding him up to her face "Inside the beach house, NOW. I don't even want to KNOW what will happen if you turn up again...-you know what!" Naked. That was what she wanted to say. But it was already strange enough. She dropped the ram back onto the ground and nearly screamed, though she merely yelled in a sort of calm haze of frustration "GO!"

The prospect of erasing this girls memories was starting to look brighter on the horizon. Though, it seemed to dim, the lure of erasing them. It would be hard to sift through her memories now, as when people discovered these things, they often brought up more memories then would an organized and blank mind would. By the look on the girls face...

"You, will stay out here, as I contact the head..." Rue paused and looked to all the Sohma's, the girl who'd bumped into the ram, the cat, the rat, monkey, and even the outsider "All of you." She added "Lyon, this excludes you, as you are going to the Beach house NOW. You two." She pointed at the two newcomers, an annoyingly ditsy girl, and some...guy "Will stay here as well. There is no FUN here." She added coldly to the blonde girl. What a pest.

Rue sighed and muttered "Troublesome..." She turned and walked toward the beach house. She couldn't care less if any of the Sohma's left in fact, because she doubted the cat would stay around much longer. At least it was a small animal, and not someone big, like the tiger, or Kin.

As Dante returned, he discovered his master in fits of....laughter?

Kousuke was laughing at the scene before him, HOW entertaining! Perhaps this girl should stay! Just to spite Rue perhaps! Or maybe just to keep him laughing. How could anybody be so, so...blind?!

"Dante, report to Rue with my word," He said in between gasps "She will stay, but she will be kept under the pressure of our curse. Tell Rue it will be her job to tell the girl our curse, or at least, part of it, AND it will also be her job to erase these memories later on. After a little bit of suffering on that girl's part. I want to meet her, so first, find out her name from Rue. This will be an enjoyable movie."

Dante flinched as he placed the tea next to his Master. How could he toy with his family like so? Family was important! These people weren't pawns, they had lives to live! But, he knew better, and kept silent, merely muttering a "Yes sir." As he slinked back out of the forbidden room.

Dante knew exactly what Kousuke had in store for the girl. He'd been muttering these plans to himself for the past few months, just to spite Rue, and just to entertain himself...before he died. Kousuke never really SEEMED too think about his death...but how Dante was wrong. It lurked in every corner of his mind, a peaceful oak coffin and a bunch of Sohma's who came merely because they were obliged to. It was sickening, and yet, a smirk crossed Kousuke's face every time he thought of it. Even after death, they'd still fear him. An Iron Fist of a God would never fade.

An angry Rue was never much fun. She gave him a glare as she passed him from his spot at the windows. In other words, she was probably thinking it was all his fault, that he, in his silent way, didn't stop the whole thing from happening.

Hey, it WASN'T his fault. He didn't even know the girl's name...let alone the guy's name. Cept' that he was most likely the ram. That was probable, but being so far and partially blind made it hard to make out what he'd transformed into. Wisps of yellow smoke still hung in the air. It seemed as though each zodiac had their color coordinated smoke. He had a blackish grey, the way smoke was supposed to look. Rue had a marine greenish white smoke, and now the boy had yellowish? Kin didn't even take the time to guess his zodiac form, as Rue muttered to him as she opened the door to her room "Watch them, make sure they don't do anymore stupid actions." Before she slammed the door.

Oh yes, now she's shoving her babysitting job onto me. Kin merely glared after her, but followed her request, albeit in a reluctant way. Slowly he made it too the pine wood balcony, his shoes making short and quiet clicking sounds, that were few and spread apart. His pace was rather slow. Kin walked no further then halfway from where the group stood, and the beachhouse. His glare was the only thing that would give him notice, and the way he stood, which was almost identical to Rue, besides the fact that Rue's feet were always tight together, but his were slightly parted, giving him a casual look. Save for the death glare.

February 18th, 2006, 10:59 AM
Kat did as she was told, picking herself up, off of the sand and dropping herself onto a rock near to where she currently stood. She was upset at the fact that this girl, who had just innocently stumbled upon their part of the beach, had to have her memories erased because of her. She felt horrible about coming to this vacation, but even worse about being so clumsy. Someone else had entered the beach, but Kat didn't care. Slowly, dreading every step, she walked up to the new girl.

((Evil, short post!! Sorry, but I can't come up with anything to say right now))

Miss Reyna
February 18th, 2006, 11:34 AM
Reya stepped back from the situation.She was a bit discourage when the one with black hair told her not to have any fun. That why Reya wanted to come on this trip. She took a look at black haired girl. She knew her. Reya thought that this girl took her to the fair a few years ago or more like babysitting her. She think it was her.

Reya then notice the other girl and others. She thought she reconize some of the from the Sohma family but the other girl she didn't reconize. She then went over to her and said, "Hia!! What you doing here? Do you want to play in the sand?" She soon forgot all about the others and the black hair girl.

February 18th, 2006, 1:01 PM
Terry glanced intentively at the commotion. "Oh crud." He said as one of the boys turned into a ram in front of the new girl. "Great. Just great..." Terry said placing a hand in front of his face. Their secret was out or at least for now. This would somehow mean good and bad news for Rue. She always did like tinkering with a person's memory. Also being the right hand....uh...woman, she had to clear things up and she sure looked furious doing it too. Terry relaxed at this thought. He watched as Rue issued commands she did not want broken.

Yumi was quite scared. She had become silent and felt a bit like crying. She didn't do anything and she could get a bit uh....emotional to say at least. Yumi stood with Katsura and the others as Rue commanded them too.

(Gah. I sort of blanked out on this one.)

February 18th, 2006, 2:25 PM
Haku sat down on the sand, he opened up his notebook and began to draw a sheep on one of the blank pages. After he was finished drawing the sheep he started to draw the rest of the zodiacs, including the forgotten cat. Haku was the tiger of the family, when a girl that wasn't part of the Sohma family hugged him, he would turn into a tiger...

February 18th, 2006, 4:14 PM
"Dammit, why am I in charge of your mistakes?" snarls the cat as she hurried the ram away from the scene. She ascended up the stairs of the Beach House and entered her room, leaving the whole commotion and the girl on the beach to stand stunned in a stupid state of shock. And not a moment too soon as well...


"You didn't have to bring me...I could've left by myself..." the Ram said, scratching the back of his head, "You stupid, stupid cat...Didn't she order you to stay put?"

"Put some clothes on!" she gasps, hands slapped neatly across her gaze as Lyon opened up his suitcase. Mikka was too lazy to put his suitcase in his room, but at least it had it's ups. "And besides, I don't care what happens to me, I'm worthless. There's nothing for me to do except wait until I die in that cold, dark room that has been prepared for me. At least it was you, and she didn't see my true form..."

She pauses as he changes, eyes still closed, "But that would have made things easier...she would run away and we won't be troubled by her..."

Now fully clothed, the Ram stood in jean shorts and a black shirt.

"Oh boy, now the Head and Rue are gonna have a feild day with this one...but don't you feel as though it was...planned?" The ram said placidly.

Mikka crosses her arms sternly, eyeing him with a distastful gaze. "I'm going to take a bath..." she mutters, crossing the room and exiting it. "You have to stay in here...Rue's orders. And don't you dare move my stuff into the...other room..." she snaps, pausing at the door.

What a confusing situation that has befell the Sohmas...suprising yet, exciteful.

February 18th, 2006, 4:37 PM
OOC: Ack..I'm really, really sorry for such short notice, but I'm going to be away Sun~Wed (possibly..need to start packing now). Would anyone be so kind enough to control Kari for me? ^_^; Again, I apologize! I completely forgot about the church retreat...

February 18th, 2006, 5:12 PM
OOC: Aww, okays. And Logically, Lyon probably wouldn't have felt as though it was planned, as I doubt Katsura, being a zodiac member herself would purposely push you-nevermind.

IC:"D*mn it all!" Rue said through gritted teeth as she picked up the phone.

"Miss Rue! No need!" Dante's voice came hurriedly as he tried to catch up before Rue dialed Sohma house. He puffed as he caught his breath and said "Master, has, said, that, the, girl, can, stay, and you are, to explain, to her, your circumstance," He said catching an old man's breath against the door.

"Thank you Dante, I will carry out these orders immediately." Rue said simply as she bowed slightly and took long stride out of her room.

Out the balcony and down the stairs "You're done Kin. Give this to Lyon." Rue said brushing past him and shoving a folded note as she headed toward the group again.

"...Where's that cat?" Rue asked gazing around. But, she shook her head. She'd deal with her later. Just went to show that you couldn't trust Kin with anything. "I will explain this to you as soon as possible, explain if there's any punishment, but, why don't we go inside? It'll be much more comfortable, and personally, I think you have little choice."

Kousuke grinned. Working just fine. He'd seen the cat leave with Lyon, but he would tell Rue to take care of her later. If she did it now, it would ruin the show! Dante couldn't exactly stand there with Rue while she was reprimanding the stupid cat.

Kousuke shuffled a deck of tarot cards and dealt them out. He loved tarot cards, and played with them quite often. Not always to see the future, just to give him something to do with his hands during the days he was confined to his bed. The days he was stuck doing nothing but dying on his bed with a wet paper towel across his forehead.

But that was a different burden. Why couldn't he die, but live a healthy, and normal life? Or maybe, not die, but be as sick as a dying cow? Like the combination he had, made him want to die faster, and yet it was times like these where he loved living life.

Kin took one glance at Rue as she strode past him, commenting that his babysitting job was over, and that he was the official messenger boy. He immediatly walked back inside. He would've bolted toward the balcony doors, but, that would be embarrassingly humiliating. For him at least. It wasn't as though he cared what those overly cheerful freaks thought about him, it was keeping a smooth attitude. Staying away from too much change.

He ascended the stairs, and one creaked rather loudly. He glared down at it as though telling it to 'shut up' and made a note to bypass it the next time he went outside.

He had to say, that Ram had really done a good job of messing things up for us. Kin wondered why all these Sohma's were at the Beach House anyway. Perhaps Kousuke just wanted to spite him. He wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Kousuke had a tendency to make one person's punishment everyone's punishment.

Kin looked around, and found the designated list, for who was staying where. Naturally, it was in Rue's briefcase, which she'd left on the table, probably during one of her trips in and out of the Beach House. Kin saw the room number and looked around. Of all the god d*mned things in the world,0 that cat was just leaving the room the Ram was supposedly staying in. Before he gave 'Lyon' the note, he read it himself.

Don't leave your room until I send another note to you.

'So confident you won't say it to him yourself?' Kin thought sarcsatically, refolding it and heading towards the Ram's room. He'd gone from number 1 to runaway, to solitary, to deadly silent, and now. He was Kin Sohma's your peppy cheerful neighborhood post man!

Stopping before the half opened door, Kin pounded lightly on the wall with the side of his fist. Who knocked with their knuckles these days anyway???

February 18th, 2006, 8:38 PM
((Ah-eh...I guess I mean 'is planning something,' for he just said it out of suspicion. Or something along the lines of that...

And for Lily's case of being away, I don't think it would be a good idea letting someone else RP her character, it may ruin things she might have planned...or the new RPer would do something that the character would not do if Lily was playing her. So perhaps...hmm, what should we do...?))

"Hm?" Lyon looked up. He was laying on the bed, just pondering about how Kousuke would react to what has happened, when a rather loud knock, muffled yet audable, could be heard that the door.

I doubt it's Mikka... he thinks, for he could have sworn he heard the water running in the bathroom farther down the hall. Rising, he puts on his socks and goes to the door, he opens it, only to find a new but somehow familiar face. His blue eyes scan down to his hand, for clenched into it was some sort of note. He gives a little smirk and leans against the door pane, putting his hand in his pocket in a rather smug way.

"What do you want, or you on order from either the Head or his puppet?"

Miss Reyna
February 18th, 2006, 9:04 PM
((Do youi think we need a guy non Sohma in this RP?))

Reya was enjoying the beach. Reya was over come with the excitment around her. She didn't know what to do first. She wanted to pay in the sand with the new girl. She also wanted to swim too. She then look at the sea and saw some people windsurfing. She then jumped up in excitement. "What to do? What to do?"

She then notice the resort close by. She then saw some people play some beach voliball. She never played that before. She decide to try that. Reya then thought for a second. What if there are guys there and she trip and get huged. She then said, "That won't happen. I just going to have fun. YAY!!!" She then ran off in the direction of the game.

February 18th, 2006, 9:14 PM
OOC: I would've offered to RP Kari, but I'm already RPing three people. Then it'd be like RPing with myself. -.-;; but anyway, I'm thinkin' we could do a pattern until Lily get's back, like if I post, then the next person who's allowed to post might be like, Uzumaki, and then after him, it might be, Radioactive Waste. Just an idea. I'm not RPing all three of them right now, because there's not much I can do with Rue until Lily get's back, and Kousuke just sits there anyway.

Wolf Goddess: Somehow familiar? Kin is 19, and Lyon is 17. Kin left Sohma house at the age of 2, when his mom was confirmed to be pregnant with Rue/when Lyon was born. Rue is 16, therefore there is a three year difference between Kin and Rue, Kin left a year before Rue was born, because it takes a year-you know all the health crap so w/e. But anyway, Kin left Sohma house, and lived pretty much secluded, and I wonder where your character saw mine if your character is also an outsider. I dunno, it'd be pretty weird if Kin has the ability to remember anyone's faces and he doesn't know any Sohma's besides Rue and Kousuke, and Lyon knows him. =.=;;

Wow Reyna Fire, you're good at portraying your characters! She's buggin' the h3ll outta me already! XD

IC:'Keeping calm...' Kin thought holding the note out 'Keeping quiet and not turning black.'

He merely glared at the boy, but so truely wanted to say 'What is your problem?'

"Puppet." Kin said tight-lipped and in the same hoarse voice he always had, though his hand was now shaking in the attempt to keep himself from turning black.

'Who did this guy think he was? He'd just totally humiliated himself by turning into baa-baa-sheep, the one to spill the secret, and now he's insulting my sister? Only I can insult my smug little, preppy, stubborn, and stupid sister.' Kin thought with distaste as he gave the boy his usual death glare. Oh how Kousuke would laugh if he saw him now. Shaking under the pressure of not turning black. The last time that'd happened...well, let's just say the school had to get some new play equipment, and they were smart enough to very metal play equipment the next time. It had been so very long ago since he'd turned black. He didn't plan to do it again soon. But this guy was annoying! He acted as though smugly smirking and talking about the God leaning against a door was a daily thing.

'Outsiders.' Kin thought nearly shaking his head in pity, but he caught himself and held the note out, keeping deathly silent. He was so quiet that the only thing you could hear was Kin's hand shaking, and that was only if you were like, the cat, or the rabbit, with sensitive ears.

Miss Reyna
February 18th, 2006, 9:29 PM
Reya heard something shaking like a hand. She wasn't sure what but it was something. She then lifted her nose up and said, "It is a hand. Me think." She wasn't sure at what to do. She wanted to play in the sand with the other people. She knew it was on the resort but still nothing bad will happen.

She then went towards the game and thought. Maybe I should bring another Sohma so I don't feel alone. "I don't want to hog all the fun. I the rabbit not the pig." she smiled.

February 19th, 2006, 11:52 AM
(No one else has taken the dog so can I take it?

Name: Inu Sohma
Age: 20
Zodiac: Dog
Gender: Male
Personality: Inu is a perverted guy, he enjoys writing storys about love and sometimes he writes horror storys. Inu also enjoys flirting with beautiful women, even if he doesn't know them.
Appearance: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c306/LegendSuicune/1099593424_cturesan30.jpg (The boy)
Enjoying the Vacation: Yes, Inu is enjoying the vacation, because there's so many beautiful ladies at the beach.
Other: Inu and Haku are brothers
RP Example: I already gave you one ^^)

Haku finished drawing the zodiacs, he put his notebook down and he stared at the water. It was soothing, the water hid so many secrets under it, there were so many different kinds of animals living under the sea. But there were still a lot more different types of animals under the sea to discover. Haku picked up his notebook and stood up, he then started walking back to the beach house, the sun beamed down on him.

February 19th, 2006, 12:12 PM
OOC: My modem got fried, I'm using my friends computer, so I won't be able to post until I get a new one, or when the library opens! ^^" sorry

February 19th, 2006, 7:36 PM
Reyna fire: Kin is in the beach house.

Naoko-chan: Uh... Me... play Lily's character? I don't think that is a good idea. I am bad at uh... I think it'll be best if someone else does it if we do your idea, Naoko-chan.

I have to go so I'll post tomorrow.

February 20th, 2006, 5:56 AM
((Sorry about that, Naoko-Chan...but every New Years they would at least have to catch a glimpse of the person...being that they go to the Main House to the banquet, and not meeting any of the Sohmas cursed is somewhat...strange in my opinion...-cowers-

Ah well, whatever. And for the Kari idea, that's a good idea...but I stink about RPing other characters that I didn't create. Don't ask, that's just how I tick! ^.^

And your character is accepted!))

"Ah..." Mikka sighs, closing her eyes in utter comfort as the hot water rushed through her hair and warmed the usual chill one gets after becoming wet. The sand and grit quickly resided to the bottom, causing it to feel rather like sand-paper when she moved about to get the soap. A small sound came to her ears, but she shrugged them away, running her fingers through her water-clogged hair.

Yes, it is known that Cats hate water, but for some reason, Mikka enjoyed a good bath, because, like a cat, she hated to be soiled.

"Hm?" the boy said, seemingly to ignore the anger that was traveling throughout the body. He had a way with getting people annoyed, but that was his nature. Why should he feel embarassed with what had happened? Though many would blame him, he knew it was not his fault. It was that stupid girl who had ran into him.

He takes the note from the boys fingers, opening it and scanning the wording that was scrawled upon the page. Great, I have to stay confined in this room like some sort of...ah, who am I kidding, just like the cat! he thinks bitterly. He looks at the boy with curious eyes, wondering what in the heck he was doing before pocketing the note.

"I'll be waiting then..." he says simply, closing the door without a word.

February 20th, 2006, 1:01 PM
OOC: Okay, I'm lost... -.-'

Katsura still stood on the beach, chewing on her nails and trying to hold back the tears that threatend to spill over. As she looked around nervously, she noticed that the Cat and the Ram had dissapeared. They had probably gone back to the house. They were much stronger then her, and could probably take whatever the punishment was for leaving. Beside her, Yumi was looking quite nervous and like she was going to cry, even though she didn't do anything. Kat felt quite bad for her, and tried to calm her down a little, without any success. 'So' She decided 'I guess I'll just have to ride out the storm, then' She thought rather grimly. Even though she didn't really have much of a choice, anyway.

February 20th, 2006, 1:36 PM
Haku finally reached the beach house, he opened the door and walked inside. The day's events rolled into his mind again, he sighed and decided to go to his room and just sleep. Haku walked towards his room, when he finally reached his room he saw that the door was somewhat open. Haku slowly pushed the door open, only to find that there was someone sitting on his bed. "You..."

Inu looked at Haku, he smiled "Hey there little brother!" Inu jumped off the bed and walked towards Haku. Inu and Haku were brothers, Haku hated the fact that he was related to Inu. Inu loved to flirt with women, well not all women, just the beautiful ones.

"Why are you in my room?" Haku stared at his older brother.

"I'm in your room because I wanted to say hi to my little brother!" Inu's zodiac was the dog, hence why he was named Inu. Inu is japanese for dog, tora means tiger, nezumi means rat, ushi means ox, usagi means rabbit, tatsu means dragon, hebi means snake, uma means horse, hitsugi means sheep, saru means monkey, tori means rooster, and inoshishi means boar. These are the twelve zodiac animals, there is also the neko, which means cat.

"Well you said hi, now get out!"

"Fine..." Inu pushed past Haku and headed towards his own room, once there he laid down on his bed and started to think about new story ideas.

Haku shut his door and sat on his bed. Inu could be a pain sometimes, but he was still family and Haku cared about everyone in his family, even if they were annoying. Haku sighed, laid down on his bed and then closed his eyes, soon sleep came and he drifted off into deep sleep.

(I just wanted to put up the japanese words for the zodiacs, I thought that everyone should know, just incase one of my characters calls someone their animal name in japanese!)

Miss Reyna
February 20th, 2006, 6:15 PM
Reya was jumping around trying to find another Sohma to go and play some beach volloyball with the guys on the resort. She would love to play but not alone with strangers. Any Sohma would be great to play with other guys.

Reya then saw a girl (Katsura) and ran too her. She could reconize a Sohma anywhere. It was just a feeling she had when she is with the other Sohma. She jumped towards her direction and said, "Heya!! I not sure if you a Sohma but I bored. I want to enjoy this bech and play. Wana come? Please?"

Before she gave a chance for Karsura to answer she grabbed her by the arm. Then dragged her towards the group of people playing volloyball on the resort land.

February 21st, 2006, 10:39 AM
OOC: omg. OMG. I'm back. >_>; Um...can anyone explain what's going on so far? I haven't seen Kari mentioned at all, so a bit confused at where the characters are currently standing... ^__^

February 21st, 2006, 12:33 PM
OOC: Okay, where is everyone? I am completely confused. 0.o

Kat gave a small squeak of surprise as another girl, most likely a Sohma, clamped onto her arm and began dragging her down the beach to the resort, where some guys were playing volleyball, obvously wanting her to play. The last thing Kat needed right now was for the secret to be discovered by someone else. If she played, and someone tripped on her, or got a little too friendly, it would be all over. So, she promptly dug her heels into the sand, preventing the girl from dragging her any further.

"I'm sorry" She said to her "I can't play right now, but maybe another time, okay?" And, before waiting to be answered, started to walk back to the beach house. Maybe after they had sorted this out, she could play volleyball, but not now. Kat walked nervously back to where Yumi was, and stood beside her, hoping this would be over soon enough so that they could still enjoy at least a little of their vacation afterwards.

February 21st, 2006, 3:08 PM
OOC: Okay Lily. Kari is still standing on the beach, as nobody was bold enough to play her, (or had enough time and space to do so) and Kin, is standing outside of Lyon's door, who has just given him a note telling him to stay in his room until Rue tells him it's okay.

Rue is opting (commanding) Kari to go inside with her so Rue can explain the major details of the curse, and all that crap.

Reya is trying to get Katsura to go play volleyball with her at the opposite resort, as Katsura makes it clear she doesn't want to play volleyball in case another incident of her fault happens. Mikki (or the cat, I'm not sure if I got the name right) is taking a shower, while I'm not entirely sure what Uzumaki's characters are doing...besides standing around...

Kousuke is...not important to the storyline at the moment, so we'll leave him out of this discussion.

I am alive, but there's not much to do with my characters at the moment

February 21st, 2006, 3:21 PM
((Yeah, Naoko-Chan basically covered it all... (and the only thing wrong with the name was that it ends with an "a", not an "i"...

Heh, I was going to explain what was happening, but you did it seeing that you did it perfectly fine...I might as well do something with Mikka for the time being...))

Finally done, the Cat wrapped a heavenly warm towel around her, and made herself as dry as one possibley could after washing herself. Her hair was still moist, and she did not want to hurt herself even more after rubbing it in an almost maddening way with another free towel. As soon as she opened the door and the steam escaped from the room, her heart sank. She just recalled that Lyon was in her room...with her clothes.

"Dammit, I'm so stupid..." she snaps at herself as she walks through the halls and pauses a good distance away from the room. She pauses, looking at the boy who now stood in front of the door. What now...? Mikka thinks bitterly, aproaching the room.

"What are you doing here?" she says, "And if you have no business here, than can you please move away from the door, I want to change."

February 21st, 2006, 3:45 PM
Kin snapped his eyes toward the girl and came to sudden start that she was wearing nothing but a peice of cloth used to dry yourself. Personally, he wished he could childishly stick out his tounge and mutter a well aimed 'urgh'.

But intsead, he sighed, rolled his eyes, and turned away from the girl before walking further down the hallway, away from the bathroom she'd just come from, and away from the arrogant Ram's bedroom.

Blessed be, Rue was still not within the confines of the beach house, which should've been more commonly known as a prison, but as long as he was here, he might as well enjoy his stay, as terrible as it seemed. Picking up an apple from the fruit basket in the middle of the dining table, he tossed it around in his hand, making sure it wasn't a cheap table decoe, and took a bite into it. It tasted...okay. He'd expected it to taste like sh*t, considering it had spent so much time in the same room with Rue.

She had that effect. Made everything more tense, made everything scarier, and made everything more official.

Kin made note to himself to never stand near a bathroom after someone has turned off the running water. It always resulted in awkward events...especially if the person occupying the bathroom was female. At least she was Sohma, and not some random girl, or else he'd probably had jumped sky high and defensively run to the end of the hall, hoping she would even by the slightest touch him. He was paranoid with the issue of him transforming these days. It wasn't fun being a big bulky cow, let alone one that would soon turn back into a naked boy.

He shuddered at the thought and tossed the half-eaten apple into the nearest trash can before leaning on the countertops. He'd made no mistake in not saying a word to the cat. If he had, Kousuke would have his silver head for it. Though he'd probably just laugh if the girl tried to beat him up, then he'd just ignore him and take the blow to Kin's dignity as his punishment.

Miss Reyna
February 21st, 2006, 5:45 PM
Reya was a little disappointed by the girl's answer. She really didn't want to be alone with new people. She just wanted to have fun but with a family member. It was bad enough nobody was going to let her come on this vacation but it even worst that nobody was playing with her. She got angry. "Why nobody is wanting to play!! This is the beach. What is not to enjoy?"

Reya then grabbed a clump of muddly sand and threw it at the beach house. She didn't really want to go back but the people at the resort look like she was having so much fun. She then decided to walk towards the beach house since it won't be the best thing to do to just go on her own. She threw another clump towards the resort but it just hit the beach.

February 21st, 2006, 7:37 PM
OOC: Geh. Well Terry is in his room and Yumi is.... just standing around I guess. :D Sorry 'bout the absence. I was quite caught up with my make up work from school. Geez, they gave me a lot to do.

Yumi decided to go back to her room. She felt a bit slimy from the sweat build up and wanted a nice bath.
"Um. I'm going back to the beach house. See you there." Yumi said to Katsura and waved as she made her way back. After a long walk with the sun pounding on her back, Yumi finally reached the beach house. She gave a sigh of relief and walked inside. She walked by Terry's room and told him she was back. All Terry did was grunt. Yumi grabbed a towel along with a bath robe she had packed and went into the bathroom.
"A nice warm bath will do." She said turning the knobs to adjust the water temperature to her liking.


Terry gave another bite to his green apple and munched on what he bit. Our secret is out but does the girl realize it yet? Terry thought. She seemed to be able to keep a secret. Wonder what'll happen if we tell her... Terry scratched his head once. Nah. Can't take that risk. Hm. How troublesome this is. If Rue could just wipe her memory clean... He gave a long sigh and then stretched across his bed.

February 21st, 2006, 11:45 PM
//ooc: Ayuu, Mari should post more oft. X3~

"Gaaah! Rue is such a killjoy!"

"Shh!—she'll kill you too if you don't shut up!"

The distraught twins watched as Rue did her thing, practically frightening the group...or perhaps, just them. With an obviously obvious pout, they stuck their tongue at her (they made sure she was gone, naturally) and rolled their eyes. Of course, they were always this sulky whenever their fun is ruined. You know, like two spoiled little kids~~

However, glancing back at Kari, their grins immediately crept back on their faces and along with it, the ever-devious twinkle in their eyes.

"Still in shock, Princess?" Axel said casually, patting her lightly on the back. Truth be told, he actually wanted her to say yes; he still couldn't get over how cute she was acting mere moments ago.

"Axel--! stop! Rue-Rue is coming back!" Alex whispered urgently as Rue made her way back to the group. Axel instantly inched away from Kari and quickly hid behind his brother as Rue spoke to her. There were only two thing the twins were afraid of: Dying from boredom and Rue with a bad temper.

Miss Reyna
February 22nd, 2006, 5:09 AM
Reya finally made it to the beach house. She didn't want to be cramp up in the beach house right now but she doesn't want to be alone outside eirther. Maybe she be able to get some of the Sohmas to play with her. She walked into the house and saw that her bags were missing and only her stuff rabbit was there. She ran to it and said, "Mr. Bun. Where is my stuff? I told you to watch them."

She nodded and smiled as if she was listening to the stuff rabbit. She then replyed back, "Oh. Somebody came and took them to my room. Okie. Thankies for waiting for me Mr. Bun." She then gave the rabbit a kiss.

She then skipped happily with her stuff rabbit in hand and saw a group of Sohmas together. She thought she heard one of them metioning that Rue is coming. She didn't really care if Rue comes but she did want to be part of their fun. She went towards them and said loudly, "Who coming? What is happening?"

February 22nd, 2006, 10:59 AM
OOC: I'll take Mari's post first, then Rue's command.. o.o Blah. Weird post. @[email protected]

"I'm f-fine," Kari responded with a small smile, although in truth, she was far from fine. Axel's pat did little to appease her extreme anxiety, although the twin's genuine, playful concern was more than what she deserved. Her whole body felt numb with...what was it called again..confusion? It was all too realistic to be considered a dream, but the slight unrealism of it all made her think elsewise. Sheep? Lyon?



She vaguely heard Alex whisper on Rue's arrival; why were they afraid of her? Who could blame the twins? They were both so friendly with an equal glint of kindness in their eyes, and kindness was something Kari did not see often...usually.

"...and personally, I think you have little choice," Rue finished talking.

It took a while for her to digest what Rue said, but she was only too willing to comply (although still a bit uncertain). Kari, by this time, hoped and hoped she wouldn't get in trouble. If she did, she'd have to make up for the turmoil by perhaps apologizing profusely again, maybe even helping out with the housework and she'd have to say sorry to that girl, Katsura, and also Lyon, and...

"Alright, then, Ms. Rue," Kari smiled.

February 22nd, 2006, 3:18 PM
Rue didainfully looked toward the girl who couldn't string together a choerent number of grammatically correct words and instantly thought 'You're not allowed to come', but as long as she shut her mouth and didn't say anything peevishly wrong, then Rue had nothing to deal out with that...girl. She'd definetly be speaking to the God about her.

"It's Rue." Rue said firmly. Ms. Rue wasn't an option, and really, Dr. Rue wasn't either. It was Rue, or Dr. Sohma, which really only happened with her patients "Now if you'll follow me." She said directly to the outsider as she turned and stalked back indoors. She wasn't going to wait for the girl, but Rue wouldn't have much choice by the time she was inside. She would wait indoors.

Walking through the sliding glass doors for what felt like the billionth time, Rue waved a hand, signaling Kin out of the dining hall as she sat down at the farthest end of the table.

"Have fun." Kin said sarcastically, recieving a death glare from his sister as he shoved his hands into his pockets and trudged behind the counter to grab a book from the extensive library, just a skip and a step away from the kitchen. Of course, nobody here would be skipping...except maybe that extremely annoying bunny who was so cheerful it was offending...Kin dearly wondered whether or not that girl had gone to school or not.

But he kept his lips sealed as he wandered behind Rue's point of view, anxious to hear just how bluntly she would break it to the girl. Knowing his sister's ways, just by seeing her when Kousuke was punishing him for another wrongly done command, he knew it would probably 'We're cursed, any questions?'.

He covered his thin lips with the black sleeve of his right arm, trying to hide the smirk, which was a result of a stifled laugh. His smiles of course, never reached his cold gray eyes, which was plus in this situation.

February 22nd, 2006, 4:40 PM
Kat watched as Yumi walked away from her, towards the beach house. She stood alone on the beach for a little while, enjoying the sun for a few mor moments before heading in, with the new girl standing a few yards away. Until Rue came out, said a few murmured words, and left for the house with the girl walking a few paces behind her. Kat looked at the sky and sighed, it was getting kind of late, and she still had to unpack. She started for the beach house behind Rue and the new girl.

A little while later, Kat had completed unpacking and had just gotten out of the shower, when she had heard some people talking downstairs. She figured it must be Rue, explaining the curse. It would probably be a pretty blunt explanation, too, knowing her.

Miss Reyna
February 23rd, 2006, 5:35 AM
Reya letted out a great sneeze and then let out another one. She then smiled and said to her stuff rabbit, "Looks like somebody is thinking about me Mr. Bun."

She then sneeze again. "Excuss me and bless me." She then cover her month and wiped her month with a towel. "Yeppie. Someone is thinking about me. Is it you Mr. Bun? You should have." She then looked around and notice that there wasn't that many people around her except Rue, Kin, some girl that was taking a bath that Reya was hearing and a new girl that Reya guess wasn't a Sohma.

She then notice that Rue was looking serious. Reya didn't like when Rue get serious because she remember that Rue was the dragon which is able to remove memories. She guessing that what Rue ws goingto do. She backed out of the room because she doesn;t like to see that being done. Her smiled disappear and waked out.

She then notice Kin with a book and smiled again. She wonder if Kin wanted to talk. She rarely get any time with her family. She skipped up to him and said with a smile on her face, "Hia. Whacha doing?"

February 23rd, 2006, 2:59 PM
Kin looked up at the rabbit who'd just bounced up to him. He snapped the book shut without looking down, keeping his stone hard glare upon his cousin. He didn't say a single word, merely glared and swiped his hand across his throat. His way of saying, shut the h*ll up, or what do you want?

Anybody could've guessed that he'd meant both as he walked away from his original spot, or, in other words, away from the rabbit, and into the confines of his room. He doubted she would be ditzy enough to bug him there.

'Besides,' he thought as he slammed his door shut, 'I need to get my homework done, and the last person I want to see is someone as unnaturally cheerful and annoying as Reya.'

"Alright." Rue said as Kari walked into the beach house "To put it shortly, we are cursed. Cursed with the animal's of the zodiacs, 'vengeful' spirits. Everytime we hug someone of the opposite gender, we transform into our respective animals. As you have seen, the bumbling ram, is Lyon. I know you may be thinking, that you never hugged Lyon, but he did bump into you, and that counts." Rue folded her hands over one another before continuing "I think you will find that many of us hold characteritics that follow our animal forms, such as, Kin is an ox, which usually moves in a herd, but they graze solo, and do not share anything more except the same pasture. He dislikes being around too many people, and not having his own space, but he knows his animal relies on others being around. Lyon, as you saw, has the same color hair as his wool. These are just to name a few similarities. Now, you will also find, that we have our own opinions on others. I will not explain those, as those will probably become my own personal feelings. Some are more friendly then others, Some more hyper, and energetic."

Rue sighed and said as a closing statement, "You will discover these as you go along doing housework here in the Beach House, but also, you will want to leave the room after someone has transformed, as when we return to our original bodies, our clothing is absent."

'To put it bluntly, we're dead naked.' Rue thought sarcastically as she kept a passive face and unfolded her hands to push herself out of her seat "Any questions?"
OOC: A little bunnying Lily if that's okay?

Miss Reyna
February 23rd, 2006, 5:02 PM
Reya wasn't sure if she wanted to go after Kin. She did want to have some fun with her family. That was the main reason she wanted to come on this vacation. She looked at her stuffed bunny and said, "Mr. Bun? Do you think Mr. Kin would like our company during his tea time?"

She replied for Mr. Bun in a deeper voice, "Tea would be nice to have during this time. I would like some."

"Me would like that too." Let go to the kitchen and grabbed some. I am hungry anyways. Tristy too." she said.

Reya skips into the kitchen and boiled some hot water to be prepare for tea. She then took a strong smelling teabag and place it into the water. The water changed colors and became red. She then grabbed some cakes and put them on a plater.

Reya then took a smell of the tea and said, "Me like it. I would like to share this with Kin as soon as it is ready. Wouldn't it be nice?"

February 24th, 2006, 7:39 AM
Kat yawned as she walked down the staircase to the first floor. She jumped a bit, as she heard a door slam somewhere downstairs, and sighed, it must be Reya, bothering someone again. Kat just shrugged it off and continued down to the kitchen to get something to eat, when she heard Rue's voice from the other room, "Any questions?" She heard the sound bounce off the walls around her.

'Oh well. Now that she knows, I guess I can introduce myself!' She thought, cheerfully aware that she was the cause of her finding out, and that she would have said Hi! anyway, even if she didn't know about the curse as she grabbed a piece of fruit from the basket on the table. She slowly made her way over to the dining table to wait for the girl to come out, so that she could apologize for what she had done. As she sat, she remembered the girl's name, Kari, she heard someone mention it right before she had tripped on the piece of wood on the beach. She giggled a bit, she knew the girl's name all along, and still, she had called her 'The New Girl'! Now she would have to apologize for that too!

February 24th, 2006, 12:46 PM
OOC: It's perfectly alright~ I'm sorry; I didn't know how to end this. XD

Kari listened, completely raptured as Rue began weaving the threads of the Sohma's story. "Curse?" This family was cursed? It didn't sound like a curse one would normally expect. In fact, she found it quite amusing and exciting, albeit not in a cruel way, but her virtuous, lingering curiosity was too much to bear. Eyes practically shined with wonder and admiration, searching for the many possibilities the Sohma family hid (although she did manage a small blush at the last statement. She'd have to remember that for now).

"Ms. Ru- I mean," Kari stopped, clamping her mouth shut, remembering what 'Rue' preferred, "I mean..no, never mind. I apologize." In truth, she was overwhelmed with such an intriguing tale. Blatantly stated, she wanted to find out what every one's zodiac was. Saying this in front of 'Rue' would be impolite and would be gazed down upon, Kari thought. But her interest could never be extinguished. Only one was currently known: Lyon, the ram...and the other the girl fascinated her. She had a certain quality Kari was unable to rid her head of. And one could only guess on the rest of the family..oh, this was going to be splendid!

"Thank you very much; I feel rather undeserving of your kindness," she blushed a bit, executing a quick bow, "but I will certainly try my best. You have my deepest thanks, Ms. Rue!" Kari ended this with such happiness, she temporarily forgot to...not call Rue 'Ms. Rue.' Another blush grazed her face as she realized her mistake. "I-I apologize," she stammered, mentally berating herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! "I didn't mean to. I really am sorry, Ms. R- I-I mean, Ru!, no, w-wait, Ms. Ru-" Her feet automatically stumbled backwards, trying to excuse her presence (or moresoever, stupidity). She felt her world tilting in the head, body temperature soaring high, mind completely depleted and exhausted without a care in the world where she winded up landing on.

And she would've fainted on the dining table if it weren't for Katsura blocking her fall.

February 24th, 2006, 1:51 PM
"I see you're still not out of the room. What's eating Rue?" Mikka said calmly. She pulled up a clean pair of pants while Lyon stood in the corner of the room with his hands over his eyes. "Okay, I'm done changing, you can look at me."

"Stupid cat, couldn't you of just changed in the other room?" He sighs, and lets out another when Mikka just calmly shook her head. After a bath, Mikka was usually pleasantly calm, and Lyon surely did not wish to ruin the quietness. Usually, with Mikka around the house was loud with her yelling and her trying to fight another Sohma...usually ending up with the other victorious.

"Anyway, do you think Rue is explaining it to...Kari, or just erasing her memory?"

"Don't know, don't care...I'm going down to eat." she gives her simple pink tank a satisfactory tug before leaving the bedroom, to leave Lyon there until it was time for him to get out.

"****, this is gonna be some wild vacation..." she murmurs to herself, walking about the house barefoot as she made her way to the dining room...only to find the new girl, Kari was it? Yeah, Lyon had said her name. stumble, and another Sohma who looked familiar (she must have been on the beach) block the faint. Mikka stands there, looking at both with a disgruntled look.

"Guess we can never have any peace in this house, can we?"

February 24th, 2006, 2:00 PM
"Ahh!" Katsura yelled as someone flew out of another room, and fell onto her with a dull thud. She struggled to regain her balance for a moment, before her knees gave way, and she found herself in a sitting position, with the girl's head resting on her lap. On closer inspection, she soon realized that it was Kari. And she was burning up with a fever! Kat looked around wildly, hoping to find someone that could help her get Kari up, off the floor, so she could go look for some ice. Then she noticed Mikka, standing near the door.

"We can never have any peace in this house, can we?" She asked, giving them a disgruntled look.

Katsura shifted under Mikka's hard gaze, and the weight of Kari's head. "Can you help me get her off the floor? I have to go find some ice." She asked the angry cat timidly.

February 24th, 2006, 2:56 PM
"You'd watch your clumsiness as well." Rue said coldly "And if it's that hard...call me Ms. Rue if you must, but I must stress the fact that it is utterly uneccessary as I would take a guess that I am nearly the same age as yourself, if even, the same. Now if you'd excuse me, I have to report to Kousuke."

As she passed out the front of the dining hall she passed the cat and said with a cold stare "You'd best behave yourself." Giving one fleeting look at the bracelet around the girl's wrist she left the dining room, with orders for the next person she saw.

Kin perked up from his papers and poked his head out of his room. His sister was gone already? So blunt was she it took mere minutes for her to explain it? Well, one couldn't expect much more from her.

Kin sighed as he heard someone say his name in a high cheerful voice. It didn't help that his room was nearly right next to the dining room, the kitchen to boot. Something about 'sharing'. Man, that girl couldn't mind her own beeswax could she?! Judging from her personality in general...Kin had to say that answered his question itself.

"Oh Kin." Rue said stopping as she passed by the hallway that led to his room, and a numerous amount of other rooms "Show the new girl to her room will you? It's the one next to Lyon's. You know, the guy I had you give the ntoe to earlier?" She said nothing more and continued on her way.

'What am I your servant?!' Kin though angrily as he bristled with frustration 'Or is it some kind of conspiracy to torture me for leaving Sohma house on New Years, LAST year?!' He had half a mind of not following Rue's order, but he was interested to see that new girl up close...and yet, that 'up close' would be at least an arm's width apart. The last thing he needed was to turn into a big ugly COW in the middle of this 'vacation'. That would top the cake of this wonderful day.

He slowly left his room, taking his time to leave, and took no hurry to walk down the hallway leading back into the dining room.

He assembled his best face, passive, cold, and hard...not that it took much time, as it was what he usually did everyday anyway. He turned the corner and saw an unfamiliar girl upon another unfamiliar girl and sweatdropped.

"Get up." He said hoarsely rolling his eyes.

February 24th, 2006, 3:32 PM
Katsura turned her head in the direction of the voice, and saw Kin, standing in the doorway, his face cold and passive, like he didn't care that Kari was passed out on top of her. Which he probably didn't."I,-I can't!" She replied, shifting around so that she was facing Kin.

"She's out cold! And it seems like she has a fever, too!" She pushed Kari off her a little more, and tried to wiggle her way out again. Only this time it worked. She got up shakily, regaining her balance as she did. Hastily, she turned to Kin, and explained what happend. It didn't take too long, and by the time she was finished, she noticed Kari had begun to stir a little. Kat glanced at her, "-So, that's what happend, okay? Now, will you help me move her?" She stated, more of an order than a question.

February 24th, 2006, 4:02 PM
Kin raised his silver eyebrows at the girl, his eyes not affected by this movement as he said "No."

He pulled out a chair, once underneath the table, or, halfly underneath it, and sat down, watching the boar with a cold glare "Can't you do it yourself?"

He wished at that moment his voice wasn't so hoarse. It sounded kind of lame, a cold glare and a hoarse voice.

Kin folded his arms but soon held a hand over his mouth as he coughed twice. Two slight coughs that weren't really loud, but killed his throat. It was almost as if he constantly had a sore throat. Which, really sucked.

Rue held her cell phone in her hand as she dialed Kousuke's number.

"Hello?" Came a smooth stone hard voice.

"Now what?" She asked bluntly, yet politely.

"Just play along. Make sure she gets along well with everyone. Oh, and when she finally bumps into a boy." Kousuke said tossing poker cards onto the floor in front of him "It'll be a happy day when she does. They haven't transformed in some time, or at least, I haven't heard of any transformations lately. Though I know for a fact Kin hasn't for many years. I'm sure that spirit is just dying to get out don't you?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Rue said rolling her eyes. It wasn't as though Kousuke could see through the reciever anyway. She was glad for the fact that the outsider was a girl, and not a boy. It would stink if someone made her transform "I'll do that as soon as she makes them transform."

"Good." Kousuke said flipping over the top of his cellphone. He could let Rue know he was inside the beachhouse by letting her call the number! "Dante, the girl is sick, you'll have to cook tonight's dinner."

"Yes sir." Dante said shuffling out of the tatami room to prepare the Sohma's dinner.

February 24th, 2006, 4:58 PM
"Well, I guess she can just lay on the floor then, because I can't lift her." Katsura said, not trying to be nasty, but rather just simply stating the truth as she watched Kin pull out a chair, glaring at her all the while. She just shrugged, and pulled out her own chair at the table, across from Kin, and next to Kari, who was still laying unconcious on the floor.

"Did Rue send you to get her?" Kat asked, gesturing towards the girl on the floor with one hand. She figured she must have, after all, it was kind of obvious, usually by now Kin would be in his room sulking, and since Rue wasn't here, she must have sent him instead. How predictable.

((Sorry it's so short, but I have to leave!))

February 24th, 2006, 5:13 PM
Kin raised his eyebrows in a 'why?' kind of look.

He rolled his eyes and set his foot on the edge of the table, shoving the chair he was in, back out from underneath the table and stood up, walking over to the outsider and sighing, before picking her up, one arm underneath her knees and the other supporting her back. In other, cruel, and 'giving-the-extremely-wrong-impression', words, Bridal style.

"Yes." Kin answered the boar as he opened the door to the outsider's new room with the toe of his shoes, and laying her down on the bed, not as considerate as to put her down 'gently' but instead merely put her down and left, taking the time to slam the door shut.

Rue dialed the room number to Lyon's room, and held her dark purple cell phone up next to her ear and brushed indigo hair from her porcelin face. A pretty face, A pretty outfit, and an ugly personality, she knew this well, but it never bothered her. Nobody was the perfect man for her. Or, she hadn't found him yet anyway, and didn't really plan on finding him either way around. She was hard to be around, but that didn't bother her either. She'd ran out of luck years ago, but she didn't miss it all that much. It wasn't an essentail part of life, when it came to being a servant to a God.

Miss Reyna
February 24th, 2006, 5:21 PM
((Is it ok if I control a guy? You know. Make one up?))

Reya finally took one last smell of the tea. It was a bright red and smelled like mint favor. She liked the smell alot. "It so tastly that you can just drink it at this moment."

She pour the tea into a tea pot and gather a few tea cups. She was wondering if there will be others wanting to have some of the mint smelling tea. She then placed some cakes on the tray with the teapot and cups. She had a huge smile on her face as if she was enjoying this. "For me friend Kin!!" she said as she place her stuff rabbit on her head.

She walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room to find Kin, Kat but wasn't able to see the outsider. She had a huge smile and said, "Just who I was looking for!!"

She place the tray onto the table and said, "Do you want some Kin? I brought some tea if ou tristy? Do you want some?"

Reya then notice that Kin was walking out with the stranger in his hands. Is that his girlfriend thought Reya. How cute she thought. She picked up her tray and follow Kin to the room of the new gir. She rasied the tray and posed in front of Kin. "Wantie some?"

February 24th, 2006, 5:33 PM
Kin raised his eyebrows and sidestepped the bunny, and stopped after he was behind her "Once you start talking in correct english, I'll consider saying anything more to you."

How annoying! She couldn't mind her own business could she? He felt a pang, inside of him, but he quickly quelled it. This girl was starting to rile his 'Black' personality. And by the looks of it, she'd never be the same after she'd witnessed his black personality. Stupid, innocent, carefree and ditzy. Kin made a note to tell Kousuke to break her.

How come she wouldn't leave him alone? It was kind of hard not to get the picture, that though she may have been friendly, he was not.

He smoothly sat himself back down upon the chair and said "Happy?" Sarcastically to Katsura. Name's were coming back to him, as he pinpointed the fact that the annoying girl who wouldn't leave him alone was...Reya. Ah, he truly remembered Kousuke's glower at the girl as he'd felt she was too cheerful, which, he had no hesitation in confiding within Rue, and himself. But that was many years ago, before he stopped coming to New Year Celebrations. He only came during the years it was his year. The year of the ox.

Screw the other years.

Miss Reyna
February 24th, 2006, 5:48 PM
Reya was a bit disappointed. She thought that he would want some of her treats. They were lovely or that what she thought. One of the cakes had a large strawberry while another had a cherry on it. She then saw the strange girl laying in her bed. Reya would play with her but the girl was asleep.

Reya place a cake on the nightstand by her bed. It had a cherry on it. Reya hoped this girl like cherries.

She then thought about Kin again and said, "Maybe I should try and offer him some cakie again. He may like some."

Reya then got out ofthe stranger's room and back to where Kin. She really liked Kin so she hoped that Kin would like some.

Reya then place the tray on the table in frount of Kin and said, "Hia again. Would you like some cake now? I have some great tea if you are tristy?"

February 24th, 2006, 6:00 PM
(I'm sorrying but I have to pull out of this RP, I'm not that active on this site anymore)

February 24th, 2006, 6:06 PM
Kin bit his lip. That twinge was getting stronger now. When he next spoke, his voice was no longer hoarse, or raspy, but strong and clear when he said coldly

"No, I don't want any cake, or tea! First of all I hate sweets, and that includes cake, secondly, I hate tea, and thirdly, I'm not hungry! What don't you get about the fact that I don't want any food?!" Kin asked as he bristled with anger. His right silver eye had began to turn a darker shade of gray, a more iron-like gray instead of his other eye, which was a steel gray. By the time he was fully in black mode, his eye's would indeed, be a prominent shade of 'black' "Now before I start cussing, yelling, and fighting, I'd advise you to lay off." He said, stressing the last two words.

As anybody could tell, he couldn't stand girls like Reya. Cheerful, ditzy, and never letting you get some time to yourself. He sighed as the color in his eyes began to receed again "I'm sure...Katsura, would appreciate, some cake." He said stiffly, his shoulders rigid at his attempt to quell his temper trying to divert the girl's attention "Isn't that right?" He asked with a glare. His voice was becoming raspy again, and the feeling was nice in his throat.

Miss Reyna
February 24th, 2006, 6:20 PM
Reya was a bit sad that Kin didn't want anything from her. She really wanted to have some time with Kin but he didn't. This really disappointed her. She then said with a happy smile "Okie. I guess you don't want any food them."

She then place the tray of tea and sweets next to Kat. "Help yourself to what you want. It very good."

Reya then said to Kin, "I haven't seen you in a while though. How about we talk then?" She pour herself a cup of tea and took a sip.

Outside the beach house a tall guy watching them from a window. The guy then said, "Just easy in and out. That is all."

Reya then looked up as if she heard something but then took another slip of the tea. She then smiled because the tea was so good. It even smelled good to. Must be the seagulls she heard she thought.

February 24th, 2006, 7:51 PM
Thus they left, and Mikka was left alone. However, moments later she heard the bitter snaps coming from Kin, directing to some sort of annoying girl, and she flinches at the sound. If she recalled correctly, it was quite common for the Ox to have rather a Ying-Yang sort of personality.

Sighing, she sits down at the table, enjoying the semi-quiet moment to herself, but shuddered at the recollection of the quickened glance that Rue had given her wrist peeved her. Was it either out of fear or hate? she asked herself as she turns a bead in her fingers, letting it run smoothly across her flesh and her fingertips.

"What?" growled Lyon as he picked up his phone. He didn't bother to look at the caller ID, the ****ed phones didn't have any of the sort. But he knew exactly who it was, and if she wanted to destroy his life by treating him as low as the cat...so be it.

((Sure, you can play an outsider guy, I suppose. Just to be "fair" to the female Sohmas))

February 24th, 2006, 8:11 PM
"You can leave your room now. No need to be so touchy." Rue said as she flipped the cellphone closed. He had obviously followed her orders to stay in his bedroom. She returned to the beach house, and thanked everything that the staircase leading to her room was right next to the door. At least she wouldn't have to see anyone again. She heard Kin begin to speak clearly and scoffed, wondering who was making him as riled as he sounded.

"...Fine. Talk all you want. But don't expect any replies." Kin muttered. He was angry at himself for talking so much today. Angry at himself for letting him lose control...almost. And Angry at HER for making him do the first two things!!!

He folded his arms and leaned back. He didn't know why he was waiting here. He didn't know why he was stuck with three Sohma girls. And he didn't know WHY he didn't leave and finish up the last page of homework in his room. The smell of tea and cake was excruciatingly disgusting. Sugary, sweet, and overly sugared tea. But he still sat. Kin was confusing himself, but let none of it show as he flipped through a small pocketbook.

February 24th, 2006, 10:31 PM
//ooc: A bit confusing, gomeeen~~ ;~~;

…Better not hurt her, Rue-Rue.

There was an eerie silence between the twins as they watched Kari follow Rue inside. They gazed at each other for a split second, knowing words would not suffice at the moment. It wasn't until two seconds or so later when Axel finally regained his playful grin; his brother, though, was still frowning.

There was this one question lingering in his mind that had been bothering him quite a bit: why? Why didn't Rue erase her memories right off the spot? Why did he allow this to happen? After everything, why was she still allowed in the house? He didn't speak a word about his doubts, though. Not even to his brother.

After all, he knew just how attached Axel was to Kari. He himself was as attached, too! She was just so…so lovable?

"Psst…Aleeex!! You know I can read you like a book, right?" Axel said with a smirk, breaking the silence. He nudged his brother's side teasingly before putting on a false stunned look. "…Oh noes! Could it be? Have you already fallen in love with thy Princess? Ah, or have you fallen with Ms. Spoiled-Mikka?"

"Riiight." Alex grinned, rolling his eyes.

"Ha! I knew it!"

"That's called sarcasm, stupid."

"Don't call me stupid, stupid!"

Axel stuck out his tongue at him as he raced towards the beach house. He oh-so-quickly forgot their little argument whilst he vivaciously flailed his arms. "Huuurry! Thine cute Princess awaits!"

With their smirks in tact, the twins immediately rushed inside the house, searching for their princess with two pairs of impish eyes.

Miss Reyna
February 25th, 2006, 3:58 AM
Reya took abit of a cake taht had a cherry on the top and a few in the cake itself. She hada wide smile on because she loved cherries. She then acted as if she was giving some to her stuff rabbit.

"Good right Mr. Bun?" she said to the stuff rabbit.

She made the rabbit head shake as if to say yes.

Reya then smiled and said, "Okie. We talk then."

She had no idea at what to talk about. Reya was trying to come up with a topic to discuss. He hates food and his other sister is the dragon. Then he hasn't been to the New Years party for a while she thought.

The guy from the outside finally got into the beach house as quitly as a mouse. He looked around and saw that the hallway that he was in was empty. "Good. Master thief Robert has made it into house. Now time to to find something worth stealing."

Reya then heard something again. This time she was sure it was a voice. Maybe it was a Sohma talking to themselves or another person. She did heard voice allready.

Reya then said, "So are you enjoying the vacation so far? I not really but still I trying to make the best of it. What about you?"

February 25th, 2006, 6:51 AM
OOC: Nobodie cept Kousuke, Kin, and their parents know that Rue is Kin's sister thanks Reyna Fire, I thought I made that clear in my profile.

IC:Kin grit his teeth. How DARE she ask if he was enjoying this godd*mned vacation. But. No response. Had he been opting to respond, his answer would've been 'No, this is a punishment' but instead he glared at Reya, knowing that she of all people would NOT be able to read his glare.

But his gaze swiftly changed to the two twins that had just entered the beach house. He rolled his eyes and folded his arms. Why was the dining room such a popular place now??? Perhaps it was because Rue had told Kari of the events just a while ago...

February 25th, 2006, 9:17 AM
"Ah hah! So you are the little kitty cat!" the girl exclaimed gently, a joyous smile radiating off her face. Slender hands clasped themselves together out of happiness and wistfulness. "Do you mind if I pet you?" The creature did nothing to respond, lazily batting an eye or two at her. She evidently took the sign as a yes. The girl trembled with excitement, hands slowly extending to touch the head...perhaps an inch or two more...aaaand..

"Huh?" Kari blinked her eyes open, finding her hands outstretched in mid air. She let her hands stay there until eventually growing sore, as if expecting something to miraculously come to her touch. "It was a dream," she murmured softly to herself, a tone of disappointment creeping up. Nevertheless, Kari shook her head to rid the painful ache in her head. Wait, what time is it? Oh, no, must I do the chores at this time? Did I oversleep? Or is it already time to cook? Clean? Shop? I thought I was all out of carrots the other day, or that might have been the leeks since I don't know which one I used- She abruptly stopped.


"Bleh! No! I don't eat sheep!" Kari pounded her head, clearing her mind. Oh, yes, of course. The curse! Lyon, Mikka -curse- Katsura, Alex and Axel -curse- Rue...

"I remember!" she brightened up immediately, rushing to get off the bed. Feeling a bit light headed, she delicately applied herself, as to not trip and fall. Before heading out, she stood behind the door, wondering, Is it really alright for me to go out? What if they expected me to stay in here? Kari began to fret, mind swarming with possibilities. Oh, but I can't stay in the room forever...what if they're cleaning and I'm not doing to help? What if they think I'm being inconsiderate? She sighed. I am already inconsiderate, asking to stay here and all. I must repay them back. No time to think about that now. Meekly opening the door, Kari poked her head out and checked, as if crossing a street.

She then proceeded to walk down the short hall, hearing voices from what was supposedly the dining room. She was about to go in there, too, if it weren't for two figured catching her eye within a second.

"Alex! Axel!" she called out and waved her hand, beaming at the twin.

OOC: pointless..post..._.;

February 25th, 2006, 9:21 AM
((Hmm, I thought Kin didn't even know about his sister...or was that Rue?))

"Finally!" exclaims Mikka, rising from her seat as she catches a glimpse of the twins. She ignores Kari when she arose to go greet the twins, and instead cracks her knuckles. "Hey Alex, ****ed Rat, I challenged you and you ignored it, but now there's nothing you can do!" she gives a slight chuckle and she makes a move towards the twins to throw a punch at her "rival."

Lyon rolled his eyes as he exits the room finally. As soon as he gets out of the binding room, Mikka just has to go stir up some sort of idiotic trouble. The stupd cat was always picking fights. However, he noticed the boy who had given him the note by the rabbit, looking rather disgruntled and agitated. Letting out a sympathetic sigh, though he had spoken cruelly to the ox, he had to get him out of this rather annoying situation.

"I think I'm enjoying this Vacation, Reya," he puts up the act of having a brilliant idea. He'll ditch her later, "Why don't we go on the beach and play in the water with Mr. Bun? I'm sure you don't want to hang out in this boring house..." he takes a quick glance at Kin, hoping that he would get the point and not give him a cruel or nasty glare at the 'idiotic' idea.

February 25th, 2006, 10:14 AM
Kin glanced at the fight ensuing on the other side of the dining hall "Alright children take it outside, nobody wants to see a fight in here."

Kin then took one glare at Lyon and said coldly "And, I don't play with inanimate objects, or in water." In fact, he'd never even stepped close to a pool for the last few years, or any kind of recreation. His studies kept him busy, and when someone as bold enough to ask him to join them in their recreation, they recieved a good slam of a door in their faces "Although since you seem to enjoy the idea, why don't you hang out with Reya, without me?"

He let two legs of his chair fall onto the carpet with a 'thud'. before standing up and looking around. A fight...that'd be interesting to watch. Once they brought it outside of course. Kousuke would probably blame it on him if the cat or the rat broke anything.

But his gaze shifted once more as he caught glimpse of the outsider, who'd just said the two twin's names. Axel and Alex.

"You might not want to witness this." Kin said as he walked over to the two fighting zodiacs "I said take it outside." He pried the two away with difficulty, the difficulty mainly arising from the cats side and he dragged the balcony door open "Besides you'll have more room to fight outside."

February 25th, 2006, 10:23 AM
He sighs, it appears as though Kin didn't understand his idea...but no matter. He took Reya's wrist with great force, and forces a grin at her. "So, let's just leave everyone alone and...play," he said this with great force, almost despising himself for carrying out with this.

"I'm...sure...you want to play," he spoke with reluctance, but only he could tell so.

"No!" Mikka hissed, trying to claw herself away from the ox, but prevailed naye. "Room only gives him an advantage, and I want to win this time. That ****ed rat...if you just let me go I'll teach him a lesson or two!" She makes another attempt to go back on the inside.

"I just took a bath, I don't want to get dirty again! Stupid vacation, why did I have to come. You never include me in anything, so why this!?" she yowls as she was shoved out to the balcony."

"Stop Mikka, you're causing a scene..." sweatdropped Lyon.

"Hell no! I'm not going to stop!"

February 25th, 2006, 10:33 AM
"SHUT UP!" Kin shouted tossing the both of them out the balcony door "I wasn't the one who forced you on this vacation! This is my godd*mned punishment! Being your Babysitter!!! Rue dumped this job on me, so I'd have to say you better get your d*mn act together you stupid cat, before I PUT IT TOGETHER FOR YOU!!!"

One of his silver grey eyes had turned a vivid shade of black, his pupil was no longer visible, in fact, it looked like one big pupil. He'd snapped. Halfway only though. He ran a hand through his silver hair and then turned to the outsider "Don't you have work to do?" He asked bitterly, clenching his fists in another pitiful attempt to quell his anger.

OOC: Short, but I have to go. I'll probably be gone for the rest of the day. Sorry! ^_^ And Sorry for the massive amounts of bunnying.

February 25th, 2006, 10:45 AM
((Wheee! Bunnying! ^.^ That's okay, you don't do it to the extent where one would notice it...))

She had done it...but Mikka noticed not at the changed attitude of the ox. Instead, she continued her rant. "And why the hell would you like to put my life together for me? Dammit! It isn't my fault your being punished! By God! I wish I could just...go. Stupid ****ed family..." she snarls as she leaps over the railing and begins to run towards the beach.

Lyon laughs. "Heh, I can't believe he actually got Mikka out of the fight and make her run away..." he rubs the back of his neck thoughtfully, "She'll be back...unfortunately..."

February 25th, 2006, 1:58 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, but I am completely lost, could someone please explain where everyone is??

February 25th, 2006, 2:22 PM
((All are in the dining room...save for Mikka who has just ran away.))

February 25th, 2006, 2:45 PM
Katsura just glanced at Kin, and quickly picked up a piece of cake, more out of trying to keep him from going 'black' then anything else. As she chewed on the bread, her gaze swept around the room. Down one end of the room, it seemed that Mikka had challenged Alex to fight again. This time, though, it seemed like Kin had managed to save her right before the fight had ensued. That was good, because Mikka, most certainly, would have her butt kicked, and she didn't really want to be around an angry Mikka right now.

Suddenly, she heard a loud "SHUT UP!" come from the balcony. It seemed Kin had finally snapped and had thrown both the Cat and the Rat outside. As she glanced over to where the sound had come from, she could see that he had already turned 'black'. Finally, Kat pushed her chair out. She had decided to go find Kari. She hadn't been able to talk to her yet, and she needed to apologize for what had happend. Besides, she didn't need to be around Kin who, even though he only seemed to snap halfway, was still 'black'.

Miss Reyna
February 25th, 2006, 7:55 PM
Reya was a little hurt from the words that Kin said about Mr. Bun.

Reya jumped at the idea about going out side and playing on the beach. She jumped at the thougth of the idea. Still she was a bit sad that Kin won't be joining them. She would like it he would have joined them.

Reya then pulled at Lyon arm and said, "Can we go out now? I want to go play now but Mr. Bun can't go in the water. He doesn't like the water. Can he watch from the sand."

February 25th, 2006, 10:58 PM
Just as the twins walked up to Kari, with that familiar twinkle in their eyes, Mikka had appeared and abruptly threw a punch at Alex. Simultaneously, their eyes rolled. It was a customary moment, and although they act annoyed, they actually enjoyed it—especially, dear Alex. With rapidity Alex evaded Mikka's first attack (although, Kin's intrusion did more than enough to distract her) while Axel, seemingly ignorant of the occurrence, simply busied himself with Kari.

"Geez, you couldn't at least let me have a tiny bit of fun with Mikka." Alex muttered irately, though he spoke in it a hushed whisper. Normally, he wouldn't be so cautious, but Kin was a special case; his temper scares him. By the way, shh~ it's a secret!

"Priiincess~~!" Regardless of the rousing quarrels, Axel had maintained his carefree attitude whilst he spoke to Kari. "It'd be best if you don't mind them! 'tis only their special way of flirting." He let out a snicker at the thought.

February 25th, 2006, 10:58 PM
OOC: My absence is getting quite frequent. Sorry 'bout it. Just don't have time to get on as much anymore. I am getting quite lazy so I'll just play both characters together. I seem to be developing writer's block.

Terry entered the dining room followed by Yumi. Terry looked tired but Yumi on the other hand was quite refreshed and a bit calm. However, both were quite shaken from the conversation coming from the balcony. Yumi ,a bit frightened, jumps behind Terry. Terry looks at her and sighs. Yumi saw Katsura and ran towards her, who was approaching them in the effort to escape the dreadful conversation.
"Hey Katsura. Where are you going?" Yumi asked with great interest. She seemed to be developing a bond with Katsura, which Terry thought wasn't a good idea.

February 26th, 2006, 6:48 AM
"I was just going to see if I could find Kari, I still have to apologize to her... And I'm kind of trying to get away from this noise, I can hardly stand it!" Kat added the last part at a whisper "Do you want to come?" She added, seeing the frightend look on her friend's face.

Then she heard a crash come from further down the hallway, and she turned to see what had happend. 'Oh, great, just what we need!' She thought as she saw Alex dodge a punch thrown by Mikka. 'Why can't we have at least a little peace on this vacation?' As she looked around a little more, she noticed Kari, standing in the hallway, rather close to where Mikka and Alex were fighting. She also noticed Axel saying something, probably flirting with her. Katsura glanced back at Yumi to see if she was coming, and then began to walk down the hall towards them.

February 26th, 2006, 9:24 AM
"All right then...let's go to the beach!" Lyon says, leading Reya outside away from all the fuss, "And yes...your rabbit can sit and watch..." and with that, they made their way towards the beach. The sun was already begin it's descend towards the horizine, and he knew that nighttime would shortly come. Nonetheless, he continued towards the beach.

Mikka stopped from her running and looked up, wheezing slightly from the run as she caught her breath. The house was visible and bigger than ever, and she say the balcony where she jumped from. Like all cats, she landed on her feet and the impact wasn't...harmful. It only cause her to be sore for a couple of moments as she ran.

Tossing her head back, she manages a small laugh, but she knew she couldn't be away forever. She would get hungry and return home...everyone probably laughing at her saying, 'I knew it...the poor wittle kitty couldn't be away for so long.' and then perhaps the Head would scold her...or perhaps not. It depended on his mood, basically.

Letting out a sigh, she looks over towards the beach. She was in the wooded area, and it was bathed in near-nighttime sunlight, a lovely reddish copper colour. She leans against the tree, and notices Lyon taking Reya to the beach. They were far away, but she heard the rabbit's agitating voice and Lyon's rather forced voice. He was just trying to let nobody else suffer under the ditzy rabbit's wrath. Her eyes grace across her bracelet once again, and she moves deeper into the forest to just have some time to herself...

February 26th, 2006, 10:04 AM
Kin's gaze was pulled away from the cat, who'd run away. Yet again. He turned to Kari and bowed his head for a moment before looking up "I apologize for the scene." He raised an eyebrow at Axel, who was flirting with the outsider, and merely shook his head before turning into the kitchen, surprised to find Dante already half-way done with dinner.

"Ah hello Kin, just making dinner. Are you hungry?" He asked cheerfully.

"Erm..." Kin was always rude, but Dante was a different case. He'd been the one who took care of him after the punishing blows from Kousuke "Yeah. After that event, yeah." Kin was much more open to the old man, and asked "Do you need help?"

"Oh no!" Dante said chopping up carrots at an incredible speed "I'm fine."

"Hn. Reya's gonna like that." Kin said notioning toward the small carrot cake on the counter.

"Well, that's who it's for." Dante said pouring the carrots into a pot filled with a rich brown stew "You should be nicer to that bunny though. She's only trying to be nice."

"Trying." Kin replied. He took a clean look around the kitchen, to make sure there wasn't any-

"Don't worry, this stew is all vegetarian, for you and Katsura." Dante said "But you're going to have to get used to seeing people eat beef."

Kin rolled his eyes, and gagged. It was like...eating himself!

"Yeah I know." He said eyeing the red meat he'd caught sight of next to the sink "But it's not like you see people eating dog, or cat everyday."

"That's because they're domesticated as pets." Dante said, his glasses hung on the edge of his nose, the oval shaped lenses barely bigger then a baby's fingers "Oxen are domesticated for-"

"Yeah, I don't want to know." Kin replied quickly.

"Well why don't you tell Ms. Rue that it's going to be dinner time soon?" Dante asked.

"Why me?" Kin asked scornfully "I'm not her slave." He promptly left the kitchen before Dante could scold him. Dante was always a kindly old man, always treated everyone kindly. Which was probably why he'd made the carrot cake for Reya. Even Rue liked him...from what Kin had heard anyway.

He returned to the dining room to be greeted by nearly the same scene as before, and sighed, leaning in the doorway to the kitchen. He didn't want to talk to Dante, and he didn't want to talk to anybody else either....but he really was hungry, and he wanted to eat soon. Of course, he only ever ate what his father, himself, and what Dante cooked. He did really dislike sweets, but he didn't mind eating them when someone he knew cooked it. His excuse not to eat Reya's cake was that he disliked eating sweets in front of anyone but Dante. Otherwise, he only ate stew in front of others. He couldn't stand how cute most cakes looked, and how weird it looked to him when he ate them.

But, maybe that was just because he didn't like doing things with people in general. Dante was like his grandpa anyway, so to be quite frank, Kin didn't care what he did around him.

"Is anybody hungry?" Dante asked everyone in the dining room, stepping over Kin, who was blocking the way "Dinner's almost ready." He caught sight of the outsider and said "You can start your chores tomorrow, I'll do the chores today. Get used to being around these crazy people for tonight."

"Who're you callin' crazy?" Kin asked, folding his arms.

OOC: You know, Dante might as well be the rooster. If he can be the rooster, then he's not going to be a major character of mine, he's just a sort of side character who doesn't get his own color font, because I'm mixing him in. By the way, Dante's about 64.

Miss Reyna
February 26th, 2006, 7:25 PM
Robert was looking around the hallway. He was making sure that nobody was watching. He saw that nobody was inside the hall so he knew that the coast was clear. "Perfect" said Robert.

Robert then eyed a purple vase. He smiled and said, "Even more perfect." The vase was close by and within arm reach. "Quick easy in and out." He then grabbed the vase and dash out of the house from a near by door.

Reya then took of her shoes and carried them in her hand. The sand felt good between her toes. She loved the how the sun was setting but if only Kin was here to enjoy it.

Reya then said with at smile, "Its getting late. How about we just make a small sandcastle before the sun goes down. I believe dinner will be serve soon judging be the smells I smelling from the house." She could smell the sweet carrot taste coming from the beach house.

February 27th, 2006, 4:18 PM
((Sure, Dante could be the Rooster. He's a little old, but...seeing as we don't have a rooster, and it is unlikely for people willing to join, then sure!))

Lyon sniffs the air too. He had forgotten how hungry he was. "Oh," his attention was drawn back to Reya. "Sure, fine. We'll build a sandcastle..." he leans on the sand upon his knees and begins to gather wet sand.

"But how could we do it without any buckets or shovels?"

"Dammit, I'm hungry..." groaned Mikka, sitting herself upon a rock and clutching her growling stomach momentarilly. It gurgled, trying to find the remains of her forgotten meal of lunch. Sighing, she rubs her legs, and looks at the glowing lights that came from the house. No matter how much she ran, it appeared as though there was no way to escape from the Sohmas.

Giving a dissatisfied sigh, the Cat made her way back to the summer home, only to find a strange boy wandering outside of it. "Who are you?" she addressed to the strange boy, who was clutching a vase. "And what are you doing with our vase?"

Miss Reyna
February 27th, 2006, 4:51 PM
Reya looked around. She notice that Lyon had a point about them having no shovels or buckets. She didn't thought that they would needed those things to build a sand castle. She then smiled and said, "Opps. I guessing that we do need those things to build a sandcastle."

Reya then stood up and said, "How about we still try to make one with our hands? It shouldn't be that hard to make one." Reya didn't really want to dirty her hands but she was ok with a little sand between her hands. She started to form a wall-like scature with her hands.

Robert looked up and saw that he was seen. "Oh man, I been seen."

He then started to make a run for it knowing that he was seen. He ran towards the place where Reya and Lyon were building a sandcastle.

Reya then heard some foot steps. She saw that a guy was running towards them and small little wall. She stood up and wave her hands to try to stop the guy. "Stop!! Please don't hurt my little castle."

Robert then stopped too late and slammed himself into Reya which force her to wrap her arms around him.


A pile of colthes were on the sand and a small little white rabbit with huge ears appeared from under the pile. She then looked around and saw that she had transformed. "Oh dear." she said surprising.

EDIT: Is this better?

February 27th, 2006, 5:09 PM
OOC: *vein pop* Garg! Grammar errors! *points at about five places madly* Sorry. They bug me. Just had to say that I think you should work on your grammar, as I was hoping your new character's action part would at least have good grammar as well. Could you make it easier on me and talk with proper grammar, and just make your dialog incredibly error-y Reyna Fire? 0_0;;

February 27th, 2006, 7:04 PM
((Fwee, Grammar errors bother me too...but I don't express it as much unless the truly, suck.

Eheh, I might as well make Mikka change...Y'know. Cute lil' Kitty!))

"Oh man...not again..." Lyon says through clenched teeth. "This really sucks...Mikka! No!" The reasoning for his last words were because the cat was surging forward with such force, as soon as she realized (is she ever did, that thickheaded numbskull) what had happened, it would be impossible not to skid into the boy.

"Thief! Thief!" shouted Mikka as the boy ran from her. "Kill him! Harm 'im in anyway possible!" suddenly, there was a POOF and, blinded by the smoke, she stumples directly into the lad. Another POOF was audable, and as the orange smoke blew away, standing before (or rather lying) the group was a small, orange cat with vivid green eyes in a bundle of clothing. It had a disgruntled look on it's face much like Mikka's...save for it was a cuter face.

Hoping that the boy was too bewildered to notice what had happened, Lyon grabs him by the arms and pulls him away, making him fall into the sand. "What...are...you...doing...here?" gasps he, in an outrage. He was hungry, and now...oh boy, how was Rue going to go through this all over again? Stupid Mikka, if she didn't run into him it would have been easier to cover!

February 27th, 2006, 7:15 PM
Kousuke stood up in a haze of rage. Who was this outsider???!!! Daring to steal Sohma family property?! He'd give him a peice of HIS mind! On a silver platter! He grit his teeth when he realized he couldn't just stroll out there. He wasn't supposed to be here....

Rue...yes...Rue would have to take care of the outsider for him...But, she'd have to discover it herself, then come running to ask him what to do. It was the only thing that would make sense, unless Dante informed him earlier, but apparently the old geezer was romping around cooking dinner...but that had been his own command for the elderly man...

He kicked aside the spindly nightstand beside his bed and yelled in his rage. TWO transformations! No, make that THREE! He couldn't believe his wonderful luck! He'd only intended one just for the heck of it!

He was extremely glad the walls around his special room were sound proof, otherwise the entire beach would probably know he was there!

"Dinner is served!" Dante said cheerfully, dishing out a number of dishes, many of them coordinated to each zodiac's likes and dislikes.

OOC: I'll finish later. I g2g to bed. Bye! -I shalt edit it in tomorrow after school-

Miss Reyna
February 27th, 2006, 7:19 PM
Reya had a beach top on her head and was trying to take it off. She was able to pull it off with her small paws. She knew that she had transformed and was a bit surprised. "I transformed. Oh. I look so cutie!!"

She hopped around and got out of her fallen clothes. Reya was a bit nervous now because now she had transformed and even worst by a hug. She promise that she woundn't transform to the head of house. Reya hopped around because she was a bit nervous. She then looked around and saw Mikka had also transformed too. She hopped over to her happily. "Hia. I guess that you were also caught by surprise too right?"

Robert was on the ground which made it impossible for him to see what was happening. All he remember was a puff of smoke and a guy slamming him to the ground. Robert head was up against the sand. If Lyon had been any fast and if Robert didn't react fast enough then his face would have tasted sand. He tried to say something. Robert tried to make up an excuse to Lyon. He said, "I just trying to go on an evening walk. That is all."

((I hope this one is better.))

February 28th, 2006, 1:49 PM
Lyon gives a slight grin. "Ah, just taking a walk on private property...along with a peice of Sohma property within hand." He gestures to the peice of pottery. However, he has him now in a headlock, and the boy had no way of moving his head. Therefore, there was no possible way that he would have noticed the two animals that were now lying on the ground. Nor would he have noticed the head gesture he made towards Reya and Mikka for them to move.

"I'm sure our Head would love to speak with you..."

The cat hisses at Reya. "Idiot, of course I was caught by suprise. And you are anything but cute. Leave your clothes and Mr. Bun here, I'm sure Lyon would take 'em back. For now... we have to go back before we...transform back..." and with that, she speeds off towards the house.

February 28th, 2006, 3:07 PM
OOC: Augh screw editing. Reyna Fire, it was better, and I actually read it this time (-.-) though you still have errors.

IC: Kin sighed and stood from his leaning position against the banister "I'll eat in my room-" His silver eye's caught sight of something streaking toward the beach house, bright orange, along with two figure's at the shoreline. The setting sun seemed brighter then the morning sun, and he couldn't make out who was in the headlock, but he sure as h*ll guess it wouldn't be Reya in Lyon's headgrip. Lyon seemed too tolerant to do something like that, and Kin nearly laughed at the prospect of Reya having Lyon in a headgrip.

But, Rue would probably transform under the stress of realizing someone else had transformed. No doubt about it.

"Uncle." Kin tapped Dante's shoulder and the elderly man looked around to see Kin pointing out the balcony door.

"Yes?-oh my." The man's cheerful smile slid off, and he looked as though he'd seen Kousuke again.

Dante wasn't really Kin's uncle, more like great uncle a million times removed, but he still called him uncle. Dante sounded so snotty and refined.

"Oh my Rue won't like what she's going to see soon." Dante said pushing his glasses further up his crooked nose.

"Can we not tell her?" Kin asked bitterly "Why does she have to know everything?" Kin felt his fists clenching again, in jealousy no doubt.

Dante smiled moresly toward Kin, and he said somberly "I know how you feel towards Rue, but she was born under the sign of the Dragon, she knows how to handle things when Kousuke is unable to do so. And judging by if we tell Kousuke of this incident, he may destroy his entire room again."

"Like always." Kin replied sourly, a disgusted glare on his face "I guess we'll just have to see what she thinks of it, although she'll probably run off to Kousuke as always."

"Well, he does make the decisions Kin." Dante said retreating back into the Kitchen. He never liked being apart of the affairs of other zodiac members when they were transformed. He was like a different being around transformed people. As kind as his appearance of a blue jay, and as riled as a blue jay could get when it was fighting over berries.

'Stupid cat...'

February 28th, 2006, 3:22 PM

Alex blinked in confusion when he felt an uncanny sort of twinge inside his body. He briefly peered at the window, snickering inwardly. Ha~~I knew it!
Seeing as Axel was too busy with Kari to accompany him, he stealthily sneaked away from the two and made his way towards the front door. He opened it slightly, a smirk forming on his face, and crouched down with arms wide opened. Any second now...

What was he doing? Waiting. For who? The recently transformed cat, of course~

See, he always gets this feeling whenever a Sohma—scratch that, whenever Mikka transforms. It never occurred to him how and why he 'senses' it, but he just does. Anyway, as he was one of the infamous twins, he just had to poke fun at her. Besides, poor little Mikka would be oh-so-disappointed if Alex didn't welcome her, now wouldn't she?

"Come here, kitty-kitty~" He chirped, his smirk turning into a sweet little smile. So sweet, in fact, that one can tell he's up to no good.

Miss Reyna
February 28th, 2006, 6:30 PM
Robert jumped at the word head of house. He sturgle as hard as he could to escape Lyon's headlock but couldn't and was unable to see anything except what Lyon allow him to see which was just ocean. He knew that Head of House means trouble so he had to try everything he knew to escape.

"Hey man. It just an acciedent. I just coming to see if the vase belong to you thats all." He lied. "I just found it."

Reya then said back to Mikka who was making his way back to the beach house. "Yes, I am a cute little bunny!"

She looked up to the guy and then Lyon. Reya kind of felt bad for the guy since he was being punish because of her. She decided to tell Lyon, "Please don't hurt him to much. Pretty please."

Reya then took Mr. Bun by the ear with her teeth and begun to make her way back to the house. "Take care. Me and Mr. Bun are going back to the beach house. Okie?"

"What are you guys going to do with me?" asked Robert.

February 28th, 2006, 7:46 PM
Terry silently made his way towards the front door in hopes of enjoying a good time out of the house. It seemed like torture to stay in there and listen to everyone's gabbing. He also felt a bit uneasy today. As he made his approach to the door, someone caught his eye. It was one of the twins. Hm... Is that Axel or Alex? Terry thought while placing his right hand under his chin. Terry knew both were mischievish and by the looks of it, he was up to no good again. Terry decided to find out what.
"Hey. You, what are you doing?" Terry asked with a serious face on. He glared at the twin and wait for his so called "innocent" plea.

Yumi answered Katsura with a happy smile. Yumi really wanted to accompany her to go meet with Kari, the new girl. It seems she found someone to talk and have fun with other than Terry. Yumi was trembling with excitement.

OOC: Okay. I am so tired these days. Sorry for the single post like per three days. I really am busy. This week's trouble for me is recovering from my snowboarding action. Ohh.... so sore..... XO

March 1st, 2006, 2:39 PM
Katsura smiled at Yumi, and began walking down the hallway towards Kari. When she suddenly stopped, as she felt a small twinge of adrenaline splurge through her veins. She turned to Yumi, " Did you feel that, too?" She asked the horse, grabbing her by the wrist, and gently pulling her over to the balcony.

Sure enough, out on the beach, Lyon was wrestling with some kid, who was carrying a purple vase Kat recognised from the dining room. As a tiny white bunny, and a brilliantly orange feline scurryed towards the house. Kat just laughed, 'And you said I was stupid to let myself transform, stupid cat!'

But then she felt rather guilty for even thinking such a cruel thought, and decided to go help the two. She didn't like Mikka all that much, but she still felt that she should at least try to make it up to the family for what she had done. She sighed, Kari would just have to wait.

March 1st, 2006, 4:30 PM
"Ahhh... Katsura-chan, where are we going?" Yumi asked right after she felt the surge of adrenaline in her veins. Katsura slightly grabbed her wrist and led her to the balcony where they viewed the beach. Yumi saw Lyon fighting or what looks like wrestling with a boy and a bunny and cat coming towards the house.

"Ah. That is..... Mikka-chan and.....Reya-chan, isn't it?" Yumi said looking at the animals. "What should we do, Katsura-chan?" Yumi said with the intentions of helping the transformed Sohmas.

March 1st, 2006, 5:42 PM
"Ack!" suealed the cat, nearly bumping into Alex. As soon as she came to the realization as to who she bumped into, the hairs bristled rather noticabley along her back and neck. She noticed the others looking at her, and the ears pin back against her head. She knew what they were thinking, wasn't it obvious. And here they were, coming to poke fun at her.

"Lemme in, dammit!"

"How could you have found the vase that I had just recently seen in the house a couple minutes ago? You dirty lying theif!" He stands up, still clutching the boy around the neck a waist.

"And I'll tell you what we're going to do with you! I'm taking you inside!" and with that, he makes his way towards the summer home.

March 1st, 2006, 6:34 PM
Seeing the cat coming into the house, Yumi made her way towards the front door. She had found Terry, Alex, and Mikka by the front door. Terry had a serious look on his face as he stared at Alex, however, it changed when Mikka entered. Mikka was in a defensive position and looked ready to attack any and everyone. Yumi wanted to help her out but she was quite frightened by the cat's look.

Terry turned his gaze over towards Mikka. His gaze changed into a look of surprise. What in the... When did she change? Terry thought looking at Mikka-transformed. He scratched his head and stared down at the cat again. With a sigh, he said to Alex, "Okay Alex. Let her through. Stop trying to do what you do." Terry sidestepped a bit towards the wall and crossed his arms while leaning on the wall. Sigh... What a bother.

Miss Reyna
March 1st, 2006, 8:04 PM
Reya hopped as fast as she could with Mr. Bun in her mouth to the beach house. She was a bit slow due to the fact that she is dragging a stuff animal almost the size of her current size but she was ok with that. Reya made it up the stairs and followed Mikka into the house.

She then let go of Mr. Bun and said with a smile to the people who opened the door for her and Mikka., "Thankie lots!"

She then looked onto the beach to see that Lyon was still headlocking the boy. She felt sorry for the boy because he was now in trouble because of her. She really wanted to help the kid but may not be able to have a say in his punishment if he was going to be punish.

Robert knew that he was in trouble now and there was no point in running because he couldn't escape once he enters the house again. The guy knew that he was lying and there was nothing that he could do. He just relaxed himself and let the guy dragged him towards the beach house.

March 1st, 2006, 9:03 PM
OORP:sorry for the interruption...but i wanted 2 ask i havnt read any of the manga's....could i maybe still join??cause iv been reading the last 7 pages and i think i get the jist....so could i maybe join?

Thanks In Adv For The Reply....

And Im Sry For The Interuption..

March 2nd, 2006, 12:54 PM
Katsura quickly followed Yumi downstairs to where Mikka and Reya had entered the house. She looked on as Mikka slunk into the house, bumping into Alex (Or was it Axel?) on her way in. She then seemed to bristle with anger, shouting for them to let her in, and, dispite her small size, she seemed quite fearsome.

Kat smiled slightly as she figured out why the cat was so upset. She was upset not just because she had let out the secret again , but probably because everyone was now gathered near the front entrance. She probably figured that they came to laugh at her, the Cat was odd like that. Kat just sighed and walked over, falling into place next to Yumi, who seemed like she wanted to help, but was afraid of the hissing feline before them. She couldn't blame her either, the situation was kind of wierd, especially since it was not just one transformation, but two. Not only that, but Lyon had now put the outsider in a headlock, and was now dragging him rather forcefully towards the Beach House.

This was going to be one loong vacation.

March 2nd, 2006, 2:47 PM
OOC: If Huggle Bunny joins, then I don't need to play Dante as a Rooster anymore, and Dante shalt just be a regular Sohma, like Kazuma.

March 2nd, 2006, 2:51 PM
((Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure if she could join...-ponders-

Mainly because she didn't read any of the manga. But, if she watched the anime then...perhaps. It may be quite confusing for someone to RP an anime/manga based RPG without actually watching/reading it. -That happened to me once, and I was left completely in the dust...even if someone reads the posts, they still can't catch the whole drift of it.

And I shall post in character soon...I'm too lazy to think of something, now...^.^))

March 2nd, 2006, 3:17 PM
Alex pouted faintly as the other Sohmas gathered around him, realizing that his fun time with Mikkie would be over before it even began. His eyes twitched when Terry started lecturing; great, not only was he going to be bored again, he had to listen to Mr. Sensible here.

"Say, what makes you think I'm Alex? I might be Axel, you know." He asked Terry as he cocked an eyebrow. "And, besides, I'm only here to help Mikka." He said with an uncanny solemn tone that seemed to linger. The way he enunciated 'help' would make everyone else think otherwise, though.

Averting his gaze at the group crowding behind him, he put on his ever-so-sweet smile and fully opened the door. He ignored the rabbit as he picked up the cute little kitty and then abruptly hugged her. "Hi there, widdle Mikkie~" He chirped in a sing-song voice. He fondly patted her head as he brought her inside. "Aww, don'tcha just look so cute?"

March 2nd, 2006, 3:22 PM
The cat struggled in the rat's grip. "Don't touch me, rat," snarls she, trying to struggle away. "I know you're only doing this to mock me..." ****ed kid, it's all his fault for this...why oh why did I not pay attention to where I was running...?

"And I won't look so cute when I transform back into a human. Haven't you thought about that?" She now hangs limply in the boy's arms, hoping that by making herself as such, she was simply melt away and run...

Lyon was now at the door, looking at all the people gathered. He had just seen Alex (or Axel? Who really cared for that matter) take the small orange cat away from the fuss, perhaps to taunt her or something.

"I need to see Rue about...this boy."

((Holy cow! Didn't that post suck? ^.^))

March 2nd, 2006, 3:47 PM
"How do you know I'm Alex? Oh, could it be?...I knew it; you know my scent by heart! That's so sweet!"

Alex hid his smirk behind his unwavering adoring façade, although his cheeks were turning a hue of red from containing his laughter. Oh~~ how fun would it be if someone were to get a wrong idea of his blushing! ♥

Mikka was starting to get really annoyed, too, and it simply made him happier!
'And I won't look so cute when I transform back into a human. Haven't you thought about that?'
His stomach started to hurt after she said that; who knew forcing oneself from laughing could be so painful? "I never knew Mikkie had such a low self-esteem! Of course you'd still look cute, even when you de-transform!"

When he felt Mikka stop struggling, he blinked, wondering if he had grasped on her a tad too tightly. He poked her gently (he was really starting to think he'd hurt her somehow, but he wasn't about to let anyone know that he was -slightly- worried), and said "Do you have a booboo, Mikkie? Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?"

//ooc: Too confusing? X3;

Miss Reyna
March 2nd, 2006, 6:05 PM
Reya was looking at Mikka and Alex. She thought that it was Alex because he just said that he was Alex. Reya smiled and thought that Mikka was cute as both human and cat. She just felt bad for him though. Reya then said, "Leave Mikka allow. She just a little angry kitty cat."

Then in a puff of smoke, Reya transformed back to her regular form. She patted her head and said, "Oh. No more rabbit ears! How sad." She then notice that she had no clothes.

"Oh my." said as she just stood there in the nude.

Robert was finally dragged into the beach house with his head looking down to the ground. He did notice the smoke and was a little curious about it. He tried lifting up his head and saw a naked Reya and a orange cat in a guy's arms. Robert jaw then dropped and his nose began to bleed. He never saw a naked girl and closed his eyes. "Sorry!! I didn't mean to see anything."

Reya looked up to see that Robert and and Lyon had enter the house. She tilted her head down and smiled, "Opps. Sorry about that." She then quickly tried to cover her body with Mr. Bun and her hands.

March 2nd, 2006, 6:51 PM
OOC: Erm, if Kari is in the front hall, then this post is nonsense just to let you know.

"Go dress please Reya." Dante said kindly strating up the stairs "I will fetch Miss Rue for you Lyon, please wait here, do not lose him." He nodded.

Kin rolled his eyes and retreated back into the kitchen. The last thing he wanted to see was that girl, naked to boot. And he was quite glad that at the instance he rolled his eyes, his gaze far from the commotion, the smoke had cleared, and he needn't had worried. He saw nothing, and thanked Kousuke for the luck.

"Miss Rue? We have another little bit of commotion downstairs." Dante said as he rapped smartly upon my door.

"WHAT?!" I screamed slamming my fountain pen down as it shattered into peices, the delicate metal soaring everywhere as I yanked the door open "Who?!"

"Reya, and Mikka Miss." Dante said stepping aside.

"Which stupid a*shole decided to strut into those two?!" Rue shouted "I'll clean his clocks! And I'll clean his sanity as well!!" She dearly wanted to perhaps grab a belt and smack him right smart across the a*s, but instead she headed downstairs in such a haze of anger, she didn't bother the properness of using the handrail, though she was exactly 'stomping' down the stairs either.

She caught sight of the boy in Lyon's headlock and grit her teeth behind her glossed lips, a cold hard stare almost worth Kin's emitting from her dark indigo eyes. Then, she caught sight of Reya, wearing nothing but her ridiculous bunny.

"Dress." She snapped, pointing a rigid finger towards Reya's room "And don't come out of your room, until you are FULLY dressed! As for you," She turned her gaze upon the orange cat in...whichever twin's arms "I'd get out of his grasps before you transform, otherwise he'll be holding you in a VERY awkward situation! You will go to Lyon's room, and wait until you transform, I'd rather a family member NOT groping where he shouldn't!!"

She was agitated. And everything was happening in a blur that brought a headache to her, but ignoring the head splitting migrane, she then turned her full gaze toward the other outsider "And you, wipe you're d*mn a*s nose and get into the Cat's room. It'll be nice and homey there for you." Rue said imagining the small windowless room. It was the entire reason she'd sent Mikka to Lyon's room, instead of her own. And the fact that she knew that Mikka would never go, and if she had to defy an order, Rue might as well just go alongside Mikka's wishes for now.

Now, she had much bigger problems on her hands.

"Dante, if you could fix dinner for the rest of the family, I'd appreciate it. That includes Reya once she's dressed, Katsura, Yumi, Terry, and Mikka once she's transformed. Get them into the dining room, no questions asked. Lyon, you'll come with me, and keep an eye on the outsider. You will keep him in the Cat's room as I speak to The Head, and if there are any problems with my commands would anyone dare to point them out?" She asked her manicured nails digging into her palms. This was much more then she'd bargained for. Kousuke now owed her thrice over. Three transformations. In one afternoon. Not day, afternoon. And that reminded her.

"Dante, make sure that Kari feels at home, and do not inform her of the recent incidents. I will tell her once we get this sorted out. That goes for all of you." Rue said leaving the stairwell to go speak with Kousuke on her cell phone, which she'd left upstairs.

Kin smirked as he dished out Dante's dinner. How amazing. One minute it was peaceful, the next it was chaos, the next it was peaceful, and the next it was chaos. It was a pattern, and Kin vowed to keep a close eye upon the pattern.

"I hope you do follow Rue's orders, as if they aren't followed, she may just erase out dear guests memories without asking Kousuke." Dante said notioning toward the dining room, where Kari was "Both of them at that." He nodded toward the boy in a headlock, and said "But dinner is served. I hope Kin has made himself useful by starting us off." He said notioning the lingering zodiac toward the dining room.

"Your punishment, if any, will be explained in just a moment." Dante said to boy, pushing his glasses up "And I'll take that thank you." He slid the vase out of Lyon (is it in Lyon's hands?) hands, and retreated into the dining room to put it back up "Keep him here please Lyon." He said as he disappeared behind the dining room door.

Kin smirked as he worked, knowing that they would probably be even slightly more inclined to follow Dante's request/orders, as they were more polite then his sister's. Rue was probably shouting her head off upstairs, and Kousuke would teach her right for that, Kin was sure of it. But she small smirk slid off his face when felt the urge to smile, in a sort of substitute for the fact that he truly wanted to laugh at his sister. But...he was Kin. He couldn't do those things! Besides, there was no reason to. He kept a straight face from that moment on, and knew that the only other expression would be of anger, if someone managed to trigger it again.

Miss Reyna
March 3rd, 2006, 5:32 AM
((Lyon had the vase so you were right))

Reya nodded to Dante when he told her to get dress but she was to slow to leave to her room because Rue just enter the room before she was able to escape. She just listen to what Rue said until she made her command to Reya. She jumped and said, "Yeah...yes mandam. Yes Ms. Rue." With that said Reya went to her room with Mr. Bun in hand.

She then stood in the middle of the hall wondering where her room was to begin with. She then looked at the stuff rabbit and said, "Mr. Bun, do you know where my room is?"

She then smiled and said, "Great. Then lead the way."

In a matter of seconds Reya found her room and saw that her luggage was there still packed. She began digging for her clothes.

Robert was finding everything confussing. For a second he thoguth that this Rue girl was the head of the house but look like she isn't. Still the girl was confussing him. What did she meant by transformations and cat's room? What can the orange cat do? Then what were they talking about erasing memories? He was begining to think that this about more then stealing a vase.

Reya then reappear in the same room as Lyon and Robert this time fully dress in a pink skirt, purple sweater amd Mr. Bun in hand. She looked at them and then to Robert. She felt bad for getting him in trouble so she bowed to him and said, "I am so sorry for getting you invole with this trouble."

Robert just looked at her and said, "Nah. I get myself in trouble all the time. Don't worry about me." He found that the girl was now dressed like the the girl name Rue commanded but wonder why she was bowing.

Reya then just stood there. She wanted to be with the guy because she felt it was her fault that he was now going to possibly lose his memories.

March 3rd, 2006, 3:35 PM
OOC: I can't color code it now, because I'm leaving soon. I'll color code it later if I'm not too lazy.

"Don't apologize." Kin snapped at Reya as he wiped his hands off on a clean rag, walking into the front "He's the idiot who got himself into this sh*t in the first place. Now you heard Rue. Get in there." He jerked his head toward the dining room and raised his eyebrows at the zodiac members "And don't bow to him either. He just stole something, and it's not anybody's fault but his for getting into trouble. If he get's his memories erased, then you can go to sleep knowing that the it was the idiot's own d*mn fault in the first place."

"Kin, could you help me set the table?!" Dante called "Don't go scaring our guest now!"

"Hardly our 'guest'. More like our special little issue." Kin sighed, rolling his eyes as he turned back into the dining room.

Wait a second...did Reya just call Rue 'mandam?' Kin snorted, and nearly laughed. This girl really needed to go back to 2nd grade.

Rue was having an angry fit. And she wasn't about to let him go, no matter what Kousuke said.

"What's he like?" Kousuke asked calmly, though he was squishing a flower in the palm of his hand so tightly that it was beginning to wilt.

"He's a pervert. Got a nosebleed the instant he saw that idiot of a rabbit. Why did you invite her along anyway?! The entire zodiacs congregated in the front of the beach house just to see the stupid moron who decided to steal from us!!!" Rue shouted.

"Hm...perhaps we should erase his memories. Move him along you know? But Kari might get lonely, being with a load of freaks." Kousuke said boredly dropping the flower into the trashcan.

Rue flinched at being called a 'freak' yet again but continued "No No No, I absolutely will not take care of so many immature people, I'm not their Babysitter Kousuke!"

"Oh, but Dante and Kin are there to help aren't they? Terry and Katsura are pretty level headed as well. I'm sure you'll fine." Kousuke said twirling the phone cord between his paling fingers. He'd be in for it if he got sick.

"Dante is a great deal of help, but he's too soft-spoken!" Rue grit her teeth "Kin doesn't help either, he just goes black and make's things worse! I honestly wonder who's older!" She stamped her foot in frustration. She knew she was acting like a child, and she knew she'd be in for it, for yelling at Kousuke, but she couldn't help it. It was incredibly unfair!

"Explain it to him. It will be amusing. Or have Kari explain it. Or Lyon. You choose. But keep him there. Tell him he will work as Kari's assistant. The instant he tries to steal Sohma property, you will erase all his memories. Not only his memories of us, but his entire memory. Of his family, his name, his age, everything. Have Kin go black as well. Make sure the boy's stuck in the same room as him as well. A dead theif doesn't quite matter to the world anyway. Knowing Kin, the boy would probably be dead within a few minutes anyway." Kousuke laughed, loud and clear.

Rue shivered. She'd never quite seen Kin fully black, but she'd heard the last time he did go black, he hung a girl from a bleachers by fishing line. The girl lost her voice, due to the damage the fishing line had done to her throat, and Kin was removed from the school "Yes sir." She said bitterly, snapping the cell phone shut.

She knew that she'd give the boy the hardest time of his life. Harder then she'd work Kari. Harder then she treated the rest of them. And she'd make sure he knew she hated the very fact he was alive.

Miss Reyna
March 3rd, 2006, 4:40 PM
Reya was still feeling bad for the kid because if she didn't stand up then the kid would have been able to escape with the vase. Then she and Mikka wouldn't had transformed and Rue wouldn't be even more angrier. She felt as if everything was happening because of her. Reya then said to Kin, "Well sorry but please don't be involing yourself in my personal troubles."

Reya then moved her skirt a bit so that it was straight. She knew that something bad was going to happen. She wished that she could listen to Rue and her conversation with the Head but her room must be soundproof or something becasue she couldn't hear a thing. This made her a bit worried.

"I not that hungry anyways." she said to Kin. She was too nervous to eat right now but she was able to smell the wonderful dinner that Dante had cooked. "But maybe I eat a little later." she added.

Robert was a bit confuse still but was wish he was able to explain to the head. He was wondering if this was going to be something really bad this erase memory thing. "Would somebody explain what is happening?"

March 3rd, 2006, 7:28 PM
"Kiss your own boo-boo, you sicko!" she snarls, letting her fangs sink into the boy's wrist. As soon as Rue had begun to yell at them, it was almost as though she jinxed the situation. Surely enough...


And there stood a nude girl in a...very awkward position, biting Alex's hand. Her eyes widen, and she removes her teeth in an almost dumbfounded way. Turning her head, she looks at Alex and lets out a peircing scream.

"AWKWARD POSITION INDEED! YOU DON'T SEE ANYTHING, ANYTHING!" and with that, she removes Alex's arms from her bare, -cough- er, chest, and flees into Lyon's room to change. Perhaps she'll stay there for the rest of the evening and sneak down for a midnight snack, or something.

"Don't bleed on me!" growls Lyon, tightening his grip around the boy's neck. "Perv..." Rue had just shouted orders, and Dante with his own. One told him to go to the Room, the other to stay.

"So, where should I go!?" Lyon yelled in all the confusion.

March 4th, 2006, 8:06 AM
Rue stormed down in a flurry, and blind haze of rage. Now she had to keep this idiot in this beach house as well?!

"I thought I told you to GET INTO THE DINING ROOM!" Rue screamed pointing a rigid finger towards the dining room door "I thought I told ALL OF YOU! GET IN THERE NOW!!! As for YOU" She turned upon Lyon, "Cat's room, with the idiot, NOW!"

Why couldn't these people follow directions?!

"You made this everyone's business Reya!" Kin snapped, "And who's the wise mouth now?! Nobody care's if your hungry or not, I'm sure as h*ll not hungry!"

"Get in there Kin now!" Rue shrieked, boiling with anger "I'm already on my LAST nerve you stupid cow, if anyone can do it, get them into the dining room, and away from HERE!"

"Oh sorry Miss High-and-Mighty, but can't you tell that I'm TRYING?!" Kin shouted back left eye turning a violent shade of black with his right turning grey, having not entirely reached the dining room door "Can't you give a guy a moment?!!"

Not now. Rue thought. Not yet. "Just, keep, them, away, from, the, outsider." Rue said with grit teeth. Her usually perfect hair was no longer perfect, but seemed to stand on end with her anger, and she thought that she might as well be the one with the black personality.

Kin scowled and kicked the dining room door open "I don't care if you're hungry or not, GET IN!" He shouted, mainly toward Reya, who'd seriously got on his nerves. She was the one who made this the entire family's business! SHE was the one who godd*mned transformed! And then he's asking her not to "involve" himself in her personal troubles?! He was ready to just snap. But not here, not now, and not when Rue was pissed off at whatever Kousuke had said to her.

Rue stormed across the front hall and down another one, kicking a door open with the pointy heel of her shoe, as she stormed inside.

Dante sighed and put a hand on Kin shoulder as he walked over "Calm down Kin. Reya only wants to see to it that the boy is okay. She means no harm."

"Tell that to me again Dante, and you'll be able tell that I really don't care." He said clenching his fists "She needs to think through the things she says before she says them. Ditzy or not, Kousuke's doing a good job of making my punishment with this moron!"

"Kin." Dante said sternly "Don't-"

"Don't what?! Call family members names?! So what makes it okay for the cat to yell at the rat?!" Kin hissed.

Dante sighed and rubbed his forehead "Just sit down Kin. Take a break, and try to calm down, before you hurt someone. I'll deal out Rue's orders for you. Okay?"

Kin, breathing hard, simply stared at the man before him. Shorter was Dante, but still as imposing as Rue. Kin swallowed and sat down where he usually sat. He truly hated his family.

Every. Single. One of them.

Including himself.

Miss Reyna
March 4th, 2006, 9:35 AM
"Yes, sir. Yes, Madam." said Reya aloud so Kin and Rue can hear her. Reya then wiped her eyes because they begining were water. She just felt sad that everybody was yelling at her and it was all for fault. She wasn't trying to be a wise mouth but Kin yelling at her made her feel even worst.

Reya then walked towards the dining hall and passed Robert. "I sorry again."

Robert was dumbfounded. The cat in the guy arms was now gone and replaced with orange haired girl. Just like Reya, she was naked. He tried to keep his nose from bleeding so he closed his eyes. "What is happening here?"

He then heard Reya apolgize for the second time. He just stare at her as if she was apolgizing for no reason.

Reya then walked into the dining room and took a seat in her chair. The word 'moron' echoed in her mind. She took her a fork and poked at the rice and carrots. The she poked the bit of meat on the plate. She then took a bite of the carrots.She doesn't like carrots but couldn't resist the taste of them for some reason.

"I don't try to be a moron." she whispered. "I do think things out. I don't wish to be a pain though." Takinig a bit of another carrot slice.

March 5th, 2006, 7:42 AM
((I believe I am somewhat punished. (my mom hates my living guts, so it is likely) So I will warn you that I may not be on all that often until I show better progress with school work. Though I can tell this punishment won't last long (it never does) I'll just say that Mikka's in Lyon's room with the door locked, and Lyon brought the boy into the cat's room.))

March 5th, 2006, 4:03 PM
Katsura just watched, dumbfounded, as a flurry of activity echoed around her. She heard many orders issued, but many of them seemed to be contradictions of each other. So, for now she stood awkwardly in the front hall, not exactly sure what to do.

Apparently, the thief had discovered the secret, and was currently being led past her, his nose still dripping slightly with blood. What a pervert.

But her attention was quickly diverted when she saw Rue enter the hall, ordering them to get into the dining room. Kat was only too glad to do so, just hoping to get away from all the confusion, though she could tell that it was not likely that she would.

So, with a sigh of defeat, she walked into the room, being crushed from behind by other zodiac members, and took her place at the table.

March 5th, 2006, 7:50 PM
(Hahaha... Quite some things that has happened while I was out for the weekend. Heh. This is getting very, very interesting for me...)

Yumi ,in a alarmed and surprised way, made her way into the dining room along with the others. She was trembling and uneasy. She kept fiddling with her fingers and was quite scared... again. She swayed back and forth with a dizzy feeling. To keep her from this state, Terry took one hand, placed it on her shoulder, and lowered her into one of the chairs next to Katsura.

"Sit and cool down." Terry said to Yumi. Geez... What's wrong around here? So much commotion in a single day! I really need a vacation away from here. Terry thought to himself and shook his head. Terry had... seen the event but fortunately, he did not... see the cat... well at least not her..... you get the picture. He had closed his eyes and turned his head in another direction when the retransformation had occured while sighing a long sigh.

"Wonder what will happen to our hide now?" Terry said with closed eyes.

"I-I hope R-Rue-san d-doesn't shout a-anymore." Yumi said with quite the studder. Terry ,with a expressionless look, shook his head at the statement.

March 6th, 2006, 2:55 PM
OOC: I thought I might say this. Uzumaki, zodiac members don't transform when they bump against another zodiac member. That means that when Terry bumped against Yumi nothing would've happened.

I want to ask, is this RPG just going to be them living their lives? Or will it be like, a plot?

March 6th, 2006, 3:28 PM
"Mikkie, you're such a meanie. Here I am comforting you but you're still pretending that you hate me!" Alex paused briefly with a sly twinkling in his eyes. "Ooh, give me thank you kiss, that'll even out things~ <3" He quickly shut up, though, sensing a presence near by.


Oh noes, not that scary aura! Alex stopped teasing Mikka for a few seconds, shivering involuntarily. He knew that distinct aura: Rue. As usual, as soon as she arrived she started scolding everyone (okay, maybe just ditzy-bun-bun and the perverted dude) and literally gave hundreds of commands. Meh, that's Rue-Rue for you. Buuut, doesn't she just look so cute when she's in her scary-angry-I-can-kill-you mode~~?

"Jeez, Rue-Rue—Mikkie, cut that out!—you should at least give some credit. It's not like—gah, Mikkie that hurts!!—I'm a pervert like that dude." Alex whined, pausing every few seconds or so to try and stop Mikka from biting him. "And besides, it's not like Mikkie's going to transform…"

And, as if it wasn't expected:

"…right now."

Rue-Rue must've done this. Yep, she totally jinxed them.

With cheeks that gradually turned into a hue of pink, Alex froze on the spot, knowing not what on earth to do. Who would know what to do, anyway? I mean, you're hugging a girl - a naked girl - who's biting you (which, f.y.i., really hurts) and your arms were so-fortunately positioned across her, erm, chest. To make matters worse, at least half of your family is there to witness it.

What could you do?


Mikka's loud fit instantly snapped him out of his thoughts, and while he still was flustered, he managed to be act all obnoxious. "Sorry, Mikkie. I think everyone saw." Chuckling, he happily watched as she made a mad dash to her brother's room.

March 6th, 2006, 7:06 PM
((Hmm, perhaps we should conduct a plot. -mischevious twinkle in her eyes-

PM me plot ideas, people! -sneaks off- I think I'll be able to RP tommorrow...

and I was wondering the same thing, Naoko-Chan...so please fix that, Naruto.))

March 6th, 2006, 9:25 PM
Whoa. Sorry. I think I wasn't thinking straight. XD Sorry 'bout that again. Lots of things happened to me yesterday and I am still sick too. This broncular(still can't spell it right) infection is really doing it's job. Anyway... I have edited my previous post.

Miss Reyna
March 10th, 2006, 9:01 PM
Reya was still poking her food not really feeling hungry. She just ate some of her carrots and other vegetables that Dante prepared. She had some of the meat that was on the plate but still wasn't eating much due the to fact that she had gotten somebody in trouble while another guy was mad her. She wishes that Kin wasn't mad at her. She only want to be his friend.

Reya then said to Kin, "What are you planning to do tomorrow?" She then stuck another carrot in her mouth.

Robert was no shoved into another room. He was trying to figure out what was happening but wishes that somebody will explain what was happening. A rabbit and a cat. Then two naked girls. What are the connections with the two. He was beginning to wonder if the rabbit and the cat were the girls. "That is impossible." he said.

March 12th, 2006, 9:37 AM
"Hm?" Lyon said as he heard Robert murmur something. He was still holding him in something of a headlock, but he wondered if it really was necessary, being that they were in the windowless cat room. He lets go and stands by the door, waiting for either Rue or the Head.

He knows barely anything...but if he thinks intelligently, he laughs, Nah, that isn't possible. When are they going to get here...?

Mikka locks the door behind her, shuddering from the naked cold. She was in Lyon's room again, and began to tear at her luggage, rapidly pulling on clothing of the sort. When she was fully dressed, she lets out a quiet sigh and lays on the bed. Her stomach growls, but she ignores it.

"I'm so stupid..." she thinks, getting out a book and flipping through it rapidly. Once everyone's asleep and that ****ed boy is gone, perhaps she'll go down to sneak some food from the kitchen.

March 12th, 2006, 9:51 AM
Rue had pulled her hair away from her face with silver clips and headed for the cat's room.

"Miss please-"

"Dining room Dante." Rue said simply, striding over to the cat's room door, and turning the handle and sighing before pushing it open with difficulty.

But she paid no attention to her lack of strength, and brushed off her skirt, walking in and signaling Lyon to wait at the door, and to close it as well. Kousuke would be waiting for her to explain this all to him, and it was Rue's duty, yet again. Just because she was his doctor, she always got the brunt of things.

"Let me ask you something." Rue starting coldly with a chilly glare "Do petty theives know how to cook and clean?"

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Kin closed his eyes before Dante put a plate of food before him. He muttered something to the old man and he nodded but had a pleading look in his eyes that told him to just EAT.

But Kin did not touch the food, and merely said to Reya "Nothing."

He stood up and brought the plate into the kitchen, where he would be able to eat in peace. It was technically breaking Rue's request, but he was also technically still in the dining room, as the kitchen was ever so slightly open to the dining room.

But he sat on the side with out the stoves, and therefore was hidden from view of the dining room. He exchanged his plate of food for some stew and ate it silently, thinking on what Kousuke was planning, letting so many outsiders into the beach house. He of course, knew that that boy was going to be let inside, by Rue's anger. She would not throw a fit had she needed to erase his memory.

He chewed thoughtfully on a peice of celery, and dearly wished the cat's room wasn't sound proof. But Kousuke had taken all priorities on the cat's room, and unless somebody wanted it, nobody could let the cat out. Only Rue had the keys for the inside and out, and he had no idea where she kept it. He didn't think anybody did except Kousuke.

Miss Reyna
March 12th, 2006, 10:04 AM
Robert heard the question with some intrest. He knew how to cook and clean to some degree but he really wanted to leave the house. He wonder where this was leading. Possibly a job he thought. He did need money but if they did offer him a job how will he be able to get it out of the house. Still why would these people offer him a job if he stole something. Maybe it was the work of the blond girl but was unsure.

"I can cook and clean." said Robert. Then he added, "Why?"

Reya notice that Kin just left the dinning room. She wonder why though. Maybe she said something that offened him like she always seem to do around him. She only want to be with him. Reya then took a bit to finish the food on the plate. She then got up and left for the kitchen. She saw that Kin wat there eating a stew. Reya dropped her plate in the sink and stood there. She could smell the scent of a stew and saw a carrot cake too. Reya jsut stare at it.

March 12th, 2006, 11:22 AM
Kin froze, his spoon laying on the very surface of the rich stew. He slowly raised his glare up to Reya, and asked as coldly as he could

"Can I help you?"

He hated being watched while he ate. He hated being seen while he ate. It made him feel like a pig, no matter how little he was eating. Dante walked in and asked Reya kindly

"Would you like your carrot cake now?" He asked notioning to the little cake on the counter with an orange frosting carrot on the very top.

Kin rolled his eyes and tipped a small portion of stew into his mouth while Dante had the distraction. He wasn't exactly hungry, as he'd learned what starvation was when his father lost his job, but nonetheless, the needles stung at his stomach, and each spoonful quelled one needle.

Dante saw that Kin had slowed his eating pace, and sighed "Reya, Kin dislikes to be seen eating. Perhaps you should eat this outside of the kitchen. Kin can play with you later. Right Kin?" Dante asked stiffly.

Kin grunted and hopped off the counter, and pried the refridgerator door open and grabbed a bottle of water.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~+ ~

Rue folded her arms, and said "I don't think you're in the position of asking questions."

"Our head of house, has come to the conclusion of your punishment." Rue's voice quavered with anger and frustration but she kept her face passive "You will help Kari, our present outsider who is serving her punishment, as her assisstant. I will leave her to explain the details of Mikka and Reya's transformations, but one wrong move little boy..."

Rue took one hand to brush indigo hair off her shoulder before continuing "I will erase your memories without asking our Head. If you try to escape. You will be found. Trust me." She smirked and tapped the side of her head "Kin has an amazing memory for faces, and Inu can sniff out nearly anyone. You won't be lost for long."

She turned and stopped "This. Will be your room. You will notice that there are no windows. You will notice that there is a lock on the door to the outside of the house, but you will also find that not even the best lockpicker can open that lock. I've tried it myself. Only the real key can open this door, and this is the only moment that I will have this key on my personal self.

She dangled an odd looking key with different spikes jutting out in random places off her finger. It was no ordinary key that was for sure.

"Lyon, I will let you find someone to bring him his meal tonight." Rue said as she walked toward the door "Anyone of your choice...except Reya." She added before unlocking the door.

"You will stay in here for the rest of the night. Kari and yourself are not needed, as Dante has already cooked us our evening meal." Rue said pushing the door open before stepping out to leave, "Tell Reya, that this boy is her responsibility, as she seems to care so much for him. If he does anything wrong, the punishment will be her duty." She said to Lyon, before leaving the room entirely.

"Dante." Rue said walking into the kitchen and freezing at the sight of Kin and Reya. She raised her eyebrows and continued "I'd like some dinner."

"Of course." Dante said handing her a bowl of stew.

Kin grimaced and glanced at his own half-eaten bowl.

"Kin, please just eat it. Rue is not eating your own bowl, it doesn't matter that you're eating the same thing as her." Dante said sighing, as he shook his head.

Kin grumbled and Rue smirked before sipping her stew right from the bowl's rim in the traditional japanese style, although she kept quiet as she drank, and insult for Dante's cooking. Sipping loudly meant that it tasted good, but Rue could very faintly taste the scent of pork. A meat she detested with pleasure. She knew Dante never cooked chicken, or any kind of bird if he could avoid it, although she dearly liked the bland taste of chicken, she never said anything about it.

March 12th, 2006, 12:50 PM
Lyon nods at Rue as she adresses him, and leaves the room as well, leaving Robert alone.

He enters the kitchen to fix up Robert a meal, picking out the worse (if there was any) of Dante's cooking. He looks at Reya while holding the stew, and adressed her.

"Reya, if this boy of your's gets into any trouble, you will be the one to punish him. And believe me, you would be required to give him a harsh punishment," and with that, he made his way to his room. He tried to open it, but only to find it locked. **** Cat.

"Mikka! Mikka!" he calls out to her, rapping on his door. He hears a shuffle of feet, and she opens the door reluctantly. He hands her the stew and she wrinkles her nose at the sight of it. "Go into your room with this," and with that, he leaves. He was starving and in no mood to put up with protests.

"Hmph, I shoulda exprected something like this to happen...the Head has assigned me to go back to my room...great." she reluctantly opens the door, her bracelet clattering against the bowl as she looks around...and sees a sight that nearly made her drop the bowl.

"Oh, this stew is for you." She growls, at the moment thinking, Why the hell is he in this room? At least that means I won't be required to...

Miss Reyna
March 12th, 2006, 1:11 PM
Reya blushed at what Dante's suggestion of Kin playing with her. She smiled hoping that it will come true but she doubt that. Still it is nice to hope. Reya nodded at Dante's suggestion of eating in the dinning room. She would like some carrot cake even though she didn't really like carrots but loved sweets like cakes and she couldn't resist carrots. Reya grabbed a plate to serve herself.

Robert listen to what Rue had to say. He was a bit puzzled at what she meant by erasing his memories. That is imposible he thought but still. He only wanted to know a few things like if he getting paid. Still by the sounds of the girl's tone it sounds like a true punishment which means no pay. Robert frown because this just made his situation worse. I choose a wrong place to rob tonight he thought.

He heard the name Reya. That must be the name of the girl who keeps on apolgizing to him. Makes some sense as Rue kept metioning her name and the connection with her as how it was her responiblity to deal with him. He only hopes that this Reya girl is as nice as she acts. Hopefully she is more of a listening person then this Rue girl.

Robert then asked Lyon once Rue was gone, "So can you help me connect the dots about this transformation thing? Can this Reya girl change into a rabbit or a cat?"

Reya then heard her name coming from Rue for the first time since she yelled at her earlier tonigth. Reya guessed taht Rue must have open the Mikka's door because she can hear what Rue was saying. Rue's voice sounded harsh and angry. Reya heard Rue saying that the new kid is her responiblity and that if he does anything wrong, his punishment will be her duty. Reya was a bit worried aobut what she meant. It sounded as if this kid was her pet. She didn't like the idea of this kid being her pet and was horrible.

Reya then saw Rue enter the kitchen. Reya froze at the sight of her and knew it was time to leave with her slice of cake. She then said to Dante, "Thank you for the cake. I will enjoy it."

She then said to Rue before she began to leave the kitchen, "I will do my best with him."

Lastly, she then looked at Kin and said, "I see you later." She then left the kitchen and took a seat at the dinning room table. She quietly at her silce of cake.

March 12th, 2006, 5:16 PM
Rue laughed, a genuine one, but it was still mocking and cold. For the very plain reason that everyone had misinterpreted her statement.

"No No!" Rue said in mock cheerfulness "I meant that Kousuke will punish YOU if he does something wrong. We can't go around beating up outsiders, we'll get sued. So the one to take responsibility of his actions, is you Reya."

Rue turned out of the kitchen and back to the cat's room "You will have three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During your stay here you will obey the commands I give you, and the first one is to stay here until Kousuke releases you. Whether you follow the command or not is a personal choice."

She turned to Mikka, and signaled for her to hurry up and give the boy his stew "Tomorrow, you will state your name for the entire family." She said taking out the keys again and waiting for Mikka so she could lock the door.

She strode back into the kitchen and with a fluid movement picked up her bowl and dumped the rest into the sink "Dante, you will keep tabs on how much the thief eats per day. Make sure Kari does not feed him more then thrice a day. Speaking of Kari, where is she? I need to speak to her." Rue snapped.

"Is she in her room?" Kin asked looking up from his stew. He wasn't bothered with eating before Dante, and he knew Rue could care less, so he hadn't paused with his meal upon her re-arrival.

Rue raised her eyebrow's at Kin's two cents and said "Maybe having you bring her to her room was a mistake." Then she simply turned out of the kitchen, Kin silently fuming at his sister.

Miss Reyna
March 12th, 2006, 7:42 PM
Robert looked up at the girl that enter the room. He reconize her as the orange haired girl that was in the arms of the guy. He was wondering if this girl was the one who was a cat. maybe it was the rabbit girl. He had no idea. He then got up and took the bowl. He ate is slowly since this was the only thing he had to eat for the last couple of days.

The food was the best he had in his life. Then he stopped. "How can I eat this?" He then remember about his home. He can't be grateful for this food when his own family was straving. He then place the bowl on the night stand half empty.

He then heard what the Rue girl said. State his name in frount of the family. He was beinging to feel like a pet to these people with the blond haired girl as his owner. "Great" He said to himself. "I guess I will do that then. Miss."

Reya dropped her fork at what Rue told her about being punish for the boy actions. She couldn't believe that it would happen. At first she begged the Head for allowingher to come on this trip now she is responible for actions of a boy that she had gotten in trouble. It makes som sence because this was all her fault. She picked up her her fork and said, "Yes Madam. I will try my best to care for him."

Reya then thougth about possible punishments that could happen. Maybe it won't happen but she still didn't want to ruin her vacation. She put on a smile and then said, "Ok." She then took another bite of the carrot cake.

March 13th, 2006, 4:24 PM
Kin rolled his eyes "You won't be taking care of him you rabbit." He snapped "Kari will. You're going to be punished if he does something wrong. That's the only thing you've got responsibility with him. Why Rue is as stupid enough as to put any kind of responsibility-....Ugh, nevermind." He downed the rest of his stew and dumped the bowl into the sink with a wooden clatter "I'm going to my room Uncle." He announced to Dante who nodded, serving the rest of them dinner.

Dante knew that without words, he'd been assigned the task of finding Kari. Rue had a way of using him like Kousuke did. But he didn't quite mind as he scrounged the house.

"Kari, would you like some dinner?" He asked when he finally found her.

OOC: Where is Kari anyway?

Miss Reyna
March 13th, 2006, 6:16 PM
((Maybe we should try PMing Lily to remind her she is need here? Just a suggestion.))

Reya then finish her cake and got up from the table. She saw that Dante had left for some reason. She could hear him walking around the house like he was looking for something. She then enter the kitchen and put her plate in the sink. She saw that the plate from her dinner and her cake plate was in there. She then smiled and said, "The least I can do is wash my own plate to say thank you for a wonderful dinner."

Reya began washing her plates and was thinking about what Kin and Rue said. She remember Rue's voice and remember how mean was her voice. It seems like she really didn't want to deal with any of them. Then Kin was mean to her all the time but he never gave her a chance to be with him. She only want to be his friend. "Rue and Kin have wuite in common." she said.

Reya then dried her plates and place them on the rack. She then left the dinning room and kitchen on her way to her room. She saw the cat's room and said, "Still. I make sure that he is taken care of. I know what I my role is here and I do my best to try."

She then saw Kin's room and started debating on asking him something.

March 14th, 2006, 5:01 PM
Mikka just glares at the boy before leaving the room.

She makes her way towards Lyon's room, supposing she's just going to sleep there tonight...if not, on the roof at least. Ah, to heck with it. She had watched the weather before getting here, and it was suppose to rain tommorrow...just her luck. She'll be in a worse a mood all day tommorrow.

"Lyon," she says, opening the door. Lyon had just finished dinner and was now resting in his bed with a book open. He looks at her and turns to his side. He merely wore boxers, therefore his chest was bare. But who could blame him, summer's hot!

"I'm sleeping on the ground tonight. That ****ed boy took my room."

"Good for you, I suppose. You didn't even want to sleep there. Bad for me, though." He closes his eyes with his free hand as she changes, and then watches her (when she's changed, of course) lay a blanket on the ground to make something somewhat of a makeshift sleeping bag.

" 'night, Mii-Chan," he says, shutting off the light.

"Don't call me Mii-Chan."

((Let's RP for the next day. You can have concluding posts and whatnot. Perhaps I PM Lily, and the others, soon. But you guys don't do it, it is my responsibility!))

Lyon woke up, rubbing his eyes. He had half expected the sunlight to be pouring in from the window, but it wasn't. Alarmed, he looks at Mikka on the ground...still fast asleep. Strange, for Mikka usually was up before him.

He groans, realizing that it was raining. He had hoped to enjoy playing on the beach, but now it frothed and foamed from the storm, and thunder sounded, distantly. The pitter patter of raindrops hit the winder, and Lyon rises, rubbing his face.

"At least the day matches out feelings. ****, I'm going to have to put up with Mikka like this...all day. And there's no going out to escape. What the hell are we to do at the beach when it rains?"

Mikka turns restlessly in her sleep, agitated by his low voice.

March 14th, 2006, 6:03 PM
OOC: I never said I would PM her. I wouldn't either way, it's not my issue anyway. It's sort of hard to RP when one of the main characters is gone for awhile though.

IC: Rue awoke to a splitting headache, with the fact that she'd have to get up and unlock the door for that stupid boy. She groaned, and turned over. It wasn't her problem anyway. She'd gone to bed early last night, having been exhausted from her explosion of anger. And when she was half asleep again, her eye-lids snapped open. D*mn. It was raining.

Kin sighed as he sat on his bed, a lone lamp lighting up the small room. He held the thick textbook in his hands as he read, rubbing his eyes from the contrasting colors. He'd managed to finish the rest of his homework the night before, staying up only till about 11:00 PM. He found it annoying that there was no small sunlight to shine onto the words, but still, was enthralled as he watched the rain come in sheets.

He'd always watched the rain. The snow. The hail. The light. He watched everything. It calmed him somehow, but this rain...This rain was unsettling. It told him that he'd be stuck with a whole bunch of crazy transforming freaks and two outsiders for the entire day. The cat would be moody, the rat would seize the advantage, the outsiders were bound to bump into somebody again, and all in all, Kousuke's punishment was going fairly smoothly.

Kousuke sighed as he layed dejectedly in bed. Yesterday's frustration at the stupid freak theif had worn him out considerably, and now, Dante had to keep watch on him. Rue couldn't possibly cure him now, because she wasn't to know he was in the beach house.

"Dante. I want you to make sure the boy works hard. Tell him if he works hard, then he will be released without any consequences. If he doesn't...well once I'm on my feet, we'll deal with that later." Kousuke said through a haze of coughing. Dante nodded and left the room.

"I hate being sick." Kousuke said as he fiddled with tarot cards "And I personally, hate the future." He tore the card he held in half.

Rue huffed as she turned back over and sat up. She looked at her pathetic reflection, with unkempt hair and sleepy eyes.

And with that, she fell backwards and continued to sleep. The boy had food last night, he could last awhile more without it if she could. Dante would be up. She knew this as she stared at the blaring neon lights of her alarm clock that read, '8:46 AM'. He always rose at an early 6:00 AM, and went to bed at 8:00 PM. It was a feat, but he always did it. No doubt he would probably be cooking breakfast today until Kari got into the habit of getting up early...unless she was already in the habit.

Rue scoffed into her pillow and shook her head. A wasted thought.

Miss Reyna
March 15th, 2006, 4:48 AM
((I was just suggusting tha we PM her. That all I meant.))

Reya then let out a huge yarn. She notice that she was tired now. "Looks like I need to sleepie time." said Reya then she whisper, "Night Kin." She then made her way to her room.

Robert went to sleep as soon as he got done with his dinner. He place the half eaten stew on the night table close by and tried to make the bed confortable. The bed was very unconforable but soon he fell asleep.

Reya enter her room and began to unchange to change into her night clothes. She then pulled out a pair of blue earplugs and place them in her ears. She then looked at Mr. Bun and said, "For those noise people who like make noises at night. Do you know how know noise people are when they are asleep?" She then twich her nose.

She then made Mr. Bun do the same. Reya then smiled and said, "Yep. Now lets sleep." She then jumped into her confortable bed and began to sleep.

Robert let out a yell in his sleep. "No mom. Don't leave." He then jolt up in his bed and saw that he was in a different room that he was use to. He then remember that he was in the beach house. He then said, "Oh. I still here."

He then got up and headed for the door to see it was stil lock. Doesn't matter. Not like he able to leave anyways. His stomach then growl and he took a look at the half eaten stew from the other day. "I guess this will be my breakfast. He quietly ate the cold stew.

Reya then got up with and streach a bit. She was unable to hear anything including the noise she was making when she got up. She then took out her earplugs and put them in the case. She instandly heard the pounding of the rain. "Aww. There goes my plans for today. I so really wanted to go outside and enjoy the sites."

She then changed into a white top and blue jeans. "Maybe I can just play with the others today." She then looked at Mr. Bun and said, "You just always sleep in do you?" Her clock read 7:45. She then started to organize her clothes into the dresser.

March 15th, 2006, 2:59 PM
((I know, but I PMed her anyways! ^.^))

"Ngm..." murmured Mikka, rubbing her eyes. She was dreadfully worn out for some reason, and it was not because of the fact of last night. The rain wore her out quite easilly, and she lacked energy. Sure, she still gets peeved, and a lot more often then usual. Already was she feeling sour, and to help this agitated feeling, she was sure as hell hungry, too.

She stumbles down into the kitchen, still wearing the clothes she slept in (which were in fact what she changed into after she transformed.) She knew that Lyon was up, for she heard the bath running. More than likely he was taking his usual morning bath. Opening the refrigerator with great force, it groans in protest. Rubbing her eyes, she welcomes the cool blast of air that follows, and takes out a carton of milk. Like all the cats before her, she adored milk. Uncaring about the fact that others may need milk, she takes a deep chug of it out of the carton.

"Disgusting, Mikka." Lyon says suddenly. He was done with his bath, and was picking out water from his ear with a pinky. He notices her wrinkle her nose in distaste, and takes another swig.

"I know you're in a foul mood today," she groans, sitting down wearilly at the table, "And weak, as well...but that doesn't mean I should treat you in a way that's different." She grumbles something.

"Ever hear of a glass? Or perhaps a saucer of milk for our lil' Mii-Chan."

"Aargh! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!" she yells, rising quickly from her seat. She grows dizzy from the change in height, and grips the chair. Lyon takes a step back and grins. Mikka rubs her face. "Can't you find anything better to do than to mock me? ****, I'm so tired and annoyed, you wouldn't..." she slinks back onto the chair and places her head on the table. Her voice was muffled in a worn out manner. "Want me...to do that...to you..."

Miss Reyna
March 15th, 2006, 5:30 PM
Reya was finally done unpacking her clothes into the designated shelves. She then wiped her forehead and felt a bit dirty. She then said, "Oh. I feel so dirty. I didn't took a bath yesterday after I transformed and I had too hopped in the sand too."

She then took out some clothes for her bath and took Mr. Bun who was wearing a small shower cap. "Let take a bath."

After ten mintues, Reya was done with her bath and was headed for her room to dropped of Mr. Bun in her room. "Sorry Mr. Bun but you know that you not allowed at the table."

She then made it to the dinning room and saw that Mikka and Lyon were argueing about something. She had no idea what was happening. She then said with a huge smile, "Good morning!! How are my wonderful peoples doing today?"

March 16th, 2006, 6:09 PM
"Good morning indeed..." grumbled Mikka, glaring up at Reya in utter dislike. "Where's your stupid stuffed bunny? Realized that he was just a figment of foolish child's play and threw him in the sea. Good for you." she hissed, lifting her head up and rubbing her eyes thoroughly with her palms in a desperate attempt to rid herself of the tired feeling. Thunder roared outside, the storm getting closer as the rain pelted down harder. And to think...it was a beautiful day yesterday.

"Reya, I'm sure she didn't mean that...she's just in a bad mood." He looks down at the Cat with a childish grin on his face. But it soon evaporates from the knowlege that he was going to be stuck with this attitude all day long...and there was no escape.

"What I mean is, in a worse mood than usual..."

Miss Reyna
March 16th, 2006, 6:26 PM
Reya smiled disappear for a moment and then smiled even wider. "You so funny. I glad to see that you reflecting the weather outside" said Reya to Mikka.

Reya then hugged herself and said, "No. Mr. Bun can't swim. He a stuff rabbit so how can he swim? That a silly idea." She then let herself go and then grabbed the milk infrount of MIkka and pour some in a glass. She was going to drink it from the carton but she knew that the others would see her do it so she drink it from the glass. "Anyways. Mr. Bun can't come to the table because its a house rule. Anyways, he doesn't eat and most likey a sleep again." She then laugh.

Reya then heard what Lyon said and was reminded of the kid from yesterday. She hoped he is ok. She then said to Lyon, "I ok with what she said. Its ok. She not the first one to say something like that about Mr. Bun. She just showing how much she loves him that all." She then added a smile.

She then looked at the frige and said, "Whats for breakfest?"

March 16th, 2006, 6:36 PM
"Match the weather...Reya, she isn't disappointed about the rain. She's..." he stopped herself, Mikka was glaring at him with a look to tell him to shut the hell up. Apparently, this foolish rabbit knew naught about the secret that lay behind the cat, so he closed his trap.

But he lets out another laugh when he sees Reya drink the milk. "That isn't such a good idea...Mikka just drank the milk out of the carton. You'll get her kitty germs!" he laughs. "Disgusting habits cats have, don't they?"

"My milk...you just don't take it away from me like that!" growls Mikka, lifting her head up as soon as Lyon mentioned such. She had failed to relize it until then, and now was infuriated that her milk had been stolen by that ****ed bunny.

"I hate that **** rabbit of your's. One day, when you're asleep, I'll cut him up into little peices of fluff and burn him!" she rises quickly, stumbling foward weakly.

"Ugh, I hate rainy days..."

Miss Reyna
March 16th, 2006, 6:47 PM
"Oh" said Reya after she heard that Mikka just drink from the carton. Looks like Mikka beat her from drink from the carton. She then said, "Eww. Oh well. Not much I can do about it now. I mean I already drink the milk and it be a waste if just throw it out." She took another drink from the glass and said, "Still tasty!!" She then put the milk carton on top of the table in frount of Mikka.

She then jumped a bit and said, "Don't you dare! Mr. Bun never did anything to you." She then regain her form and said, "I love my bunny muchs! Maybe you just need a friend. I be your friend!" She then gave Mikka a huge smile.

March 16th, 2006, 9:06 PM
OOC: Holy cow. I miss 5 days off the net. Heheh. My infection got bad but now it's okay. Not many are Rping eh? Well. I'm back so no need for the PMing Wolf_Goddess. ^_^

Terry entered the Dining room just to hear Reya say something about us...wonderful people? Terry scoffed and muttered under his breath, "We aren't wonderful people. Geez. We're fricking cursed people that's for sure." He saw Mikka down the milk from the milk carton. Next, he saw Reya go for the milk carton after Mikka had done what she did. He gave a sigh, pulled a chair close to the nearest wall and sat on the chair. "Another useless day today." Terry muttered again and looked around the room.

Yumi was in a much better mood than yesterday. She had her deal of frights and commands given to her. Usually a good night sleep sapped away all her worry and stress. Yumi entered the room with everyone in there and looked around. She saw Terry, Mikka, Lyon, Reya, the thief boy (she never got his name), and that seemed like everyone that was there for the time being. Yumi, in her yellow skirt and a blue shirt, stood near the door and watched
quietly what was going on around the place.

March 16th, 2006, 9:32 PM
"Awake yet, stupid?" Alex disgruntedly poked the younger twin, poking him harder every second. Gah, Axel was never the morning person. Sighing, he gazed at the clock, following as it ticked every second.


"Aaah, I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna die from boredom!" With that said, he pulled the collar on his twin's shirt and literally threw him across the room. "Uwaa~ I never knew you were so strong, Princes--eeh? Alex?" Axel blinked as he vigorously rubbed his eyes. "Heeey, where did Princess go? I was talking to her a second ago!" He mumbled incoherently. Jeez, any fool could see he was still half asleep. "Baka." Alex started. His eyes rolled while he slowly made his way near his brother. With his fist raised, he smacked his hand down on Axel's head. "I had to knock you out yesterday. You wouldn't stop with hime-chan."

"So that's why my whole body's aching!" The way he said it, one would actually think he was glad to receive a beating. "See, see, I thought I tripped on something and fell on the ground -- that would've been embarassing!"

Alex sighed again, though he let out a snicker. "Just shut up and go take a bath. You know, I bet imouto-chan would have a blast watching you."

"Of course she would~" Axel grinned. He headed to the bathroom and started showering while Alex headed out for breakfast. He started whistling a cheerful song, ecstatic. This must be my lucky day, I can smell widdle Mikkie nearby! <3

//ooc: waah, gomen for the random post! I just needed to catch up and nothing ish going on Mari's head right now. X3;

Miss Reyna
March 17th, 2006, 4:55 AM
((Thief boy (Robert) is still locked up in the cat's room. He not in the dinning room.))

Reya then notice Terry entering the room and gae another smile. She heard what he said about them being cursed people and said, "So what if we are? Being cursed just make us even more special and unque."

Reya then went to the frige and found what seems like left over carrot cake from the other day. "Sweet but later." She countinued looking fro some eggs but couldn't find any. Must be because of Dante and his chicken thing thought Reya becasue she couldn't find an egg at all. "Still what is here to eat? I wonder if there is any cereal?"

March 17th, 2006, 1:21 PM
(('tis okay, Mari! I'm just glad to see mostly everybody posting! ^.^))

Oh how she loathed that smile that the darned rabbit gave her. I'll be your friend... the first time someone said that, they had to run away after having a...horrible experiance happen to them. Her memory had to be erased, to put it bluntly at that...if not, she may have become suicidal at the sight she had seen.

Shaking her orange locks from her face, the braid becoming rather messy from her sleep, she slumps into a chair creating a fwoosh of air. Closing her eyes for a second, she tries to regain some sense of better-being...but previaled not.

"I think there may be cereal...just be sure to get a new carton of milk," Lyon says, wrinkling his nose. He hears a sudden whistling, and he looks up. That could only mean one thing, the rat was coming. He seemed to be in a cheerful mood. A cheerful rat and a grumpy cat...that won't mix at all. But then again, did it ever mix?

March 17th, 2006, 2:59 PM
Rue sighed and sat up. Her stomach was writhing, and her conscious told her that the stupid boy was still locked in the Cat's room.

She shook her head and changed quickly. She would take a shower after breakfast, like usual. Collecting a pile of papers, prescriptions, and medications, she started down the stairs.

"Dante." Rue snapped clearly "Could you fix some toast and marmalade? Thank you." She said, more of a polite command then a rude request "No arguing today, the stupid outsider will introduce himself today." She shook her head, putting her papers on the table "And don't touch my work, or else I'll wring your necks until your heads pop off."

She was in a considerably worse mood then yesterday, if possible. The thought of dealing another entire day with these crazy freaks who seemed to transform at every possible oppotunity, did not, excite her.

She whipped out the odd shaped keys and unlocked the door for the boy "Alright then, out you go. You will introduce yourself to the entire family, including Kari, the resident outsider, and you will eat your breakfast at the table. Mind. Your. Manners." Rue said peevishly as she signaled the boy to leave the room.

"KIN. Get out here and eat, before Dante returns to the main house!" Rue said banging on his door as she passed by.

The Kin in question looked up, annoyed, when he heard the sharp rapping. He shook his head and brought out a different book. One that was incredibly small with cramped text. It was a sort of refrence book that he liked to read through like a normal book.

He slowly unlocked the door and shuffled out, fully changed, without his vest. He walked up to Dante and muttered "Just some tea."

Dante nodded, as he spread the marmalade across Rue's toast "Will do!" He said cheerfully. He obviously was oblivious to the gloomy outdoors, thinking a new day was filled with new possibilities.

When Kin entered the dining room, he glared at Rue, who was already working on signing and writing down the daily prescriptions, and also on a different report that seemed to go on endlessly. He sat down in the farthest seat from her, and opened his book and began to read. Though every now and then, he'd take the time to look up and glare at a Rue who was obviously ignoring him.

"Here you go miss." Dante said placing two peices of toast spread with marmalade in front of her "And for you Kin." He placed a simple mug of tea in front of Kin. Unsweetened, nothing added.

"Anything else for the rest of you?" Dante asked.

OOC: Erm, yeah, Lily should get here soon, as Dante can't keep on cooking and crap, that's sort of Kari's part...0_0;; and it's a brand new day to boot!

Miss Reyna
March 17th, 2006, 4:21 PM
Robert just got done finishing the left over soup from the night before when Rue open the door. He wasn't much hungry after finishing the soup and if he ate anymore he might as well be over stuffing himself compare to the amount that he usally eats. Still he remember Rue as the angry girl who doesn't like to be disobeyed no matter what. He got up and and left for the kitchen.

Reya then said, "Well I think I have some cercel just to finish the milk. I mean if everybody is scared of the milk now because Mikka drank from it then we can't waste it." She made her way to the cabinet for a bowl and a box of cereal .

Robert was at the door way hiding by the side where nobody could have seen him. He was scared because he had no idea who these people are or what they are hiding.

Reya was about to place her bowl and the box of the cereal. Then her ears went up from a sound that she was hearing from the direction of the door. She wonder if it was one of the outsiders just being scared. She ran to the door and open to see that it was Robert, the kid she hugged by accident the other day. She gave him a huge smile and said, "Hello? Want to come in?" She then grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the kitchen.

Robert eyed the girl strangly and was going to say no but was unable to because she pulled him in. "Wait. I just."

He was in the kitchen and Reya asked him, "How about some cerceal for breakfest? Please?" She then took another bowl out for him and poured him a bowl.

Robert was unsure if he should accept her offer but she did but he then nodded to say yes. He then thought that this girl must have something strange in her because she was very happy compare to the others just by looking at them. She was acting as if this was a blessing then a curse.

Reya then said to him. "Wait. The others nor I know your name. How about you tell us? I would love to know your name!!! Want to know mines? It is Reya Nena Sohma. Now tell us yours. How about everybody else introduce yourselves too?"

Robert then glup and look at the people. He then said, "My name is Robert DeLene. I from the near by town. I have a famly but not as big as this one." He was trying and hoping that was enough.

March 17th, 2006, 5:29 PM
"Our family's too **** big," growls Mikka from her chair, glaring up at the boy, "You wound't have found yourself in this mess if you haven't been stealing out stuff, you no good, dirty rotten boy. But now you can't leave, you're stuck here until we have to go...and then all your memories would go away. Bye bye, sianara, good day!" She crosses her arms firmly against her chest and juts out her lower lip in utter disdain. Her eyes drooped slightly, in a rather tired manner, and her beaded yellow and red (or black and white...whichever you're more used to...) bracelet clumps against the wood handle of the chair as she rises.

"Great, just what my day needed..." she growls as she too heard the whistling. "Him."

"Don't mind Mikka," murmurs Lyon, helping himself to some toast. He looks at Robert. "She's always like this on rainy days..." another thunder echoes through the summer home, and a flash of lightning could be detected. It was too dark to be morning, and he prayed it would clear up in the afternoon. But alas, if it was like this now, they shouldn't waste hoping for better weather.

"Better get used to us, 'cause we aren't going outside anytime soon. The perfect day to have our vacation..." he adds blandly.

Miss Reyna
March 17th, 2006, 5:49 PM
Reya didn't like the comment that Mikka was making. It was as if she already knew what Rue and the Head was thinking. That can't be. The deal must be a bit more then that. She had no idea if that was true but what if it was.

Robert was once again confused. He had no idea what the orange haired girl was talking about. Memory was going to be erase after their vacation. At least he knew that they were on vacation now. So this clean up thing was only temporatory. Still he wasn't sure if he could stay here that long. He needed to get home soon.

Reya could hear the rain drops pounding on the ceiling. It was coming down hard and she was hoping that it would stop soon because it was really messing with her. Still it the pounding had a nice sound to it.

Robert then asked, "What is going on here at least? I mean I know I stole a vase but what was up with all the smoke and girls."

Reya then took a spoon that was in the bowl of cereal that belong to Robert's and stuck the spoon in his mouth. "Here have some breakfast. Its frosted flakes!"

Robert saw the spoon coming for his mouth and was going to say, "No. I already." But the spoon was in his mouth already.

Reya then said to the other Sohmas in the kitchen. "Don't be rude. She introduce himself to us now we have to introduce ourselves. It only to be polite." She then smiled and ate some of her own cerceal.

March 17th, 2006, 6:14 PM
Kin snorted into his tea as he took a sip and looked up with a bored, and quizical expression "She? I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that the 'girl' standing next to you was a 'boy'."

Rue slammed her pencil down and shot a glare at Reya "Rude?" She asked icily "Rude?"

"I'm not sticking around for this one." Kin said satisfyingly as he stood up and headed for the kitchen, mug and book in hand as Rue gathered up steam.

"I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that STEALING is KIND OF rude!!!" Rue snarled "And I was somehow under the impression, that that boy is an issue of mine! You seem to think he's your responsibility, partially that is true, but let me CLEAR THIS UP for the SECOND time. In case you haven't noticed, I am your babysitter. Since you OBVIOUSLY, need one. YOU are the one who takes the punishment from Kousuke, if the outsider, does anything wrong. DID IT GET THROUGH YOUR FLUFFY EARS THIS TIME?!"

Rue sat down and gripped her pen so hard it looked as though the very ink would come splurting out.

Dante sighed "That, is Miss Rue. The boy who just entered the kitchen is Kin. They're not very easy to get along with, but I'm sure you'll find the others much more pleasurable to be with then these two adolescents."

Kin sweatdropped as he read his book peacefully upon the kitchen counter. Judging from the fact that he too, had a grammar issue much like Reya, he doubted the boy even knew what 'adolescents' meant.

"Might want to tone down on the vocabulary Uncle." Kin said as Dante stood beside the opening which let steam and smoke out of the enclosed kitchen "Not sure if people in the room will understand you." with that he took a sip of his tea, and turned the page.

"Excuse me?" Rue said looking up with a threatening glare.

"I never specified who I was talking about." Kin replied quickly, dumping the rest of his tea in the sink and dashing to the safety of his room.

March 17th, 2006, 6:22 PM
"Mikka may not be so pleasant to be around with...either, Dante," Lyon adds, pointing to the cat who's firey hair was now up with her temper, a pulse mark beating rapidly on her skull.

"I'm Lyon Sohma...and she's Mikka Sohma in case you couldn't tell. She was the naked girl who was with that boy, remember?" He smiles, taking a bite out of his toast.

"I could of introduced myself, by G_d!" The agitation only made the pulse twitch more, and she cleched her fists until the knuckles were an ivory white. She blushes at the second thing he said.

"It was all his fault!" she points to Robert, "And that ****ed rat's fault too! I would have gotten to my room in time!" Her throat was hoarse from all the shouting, and she looks around wildly.

Lyon looks at Mikka with a stern glare. "Simmer down, Kitty. We all didn't want to see that." He looks at both Robert and Reya, "See how she gets? Just don't bother her...nor Rue for that manner. They're both so hotheaded sometimes..." he chortles.

Miss Reyna
March 17th, 2006, 7:12 PM

"Oppsie. My mistake." smiled Reya. "I must still be asleep."

Robert was a little surprise that Reya called him a she.

Robert was surprise about what Rue was talking about. This blond haired girl named Reya was to take any punishment for whatever he does wrong. Now he has to make sure to stay out of trouble but this does explain why she being nice to him. Reya must be watching out for herself to make sure nothing bad happens to her.

Robert was a little angry what Kin said about the old man and his vocabulary. He knew what the old man said but still won't let that get to him. He didn't want anything bad to happen to that girl. He then looked at the others and said, "Nice to meet you." He then ate his cereal quietly hoping this will keep Reya out of trouble.

Reya felt the top of her head to see if her rabbit ears had appeared. She breath a sigh of relief to see that they weren't there. "For a minute there you made me think that my ears were showing."

She then took a chance to think about what Rue and Kin said. She took into consideration what Kin said about adolescent and vocabulary. She was a little bit offened because she knew what adolescent meant. Adolescent was a formal term for teen.

She then said, "I know what you mean Madam Rue. You always seem to be baby-sitting me. I didn't meant to get anybody mad by saying we were being rude. I just want to us to say our names to him since he is new. Also I know the conditions and I was just being nice to him."

She then took a slip of her cereal. She then whispered, "Adolescent. A formal word for teenager or teen. A period of growth for person between puberty and growth. I know me words." she smiled.

March 19th, 2006, 5:46 PM
((I am sorry to announce that Lily will no longer be RPing with us anymore. She says that she cannot catch up with everything that has gone on, so therefore she is leaving this RP.

And another thing I have to announce: I am too lazy to reply to this at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow, or when I find my muse...))

March 19th, 2006, 6:01 PM
OOC: *wail* D*mn, so now what do we do? We've got a male outsider now, but we'll still need a female one. Should we ask permission with Lily for someone to play Kari, or should we just do without? (I'm too lazy to post as well, as I've already just posted two posts that are really what should be the equivelant of my 'first' posts.)

March 19th, 2006, 6:05 PM
OOC: I really am sorry. o_o; I never intended to quit, and yet successfully following the plot seemed implausible, what with my lack of enthusiasm/attention span. If you desire to ask another person to play as Kari, I see no problem with that. ^_^ Again, my apologies.

March 26th, 2006, 12:59 PM
((I'm RPing Kari.))

Waking up to the sound of both pouring rain and cranky, shouting voices, Kari pulls the covers over her head. Her dream was...strange. Quite strange, actually. She thought she was living with a family possessed by the twelve animals of the zodiac, as well as the cat, and that was who's beach she was on. Rolling over, she groans, wishing that today wasn't raining so she could go outside and play. Pity.
Wait a second, this wasn't her bed! She leaps out of it, rubbing her temples. "So it wasn't a dream," she murmurs, hearing the shouts from the kitchen. This wasn't her hotel room. The sheep, it wasn't a dream. Grinning, she was pleased, actually. Her friends she had made were not made up, and that meant beach priveleges. But, she still had to cook and clean...
She goes to the kitchen to fix up a breakfast, smiling cheerfully. "Hello!" she says to the family.

Mikka glares up at her, "Why's she all happy?" the cat grumbled, crossing her arms.

"Mii-Chan," he says, nudging her in the side. He whispers in her ear, "At least with her around the twins don't have to bother you."

"But I want to beat that **** rat, she always ruins it!" Snaps Mikka bitterly, slouching.

"Um..." Kari says, looking at everyone. She had never seen someone as grumpy as Mikka, but she supposed that was just how she handled rainy days.
"I bet you're disappointed that it's raining and we can't go outside today to play in the ocean."

"I hate the ocean..." growls Mikka, slouching down lower. "I hate this vacation...and I hate you, and him." she snarls, pointing her finger towards the theif.

"Now now, Mikka...that's not very polite. She's our guest, and deserves to be treated with respect." Lyon says, smacking her smartly across the face. He notices Kari's mortified expression, and grins. "Don't worry, she has a hard head. It's not like there are any brains in there to be damaged."

Miss Reyna
March 26th, 2006, 1:59 PM
Robert took a look up to see that another girl had enter the kitchen. He wonder who this person was. What secert does she keep within her. At least this girl isn't one that is super hyper or angry.

Reya then jumped out of her seat and said, "Ello and good morning. I know you. You are Kari, one of the guest here in our house. I am glad that you are also here. Maybe later when it isn't raining we can go to the beach. I would love to go to the beach." Reya then bow and added, "I hope your time here is enjoyable."

Robert then looked back to his cereal. This girl must be the Kari girl that Rue kept metioning. So she and him have found something out about this family and now being punish by cleaning this house. Great thought Robert.

April 1st, 2006, 3:56 PM
((Wow, It's been a long time since I've last posted...))

Katsura sat at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee, as she watched the chaos erupt around her.

She just sighed; Scenes like these seemed to be quite common these days, and for the millionth time this vacation wished that she belonged to a different family. This, however, was a stupid wish, and she internally scoffed at herself for ever even thinking of it.

Slowly, Kat rose to her feet as Mikka began yelling again. Oh well, there was nothing she could do about it..except get out of the way. Which is exactly what she did, hurridly dumping the rest of her coffee out in the sink before dashing out of the door after Kin.

Miss Reyna
April 4th, 2006, 3:31 AM
Robert finish his cereal and decided to drop his plate into the sink. He was about to leave when he remember that he was going haveto wash the bowl so he decided to get a had start on it now. He turn on the water and grabbed the sponge.

Reya looked around to see that people were leaving the kitchen. It must be getting late in the morning and the rain seemed to be pounding harder on the roof. She decided to finish her breakfest before even thinking of leaving. She then saw that Robert was washing dishes. Robert took her empty bowl and set it aside to wash.

He didn't like doing this but if it meant a faster way to get out of the house then he do it. He didn't trust anything or anybody in the house.

"Thankies" said Reya with a smile. "You don't have too start now. Thankies lots again."

Reya then made her way to the frige again and saw a melon. She then grabbed it and place it back. "For later." she said.

April 4th, 2006, 10:59 AM
OOC: I shalt be gone for 5 days. Don't worry about getting far, you can always just say that Kin and Rue had locked themselves within their rooms for the day. 0_0 But please don't control Dante or Kousuke either. The four of them will just have to disappear for 5 days I suppose.

Rue finished off the last of her toast and said "Why don't we leave the things that the outsider has to do, and doesn't have to do, to me?" She put her plate on the counter and gave Reya a mocking pat on the back as she collected her briefcase "You can explore the house today outsider, but be aware that you're not going to be leaving anytime soon. I trust that you won't, as my guess is you'll stay for as long as this accursed vacation lasts."

And without another word she swept up the stairs, briefcase in hand. A smirk on her face as she thought with great satisfaction, that the outsider would not stay for long. Kari, she didn't mind, for the sole reason that Kousuke had invited her here for the purpose of entertainment, and so far, all was well. But she could hear Kousuke's nasty attitude when he gave her the commands she passed onto Robert. He would not be treated with as much 'kindness' as Kousuke may define it, as Kari would, when time came for Kousuke to truly meet the two.

Kin sighed as he trudged slowly to his bedroom door. He let his gaze turn slightly to see just who had followed him out of the kitchen, and shrugged it off when he saw it was just Katsura. Kin truly wondered just why Kousuke was letting in so many outsiders. Robert, perhaps so that he could punish him face to face, but why Kari? She had done nothing extremely wrong besides...well, trespassing. She hadn't gone as far to the extent as to steal something like that other crazy outsider did.

He shook his head. But then again, why did he care about the outsiders? Or his relatives for that matter? It was obviously why he spent the time to converse with Rue, as it was hard not to, and Dante was almost his Uncle, so why not? But he vaguely remembered saying only 'Hello' to the rest of the zodiac before this. Just Hello. He hadn't said his name, and had left that duty to his father, who was constantly apologizing at the New Years celebrations towards other relatives who found Kin's attitude repulsive.

He remembered the scornful look his mother gave him when she walked into the banquet hall with Rue. And he remembered the scoff he gave her. He'd been at the mere age of 8 then, still indignant about Rue's birth in general, and his mother's complete lavishing of attention upon her second child. Not one as stupid as the Ox, but one as intelligent as the Dragon. Directly related, and yet, different and alike in so many ways.

Kin knew they both had disagreeable attitudes. Kin knew that Rue had been accustomed to getting her way, so she was naturally quite snobbish when time came to speak. And he also knew that she was very disgruntled about constantly being viewed as Kousuke's servant. He knew that she considered Dante, Kousuke's servant. But more different then anything, Kin knew that he was the pale moon, with his pale complexion and his silver hair, and that she was the night sky, with her pale complexion, yet dark indigo hair. They worked in harmony, and yet were so different. That was how their father viewed it. Said that him and Kin's mother were as different as Night and Day as well.

And when he turned the knob into his bedroom, he paused. Kin was stuck with his father, whom was most definetly Day. If his mother, whom he'd really only lived with for 3 years, was Night, exactly was this family so seperated?

Thinking too much again. Kin shook his head for what felt like the millionth time. Bad idea.

Miss Reyna
April 4th, 2006, 5:07 PM
Reya then smiled and looked around wondering where the other zodiac members went. She felt Rue's pat on the back and smiled even wider. Rue never treated her with any respect or anything. Reya remembered that she had to dance with Rue at one of the New Years celebrations. She couldn't remember how long ago but they did dance once before. Reya was all happy when it was her turn to dance to pass the New Year to the dragon but Rue was a bit cold if she remembered right.

Reya then smiled wide and said, "Well. I go play with Mr. Bun in the living room."

Robert then said, "Will do when I’m done. Miss." He didn't really like this purple haired girl much but his faith in this house depended on her. He just thought it would be best to show some respect to her.

Robert then started to dry the plates.

Reya then ran to her room and returned to the kitchen. She saw that Robert was drying something, so she smiled and said, "After you done. Could you meet me in the living room when you’re done? I wish to talk to you." She then smiled and went to the living room with her stuffed rabbit. She was making Mr. Bun dance on the sofa.

Robert had no idea what the blond girl wanted to talk about, but she also a family member of this house so he thought it be best not to deny her request. He has no idea what power this girl has in this household. For all he knows this girl holds just as much power as Rue. He began to finish his drying.