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February 12th, 2006, 8:18 PM
Well as you can see I cant post Pics untill my 15th post Ill attach images instead each picture is in order to how the story goes.

Hello all. As you can see im new. I love using the oil Brush feature in PSP X. It makes my art less pixely and makes it look Awshome!! lol. XD well A little bit bout me is that I pixel, I pull sprites out of games, I can draw pretty darn good for a 12 year old, im a 6th year violinist, I Always use PSP with EVERY DARN THING I DO, I like drawing pokemon from scratch, Im a scan artest and im a computer wiz.
My most recent art (that I just finished 10 mins ago) Is this flygon fly high oil brush painting on PSP X
The Story:
Ok I was playing with the oil brush feature after I finshed my Jirachi avatar (took me 2 hours to finish that **** thing you would think i would be sick of PSP X by now!) and I was thinking of drawing a absol from Jirachi:Wish maker. I tryed the mouth and I thought OMG BRAIN STORM. I came up with drawing a flygon (PS: I dont have that fancy wicom tablet **** so I use a ****ed mouse). I tryed the out line and it looked really cool. Took me a while to get the eye lookin right. So I played around with it and then I rembered the wing
here is how its looken so far (dude theres still more):
(AWWWW poo seems like i cant post links untill my 15th post)
Then It took me like over 40 mintues to get the backround looking right.I tried purple mountains(I added one later on and it came out good)I thought of a blue sky but i was watching Jirachi:Wishmaker and I saw the orange sky and im like PERFECT. So I stuck with the orange sky, dirt and I thought something was missing. i thought of trying one more time at the mountains, but this time I only added one and it came out like this:
(AWWWW poo seems like i cant post links untill my 15th post)
I thought it was missing somthing again and I added the shading which took me anthor 30 mintues to figure out:
(AWWWW poo seems like i cant post links untill my 15th post)
Well Tell me what you think, all comments and requests accepted (:P Wee!)

Forest Grovyle
February 13th, 2006, 1:28 AM
Hey there, and welcome to PC! ;) Hope you enjoy your time here! :D
I like your Flygon picture; it's so cute!! The way you've got the brushes to look like real paint is very nice indeed! They do look like oil paint as you said! ;)
I can see some colour leakage in some places - there are some areas around the edges of the green on the wings and next to his nose that haven't been filled in ^^ But that's easy to fix! :) It's nice that you've used a lineless style! :D
I think this is very good work, and you clearly have talent - well done! ;)


February 13th, 2006, 10:53 AM
Thankies so much. After I was watching the movie again i noticed that flygons have round faces not pointy. In a little bit im going to go back to the one with the layers still on and fix it. Thanks for the info!:)

February 18th, 2006, 11:00 AM
Im sorry but I had to double post for one, bumping the thread, and two a pretty swell pixel art

Well I was bored and I was thing of revamiing a shiny pkmn gold bedrill into a pokemon Ruby/Saphire quality Regular beedrill. I pretty much like revamnig old sprites because of the poses you get. Like Image i didnt want any old beedrill pose. So i went to gold and took a good beedrill pose with out scratch spriting!

(Pix No.2)

Also I got bored and made a desktop out of this song I wrote.

(Pix No.1)

February 19th, 2006, 8:33 AM
Sorry about the triple Post but it seems like what ever threads I make in any message board, a lot of people veiw, but none post.

I got bored again and with this new program I got (Corel Painter IX) I made a beedrill. It came out kinda very crappy.

February 22nd, 2006, 1:16 AM
The flygon was alright and a nice outline.
Still the shading could have been better.

The pink wallpaper is good but the girl's hair doesn't
seem to fit with the background. Due to the light.

Last beedrill was alright but the outline was kinda of 3D

Well keep it up.
Cool how you try new ways to make the perfect art.

February 22nd, 2006, 2:07 AM

February 22nd, 2006, 5:40 AM
Nice pictures you have there. I wish I could do that.

February 23rd, 2006, 6:45 PM
Hey Thanks for the comments guys! Im So happy people replied to my thread ^.^
@butterFlyFree: Yeah I didnt really pay attention to the shading in the flygon picture. I tried somthing differnt with the out line. Im happy it came out good ^.^.
The backround didnt come out how I wanted to. I was going to work on it next time im bored. I wanted it to come out dreamey (like my avatar)
I kinda screwed up on the beedrill a ton. I wanted it to come out better but I for some reason messed it up and tried to fix it :(

@ DarkClown: Yeah Thats me. Not one of my prettiest picture but I thought it fit.
@ Psychic_Mew: Thankies ^.^. Ive been computer drawing ever since I was 7. It took me a long time to get where I am now (and It is going to take me even longer to get where Forest Grovyle is.)

I was bored (again, isnt my life so exciting!) And I went to pokemon Elite and looked at the pokedex for vulpix. It talked about how it is when It is a baby. I decided, Hey this is a cool chance to acctually make a good picture in painter IX. So I tried it and I got this:
http://img159.imageshack.us/img159/7725/flex3no.gif (http://imageshack.us)
All Comments and critism accepted :)

March 27th, 2006, 7:08 PM
Im leaving the pokemon community for a while. I will be in Okekaki. I barely post but I feel like when I post a ton of people ignore me or just plain be rude to me(once in a while). For some reason when Every I post in a moteratly going good thread it shuts down after my post. I dont see whats wrong with me, It just seems like people dont except me for who I am. Dont ban me since I see no reason too, I might come back in a couple of months or a year.