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February 12th, 2006, 10:52 AM
The Clock Strikes Twelve
PG 16 for violence

In the kingdom of Meodo, rebel outbreaks have been happening way to often. The kingdom have tried to stop these rebels but thier hideout is impossible to find. Though they know if they dont stop these rebels, they will destroy the kingdom. They attack the kingdom because the King Reole stole thier land so he could have himself more farms. The men and women who lived on the land were furious. The rebeled against the king and hideaway in the Forest of Death. No one goes in the forest and those who do, dont come out. The rebels hide away in the forest because they know it is one place the king will not dare step foot in. Since the civil war broke out, farms have been destroyed, the castle as taken a huge tole, and the civilains have taken sides.

On the night of November 27, thanksgiving night, the rebel struck the castle while the feasted. They first snuck into the castle and destroyed from the inside out. They hide away in chambers and waited till the clock struck twelve. At that time the thanksgiving party will be lettign out and the drunken King and his soldiers will be open for an onslaught. Many will perish on this night. Not all being the kings men.

What will the king do about this attack? Join and find out!

1) No powerplaying, godmodding, ect. Got it. First I will worn you then I will kick you out!

2) Don't be rude to the other members. If you see something wrong with thier form, tell them, dont yell at them!

3) have fun!



NAME: (folks, how hard can it be?)
AGE: (doesn't matter on the age, just not to old and nothing under 15)
GENDER: (common sence people)
SIDE: (are you with the rebels or the the king?)
WEAPON OF CHOICE: (pic a weapon or two.)
DISCRIPTION: (I will take pictures)
PERSONALITY: (not just a bunch of little adjective people. I want sentence telling us how your character acts. It can be revealed in the if you choose, just put "REVEAL LATER")
RP SAMPLE: (I want a good RP sample. If you can not provide a lengthy sample. Dont reply.)


NAME: Teko Nimo (leader of rebels)
AGE: 18
SIDE: rebels
WEAPON OF CHOICE: http://fantasyprops.com/images/buster.jpg
DISCRIPTION: http://www.adventchildren.net/media/misc/Cloud_CG_Poster.jpg