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April 27th, 2004, 5:34 AM
OOC: Hey, Skye. You might want to change that signature of yours; you've got another fanfic in the making!

IC: Duc walked by the hospital. Skye yelled out to him. "Oh, hi Skye. Glad to see you're all better!" He saw Brock still holding her up. She still must be weak from that bite. he thought.

Pikachu and Agile stepped out of the Pokmon Center with the help of Nurse Joy with the weight sensative doors. Both ran to their respective trainers. "Glad to see you too, Pikachu!" Pikachu squealed with delight. In its arms was a bottle of ketchup. "Pikachu, how many times have I told you that ketchup isn't a breakfast food?" Pikachu struggled with the bottle, but gave up. Duc gave it a handful of Pokpellets. Pikachu didn't argue and ate.

Something was still telling Duc to go to Cerulean Cape. "Sorry Skye, but I have to go somewhere. I'll be back ASAP." With that, he ran off with Pikachu on his shoulders.

April 27th, 2004, 6:23 AM
Agile ran into Skye's arms with an excited squeal of delight.

"I'm so glad to have you back!" Skye exclaimed, hugging her little Pikachu tightly. "I missed you!"

Agile, relieved to see her trainer once more, rubbed her staticy cheek against Skye's. Skye smiled happily at Brock, who grinned back at her.

They took notice of the note from Misty at the gym.

"That's strange," Skye said. "Do you know anything about it....? Aren't you and Misty friends?"

"No idea," Brock told her, looking at the sign, puzzled. "Maybe Duc knew? Maybe we should follow him."

They set off in Duc's direction.

April 27th, 2004, 8:28 AM
Duc started to run. He knew something was waiting, so he didn't stop for much of anything. On the way, he encountered a trainer. "Hey, going to Cerulean Cape by yourself?" the trainer said. "You should get your girlfriend before you go!" Confused, Duc asked "What do you mean?" The trainer grinned. "Don't you know that Cerulean Cape is the most romantic place in Cerulean City?" Before the trainer could describe the place, Duc just ran by him.

Pikachu was enjoying the breeze while Duc was running along the bridge. The air felt clean. Wow, this must be the best place to live in Kanto. Duc thought. He then encountered a maze of trees and bushes. Taking his time, Duc trecked through the shrubs and branches until he saw a lighthouse upon a large cliff. He saw couples running around, both people and Pokmon, having a good time.

Duc noticed that he was the only other person that he could see that doesn't have a partner. He stood there, staring blankly at the couples.

Pikachu, on the other hand, paid little attention to the others. It wanted to play around, so it decided to steal Duc's glasses again. With a quick jump, Pikachu snatched the glasses and ran off further into the cape. "Hey, get back here!" the trainer yelled as he chased his Pikachu.

After a quick chase, Pikachu decided to wait for Duc on top of a hill. Duc was about to reach it when a girl grabbed him around the waist from behind. "Oh, I knew you'd come!" said the girl enthsiastically. Duc wasn't thinking very clearly. "Uh Skye, you should be taking a rest. You had too much excitement last night." The girl let go, shoving Duc a bit. Great. he thought. That wasn't Skye, was it? He turned around and started to apoligize when he saw a red blur coming at his face. It hit Duc in the face, sending him flying a few yards back.

Duc landed flat on his face. His implant was in the ground when he got out. "What was that about?!" he yelled angrily as he tuned himself around. "I'm sorry if I offended you, but I'm not who you think I am!!!" Pikachu ran to his side, staring at the girl with awe. "What are you looking at?" He said while prying the glasses out of its hands. "You know," he started while putting his glasses on. "Its one thing to hit a friend you know, but hitting a stanger--" He paused when he heard a small Pokmon trill. Wait, only one person has that Pokmon... He looked at the girl's face.

Duc stood up. The girl was about a head taller than he. "Well, well. If it isn't Misty from Cerulean City." He said coldly. He wanted to act nicer towards her, but something was stopping him. "I'm sorry!" Misty apoligized quickly. "I thought you were someb-" Duc interupted her. "No need to say sorry, missy." Misty grew agitated. "What did you say?!"

"Yeah, you heard right!" Duc yelled at her. "If it weren't for you, Ash'd probably be a Pokmon Master right now!!" "What are you talking about?" Misty snapped back. "If it weren't for me, Ash wouldn't be anywhere near here!!" The two started a fierce arguing about Ash. Pikachu just stood there, watching the two quarrel.

April 27th, 2004, 10:31 AM
"Are you sure you have enough energy to do this today?" Brock asked her as they walked quickly after Duc towards the Cape.

"Yep," Skye said difinitively, nodding her head.

The two of them made their way throught he maze of bushes with Agile on Brock's shoulder, shifting around to find a good sitting place on his foreign shoulder. She eventually gave up, and walked alongside the two, Brock still supporting Skye with his arm around her.

They arrived at the lighthouse just in time to see Duc get punched in the face. Skye's eyes widened. Brock noticed right away that Duc's assailent had been his good friend, Misty.

"Whoa!" Brock called to her. "Misty, you've got the wrong guy! That's not Ash!"

Brock hurried over, moving as quickly as he could with Skye still at his side. He left her standing a foot or two away, and went to break up the fight. Skye made her way over to Duc wobbily, and sat down next to him in the grass to make sure he was okay.

"How'd you get yourself into this one?" she chuckled lightly, taking his chin between her fingers and checking for a nosebleed. "She got you really good!"

April 27th, 2004, 11:42 AM
"Hmph! Very funny, Skye." Duc said, a little less angry. He stood up and checked his face for any permanent damage. Nothing's wrong.

Pikachu saw that the fight was over. It walked over steadly towards Misty. She picked up the Pokmon. "You should put it down, Misty." Duc said. "It doesn't like other people who haven't handled Pikachu's before." Pikachu was quite comfortable with Misty as she scratched behind its ears. Duc forgot that she's handled Ash's Pikachu before.

Angry, Duc started the quarrel again. He always thought that because of Misty, Ash wasn't a better trainer than he is right now. "You're always getting in the way of things, missy!"

"Me? Get in the way of things?" she talked back. "Ash is the one always getting into trouble! He's the one slowing me down!"

"Lets see if you can back those words up! Lets have a battle right now!"

"Fine!" Misty yelled as she motioned for a Pokball.

Brock split the two up. "Wait! Is this the way you want other people see you, Misty? Let's have an official gym battle when we get back."

"Fine! I'm gonna be your first challenger!" Duc said before jerking his head he oppisite direction.

"That's fine with me, pest! And when I'm through with you, you probably can't challenge anyone else for a long time!" Misty yelled threatningly before she turned away.

Duc was about to yell back a comment before Pikachu shocked him, hoping to end the fighting.

"You're a pika-pal, Pikachu!" Misty remarked. Pikachu blushed, ignoring Duc for the moment.

April 27th, 2004, 5:30 PM
Lex hurried back to the Gym following the group going through the thick bushes. Lex could see Duc was infuriated. And also was Misty. Finally when they reached the gym, Lex was aghast at how the place was designed. Pools layed all aroud the Gym witch sparkled with beauty. Lex's expression changed at the sight of the beautiful gorgeous girls the sat on the edges of the pool. In the pools were pokemon :pokeball: who freely swam around gleefully. :psy copy:... :9:... :17:... :8:

"I like this!"Lex exclaimed turning over to the group.

"Eevee!Eevee!"Eevee exclaimed liking the site.

"Comeon Duc lets get this started!"Lex said impatiently.

OOC: Duc i hope i did'nt mess up your plans!oh i tried to make it a bit exiting!

April 27th, 2004, 5:45 PM
Skye entered the gym with Duc and Lex, hoping to get a battle with Misty when the whole thing died down. She was amazed how angry Duc could get, and especially Misty. Brock, however, did not seem the least bit suprised.

Skye took a seat on the side of the gym, waiting for the battle to begin.

April 28th, 2004, 5:08 AM
So, where was Peter throughout all this?

Well, he slept in. By the time he was up and running, everyone had gone their separate ways (that is, to the Cape). Reading the message from Duc, he thought, "They'll be able to look after themselves. We should go train." So, he took Fairy, Squirt and Capie to a wild area, to practice attacks and so forth. Eventually returning to Cerulean for a snack, he saw the group headed for the gym, along with an extremely annoyed-looking Misty.

"Okay, team," Peter said. "Are we ready for the battle here?"

The Pokmon cheered, and entered the gym with Peter.

April 28th, 2004, 6:08 AM
Even when entering the stadium, Duc and Misty were still at it. "You'd better get ready to lose, missy!" yelled Duc. "Oh yeah, jerk?! You have no idea what Ash and I've been through!"

Both took their positions on the floating platforms. The stadium was completely water except for the few platforms on the surface. Both were waiting for the judge's confermation. After a little while, Misty forgot something. "Uh, Brock, could you take over as the judge? I forgot that my sisters were the judges too!"

"Why not?" Brock jumped to the stadium and took over. "This official gym battle will now begin! The challenger may substutute his Pokmon anytime he wishes but the gym leader must stay with her Pokmon until it can no longer battle. Since this is the second gym the challenger's faced, the gym leader must use only three Pokmon."

"Hmm. Wonder which Pokmon should I use to beat up this jerk?" Misty muttered to herself. She had Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen, and Seel. She doesn't even consider Psyduck.

She chose her Pokmon. Duc had his Pokmon choice in mind since entering Cerulean City. "Let the battle begin!" yelled Brock.

"Ok! Go Pikachu!" Duc commanded. Pikachu didn't hear as it was playfully chasing Misty's little egg Pokmon. "H-Hey! Can't you play later?"

"What's the matter? Think you can't beat me without Pikachu?" Misty taunted.

"Of course I can!" Duc yelled back. "Go Staryu!" Staryu splashed in the water. Misty also called her Staryu out.

"Staryu, Water Gun!" Duc commanded. His Staryu let out a mighty steam. "You too, Staryu!" Misty called. It let out a much stronger blast. Misty's Staryu easily overpowered Duc's and his Staryu was knocked out of the pool. Duc's Staryu recovered in air. "Use Water Gun again!" Duc said. This time, Duc's Staryu hit Misty's, sending it underwater.

Misty came up with a plan. "Staryu, spinning Tackle attack!" The Pokmon jumped out of the pool and hit the other Staryu. Both landed in the water, but Duc's was still recovering from the attack. "Now, use Water Gun!" Misty yelled. Both Staryu were right next to each other. Then Duc's went flying through the water, crashing into the pool's side.

"Duc's Staryu is unable to battle. Misty's Staryu wins!" Brock announced.

Duc recalled his Pokmon as Misty couldn't help laughing at his name. "Go ahead and laugh!" He snapped. "You did your best, Staryu. Go Zubat!"

Misty's Staryu was still ready to go. "Water Gun it out of the sky!" Its trainer said. Staryu shot at the bat, but Zubat easily dodged the shots. Frustrated, Misty changed her plans. "Use your Tackle attack!" Staryu flew at the Zubat. Duc saw his chance. "Zubat, use Leech Life and stay on it!" Zubat bit down as one of Staryu's arms were caught. The Staryu dove, but Zubat still managed to hold on. "Try to shake it off!" Misty yelled, but Zubat held on tight. Eventually, Staryu was too tired to go on.

"Misty's Staryu is unable to battle. Zubat wins!" Brock yelled.

"You did a great job, Staryu. Not bad, jerk, but can you go on?" She said as she called out Goldeen. Zubat was really tired from hanging on Misty's Staryu. "Use your Horn Attack!" She commanded. Before Zubat could move, Goldeen rammed Zubat off the platform it was on. Zubat hit Duc as it was sent flying.

"Zubat's unable to battle. Goldeen wins!"

Duc stood up. "Good job, Zubat." He said as he recalled it. Duc sent out his other Zubat. Again, before Zubat could react, Misty's Goldeen rammed it with Horn Attack, knocking it out in one hit.

"Duc's other Zubat is unable to battle. Goldeen wins!"

Realizing that Misty wasn't playing around, Duc came up with a plan, but it wasn't a plan that Duc had until now. He sent out his remaining Staryu. "Goldeen, use Horn Attack again!" Misty said. Duc said Staryu to get in the water. It did so, a little nervous. Goldeen was swimming at it very fast. At the right moment, Duc said "Staryu, spin rapidly now!" It spun like a pinwheel. Goldeen was sent out of the pool above Staryu. "Now, keep using Water Gun and keep it in the air!" Staryu was shooting at the airborne Goldeen, not letting it have the chance to get back in the pool. After a few minutes of blasting, Goldeen was able to get back in the pool, but it had already fainted.

"Goldeen is unable to battle. Duc's Staryu wins!"

"Nice job, Goldeen. I hope you've enjoyed you wins, kid, but that's all you're gonna get from now on!" She sent out her strongest Pokmon, Starmie. It too jumped in the pool. "Starmie, use your Bubblebeam!"

The attack reached Staryu on the other side of the stadium, before Duc could issue a command. It was out of the pool. "Starmie, keep using your Tackle attack!" Misty yelled. It flew out of the pool, hitting Staryu repeatedly. By the time Staryu was able to land, it had fainted too.

"Duc's Staryu is unable to battle. Misty's Starmie wins!"

Realizing that all of his Pokmon are spent up, Duc was about to walk off his platform. Pikachu then jumped on. "You ready to battle yet?" Duc said in a low tone. Pikachu cried out and took its position on the stadium.

Misty looked unimpressed. "Even if you do have an Electric Pokmon, I can still beat you!" Duc didn't listen. "Pikachu, use your Thundershock!" Pikachu let out a lightning bolt at the Starmie now on a platform. "Starmie, keep spinning!" The rear star on the Pokmon spun furiously. The lightning bolt stopped right in front of Starmie. "Didn't expect that, huh? Starmie, use Bubblebeam!" Pikachu was blown off the platform. It had landed in the water. "Pikachu, get back on one!" Duc yelled desperately, knowing that Starmie as a major advantage underwater. "Starmie, Tackle it underwater!" Misty commanded. It sped off towards Pikachu. Duc then thought of a crazy plan. "Pikachu, use Thundershock on the platform!" Pikachu looked confused, but did so anyways. It hit the platform, sending it downwards like it was falling from the sky. Starmie was unlucky enough to be caught under it. Before the platform hit the pool's floor, it use Bubblebeam on the platform. It it Pikachu back, severely weakening it. Both Pokmon landed on the platform, still floating. "Very smart, kid! You battle just like Ash. But, I know how to beat him, and that means this battle ends now!" She was about to order Starmie to use Bubblebeam, but she held back. She looked at the Pikachu. She remembered her times with that boy she hates so much...

Duc saw this too. "Pikachu, wait!" he yelled, but it was too late. Pikachu let out a Thundershock without Duc's orders. Starmie was knocked out.

"Starmie is unable to battle. Pikachu wins! This battle goes to Duc from Saffron City!"

After recalling their Pokmon, Duc walked up to Misty. "Here, you deserve this." She said, pulling out the Cascade badge. "Save it until everone else battles." Duc replied. "When we do get a chance, we're having a rematch. That wasn't fair." She agreed and held on to the badge. Duc managed to grin, even though he didn't like her very much.

April 28th, 2004, 6:40 AM
Peter, Squirt, and Fairy clapped wildly at the end of Duc's battle. Capie cheered because he really couldn't clap very well.

April 28th, 2004, 7:23 AM
Skye wtched the battle with awe. Agile seemed uncomfortable.

"Chu?" she looked at Skye uncertainly.

"You'll be fine," Skye assured her, petting her on her head. "Just have faith."

Skye looked over at Misty.

"I'd like to challenge you if you have time," Skye told her.

"Sure thing," Misty said, healing her Pokemon, and still a little shaken from Duc's match.

Skye made her way onto a platform with Agile on her shoulder. She pulled her blond hair behind her back, and looked at Agile with a smile.

"Go for it," she told her Pikachu with a confident grin. "I know you can handle this!"

"I choose Seel!" Misty exclaimed, as her Seel flew out of its pokeball and landed in the water. "Horn attack!"

"Agile, use your thundershock and send electricity through the water!" Skye exclaimed, watching Seel shoot through the water towards Agile.

"Pika...CHU!" Agile cried out, shooting the pool with electricity. Seel had no way of escaping, and was caught in the thundershock. It rose to the surface, only a little damaged, and very angry.

"Go get that Pikachu! Tackle attack!" Misty cried.

"Agile, dodge it!" Skye said, when the Seel was in close range.

Agile jumped off the platform as the Seel reached her. Agile leapt onto the Seel's back.

"Spin around and throw it off!" Misty commanded.

The Seel began to spin faster and faster. Skye wasn't sure what to do, but Agile was getting pretty steamed. Before she was thrown off, she let out a very powerful thundershock that sent the Seel into submission.

"Nice move, Agile!" Skye exclaimed, as Agile ran to her excitedly.

"Nice job," Misty said, her tone much kinder than it had been towards Duc. "Go Horsea!"

"Can you keep going?" Skye asked Agile, who nodded vigorously. "Then show that Horsea what you are made of! Thundershock!"

"CHU!" Agile cried, sending a powerful attack towards the Horsea. It missed as the small aquatic Pokemon dodged. "Pika?"

"Get in closer range!" Skye cried.

Agile looked back at her, confused. It could not get into the water and let Horsea have the adcantage!

"Horsea, use bubblebeam!" Misty commanded.

In the next instant, a confused Agile was knocked out.

"It's okay, Agile, I know you did the best you could. That's all I could ask for," Skye reassured her Pikachu, as she picked Agile up gingerly. "Go, Fury!"

The Spearow popped out, looking annoyed as usual. It glared at Brock before ruffling its feathers and preparing itself for battle.

"Horsea, use Bubble!" Misty said.

"Fury, dodge by flying up as high as you can!" Skye exclaimed.

Fury took to the air quickly, its small body fast in the air.

"Peck attack!"


Misty had not accounted for the small, but agile Fury. Since it was so small, it made short work of diving right through the bubbles that were floating up to it, and made a direct hit on the Horsea. The Horsea fainted.

"Here's my last one!" Misty called. "You're doing great, Skye. Go Starmie!"

The Starmie, angered at Duc's Pikachu from the previous match, looked menacing. Skye took a step back.

"Fury, do the best you can with it!" Skye told her Spearow cautiously. "Use your size and speed to your advantage! Peck attack!"

Fury dove towards the Starmie at full speed.

"Spinning tackle!" Misty grinned, seeing her advantage. Fury bounced right off the Starmie and landed hard against the wall, fainting.

"It's okay, Fury!" Skye said, recalling the Spearow. "Go, Sticky!"

The Metapod popped out.

"String shot!" Skye cried.

"Spin again, Starmie!" Misty commanded. The Starmie began to spin rapidly once more.

The string shot bounced off the water Pokemon effortlessly. Skye bit her lower lip with intensity. This was not going her way.

"Starmie, move into close range and deliver a tackle!" Misty cried. The Starmie moved in quickly.

"Sticky, use tackle!" Skye cried, but it was too late.

Sticky tried to tackle, but miscalculated the distance and fell into the water, where its heavy form sunk to the bottom. It took no effort to finish it off.

"Come back, Sticky!" Skye recalled it back to the pokeball. "I've only got one left...go Ninja!"

The Staryu flew out of the Pokeball and appeared frightened by the large Starmie.

"Get in there with a tackle!" Skye said, feeling very uneasy.

"Take it out with your own tackle!" Misty ordered.

With one hit, Skye's Staryu fainted.

She looked over at Misty, pushing back the frustrated tears in her eyes.

"You battled well," Misty assured her. "But you should go train some more. I look foward to battling you again."

"Thanks," Skye chocked out, swallowing her frustration in embarassment. She managed a smile. "I'll be back!"

With that, she turned on her heel and headed out of the gym to heal her Pokemon.

April 28th, 2004, 8:29 AM
"Humph! She's going easy on everyone else..." Duc muttered to himself. He walked up to Skye. "Hey, great battle, Skye!" Duc managed to say without expressing his anger.

Duc took out all of his Pokmon outside of the gym. All looked very tired. "Well guys, that was a great battle. You all did a great job!" All the Pokmon cheered as best they could. The Zubat relaxed underneath a tree nearby, hiding from the sun's rays. The Staryu lept in a fountain just in front of the gym. Pikachu ran back inside. It apparently was fond of Misty's egg Pokmon. Duc remembered that he didn't identify it. He took out his Pokdex and went back inside.

Duc wandered aimlessly though the massive aquariums inside the gym. There were a mass collection of water Pokmon. He managed to identify Horsea, Goldeen, Seaking, Tentacool, Magikarp, Seel, and Dewgong. "How can a girl like Misty get the trust of all these Pokmon with an attitude like that?" Duc wondered out loud.

Duc wandered some more and finally found Pikachu carrying Misty's Pokmon. He pointed the Pokdex at it. On the screen it said No information found. Johto version needed. "Huh? This Pokmon isn't found in Kanto?" Duc said to himself. Just then, Misty appeared from a door nearby. "Look who it is, the jerk who won because of a fluke!"

"Hey, I knew that too!" Duc snapped back. "Like I said, when I get better, I'm gonna challenge you again. I doubt I can beat you right now. That badge shouldn't be mine..." Misty was waiting for an insult. "Yeah, well--" she yelled before thinking what Duc had said. "Oh, uh... sorry. I just expected you to be some total jerk like all of the people I used to know." She looked away. "You deserve the badge. I was being the jerk then."

"No, no. I was being the jerk. I kept yelling at you." Duc said back at her. Both engaged in another arguement. Pikachu was nearby. It sighed as it put Misty's Pokmon down. It zapped Duc again. Duc fell over. "Heh, thanks, Pikachu."

Misty still stood there. "You put up a good fight there. I still didn't throw out all my stategies or else you wouldn't stand a chance. Even then, I'd think that you'd battle with all you got. I know Ash did..." She stood there, staring at the ceiling.

"Uh, earth to Misty?" Duc said, interupting her daydream. "Oh, sorry again!' She said enthusiastically. "You just remind me of Ash, with the same clothes and hat and all." Duc didn't hear past the word Ash. He was about to go crazy when Pikachu tugged on his jeans. "Do I really look like Ash?" he asked.

"Sure you do! You're wearing the same vest and a hat similar to his. You even has his personality. I'd almost confuse you with Ash himself if it weren't for those massive glasses you're wearing!"

"Thanks. I've always admired Ash since he competed in the Indego Plateau."

"I've always looked-- I mean, I always had to help in his battles, even in the Indego Plateau."

Duc, trying to prove that Ash didn't need help, was about to start ANOTHER arguement when Misty said she had to prepare for the next battle. Duc walked back outside, seeing that his Pokmon are relaxed and ready to battle if needed again. He recalled them and went back inside, waiting for the next battle. Pikachu still played with the egg Pokmon on the sidelines.

April 28th, 2004, 11:30 AM
OOC: This is the next day to give her pokemon time to heal.

I burst through the Cerulean ((I finnally spelled it right!)) gym door as soon as I felt the wind pick up, after all, I knew some psychology, and making an impression could have quite an effect on the battle.

As the gym door burst open, I was completley in shadow with the sun to my back, and my trenchcoat whipping in the wind.

"I challenge the leader of the Cerulean gym to a battle!" I shouted, and all the trainers in there looked as though they had seen a ghost, even misty looked shocked.

"Fine then," Misty shouted back. "Two pokemon each, Go Staryu!" and in a flash the water pokemo appeared.

"Go Abra!" I said, and in a flash, it appeared, and was asleep this time.

"Staryu, water gun!" Misty commanded, and I said "Use teleport!"

The water gun shot right at the abra, who abruptly dissapeared, and was there again in a flash, right behind Staryu.

"Use Bubblebeam!" She shouted, and so the battle went, each of misty's attacks missing, yet abra unable to attack, I saw misty getting even more frustrated, this was what I had been waiting for!

"Staryu! Put everything you've got into a take down attack!" she shouted, and abra was backed up against the statue, and as Staryu chargede at it, it dissapeared and landed in the middle of the arena.

Unfourtunatley, the take down on the statue was enough to knock out staryu, and it fell after a moment, unconscious.

"You may have beat Staryu, but you won't win against, STARMIE! GO!" Misty shouted, and in a flash, starmie appeared, looking ready to attack.

"I beg to differ. Abra return." I said, and as it went into it's pokeball, I got out my other one and said "Go, Charmeleon!"

In a flash, he was there, staring down the Starmie.

"A fire type against starmie? You must not be as good as I thought." She said, and said "Starmie, Bubblebeam!"

Starmie lept up, and began spraying bubbles at an alarming speed, right at Charmeleon....

OOC: I'll finish this up in a 2nd post.

April 28th, 2004, 12:19 PM
"Charmeleon, use ember on the bubbles!" I shouted, and several small chucks of flame spewed out of his mouth, popping every single one of the bubbles.

"Starmie, water gun!" Misty said, and I once again commanded charmeleon "Ember!"

The fire hit the water in a spray of mist, evaporating the attack.

"Okay then," Misty said "Take down!"

And as Starmie charged at Charmeleon, I said "Seismic(sp?) toss!" Starmie hit Charmeleon with massive force, yet he grabbed a hold of it, and began spinning around like a top until he let go, sending Starmie smashing into a wall.

"CHAR!" He said angrily.

"Tackle it, Starmie!" Misty said, and once again it charged, but before charmeleon could attack, it had hit it and was already spinning for another blow. Once again, it hit with alarming force, and again, and again! I was amazed that charmeleon was still standing there, exhausted, yet he was still in the game.

"Tackle it one more time!" Misty said, but as Starmie hurled in for another attack, charmeleon spun with great speed, and smashed starmie with it's claw. It stood there for a moment, not noticing it had been hit, until it fell to the ground, fainted.

"No! Starmie, retun." Misty said, and after withdrawing her pokemon, she walked over, and said to me "As much as I hate to admit it, I lost, so here's the official Badge of the Cerulean gym." (ooc: I forget what it's called, sorry.) And handed it to me. I put it in one of the inside pockets on my coat and said "Thanks, that was a very difficult battle, I'm actually fairly lucky that I won, if you ask me." I said, and returned Charmeleon to it's pokeball. I walked out the door of the gym, and went into the pokemon center to have Charmeleon healed.

April 28th, 2004, 12:45 PM
OOC: If you're the last post, you should edit the last post instead of adding a new one. BTW, it's the Cascade badge. I said it after my match.

IC: "Good battle, Seph!" Duc yelled out as he left through the main gates. "Not bad at all. Beating Misty at a disadvantage was pretty good."

Pikachu was exausted, but Misty's Pokmon still ran around it, still wanting to play tag. Pikachu invited Agile to join.

April 28th, 2004, 1:01 PM
OOC: I'm still in the Pokemon Center, Duc, so Agile is not at the gym, but I'll make it work!

IC: Skye returned to the gym to see the other battles, just in time to hear the last few remarks of the argument between Duc and Misty.

"Don't you think you've made her angry enough?" Skye asked worriedly, but walked past the fuming Duc into the staduim. She noticed that Seph had a cascade badge to show for his victory. "Wow! Congradulations, Seph!"

She sat down with Agile, beciming somewhat overcome with sadness at losing her first match. She sulked for a little while until Brock found her once more, and sat beside her. Agile jumped onto his lap, giving him a look as if to say "you'd better made her happy!" Agile then proceeded to dart after Duc's Pikachu to play with Togepi.

"Hey," Brock said, trying to get a sense of where Skye was emotionally. "How's it going?"

"You don't think Agile's too diappointed in me, do you?" she asked, staring into space. "I've never really...failed her like this before."

"What failure?" Brock asked, smiling at her gently. He placed his hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "You've got another chance. Use this setback to gain strength, not loose it. And, no, I don't think Agile is disappointed in you at all."

"Thanks," she said softly, looking over at Agile as she played with Duc's Pikachu and Togepi. She raised her voice so Agile could hear. "Hey, Ag! Want to go train a bit?"

"Chu!" Agile exclaimed enthusiastically, sprinting full tilt into Skye's arms.

"Let's go," Skye said, then turned back to Brock. "Want to come?"

"Sure..." Brock said, getting up and following her out of the gym.

April 29th, 2004, 6:31 AM
OOC: Oops! Sorry about that. I'd better look at the posts more carefully.

IC: Duc listened to Skye's conversation from a distance before she left with Brock. "So what?" he said to himself. "I shouldn't have won that battle, but Misty didn't attack like she should have. I think she's trying to get out of our arguement faster!" Realizing this, Duc bolted to the door where he last saw Misty. She wasn't in the room. "Oh, great. Now I have to take care of her Pokmon now."

He walked to Pikachu and the other Pokmon. "Well, let's find Misty, guys." Duc said. Pikachu picked up the egg like it was its younger sibling and followed.

Duc walked around until he had reached the feeding area of the aquarium. Misty wasn't there, but there was a large bag of Pokmon food in the middle of the room, next to an open water tank. He felt something was going to happen, so he walked slowly towards the bag. "She's probably in the bag, waiting to jump out." he said to himself. Duc then pushed the bag into the water tank. She wasn't in there. Misty's Pokmon let out a cheerful trill as Misty came out from a corner and pushed Duc in the tank. Knowing that this would happen too, Duc grabbed her arm, bringing both in the water. "What was that for?!" Duc yelled at her.

"Why do you keep following me?!" she screamed back.

"I haven't finished asking you questions!"

"Fine, just hurry up! I've got other trainers to battle, ya know!"

"Why'd you leave your Pokmon with me? You don't know that I might steal it!"

"I know you're the kind of person who'd take care of anybody's Pokmon AND you'd never think of that! And by the way, it's Togepi."

"OK, so you have Togepi, but how?! With that kind of attitude, I'm suprised you have any Pokmon at all!"

"I'm just like this to jerks like you and Ash!"

"Why do you keep dragging Ash into our arguements? I thought you hate him!"

"I do hate him! I hate him more than carrots, peppers, AND bugs combined!"

Ugh, I don't like that stuff either. he thought. "You didn't answer my question. Why?!"

"It's none of your bees-wax!" Misty said as she got out of the tank. She stomped out with Togepi in her arms.

"Why do you keep avoiding things about Ash?!" Duc yelled, but she was already out of the room. He was still in the tank, filled with fish Pokmon eating everything in sight, including Duc's clothes. He jumped out when a Shelder clamped down on his... posterior.

Duc walked out, angrier at Misty more than ever. Pikachu followed behind with unsteady footing, wondering why Duc was so persistant.

April 29th, 2004, 3:10 PM
In a field outside of town, Skye trained hard with her Pokemon. She paired Agile with Fury, since Agile was her strongest Pokemon, and Fury needed to learn to be strong against electric attacks. She paired Sticky with Ninja in the hopes that Sticky would evolve soon.

Fury grew agrivated with Agile very quickly, and proceeded to pummel her with peck attacks. Agile ran to Skye, and clambered up on her shoulder.

"It's okay, Agilem" Skye told her. "Why don't you try battling with Brock's Pokemon. That'll be a challenge. I'll see what I can do about Fury's attitude problem."

Skye proceeded over to Fury, holding her arm in the air for the Spearow to land on. It landed on her fist, and walked up to her shoulder, nuzzling her affectionately.

"There now," Skye said gently. "Let's do some training."

Brock offered her his Geodude, which Skye graciously accepted. The Geodude, happy to help Skye in any way she saw fit, smiled up at her and waited for a command.

"Fly up there, now, Fury," she told her Spearow kindly. Fury flew into the air. "Geodude is going to do rock throw for you, getting progressively more diffecult as time goes on. Do what you can, but don't attack him. This is to boost your speed and defense!"

Fury dodged all of Geodude's attacks very well, and Skye was very pleased with the Pokemon's work. Fury was really growing fast.

"Skye!" Brock exclaimed. "Look at Sticky!"

Skye turned to see the Metapod begin to glow white. It was finally evolving! She grinned wildly, running over to Sticky as it turned into a Butterfree.

"Wow!" Skye exclaimed, taking the Butterfree in her arms. "Sticky! I'm so proud!"

"Bee, free!" Sitcky exclaimed excitedly.

Skye looked aroud at her tired, but healthy Pokemon.

"I think we've trained enough for today," she told them. "You all deserve a good rest. Don't you think, Brock?"

He nodded, feelin g a yawn escape him. Skye smiled brightly, tossing he rblond hair over her shoulder. She recalled her Pokemon, and headed back to the Pokemon Center...

But not before Brock slipped his hand into hers, blushing furiously.

April 29th, 2004, 4:35 PM
OOC:Oh sorry i was really buzy with work and also I think skye and duc should lay back on the writing a little so the group can CATCH UP :D ok please i promise ill try to post once a day. One more thing can i just say i got the badge from misty without posting a battle scene?pleaze if so here we go.

IC:Lex walk proudly out of the Gym with his Cascade badge in hand. Eevee :7: and Gyrados :17: had done an outstanding job against Misty's water group.

Lex wondered were the group was. And on his way to the Pokemon center he encountered Skye and Brock walking towards there holding hands. Lex giggled a little.

"Hey guys! where were you at?"Lex asked and waited for an response.

April 29th, 2004, 5:50 PM
Skye looked wide-eyed at Lex, as her cheeks became a brilliant pink.

"Training," she said honestly, Agile nodding on her shoulder. "I've got to try to beat Misty again tomorrow...I lost today."

She seemed a little disappointed as she stated the outcome of her previous match. Her smile once again took over as they entered the Pokemon Center to heal and rest up. Skye noticed Lex's cascadebadge.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "Awesome job, Lex!"

OOC: I only post about twice a day. I know I'm on a lot, but I'm sure if you kept up even just once daily, everything will be fine. :) I totally understand how work/school can be a drag! Just let us know if you think you are going to be busy, and I know I would be more than happy to put the rp on "pause" for a day or two! :)

April 30th, 2004, 3:29 AM
OOC: Sorry if I've posted a little too much too soon! I'm just posting other events right now... Whatever. I'll hold back if you guys say so!

IC: Duc tried to get in the stadium, but the doors were locked. Lex's battle was already in progress. Duc attempted to bash the doors out, but as soon as he reached the doors, they unlocked. His feet couldn't adjust in time and fell in. Duc saw that Lex had already left the building. "He must have won. I gotta congradulate him later."

Still wanting to know why Misty brings up Ash, but leaves afterwards, Duc looked for Misty, but she already had gone out of sight. Pikachu held its trainer back from looking for the gym leader again.

Pikachu was hungry. Duc's backpack had run out of food. It persuaded its trainer to head for the Pokmon Center, hopefully for something to eat.

There, Duc saw that Lex was there. "Hey, good job, Lex!" he said, seeing that Lex had the Cascade badge. He also noticed that Skye and Brock were back from their training. He didn't pay much attention to Brock's attitude to Skye as much as he did before. Misty was the only thing on his mind.

In the cafteria, Pikachu spotted another ketchup bottle. It happily gulped down the red paste.

Realizing that it was a long time since he had contacted his parents, Duc went over to a video phone. The one he chose was damaged from some juice that had spilt on the exposed wires. Being arrogant, Duc attampted to fix the phone rather that go to another working one. After a while, Duc got the speaker to work, but he didn't hear a dial tone. Instead, he heard voices.
"Sir, we've discovered that two of the trainers are now in Cerulean City." said a voice, distorted from the static.
"Good enough. Proceed to plan A." said another faint voice.
The line dropped before Duc could hear anything else. A little scared by this, Duc poured some soda on the wires, short-circuiting the speaker. He didn't want anyone to hear about this, so he kept it to himself.

April 30th, 2004, 10:04 PM
OOC: Internet backbone problems prevented me from posting. Since I'm alone with Misty, I will edit in our battle soon enough.

May 1st, 2004, 4:40 AM
The night was fast approaching. Skye, though fully recovered from the Zubat bite, was exhausted from the day. She put on her pajamas and got herself ready for bed, thought he sun had not quite disappeared over the horizon yet.

"Night, guys," she said, a solemn attitude taking over her usually cheery tone. "See you tomorrow."

She left Brock feeling a little confused as she headed to her bed with Agile upon her shoulder.

May 1st, 2004, 4:56 AM
I'm late... (This is also really me,and what PKMN I'd want and clothes I usually wear.No joking.)

Name: Maria
Starting Pokemon: Pikachu(Jessica) -has red ribbon-
Status: Trainer.She adored to be first adventuring.
Age: 17
Height: Think of a 17 yr old...
Weight: Haven't I told you?...
Hair: Long and VERY brown.
Clothes: Green shorts,blue shirt,and has the kind of ponytails May has.
Personality: Very kind.She can't stand but to help when she sees any danger.She tries to make her little self have big help in it.

May 1st, 2004, 7:31 AM
IC:Right after eating in the cafetiria Lex went directly to bed. It had been such a long day and Lex was extremly exhausted. "Good night everyone!"Lex exclaimed using the last whisp of power he had to talk. Lex eventually went to sleep along with Eevee.

OOC:Welcome Pikaki hope you have fun!

May 1st, 2004, 10:46 AM
OOC: Better late than never, I always say. Welcome to the RP, Pikaki!

IC: Freaked out by the call, Duc didn't say anything for the rest of the day. Pikachu, after finishing about 2 bottles of ketchup, went to bed. Duc on the other hand, stared out of the window of the room. He couldn't sleep with the fact that something was going to go on soon. Also, Misty never did answer his questions...

May 1st, 2004, 8:57 PM
The dawn broke, casting light over Skye's face. She turned over to escape it, wanting just a few more precious moments of sleep. Agile, however, was pumped up for the gym battle, and refused to let Skye sleep in.

"Chuuuuuuuu....."Agile whined, shoving Skye in the shoulder.

"I'm...up..." Skye moaned, throwing off her blankets. She went into the bathroom to change, glancing for a moment at her bed-toussled hair. "Man...it's a good thing I got up first today..."

She made quick work of getting ready, placing her pokeballs in her belt, and heading off to the gym. She did not wake any of the others, lest this battle be a repeat of the last one she had.

"Misty!" Skye called into the gym. "I challenge you!"

She saw Misty slip in through a door on the opposing side of the gym. She looked a little tired, like she had just got up. She stretched, put on a determined face, and accepted Skye's challenge.

"Go, Staryu!" Misty called, sending out the star-shaped Pokemon. "Water gun!"

"Sticky!" Skye called, tossing the pokeball into the arena. "Poisonpowder!"

A blinding swirl of purple-sih powder errupted from the Butterfree, spraying all over the Staryu, poisoning it. Skye pulled her lips back in a tight grin.

"Staryu, take it out with a tackle attack!" Misty ordered.

"Return!" Skye called to Sticky. "Agile, get in there and use thundershock!"

"Pika! Pika, CHU!" Agile cried out, sending a powerful attack at the spinning Starmie. It fainted.

"Wow, Skye! You must have been training hard!" Misty exclaimed, somewhat suprised. "But can you handle...Seel?"

Seel flew out of its pokeball, and splashed into the water, looking at Agile with a competative glare.

"Chu..." Agile trailed off nervously.

Skye bit her lower lip.

"Agile, return!" Skye commanded. Agile ran behind her legs. "Go, Sticky! Poisonpowder!"

"Don't think I'll be fooled twice!" Misty warned her. "Seel, dive underwater, and hit the Butterfree from below!"

The cloud of powder missed the Seel completely as it dove beneath the water and swam to a vantage point beneath Sticky in a manner of seconds.

"Ah! Sticky, confusion!" Skye cried desperately as the Seel broke the surface.

Sticky glared down at the Seel, and sent a powerful confusion attack at it, knocking it back beneath the water.

"Sticky! Return! Go, Ninja!" Skye said quickly, her strategy playing out almost perfectly. "Tackle attack!"

The Staryu dove into the water with powerful force towards the Seel, hitting it hard under water. The Seel countered with a horn attack, which hit Ninja, but was partially deflected.

"Seel, get in there with another horn attack!" Misty commanded. Her arms were crossed over her chest.

"Ninja, counter with a spinning tackle!" Skye cried.

Ninja miscalculated the Seel's attack, and was hit very hard. It fainted.

"Good job, Ninja....return," Skye said softly, feeling her confidence diminish. "Fury!"

The agitated Spearow cawed angrily, glaring at the weakened Seel. Fury ruffled its feathers offensively, looking as menacing as the small Spearow could.

"Water gun!" Misty exclaimed.

Seel shot through the water at Fury, and when it was in close range, let loose a massive water gun attack, hitting Fury square in the chest, and sending it backwards towards the wall. Weakened, Fury recovered slowly.

"Peck attack!" Skye cried. Fury, becoming angrier by the minute at the Seel, dove full speed towards it, its beak ready to make contact...

And it did.

Seel, who had propelled itself into the air for a tackle, was hit dead on by the determined, charging Spearow. Seel fainted. Fury landed on Skye's shoulder, exhausted.

"You did awesome, Fury. Just rest now," Skye told the tired bird, who rested on her shoulder, intent on seeing the battle through.

"Starmie, go!" Misty cried.

The menacing, purple, double-star creature emerged from its pokeball, and dove into the water.

"Agile, you're up!" Skye told her oldest companion. Agile looked at her, terrified. Skye smiled at her best friend knowingly. "It will be alright. You can do it, Agile."

"Pika," Agile said, confidence returning to her expression. The Pikachu darted out into the arena.

"Bubblebeam!" Misty commanded. "Let's give her everything we've got!"

The bubbles traveled suprisingly fast at Agile, who was hit by them dead on. Confused by the popping around her, the Pikachu shut her eyes. Starmie went in for a strong tackle attack.

"Agile, quick! Use thundershock, as powerful as you can!" Skye exclaimed.

"CHUUUU!" Agile cried out, shooting a powerful jolt of electricity at the Starmie, who seemed very phased. It was paralyzed. Agile did not even have to wait for another command. She thundershocked it into submission.

"Agile, Fury, Sitcky, Ninja!" Skye exclaimed, calling them all out to enjoy the victory. "We DID IT!!!"

She collapsed under the enormous weight of her Pokemon as they all tackled her into a hug. She sat on the floor, her Pokemon in her arms, grinning wildly.

"You were all so wonderful..." she told them. "I'm so proud. I'm so happy to be your trainer."

Misty walked over to Skye, who could not move because of her Pokemon.

"Here's the Cascade badge," Misty told her, handing her the blue, drop-shaped badge. "Congradulations, Skye. You really earned it!"

"Thank you, Misty!" Skye exclaimed, shaking her hand. "Thank you so much!"

Misty nodded, and Skye looked to her Pokemon.

"Let's get back to the Pokemon Center," she told them. "You all deserve a real treat today!"

The Pokemon stayed out of their balls, Fury resting on Skye's shoulder, Agile on the other, Sticky hovering beside her, and Ninja bouncing along below. Skye looked over to the stands to see if anyone had managed to wake up and find her here...

May 2nd, 2004, 6:09 AM
Duc eventually dosed off in front of the window. The lights at Cerulean Cape were quite attractive that night.

Again, the dream happened, but now, there was nothing. Everything was black. He could only see himself. He heard a low, gruff voice, then a Pokmon popped up. He couldn't see it, but it shot needles of some sort at him. He couldn't move. Before the needles made contact, he woke up. It was pretty early in the morning.

Pikachu was already awake. It was in the cafteria, again drinking from a ketchup bottle. Duc pulled the bottle away from it. "Now, Pikachu, no ketchup for breakfast!" Pikachu complained, but ate the Pokpellets Duc gave it. Duc walked back into the room. He noticed that Skye was already gone. "She must have gone out to challenge Misty again." He muttered. Without thinking about it, anger swelled up again. Duc was rushing to get ready to get at Misty for yesterday.

Running through the gym, Duc arrived at the stadium, where he had just witnessed Skye's victory. Pikachu was behind with a mouthful of the pellets. "Congradualtions, Skye!" he said.

Unlike himself, Duc yelled at Misty. "I demand a rematch! Right here, right now!" Misty's expression suddenly changed. "You again?! Fine, you'll have your rematch today, but not until the rest of your friends challenge me!"

"Fine. Hey wait..." Duc was startled at the last part. "How do you know that a guy like me could have friends? I thought I was a jerk!"

"Yeah, well..." Misty stammered a bit. "I know these things, and let me tell you, you're lucky to have any!"

Duc, a little startled at her attitude, yelled back. "Whatever. I'll be ready to take you on anytime!"

May 2nd, 2004, 10:42 AM
IC: Duc there is no one to chalenge her I think

OOC:Lex woke up fully healed and ready for a day full of adventures. Lex quickly got dressed eager to begin the day. Eevee,on the other hand layed exhausted on the bed. "Comeon Eevee we have to go!"Lex exclaimed. Eevee still remained on the bed covering its ears. Lex then noticed the group was gone and he then started to rush.

Again Lex told Eevee to get up.But,he refused. "I'll get you icecream!"Lex said teasing. Immeadiatly Eevee got up from the bed and jumped on Lex's shoulder.

Lex headed to the Gym were he Knew skye was going to have her battle against Misty. Thats were he Met with Skye and congradulated her for yher victory. Duc was also about to battle against Misty. "Hey Guys,you wanna join us were going to get icecream after Duc's battle!"Lex offered. lex then waited for an response...

May 2nd, 2004, 1:12 PM
OOC: Actually, Eco-Mono hasn't posted a battle yet, so I'm gonna wait until tomorrow.

Eevee Tamer
May 2nd, 2004, 4:55 PM
Hmm... I will join later.

May 2nd, 2004, 6:53 PM
Hmm... I will join later.

OOC: Unfortunately, I think we have reached a limit on the number of people that can join. I sincerely apologize...if another member ends up dropping out, you are certainly more than welcome to join!

IC: "Ice cream sounds awesome! Eh, Agile?" Skye asked her Pikachu, who nodded vigorously. "We're in!"

Skye looked over to where Duc had been speaking to Misty, and she frowned. She could not understand for the life of her what could make them hate each other so much! She shrugged, and took a seat in the stands to watch the battles.

May 5th, 2004, 12:05 PM
OOC: I'll wait until tomorrow to post my battle. I'd rather wait for Eco-Mono's, but I will post if he doesn't.

IC: Something was wrong with Duc, and he knew it. He never acted the way he did to Misty at anyone else in his life. He usually was a person who's understanding and never means to hurt anybody's feelings. That funny feeling never did leave his head since he started the battle with Misty the first time...

Even while trying to figure himself out, he had an evil look towards Misty from the benches. His face never did seem to change since the battle. Misty stood at her side of the stadium, waiting for the next challenger. She, too stared back at him.

Brock finally showed up in the stadium. Togepi ran up to him. Looks like he was to take care of it while Misty was busy. "Hey, why the sudden quietness?" he asked Misty. "I'm waiting to show that jerk what he's up against!" she snapped in his face. Brock took a step back, knowing the rivalry between her and Duc. It reminded him of how Ash always bothered Misty, one way or another.

*UPDATE*OOC: Sorry, but I have to post now. Hope you don't mind Eco-Mono.

IC: Misty grew impatient. She really wanted to show off her skills, but minutes passed by. It seemed like forever. "All right! we're battling now, jerk!" she yelled out.

Duc eagerly stepped up to his side of the stadium. "I'll prove that you're nothing to Ash. NOTHING!" he yelled. Misty, now infuriated, threw her Pokball. Out came her Goldeen. "You'd better watch yor mouth, kid!" Misty said.

Duc took out his Zubat, the one who clung on Misty's Staryu from the last battle. Both Pokmon poised for battle, but both began to glow. Apparently, both Pokmon had plenty of experience in battle. Goldeen evolved to Seaking while Zubat evolved to Golbat. "Well, this is interesting..." Duc said. "Golbat, use Bite!" The Pokmon dove at the new fish. Misty, equally suprised, ordered her Seaking to use Horn Attack. Both Pokmon made contact. Golbat took the hit first, but bit down as Seaking was falling.

"Golbat, use Wing Attack!" Duc yelled. "Seaking, use Fury Attack!" Misty yelled back. Both Pokmon again hit each other successfully. After both had landed, both had fainted.

Brock was a little busy with Togepi before he saw the knockouts. Pikachu tugged his pants to remind him. "Oh, uh... Golbat and Seaking are unable to battle. This battle is a draw!"

Trying to stick up to Ash, Duc thought up of some things to anger the gym leader while recalling Golbat. "Why don't you just quit?! Ash won't ever forgive you if you can't beat me!" Duc summoned his Staryu.

Misty flinched at what Duc had just said. She managed to regain her composure. "What are you talking about?!" She took out her Staryu as well.

"Don't you remember??? You always kept Ash tense in battles, making him lose some very big ones, especially the last one!" While in an argument yet again, Duc's Staryu still remembered its battle with the other Staryu. Angered, Duc's Staryu launched a Water Gun before given the order. Misty's Staryu easily dodged it and countered with another Water Gun. This one hit, sending Duc's Staryu onto a floating platform. Both Pokmon were constantly attacking one another while the two trainers were yelling at each other.

Without noticing it, Misty's Staryu had fainted.

"Misty's Staryu is unable to battle. Duc's Sta--" Brock didn't finish since the other Staryu fell flat on it's core. "OK, both Staryu are unable to battle!"

Without saying anything, Misty recalled her Pokmon and sent out her Starmie. Duc did the same, except he called on Pikachu. Pikachu was reluctant, so Duc picked it up and placed it on the battlefield.

Again, Pikachu was facing Misty's strongest Pokmon. It tried to run back to Duc, but it didn't like the fact that it had to swim to reach its trainer. "Starmie, Tackle attack!" Misty called out. The Pokmon practically flew towards Pikachu. "Hit it in the water with your tail, Pikachu!" Duc yelled. Pikachu turned its back towards the attacker. A little nervous, Pikachu rose its tail. It barely made the hit, but Starmie was knocked down. Pikachu, on the other hand, flew in the air because Starmie was much heavier than it was.

"Pikachu, use your Thundershock at the pool!" Duc said confidently. Misty panicked. "Starmie, use Water Gun!" A stream of water shot from the pool like a waterspout. The Thundershock hit the stream, causing the bolt to reach Starmie instantly. The stream however also hit Pikachu, shocking them both. It seemed like the battle was over. Both Pokmon were down for the count. Misty's Starmie struggled to get back on its feet as well as Pikachu. Before the winner could be announced, the stadium's lights went out!

A few moments later, the emergency generator kicked in. When everyone quieted down, Misty was standing there, still tense like the outage never happened. Duc was the same as well, but at the corner of his eye, he saw that Brock was panicking. He turned to find out what's the matter.

Brock desperately searched everywhere. "Togepi's gone!" he yelled out. Misty's anger quickly disappeared as she noticed that two people in black suits were running off. They were carrying Togepi off in a small satch. Misty recalled Starmie. "You're lucky this time, jerk." she said to Duc as she ran out the door, hoping to chase them down.

Duc was about to enjoy his 'victory' since Misty forfited the match, but then he remembered the wire tap from yesterday. "Oh man, I hope it's not what I think it is!" He grabbed Pikachu and chased after Misty.

May 5th, 2004, 12:44 PM
Skye cried out as the lights went out. She felt someone brush by her, but thought nothing of it. When the generator kicked in, Skye noticed Togepi was MIA.

"Brock!" she called, pointing to where Togepi had last stood.

"Togepi's gone!" he yelled out. Misty's anger quickly disappeared as she noticed that two people in black suits were running off. They were carrying Togepi off in a small satch. Misty recalled Starmie. "You're lucky this time, jerk." she said to Duc as she ran out the door, hoping to chase them down.

Duc was about to enjoy his 'victory' since Misty forfited the match, but then he remembered the wire tap from yesterday. "Oh man, I hope it's not what I think it is!" He grabbed Pikachu and chased after Misty.

Skye sprinted after Duc, narrowing her eyebrows at his last comment.

"What do you mean?" she panted, as Agile caught up to her. Brock was not far behind. "You know something about this? Spill it, Duc!"

She continued to run after him as they chased after Misty, looking at him intently for his answer.

May 5th, 2004, 4:55 PM
OOC: Did you not have time, so you cut and paste? Just wondering...

"Aw, geez, right now?!" Duc said in a hurry. "OK, well, last night, I heard a conversation between two people. They said something about trainers and a plan that was supposed to happen, I think today." Thinking a little harder, he remembered one of the voices. "Uh oh! One the voices was from Cassidy. I'm sure it was Team Rocket on the phone!"

Still running, Duc noticed that Misty was chasing them down towards Cerulean Cape. Are they nuts? he thought. There's nowhere to run there! Unless...

May 5th, 2004, 5:56 PM
I was having a drink of mountain dew, when I noticed Duc and the others running in hot pursuit of those team rocket members from earlier. I Followed the others, soon falling besides them and asked "What's going on?"

May 5th, 2004, 7:36 PM
OOC: Maybe a little lazy, but more like quoting I guess...:P

IC: "Interesting...." Skye said, racing towards the cape with her friends. "What do you suppose they have planned for us this time??"

They reached the cape, and Skye looked around blankly, catching her breath. Her heart was pounding.


May 5th, 2004, 8:30 PM
OOC: This post is a little long, but this too I've been planning for a long time.

IC:The group along with Misty and Brock had reached the same hill where Duc was met with Misty's pack in the face. It was the highest point of the place besides the lighthouse.

"Togepi, where are you?!" yelled out Misty. She was frantically looking for her Pokmon. Duc was still amazed at her kindness towards her Pokmon compared to himself. He too looked around.

Just then, two massive explosions erupted from the city. Clouds of smoke were spreading across the sky. Duc had a bad feeling about this. He took out his voice recorder and muttered for help. "Pikachu, can you run back to the city and look for the Police Station and give this to officer Jenny?" He handed the recorder to his buddy. Pikachu nodded as it grabbed it in its mouth. It ran off back towards the city.

As soon as Pikachu got out of view, Duc quickly saw a floating object. Before he could tell what it was, it spewed out a massive cloud of smoke. Everyone choked on the fumes. Duc quickly got out his Pokballs containing his bat Pokmon. "Zubat and Golbat, blow away the smoke!" Zubat flapped its wings vigorously, but Golbat, still tired from the gym battle, managed to help its companion.

The smoke quickly cleared. But something else took up the view. It was a massive group of Team Rocket members. They've surrounded the trainers. Out from behind them came their Pokmon. All the Ratatta, Ekans, Koffing, Geodudes, and Grimer were sneering violently. More members seem to be behind the others.

"Whoa..." Duc said. He couldn't say much of anything else since he was scared stiff at the situation.

Cassidy and Butch finally appeared from the group. "Well, well, if it isn't the brats." said Cassidy. "Thanks to you and your friends, we've finally got what we want."

"What are you talking about?!" yelled out Misty. "And where's my Togepi?!?!"

"Now, now, there's no need to worry." said Butch in a calm manner. "Your Pokmon is fine, as long as all you cooperate."

"What do you mean you've got what you came for?!" Duc snapped at Butch.

"Nosey, are we?" Cassidy said. "Since you trainers aren't going anywhere, we might as well as fill you in. We're here to stop those two from interfearing!" she said as she pointed at Brock and Misty. "You know back in Viridian City? We disquised ourselves as the idiots only to get their attention. Unfortunately, you beginners interfered before we could do anything. And in front of Mt. Moon, we were spying on you, seeing if one of them were following you kids. We purposedly lost the battle to rush back to Cerulean City to tell the boss. Finally, you kid, helped us find the girl." she turned her head at Duc. "Thanks to your loudmouthing earlier at this spot, we spotted her."

"Those two with the help of another trainer have foiled too many of our top plans these past months." Butch interupted. "Those explosions you heard were in front of the Pokmon Center and the Hospital. If you trainers happen to be lucky to survive this, you're going to need to get a lot of help getting any better." He quickly motioned the rest of the members to attack. "We're going to make sure that those two won't be getting in our way ever again, by any means neccessary!!!" Most of the Rocket members started to attack right away while Cassidy and Butch stood back.

Sirens roared. The Police had been notified by Duc's Pikachu. "Guess you guys can't stay!" Duc said with confidence. "Don't be too sure!" Said Butch. Some of the surrounding Rocket members turned around and summoned their Pokmon. Most were Graveler. Some of the Graveler smashed the hoods of the patrol cars as they came. The policemen and policewomen got out and took out their Pokmon as well. All had Growlithe. Their battle was already intensifying.

Pikachu managed to run through all this battling and reunited with its trainer. "Good job, Pikachu!" Duc said with a smile. There were still many Rocket Grunts surrounding the group. "Get ready, guys!" he said as he took out all his Pokmon.

May 5th, 2004, 8:44 PM
OOC: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetdreamcast/sonic/music/sonic_x_ost/33_from_episode_5_-_tornado_going_round_and_round.mp3 Music for this scene.

"Oh man, I'm going to enjoy this SO much!" I said, releasing Chameleon and... Kadabra?! "What the-?! Ohhh, I see. It must have evolved in it's pokeball after the gym battle." I said, and then, "Charmeleon, slash! Kadabra, confusion!" and as the pokemon began flying, I looked around to see how the others were doing.

May 6th, 2004, 3:27 AM
Skye's eyes grew wide, and then narrowed with intensity. She glanced at Brock, who looked a little anxious, but otherwise held his ground.

"I'm so sick of these loosers!" Skye exclaimed, feeling her face grow hot with anger. "Go, Sticky, Fury, Ninja, and Agile!"

Her Pokemon responded with an enraged cry, and dashed into the scene to help. Skye was amidst them, not fearing the attacks that narrowly missed her own body. She stood back-to-back with Brock, yelling commands, and trying to confuse as many trainers and Pokemon as possible.

She and Brock had a strategy: they and their Pokemon were constantly in motion, getting attacks in on whatever Pokemon they could. The picked no major battle, but rahter, fought bits of the larger picture.

Amidst the chaos, Fury started to glow. Its body elongated, its wing span increased, and when it returned to normal, its look was even more menacing and angry. Skye had an idea.

"Fury!" she called, and it glided over to its master. Skye looked at Brock. "I'm going for help."

WIth that, she climbed aboard her Fearow's back, and took off towards the City.

May 6th, 2004, 5:57 AM
Pokmon and Rocket members alike started to fly in the sky, thanks to Seph's Kadabra. Even with his strong Pokmon, the Rocket Grunts don't seem to be backing down at all.

Duc commanded the Staryu to drench the area with water so Pikachu could zap them all. The plan worked, but more Pokmon keep taking the place of the other. The Pokmon who Duc had used in the gym battle were getting very tired. Pikachu was lucky enough to recover while in the Police Station. Brock was doing very well by himself, being a gym leader himself. Misty, however, had a rough time trying to keep the Rockets at bay. All of her Pokmon didn't recover much since the gym battle.

Pikachu knew this, so it stayed as close to her as possible. Duc was reluctant, but he knew Misty needed help if she's gonna get out of this one. "Can't you battle better than that, missy?" Duc taunted. "Of course I can!!!" Misty yelled back. With that, Misty ordered her Pokmon to attack much more agressively.

The Rockets stood no chance against Brock's Onix and Geodude. Both were pummeled with Tackle attacks, but both easily shook off the hits. With one swipe of its tail, Onix knocked out half a dozen of Pokmon. Geodude grabbed chunks of ground and threw them. It too knocked out many. As fast as Pokmon were defeated though, more kept on coming. Brock knew that both his Pokmon could only last so long.

Duc's Golbat blew away some of the weaker Pokmon, but the stronger ones seemed to stand their ground. The Rockets Pokmon, especially the Grimer, jumped at the large bat. It tried to shake them off, but more kept on clinging themselves to it, making it fall to the ground where more Pokmon started to attack. The Staryu that Duc didn't use in battle yet fired a Water Gun. Those Pokmon that held on to Golbat flew right off. Duc recalled his Golbat as it was too weak to battle much longer.

The Police were having a rough time themselves. The Graveler were resistant to all of the Growlithes' attacks. The police though had much more experience battling that the Rockets did, so they managed to hold on.

Cassidy and Butch were growing impatient. With a sudden order, the Rockets mummured a bit, but did what they were told. Their Pokmon started not only to attack the trainers' Pokmon but to attack the trainers themselves too!

Brock and Misty were dodging Pokmon left and right, trying to avoid the Ratattas' Quick Attack. Duc was unfortunate enough to get in the way of one. It rammed him in the stomach. Duc fell over, curled up, holding his stomach. He quickly got back on his feet and managed to knock the Pokmon out with his backpack.

Pikachu didn't have as hard a time like everyone else. Any Pokmon that got too close to it were instantly zapped. Its belly full of ketchup, Pikachu believed that it could go on like this forever.

May 6th, 2004, 6:24 AM
Fury darted to Cerulean with Skye on his back, and they reached the Pokemon Center where lots of trainers were sondering where Misty was. Skye sprinted into the center, and panting, she told everyone the news.

"Please come help us," she pleaded, looking at them desperately.

For a moment, there wa silence, then a trainer stepped foward.

"I'll come," Skye recognized him as the leader from the group of mean kids they had battled in Viridian Forest. She smiled, still panting, as other trainers joined to help.

"Let's get to the cape!" Skye exclaimed, leading the way out.

"I'll call reinforcements for hte police!" Nursy Joy offered.

Skye hopped aboard Fury once more, and some other trainers boarded their flying Pokemon as well. The rest ran by foot.

"If we can attack from the air!" Skye called to her companions. "Those Rockets won't know what hit them!"

They dove full tilt towards teh cape, pummeling as many enemy Pokemon as they could. The trainers who had come by foot had reached the cape in no time, and were lending a hand to defeat the Rockets.

Skye looked around her as an enraged Fury threw a Grimer over its shoulder. She looked for her Pokemon, hoping they were getting on okay on their own. Agile and Ninja were combining water gun and thundershock to take down opponents, while Sticky was confusing as many Pokemon as possible. Skye thought she saw some of the enemy Pokemon attacking each other because of it!

"We need another arial attack!" she told Fury, who spread his giant wings, and took to the air.

One of the Rocket members saw this, and, siezing his rather massive Golbat, ordered it to fly him up to Skye, who was preparing to attack with Fury.

The Golbat hoisted the Rocket member into the sky, flying behind an unsuspecting Skye. She was about to attack when Fury cried out in suprise, and she felt someone grab her around her waist. She screamed, and Fury cried out angrily as the Golbat proceeded to attack him.

"Get...OFF!" Skye exclaimed as the Rocket member teased her, and tried to throw her off her bird.

Skye belted him across the face with all her might, leaving a red hand print on his cheek. He got really angry, and siezed her around the waist, and using his superior strenght, threw her off Fury!

Skye felt herself falling, but her anger superceeded her fright. Fury had swirled its massive head around, plucked the Rocket member off its back, and sent him plummiting to the world below. The Golbat chased after Fury as Fury made its way over to Skye.

Fury caught her just in time, and landed on the ground. She hugged him tightly, and looked around her. It seemed that the trainers were gaining the upper hand.

Suddenly, Fury cried out in pain, and fell to the ground. Skye saw two bit marks in Fury's wing fromt he Golbat who had been following them.

"Agile!" Skye screamed. The Pikachu came bounding over, looking tired. "Thundershock that Golbat!"

"CHUUU!" Agile cried, sending a powerful bolt of electricity at the Golbat, who fainted.

Skye tended to Fury's wing, but realized she had no antidote with her, so she called Fury into his pokeball to assure safety.

"Come on, Agile," she said fiercely, looking at the battle scene before her. "Let's finish this!"

May 6th, 2004, 8:27 AM
Duc saw Skye up in the sky (i know) with her newly evolved Fearow with a bunch of trainers on its back. We're gonna need all the help we can get... Duc thought as he dodged another attack from a Rocket's Pokmon.

More trainers appeared from the edge of the cape, but they really couldn't get past the battle between the police and the Rocket's, so most stayed and helped the police out. The trainers that came with Skye hopped off and helped the already weary trainers out. The Rockets saw this as nothing more than a distraction.

Duc saw a Rocket fall from the sky. Apparently, he was battling Skye up there and lost. Since this IS a children's series, the Rocket member doesn't seriously get hurt. Instead, it landed on a group of the Rocket's Pokmon. Upon impact, the Pokmon and the Rocket Grunt had fainted.

Finally, the odds were evened out. The Rockets seemed to falter, little by little.

By this time, both gym leaders' Pokmon were too exausted to battle without problems. Misty and Brock were completely defenseless. Being full of itself, Pikachu ran to them, protecting the two from the Rockets. It was doing a fine job of it.

All of Duc's Pokmon, except Pikachu, were also too tired to battle. Duc really didn't want to have to rely on Pikachu, but he knew he had to.

May 6th, 2004, 12:16 PM
While the battle was raging back and fourth, I managed to sneak up behind Cassidy, and whispered to myself "No one, and I do mean no one messes with my friends." I pulled out my wilderness knife, and "ShhhK!" Cassidy whirled aroun just in time to see me running off at top speed, with the majority of her hair in my hand. It took her a moment to realize what had happened, and after her hands went to her head, she began shouting things which I can't type, since they'd just be censored anyway.

May 6th, 2004, 2:49 PM
OOC: LOL x 5 million, Shiney Electrode! That was brilliant!!!

IC: Skye watched Seph chop a huge length of hair off of Cassidy's head. Her jaw dropped, and soon, she was laughing despite the Pokemon whirling and attacking. She continued to battle, and it looked like everything was going to be okay. The Rockets were being defeated and arrested, and Skye could finally feel herself relaxing...

May 7th, 2004, 6:06 AM
OOC: LOL big time!

IC: The gang of Team Rocket members was finally starting to fall. The Police with the help of other trainers finally broke through and started for Cassidy and Butch's group.

Cassidy was outraged at the loss of her two ponytails. She sent out her Sandslash. "Use Earthquake!!!" she yelled. The Sandslash stomped the ground and the whole area shook. It was so strong that all Pokmon that were caught in it were knocked out, including the majority of the other Team Rocket's Pokmon and the Police's Growlithe. All the trainers fell down hard as the ground shook.

Pikachu was smart enough to hop on Duc's shoulder when this happened. Duc took the blow and fell down hard. He quickly got up, rubbing his bruise he just got. "Geez, thanks, Pikachu!" Duc said.

Knowing that the plan had failed, Butch called on his radio. Team Rocket didn't have much fight left and there were still a bunch of Growlithe still jumping.

From below the cliffs near the lighthouse, large black helicopters with a big red 'R' arose. Team Rocket dashed for their aircraft while everyone else was still recovering from the Earthquake.

Still seeing a chance to actually finish their mission, Cassidy picked up the container holding Misty's Togepi and tossed it from the helicopter. Misty frantically ran to catch her Pokmon. Brock was also dashing for the airborne egg.

Cassidy, Butch and Sandslash were hanging off the edge of a helicopter. "Sandslash, use Poison Sting on those two!" Cassidy ordered. From the door, Sandslash curled up and it glowed a bright white. Vicious needles shot out with great speed and accuracy.

Brock took a few of the needles in the right shoulder. Luckly, they weren't poisonous. The brunt of the attack was directed at Misty though. She knew she'd have to take the hit if she was to save her Togepi, still airborne.

Duc saw the grim situation. Something snapped within him. "Watch out, Misty!!!" He yelled. Duc dashed towards Misty with all he could. He managed to push Misty out of the path of the needles. With the added momentum, Misty dove and caught Togepi, crying from the scare. "Oh, Togepi... I'd thought I'd never see you again!" she said as she took out her Pokmon and comforted it. She turned around to see Duc. "I thought you hate me!"

"I do, but I hate people who do things like this even more." Duc said with a strain in his voice. He held his right arm, covered in the bright white needles. He managed to pull all of them out with little loss of blood, but the poison had already infected his body. His whole right side went numb almost immediately.

Pikachu was trying to shoot down the helicopters with its Thundershock, but they were already too far away. All the helicopters managed to get out of view by flying throught the thick clouds in the sky. It quickly ran back to its trainer, trying to see if it could help in any way.

"It's nothing. 'Tis just a flesh wound.'" Duc quoted from a movie. He couldn't move his right arm at all. The poison was quickly spreading and he knew that he could be in trouble if he doesn't get help right away.

Brock quickly asked for officer Jenny's help. "Sorry, but the Hospital's off limits." she said. "The blast from the explosion destroyed all of the possible entrances. Same thing with the Pokmon Center. We're trying to get the path cleared right now."

May 7th, 2004, 8:50 AM
Skye watched in horror as Duc took the hit from the Sandslash's poison sting attack. She watched him crumple as his side went numb, and followed his Pikachu over to him.

"It's nothing. 'Tis just a flesh wound.'" Duc quoted from a movie.

"You silly," Skye told him, trying to mask concern. "This is no time for Monty Python!"

She looked over at Brock, who had come to check on Duc. Skye took out Fury's Pokeball, biting her lower lip anxiously. She looked from Duc to the pokeball and back again.

"Brock, do you hae some antidote?" Skye asked him.

"Actually...yeah...I do..." he reached into his backpack and handed it to her.

"Thanks. I'll buy you one in the next city," she promised. "I think I'll take Duc with me on Fury to Vermillion, since that is our next destination."

She tucked her blond hair behind her ears, and let Fury out of its pokeball. It squaked tiredly, then glared angrily at Brock, who back ed away.

Agile, who had just run over, looked at Duc's Pikachu quizzedly. Agile looked to Skye for some kind of explanation, but she was busy with Fury.

"Here, Fury," she said, giving it the antidote. "I need your help."

Fury tok the antidote, and seemed to recover its strength fairly quickly. It lowered its massive head to examine Duc with concern.

"Come on, Duc," Skye told him. "There's a hospital in Vermillion, and the fastest way there is how the Fearow flies. You too, Agile and Pikachu."

She hoisted Duc up, and helped him onto Fury's back. She hopped on behind him, and looked back at her companions, as Agile and Duc's Pikachu hopped on Fury too. Misty's face looked sullen and guilty, and it seemed that there were tears welling up in her eyes.

"Hey, Misty?" Skye called, and she saw Misty snap her head upwards to where Skye was taking off. "Why don't you travel with Brock and meet us in Vermillion?"

May 7th, 2004, 11:42 AM
Duc tried to make the best of the situation, but couldn't keep up with the spreading poison. Although the Antidote did help just a bit, the poison didn't seem to slow down. Shortly afterwards, Duc became unconcious. His breathing was labored.

Pikachu tried zapping its trainer in hopes to keep him awake, but all it did was zap everyone else. It apoligized.

Misty knew that Duc didn't have too much time before he'd get in serious trouble. After all, she did help out in a Hospital along with Brock and Ash before...

She suddenly remembered something. The doctor that day gave her some bottles of Full Heal, except for people. She never did use them, but they were at her home. "Skye, he needs some medicine right away!" She told Skye about where she lived and as well as where the medicine was. "I hope you're not afraid of needles."

The police offered a ride, but Misty knew that Fearow were much faster than any car could ever go.

May 7th, 2004, 2:16 PM
"Here," Skye said, urging Fury to land where Misty stood. "Fury will listen to you. I'm sure you can get to your house and the medecine faster."

Duc was near unconcious on Fury when Misty climbed aboard. Agile leapt off into Skye's arms, and the giant bird made way to Misty's house.

May 7th, 2004, 3:06 PM
Fury flew off in a hurry. Duc was still breathing, but slowly. The poison had constricted his windpipe. "Hold on kid." Misty whispered to Duc. "You can yell at me all you want when you're better, ok?" Not expecting a response, Misty guided the large bird towards her house.

Pikachu was worrying about two things. First was its trainer's health, and the other was to hold on to Fury! Pikachu would have gone overboard if it weren't for Misty holding it.

A few minutes later, Misty grabbed Duc and headed inside. The house was small, but enough to support her and her three sisters. She headed to her room and dropped Duc off onto a matress. Misty then hurried to get the medicine. Inside the medicine cabinet, there was practically a wall of Antidotes and other healing items for people in case she ever came across a bug. She grabbed a large vial and a needle.

Duc woke up after a long sleep. He had no idea where he was. He looked around. Apparently, the place seemed blurry since his glasses were off. So was his vest and hat. Duc tried to get up, but quickly fell back. He noticed that his right arm was all bandaged up. Lifting his head, he tried to make out his surroundings. A needle was next to him. Wonder what that's doing here... he thought. And where am I?

Duc tried to use his left arm. After trying a few minutes, he managed to control it. First thing was to grab his glasses next to him. Finally, he could see where he was. It was a small room. He had a pink blanket over his body. Must be a girl's room. Looking around a little more, he saw the door. It said 'Misty's Room' with a bunch of other signs designed to keep others out. Wha?! What am I doing in her room?!?!

Misty walked in with both her Togepi and Pikachu. Pikachu quickly jumped on its trainer, glad that he's okay. "Hey, glad to see you too, buddy!" Duc managed with his mouth. "Are you feeling any better?" asked Misty in a much calmer to Duc. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." Duc noticed that he finally could talk to her without getting mad. "I though you hate me, Misty."

"Yeah, well, I hate Ash the same way." she said quickly. She took the needle again and filled it up with the Full Heal. "Hey! What are you doing???" Duc asked nervously. "Giving you your medicine, idiot." she said as she stuck the needle on Duc's right arm. Duc braced himself, but he couldn't feel anything, not even the needle. "That wasn't bad, now was it?" Misty said.

"Nah. You're starting to sound like my mother." Duc said with his best voice. "Hey, since I saved you and all, can you at least tell me one thing?"

"You saved me? I coulda helped myself if I needed to, but ok. What is it?"

"Why do keep changing topics when we talk about Ash?"

Misty blushed a bit. "Th-that's none of your business!" She walked out the room.

He put his head down and dozed off. Pikachu snuggled up to him, snoozing off as well.

Misty giggled a little. "Yup. That kid's acting more like Ash by the minute!" She heard police sirens outside. "Must be his friends." she mumbled. "Coming!"

When Misty got to the front door, Duc managed to stand up after waking from his fake nap. "Now, why does she do that..." He mumbled. He first looked at her computer. After messing around, he found Ash fansite pages bookmarked. She had much more than he ever had. He rummaged through her desk. "A journal, huh?" He opened it and flipped through it. Nothing was in it except her adventures with Ash. Misty barely made anything on Brock...

Duc was getting confused. His eyes caught her red knapsack she brought with her today. Looking through it, he found a few Pokballs and other things. A picture fell out. He looked at it and was amazed at what he saw. It was the same picture he had seen in his dreams. That boy turns out to be none other than Ash Ketchum. Before examining anything else, Misty stormed in and took the picture.

"Hey!! Get your hands off my stuff!!!" she yelled. her face was all red. "What was all that?!" Duc yelled back. "I thought you absolutely hate Ash, but from what I saw, you have nothing but stuff on Ash. What's going on?!?!"

"I'm not telling!"

"Why not?"

'Because you won't understand a thing!"

"Try me."

"Give me a good reason!"

"Ok, fine. I saved your butt out there! I took the hit! And you still won't tell me??? No wonder Ash doesn't say much about you!"

May 8th, 2004, 7:11 AM
Skye had arrived at Misty's house with Brock and the others. Misty offered them the sofa to sit and wait for Duc to come down. She went upstairs, and shortly, a shouting match broke out. Skye sighed, and got up, rushing upstairs.

"You know, Duc," she started, a bit of anger inhabiting her voice. "Misty did all this to save you, and this is how you thank her??"

Skye put her hands on her hips, and stared both of them down.

"Misty, you should know better too," Skye scolded. "He's only just begun his training. Cut him a little slack!"

She looked at hte two of them, narrowing her eyebrows, and waited for them to respond.

May 10th, 2004, 3:29 AM
OOC: Sorry about the log posts recently, but I want to finish what I want fast. After this, I'm letting Skye pull all the strings.

IC: Misty slammed the door shut with Skye on the other side. She tried to come up with something to say, but she just froze. "Now that I think of it," said Duc. "Ash really didn't do anything bad to you at all. Why did you keep pestering him?" Still, Misty didn't say anything. "How about this? I'll tell you where Ash is when you tell me what's Ash to you."

Silence befell the room, except Pikachu softly snoring. Misty stood there, eyes away from Duc and out the window. She knew that the secret had to be found out someday. Finally, she softly spoke the three words that she thought she'd never reveal.

"Yeah, that's what I thought! You--" Duc spoke before processing what Misty had just said. He too became silenced. Never in his mind did that ever come up. Everything seems to fall in place now. Everything that she did to Ash wasn't out of hate. "Hey, now you bring your end of the bargin!" she said, with her face quite bright red.

Duc knew something would go wrong if he told her, but if he didn't, she'd probably rip his head off. "H-he... left for the Hoenn Region two days ago." Hopefully she knew already.

Misty stood there. Anger started to show on her face. "That jerk!!! I knew he'd do this!!!" She stormed out the door, screaming insults on her way.

Duc didn't want to do anything, but he saw for the first time that the tomboyish gym leader shed tears. She'd never do that, ever. He thought. Duc quickly got to his feet and stopped her.

Just then, her videophone rang. Brock picked it up. It was Mrs. Ketchum. "I'm sorry I couldn't call earlier, but I was out shopping. Anyways, is Misty there?" Duc managed to drag her to the phone, but she continued to yell. "You told her the news, I guess? I wanted to call because I have a video to show you. Ash really wanted to say godbye to his friends, but the boat to the Hoenn Region didn't wait, so he made a video." She tapped a few keys and Ash popped up. Duc couldn't believe it was him, but he carefully listened.

The video showed Ash with his Pikachu. He talked about how he wanted to stay longer, but also explained his 'destiny' as his friends already know. The clip ended, but the video didn't. Right after, Professor Oak was talking about his Pokmon research facility, but a Muk came over and covered itself all over the professor. Tracy appeared and tried to pull it off. Misty's face finally beamed with happiness. Mrs. Ketchum stopped the video. "Sorry about that. We ran out of tapes, so we borrowed one of Professor Oak's." She talked for a while how things were going. Right before she hung up, she reminded Misty of something. "Oh, I almost forgot. Ash wanted to give you something. It's a little something when you can travel again." The door rang and a package was there. Misty hurried to open it and found a small red pack. She held it in her arms, almost like Togepi. "Just you wait, Ash Ketchum." Misty said to herself.

"Uh, Mrs. Ketchum?" Duc whispered before the phone hung up. "Ash really didn't buy that, did he?"

"No, but I'm sure he would if he knew." she said with a smile.

"So you know too?"

"Ever since she came to our house, I knew there was something between them. You take care now!" Mrs. Ketchum finally hung up.

The sun was going down. The group of friends decided it was time to head to the next city. "You sure you can't come with us, Misty?" Brock said.

"You know better that I have to take care of the gym while my sisters are away!" Misty said, a lot more cheerfully. Before leaving, Duc walked up to Misty. "Hey, about your secret... I won't tell anyone." he muttered.

"Thanks. Now hurry up or you'll miss your friends!" The two waved their goodbyes and Duc caught up with them. His right arm was still numb, but finally got the feeling back in his fingers.

May 10th, 2004, 4:19 AM
Skye smiled as Duc joined them once more, in better spirits. She had no idea of the sectrets Duc now held, and a part of her was crious, but she felt it would be best to just let it be.

The road to Vermillion was full of dense fields, the longs blades of grass making it hard to see Pokemon. Of course, Skye tripped over a Pokemon at one point. It was one angry Rattata, but Skye chose to run away instead of battling it.

Brock made dinner for them as they were still too far from the city when the sun had sunk very low. Agile yawned lazily as she curled up in Skye's lap. Skye watched Brock as he bent over the small fire, stirring some kind of stew.

She was not sure what she thought of him. She knew she liked him. She knew he liked her, but the promise of a goodbye hung in the air. She sighed, and got her sleeping bag unwraveled from her bag.

"Hey, Duc," she said, yawning. "The next gym leader uses electric types, right? What are you going to use?"

She smiled over at him sleepily, trying to get her mind off Brock.

May 12th, 2004, 5:40 AM
OOC: Where's everybody?!?! I can only assume that Eco-Mono's computer must truly be messed up and lex is nowhere to be found! Man, only three active players...

Skye, this is getting too boring. Please post something! I'll try my best to recruit others.

IC: "Electric types, huh?" Duc said, rubbing his arm. "In that case, Pikachu's the answer!" His arm was feeling a little better, but thought that the bandages should stay on, just in case.

He honestly had no idea who to use. None of his Pokmon really have a type advantage against another Electric. In fact, all of his Pokmon, except Pikachu, have a type disadvantage. Staryu with Water and Zubat with Flying. This gym should be really tough. Then again, he remembered that Ash beat the gym leader with his Pikachu, so maybe he had a chance.

After his encounter with Misty, Duc really had no idea what to think anymore. Everything he thought of her was completely wrong. His mind never wandered very far from that issue. Then he looked at Brock. He's lucky to have good friends, too. he thought. Duc remembered that he still had Brock's ticket to the Hoenn region. To make sure, he checked his vest. To his suprise, he found not only the ticket, but also the Cascade Badge right along his Boulder Badge. "What?! How'd this get here???" he exclaimed. Brock woke up suddenly from the yell, but managed to keep his cool. "Misty told me that you deserved it after the Team Rocket battle. I guess it's her way of saying thanks." He slumped back in his sleeping bag and snoozed off.

Boy, that girl's unpredictable, just like Ash. Duc examined his vest more carefully and found a bright, shiney blue rock with an outline of a water droplet inside the stone in one of the pockets. Must be another something from Misty. He put it back and went to sleep.

Pikachu was happily munching on some of Brock's Pokpellets while everyone was sleeping. It didn't feel that tired. In fact, it was impossible for it to sleep because it felt like it was invincible after the last battle. It let that idea go to it's head and walked into a tree. Pikachu rolled down next to Duc, unconcious from the impact.

May 12th, 2004, 10:33 AM
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May 12th, 2004, 11:55 AM
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May 12th, 2004, 3:18 PM
Oh my god guys ive been so caught up with work but now im sure ill be able to post. so could somebody catch me up and tell me whats going on with the rpg pleaze!!! i realy dont feel like reading. So could somebody do me that favor pleaze!

May 13th, 2004, 4:18 AM
OOC: Okay, Lex. Here we go! Our characters got to Cerulean. Skye healed up from her Zubat bite, and Duc went to go challenge Misty, who of course (since Duc looks like Ash) freaked out and was really mean. There was lots of bad energy between Duc and Misty. Skye lost her first battle, but won her second, and then the Rockets showed up at the Cape...It was an intense battle. Duc got really hurt, and since Fury evolved into Fearow, Skye let Misty take Duc back to her house to give him some treatment. Once there Duc and Misty reached an understanding, and Skye and Brock arrived, and they are on the road again!

(Just a brief overview....hope I got it all right!)

May 13th, 2004, 5:38 AM
OOC: Yup, you hit that on the mark, Skye! We're heading for Vermilion City now. Can someone please post something? I've got major writer's cramp from writing all of the previous posts.

Oh, and could you please update your fanfic, Skye? I'm eager to see what happens next (and it's probably in the second page now...)

May 13th, 2004, 6:52 AM
OOC: I think it would be best to see if the rest of the rpers could catch up...I'll send out a few PMs and see what I can do.

May 13th, 2004, 7:57 AM
OOC: All right. That sounds good to me! I think that lex should get his 'groove' back. (i know, that's really bad)

May 13th, 2004, 4:00 PM
When eveything was back to normal the group got ready to head towards Vermilion City. Skye,proud with her new Fearow was ready to begin and also was the group. The group began...

(thankz guys it helped alot and i guess I got a little start going but i was'nt sure to begin.)

May 13th, 2004, 5:46 PM
OOC: Okay...time to start moving again! Just so everyone knows, we're kind of camped out outside of Vermillion.

IC: Skye lay half-asleep in her sleeping bag. Agile was snoozing, curled up next to her. Skye looked up into the stars, amazed at how much had changed since she had started out. At first, she had been timid, very clumsy, and not very excited about the whole deal, but now...now things were different. She looked over at Brock and blushed.

But he wasn't the only thing that had made her different.

The friends she had met along the way: Duc, Lex, Seph, Peter. They had all changed her for the better. She smiled sleepily up at the stars, feeling overwhelmed with a deep inner warmth.

Brock stirred in his sleep, turning onto his stomach. Skye looked over at him, the dying embers of the fire turning his skin a deep orange.

"Can't sleep?" Brock whispered, so as not to wake the others.

"Nah...just...thinking," she said whistfully, smiling.

"About what?"

"Everything..." she trailed off and looked to the sky once more. She sighed, and looked back at Brock. "Thanks for coming on the road with us...I know Duc kind of forced you into it..."

"I'm glad I came," Brock told her quickly, and Skye couldn't tell if it was the glow of the fire or if he was actually blushing. He looked at her seirously from his sleeping bag a few feet away. "I'm glad I met you."

"Ditto," she told him softly, feeling her expression soften with her tone. She decided to say nothing of his inevitable departure. "I'd better get some sleep...goodnight Brock."

"Night, Skye..." Brock trailed off.

In a few moments, they were both asleep, facing each other as to wake up to each other the next morning.

May 14th, 2004, 6:02 AM
OOC: Me? Forced?


Well... maybe I did!
Yay, we're finally going again!

IC: The night air was crisp. Duc and his Pikachu refused to sleep after a few minutes of laying down. Both were sitting on the sleping bag, staring into the sky. "Man, you have any idea what I did back there?" he asked his Pikachu. Pikachu just said "Pika."

Duc knows that both he and Misty have paid back each other with favors. Duc pushing Misty out of harm's way and Misty giving him the medicine. But in his mind, he still feels like he never did pay her back for what he did. All the insults he threw at her kept coming back.

Now that he knows her relation to Ash, he kept thinking. She's gotta stay in that gym all by herself. he thought. She has her Pokmon, but I bet she's still lonely. Duc knew something had to be done. He suddenly came to a decision. "After we get all the badges, let's go visit Cerulean City to check on her." he said aloud to Pikachu. "Waddya say?" It was confused, but agreed to whatever its trainer had said. Duc slumped back in his sleeping bag, finally feeling the effects of staying up very late.

Pikachu on the other hand, tried to stay up as long as it could. A stray apple fell from a branch, and you can guess what happens again.

May 14th, 2004, 7:17 AM
IC:The sun rose above the horizon with its gleaming light towards Lex and the group. Lex shifted away from the suns light so did Eevee. For some reason Lex exhausted but he felt reliefe after beating team rocket at the cape.

Lex arose from his sleeping bag and took a quick glance around. He noticed every one was sleeping. Lex put on his clothes and headed towards the river for a fresh start of the day. Eevee,on the other hand remained comfortly sleeping on his sleeping bag.

while heading to the river Lex had an extrodinary encouter with a growlith snarrling at his. As simple as a throw of a pokeball and eventually the teeter... tottering the Growlithe was caught. Lex proudly headed towards the river with his pokedex in hand,which was informiong on Growlithe.

May 16th, 2004, 2:42 PM
Skye turned over and opened her eyes, stretching sleep from her limbs. Her movement woke Agile, who likewise stretched, and looked at Skye.

"Hey, Ag," she said, smiling sleepily. "Let's get ready for the day."

Agile followed her into the forest, where she changed clothes. As she was lacing up her sneakers, a twig snapped to her right. Lex was on his way back to the campsite carrying a pokeball. He looked really excited. Skye breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn't been passing a few moments ago...

"Hey, Lex!" she called, rushing up to him as she ran a brush through her long blond hair. "Whatcha got there? A new Pokemon?"

"Chu?" Agile asked, climbing up onto Lex's shoulder curiously and looking at the pokeball. She smiled at Lex.

May 19th, 2004, 8:14 AM
Morning had finally come. The sun was beaming with brightness. Duc yawned loudly as he stretched his arms out. "Mornin' guys." he said, still a little tired. Pikachu didn't want to get up. It still had the sore on its head from last night. Duc reached over to pat Pikachu on the head, but Pikachu quickly moved away from the hand. Duc wondered at the fleeing Pokmon, but switched over to Lex. He had a Pokball in his hands. "Hi Lex. Did you get a new Pokmon?" he asked eagerly.

May 19th, 2004, 10:40 AM
I walked back towards the camp, haveing defeated the few trainers on the road to vermillion city. When I arrived, I looked at the others and said "It looks like there's a clear path to vermillion from here, we're not far."

May 19th, 2004, 2:49 PM
Skye saw Seph making his way down the path to meet them. She smiled as he approached. Agile mumbled something groggily.

"Hey, Seph!" she called. "A clear way to Vermillion, huh? Sounds like a plan! Let's get moving!"

Skye wasted no time in rolling up her sleeping bag, and packing her bag. She looked to her companions with a newfound anticipation for the road that lay ahead. Her hair swirled around her face as she turned to look at them, and her indigo eyes gleamed excitedly.

"Let's go!"

May 19th, 2004, 6:10 PM
Lex eagerly told the group about his encounter with growlith. He then took out his poke ball and released growlith. Lex patted him gingerly and he furiosly growled. Lex rapidly withdrew him.

Lex got his things ready to begin ,once again, their adventure. Evee prounced aroung eating her poke snaxs jofuly.

Once Lex was done packing. Lex stood up from his position and anounced to the group... "Are you ready!" Knowing the response he waited for the group to reasure him.

May 20th, 2004, 5:43 AM
"I'm ready when you guys are!" Duc said. Pikachu still complained about food, but it hopped on its trainer's shoulder.

Duc then remembered that he found a blue stone in his vest's pocket. He fumbled with it for a while, but still couldn't figure out what it was. He also pulled out Brock's ticket. He knows that once they get there, Brock wouldn't be following anymore. For some reason, Brock felt like a brother that he never had. Duc desperately tried to come up with ideas to keep Brock from going too soon, but his head was empty.

He followed the group with uneasy steps as he tried to come up with something.

May 20th, 2004, 6:34 AM
They continued down the road, which stretched down a hill into Vermillion City. Some fishing boats dotted the sea that lay beyond the city. Skye breathed in deeply, catching the tangy scent of ocean water. She felt a smile cross her face.

Behind her, Duc looked uneasy. She wondered momentarily what could be wrong, but didn't ask. She figured he was probably still tired or something.

They reached the outskirts of the city to find some trainers searching for Pokemon in the grass.

"Hey, you!" called a girl's voice from the grass. A pair of green eyes locked with Skye's. "Blond chick! I challenge youto a battle!"

Skye took a few suprised steps back from the green eyed and haired girl. She stood a few inches shorter than Skye, glaring at her with a freckled face. She held a bug catching net in her fist.

"Uh...okay," Skye agreed. Agile looked at her. "Go Agile!"

"Go Butterfree!" the girl called in her husky, tomboyish voice. "Use poisonpowder!"

"Agile, quick! Use thundershock!" Skye cried, hopin Agile could attack before the poisonpowder hit.

"Pika!" Agile cried, shooting a powerful thundershock at the Butterfree. It seemed a little dazed, but continued to battle.

The poisonpowder hit Agile, and she was poisoned.

"Chu..." Agile groaned, feeling groggy.

"Keep going, Agile!" Skye assured her. "You're doing fine!"

"Butterfree, use confusion!" the girl exclaimed. Her eyes were hard as emeralds.

"Agile, use another thundershock! As powerful as you can!" Skye said, hoping Agile could attack faster than the Butterfree.

Agile sent a massive bolt of electricity at the Butterfree, and it fainted. The girl looked at Skye angrily, tossing another pokeball onto the ground. "Go Weedle!"

"Agile, come on back!" Skye said, taking her dear friend in her arms and giving her some antidote. "Let's see how Fury can handle this!"

The massive bird landed near the Weedle, who shrunk back in terror. The massive Fearow glared at the Weedle, and the Weedle ran back to its trainer.

"Aw, Weedle!" she whined. "It's alright...I didn't know she would ahve a bird!"

"Is everything alright?" Skye asked, peeking out from behind Fury's massive form. The bird sqwaked in annoyance.

"Let's just end the match here," the girl said. "Weedle's petrified of birds, especially one as big as that."

Skye shrugged, and called Fury back. It glared at Brock before it disappeared into his pokeball. Skye looked at Brock, who was pretty stunned and intimidated.

"Thanks for battling anyway," the girl said. "I'm sure Weedle will get his confidence back eventually."

"I'm sure he will too," Skye said, smiling. "Good match."

"You too," the girl said. "See you around!"

The green-haired girl trotted off into the grass. Skye looked at her companions.

"That was a little odd, eh?" she asked. "Let's get going."

The continued on their way, and Skye suddenly remembered something. She had seen Duc pull out a ticket...a ticket for Brock to the Hoenn region. Her smile fell to a frown, and she cast her eyes to the ground. Vermillion was the city he was to depart from...

May 20th, 2004, 9:10 AM
Duc watched the battle with much anticipation. "Good battle, Skye!" he said supportively after the battle was over. Pikachu cheered on her Pokmon as they battled.

He tried to hide the fact that Brock had to leave, if anyone remembered. Trying his best, Duc struggled to put on his normal face.

May 21st, 2004, 2:20 PM
Lex cheered for Skye as she finished her battle. Skye had a great big smile on. Then all of a sudden it dropped into a frown. Lex came up to Skye and asked.."Whats wrong Skye?Wht happened Skye" Lex waited for an awnser...

May 21st, 2004, 7:59 PM
"Oh, it's nothing," Skye assured Lex as they continued towards the city. She looked towards the ocean, trying to mask her anxiety.

Brock was walking alongside her, and she could sense some kind of anticipation from him as well. She frowned once more. He probably couldn't wait to go to Hoenn, and be with his friends there. Why would he waste his time with a rookie trainer like her?

Her disdain soon turned to pure frustration, and she kicked a small rock on the dirt road, sending it flying into the grass. A few Pidgey flew away quickly.

Brock watched her kick the pebble, and distanced himself a little. Skye scowled bitterly to herself, and continued to walk. She tried her best to hide her anger, and was very relieved when they reached the Pokemon Center.

May 21st, 2004, 8:23 PM
Name: Kirby00
Starting Pokemon: Squirtle (nickname Squirt)
Status: Pokemon Trainer (former gym ldr.)
Age: 15
Height: 5'7
Weight: 110 (my real age/weight)
Hair: Strawberry Brunette Hair
Gender: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Clothes: Calvin Klein Jeans T-Shirt, and C.K. jeans... (im a model, and look handsome).
Personality: Confident, Stylish, Make others jealous, naturally that is...
OOC: since u guys got 13 pages, ne1 mind telling me wut happened, or like a summary?

May 22nd, 2004, 5:17 AM
OOC: Sure thing, Kirby. Since we've had a few members drop out, you are more than welcome to join! Here is what has happened so far, and please remember that this is a R/B/Y roleplay, so NOTHING from the G/S/C, or R/S!

The trainers met up at Pallet town to get Pokedexes from Prof. Oak. They started out on their journey, battling, encountering team rocket, etc. Brock came along with the group because Duc pilfered his ticket to the Hoenn region (the only mention of anything not R/B/y.) and he will be departing from the group (I think) when we get to Vermillion, which is just about now.

In Cerulean, the group encountered Team Rocket, and in a fierce, long battle, defeated them, however, I don't think this is the last we will see of them. Duc at first did not like Misty, but through this battle, they both learned some stuff about each other and called a truce.

So now, we are in Vermillion, and hope that you will join us there, since it would be a little hard for us to meet you if you start in Pallet!

See you soon!


May 22nd, 2004, 6:03 AM
OOC: Well, I wanted a Pichu...
Oh well!
Oh, and you forgot Misty's Pokmon not from R/B/Y. I just want to fit this RP somewhere in the other storyline.

IC: For the first time, Duc really didn't want to be in a new city. He loved traveling to new places, but because of something in his hands, he's made an exception.

Pikachu didn't worry about its trainer's problems. It ran around the Pokmon center chatting with other Pokmon.

May 22nd, 2004, 1:06 PM
Since i dont want to make it longer than it is, let's jsut say I said bye to my parents and family, and got the potion for my pc alrdy... after that I headed to the Oak Lab...
IC: i entered professor oaks lab as he let me chose the last pokemon there which was squirtle... i didnt care that it was the last as it was what i wanted anyways... he also handed me 5 pokeballas and a pokedex... he explained i can have more than 6 pokemon, but i can only have 6 in a party and the rest r stored at the pc. He said all the other trainers who travelled together have alrdy left and some quit their journeys (the members u said who quit this rp), but i can catch up with some luck... he said i must hurry and to help me further he gave me a mysterious TM. he said hold on to this TM, a TM btw is a technical machine he explained... it teaches a pokemon 1 move once. He explained its a very special TM and it will help me in the journey to catching up to the others... He also explained to hold on to it, and to not use it until squirtle has evolved (he also told me about pokemon evolution, and able Team Rocket) into a blastoise... Finally he told me about the gym ldrs. and the Indigo Platue and the ELite4. I knew i had to start right away... Squirtle come on out! i said. he did and looked at me strangely, but Oak explained to him that I was his new trainer, and with my help he would evolve, become stronger, and learn the mysterious TM move... after it became a blastoise... I left and started my way to Viridian City, as I did i ran into a pidgey... my squirtle used tackle to weaken it after several hits back and forth... I knew i had to capture it, as i heard about the very powerful pidgeot. (unless u dont want me to, i think it would be more realsitic if pokemon lvled/gain exp/ evolve/ learn new moves, even if you catch the pokemon, and not like the game in which a pokemon only gains exp if you faint the pokemon, even if you try your hardest and end up catching it) My squirtle lvled up and now i had a new pokemon to battle with... I entered the Viridian forest next...

May 22nd, 2004, 6:25 PM
OOC: You know that you could start at Vermilion City if you wanted to...

May 22nd, 2004, 6:29 PM
oOC: was gonna plan on catching pikachu...

May 23rd, 2004, 5:33 AM
OOC: Well... you can do whatever you want, but please don't take too much time posting on past events. I want to get this RP rolling!

May 23rd, 2004, 6:12 AM
OOC: It might be best, Kirby, if you want to catch up to us quickly, if you arrive at Vermillion around the same time as us, and perhaps just post a back story? It'll be helpful to keep us all moving in the same direction. Glad to have you aboard! ^_^

May 23rd, 2004, 3:36 PM
ok i caught an abra and zubat, clefairy,jigglypuff, and the pidgey from beforeused my pokemon to defeat brock and msity, and catch a pikachu in the viridian forest... i used abra to teleport me to vermillian city where every1 else was waiting...

May 23rd, 2004, 7:20 PM
OOC: Sounds good to me, Kirby. Can't wait for you to meet our chars!

IC: Skye sat by the window with Agile by her side. The Pokemon Center was bustling, but she took no notice of what went on around her. Her eyes were on Brock, who was across the street stocking up on supplies for Hoenn. (OOC: We only know of Hoenn to make the stories intertwine between our characters and the ones from the tv series!)

She watched him carefully. His tall, lean form seemed tense today, as if he were anticipating something. The day was still young yet, and he looked like he was ready to just go to bed. Skye frowned and looked down at Agile, who sensed Skye's anxiety.

"It really is stupid of me," she told her companion quietly. "I mean, honestly, what chance do I have? He's a gym leader after all...I can't just walk up to him and ask him to stay."

Agile nodded sadly, sitting in the comfort of her trainer's arms. Agile suddenly leapt up, and ran out the door of the Pokemon Center. Skye, suprised, nearly fell down trying to chase after the little Pikachu.

"Agile!" Skye cried urgently, sprinting after her. "Wait up!"

In the next instant, she had knocked into someone, and was about to fall to the ground, when he caught her by the hand. She looked up, her face turning from a flustered pink to an embarassed red. Before her, clutching her hand for dear life, was Brock.

Skye stood upright, and Brock released her hand, and she could have sworn it was a reluctant move. She stood there for a few moments, speechless. Brock couldn't seem to find words to say either.

"So...um...you're getting ready to leave?" she asked finally, spying Agile running around with Duc's Pikachu, chatting excitedly. Her eyes returned to lock with Brock's

"I...yeah..." he said softly, casting his eyes away back towards the Poke Mart. He sighed, and took a step closer to Skye.

"I...!" she tried her best to muster up the courage. She wanted to scream "son't go!" Instead all that came out was, "Hope you have a good trip."

"Thanks," he sounded almost disappointed.

The ocean wind picked up, sending Skye's hiar flying around her face. She blinked away a tear, and cursed herself for letting her emotions show. She had to be strong!

The crowd bustling about suddenly became a lot more dense as people scoped out places to grab lunch. A passer-by knocked Skye into Brock. He caught her before she fell, but this time, she did not pull away. Her cheeks flaming red, and despite all the people giggling around her, she wrapped her arms around him tightly, pressing her head to his chest.

Suprised, Brock found himself returning the hug, his cheeks turning pink. He looked down at her blond hiar, blowing softly around them.

"What's...wrong?" he asked her, confused.

Skye broke away from him sharply, her expression hurt, her eyes full of tears.

"You don't know?" she sniffled, and promptly turned and fled.

Agile hopped onto her shoulder, worried, asking her what was wrong. Skye just shook her head and ran...ran...past the many docks, past the shops, the cafes, past everyone until she found herself on the outskirts of the city in the East. A wide field stretched before her, and a cave leered at her left. She walked into the cave, the shade cooling her spirits. She sat on the damp floor, Agile by her side, doing the best she could to comfort Skye. Skye looked at her companion, thanking the little Pikachu with her eyes, and then just let the tears fall.

May 25th, 2004, 3:01 PM
when i got there i knew i had to train my pokemon very well before i fought lutenant surge esp my zubat and pidgey, knowing their weaknesses were going to slow them down... i still wanted to meet the other trainers, but since i couldnt find them (*hint hint, i dont want to powerplay here...) i knew i had to train my pokemon while i still had time...

May 25th, 2004, 3:53 PM
OOC: Don't worry too much about powerplaying. Check the last few posts from each character to get a general idea as to where we are, have you character walk up and introduce themselves!

May 25th, 2004, 4:13 PM
my pidgey slammed zubat but it evolved and used a supersonic confusing it... my abra fought my pikachu, practicing its teleport while pika practiced its speed on attacks and chasing... my clefairy and jigglypuff practiced singing, both to increase the radius of their sound and resist the others, (not falling asleep), i then went to the pokemon center as my pokemon trained and meet the tohers... i greeted and said hi!

May 25th, 2004, 6:51 PM
Skye dried her tears, and looked around her. Brock was nowhere to be seen, and on the outside she appeared to be relieved. Agile watched her with concern.

Suddenly, she saw a new trainer enter the Pokemon Center. He had strawberry brunette hair and hazel eyes, and appeared to be very friendly. He said hello to her and a few other trainers.

"Hi," she said to him, offering a handshake, trying her best to divert his attention from her flushed face. "My name's Skye. What's yours?"

May 26th, 2004, 4:49 AM
OOC: Forgot to tell you one thing! Brock's with us, so kirby00 had to challenge his siblings.

Duc snapped out of the ordeal as a trainer came up and greeted him. "Hi." he said. "The name's Duc. Before you ask, yes, it's like Psyduck, only without the Psy- and the -k." He extended his right arm for a handshake, but it was still weak, so he quickly switched arms.

Remembering the fact that Brock had to leave, Duc pulled out the ticket one more time. He clutched it tightly in his hands while looking for the gym leader. Brock wasn't in the Pokmon Center. Apoligizing to the new trainer for running off on him, Duc ran out the doors, trying to find Brock. Pikachu quickly followed behind, not knowing what the problem is.

Searching far and wide thoughout the city, Duc couldn't find him. He searched everywhere, except for the harbor. Duc threw out insults at himself for not thinking the obvious.

Being a Pokmon with good hearing and smell, Pikachu quickly figured out where Brock was in the crowd of people at the harbor. It ran quickly to him and hopped on his shoulders, hoping that Duc could see the bright yellow beacon.

A massive boat loomed over the harbor. Duc stared at it with awe. He spyed the name on the boat. The S.S. Aqua. It looked much different than the other boats around. Pikachu's bright yellow coat distracted him from the view. He ran up to Brock. "Where do you think you're going?!" he yelled over everyone else's voices.

Before Brock had a chance to respond, Duc interrupted him. "Okay, forget it. You're trying to leave for Hoenn already, aren't ya? Well, you can't go yet!" He took out the ticket from his hands. "If you forgot already, I still have the ticket, ya know." Brock put a stupid look on his face and rushed to get the ticket, but like before Duc easily prevented that from happening. Pikachu was thrown off from the struggling.

"Why won't you give me my ticket?!" Brock said.
"Why do you want to leave so soon?!" Duc snapped back.
"I asked first!"
"Fine. I said that I'll give you your ticket once we've gotten to Vermilion City, right? Well, we're not in it!"
"What do you mean?"
"This harbor is technically outside of the city! And so's the Pokmon Center!"
Brock looked quite confounded. "Sorry, but before you get the ticket, could you please help us in this city's gym???" Duc pleaded.
"I dunno..."
"Please, please, please,..." Duc kept on saying until Brock finally agreed.

May 26th, 2004, 6:09 AM
OOC: Oh hehee....so sneaky, Duc!

IC: Skye left the new trainer with a quick apology and set out to train for the gym. She walked into a stretch of field beyond the city, and took out her Pokemon.

"Gosh," she said. "I wish I had caught a rock type. This is going to be hard!"

She paused for a moment.

"Let's go check out Diglett's cave!" she suggested, and they packed up to leave.

On the way to the cave, she passed the harbor, where Brock and Duc were struggling. She scowled at Brock, though he wasn't looking for her, so intent was he on getting that ticket. She felt the tears welling up once more.

"I hope you're happy!" she called above the other voices. "Have a nice life!"

She cursed herself for being bitter, and ran to Diglett's Cave. She searched and searched, but they just were not out today. At last, she came upon something she did not expect. An Onix! It appeared to be lost. The huge beast was stuck in the tunnel!

"I'll get you out!" she promised the rock snake. It looked at her worriedly. "Just lie still. Ninja, go!"

The Staryu popped out of its Pokeball, ready for battle.

"Help free Onix by burstng through the rocks on either side!" she told her Staryu. "Agile, combine Ninja's attack with electricity to make it stronger!"

They complied, and soon, the Onix had been freed.

"Here," she told the weakened Onix, spraying a potion on its weakened body. "That should help."

They Onix cooed in its deep, rocky voice, bringing its massive face close to Skye's. She pet it carefully, unsure of its intentions.

Suddenly, the ground began to quake. Agile and Ninja's attack had loosened the rocks in the cave, and they were facing a cave in! Skye rushed towards the exit, recalling Ninja and a reluctant Agile into their pokeballs. She looked back at the massive Onix, who would surely get trapped once more if she didn't do something.

"Onix!" she cried, tossing a pokeball at it urgently. "I promise I'll release you! But you have to get into this pokeball if you want to get out!"

The Onix quickly obeyed, and Skye retrieved the ball. She sprinted towards the exit, and made it out just in time.

She let herself fall to the grass, panting. She took out the pokeball containing Onix, and released it. The giant snake looked down at her. It did not leave, but instead, coiled itself gently around her.

"You wanna stay?" she asked timidly. The Onix nodded. She smiled at it, and hugged its giant, rocky head. "Alright then! Welcome aboard!"

She grinned, and the Onix disappeared into its pokeball once more. She kissed the ball quickly, and set it on her belt. She released Agile to take her normal spot atop Skye's shoulder. Together, they made their way back to the Pokemon Center, Skye intending to keep the giant Onix a secret until the gym battle.

May 28th, 2004, 4:23 PM
(im not gonna have more than 7 or 9 *imean 9 not 8 as the max* pokemon so it doesnt get too confusing...) also can you make ur posts a bit shorter so it doesnt seem as overwhelming no offense
IC: i exited the pokemon center and saw them drained, but trained very well... they would always aboey me, even if i wasnt around... i said they each deserved a good rest and returned them all... i then had joy heal them and exited again... i ran in search of every1 else and saw brock, the gym ldr... my squirtle remembered soaking his pokemon, theat his siblings used... i laughed as they cried to sadness... i said "maybe next time... when you r better..."

May 28th, 2004, 4:31 PM
OOC: Kirby, no offense taken at all. However, good rps tend to have very detailed and long posts, without a lot of continuous posting, example:

Janedoe: I looked at him urgently.

BillyBob: She looked at me, urgency swimming in her eyes, and we leapt off the cliff together, our wings spreading to the wind.

Janedoe: I wondered what we should do next...

Stuff like that not only takes up a lot of space on rpg boards, but it can also get annoying to read.

I hope this helps you understand why we take so long to post, and why our posts are so detailed. I hope you can accept our way of RPing, and continue to RP with us. ^_^

May 28th, 2004, 4:38 PM
Skye decided to take a walk back to the cave after healing her Pokemon. She spotted Seph by the entrance, arguing with a very ill tempered group of Diglett-turned-Dugtrio.

"Um...need a hand?" she asked softly, releasing her Onix, which she had lovingly nicknamed Igneous.

The Onix growled at the Dugtrio gently, making its way towards the cave in.

"What do you say?" she asked, smiling.

May 28th, 2004, 4:43 PM
Skye decided to take a walk back to the cave after healing her Pokemon. She spotted Seph by the entrance, arguing with a very ill tempered group of Diglett-turned-Dugtrio.

"Um...need a hand?" she asked softly, releasing her Onix, which she had lovingly nicknamed Igneous.

The Onix growled at the Dugtrio gently, making its way towards the cave in.

"What do you say?" she asked, smiling.

OOC: I am on the (Why do I always forget how to spell the name?) side of diglett's cave, the one by brock's gym. If you're there too, just say yes, and I'll delete this post and make an in-character one. If not, say so, and I'll delete this post. :cross-eye

May 28th, 2004, 5:38 PM
OOC: Oops...hehe...thought you were on the Vermillion side, but a reread of your post tells me otherwise! Sorry about the confusion! Please everyone disregard my last post!

May 28th, 2004, 6:34 PM
ill still be in rp, but i odnt want to do Name: post Name: post ill jsut make it long... trust me i post alot, you can see/join my gym ldrs. torny also in rp section if you dont belive or "any1 want to play a story game"... anyways
IC: i decided catching a diglett was necessary, and i saw 1 left beside the cave... next to the girl and boy, i had my squirtle watergun them... after fainting it, i caught it... i was happy... yay! i said! *lol*

May 28th, 2004, 6:37 PM
Eventually we dug our way to the other side, and as I emerged from the tunnel, I saw Skye withdrawing her onix. "Great," I mumbled "You get a behemoth, I find the three stooges." as I looked over at the dugtrio, arguing again and unknowingly mimicing the famous trio.

May 28th, 2004, 6:41 PM
OOC: Were you referring to me and Shineyelectrode's characters? IF so...

IC: Skye mumbled a humble "thanks" to Seph, and saw the members of the Dugtrio beickering endlessly.

"I'm, um, sure they'll come around just fine," she assured Seph, smiling, and putting Onix's pokeball on her belt.

Skye then saw the trainer she had caught a glimpse of in the Pokemon Center earlier that day. She waved. The trainer seemed really excited.

"Hi!" she called to the trainer.

Meanwhile, Agile had wandered over to the Dugtrio curiously, and poked one of them...!

May 28th, 2004, 6:51 PM
my pokemon 9except diglet which went to the pc) came out to greet her... they waves and smiled... my jigglypuff inhaled air and floated infront of her face... then hugged her! it said jiggly! and clefairy rushed upand hugged ehr leg...pokemon that evolve from moonstones r very friendly i said... i noticed her think "i can tell"

May 28th, 2004, 6:55 PM
Skye sweatdropped as she was hugged by the trainer's Pokemon, Jigglypuff and Clefairy. She giggled at their friendliness, and watched them as they waddled back to their trainer.

"Good to see you again," she said. "You're Kirby, right? I can't remember if I introduced myself. I'm Skye, from Celadon, and this is Seph."

She gestured towards the boy beside her.

"Have you battled the gym leader here yet?" she asked anxiously.

May 28th, 2004, 6:59 PM
OOC: Dug1, dug2, and dug3 are the names used.

Dug one looked at the pokemon that poked it, and poked it back gently. "dug?" It asked curiousley, right before it was smacked by Dug2, who scolded it with "dug, triotriodug!" Finally tired of hearing it's two counterparts yapping, Dug3 came over and slaped Dug2, then Dug1 "DUG!" And the situation began rapidly detiriorating from there..

I whispered to myself so no one could hear, "If I didn't need a ground type..." But it was a hollow threat, and I knew it.

May 28th, 2004, 7:09 PM
"Chu...?" Agile sighed, watching the Dugtrio duke it out amongst themselves.

Agile walked up to the three Dugs once more. She looked at them crossly, arms crossed, eyes narrowed.

"Pika!" she exclaimed, scoldingly, then seemed to come to a realization.

Agile promptly ran to Skye, and leapt on her shoulder.

"Geez, Agile, you'd better watch out," Skye warned her. "Dugtrio is a ground type after all. They could kick your butt."

"Pika..." Agile sighed in defeat, laying on her shoulder.

"Sorry about that, Seph," she told him, and welcomed Kirby to come with them. "Want to head to the Pokemon Center so we can get ready to challenge they gym leader?"

Skye smiled, looking in the direction of the Pokemon Center. Her expression soon turned sour as she thought of Brock leaving. She tried to mask it as best she could, and looked to her friends for a reply.

May 28th, 2004, 7:10 PM
what a hollow threat & dont forget brockZ!
IC: i said i only beat pewter, and cerulean city so far... i had yet to challenge the rest... i want to challenge lt. surge! itll be easy with my diglett! that reminds me, why dont we all go back to the pc so that my pokemon and i can get reaquainted w/ u all and my diglett can u met u 2 and ur pokemon especially your dugtrio...


May 28th, 2004, 7:16 PM
OOC: a hollow threat means it's a threat I won't go through with, a bluff, faking it, ect.

"Sure." I said, withdrawing my pokemon. How were they supposed to fight the gym leader's pokemon when they were fighting each other?

May 28th, 2004, 7:23 PM
"Cool," Skye said, starting to trek towards the Pokemon Center.

On their way, they passed Duc and Brock, still squabbling over the ticket to Hoenn. Skye frowned, and for a split second, her eyes and Brock's met, and she was filled with a deep sadness beyond description. Her heart sank in her chest. She knew he was going to take that ticket. She knew he had to leave.

"Bye," she whispered, tears threatening to flow once more. She pushed them back, casting her gaze towards the road ahead.

OOC: I'm out! Too tired to rp anymore tonight! Bye everyone!

May 28th, 2004, 7:29 PM
it was obvious she loved brock, but sadly the stupid brock we all know and love (as his siblings told me when we battled), was quite slow, i felt terrible but knew i didnt want to embarrass her, so i simply said "brock, you know all the pretty girls are in kanto or did you forget?" I saw his face blush, and said "all you have to do is look right in front of you!"

May 29th, 2004, 9:45 AM
OOC:Skye Im so sorry once again! but hey its summer I wont be busy anymore. Now would you pleaze give a short roundoff of whats happening :classic: pleaze and thankyou. Well so far this is what I got.

IC:Lex proudly walked out of the Diglett Cave with his pokeball in hand. "Evee I guess you got a new friend!"Lex said gleefully to Evee who stood beside him. Lex had just arrived to the pokemon center to heal his pokemon. He came up to the counter handed over his newly caught pokemon geodude and Gyrados Who just had a battle with eachother.

May 29th, 2004, 9:50 AM
i rated ur club, so now its 5 start btw
IC: i showed brock my pokemon to make the situation less uncomfortable/change the subject... i knew beating your pokemon was easy brock, but not that easy i said... i explained his siblings lost to me, but he wasnt too worried about that... he was more worried about what i said, still trying to figure it out...

May 29th, 2004, 9:59 AM
OOC: Thankyou, Kirby00, and welcome back, Lex!

So far, we have reached Vermillion. Duc is trying to trick Brock into staying with the group a little longer, though I am not sure how that is working out, since he has not been online lately. My character has just caught an Onix, and she is NOT happy that Brock may be leaving. Seph caught a very...um...interesting Dugtrio cluster who fight with each other a lot. We are hopefully soon going to challenge Lt. Surge.

IC: Skye entered the Pokemon Center to see Lex.

"Hey!" she exclaimed brightly. "How did your training go today?"

She leaned her back on the counter, supporting herself with her elbows behind her, and looked at Lex expectantly.

"New Pokemon?" she asked, gesturing to the two new pokeballs he had.

May 29th, 2004, 10:54 AM
Can i join too?

Starter Pokemon:Eevee (gary starts with it in Yellow)
Height:1,91 Meters
Weight:No Info
Hair:Like Gary's
Eyes:Black eye color
Clothes:Black Pants, Black Shirt, Black Cape (Like Lances just with silver on the inside)
Personality:He is a really nice but shy person

May 29th, 2004, 10:58 AM
yay u fixed ur signature, and u can definetly be my buddy on pc (the i hope part), also thx for putting up ur pokemon in my rp... i feel so honored! (be or fighr gym ldrs!) u lal can join too if u want! SORRY FOR GETTING OFF TOPIC!
btw what's the reputation thing that we sometimes get (or at least i did, i have 2, and it says i have 8 points)... 1 has a dot thats grey and another thats red... what does the color of the dot mean?

May 29th, 2004, 11:04 AM
OOC: Thanks and will you join my new RP called "Just another Pokemorph RP"

IC: *Walks in of the door in the Pokemon Center and spots you* "Hello who are you ? my name is Alex and i come from Saffron City"

May 29th, 2004, 11:18 AM
my pokemon all come and meet alex... the clefair and jigglypuff hug him... jigglypuff ihales air and floats infront of the new trainer's face... then hugs him... i could see him smile embarassed...

May 29th, 2004, 11:47 AM
IC: :) your jiggilypuff is really friendly eh? heh *is smiling embarassed*

OOC: I have caught some more pokemon and they are Pikachu, Clefary, Diglett, Oddish, Abra. You don't mind do you?? :)

*all my pokemon is running over to kirby and is hugging him *he smiles embarassed*(heh)

May 29th, 2004, 12:07 PM
OOC: WAH!!! I've been way too preoccupied with my first days of summer break! I'M SO SORRY!!! (Wow, 365 posts...)
Oh, and welcome back, lex!

IC: The group that went to the nearby Diglett Cave had finally returned to the Pokmon Center. Duc and Pikachu had to drag Brock off the pier. Apparently, Brock knew that Skye had seen him and couldn't bear to see her again. He hurt her too much.

Duc tried to make sense of the situation, but he's still too young to understand anything in depth. He's now willing to learn about it after his small talk with Misty...

After what seemed like hours off constant pulling and struggling, they arrived at the Pokmon Center. Duc noticed a new trainer's face in the main lobby. "Hi!" he said with a smile. "My name's Duc." and again, he explained his name. "This guy here's Brock, the former gym leader of Pewter City." Duc said as he tried to pull him towards Alex.

Soon after, Brock got free of Duc's hold and grabbed the ticket that was in his vest. "Hey, wait! You promised!!" Duc yelled as he tackled him to the floor. "Why'd you do that, huh? You promised you'd stay until after our battle with the gym here!" Duc waited for a response from Brock as he laid there.

May 29th, 2004, 3:21 PM
IC: "Ohh-oh Hi Skye!"Lex exclaimed unepectedly. "Have'nt seen you in a while. Oh yeah,this here is geodude. I just finished catching him. You know just gettin ready for the Gym."Lex responded. Nurse Joy handed over the pokeballs and Lex said thankyou politely.

Lex Sat down as Skye followed. "Soo,What are you up to?"Lex asked shifting into his seat. Lex reached into his backpack to show Skye his artifact he just found and which he was unsure of. "Look what I found Skye!"Lex said pulling out the shinig rock. "What do you it is?"Lex waited a response...

OOC:thanks Skye.

May 29th, 2004, 6:36 PM
OOC: No problem, Lex!

Kirby00, I would appreciate it if you would wait for my ok to welcome someone into the rp. I had actually meant to close it to new members since we have enough right now, and it will get too confusing if we have any more.

However, capalex65 may stay since they did not know about the whole deal. Please check with me the next time. My apologies for not being on much today, as I have been working.

Thank you.

IC: "Hmmm..." Skye pondered over the stone carefully. "I'm not sure. Maybe you can contact one of the Pokemon professors and ask them?"

Suddenly, she saw all the commotion with Duc and Brock, a frown spreading across her face. Agile scowled at him, and Skye stormed over to him.

"Geez Brock!" she exclaimed angrily, helping Duc to his feet. "Why do you have to pick on him. Haven't you caused enough damage?? I wish...I wish you'd...just go to Hoenn!"

She spat out the last few words, as they tasted very foul on her tongue. She turned on her heel, tears beginning to fall once more, and dashed out of the Pokemon Center. Agile ran after her.

Skye collapsed in a puddle of sobs in a field outside the city. She lay in the tall grass on her stomach, Agile rubbing her back for comfort. She buried her face in her arms, sobbing bitterly.

"I can't believe him..." she sniffled.

May 29th, 2004, 9:29 PM
In the mean time, I had gone over to the vermillion gym, or had tried to. I released dugtrio, and said "Boys, looks like we got us something in our way, and we just can't accept that, now can we?" I said, motioning to the sapling that hadn't been there before. The dugtrio, knowing what to do, rushed underground and literally dug it our by the roots, which they seemed to enjoy. Sapling roots where much more tender and juicy, after all. When they had finished, I recalled them, and walked through the automatic door of the vermillion gym...

OOC: it may take me a day or two to start the gym battle, so don't wait up for me, we can have times a little messed up in this part, right skye?

May 30th, 2004, 1:19 AM
OOC: Thanks Skye for letting me stay

IC: I walked over to the Diglett cave to train my Diglett "Do you other guys and girls want to train too?"

May 30th, 2004, 8:27 AM
OOC: No problem, capalex65, and yes, Shineyelectrode, the times can certainly be a little messed up for the gym battles, as long as we meet up in the end! ^_^

IC: Skye saw Brock approaching. She looked at Agile, a mix of confusion, anxiety, and frustration swimming in her eyes.

"Pika!" Agile exclaimed, in a scolding tone. She raised her voice so Brock could hear. "CHU!!"

"Skye?!" Brock called, seeing her lying in the grass. Thinking she was injured, he rushed over. "Are you alright?"

"What do you think?!" she exclaimed angrily, sitting up quickly, and looking at him sharply. "Why don't you just go!"

"I agreed with Duc to stay until after your battle with Lt. Surge," he told her gently. He reached out to take her hand softly. Confused and shaking, Skye did not pull away. She could say nothing. "I've been thinking a lot, you know. About you and...and me."

He looked at her, a fragility in his eyes she had never seen. Her expression softened as he continued.

"I...I really like you, you know..." he said, blushing and becoming nervous. "And I understand if you don't feel the same way...but..I just thought you should know."

He paused once more, looking at her to see if he had inflicted any damage. Skye could not speak. She continued to hold his hand, a little tighter.

"I was hoping..." he continued, smiling slightly. "And I understand if you don't want to...I just wanted to suggest...I mean."

He took a deep breath.

"I was hoping that after I returned we might have a chance to be together...you know...officially?" he said, his voice shaking. "I have to go to Hoenn. I have to go support Ash on his journey...but I want very much to come back. And I want very much to have someone to come back to. I want to come back to you, Skye."

By now, Skye was crying once more. But the tears were different this time. They were happy and full of realization and joy. She threw her arms around Brock, the force of her movement tossing him to the ground.

"I like you too," she whispered, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry for before...for being so angry with you...I didn't understand..."

"It's alright," he told her, smiling.

They got up, and Agile hopped onto Skye's shoulder once more. Together, they walked to the Pokemon Center.

May 30th, 2004, 8:36 AM
"So do you want to follow me and train in the grass right beside Diglett Cave"

May 30th, 2004, 9:08 AM
Pikachu ran back to Duc with something in its arms. It was the voice recorder that Duc was carrying around. "What'd you record this time?" Duc asked the Pikachu. It pointed to where Brock walked over to, apparently with Skye. He knew that something was going on, but as much as he wanted to listen to the tape, he knew some things are meant to be known to only few. Hesitatingly, he pulled out the tape and crushed it beneath his shoe. Suddenly, he remembered that he never used a new tape. All the recordings he has done so far are now gone. Duc yelled angrily at himself.

He regained his posture. Duc then noticed something in Lex's hand. "Huh. It looks familiar..." he said to Lex. Duc took out the stone that Misty gave him. Comparing the two, he said that both were similar, but a different color seperated them from being identical.

Alex made a suggestion to go to Digglet Cave to train. "Sure, I'll go with ya!" Duc said gladly.
OOC: capalex65, please refer to specific character(s) when asking, please!

May 30th, 2004, 11:40 AM
IC: Lex awed at the stone Duc pulled out. "Wow what a coincidence!"Lex exclaimed. He then placed his Stone in his backpack gingerly.

He then heard Alex inving for someone to go train with him. But unfortunantly, Lex was more of a individual trainer. Lex was becoming very worried because of Skye's situation. But he had to move on and hope for the best for Skye.

Lex walked out out of the pokemon center releasing Growlith and Geodude for some training. Lex commanded Geodude to do rockthrow and Growlith to dodge. For a couple of hours this same strategy went on and on.

On his way to the pokemoncenter, Lex spotted Skye and Brock. Lex never felt so happy in his life, hopfully,the situation was better. Lex sat there and watched soothed because his loving freind. Lex felt a deep love in his heart and broke down in tears. Before he was seen he hid in bushes and cryed,not because of hate but because of love. He had a deep feeling for Skye.

May 30th, 2004, 11:58 AM
OOC: Oh dear, Lex....are you saying what I think you're saying???

IC: Skye returned to the Pokemon Center beaming. She had a glow within her that she never knew existed before. No guy had ever really taken an interest in her, and to be truthful, she had never really paid too much attention to guys.

But somehow, waiting for Brock to return from Hoenn seemed...not right. Despite her good spirits and happy mood, she couldn't help but feel uneasy about the whole thing. For now, she decided, she would be happy. The emotional turmoil she had been endeavering these past few days needed to stop, even if a little while.

She and Brock decided to get some food, so they left the center and went into town. By now, it was early evening, and the street lamps were lit. They chatted a little, but mostly just enjoyed each other's company. Brock took her to a little cafe right on the waterfront.

Skye looked out at all the ships, coming and going. She knew Brock would be leaving on one of those soon, and it made her melancholy for a while.

She ordered a caesar salad and a cup of lemon tea. Brock ordered a stir fry. When their meal came, they ceased talking. Both of them were famished!

"That was wonderful!" Skye said, patting her stomach. She sipped the last of her tea, and set the cup down triumphantly. "Feel like taking a walk?"

The waiter came with the bill, and Skye picked it up to see how much her meal cost. It had been so long since she had eaten out, and she was puzzled that the waiter had not given them separate bills.

"That's okay, Skye," he told her, smiling as he pulled out his wallet. "I've got it."

"Oh, no...don't worry about it!" Skye said awkwardly, fishing in her pocket for some money.

Brock took the bill from her unsuspecting hand, and put some money on the table. He smirked.

"Too bad. I got to it first!" he told her. She giggled.

"Feel like going for a walk to work this food off?" she asked.


They exited the cafe, and took a walk along the beach. Brock snuck his hand into hers, but she only blushed and didn't complain. They walked quietly for a while, Skye's anxiety about waiting for him slowly beginning to eat its way to the front of her mind.

She debated whether or not they should discuss it now...

May 30th, 2004, 12:26 PM
OOC:Maybe?..... :cheeky:

IC:Lex whiped his tears and smiled to himself. He arrived at the pokemoncenter and once again healed his pokemon.

May 30th, 2004, 2:08 PM
OOC: Whoa... what a turn of events! I wonder...

IC: Duc lifted of what was left of the cassette he just smashed. Trying desperately to at least save some of the recordings, he managed to tangle himself in the long string. It was no use. Pikachu had to chew its way through the tape in order to free its trainer.

Duc gave up. He sobbed a bit to himself, but quickly followed Alex to Diglett Cave. Before that, he caught a glimspe of Skye and Brock sitting down for something to eat. "I'm sure there's something going on between those two..." He mummered to himself, "but probably nothing like Ash and Misty!" Pikachu agreed, although knowing nothing about relationships.

May 30th, 2004, 2:21 PM
"Thank you for following so where do you think we should start training?" Alex asked Duc

May 30th, 2004, 6:42 PM
Skye and Brock were sitting in the sand, watching the boats leave the harbor. She felt an unbelieveable whirlwind of emotions, some good, some negative. Brock seemed to sense her anxiety, and he did not reach for her hand this time.

"You're not happy..." he said softly, looking out at the boats.

"I thought I would be. This was what I wanted," she said, moving the sand around with her now bare feet. She rolled up her pant legs, and dug her toes into the sand. "Are you happy?"

"I don't know," he told her. "All I know is that I really enjoy your company, and I really wish I could just stay so we could know each other better, so we could work this whole thing out and make something of it."

He leaned back in the sand, supporting himself on his elbows. He looked at Skye. He wasn't hurt, just worried.

"I don't know what to do," she told him earnestly, wringing her hands in frustration. "I want us to work out too. I want it to just be later so we can have a relationship."

She flopped on her back in the sand, her blond hair sprawling everywhere around her, but she didn't care. She turned her head to look at Brock.

"Maybe we just have to let go," they said at the same time, and smiles began to spread across their faces.

"If it's meant to work out in the end, it will," she said, her gaze shifting towards the darkening sky.

"Yeah..." Brock said in agreement. He looked up at the navy blue above him, smiling at the stars that had snuck into the sky early. "I'm really glad to have met you, Skye. I know you'll do well on your journey. You have some really great friends, and you have a really strong bond with your Pokemon."

Skye thought briefly of Agile, who was waiting for her at the Pokemon Center.

"I hope you have fun in Hoenn with your friends," she told him genuinely, and sat up, sand spraying everywhere. "Will you write to me if you can?"

"Only if you'll write back," he grinned.

"Deal," she told him, smiling brilliantly. She looked at the now blackened sky. "We should head back."

"We should," Brock agreed, as they both stood up. He stopped her for a moment, his hand gently on her arm.

"What is it?" she asked softly, turning to face him. "I wanted to give you something...something I don't want to give to anyone else..."

He held her at arms length, smiling faintly.

"My first kiss," he told her honestly. "If you want it."

"It...would be mine too," she told him, blushing. "I couldn't think of anyone I would rather share it with, even though we can't be together right now....it would be something to share between us, despite it all."

Brock smiled, and Skye stepped closer to him. Her palms rested just below his shoulders, on the front pockets of his shirt. He leaned down to her slowly, carefully, as if a wrong movement would ruin it all. Skye closed her eyes gently. His nose brushed hers.

He touched his lips to hers briefly, sending a chill down her body. In that one instant, she felt love...like nothing she had ever experienced in her life. A love she would have to let go of. A love that may never return to her completely. A love that may only be in friendship.

They parted, no words spoken, both blushing softly, not embarassed, but relieved. Relieved that such a feeling could be expressed in something so simple, so quick. Skye smiled at him, and pulled him into a hug, pressing her cheek into his soft shirt. Brock wrapped his arms around her, holding her for a little while.

"It's getting late," he told her gently.

Skye stepped back a little, and they both started towards the Pokemon Center. Agile greeted Skye happily, and noticed something different about her. All signs of the kiss were gone, and what Agile had sensed was a new maturity about her. She was willing to let Brock go, and tomorrow, after they gym battle she would. Skye confided this in Agile, her dearest and closest friend. They then got ready for bed, and fell alseep, for the first time, prepared for what was to come.

May 30th, 2004, 11:47 PM
"heh look at them blushing and liking each other"

May 31st, 2004, 5:23 AM
OOC: Hmm... interesting... I wonder if bringing Brock along was such a good idea?


Just kidding! Of course it was!

IC: "Huh, wha?" Duc questioned. He was too far from the harbor now to see what was going on. He ran back, but those two were already gone. "Aw, man! What's I miss?" Thinking for a few moments, he corrected himself. "Forget it. I'd rather not know." He picked up his Pikachu.

Remembering that the gym battles would be tomorrow, Duc quickly changed mindsets. "How about we train in the cave," Duc suggested. "you know, with all the rocks and Pokmon and stuff, it should be a good place to start." He waved to the others if they wanted to come before sleep overcame them all.

May 31st, 2004, 1:03 PM
i sent all 8 pokemon out having clefairy vs geodude, jigglypuff vs diglet, squirtle vs pidgey, and zubat vs abra... all training for the battle... clefairy and jiggly were fighting ground/rock types to take hard hits and increase their strength... squirtle was practicing accuracy agaisnt pidgey's quick attack... and zubat was fighting abra to practice its confuse, leech strategy, while abra teleported to dodge the attacks and wear zubat out... all were getting ready and i knew even if my pokemon werent ready, diglet and geodude would prevent any electric attacks from working... after some trainging i went through the diglett cave suing diglet to dig through, and came out in vermillion city... i saw a snorlax and knew i had to catch it... i had all 8 pokemon attack it, with everything they had... or else snorlax would overtake them... valliantly they battled, defending eachother as the 2 ground pokemon took the hits the rest attacked, confused, and clouded its vision (literrally) with pidgey's sand attack... i used clefairy and jigglypuff t put the ogre to sleep before it could use rest... i threw a pokeball adn caught it! My first rare pokemon, and all my pokemon did it, it was as if it their their first pokemon catch too... my 9th pokemon was the strongest ever (but i didnt tell them that), my pokemon each grew a level and my abra learned confusion, its first actual attack! i was so proud i said "you all are like that snorlax... proud and powerful!" they smiled and i said the best part of training is relaxing and i returned em!

May 31st, 2004, 2:27 PM
ooc:Awww man! I wanted Brock to stay... to late now!

IC:Lex sat in the room feeling strong feelings for Skye because hopefully everything was all better. "Ding-Dong!"came the sound of the door. Lex turned around and in walked Skye and Brock with a smile of happiness smeared on their face. A instant wind of relife came across Lex's heart. He smiled. Lex had no worries about Skye, finally. Lex greeted them. The sun was setting with its beautiful beaming light across Lex's face.

OOC:I dont know what else to write. We should be getting ready to fight the gym leader right?...
oh and also, Does Brock have to leave?...

May 31st, 2004, 3:57 PM
OOC: I dunno about Brock leaving.....I think that is up to Duc really, since he has the ticket to Hoenn!! ^_^ Things could be getting interesting....

IC: Skye stretched and yawned as she awoke from a good, deep sleep. Agile, who had been fast asleep on her chest, rolled into her lap as she sat up on her bed. The little Pikachu did not stir, but snored loudly.

"Agile," Skye groaned groggily. "Get up silly. We have to go battle Lt. Surge today!"

Agile rolled over lazily and opened her eyes. She sat up slowly, grumbling at Skye for disturbing her slumber.

"Pika..." she groaned.

Skye shuffled off to the bathroom to shower and change. She wore her usual attire, but hose a black long sleeved shirt instead of her normal white tee. She grabbed her things, leaving her purple bandana in her bag, and letting her hair fly freely.

"C'mon, Agile! Today's the day!" Skye exclaimed, standing at the door of the Pokemon Center. She looked back at her friends excitedly, but only spotted Lex. Brock must have left early to train or something. "You coming, Lex?"

May 31st, 2004, 4:17 PM
OOC:Opps thats ture I forgot he does have the ticket!

IC:"Sure, c'mon lets go!"Lex awsered confidently and ready. Lex arose for his chair. Eevee yawned tiredly as he layed half asleep on Lex's shoulder.
Lex followed Skye out the door and o the direction of th Gym.

"Are you ready Skye!"Lex exclaimed...

May 31st, 2004, 4:25 PM
I was arguing with the receptionist in the gym.

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to unlock the gates yourself. Yes I know the pattern, but I just can't give it to you!" She kept saying.

"Charmeleon, I think you should show this kind person just WHY she should give me the pattern." I said, as charmeleon launched an ember, just slow enough for her to dodge.

"The next one won't miss, open the door. Now." I said, and she scurried off to two cans in a corner, and pressed buttons in the bottom of them.

May 31st, 2004, 4:28 PM
"I'm so ready!" Skye said confidently, patting her Onix's pokeball. She grinned at Lex.

They entered the gym in time to see Seph "convince" the gym receptionist to unlock the doors for him. Skye raised her eyebrows, half-impressed by his assertiveness. She looked back at Lex, excitement crawling onto her face once more.

"Let's go cheer Seph on!" she exclaimed, and took off through the doors.

May 31st, 2004, 4:38 PM
OOC: will be offline a bit, but I will be checking back every few minutes or so, so it might be a while before I cn reply again.

I walked through the inner door, were the arena was, As the gym leader said "Congratulations, not many would be so bold to my employees(sp?). I am luteniant s-"
"Surge, I know. I've know a lot about you, and what pokemon you use. I'm ready for a battle." I said.

"Don't get so cocky if you've got a ground type, I've taught my pokemon a few tricks to use against them." He warned, to which I replied "Don't worry, I'm not putting my only hope of winning into a type advantage."

"Heh, you got a lot of nerve kid, I like that. Tell you what, use any of your pokemon you like, if you can even beat my star pokemon with all of yours, the badge is yours." He offered. "Nomally I'd refuse, but for you to preach about being cocky, I think I need to make you learn what you teach, so I accept your offer. GO, CHARMELEON!!" I said, and in a flash, charmeleon was there again, eyes seemingly aflame with the same fire that burned in his mouth.

"Raichu, let's go!" Surge commanded, and in another flash of light, the large mouse pokemon stood there, ready for battle, with sparks flying off of its cheeks in anticipation...

May 31st, 2004, 4:49 PM
"Gooo!Seph!"Lex cheered. "Take em' on" Lex yelled to Seph now battling.

June 1st, 2004, 4:57 PM
i ran to the pc and had joy heal my pokes, and took out snorlax... i now had my 9th poke! if i caught another i would go in the double digits!
i ran to the gym and saw sep batling the leader as skye and lex watched... i helped up the scared receptionist as she explained what happened... i told him all he would have to do is use an abra and read her mind, and not attack her... i gave her an empty pokeball and said she should catch a pokemon to protect herself for next time... she blushed and said thank you... i blushed and walked om... (little romance at the gym!!!!) * make brock come rememebr dont 4get t mention he is here

June 2nd, 2004, 3:14 AM
OOC: Wah! nobody train at Digett Cave with me?! Oh well...
If you haven't guessed, I'm a big fan of the show, so I will go along as close as possible. This would sorta let you know what's gonna happen later...


I should write more often... I do have summer break now, after all! (cursed Pokmon Colloseam!)

IC: After some rigorous, intense training at Diglett Cave, Duc and his Pokmon felt ready for the gym that was ahead. This time, he and his Pikachu slept much longer than expected. By the time he woke up, the group had already left. He hurried to get ready. Hoping they were at the gym, Duc grabbed Pikachu while it was eating some Pokpellets that Brock gave to him. He regreted for doing so since he should have learned by now never to bother Pikachu while eating. After a quick shock, Duc insisted Pikachu to go and it finally gave in. He ran out the door.

Pikachu pointed out something from the outside. The windows from the gym's stadium seemed to be taped over. "Wonder why that's there..." Duc muttered to Pikachu. It was equally questioned.

Duc along with his Pikachu entered the gym, finding the receptionist at the front desk. "Hi, have you seen my buddies around here?" Duc asked. "One's a girl, another a boy with white hair--" The receptionist panicked at the mention of white hair and blurted out some random words and walked away from the desk. I guess they're here he thought. Before he could reach the stadium, two heavy looking doors blocked the way. He knocked on them, but there was no response. A nearby trainer told him that he has to find the electronic switches to unlock them. Duc looked around and saw that there were multiple trash cans in the place. "Switches?" Duc was confused as why a gym leader would do such a thing.

Pikachu's ears twitched and jumped off Duc's shoulder. It scanned the area for a while and ran to one of the trash cans. It pulled out a controller and pressed the big red button on it. The doors clicked. Pikachu quickly did the same with the second controller. The doors finally gave way. "Oh yeah. Since you're so in tune with electricity, you could find the electric switches with no sweat. Good job, Pikachu!" Duc said as he rubbed behind Pikachu's ears. Pikachu gladdly accepted the massage. Both walked in the stadium to find that Seph already battling the gym leader, Lutenant Surge.

Duc greeted everyone as he took his seat in the stadium. "Sorry I'm late! It's just I stayed up way too late with my Pokmon training." he said.

June 2nd, 2004, 6:36 AM
OOC: Well, if you're playing Pokemon Collussseum, I suppose you have an excuse! ;)

IC: "Hey, Duc!" Skye called, but quietly enough so that Seph would not loose his consentration. "Glad you could join us!"

She smirked, but not unkindly, at him and Pikachu. Agile ran over to Pikachu, exciteed for the match, and they conversed lightly. Skye smiled at them.

"So..." she said, feeling a little uncomfortable with what she was going to ask. "Have you seen Brock this morning?"

June 2nd, 2004, 8:34 AM
OOC: Ooh! Nice, new banner there, Skye!

IC: "Sorry, Skye. I haven't seen him this morning yet." Duc said, realizing that Brock was nowhere to be seen with the group. He was sure that he'd be there. Wonder what's holding him up... he thought.

The tape on the windows formed 'X' on the stadium floor with its shadow. It almost seemed like the floor had tiles, but tiles are definately not fighting surfaces.

June 2nd, 2004, 8:37 AM
OOC: Thanks! Isn't the banner wonderful? StarlightUmbreon made it!

"Oh," She said quietly, wondering where Brock was. Had he managed to leave already? She pushed the thought from her mind, and looked back to where Seph was.

Boy, did Lt. Surge look tough!

"Go get 'em, Seph!" she cheered. "You can do it!"

June 2nd, 2004, 10:48 AM
The two pokemon launched their attacks, and the energies met in mid air, blasting off of each other.
"Thunderpunch, now!" Surge commanded, to which I responded "Fire punch!"
The two pokemon launched themselves at each other, and both struck the other simultaniousley. The electricity sent Charmeleon flying backwards, but raichu had to stop and roll on the ground some before it was able to exstinguish itself.
"Mega kick!" Surge yelled, and once again, I commanded charmeleon. "Counter it!"
The massive blow struke charmeleon on the head, and I knew it was over. But before he fell, he found the energy to finish his counterattack, grabbing raichu's leg, and spinning around at a speed so fast that they both blurred, then letting go, and falling to the floor.

Raichu hit the wall of the Gym with massive force, almost doing it in as well, but it stood up again, ready to fight.

"Time to take a chance." I muttered to myelf, reaching for my newest pokeball...

June 2nd, 2004, 10:56 AM
OOC: getting lots of compliments huh? it is preety cool though!(Im in need for something in my sig!)

IC:Lex sat on the chair intruiged at Seph's battling style (Has he even started?).

Duc walked in from behind him "Hi Duc!"Lex greeted. Lex looked around he noticed something was missing. "Oh its Brock!"Lex thought. He turned his attention to Skye and asked... "Skye I have'nt seen Brock all day long... Where is he?"Lex waited for a response....

OOC:Where is he anywayz...

June 2nd, 2004, 11:04 AM
OOC: check my new Card in the sig, nifty eh?

"Go, DUGTIO!" I commanded, and in a flash, they appeared, arguing, for a change of pace. They didn't even notice raichu walking up to them, and when it slapped one on the back of the head out of curiosity, all the specific diglett did was scratch the back of his head, as though he was itchy.

"Seismic toss!" The gym leader commanded, and raichu tossed that one diglett to the other end of the room, which had an undesireable effect. The other two digletts turned on raichu, having lost their friend to argue with, and were VERY angry about it...

The one he had tossed jumped on Raichu's head before it could do anything, and began slaping away at it, and when it tried to get it off, the other two rushed in, and soon raichu had dissapeared in a cloud of dust and slapping noises.

When the dust finally cleared, Raichu was lying there, unconscious, then end of it's tail stuffed in it's mouth. "Raichu is unable to battle, and thanks to our agreement, you owe me the Thunderbadge." (it is thunderbadge right?)

Reluctantly, he handed me the badge, and mumbled something about not being fast enough for his "special tricks". I went over to where the others were, and sat down, tired from the battle, short as it was.

June 2nd, 2004, 11:11 AM
OOC: very nice Card, Shineyelectrode! Me likes!

IC: Skye answered Lex's question about Brock with a shrug. Agile looked at her strangely, as if the Pokemon had expected Skye to care a little more about his whereabouts.

"Seph," Skye cried, asfter his battle was won. "Fantastic job!"

She beamed at him, happy for his success.

"I wonder who will be going next?" she asked quietly, looking at her group of frends.

June 2nd, 2004, 4:32 PM
OOC: Where do u get those anywayz....

IC: "I'll battle now!" Lex responded confidently. Lex stepped up to the battle field And took his pokeball in hand. "Are you ready lutenant?" Lex exclaimed with the familiar phrase. "Raichu Go! He responded. "Growlith go! Lex followed with the phrase. Growlithe appeared giving Raichu a treacherous growl. "Growlith Bite! Lex commanded!

The Growlithe jumped towards Raichu barely nipping him But he managed to dodge it with its agility.

"Thunder shock! commanded the gym leader. A yellow bolt came towards Growlithe, and got a clean shot at its target. Lex was realizing what a tough opponent this was.

Growlithe got up, not yet in critical condition though. Ember Now! Lex ordered. Fierce flames emerged from the Growlithes mouth. Once again Raichu was able to evade the flames coming towards him and hit Growlithe with a tackle dead on. Growlithe fainted. Return! You did a great job GrowlitheLex awarded.

Geodude Go! Lex called. The rock like pokemon appeared from within the poke ball. Without Lexs command Geodude went straightforward with a tackle towards Raichu. Raichu was untouched and was able to parry the blow. Then a idea came to mind Geodude use Sandattack and hit raichu with Rockthrow! Lex spat out. Geodude kicked Sand up towards Raichu till he wasnt able to see. Geodude banged the floor and an abundance of boulders and rocks covered Raichu completely. Lex waited impatiently to see if Raichu who was now under the rocks would appear from within them. But nothing cameRaichu was finished!

Come Back Raichu! You did a good job! Lexs opponent said.

Lex jumped up in the air happily and hugged Geodude. We did it! Yes we WON! Lex yelled excitedly.

Lutenant Surge walked over to Lex and handed the badge over. Lex held it up as it glistened and smiled.

He walked back to the group with a smirk as Eevee walked around him pouncing blissfully. He sat on the chair and gazed at his badge. Whos up next Lex asked the group

OOC: Doesnt Lutenant have a voltorb too?

June 2nd, 2004, 4:57 PM
"Awesome job, Lex!" Skye exclaimed, giving him a high five. She walked towards Lt. Surge, who was busy healing his Raichu. "I'll go next!"

"I've never seen so many kids at once!" Lt. Surge laughed. Raichu was now fully healed. "Alright then, missy! Go Raichu!"

Raichu faced her, ready as ever to battle. Skye smiled, and pulled out her secret weapon.

"Go, Igneous!" she cried. The massive rock-snake filled the arena, looking menacingly at Raichu.

"Okay, Raichu, don't show any mercy! We know how to beat rock types, don't we?!" Lt. Surge exclaimed, a grin spreading across his face. "Use Agility!"

"Bind it, Igneous!" Skye exclaimed excitedly.

Onix's first attack missed as Riachu ran all around the rock Pokemon, confusing it. Igneous roared in frustration and impatience. It smashed its tail into the ground angrily, barely missing Raichu.

"Use rock throw!" Skye told her Onix.

Igneous pounded the ground once more, sending chunks of rocks flying everywhere. Since it hadn't been trained much, the rocks were not aimed well at its target, and Raichu was still as eager as ever to battle, though a little weakened.

"Raichu, use you swift attack!" Lt. Surge commanded.

Raichu raced around the Onix, hitting it on all sides with its very quick swift attack. Onix roared again, so loud that Skye had to cover her ears. She looked up at Igneous. It had weakened Raichu enough...and it was too frustrated and out of control.

"Good job, Igneous! Come back!" she hollered,a nd the Onix disappeared back in its pokeball without a fuss. Skye looked determined as she chose her next pokeball. "Go, Sticky!"

The Butterfree emerged from its pokeball refreshed and ready to fight.

"Sticky, use poisonpowder!" Skye exclaimed, hoping her strategy would work.

The powder hit Raichu square on, poisoning it. She saw Lt. Surge flinch. Raichu shot a powerful thunderbolt at Sticky, severely weakening it.

"Hang in there, Sticky!" Skye excalimed in encouragement. "Use confusion!"

"Freeee!!!" the Butterfree exclaimed, sending powerful psychic waves at Raichu, who took the hit dead on and became confused.

"Raichu, use thunderbolt to finish it off!" Lt. Surge cried.

Raichu turned around and around in circles, utterly confused. It fell on the ground because it was so dizzy. Skye saw her chance.

"Confusion again, Sticky!" she said.

Sticky shot more psychic waves at Raichu, finally defeating it.

"Great battle," Lt. Surge said, offering her a powerful handshake. She smiled up at him. He put the thunderbadge in her palm. "You deserve it. Good luck on your journey."

"Thank you, sir!" Skye exclaimed happily, and then ran to Sticky. She swung the bug Pokemon around and around happily in her arms, in a sort of celebration dance. "Awesome job, Sticky! Igneous, come on out! You did great too!"

The Onix came out of its pokeball and wrapped itself around Skye gently. She kissed his rocky head lovingly.

And then, she looked to the doors of the arena.

There stood Brock!

June 2nd, 2004, 5:48 PM
"Hooray Skye!"Lex yelled...

OOC:Im sorry Im just so bored!

June 3rd, 2004, 3:41 AM
OOC: Oh, is it my turn?

Hmm. I wonder what a Diglett looks like out of the ground...

IC: Duc and his Pikachu cheered everybody on as they battled Lt. Surge. He was a massive guy, probably one of the biggest he's ever seen. According to all of the previous battles he's seen with him, Surge apparently recently taught his Raichu some speed attacks. During all the battles, he noticed that the windows rattled. The tape was apparently there to keep the glass from shattering.

After the last battle between Skye and the gym leader, Brock showed up. For some unknown reason, Duc walked up to him and grabbed him by the ear and dragged him to sit him down on the benches.

He switched mindsets as he prepared to battle the gym leader as he was the only one left. Not taking any consideration that none of his Pokmon have any resistance to Electric attacks, he took his place. Duc was so caught up in his training that he forgot to get a Diglett. "Humph! I'm not going to lose to another kid today!" said Lt. Surge as Duc took his place.

"The rules are simple," started the judge watching the upcoming battle. "Lt. Surge will only use one Pokmon, that'd be Raichu. The challenger may use as many pokmon he or she wants to. All the other rules follow the official Pokmon League."

Oddly enough, Duc didn't have his usual headache. Ignoring this fact, Duc sent out his Pikachu. "A Pikachu, eh? This should be no problem for you, Raichu!" yelled out the gym leader as he threw his Pokball. When it came out, it was towering over Pikachu. Pikachu was quite intimidated, but it still prepared to fight.

"Pikachu, use your Thundershock!" Duc yelled. The Pokmon let out an electric bolt.

"Do you really think you could defeat me using such a wak attack? Raichu, use your Thunderbolt!" Raichu let out a mightier bolt that easliy overpowered Pikachu's attack. The Thunderbolt struck home. Pikachu landed on its back as the attack blew it out of place.

"Pikachu, try a Quick Attack!" Duc yelled. Pikachu tried to move, but couldn't. The attack had Paralyzed it.

"Mega Punch!" surge yelled. The attack knocked Pikachu sky high. It landed, unconcious.

"Pikachu is unable to battle. Lt. Surge wins!" called the judge.

Duc ran up to his Pokmon. "That was a good battle, Pikachu. you deserve a good rest." he said comfortingly.

After setting Pikachu on the bench where everybody was, Duc took his position. Man, I've got no other Pokmon that's resistant to Surge's Raichu. Duc finally realized. Before choosing a Pokmon, one of them popped out by itself. It was one of his Staryu. It pointed one of it's arms at Duc's vest. "Huh?" Duc said as he opened his vest to reveal the blue stone that Misty had given him. The Pokmon snatched it. Suddenly, Staryu started to glow.

"Wh-What's happening?!" Duc said as the Staryu changed form. It grew what appears to be another set of arms on it's back. The glowing had stopped. Staryu had evolved into Starmie. Duc realized that the stone was a Water Stone. "Whoa, that's so cool!" he yelled. Thinking of his previous battle, Duc got a great idea.

"Huh, you're gonna use a Water Pokmon against me?" said Surge in a deep voice. "Thank's for making my victory that much easier!" Raichu laxed off. It was overconfident that it would win this without breaking a sweat like its previous battle.

"Starmie, use your Water Gun!" Starmie stood there, doing nothing except look back at its trainer. It had forgotten how to use the move. "Oh great, what moves do you know?" he asked the Pokmon. Duc got no response. Before saying anything else, Raichu had released a mighty Thunderbolt. "Quickly, dodge, Starmie!" The Starmie gracefully dodged the attack.

Irritated already, Surge ordered his Raichu to do a Swift attack. Stars flew from one Pokmon to the other. Starmie's spun rapidly, thus flying in the air, and the attack was repeled. Raichu took some of the stars.

"Uh... Hydro Pump?" Duc yelled out to Starmie. It still did nothing. It's strong, but not that strong. Duc kept yelling out different Water type moves. Starmie landed trying to interpret its trainer. While listening, Raichu let out another Thunderbolt. This time, the attack came much faster than before, not letting anytime to dodge. "Starmie, you know what to do!" Starmie's back star spun rapidly. When the attack came close, the bolt was deflected. Duc learned that from Misty herself.

Giving up on the Water attacks, Duc ordered Starmie to Tackle the Raichu. It did so with breakneck speed, before Raichu could react. The Raichu slammed against the wall of the gym. Weakly, Raichu pulled itself out of the wall.

Finally, Duc came up with a Water attack that Starmie probably knew. "Use Bubblebeam!" Starmie gladly complied as a massive stream of bubble slammed into the still dazed Raichu. The attack knocked it out.

"Raichu's unable to battle. Starmie is the winner!" the judge yelled. "Duc from Saffron City is the victor!"

Lt. Surge walked up to Duc. "Nice battle there, kid! I like your style. You're the first trainer to beat me with a Water Pokmon. Because of that, you deserve this!" He pulled out the Thunderbadge. "Thank you, sir!" Duc said as he saluted the gym leader and accepted the badge. "Hey, you don't have to do that, ya know. I used to be in the military."

June 3rd, 2004, 6:06 AM
"Yay, Duc!" Skye exclaimed after he had finished his battling. She high-fived him in celebration of his victory. "That was awesome! And congrats on your Starmie!"

Agile curled up in her lap, seeming a little more defensive of Skye than usual. Confused, Skye looked down at her Pikachu, but Agile's eyes were on Brock, who had seated himself on a bench nearby. Skye felt her stomach tighten as she looked at him. For all the preparation she had done for today, she knew it would still be hard. He was going to do everything it took to leave today. Skye frowned and looked away/

June 3rd, 2004, 6:59 AM
"Congrats Duc!"Lex exclaimed happily. "You know that stone...I have one but mines is yellow...thats kinda weird you Know"Lex spoke out of the blue.

Finally the long day was over,everyone battled and sucsessfully beat the Lutenant.

But then Lex emembered that today was the day were brock Left. His smile dropped. He hates seeing people sad or crying. He had strong feelings for friends..."poor Skye.."he said to himself.

June 3rd, 2004, 4:41 PM
"Umm escuse me but i didnt battle..." I yelled as everyone looked at me embarrassed, but ashamed... (not pping i hope)
I sent out all my 10 pokemon: Snorlax, zubat,pidgey,clefairy,jigglypuff,pikachu,abra, diglet, squirtle and geodude...
I wanted to train my flying pokemon for their resistances as they got previous traing form pikachu, but none of pikachu's attacks were nearly as strong as riachu, and only time would tell if they would be able to withstand the thunder attacks... i said " ill use all 9 if i have to, but you use all your 3 pokemon, unlike the rest, i want to see your full potential..." lt. srge. sent out magnemite, i sent out (not a steel type u guys, as the title hints, *red/blue/green/yellow didnt have that type*) i sent out zubat, ready to confuse and leech... go zubat, use supersonic! it hit magnemite but it had already sent out a thunderbolt, zubat flew into it training its resistances to thunder to prepare for riachu but i told it if it kept getting hit on purpose magnemite would have the advantage, not us... zubat listen and healed with leech life... it looked shaken-up a bit but the healing did help... use leech life to heal and drain its power!it worked! soon magnemite was tired and finished itself off with a thunderbolt while still ocnfused... my crobat smiled and i hugged it! it jsut learned wing attack! next he sent out voltorb, i said you can rest on my should zubat, pidgey needs to build-up its ressitance too... pidgey quickly flew in and immediately used sand attack... voltorb rolled out of the way and sent a thunderwave, pidgey dodged it with a quick attack that hit voltorb back, and tossed it into the air with a powerful gust attack... Voltorb sent out a thunder bolt straight at pidgey and almost knocked it out... pidgey being very smart now, used gust attack over and over building up power while holding it in the air, but voltorb was used to spinning as that was its only way to move, and released a thunderbolt attack... pidgey fainted and the gust fell-apart but the voltorb was severly weakened... clefiary use sing! it ddi and put it to sleep and immidately used pound to pound it into the ground, knocking it out... go riachue he said and the fairy and mouse faced off...

June 3rd, 2004, 7:56 PM
OOC: Kirby, you do know that you can only carry six Pokemon at a time.....

June 3rd, 2004, 10:24 PM
"The rules are simple," started the judge watching the upcoming battle. "Lt. Surge will only use one Pokmon, that'd be Raichu. The challenger may use as many pokmon he or she wants to. All the other rules follow the official Pokmon League."
it would be 2 confusing and i alrdy stated i had my pokemon (all 9) battle snorlax to beat him, and it wasnt mentioned before as an actual rule... plus wouldnt make sense to send em back now... o well ill make somehting up... 2morrow cuz nows bedtime

June 3rd, 2004, 10:28 PM
"The rules are simple," started the judge watching the upcoming battle. "Lt. Surge will only use one Pokmon, that'd be Raichu. The challenger may use as many pokmon he or she wants to. All the other rules follow the official Pokmon League."
it would be 2 confusing and i alrdy stated i had my pokemon (all 9) battle snorlax to beat him, and it wasnt mentioned before as an actual rule... plus wouldnt make sense to send em back now... o well ill make somehting up... 2morrow cuz nows bedtime

OOC: Don't mean to be rude, but when has anyone, *EVER* used more than 6, seperate or at once?

June 4th, 2004, 2:56 AM
OOC: Sorry!!! I forgot that 2 new members joined!


I don't even have 6 Pokmon yet!
In the show, Ash did. He also did in the movies...

June 4th, 2004, 5:50 AM
OOC: But in the games you can only carry six Pokemon at a time. And I am pretty sure Ash has only used six at a time too. All the rest get transfered back to Bill's PC when you catch them.

June 4th, 2004, 9:56 AM
OOC: But in the games you can only carry six Pokemon at a time. And I am pretty sure Ash has only used six at a time too. All the rest get transfered back to Bill's PC when you catch them.

OOC: That is correct, and I can't remember any time in the show when he had more than six, *with him* at any time, which is the rule.

June 4th, 2004, 11:25 AM
OOC: That is correct because how can you hold 9 when the maximum is 6.... well I don't know, it's up to Skye...

June 4th, 2004, 11:27 AM
OOC: Let's get this squared away so our OOC posts don't take up any more space. Only six Pokemon may be carried at a time. If you want to switch Pokemon, have your character go to a PC.

June 4th, 2004, 10:07 PM
ok fine i was just quoting what dgle and like i said b4 i would fix it the next day, just that it was like 11 or almsot 12 when i posted that...
IC: i had my snorlax carrying itself and pidgey to the pokemon center, & geodude as well as diglett since i wanted to win as fair as possible... (if i left the battle to send em to the pc or returned them during the battle it wouldnt make as much sense).
Clefairy used a pound attack! riachu dodge it with agility, now used body slam! clefairy was injured, clefairy use double slap! the slaps made riachu dizzy, clefairy use metrnome! it turned into a leech seed attack, and started draining riachu's power and healed clefairy... clefairy now quikcly use sing! riachu fell asleep until the seed drained all its energy (which quite impressingly took a while)... the battle was finally won! he handed me the thunder badge and said you deserved it, and your clefairy was pretty tough to! & zubat and pidgey took electric attacks well for flying types! i said Ty i did train them with my own special pikachu! pikachu ran up and gave zubat a little shock to impress srge. with zubat's resistance and it worked quite nicely as his jaw dropped... i said i think we all battled you so we should go now! thank you for not making us wait after all those challenges in a row btw! he smiled and said no problem! i ran to the pc to check on my pokes and saw them all there waiting, i returned them all and sent them to my pc! i was glad pidgey was healed and coudltn wait for the next battle, but remember brock was leaving too, so i dashed back to the gym, luckily b4 ne1 left (hope thats not pping)

June 5th, 2004, 5:02 AM
Skye smiled as Kirby left to deposit Pokemon at the Center. She looked at her friends as they all prepared to leave and set out once again. The last person she saw was Brock. He looked a little melancholy, and she felt the same way, but she would leave it to fate.

"So..." she said, standing up bravely. "Are you guys ready to go?"

June 5th, 2004, 1:25 PM
Something didn't feel right. Duc felt like something wasn't just quite finished. Pikachu knew it too, trying to keep its trainer at bay by tugging at his jeans. He stared at Brock. His hands motioned for the ticket in his vest and pulled it out. Brock didn't seem too thrilled to see the ticket, but Duc knew that it wasn't his and Brock had to go. Even then, Brock reached out for the ticket. Last minute thinking allowed Duc to pull his arm away one more time. "Now what?!" Brock said loudly.

"You know something's wrong. Brock, I know you've got a good heart, so don't let anybody think otherwise." Duc said calmly. He glanced over his shoulder at Skye. "Before you leave, please talk to her. I know something's going on between you two." Duc was suprised he even said that. He used to hate relationships (cooties), but ever since he met Misty, everything's changed.

Brock stood there, looking hard at Duc. Brock knew that Skye had feelings for him. He too had feelings for Skye. He made his decision. "I'll go talk to her. First, though, could you please pull my ear? It always made my head clear." he requested. Duc gladly complied and dragged him towards Skye via ear. "Go on, say what you hafta!" Duc said.

June 5th, 2004, 2:45 PM
Lex cheered for Kirby as hw went to the pc. Lex had just remembered something at the moment. "uhh!Brock...!" he said to him self. At the comment, he looked directly at Skye heart broken she sat and glnced at Brock. At the sight, Lex's heart broke down because he had strong feelings for his friends. But, Lex was strong and keeped his feelings inside. Skye had to make it through.

Brock slowly dragged his feet toward Skye. Lex watched and could only hoped for the best to happen.

June 5th, 2004, 7:11 PM
Skye bit her lower lip as she saw Brock walking towards her. They were both feeling nervous, but all that erased when he finally neared her, and spoke.

"I'm going to Hoenn today," he told her quickly, businesslike, as they started for the Pokemon Center. He moved something around in his vest pocket, but Skye didn't think anything of it.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, but not awkward, as it might have been under other circumstances. Skye felt content. She felt ready for this change.

Brock got his things together, packing them up in his backpack, and slinging it over his shoulder. He turned to look at Skye with a half-smile, and pulled a slender box out of his vest pocket. He handed it to her gently.

"This is for you," he told her softly. "It's something to remember me...remember us by."

"Thank you," she said, untying the ribbon, and unfolding the note that had been tied to it.

"No wait...read the note after I have left," he told her. She nodded and opened the box.

Inside was a necklace. a thin, soft black rope served as the chain. Along the cord were little dangling charms, all Pokemon she had on her team. There was a Pikachu, an Onix, a Butterfree, a Staryu, and a Fearow. She put it on immediately, and clasped it behind her neck.

"It's wonderful," she told him. "Thank you so much. I'll cherish it forever...I only wish I had something to give in return..."

"You already have. You've given me something no one has ever been able to before," he told her, smiling.

Skye let the words sink in, and felt a happiness like no other. She braced herself as Brock turned to Duc and called to him.

"Still got my ticket, Duc?"

June 6th, 2004, 7:35 AM
Duc was sobbing silently, but still managed to hide this. He pulled out the ticket. "Here ya go, Brock." The ticket was crumpled up, but still was usable. Duc handed the ticket over to Brock. Brock then straightened the ticket as best he could. "Sorry if I seemed like a jerk to you, but you know why."

Brock chuckled a bit as he started to walk off. Duc stopped him. "Hey, wait a minute! I forgot to give you this!" Duc handed him a list of numbers of the Pokmon Centers throughout Kanto. "If you can, try to call us. You know that we aren't about to forget ya, you know!"

"Thanks." Brock said as he accepted the sheet of paper. "See ya some other time! Until then, call us!" Duc yelled as Brock walked towards the harbor. "Oh, and remember to tell me all about Ash!!!"

June 7th, 2004, 12:47 PM
OOC:How heart breaking :'(

IC:Lex watched as Duc handed over the ticket and a sheet of paper. If only he could hear what they were saying! He approached towards Brock. "Brock remember to call! Bye." Lex said reasuringly. Then he walked toward Skye and Duc. "So...Lets get going!" He said trying to cheer and enlighten the unhappy moment.

Lex got his things packed for the next day and ready to go on S.S Anne...

OOC:thats what were doing next right?...

June 7th, 2004, 1:44 PM
OOC: The S.S. Anne sounds good to me! As long as Team Rocket doesn't try to sink it....

IC: Skye watched Brock leave, holding her breath. She felt an overwhelming saddness, and wiped away an escaped tear with the back of her hand. Trying her best to smile, she looked back at Duc and Lex.

"Well," she said shakily, and drew a big breath. "Are you ready?"

Suddenly, she heard a raspy boy's voice cry out to them.

"Hey...hang on a sec!"

Skye was confused. She didn't know this guy very well. He had black, messy hair tamed only by his Pokemon cap. Actually...he looked remarkably like Duc...

Brock stood behind the newcomer, with a girl who had flaming orange hair tied to the side in a pony tail. Skye raised an eyebrow.

"Looks like you've kept me prisoner too long, Duc," Brock joked, grinning wildly. He steered Ash Ketchum over to Duc. "Hey there, Duc. I'd like you to meet...Ash Ketchum."

Skye felt a grin spreading across her face. She knew that this was Duc's ultimate dream. She smiled as Ash said hello to him, and looked at Brock expectantly.

"They came to see if I was alright," he told Skye. "So we'll all be heading out in an hour or so. I just thought, you know, since Duc wanted so badly to meet Ash..."

They both grinned knowingly, and watched Duc's reaction amusedly.

June 7th, 2004, 1:53 PM
OOC: Good Idea Skye!

IC:"Ash!!" Lex thought. Lex knew that Duc had an obssesion over Ash. A feeling of happiness slowly speaded across his face. Skye looked at Brock expectantly, Lex noticed.

June 7th, 2004, 2:21 PM
ooc: wut would be really omantic is after brock leaves u can have him send you pokemon charms for each pokemon ucatch after he leaves... u could say, i heard from ash etc... since im guessing in rl u really do like brock skye... lol i bet ur blushing now ! lol
IC: i said hello to ash, but tried to keep the attention to Duc... it was surprising that he would have an idol just willingly show-up... & i didnt want to ruin the moment... my idol of course was jessie from team rocket... but i wouldnt tell ne1 that until i was far enough into the journey... now was too soon. (y'all will see wut i mean later...)

June 7th, 2004, 3:00 PM
Even as I met and shook hands with the trainer, my thoughts were elsewhere. I was worried about my charmeleon. During the battle, I had noticed it's color was changing, lightening somewhat, and it already looked more orange than red. When I asked nurse joy about it when she healed it, she had said that there didn't appear to be anything wrong with it, other than the fact that it was changing color. She suggested that I might have gotten an albino pokemon, and that it was nothing to worry about. In fact, she had said that Albino pokemon were much more rare than the ordinary kind, and were prized by trainers and collectors alike.

June 7th, 2004, 3:47 PM
OOC: Yes, in the RP my character does like Brock quite a bit. ^^ However, IRL, I am not quite as obsessive as some have thought me to be....I just think he is a cool character, and very underappreciated. (He really does need a girlfriend....)

June 7th, 2004, 4:49 PM
OOC:Lol! He is pretty underappreciated... Not much attention is paid to this character.

IC: Lex came up to Ash greeting him. It was pretty amazing to meet a ledgend like him. "I wanna be just like him!" Lex said to himself. "All I need is the courage and I belive I can make it!" Lex followed. Lex was also a fan of Ash but not as much as Duc.

June 7th, 2004, 9:35 PM
OOC: underappreciated! wut about all the girls he left behind, and the fact he always falls inlove w/ some1 else the next day... if i were 1 of those girls, and he had told me he loved me the day b4, but hit on another the day after i would have slapped him silly and say he loves getting slapped more than girls if he continues to forget 1 after the other... =)
IC: I looked at charmeleon, and noticed it was brighter, but remembered that charizards r brighter than charmeleon and suggested maybe it was ready for evolution, and to sprout some sporty wings... i thought it was kinda unfiar to see a pokemon evolve 2ice in a row b4 mine evolved 1, and i mean ne of them... i said to Lex in a whisper... "hey remember Duc is his biggest fan, i know u r too but make duc feel better by letting him have some attention" I said to ash "you know duc is a great trainer, no wonder he looks up to you so much! you both have somehting in common..."

June 8th, 2004, 3:44 AM
OOC: That's up to Skye right now. People have come and gone recently, so you may be able to!

Brock is the most unappreciated character in Pokmon. Although he's a main characer, many people still somehow ignore him. I certainly don't!

By the by, I mentioned the S.S Aqua for a reason. (boat from Gold/Silver series. Sorry! But since I'm in tune with the show a bit too much, the S.S. Anne had already been sunk by Team Rocket! Again, sorry!!!)

IC: "A-Ash... Here?!?!" Duc stuttered. He ran up to the guy to see his face. Yup, it was him. "Omigosh! IS IT REALLY YOU?!?!" Duc yelled in front of his face. Ash couldn't help but fall over. Duc quickly backed up and let him get on his feet. Apparently, it looks like Misty's here too.

But, something was wrong...

Pikachu was quite less enthusiastic over the arrival of its idol; Ash's Pikachu wasn't there. Duc noticed that his buddy wasn't acting all happy and stuff. "Hey, what's the matter? Ash's here!" he said reassuringly. Pikachu still didn't very happy, almost angry. Duc looked at Ash and Misty. Duc finally saw that there was a problem. He first noticed the height of the two. They seemed a bit taller. "Hey, Brock," Duc whispered to him. "Without looking, how much taller was Misty than Ash when you guys left?"

"We left just a few days ago, and if I remember correctly, the top of Ash's head was at Misty's eye level." Brock remembered. Both looked back at the other two. The Ash and Misty there were exactly the same height. Not just that, both were also taller than Brock. Duc got extremely suspisious. To even further his suspicion, he noticed that Ash didn't have his Pikachu around. "Hey, Ash, where's Pikachu?"

The Ash that came to the harbor had a suprised looked. "Pikachu's inside my Pokball, where else?" he said quickly.

Bad move.

"Pikachu, Thundershock!!!" Duc yelled loudly. Pikachu zapped them both with a mighty bolt, almost similar to Lt. Surge's Raichu. Pikachu finally learned Thunderbolt. The two fell in the water, and just like in Viridian City, dye floated up as well as two wigs. Before the two surfaced, Duc yelled out "I don't believe you idiots tried to impersonate those two, Butch and Cassidy!!!"

Cassidy surfaced first and threw a Pokball. "Sandslash, Earthquake!" Sandslash came out, striking the harbor with its feet. "Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Duc said. He was furious at the two's failed plot. Pikachu slammed into the Sandslash, but Sandslash didn't move all that much. But it was just enough for Sandslash to fall in the water with Cassidy. She returned it to the Pokball.

Butch came up and summoned Raticate. Again, Pikachu Quick Attacked the Pokmon. This time, Raticate flew into the side of a ship before falling into the water.

Duc now hated their guts. He's usually a peaceful guy, but these two stepped over the boundries. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt the water!" Pikachu grinned as it released a powerful lightning bolt at the ocean. The four in the water were zapped easily. Right after Pikachu stopped, a black speedboat with a red 'R' painted on it's hood slid which made a small wave at Duc and Pikachu. Duc and Pikachu covered their eyes. When they opened them, Team Rocket was already gone.

"I-I don't understand!" Brock said. "I actually called the two and they said they could make it!" Duc turned to him. "Uh, did you use the videophone next to the wall in the Pokmon Center?"
"Well, just like in Cerulean City, that phone also had soda spilt over it. I guess someone re-wired the phone, picking up Team Rocket's signal." Brock couldn't help but feel betrayed in some way.

Finally, Brock was able to board the S.S. Aqua after the the police cleared up the area. They said that Team Rocket was planning to plant some kind of explosive on the S.S. Aqua and exploding in while in mid-journey. Relieved, Brock stepped on board, still hoping that he wouldn't have to go down with the ship just like when he was in the S.S. Anne with Ash and Misty. The ship sailed off to sea. However, it sped off like a speed boat. "Hey, don't forget to call us!!!" Duc yelled before the ship left the harbor.

OOC: Sorry if I rushed this, but we're lingering a little too long here!

June 8th, 2004, 5:39 AM
OOC: Perfect Pichu, you are welcome to join us. It is up to you how you meet up with our characters. Please don't have any legendaries in your team, and please try to use the best spelling and grammar when RPing with us. Please also post a character profile. You can get the template for that on the first couple of pages! ^^

Also, Kriby, I really think that Brock is just being a typical teenager. Besides, not any of the girls really take him seriously...but I do!! ^^ If one of the girls actually liked him back, I'm sure he wouldn't go looking for other girls...anyway, I am getting off topic....

IC: Skye could not believe that it was Team Rocket! Disgusted, she didn't even try to hold Duc's rage back. She said farewell to Brock one last time, and watched him leave on the S.S. Aqua, feeling rather melancholy. Deep down, she knew she was okay, but boy, could she sure use a hug right about now...

Shrugging it off, she returned to the Pokemon Center, packed the last of her things with the help of a melancholy Agile, and waited for her friends to gather. Ready as she was, she was hoping her friends wouldn't be too worried about her less-than-cheery self.

June 8th, 2004, 11:36 AM
Name: Maria
Starting Pokemon: Started with a machop, but now has a drowzee, machoke, and a pigeotto.
Status: Trainer
Age: 16
Height: 5'
Weight: Secret! :paranoid:
Hair: Pale-blond
Eyes: Bright green
Clothes: A primary green T-Shirt, along with white khaki shorts.
Personality: Basically very shy, and quiet.

OOC: Shineyelectrode, I'm here, you need to hold out with your end of the bargain. ;)

OOC: *Grumbles some things not fit for soft ears* Okay, okay.

June 8th, 2004, 1:34 PM
IC:Lex waved goodbye to Brock whom was now aboarding S.S. Aqua. Since his things were already packed, He sat on the rocky rough floor and watched the Ship belittle within the distance.

Lex stood up from his position and decided to award his team of pokemon some cold icececream. After the refeshingness, He hurried back to the pokemon Center ready to leave and continue his journey...

June 8th, 2004, 2:16 PM
actually 2 girls did like brock the 1 with the nidorina, (when she offered brock the nidorino), and the girl from the episode where brock gets his lotad... (but she was too young) not that it matter but just 2 correct...
IC: i secretly sent my squirtle to investigate where the R ship went... i was worried but didnt tell ne1 as they would ruin everything by having to worry about it... i also sent my pidgey and zubat to help it, if needed... I said : go to go to the pc as i need to train all my pokemon... I picked out my diglett, and geodude, and my snorlax... i had 7 pokemon left for now... unti lmy little troop returned...

June 8th, 2004, 2:23 PM
OOC: Okay....you know...that's quite enough of the Brock discussion. Like I have stated many times before, I am really only familliar with the R/B/Y versions of the game, and the season of the anime that corresponds to it, and I do not recall any girls taking Brock seriously. Okay? Discussion ended, because it is taking up a lot of space...

IC: Skye saw Lex enter the Pokemon Center. It was now late afternoon, and Skye was ready to leave. Lingering here at Vermillion only made her gloomy and distant, two things she did not want to be.

"Hey Lex," she greeted him with a smile that tried to hide her real feelings. "How's it going?"

June 8th, 2004, 2:34 PM
OOC: the above is correct, but I don't have the time to make an in-character post right now, but I will soon.

June 8th, 2004, 2:52 PM
OOC: calm down skye, i said not that it matters...
IC: I went to the retaurant and left ym abra in the pc... i would train him later, i saw seph and a new girl... i said hey to both, but realized talking to them would get me nowwhere as i saw the spilled soda... i said "nvm, i can you 2 are busy..." and ordered food for me and my pokemon, i smiled at them all until i realize i had a snorlax, i said ill take the rest 2 go, and released him outside... he was very hngry and i gave him 5 bag fulls of food... he smiled and went to sleep. thats when i returned him

June 8th, 2004, 3:08 PM
IC: Once Lex entered the pokemon center, Skye greeted him. Lex felt diffrent about something but he could'nt seem o grasp what it was. Skye was sorta acting akward. Not nessesarily akward, but it seemed she was hiding something. "Oh Hi Skye Im doing great!" Lex responded to her question.

Lex was eager to travel to the and once again begin on thier journey. Eevee hoped on Lex's shoulder.

OOC: Come'on Lets get moving...

June 8th, 2004, 3:31 PM
OOC: we r almost on the 19 page and we havent even left for the 4th gym battle... skye post so we know wuts next!

June 8th, 2004, 4:27 PM
OOC: A good RP with excellent, fully developed characters takes time, so please be patient. Besides, a few of the people in this RP only get to post once a day, if even that. It wouldn't be fair to leave them in the dust.

So let's just wait patiently for everyone to catch up.

IC: Skye returned her attention to the window after Lex had assured her that he was doing well. Everyone seemed to be taking Brock's absence really well, and Skye vowed that she would too. Agile sensed her anxiety, however, and curled up in her lap, sighing quietly.

"I wonder how he is..." she said to herself quietly, hoping no one else heard her. Her cheeks were pink.

Skye decided to take a quick nap before they started out once more. She curled up with Agile in her chair, and dozed off quietly, waiting for Duc and the others to wake her to leave...

June 9th, 2004, 2:19 PM
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June 9th, 2004, 6:32 PM
OOC:Sorry for this interuption, But what is it your saying Electrode?...

June 9th, 2004, 6:34 PM
OOC: I think that he was saying this thread go bumped to the second page?? Thanks for putting it back on page one! Where is dqle??

June 9th, 2004, 6:37 PM
OOC: You are correct skye.

June 10th, 2004, 3:05 AM
OOC: Sorry, guys, but since my little cousin is here, I can only post once in a while until next week.

BTB, just to stop the Brock thing once and for all, two girls liked Brock, but because of that, Brock really couldn't handle the situation. Sure he could like girls, but he has no idea what to do if it were the other way around!

Oh, and I still think that meeting Ash this soon is too early!

IC: Right now, he still had his thoughts on Team Rocket. They will stop at nothing to take those three out. Hopefully, Team Rocket isn't where Brock's going.

Pikachu was a bit tired from the battle, but still managed to grumble for food. Duc looked in his pack, all soaked from the splash. "Hmm... What would you like Pikachu?" Duc asked. "We've got some nice soggy Pokpellets, some salty fruit, and watery snack bars." Pikachu gagged at the sounds of it, so it pulled Duc to the center's Cafteria.

Before he got to the Cafeteria, Nurse Joy called him over to the front desk. "There's a videophonecall for you and your group. It's from Brock now on the S.S. Aqua." she said. Duc quickly dragged the sleepy group over to the phone that was being reserved. "Hey, Brock!"

June 10th, 2004, 11:04 AM
my squirtle zubat, and pidgey kept following the R ship... my zubat evolved as he quickly sped ahead of pidgey to catch up to the ship, pidgey evolved and sped ahead to catch up... this was serious training i worried, if they tired out they wouldnt be able to swim... but my squirtle was there incase... my squirtle used skull bash to slam through the ship, sinking it... cassidy and butch swam out, to have my squirtle bubblebeam them out of the water, and pidgeotto and golbat whirlwind them away... (like jessie and james) they wouldnt be back for a while... after an hour my pokemon returned, evolved (not squirtle and i gleed for joy as i headed back to the pokemon center unsuspecting what the videophone was saying to about brock to duc

June 10th, 2004, 11:46 AM
"So..." I asked. "You plan on just following me everywhere until you're strong enough to beat me, with or without my consent?" Trying to make that sound as bad as possible, but unfortunaley, she didn't notice. "Yep, that's it exactly." She said, as I did an anime-style fall.

June 10th, 2004, 12:10 PM
i sent my tired pokemon to the pc to rest, as they were totally tired, but before that happened they told me the story, squirtle got so angry but evolved, and i gave him a hug as well as the rest for doingthe misson and evolving... they were sent to the pc...

June 10th, 2004, 12:54 PM
Skye woke from her nap, stertching, and causing the still sleeping Agile to fall off her lap. The little Pikachu awoke, angrily, and thundershocked Skye.

"Ow! Hey, I didn't mean it!" she exclaimed, feeling rather crispy.

"Chu!" Agile said indignantly.

Kirby was in the Pokemon Center, Skye noticed, so she approached the trainer cheerfully as he deposited Pokemon into the PC.

"Wow! All three of them evolved? That's awesome...congratulations!" she said happily, clapping him on the back. "Have any of the others come back yet? It's about time we headed out towards our next city..."

June 10th, 2004, 1:22 PM
i got all 10 i said... i said thx, and did you hear the message that duc got concerning back? i was so focused on my new pokemon returning that i hadnt even rememebered about the videophone i glimsped earlier... i was desperate to hear what it was about... i put i clefairy and took out abra... i also took out a moonstone i got from mountmoon and waited fort he right time to evolve jigglypuff or clefairy... (can i have a crobat even tho its not in these games, cuz then it would kind of be wierd to not have it ever evolve or something...)

June 10th, 2004, 1:33 PM
OOC: Nope...no Crobat. This is strictly old skool, 151 Pokemon...sorry!

IC: "No...I didn't hear about the videophone. I'm sure that if it's important, Duc will tell us," Skye assured Kirby. "I'll see you later!"

She walked out of the Pokemon Center, and decided to train a little before she set off on the road once more. It was getting dark outside, but Skye was not worried about the night. In fact, she wa worried about very little now. Since Brock had left, despite the deep saddness she felt that he was gone, she also felt a great sense of relief. The tension, no matter if it had created the wonderful friendship between them, was too much for her to handle. She looked foward to traveling without obligation to anyone.

In the distance, she spotted Seph as well as another person.

"Hi, Seph!" she called. "Are you almost ready to head out on the road?"

June 10th, 2004, 1:50 PM
i chased after skye and asked just how exactly we were going to make it to the next town... i saw seph and released snorlax... i said whats your fattest pokemon?

June 10th, 2004, 2:13 PM
Gloomily I looked up and said "I don't really like to keep my pokemon fat, there are only a few that helps with, such as snorlax." And then I turned to Skye and said "Might as well." While trying my best to ignore Maria.

June 10th, 2004, 2:37 PM
"Yeah...like humans, it's really important for Pokemon to keep fit in order to stay healthy...except in Snorlax's case I suppose," Skye agreed with Seph. She smiled, but noticed Seph's gloomy expression, and dediced it would be best to not bother him too much.

She pushed some dirt around with her shoe, trying not to feel awkward about the person behind her...the girl Seph had been speaking to. She wondered if she should say something to her...

"Erm...hello," Skye tried to sound cheery, walking towards Maria. "My name's Skye. Nice to meet you..."

June 10th, 2004, 3:30 PM
OOC: This is perfectpichu, my internet is still down, so I' posting through Seph's account.

IC: I shook the girl's hand and said "I'm Maria, I would say that Seph has told me all about you, but he seems to be trying to convince himself that I don't exist."

June 10th, 2004, 3:54 PM
OOC:Aww man come'on Lets get moving! pleaze ^_^

IC: Lex greeted the newcomer cheerfully and quickly to make sure he was'nt interupting their conversation. "Hello, Im Lex! Whats your name?..." Lex greeted and asked.

June 10th, 2004, 4:47 PM
OOC: Still perfectpichu, Shiney is busy in school ^_^

"I'm marina, I'm not really that suprised now seeing that seph got so far, seeing as he had so many people to help him." I remarked, watching out of the corner of my eye as Seph began grinding rocks into sand underneath his boots.

June 10th, 2004, 4:52 PM
Skye blinked a few times, sensing the tension in the air around them. She decided to break it and tried being cheery again.

"Well...we're heading back to the Pokemon Center, I think, to get ready to leave. You're welcome to join us, Marina...that is...if it's alright with everyone else!" Skye eyes Seph uncomfortably. She hoped she hadn't made things worse...

June 10th, 2004, 4:56 PM
OOC: still perfect here.

IC: "Sure, that'd be great!" I said, and I heard Seph grumble to himself under his breath, so no one could hear (Or so he thought) "Wouldn't make any difference anyway, *grumble grumble* out of sight..."

June 11th, 2004, 3:10 AM
OOC: Did I not drag you guys outta bed?
Oh well.

IC: Brock talked all about his fairly short trip to the new region. Duc listened with great intrest. He did ask fo Skye, but Duc said that she's out. "Sorry, Brock, but I guess you're gonna have to talk to her some other time." Duc said.
"That's alright," replied Brock. "You guys are going to other Pokmon Centers, right? I'll just leave a message so that the Nurse Joy at each center would tell me where you guys are."
"Sounds like a plan to me." Duc noticed that the group was ready to leave. "Talk to you some other time!" He hung up the phone.

Pikachu took a large bottle of ketchup with it so it wouldn't go hungry on the next trip. Duc wanted to take the bottle away, but considering that all of the Pokmon food in his pack were soaked, he let it slip by this time.

Duc hurried to the group and saw a newcomer. "Hi there!" Duc said enthusiastically. "My name's Duc. I know it's a little wierd. Look at it this way. It's Psyduck, just without the 'Psy' and the 'k'." He quickly followed up. He wanted to look for Skye, though.

Pikachu was walking around blindly because the bottle was quite large. so large that it can't see in front of itself without putting the bottle down, but Pikachu tends to never put food down. Before finding its trainer, it bumped into a variety of objects.

June 11th, 2004, 5:05 AM
Skye had finally finished packing, and saw the Duc was also ready. Relieved to finally be on the road once again, she smiled, and walked over to the group.

"Okay, you guys," she said enthusiastically. "Let's get moving!"

She led the way out of the Pokemon Center excitedly, but then stopped short. She stopped so quickly that Agile ran into her leg, and bounced off.

"Chu..." Agile grumbled.

"Oh...sorry, Ag," Skye said. She looked at the others, feeling a little imbarassed. "Um....where are we going again?"

June 13th, 2004, 4:51 AM
OOC: Wha? Second page again?!

IC: "According to this packet," Duc said while reading the pamphlet. "We're supposed to be heading over to Saffron City."

Great. he thought. He really didn't like the place. The place where his family currently lives. There were always wierd people walking around the place there. Like they belonged to a gang or something.

Upon thinking about this, Duc forgot that he was supposed to tell Skye something.

June 13th, 2004, 5:56 AM
"Saffron it is then!" Skye declaired.

Agile walked alongside Skye, as they started out on their journey once more. Skye felt excited and happy to finally be leaving Vermillion, and the rest of her burdens behind. She chatted excitedly with her frineds, trying to keep up a good mood.

"Saffron's leader is phychic, right?" she asked them curiously.

June 13th, 2004, 7:02 AM
IC: "I belive so Skye!" Lex responded to her quesion. Lex walked along with the group feeding Eevee pokepellets. "And Skye belive it or not, She, the gym leader is my sister!.." Lex said abashed with his head bowed down.

OOC: Just adding a little twist if its OK with u guys?...^_^

June 13th, 2004, 4:17 PM
ooc: OK WITH ME..
IC: im worried about my goldbat you guys and its weakness to psy, ill have to have my abra train it to resist it by using confusion on it, so would you mind letting me fight her last, as i can train them now since we r leaving and all...

June 13th, 2004, 8:18 PM
OOC: VERY cool plot twist, Lex!

IC: "We can train on the way to Saffron," Skye replied to Kirby. She quickened her pace, excited to be on the road once more.

She heard Lex mention that Sabrina was his sister. Taken a little by suprise, Skye glanced back at him. He didn't seem to be very thrilled about it.

"Do you think the guard up there will let us through?" she asked worriedly, looking at the stern guard at his post. "He looks kind of...annoyed..."

June 13th, 2004, 8:49 PM
OOC: We all seem to be tied in to gym leaders, I believe I might have a bit of a twist coming up, though I'll have to clear it with skye via PM later, as it may be rather plot-intensive, depending on how much this rp takes after the anime.

June 14th, 2004, 3:05 AM
OOC: Very interesting, lex!
If it has anything to do with the anime, just talk to me. Besides, I just want to keep Ash, Misty, and Brock intact, untouched. That's all.

IC: "Psychic gym leader's y-your sister?!" said Duc startled. He never did like psychics and neither did his Pikachu. They had a really bad time with them in the past when they were younger. Trying to keep that thought at bay, he entered the guard's post.

"What do ya mean we can't go through?!" yelled Duc as he heard the guard's decline. "Do you know how many miles we walked just to get here?!"

"I can't let you kids through." said the guard. "Orders from the President of Silph Comapany."

"B-But the packet said this is the next place for a gym battle!" Duc tried reasoning with him.

The guard snatched the packet and browsed through it. "It says here that Saffron City's gym is the next closest gym, but not the reccomended fourth gym. If you guys tried to challenge her now, you guys wouldn't stand a chance." The guard threw the packet back to Duc. "I suggest you kids go to Lavender Town and take the Underground Tunnel to Celedon if you know what's good for you." added the guard.

"But that means we have to go all the way back to Cerulean City!" Duc said. He really didn't want to go walk this much, let alone visit the city again so soon.

June 14th, 2004, 4:53 AM
Skye sighed at the guards stubbornness. Right now, she just wanted to get to a Pokemon Center and rest. The hot, muggy weather they had encountered after they left the coast was really starting to bother her.

"Pretty please?" she begged the guard, batting her eyelashed.

"Forget it!" the guard snapped.

Skye backed off, and started on her way back to Cerulean. She looked at her friends with a sigh.

"It was worth a try," she sais sheepishly, as they trudged through the icky, muggy weather. "Isn't there a cave we have to go through eventually to get to Lavender?"

She grimaced at the thought of going through the cave, remembering her last cave experience. She trudged on, though, feeling a little better to be in the company of her friends.

June 14th, 2004, 12:15 PM
guess let me go to the pokemon center, so we can jsut teleport past him w/ my abra (sorry skye but this is gonna take forever)... and when we get there we can finally challenge her... i ran to the pokemon center and ran back after depositing my diglet and taking out my abra... i was soo excited to finally get there...

June 14th, 2004, 12:24 PM
OOC: if you remember correctly, in the games, you cannot go directly to Saffron. You have to go through the cave, and go to Lavender. That is where we are headed now. Unless your character wishes to separate from the group. Your choice in any case.

And I cannot reiterate enought how a good RP takes TIME....

June 14th, 2004, 12:47 PM
OOC: sorry
IC: hey you guys, since you dont want to come i think ill just go ahead, ill see you guys when you get there, i really got to start training my golbat. I waved Bye and said with a tearful grin "youguys wont be far from me for long, just hurry-up! ABra (trying to be serious) teleport me to Saffron City!"

June 14th, 2004, 2:38 PM
OOC: Huh? There's a cave to reach Lavender--
Oh yeah, Dark Cave. Right.

IC: "Well, see ya later then!" said Duc as his fellow trainer dissapeared before his eyes. He turned to Skye. "Yeah, there's a cave leading to Lavender Town." Duc replied to Skye's question. "But, that cave's next to Cerulean City! At least, that's the most direct Route to get there..." There's a shortcut through the woods, but they could get lost. Then again, they'd reach the cave much faster than traveling all the way back to Cerulean City...

Pikachu had finished the bottle of ketchup. It was quite upset that the bottle full of tangy sauce was empty. Duc tried to keep it satisfied with all the fruit he brought along for the trip. Pikachu complained a bit, but it kept the Pokmon from ignoring its trainer.

June 14th, 2004, 2:43 PM
"Well...we could try the woods..." Skye pondered. "I mean, it would be faster, like you said. I think we ought to try it! Besides, it might be a little too soon for us to show up around Misty again, eh?"

She grinned at Duc, teasingly, and Agile smirked.

The forest looked tame enough from afar. Skye thought it would be all right. She looked over at Lex, Seph, and Marina hopefully.

"Think we should give it a try?" she asked them.

June 14th, 2004, 5:28 PM
OOC: thanks for making my leave memoriable or at least noticeable... anyways its okay
also if its strictly from the game then why did u guys use Butch and Cassidy?
IC: I made it pastthe guard and secretly slide past the building where he guards... i ran to the gym and then started walking so I wouldnt look suspicious...i decided that training my goldbat would be necessary before i fought any ghost/psy types... I sent out golbat and had my abra train its reistance to psy types with confusion, over and over again as it was the only attack, let alone psy attack it knew... i knew its resistance wouldn't be too much as confusion was a pretty weak attack, and abra wasnt as strong as a gym leader's psy pokemon would be but, i knew training 1 would mean the other would be trained as well, so i kept them practicing their resistance and trying to increase confusion's power, as i sent out geodude and squirtle to help geodude increase its speed and dodge and its resistance to water, as squirtle increased its speed and attack speed/reflexes... i had my pigeotto attack my snorlax while it slept to increase its attack power, and speed... it learned sky attack, and razor-wind, but none of my pokemon stopped practicing for at least 2 hours, after a long training session we all headed towards the pokemoncenter...

June 14th, 2004, 5:49 PM
OOC: They go to Lavender Town before Saffrom in the anime series also....and we're kind of doing a mix here. What's the big deal anyway?

Time for a little action, guys!! ^^

IC: While waiting for the others' imput, Skye noticed a strange movement coming from the tall grass to her right. A Meowth sprung out (not Jessie+James'!), and, seeing Skye's suprised expression, grabbed her messenger bag and took off into the grass.

"Hey! Wait!" she cried, sprinting after it.

The Meowth was faster than she was, and Agile sprang after it, sending thundershocks in the Meowth's direction.

Skye soon found herself in the forest, lost. She frowned at herself for not waiting for the others to catch up with her. Agile was gone too, chasing after that stupid Meowth.

"I guess I should wait for someone to find me..." she said to herself, sitting on the ground, and hugging her knees. She looked around her at the trees. They sure looked awful spooky since she was by herself.

"Agile?" she called weakly.

No answer.

June 15th, 2004, 3:01 AM
OOC: Gosh. I hope I didn't cause any confusion on suggesting the idea of the anime!

In the game, you could reach the guard houses before you get to Lavender Town, by the way.

IC: Something rustled in the grass. That rustle caused Skye to chase after it. "Hey, where are you going?" Yelled Duc as she ran off, but no answer. She's probably too far away. he thought. She should come back soon enough. Then again, Skye was the kind of person who'd need support every now and then. That's probably what everyone's like in this group, except maybe Seph.

"Hey, Skye!" he yelled after deciding to go look for her in the thick forest. "Where'd you go?!" Pikachu in Pokmon talk did the same. He saw a Vulpix when looking for her. Even though it was tempting to try to catch that Pokmon, knowing how Skye's doing was more important. He ran away from it, but it seems that the Vulpix didn't run away itself...

June 15th, 2004, 5:00 AM
OOC: You can get to the guard house, but you can't go through. You have to give one of the guards a drink from the vending machine in the Celadon department store I think...

But it doesn't matter....Lavender town it is!! ^^

IC: Skye sat in the forest for about a half an hour before she really started to panic. Agile still had not come back, and she was completely on her own. To make it worse, it was late afternoon now, and the sun was beginning its descent.

"Agile!!" she called again, without a response. "Duc, Seph! Leeeeeex!!"

She stayed in her spot, leaning against the trunk of an oak tree, hoping someone would find her.

June 15th, 2004, 7:21 AM
OOC: Sorry for not posting in such a long time...

IC: Lex heard his name being called in the vast distance. "Duc, I think I hear Skye..." Lex exclaimed. Once again the yelling came. Lex ran, also panicing because who knows what had happened to Skye. Lex, Duc and Seph came across a vulpix. Lex ignored it as he glanced back at it from the corner of his eye.

Lex Knew he was getting close...

June 15th, 2004, 8:45 AM
"Lex!" Skye exclaimed in suprise and relief. She ran towards him, and threw her arms around him thankfully. "Oh, gosh....I was so scared!"

She buried her head into his shoulder, letting out a deep sigh. She released him gently, smiling, and very happy that she had been found.

"I don't know where Agile is!" she told him, tears forming in her eyes. "She chased that darn Meowth into the woods, and I can't find her anywhere! Who knows what could have happened!"

June 15th, 2004, 10:35 AM
OOC: I haven't heard from perfect for a few days, not even by phone, I don't know what's going on with her. :\

IC: I looked up at the sky and rolled my eyes. I darted into the woods after them, but they seemed to have dissapeared. I wasn't really looking for them, I knew my chance of finding them were slim, but simply scanning different areas of the foreest. It seemed thin enough that you could look up and see the sky from pretty much anywhere in it, so I decided to try sending up some "flares".

I released charmeleon, and after the initial shock of seeing him-he was now a bright orange-I told him to send up embers every now and then, to hopefully show the others were I was, so they would come to me, and we could get out of the forest.

June 15th, 2004, 12:19 PM
IC: "Agile, Oh no!" Lex panicked. While Lex darted off with Skye He saw a flames emerging from the forest and into the Sky. He turned around in supence but Knowing he had greater worries, he turned around and ran off to look for Skye...

June 15th, 2004, 1:10 PM
OOC: i only mentioned the whole game thing b/c Skye said it had 2 follow it old skewel style fromthe games, but anyways...
IC: all 6 of my pokemon were done training, even snorlax... i deposited all but abra, squirtle, and goldbat... i took out diglet,pikachu, and jigglypuff. i had my pikachu train against diglet and jigglypuff fight squirtle to take water attacks and train its alrdy high sp. def... she seemed to just absorb attacks... my pokemon looked tough, but my abra and goldbat went at it again almost hating eachother, without even me telling them to attack... they seemed to be enemies, and they fought and none of them held-back, the nurse joy told me to return them immediately but I didnt i knew this would be the way to fix their hatred, letting them take it out, and express themselves...

June 15th, 2004, 1:13 PM
"Lex!" Skye cried, looking over her shoulder. He soon caught back up with her. "Did you see those flames in the air?"


Meanwhile, Agile was in an all out battle with the Meowth, who was not willing to give up Skye's messenger bag. It hissed at Agile threateningly, brandishing its claws.

"Pika...CHU!" Agile cried, sending a bolt of electricity at it.

Enraged, and slightly weakened, the Meowth sprung on her, biting, and clawing. Agile fought it off as best she could, shocking it into submission. Agile grabbed Skye's messenger bag, and took off into the forest, dragging the bag behind her.

Some flames were shooting up nearby, and Agile decided to investigate. Her little pink bows on the ends of her ears bobbed violently as she sprinted.

"Chu!" she cried, relieved to see Seph. She fell at his feet with Skye's bag clutched in her paws. Looking up at him tiredly, she begged to be picked up.

OOC: I hope everything is okay with Perfect...keep us updated!

June 15th, 2004, 1:31 PM
OOC: if you have her phone # u should probably know where she lives, try and see her to see if she is ok...
IC: they both blasted eachother out of the pokemon center, a confusion and whirlwind sent them both flying out... they actually knocked eachother out... I returned them and had them sent to nurse joy, she said "I told you to return them, next time ill report you for endangering their lives... as a pokemon trainer you should be ashamed!" i told her the reason, but she tried to prove me wrong, I grabbed the 2 pokeballs after she finsihed and left, yelling "what do u know your not even a trainer!"

June 15th, 2004, 1:39 PM
OOC: If you'd read Shineyelectrode's last post, you'd see he has been in contact with her before, but her phone has not been on for a while. I hope she is all right!

June 15th, 2004, 1:48 PM
OOC: im sorry for w/e i said... anyways
IC: i ran to the pokemon gym and knew all my pokemon were fired up... they were ready, but next to the gym was a fighting dojo... iknew that this would be a great chance to test my pokemon's strength... i entered and sent out pikachu, he ran forward but was sent back flying by a primeape, angry i said "hey you better be sorry, pikachue thunderbolt, and dont hold back against him, you know what i mean..." pikachu dash forward and gave him a thudnerbolt and knocked it back, but now it just charged at pikachu, until it instictively used quickattack dodging only to attack him hard...

June 15th, 2004, 2:12 PM
OOC: We used to live in colorado, however, I was fored to move to hawaii due to my dad's job. So I can't just go for a short swim and see if she's okay. Hopefully she'll get back to me soon.

IC: I saw Skye's pikachu come running up with her bag, and collapse next to me. "Your Agile, right? Here, take this, I think I may need your help." I said, spraying some of the potion my asscociate had given me in mt. moon. It wasn't as strong as a full restore, but an all-around pick-me-up for pokemon, and soon, Agile was looking good as new. "Now, maybe if you shot a bolt of electricity next to charmeleons embers, they might know it's us, think you can do that?" I asked her.

OOC: Sorry, but I'm not sure if controlling your pokemon when they're away from you counts as power playing.

June 15th, 2004, 5:55 PM
OOC: No, that's fine. I don't count that as power playing at all.

IC: Feeling a little better, Agile nodded at Seph, and sent a powerful bolt of electricity up with his Charmander's Ember. The little Pikachu had never been away from Skye before, and she started to cry when Skye didn't answer the call on the first try.


Skye looked upwards, and noticed a bolt of electricity along with some flames. She looked over at Lex.

"Seph has Agile! That must be his Charmander!" she exclaimed, grabbing Lex's hand and racing in the direction of the "flare."

June 16th, 2004, 3:04 AM
OOC: Are you sure that it's a good idea to be shooting off flares in the middle of a forest?
Try different things Shineyelectrode. Phone(if you're willing to pay for long distance), IM, e-mail, heck, maybe even slug mail!

IC: Running everywhere around the forest, Duc had yet to find Skye. Pikachu never did leave his side. It didn't like trees very much.

A flare lit up the sky as he ran around. "Who'd be firing off flares in the middle of a forest?" Duc wondered. Pikachu's ears twitched as the flare was floating. "Pikachu! We don't know who set that off!" Duc said as he followed the Pikachu.

June 16th, 2004, 10:14 AM
OOC: I have all but the slug mail. Nothing but tomorrow and I'll try that, yet I fear for the worst.

EDIT: Wow, "I fear for the worst"? I swear, I'm not posting before I drink at least 8 ounces of caffinated soda again. :\

June 16th, 2004, 2:21 PM
IC: pikachu kept dodging and attacking, it released a thunderbolt, but got thrown back to the wall and collapsed... the primeape gave me a look, a look of anger and proudness... i returned pikachu and sent out warturtle... it ran straight at primeape but got thrown back, get charged at... warturtle used watergun to send him back, soon tho he jumped in the air and prepared a furry swipies attack...squirtle did a surprise attack! Ice-punch!... he threw himself right at the falling primeape and slammed his icy fist to freeze his face... the trainer returned him, and said "you may pass"
then another pokemon came out. it was a machop he charged at warturtle...

June 17th, 2004, 9:41 AM
IC: Lex ran rapidly making sure not to lose Skye who ran in front of him. Lex sighed when a bolt of electricity and a barrage of flames emerged from within the forest. Lex could tell Skye noticed so he ran along side Skye.

Lex could hear faint cries come from the distance. "I think were close Skye!" Lex confirmed...

June 17th, 2004, 9:55 AM
"I hope so!" Skye exclaimed, panting. She saw Seph up ahead, with...Agile!

Skye didn't even have to yell to her Pikachu. Agile turned to look in Skye's direction, and bounded towards her. Skye caught her friend as Agile leapt up into her arms, hugging her tightly.

"Oh I was so worried!!" Skye said, cuddling Agile. She smiled. "I'm so glad you're okay..."

"Pika!" Agile cried, pointing towards Skye's bag, which rested at Seph's feet.

"Oh, Agile, you saved it! Thank you!" Skye cried, rushing over to Seph, and retrieving her bag. She slung it over her shoulder, and looked up at Seph. "Thanks for helping Agile. And thank you Lex, for finding me!"

She hugged Lex again, Agile taking her place on Skye's shoulder. Skye released Lex, and looked around.

"Where's Duc? And Marina?" she asked.

OOC: Any word from Perfect, Shineyelectrode?

June 17th, 2004, 10:05 AM
IC: "Aww yes!" Lex exclaimed happily at the sight of Agile. Eevee waddled over to Agile and gave it a friendly hug. Lex took a quik a quick glance around..."Huh? Where Duc and Marina?" He said to himself..

June 17th, 2004, 10:36 AM
OOC: if something happens like evolving/catching/releasing/loosing a pokemon happens can you tell me when our chars meet again, as i dont think me reading is necessary if none of that happens and I am traveling seperately... dont feel like you have to and only if somehting imp. happens do u need 2 tell me...

June 17th, 2004, 10:52 AM
OOC: nothing, and slug mail sent. :dead:

"I Don't know, maybe we could get some more flares to try to find them, but I think Charmeleon needs a rest." I said, releived that Lex and Skye was back.

June 17th, 2004, 11:03 AM
ooc: WUT R SLUG MAILS BTW sorry for caps
IC: my squirtle used ice-punch, but he dodged and used seismic toss, warturtle used withdraw and hydropump to spin while shooting water, unfortunately it was directly under the shell missing it, but fortunately the spinning got it loose from the tight grip... warturtle's shell fell to the ground as machop raced to grab it again, but this time warturtle spinned and used hydropump spinning and continusously forcing water at machop feet until it fell to the ground unable to get up... the trainer returned him and ran to the pokemon center...

June 17th, 2004, 11:50 AM
OOC: There are only a few posts between your posts on this board, Kirby, so I don't think it will be too hard for you to read to keep up. Besides...there are no other RPers characters where your is, so it would be kind of silly just to RP your character and not read anyone else's post...

Slug or snail mail is real mail, like letters and cards. It is called such because the internet email is much faster.

IC: "Maybe we should rest a while," Skye agreed. Though Agile was excited and happy to see Skye, she was tired...

She looked at Seph and Lex as her stomach rumbled loudly. She blushed.

"Erm...mind if I stop for a snack?" she asked sheepishly, digging through her bag.

June 17th, 2004, 12:04 PM
IC: Lex heard rumbles come from Skyes stomach. Skye turned a light red color. Lex was feeling empty spams in his stomach also and his stomach was begining to rumble. But unfortunantly he had no food and Lex though it would have been very rude to ask Skye for food so he remained in silence.

Lex watched Skye shuffle through her bag for something to eat. (powerplay?) : Out came a Candy bar from her Bakpack. Lex turned around so Skye did'nt see him blushing because of his hunger.

OOC: Sorry Skye If what I put was powerplay....if it was tell me..

June 17th, 2004, 12:08 PM
OOC: Nah...that's fine. I don't really care about little stuff like that. Now, if you had done something like made my character react to something, or speak, or something like that, the claws would come out!! LOL.

IC: Skye broke her candy bar into thirds, and handed a piece to Seph and Lex each. She munched on her piece, savoring the chocolate and caramel taste that bombarded her taste buds. (OOC: MMMMM.....Chocolate....)

After she had swallowed the last bite, she reached into her bag again. This time, she pulled out a box of crackers, and offered everyone a sleeve. Agile had managed to find an apple tree, and was busy munching away. Skye hoped Agile wouldn't react to apples the same way Duc's Pikachu did...

June 17th, 2004, 12:14 PM
OOC: OK thanks!^_^ lol

IC: Skye handed Lex and Seph a portion of the candy Bar. "Oh thankyou Skye!" Lex exclaimed as he munched away. The sweet chocolate melted in his mouth creamily.

Skye then handed over Crackers. "Wow Skye's so generous and Genial!" Lex said to him self. Lex and the group started to move on to look for duc and Marina (I think...)

OOC: I'm signing off! bye - bye...