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February 11th, 2006, 7:04 PM
In the past, the citizens of Neopia (especially the pets) have enjoyed the company of the faeries. There were the basic elemental faeries--of earth, wind, fire, water, darkness, and light--and then there were others such as the Soup and Space Faeries. Also there were "minions" of the elemental faeries that served the purpose of blessing Neopets and were usually bottled.

One day in Neopia, something didn't seem to be right. The faeries that were once taken for granted were gone... all of the faeries, or at least the elemental ones... luckily Taelia and the others still remained. Kauvara, the magic shop owner, was the first to notice this when an order of bottled faeries for the shop failed to come. She began to tell the existing faeries the news, and pretty soon many Neopians knew all about the problem...

Obviously the problem wasn't Jhudora again--it would be crazy of her to imprison other faeries, and nobody discovered any in her cloud anyways. In fact, the problem didn't exist with any common villains... so who was it?

The only new face in Neopia at that time was a new faerie: Sisturnia, the Spirit Faerie. She, unlike the elemental faeries, did not grant individual abilities but rather helped awaken the very inner powers of Neopets. She usually kept this ability a secret, though rumor has it that she used it to give the other faeries their powers... Anyways, after the faerie disappearance, Sisturnia decided to use this ability on a few chosen Neopets who would be willing to help on the mission. She picked Neopets in as diverse a location as possible so that they would be familiar with their area.

But who will answer Sisturnia's silent cry for help? Who is willing to take on this magical treasure hunt? The rewards can be great, but the discoveries can be alarming... Are you willing to embark on an adventure around the planet?

***Now, here's how this will go: Those who find the missing faeries and the ones behind the disappearance will get a special prize (for the characters, of course), and your pet will not die or be removed from the RPG unless you break the basic RPG rules or voluntarily quit. After the RPG starts, late signups will be accepted until there are ten people (excluding me) in the RPG.
Now for the signup: (note that you will be a Neopet, not an owner, but you can have an owner as long as he/she doesn't come with you because he/she can't)

Name: You don't need a last name--Neopets don't usually have them.
Gender: Pretty self-explanatory
Species: Pick any Neopet species--you can also be a limited pet such as a Poogle
Colour: This can be a basic or painted colour--it doesn't matter.
Home: You can be from any of the major worlds in Neopia. You can also be from Kreludor, Roo Island, Kiko Lake, Geraptiku, Jelly World, the Space Station, or any world included within the major worlds such as Brightvale. No other location is allowed, and it is recommended that you pick a different location than anybody else.
Personality: Please be descriptive--don't say it in one or two words.
History: This area is pretty much free--like I said, you can be domestic or wild, but be aware that your owner can't come with you on the quest.
Petpet: This is optional. If your pet has a Petpet, list its name, species, colour, and Petpetpet if it has one.
Abilities: These do not have to be the abilities listed on the site--you can make up your own abilities or powers. In fact, I would encourage that you don't use the existing ones, as these are the abilities Sisturnia will give you. Your pet can already have a maximum of one ability that's listed on the site though.

***I will also be entering this RPG with a Neopet, but she will not win any prizes from this as she is already Sisturnia's "honourable pet". Anyways here's her signup:

Name: Kinedra
Gender: Female
Species: Ixi
Colour: Faerie
Home: Neopia Central
Personality: Kinedra is quite intelligent and artistic. She loves to read as well as sing, but she also loves to stargaze and fly in the clouds. She also puts her ability to good use--she often uses it to defend herself or help others. But generous and friendly as she is, she's also quite enigmatic and lonely--she knows she's different from others. She likes to perform, but not to compete. She likes to use her powers, but she doesn't like to show her ability off.
History: Kinedra has always belonged to a teenage girl named Sami. Sami had one other pet (Kitari, an Aisha), but Kitari acted like a princess and never wanted to leave Sami's side. The two pets never really liked each other, but they didn't hate each other either. Both of them lived in the outskirts of Neopia Central, where they lived as tramps pretty much. This was pretty much OK--they stole food only if they got tired of berries, which Kitari used an Earth ability to produce. Kinedra has always had her ability, and she used it as often as she could but never entered any battles or anything. She's always been fond of psychic powers and the like. Anyways, after the faeries disappeared, Kinedra and Kitari heard Sisturnia's call, but Kitari didn't like adventure and didn't want to go. However, Kinedra was eager to go on an adventure, so she asked Sami if she could. Sami wished she could come as well, but she had confidence in Kinedra anyways and let her go.
Petpet: None
Abilities: Kinedra already has the Psychic Blast ability, but upon meeting Sisturnia, she will get even more psychic powers just as her passions suggested--this would include telekinesis and telepathy. Also it will include a sort of power-up for her existing ability, which allows more variations of psychic energy blasts and waves.

Like I said earlier, I'm looking for no more than ten people to sign up. However, at least three must exist for a more interesting RPG. Have fun in this RPG above all!

February 12th, 2006, 9:08 AM
((OOC: Finally! A Neopets RPG! ^^! I would like to join!! ^^!))

Name: Karrie

Gender: Female

Species: Aisha

Colour: Black

Home: Jelly World

Personality: A very ignorant and sometimes bossy Aisha, Karrie has been known to be a smarta**. She has a self-centered personality, only thinking of herself, and looking down upon others. She usually makes very witty and sometimes mean comments on everything she hears, such as a conversation between people, how they look, how they act, etc. But, at times, she can be a very nice and caring Aisha, but thta rarely happens, and only happens in times of need. Sometimes, she even breaks down in tears, and has an extreme case of overemotionality. She always makes fun of people, with a sneer.

History: Born on June 12, 2005, Karrie was the proud Aisha of Danny, a very modest boy, who unknowingly had given birth to a b****. She had grown from b****, to conniving b**** at 7 months of age, and she had also learned a new ability by then. One day, she heard a Faeries voice, it was, suprisingly it was the Spirit Faerie, Sisturnia. She said that she has to help bring back the Faeries, and then granted her special abilities. Karrie then explained the situation to Danny, and then she tok off, hoping to help with Sisturnias request......

Petpet: None

Abilities: Shadow Wave(shoots a small beam of black energy), and Ray of Hope(shoots beam of light energy).

((OOC: If its too short, I can edit it if you like! ^^!!))

February 13th, 2006, 7:40 AM
Name: Yasu

Gender: Female

Species: Xweetok

Color: Fairy

Home: Neopia Central

Personality: Yasu isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is loud and opinionated, and will stand up for what she believes in. She won't take crap from anybody, and is always loyal to the friends she manages to make.

History: An orphan, she has lived all her life as far as she can remember on the road. She had an owner at one point, a quite kind one at that, who painted her fairy, but unfortunatly, not too long after that, the girl went bankrupt, and left Yasu to fend for herself. She has lived on the streets of Neopia Central ever since.
(I'm sorry, is that better?)

Petpet: None

Ability: Electric Pulse (Sends a strong electric pulse from the antennae on her head) Static Shock (Paralyzes the opponent with a weak electric shock)

February 14th, 2006, 11:02 PM
You two are both in! Just a few minor changes you'll have to make, though:

Jack Skellington: Neither of Karrie's listed abilities exist on the site, so she won't get them until Sisturnia gives them to her. Keep in mind that meeting Sisturnia will take place in the RPG, so please edit your history to take out the part about Karrie getting her abilities--she doesn't have any yet.

Radioactive Waste: In most RPG's, a history as short and simple as yours might put you up for rejection. Luckily, I'm pretty lenient, but for practice you might want to go a little more in-depth--who was Yasu's owner? Why did she run away? Things like that might help you in future RPGs.

Other than those above things you're both OK.

I will start this RPG either on Friday or when there are about 7 signups--whichever comes first.

March 10th, 2006, 2:23 PM
Name: Shylocke
Gender: Male
Species: Uni
Colour: Red
Home: Kreludor
Personality: Shylocke is a bouncy little Uni who likes to play about wth his friends a lot. He always looks after his friends and other people who are ill or upset. He is very Kind but gets very angry, very quickly if someone annoys him.
History: Shylocke was with his owner, Ichigu before he left for this quest. He loved his owner and always spent time with him. Since he was asked to go on the quest he has been a little quiet. He is determined to help on the quiest though because he is worried about the faeries.
Abilities: Shylocke can stand up on both legs and use his horn as a sword against the enemies. He can also cast a spell of lighting from it's horn when standing normally.

March 13th, 2006, 11:52 PM
The spaceship to Kreludor was nearly empty--the only other ones on it were a little girl sitting near the window chewing gum, and a yellow Blumaroo reading a newspaper. The scene was quiet, except for the occasional engine noise, shuffling of newspaper, or popping of gum.

Kinedra paid almost no attention to the other occupants--she was too busy looking out the window at Neopia and the stars beyond. This was just the sight she always loved to see--a view of the stars from outer space is a remarkable sight indeed. It was strange seeing the stars from a different angle because there were no familiar constellations, but they were all clear as a reflection in a mirror.

"Wow, faerie!" the girl suddenly exclaimed, averting Kinedra's gaze. Kinedra appeared puzzled--what exactly was the girl talking about?
"You... I thought all faeries were gone!" the girl continued, her voiced muffled by gum.
All faeries are gone? Kinedra thought while staring at the girl. I knew there was something fishy about not seeing faeries for such a time... but I thought that was a coincidence... is she saying they're gone forever?
Then Kinedra remembered the call from Sisturnia, telling her to come to Kreludor.
I wonder if this has to do with the faerie crisis...
"Oh, there is..." Kinedra explained after her short trance, "...a difference between a faerie and a faerie pet. I happen to be the latter. It's only the regular faeries that have disappeared--you know, those that resemble humans..."
"I see," the girl said, following up with a loud pop. "I guess I'll have to wait then," she commented as she skipped back to her seat, though not with much glee.

After the disturbance, Kinedra once more looked out the window. This time, Neopia was nowhere in sight--instead lay a gray, rocky orb. Kreludor was close. Soon Kinedra was to answer the call--soon the adventure would begin.
OOC: Basically you have to somehow get to Sisturnia's lair, which is near the town on Kreludor...

*By the way, Shylocke, you are accepted.

March 14th, 2006, 8:12 AM
Shylokce walked through his hometown of kreludor. He saw a lot of neopets standing around looking worried for him.
"Don't Worry people, I'll be fine!" He said to them as he smiled and continued on.

He finally reached the edge of Kreludor and into sisturnia's lair. He looked around at the walls and everything as he continued on his path to find the others who had been invited to help on the quest. As he continued walking he ran into someone.
"Oh i'm terrebly sorry" He apologized to them and looked up realising this was where he needed to be.

April 1st, 2006, 4:28 PM
Yasu stared at the vast orange landscape below her, it seemed to roll on forever; An unstoppable force that just took her breath away.

How nice it must be to live here, she thought, she could understand why such a powerful fairy would want to live here. However, it also made her feel small and desolate, much that she had to close her eyes against the monochromaticness of it.

But she was jolted (Rather rudely) out of her thoughts, by a sharp jab to her ribs, from one of the more rude passengers had been on the shuttle with her.

"Watch it, jerk!" She exclaimed, completley oblivious to the stares and whispers around her. The skeith who shoved her turned around, grinning maliciously, and began to advance towards her.

She stood her ground, and glared defiantly at the neopet. This, however, proved to be a rather bad descision, because the next thing she could remember was the skeith raising his claws, and then waking up here.

Where was "Here" anyway? Yasu stood up gingerly, inspecting herself for injuries and finding only a few bruises on her sides. And seeing as she was standing at the bottom of a very steep hill, this was to be expected.

What she saw next, however, was not. A crimson red uni was standing in front of a huge cave nearby, Just like in my dream... It was the exact same scene she had seen in her dreams the night before, It's him! One of the others! That must be the fairy' Sisturna''s house, then, she's the one that had convinced her to spend all her money on the trip here!

That was where she needed to be, and so she complied, walking gently down towards the large chasm nestled in the cliff.

April 13th, 2006, 11:52 PM
Kinedra and the girl were now the only ones on the spaceship--the Blumaroo reading the newspaper got off at the Space Station. After they left the space station, all was quiet, except for the occasional rumbling of the engine. The girl sat quietly as well, just staring out the window like Kinedra had done.

Kinedra started to get a little suspicious of this--a combination of logic and intuition told her so. After all, why would only two passengers exist on an ever-so-popular flight to Kreludor? Surely, the ship would have at least ten occupants... yet now, the speceship seem not to have even a pilot--just Kinedra and the girl.

Kinedra would have had more premonitions about what was to come, but those seemed to stop every time the girl looked at her. Somehow the girl didn't want her sensing anything to come... so the only thing Kinedra knew that there was definitely something suspicious about the girl. She formed this conclusion in her mind and left it at that, until fate should reveal it. She was a firm believer in the workings of fate, and with that belief comes...

Reward. All of a sudden, the spaceship accelerated sharply, pushing Kinedra back in her seat. However, a sideways glance showed that the girl didn't appear at all surprised--perhaps she had anticipated this abrupt change in speed.
Well, this is my first-ever trip to Kreludor... maybe this always happens.

With intuition at a failure, Kinedra figured wrong. Within moments, the stars disappeared, and the lights went off inside the ship. All was dark, all was silent... except for occasional wisps of purple fog outside, and faint voices echoing like dark angels.

OOC: OK, Jack Skellington, you just need to get to Sisturnia's lair, and then we'll be all set! Sorry for the slow-up...

April 14th, 2006, 1:16 AM
Ooc: Too late to join? Oh and I've added one of my own section, Appearance since my character isn't going to be sort of a normal faerie wocky..

Name: Twinkle

Gender: Female

Species: Wocky

Colour: Faerie

Home: Faerie Land, guardian of the faerie petpet shop.

Personality: Twinkle is an affectionate, friendly and caring wocky that always tries to cheer her friends up whenever they are feeling grey. Being an encouraging little pet, Twinkle has always been one of Faerie Land's "cheer-up friend".

History: Twinkle was abandoned by her Wocky parents when she was just born. When one day, she was attacked and badly injured, an earth faerie managed to save her by bringing her into her own shop. The earth faerie got a faerie paint brush from her wardrobe and painted Twinkle until she has wings that enables her to get around Faerie Land easily. Seeing that there was always a twinkle in Twinkle's eyes, that was how she got her name and since then, they have always been on the job on selling petpets to their righteous owners.

Petpet: Feloreena (Sparkle) Twinkle received Sparkle from the earth faerie that owns the faerie petpet shop. Seeing that Twinkle have been helping out finding the faerie critters a good home for quite awhile, The earth faerie rewarded Twinkle with a new life-long friend, Feloreena.

Abilities: Morning Grace (An ability that lets you heal when you are injured. Works better in the morning) and Moonshade (An ability that fires a ray of stars that works better under the moon)

Appearcance: Twinkle has a silver chain around her neck. At the end of the chain, there is a tiny piece of pinkish-red crystalline rock and a white feather with a black tip hooked onto it. Twinkle believes that she received this from her parents, that they did not mean to abandon her for selfsih reasons...

April 19th, 2006, 7:10 PM

Pikachus Paw: Of course, new signups are always accepted! All you have to do now is get to Sisturnia's lair.

Oh, and sorry if this RPG is going slow... well at least it's not going fast.