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February 12th, 2006, 5:38 AM
In terms of looks, what do these pokemon have in common?


I might list more later.

February 12th, 2006, 10:44 AM

At least spell Espeon and Vaporeon right.

Hmmm, they both have 2 eyes?


February 12th, 2006, 10:49 AM
They have rare powers?
They know what humans are thinking?

Alter Ego
February 12th, 2006, 11:43 AM
They are all part of this pointless little game of yours? I'd have wagered that it was the misspelling they had in common, but since only half of them (Espeon, Vaporeon, and Ninetales, yes, it's actually 'tales', not 'tails') are misspelled then that can't be it, especially since you were asking for physical similarities. Oookay...let's see...they've all got feet. -.- Oh, and there's a bit of purple in all of them if Ninetales and Vaporeon are shinies. =P

Involuntary Twitch
February 12th, 2006, 12:29 PM
Hmm... Well, Ninetales learns psychic moves, so that makes Vaporeon the only non-psychic Pokemon among them. But let's see... Well, they all have ear-things coming from their head, right?

Gokey Shuckle
February 12th, 2006, 12:45 PM
Time to move....to...the...proper section.

February 13th, 2006, 1:03 AM
You guys are way off. Heres a hint: Don't at mewtwo. Look more at gardevior. There not pretty but there__________

Keo Kirito
February 13th, 2006, 4:17 PM
WE GIVE what is it? If this is stupid i will be so MAD *muttersbadnoobthingsunderbreathe*

February 13th, 2006, 10:58 PM
You will be pretty mad then. The anser is........................................

There all graceful looking pokemon

February 14th, 2006, 1:27 AM
Pfft... that's just your opinion -_- everyone doesn't have to think Mewtwo is (or any other Pokémon on the list for that matter) graceful. I just think Mewtwo is ugly -_- And not everyone thinks Vaporeon and Espeon are graceful either.

February 16th, 2006, 6:04 AM

The ONLY graceful looking one in there is Ninetales... others are random, especially Mewtwo and Gardevoir!

February 16th, 2006, 6:09 AM
OK here is something for you to guess:
(Hint - Use your LOGIC!)

Which of these Pokemon is/are not a part of this group?

1. Articuno
2. Porygon2
3. Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir
4. Deoxys
5. Ninetales

Choose one of these answers and say WHY you've chosen it:

a. 2 and 3
b. 5 only
c. 2 only
d. 1 and 4
e. None of them

February 20th, 2006, 3:24 PM

ralts kirlia and gardevoir(group of 3)
deoxys(4 forms)

what comes after 4? 9?

February 21st, 2006, 3:07 AM
You are exactly right (after looking at the answer in my new thread? :P)

February 21st, 2006, 3:33 AM
I thought the answer was D...
They're the only legendaries...

March 2nd, 2006, 2:23 AM
do you have another question before this thing gets closed (which will be once a moderator logs on)