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The Chronicles of Zare is where the JMH Series takes off.
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The Chronicles of Zare:
The Last Hope For Zare
By Seng, Brock

Focus thinking about a killer animal. A dragon let us say in this time. Okay the dragon lives in a land named Zare. Now you live in London, England and you move to a new house. It is awesome, but there is this one door that the owners before you can’t open. Think about when that door opens it brings you to that land I mentioned called Zare and that dragon is right in your face. And that door disappears. So, we meet with three kids who finally think up the ultimate plan. To open that door.
“Hurry and open the bloody door, Macy, it is getting boring” Harold spoke to Macy busy using a pick to get it open.
“It isn’t going to work.” Jim said to Macy. Jim, the intelligent one and noble one (one day becoming the Last Knight of Zare), knew that the door wasn’t locked. But password decoded. Macy, the adventurous one (one day becoming Queen of Zare), tried more and more with the pick, ignoring everything Jim was saying. Harold, the impatient one (one day would be King of Zare), waited and wanting even more to get inside. Five minutes passed by and Macy still tried working on the lock.
“Like I said, it isn’t going to work” Jim repeated to his friend. Jim sat with his arms crossed and his left leg thumping. Thump-thump-thump-thump.
“Hurry up and open the door!” Harold yelled getting more anxious than ever.
“Shut up! Jim, quit thumping, and Harold be patient!” Macy screamed standing up at once.
“Once more, it won’t work that way.” Jim said, trying his best to get on Macy’s nerves.
“Okay then Mr. Brainiac, what will? Magic beans? A password?” Macy snapped back.
“Actually, a password is exactly what we ne” Jim was cut off
“You have got to be bloody kidding me?”
“No, I am not kidding you, and your tone is not helping.”
“How will we come across this password?”
“No, I am not doing any research about a possible password for a door.”
“Okay, earn a thousand American dollars and buy a decoder.”
“Wait. Come to think of it, all we need is a twenty dollar toy kit from America. A CSI: kit. We need to look for the fingerprints on the doorknob and see what insignias were touched. The order we will find by how dark to light the fingerprint is.”
“Okay, so let’s work on that instead.”
“This is all so bloody boring, I’m going to watch Football, the USA plays France this afternoon at 4, so bye-bye” Harold said walking away. As he turned the corner Jim and Macy ran into the office and went online. As the computer loaded up, Macy got them both some water bottles. Once the computer loaded, Jim went on the Internet and typed in walmart; he then went to toys and under search typed CSI kits. Up popped the fingerprint finder kit and it was on its way.
Two days passed, America beat France 2-0, and the package arrived. Jim spent three minutes trying to set it up. This is exactly what came up.
Letters on Lock: AERZ
Order of Letters (Most recent to oldest): ERAZ
Decoded: ZARE
Jim rubbed Z, then A, then R, and finally E. The lock “clicked” open. Macy ran out and interrupted Harold from USA and Britain game, USA leads 1-0. If USA wins they go to the World Championship against Belgium.
“It is opened” Macy screamed and Harold ran in there. Only the door was locked and Jim was gone.

Jim closed the door behind him as he walked inside this land. It was snowing, and as Jim walked out farther he saw a beautiful woman, she had long blonde hair, pretty eyes, but she wasn’t human, she was a Heat. A Heyt is something that seems to be pretty but is actually an ugly warthog like rhino that walks on two legs. Heyts work for the Dark Queen, who thinks she rules Zare. But this Heyt is wanted dead for being a traitor.
Anyways Jim saw this Heyt, and he fell in love. Only what he didn’t know is that is isn’t human.
“Hi, I am Jim, I am from London” Jim said to the Heyt.
“Lawn Doon? Where is Lawn Doon?” The Heyt answered back to Jim.
“London, England” Jim said to the Heyt, thinking it was weird because it didn’t know where London is.
“Egg Land? Okay welcome Jim from Lawn Doon in the beautiful place of Egg Land.” The Heyt bowed down to Jim.
“Thank you” Jim answered. And bowed back.
“Please come with me. I must get away from here, I’m wanted dead by the Dark Queen”
“The Dark Queen? Queen Elizabeth is not a dark queen.”
“Queen who? Fero is the queen here”
“Where is here?”
“I thought I was in my house in England”
“I’m sorry Jim but you are not in Egg Land anymore. This is the land of Zare. But we must go now. Come with me.”

Macy and Harold stood outside the door staring at it. They picked up the kit and used it. Now they thought the letters in order were AZRE, which yes the door opened, but it opened into a cellar. They left the door open, and walked down; it was like a basement, nothing special, but no Jim.

Jim was walking with the Heyt into the Zare Forest. The Heyt walked in the forest first as Jim tried to walk in but was thrown onto his back.
“You know Gerleta that human blood is not allowed inside the Forest of Zare.” One of the trees screamed out as Jim stood up, only to be swiped by another branch.
“Wait a minute, if humans are not allowed inside the forest, how come Gerleta is allowed in?” Jim said not standing back up. At this time Gerleta transformed into the real look of a Heyt. The warthog like rhino looking thing was standing over Jim.
“Like I said, humans are not allowed in the Forest of Zare.” The tree screamed out again.

In the cellar sat Macy and Harold, knowing they lost one of their friends, headed back up the stairs and into the hallway.
“So, Jim is gone and the great place behind the door is a bloody cellar?” Harold asked Macy even though he knew the answer. “I’m going to watch Football some more.”
Macy watched Harold walk away shaking his head, Macy turned to the door and worked some more. The possible outcomes of getting ZARE are many. But for some odd reason, Macy had a feeling that it was ZARE. Macy rubbed the Z, then A, then R, then E and the door “clicked” unlock. Macy walked inside, closing the door behind her, she saw snow pouring down everywhere, And Jim ahead with a very beautiful girl, but Jim was on the ground, scared.
“Oh, let him in.” Gerleta spoke to the tree. Macy ran up to Jim and the tree used a branch to knock her over.
“Oh, and who is that?” The tree asked Macy.
“I am Macy, and how are you talking?” Macy asked the tree.
“Someone is new to Zare.” The tree told them as he moved and let them inside. So they walked inside the forest, Macy still wondering what is going on.
“Okay, Jim what is this place and what is going on?” Macy asked Jima s they followed the Heyt.
“Macy, this is Zare, ZARE, but you should know since you opened the door.” Jim answered her.
“Csar is spelled CSAR, not ZARE.” Macy snapped back to Jim.
“But not here.” The Heyt named Gerleta snapped at her.
“Oops! So why were you allowed inside here?” Macy asked the Heyt and Jim was shaking his hands like no no no! The Heyt transformed into its real form. So be prepared for a horror part of this story.
“Aghhhhhhhhhh! What in God’s bloody name are you?” Macy asked her, sorry it.
“I am Gerletta the Heyt.” Gerletta answered’
“A what?” Macy asked hiding behind Jim. The Heyt led them deeper into the forest until they were halfway inside it when the Heyt brought out a sword. The snow was a steady downfall and the Heyt stared at them.
“Now, I, Gerletta the Heyt will stand here and let you know who the boss of Zare is.” Gerletta looked at them, took the sword and sliced down a tree. Then stared at Jim right in the eyes. The Heyt got on all fours and charged right at Jim, but before it got there an arrow flew threw the Heyt’s body, and it fell dead. Out walks a centaur, bow in hand, arrows on its back.
“I am Gladius, a Knight of Zare, I can tell you are new to Zare, since you are a human for one, but Heyts are royal servants to the Dark Queen. Never ever, ever trust a Heyt. But centaurs are decedents of King Juh and Queen Rew. But Queen Fero is trying t take over and she calls herself Queen. So would you rather be with the Dark Queen, who wants you dead, or me, a centaur, only here to get humans away from Dark Queen servants?”
The centaur asked Macy and Jim
“I, Jim of London, England, here by renounce my life to the King and Queen of Zare.” Jim said bowing down to the centaur. Macy said the same and bowed also.
“You do not have to bow. But thank you. Now hop onto my back and I will take you to the Queen and King.” The centaur bent down and they hopped on. The centaur galloped west out of the forest. “So there is this war going on right now, and since you are here, you can help us. There wouldn’t happen to be another human to be brought here, could there?”
They looked at each other and just remembered about Harold, who was at home watching football.
“There is, can you take us back east and then north and into the open plains.” Jim said to Gladius.
“Okay, hold on” Gladius said as he stopped and flew back into the other direction.
“So why do you need another human?” Macy asked Gladius.
“There is a prophecy if three humans step on soil in the land of Zare at one time a war will break out and the Dark Queen will fail. So by bringing the other human” Gladius said before being interrupted.
“That bringing my friend Harold is Zare’s last hope of getting rid of the Dark Queen?” Jim interrupted
“Yes.” Gladius answered.

Harold was lying on his sofa for about eight hours dozing on and off as USA beat London 4-2, and Harold jumped up when he heard aloud bang.
“Harold, come with us.” Macy said grabbing him off the sofa. Jim was rubbing the letters again, but nothing happened. He tried again, and nothing. They were locked out of Zare, and they couldn’t go back. They can’t help Gladius who saved their lives. “This can’t be happening!

Yet it was.

Have you ever heard of a thing called “hope”? Hope is a strange word, sometimes hope is used as someone’s name, sometimes in a sentence like “I have hope of making it big” but the hope of getting back to Zare is even smaller. But Jim worked harder at it then ever. He tried every possibility there was to open that door. Yet he never tried turning the doorknob. That is when Harold turned the knob and walked into Zare.
“You wanted to get in, but never tried the doorknob?” Harold asked Jim as they were walking over to Gladius. The ground started to shake uncontrollably and that was the last hope of Zare. Completed. Let the war,


The Chronicles of Zare:
The War in Zare
By Seng, Brock

As the ground shook uncontrollably, a griffin flew to the ground.
“The snow has stopped falling in the north; we have set up a base there.” The griffin said and flew back off into the north. Jim, Macy, and Harold were all in the south meeting with the King and Queen. Thousands of the King and Queen’s followers were suiting up for battle, but the long journey is what they were all worried about. A war is nothing for the people of Zare, since they are known to have tried a war before against the Dark Queen. But now the prophecy is full filled. So will they defeat the Dark Queen?
“Move out men!” Gladius screamed and thousands of men ran fast across the land towards the north. “Humans. You stay though. I got something for you.”
The centaur walked into the building and brought out some weapons and armor.
“Jim, this is your sword. Keep it with care; use it to slay the Dark Queen.” The centaur handed Jim his sword. “Macy, this is your own bow and arrows, use these to defeat the Dark Queen’s army.” The centaur handed Macy her bow and arrow “And finally, Harold here is your dual wield swords, use these when, I am sorry to be so brutal, slice there heads off.” Gladius handed the swords to Harold. He then gave them armor and they hopped on Gladius’ back and they bounded off north to base.

“Get working. We need to get moving!” The Dark Queen screamed at millions of Heyts and other evil animals. Three giants were walking with her huge army. “We will move north, our spy has let us know that base is set up north. We will give them a sneak attack.”

At base, The Army of Zare was setting up camp for the long night that awaits them. “We need people for night shift!” Gladius screamed standing on top of King’s Mountain. “Our archers will be up here during the day, and at night we need our duelers. Your leader will be Harold. If something is coming up at you be sure to check if it is okay to charge at them or it. If you disobey you will be beheaded! Are we going to beat the so-called Almighty Queen of Zare or are we going to sit here and let them destroy us?”
“Destroy them sir!” Everyone screamed and they were ready for the night. Three hours passed and a glowing light came from a ways downhill.
“Duelers, a light is glowing downhill, back down the hill and wait until they closen up, stay down so they can not see us. If they see us they won’t come near and we will not have a battle. Hear me?” Harold screamed out, they nodded and got into position. At that exact moment Jim woke up and walked outside, he saw everyone down, and the glowing light that came closer with every heartbeat. Harold was in front of Jim and stood up as the light was visible and thousands of the Dark Queen’s army was charging towards them. Harold pulled out the trumpet used at night shift. Everyone around camp woke up and got their weapons ready. The first battle was about to start at 234 days into a Zare year, at midnight. The advantage was on The Army of Zare’s side because of the higher ground. The archers and the griffins were on top of the hill as all the others charged down the hill at the Dark Queen’s Army. A huge rumbling sound started very loud as millions of people attacked each other.
“For Zare!” The archers sent billions of arrows into the sky as over a thousand of the Queen’s men died.
“For Zare!” As the griffins flew up from behind camp with boulders and dropped them onto a lot of the men. Four archers of Zare fell of the hill from the Dark Queen’s archers. Harold was down on the ground slicing men and destroying chariots. Jim was still on his way down the mountain to kill the Dark Queen, but was stopped by a Heyt. Macy was aiming for the Dark Queen’s head when she fell off the hill.
“Where do you think your going?” The Heyt asked, and what was so confusing is, it was Gerletta.
“You’re dead!” Jim said drawing his sword.
“Ah, you underestimate the Dark Queen. She brought me back to life. Something you can’t due because you don’t have black magic ability.” Gerletta said and brought out an ax. “Put your sword away, it won’t help you any. See, I am trained to use an ax.”
“And I am a black belt!” Jim screamed charging at Gerletta, she stabbed up with her ax, but Jim jumped and stabbed her in the heart, she fell to the ground dead. Jim thinking smart he chopped of its head as well and chugged it over the hill. Jim started to run farther on around the hill and saw the Dark Queen holding a head. The head of Gladius.
“Retreat up the hill!” Harold screamed and they all ran up the hill, Macy lay on the ground but Harold picked her up and ran up the hill. As they ran up the hill arrows flew and hit some more men. “Now once we are far enough up push down some boulders down the hill and crush them!”
Boulders flew down the hill and crushed the Queen’s men. The Dark Queen ran away from the battle as her men kept dying.
“Archers send those arrows into the air!” Jim screamed as arrows flew down along with boulders. He turned to Macy and Harold. “Gladius is dead. The Dark Queen chopped his head off. So now I am in charge until the King and Queen arrive.”
“He…he…is dead?” Macy made sure as she was just waking up. Dead bodies covered the ground everywhere where you can not see who is alive or dead. The griffins flew out from behind the hill with hundreds more boulders.
“Drop the rest of the boulders! And then The Battle of King’s Mountain will be won by The Real Army of Zare!” Jim screamed out and the griffins flew dropping boulders everywhere. About 345 men were left on the field. “Now, we will head in the direction of our Queen and King. I need all my fellow knights to meet me around back.”
Jim and the knights were in the back of the camp working on a plan. Counting Jim only 5 knights were present.
“Only five of us survived?” A knight asked in a shocked expression. “Two hundred of us were knights, and six survived the war. But only five made back on the retreat. Who are we missing?”
“Gladius. Our leader and fellow Knight of Zare. The Queen caught up to him and beheaded him.” Jim explained and then they got to work. “We will work with our King as our Queen will help out on healing our people. The Dark Queen will probably be here in the morning to heal her killed men. Two of us will stay here and watch for her. I will be one of them. Then two will lead the archers down the backside of the hill and to the Gerfod Hill to set up camp. The last one will follow Harold to the Queen and King’s Castle. We head out at sunset.”
“Yes sir!” Everyone said and they got in their tents and slept. Morning arrived very soon and everyone left where they were supposed to go. Harold led troops to the castle. Two knights led troops to set up base Gerfod Hill, and Jim stayed still, waiting for the Queen.
“Lets get moving now!” Harold screamed when everyone was dragging behind. “We have three hours to get to the Queen, if we are not there in three hours they will leave without us and then we do not know where to go!”
“Quit bossing me around. Your not in charge, Jim is. And he told us to follow you, not take orders!” The knight screamed, and Harold drew one of his swords. “Put your sword away before you get your head severed!”
“You can’t severe my head!” Harold screamed, in the blink of a second the knight drew his sword and put it back, only something changed, Harold’s hand lay on the ground. “You bloody idiot!”
“Next time it will be your head!” The knight screamed and he poured salture, a solution that fixes wounds in three minutes, onto his cut and his hand was back on like nothing happened. “Now, griffins please soar down and carry as many of us as you can. We do need to speed it up. We are over halfway there!”
A huge chant started and five hundred griffins soared down trying to carry the thousands that were walking. In no time at all, all five hundred griffins had men on their back and they were off. In a distance the Dark Queen’s camp was seen, empty. Then the griffins saw the Dark Queen’s army moving towards the Queen and King’s castle.
“Below us, the Dark Queen is on the move, two griffins transfer men, and head to warn Jim, and stay low everyone” The knight screamed, but it was to late, seven griffins soared to the ground with arrows in them. “Hurry!”
The knight knew that many of them were heading to Gerfod Hill for the next battle, but why were so many men heading towards the Queen and King? The griffins doubled back and headed towards Jim.
“Jim, they are after the Queen and King, get our men out of Gerfod Hill and to the castle.” The knight said
“Pouter, you have thousands of men, how many are there?” Jim asked Pouter
“Millions” Jim’s face was in shock, yes there were millions at the castle but why are they not going to Gerfod Hill, unless this is just a distraction.

“We have them in the palms of our hands. They can’t escape!” The Dark Queen screamed as her men were getting closer to the castle. Some were still hurt and wounded from the war that happened the night before, even though they were bleeding eternally they still kept going to please their Queen. This time her whole army was with her. She lost a good hundred thousand lat night. Her plan failed then, she hoped not now. She knew that the Queen and King had millions, but they were at Gerfod Hill, she hoped. They got up to the castle a little after noon, A few Heyts busted open the door, but the millions of people were no where to be seen. The Dark Queen, mad a furious that there was no one to destroy, or not even the Queen and King for that matter. “Burn this place!”
The Dark Queen had lit her staff on fire as to burn down the whole castle. Shooting fireballs everywhere she walked outside. Only to see that million, and the Queen and King of Zare.
“Well, here is a battle! Men, destroy them.” The Dark Queen was looking around; she didn’t see the humans anywhere. But high in the sky were five hundred or so griffins, dropping people off. The Dark Queen, getting nervous looked around some more. “Where are the humans?”
“Why should we tell you, your majesty?” The king answered stepping forward at her. Raising her wand the Dark Queen screamed out.
“Don’t give me sarcasm!” The Dark Queen screamed. And every warrior of the King and Queen’s army stood ready to attack.
“Put your weapons down and stand in attention!” The Queen screamed out at her men. “If she wishes to use magic to defeat us, let her!”
“Give me the humans. And no one will get hurt!” The Dark Queen screamed as she walked up to the Queen. She whispered “don’t forget, once this war is over, your done. Or if I get killed, you’re finished.”
“Back off!” The Queen screamed as many more men came from another area, Jim in the lead, along with Harold, and Macy.
“Yes, the humans!” The Dark Queen screamed and the King galloped off towards Jim.

“Head back to Gerfod Hill.” The King said as he arrived. Jim looked at him shocked. “The Dark Queen has my castle on fire and she wants you dead. So head back, leave your knights though.”
The knights with Jim and the others walked out towards the King.
“If we do not come back, Jim you are in charge.” The King said to Jim as Jim bowed down. “Where is…Gladius?”
“The Dark Queen beheaded him.” Jim said his head bowed down. Jim looking towards the castle saw nothing going on, which made it very suspicious. “Why are they not fighting?”
“I do not know.” The King turned his head, and the Dark Queen’s men were starting to walk towards them, weapons raised as if to attack. “Okay, Jim head back now, and hurry!”
They started to run back and the griffins met them halfway with a fast pick up and they were heading to Gerfod Hill.

The Queen was heading to the back of her castle which was burning to pieces. All of the white horses were crying and wanted to escape. She let them all go and her men and her galloped around the other way. She didn’t know why she let the Dark Queen go. But in front of a burning castle is no place to have a war. Even if it is with your worst enemy.

Setting up at Gerfod Hill, Jim sent the archers upon the hill, but hidden from plain view. He made the duelers and him go at the back base of the hill, half on one side, and half on the other. Soon after the Queen and her men showed up. Now the whole hill was ready for an attack. The Queen’s duelers were set up in the front, like a long colored line. The Dark Queen was seen galloping on her horse many miles away, just exiting the forest, but her men covered every green blade of grass. Jim stood to every dueler.
“This battle will be bloody, as you see, our King has not arrived. Over one thousand years ago, Zare had a bigger war than this is so far. And our King and Queen survived. Our knights and King are not here so it is up to us to defeat the Dark Queen!” Jim screamed out and the duelers ran around the hill to win this war. The Dark Queen’s duelers met them halfway, except the King and Queen’s men were not as powerful this time. They were getting defeated, bad. The Army of Zare was falling, the griffins, tired of flying, could not drop the rocks. Jim, tired from not sleeping, could not try to go after the Dark Queen. And he ended up watching the King get hit with an arrow. Jim heard three words.
“Jim please retreat” The King screamed as he fell dead. Jim knew what needed to be done.
“RETREAT!!!!!!” Jim screamed as he ran back to Gerfod Hill. Once there archers still fired arrows, and the men pushed boulders down the hill. Still, the boulders never hit any of the Dark Queen’s men because of all the Army of Zare’s dead bodies. “How could this happen to us? We are the greater army!”
“It is okay. We tried.” Macy said to Jim walking up. Many archers fell dead, arrows from The Army of Zare were killing very few of the Dark Queen’s Army but at least it was some. “Our archers can not hold up much longer. But I know who can. The Queen. She said herself a little while ago that she one day used her staff and created a barrier, only The Sword of Zare could puncture it. And that sword is only a myth. But only that sword could bring down the Dark Queen. And her army.”

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The Chronicles of Zare:
The Sword of Zare
By Seng, Brock

“Could this sword be in human hands?” Jim asked Macy. Because if he remembers correctly Gladius told him that he had to kill the Dark Queen. So could his sword be the Sword of Zare?
“No. the Sword of Zare is located on top of Zare Mountain. Located north of here. See that gleaming way north of here? That is the sword. And only the chosen one is to pull it out.” Macy said as she jumped and rolled to the bottom of the hill. Many arrows fell right where she was standing. Jim rolled also to get out of the way. Then he made every dueler stand up and head out onto the battle.
“Our King has been killed. I know I said retreat back, but I didn’t mean for the lot of you to sit on your asses while our archers are getting killed. Now get up and fight!” Jim screamed at the so called Army of Zare. They were all on their arses and drinking rum.
“Jim is right you guys, we should fight. Since now we are all drunk enough to not care about pain *hiccup*” One of the drunk men said. Yes they are not going to feel pain but they are so drunk to even stand up. Even so they got up and charged out, many tripping and falling over dead bodies.
“You call that an army?” The Dark Queen asked screaming from behind a dozen or so Heyts. She was laughing really hard. And at the perfect moment an archer had aim and boom an arrow was right between the eyes of the Dark Queen. “Aghhhhhhh!!!!!!!”
The Dark Queen ripped the arrow out and it healed back without any magic.
“Idiots, you think and arrow can kill me? Yes, it hurt, but kill me? No, only the Sword of Zare can do that!” The Dark Queen screamed. The archer who was just chanting quit, and was very embarrassed.
“We have got to get that sword!” Jim said and he ran out of the battlefield where everyone was fighting.
“So he can leave but we have to stay here and fight? Bull…” But the guys head was chopped off before he could get his final words; the men listening turned and sliced some heads off. Jim was seen on a griffin in the sky. And for the fun of it he had a rock.

Jim flew on the griffin and over many of the Queen’s men. Dropped a rock that made a dozen fly into the air. They screamed falling but before they hit the ground arrows were in them.
“Good girl Therio.” Jim said as he flew back to grab another boulder. “The sword can wait for awhile; I am surprised you can fly. I thought you guys were tired.”
“They are, but I never woke up in the morning, three griffins came by and told me to get up, so I did. The Heyt I was sleeping on was very…fluffy. And I kept sleeping.” Therio said flying around; it usually takes a lot of work for a griffin to be tired. They are able to say awake without being tired for a week.
“How long has this war been going on?” Jim asked.
“Why you should know, thousands of years, but since the War of Zare? One or two weeks.” Therio said
“One or two weeks? I have only been here for three days!”
“Three days? I thought it was two weeks!” Therio stopped and flew back to the hill. “Get up you lazy griffins, the war has only been going on for three days.”
“So, you are telling me, our King is a liar?” The griffin talking stood up.
“Lerop, our King is dead. He lied and told us two weeks so we would rest.” Therio said, Jim on her back still.
“And that human, he has” Lerop started before Therio interrupted.
“Been graceful to us, and brought us a huge victory already! Remember King’s Mountain that would have never been won if we didn’t have Jim.” Therio screamed out. Then turned to all the griffins. “If you are with me fly into the air.”
All of the griffins but Lerop flew up into the air. Then Lerop turned his head back and forth and decided to fly into the air.
“Now, everyone grab some boulders! And let us drop them for a victory!” Therio screamed out and they all flew out with boulders.
“Archers, ready up your arrows!” Jim screamed on the back of Therio, he jumped off and ran out onto the field, his sword gleaming in the air. “FOR ZARE!!!!!!!!!!” “FOR ZARE!” Everyone screamed out. Gerfod Hill was about to be decided by a boulder.

“What is that in the sky?” The Dark Queen said out loud. Then it came clear that it was a lot of birds, with gray things beneath them. “Griffins. Wait…griffins? Griffins with boulders. Oh no!”
The griffins flew over her men, and it was like a trampoline. The archers shot arrows and men were dying. The ones without arrows were dying also because of eternally bleeding from the fall. Lerop had three boulders that he dropped at once, but one of the boulders got caught and he fell with it and he soared to the ground, right in front of the Dark Queen.
“Well if it isn’t the little traitor.” The Dark Queen said to Lerop and spit in his face.
“I am not a traitor. My father was. Perol was the Dark King. Just because he ended up not wanting to be bad does not make him a traitor. This does not make me a traitor.” Lerop said to his mother.
“Son, I do not know why I chose you to be a griffin instead of a warlock.” The Dark Queen said raising her staff.
“But you did.” Lerop said, knowing it was his final words. She lowered the staff very fast. “God help Zare!”
“You need it.” She chopped his head off. “I always regretted making him a griffin.”
“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Desa, Lerop’s wife, screamed as she flew over the Dark Queen dropping a boulder on her. “How could you kill your own son?”
Jim flying on Therio overheard that and dropped a boulder on more men. Therio flew over to Desa.
“Desa, I am so sorry.” Therio said, putting a paw on her back.
“Thanks Therio. I hope that killed the Dark Queen.” Desa said, Therio looked down and saw the boulder shaking.
“She isn’t dead is she?” Therio shook her head. Desa turned, and right when that boulder flew up, Desa nose dived. But the Dark Queen caught it, she raised her staff, and it grew a long point. Desa flew right into it.
“Dead like you stupid husband.” She said, and Therio flew back so not to get killed. She threw her staff at Therio, and Jim jumped and caught it, falling to the ground. Therio knew that Jim jumped.
“Jim, are you on a suicide mission?” Therio asked catching Jim.
“Nope, I wanted the staff.” Jim said holding up the staff. Therio froze.
“That is the Dark Queen’s staff!” Therio said shocked.
“My staff! ****it! I want my staff!” The Dark Queen screamed at Jim and she was furious.

Harold, busy chopping off heads was staring at Jim as he fell. But he knew it was for the staff. Harold turned around, swung his swords chopping a head off, and then stabbed backwards. Harold jumped over a few dead bodies as he charged at a few more of the Dark Queen’s men, and rammed through them.
“Killing spree!” Harold said as he stabbed up into the air. “This war is turning around into our advantage!”
A centaur galloped by with some swords slicing and dicing. Boulders dropped everywhere; another victory would be for The Army of Zare. But only if we can keep up. Harold killed another few men. A huge blast just exploded and hundreds of Army of Zare’s men just died. The Dark Queen was walking towards Harold. He jumped under some dead bodies as she walked by. Arrows flying into her body, and she kept ripping them out.
“Where is he?” She screamed walking by Harold. It smelled really bad where he was at. She was walking towards the hill. The Army of Zare tried to stop the Dark Queen but they couldn’t. Many more were dying, even as they tried to chop her head off; she grabbed their throat and threw them. Harold ran out behind her, took out his sword and chopped off her head. He took off running and dived under some more bodies, turned and faced the Dark Queen. She was growing back a head. She stared right at him and did some black magic moves. He crawled out of her sight and ran up to the hill. He darted up and sat down.
“Now we are starting to die! How can we stop her from killing us all? I chopped off her head and it grew back!” He said to Macy as she came and sat down. “You are doing wonders for our Army, but nothing will kill her!”
“You are wrong; there is one thing that will kill her. Jim is on his way to get it now.” She pointed towards Therio, and then at the gleaming light. “That is The Sword of Zare. Only the chosen one can get it out. The Queen thinks Jim is the chosen one.”
“Gaghhhh…..ughhh” An explosion blew up and archers fell off the hill.
“She is very close.” Harold said taking off running towards a griffin. He saw a griffin and a Heyt talking.
“So, take the human to the Dark Queen’s castle, and then kill him once there.” The Heyt spoke as the griffin listened.
“So, I need to persuade it to get on my back and fly to the Dark Queen’s castle?”
“Will the Dark Queen be there?”
“The Dark Queen will be there.”
“So, I am safe doing this?”
“Kiui, you are very safe.”
The griffin walked out and Harold ran back. The he walked back the other way.
“Hi, I am Kiui. The queen told me to take you to the next base.” Kiui said bowing down. Harold knew what was about to happen, but he needed to do something. So he got on. They flew over the battle, valleys, and then many mountains, very high up. As the griffin soared down he brought out his swords.
“Made a plan with a Heyt?” Harold asked it. But before it could answer chopped off Kiui’s head. He glided down on Kiui’s body and skidded. Harold only cut up his arm and he was free from that. Now he had to get back.

“Therio, take a sharp left.” Jim said as Therio went sharp left. The mountain was coming into view. And Jim noticed that there was a base set up. “Therio, whose stuff is this?”
“Certainly, Jim that is not our stuff. The Dark Queen must be setting up a back attack.” Therio spoke.
“Or she is going for the sword.” Jim said thinking logically.
“That two.” Therio said flying towards the cavern with the camp. Jim was right, this was a set up for the Dark Queen, and it had a bed, a whole camp set up. But in big letters were DQ. And Jim knew that did not mean Dairy Queen. That meant Dark Queen. But another thing, written in blood on the wall was. WE ARE TO LATE. THE SWORD IS GONE. Jim hurried out and up onto Therio.
“They said on the wall it is gone. But that is not possible. You can see it!” Jim screamed out as he got ready.
“Maybe it is a ploy. You know there are thousands of caverns in Zare Mountain. Not just one.” Therio said flying up and to the top of the mountain. There was no sword up there. But there was a diamond. A diamond that shined in the sun. This is exactly what made it look like a sword. At least diamonds were worth a lot. “Only a diamond?”
“Yes, but at least they have money value.” Jim said. Therio started to laugh. “What is so funny?”
“The fact that diamonds are worth money. Yeah right. Diamonds? Diamonds are like dirt here. They are worthless.” Therio said, then stopped. “Oh yeah, your human.”
“Yes and they are worth a lot, if diamonds are like dirt, where are they all?” Jim asked in curiosity.
“In the caverns.”

Back in the battle Macy was firing arrows again at the Dark Queen’s men. Many duelers were trying to keep the Dark Queen away. But that was impossible. She was now climbing up the hill and firing at the archers. Her army was dying and she kept climbing. Arrows were bringing down every man of her army. And the griffins were still dropping boulders. The Queen stepped out and called a retreat of the archers.
“Line up boulders and push them down the hill!” Everybody did as told and animated the Dark Queen. The Dark Queen was at the bottom crushed. She stood up and started to head back to her men. Blasting The Army of Zare into pieces. “Good work.”
The Dark Queen, not giving up, shot magic at the Queen of Zare, and to everyone’s surprise, it was a hit.
“Noooooo!!!!” Macy screamed when the light from the blast was gone and the Queen of Zare lay on the ground, dead.

When Jim was up in the caverns he saw a huge light come from the battle. A faint no was heard.
“The Dark Queen has still managed to get up the hill. We must find that sword. Therio, what is that light?” Jim asked while inside a new cavern looking around.
“The Dark Queen’s magic, she must of killed someone powerful. There were explosions earlier, but the light went away. This light is just now getting dimmer.” Therio said to Jim.
“Are you saying someone powerful, died?”
“Could it be, Macy or Harold?”
“Oh no, they are not THAT powerful. Yes they are strong but this had to be someone like the King.”
“The King was beheaded earlier today.”
“And the Queen?”
“Oh she is alive she was on the hi…oh no. No, no, no, no, no! The Queen?”
“Possibly Jim, possibly.”
Jim jumped on Therio’s back and flew down to the hill at a fast speed. Once there he jumped off and yanked his sword out.
“Long live the Queen!” He brought his sword down into the ground and the whole land of Zare was shaking.

Harold was walking through swamp area when he heard a very faint no. Harold barely heard it, but he knew it must be someone shouting in war. But the familiar light of the Dark Queen came from the top of Gerfod Hill.
“What is going on?” Harold asked the air. An owl flew down from the sky and stayed up on a branch.
“A war.” The owl said putting its claw on some berries and tossing them into his mouth. “Thesh aresh shome verish goosh berriesh. *gulp*”
“I know there is a war going on, you got some berry juice coming out of the cracks of your mouth, sorry beak.” Harold said, and then he pointed towards the light. “And by the way, I meant that light and that faint sound, no.”
“I will be right back.” The owl said flying off towards the war. He circled overhead and flew back. “The Queen of Zare is dead. I am so happy, aren’t you happy. Now there will be a new Queen and King!”
The owl started to dance around. Harold ran up to the owl and grabbed it by the neck.
“Shut up you old cook!” Harold started to yell at it.
“I am an owl! Not a cook.” The owl bit Harold and flew away. “Disrespecting your elders is a crime!”
Harold started to walk to the battle, slipping and falling into muck. The ground started to shake.
“What in God’s name is going on?” Harold asked, he wasn’t confused, he was angry. For some reason he felt angry, over the owl, over the Queen’s death, over something he didn’t know what. Somewhere in the distance someone shouted in a very angry voice long live the Queen. Harold brought out his swords and screamed out.
“Long live the King!” Harold took off running towards the battle. Faster than lightning.

“Long live the Queen!” He brought his sword down into the ground and the whole land of Zare was shaking. Jim was twirling in circles slicing heads off and using a power that came over him to use a force that blew them away. “No more will the Dark Queen rule this land. For Harold, King of Zare, and Macy, Queen of Zare now rule for eternity! And I, Jim, the Last Knight of Zare here by say that The Army of Zare will no longer be in this battle. For now they will be known as The Last Warriors!”
“Jim, come quick!” Macy screamed from the top of the hill. She was looking down, and there was someone that looked a lot like Father Christmas, and a lot like a mortal.
“The Chosen One. Look what he has in his hand, The Sword of Zare!” Jim screamed as this figure stabbed the air. The figure jumped and stabbed down at the Dark Queen, but she shot up blowing him into pieces.
“****it!” The Last Warriors screamed as The Chosen One died.
“He wasn’t the Chosen One, but that was the sword.” Jim said as Harold ran up behind them.
“What is going on, the ground started to shake and I got all angry and wanted to kill the Dark Queen.” Harold said feeling really angry still.
“I know, we all do. Guys lets all charge down this hill and archers fly those arrows when I scream ‘FOR ZARE’. One….two….three….For Zare!” Jim said and everyone screamed out, arrows flew, men died. The Battle of Gerfod Hill was about to finish. Jim, running on the side of a hill, ran for the sword. Archer arrows flew at him from the Dark Queen’s Army. Missing every shot he jumped for the Sword of Zare. Grabbed it and rolled into the battle field. “Get him!” The Dark Queen screamed pointing at Jim and every man ran towards him, swords drawn. An ugly looking Heyt with five horns brought the sword down next to him and missed.
“Save yourself, I will fight them off, run. Remember the name Dane The Traitor Of The Dark Queen.” The Heyt named Dane screamed slicing heads off of Heyts as Jim ran. Dane escaped and followed close behind.
“What made you trade from the Dark Queen?” Jim asked running as fast as possible.
“Her evil ways.” Dane answered.
“So you come after me and save me. I learned not to trust a Heyt.”
“If I hurt any one of The Last Warriors, behead me.”
“Okay, I trust you then.”
“Now to kill the Dark Queen.”
Jim ran off, sword raised towards the Dark Queen, when her men got near he used that force of power on them. It did more damage then the boulders due. Archers caught on quick, killing them whilst they were flying in the air. Jim ran out, straight at this Dark Queen, then he took the sword and walk at a steady pace to her.
“Surround me men!” The Dark Queen said as her men quit the battle and protected her. Jim tried blasting them but the Dark Queen made a force field around them and herself. Jim remembered ‘Only the Sword of Zare could puncture it.’ Jim stabbed through it, but the sword couldn’t reach, and Jim’s body parts couldn’t go through it. He had to give up, there was no way. He ran back to camp and finished the battle as the Dark Queen retreated.
“We head to Awx Swamp tomorrow to set up camp.” Jim said talking to his camp. “In three weeks we will start the last battle. Let’s move out.”

The Chronicles of Zare:
The Dark Queen’s Reign
BOOK 4 0F 4
By Seng, Brock

Awx is a very different word. Awx comes from Awximmilies the great centaur of Zare. Awximmilies was father of Gladius and Hopear, both centaurs. But Awximmilies was a great warrior. He fought in millions of battle. His record as said by Gladius was Millions and one. The Awximmilies Swamp was created after Awximmilies was killed by the Dark Queen herself. The Dark Queen was once a warrior in the army of Qasder. Awximmilies fought for his land. He fought Qasder and he won many battles. But the battle in the once Valley of Xazier, Awximmilies lost, the Dark Queen, or as her name really is, Fero. Fero once wore the armour of Zare. But that day she tore off that armour and sliced the head off of Awximmilies. And she, Fero one day sliced the head of his son, Gladius, and is hoping to find the long lost Hopear. Because Fero was one day to be Queen. And she was, but not of Zare, in that same day she sliced the head off of Qasder, the then Dark Queen. Fero hoped to be the Dark Queen, and she was, and she hoped to be one day, a human, and live in her own real world again. She came from London, England. She was the first owner of Jim’s house. But that was hundreds of years ago. Did she get successful in one day becoming human again? No one knows yet, but her reign as Dark Queen was just beginning.

“Welcome everyone to the Valley of Xazier!” Jim screamed out to everyone as they were inside the swamp.
“Valley of Xazier, this is the Awx Swamp.” A centaur said galloping out and next to Jim.
“Yes, but if history is correct it was once the Valley of Xazier and today it will stay the Valley of Xazier until today’s battle is over. Got it?”
“Yes sir” The centaur stopped and got back with the crowd of warriors. Jim, a now known legend around Zare, once laid eyes on something; this something was dressed in all black. No sleeved black top, black gloves with the fingers cut out up to the elbow, long black pants, long black hair. Someone if you saw them in the street would call gothic. This was the Dark Queen. Once Jim set eyes on her his brain hurt, this was way long ago, but it stung. He saw everything, every itty bitty detail of Zare. The complete history of Zare, Jim knew everything. The tents were set up, ready for the nightfall, in three weeks the last battle was supposed to start according to legend. The Army of Zare was to take camp in the swamp and wait for an attack from the Dark Queen’s men. Waiting for an attack. Waiting for death.
“Bad things happen in this swamp whilst a war is going on. Treachery, demonic magic, bloodshed, this swamp was once made for the outcast of Zare. Until 345 Zare years they were outcasts, when they decided the outcasts of Zare were living breathing things, they let them go. Our fellow Dark Queen was one of them. Our fellow Dark Queen was an outcast the second she reached Zare. See, she was once human, until she betrayed Awximmilies, and she once again became an outcast.” Jim explained to everyone near. Macy and Harold listened. In the distance a huge eruption happened, it was to the sun. The sun was always positioned behind Zare Mountain at the time of dusk. The diamonds on the mountain glowed brightly, but the mountain was crumbling. “No…that mountain is legendary, it is said that this mountain has been there since the creation of Zare, and that **** Dark Queen has destroyed it.”
“That isn’t the Dark Queen, Jim, that is the ‘Time of Great Ends’, the Time of Great Ends was never in the history of Zare, that is why you don’t know it, it was in a hidden prophecy only known to centaurs. It is when the Mountain will explode into pieces and the centaurs will loose their back legs and grow into human form. This happens exactly the time the Dark Queen will strike 3 weeks early. Once that mountain hits the bottom we will be human form. We will have swords, we will have armour, once we become this it takes two weeks to heal, one week to get used to it, and then we start the final battle of Zare. Awximmilies made this prophecy from the power of God Almighty. If we live Jim, may we come with you to Lawn Doon?” The centaur known as Dorok asked Jim after explaining what was going on.
“Well, of course, you have been on Zare, and if Zare is meant to end then I don’t want you guys to end with it! I have grown to know all of you; you just need to learn what us humans do. But there is one thing.” Jim answered and Dorok walked closer to him.
“Yes Jim?”
“Those diamonds.”
“Can they survive the crumbling?”
“No, but there are many more in King’s Mountain.”
“Is it possible to obtain these?”
“Not by a human, but by a Heyt.”
At this moment Dane walked out from his hiding.
“I am Dane of Zare, a traitor to the Dark Queen, I would be happy to be of help.” Dane answered bowing to Dorok.
“See, in London, diamonds are worth a lot, if we were to have these diamonds we would be able to have you all.” Jim let them know and then there eyes turned black, the light of the sun left and they started to shrink. There transformation was about to happen. Jim and Dane left to search for those diamonds.

There three day journey to King’s Mountain was hard but they made it.
“The blood of the soldiers who died here hasn’t dried yet.” Jim said looking around at the massacre. Jim looked around for where these diamonds might be.
“Inside the mountain, we must head south for two miles and we can find the opening, then I will walk down the tunnel, make a whole here so I can hand you the diamonds to pile up.” Dane said as he ran down to the other end and was digging a hole in no time. Jim thought no wonder they could get to the battle site so quickly. Once the hole was dug Dane was throwing millions of diamond chunks to Jim. Jim just smiled, he smiled and smiled. He got Dane out of the place and covered up the hole. Jim knew he might not live so he wanted to keep the diamonds there. They headed back to the campsite; it was the end of the first week. The centaurs were curled into a ball sleeping, they would awake human. Jim told everybody about how many diamonds there are, and when they would go to get them.
“Tomorrow we will all train, Macy and Harold I need to see you for a second.” Jim said as Harold and Macy walked towards him, he walked towards his tent. As they walked inside Jim gave every one a glass of water. “Times have been rough. I have changed something up; there will be three knights now. Not just one”
“Three knights?” Macy asked shocked. “You are the only Knight left.”
“Not anymore.” Jim answered pulling out three gold suits from his closet. “We will become the three last knights of Zare. These are newly constructed suits, a sword can not puncture the armour unless stabbed, the only thing that is a downfall is it is heavy, one reason while we will train with this armour. But whilst this upcoming week I will not train, I will construct our swords, and then I will train swords with the centaurs. Zare will not be lost by its last battle!”
Jim handed out the armour and ran outside to grab up Therio, she walked inside with Jim.
“I need the strongest metal available on Zare.” Jim asked Therio as she munched on some berries. She turned and stared out the window of the tent.
“Well, the strongest on Zare is Xed, located one mile under the…..well….Gerfod Hill. It is not possible to get to this.” Therio said getting Jim on her back. “But we can try.”
Therio flew off into the night with Jim, the thirty-seven moons of Zare glowed in the sky, one was shaped like Gladius, and one was shaped like Awximmilies. Those centaurs went home.
“How long.” Jim started. “How long have you been in war, how long have you had to go through this?”
“Since Zare was created, after the first hundred years, you get bored though, then after a thousand years, you get used to it and it is everyday. Only seven years did we go without war, until the Dark Queen came here. We were at peace, and then she arrived here and destroyed our lives. Oh, we are here.” Therio answered flying down to the bottom of Gerfod Hill. She dropped Jim off and looked around at the casualties. “I hate war. Jim, if we are going to make good time we need to dig through the hill and we will hit Xed.”
Jim and Therio dug for hours, trying not to sniff the air of decaying bodies. There were vultures feeding off of the flesh, staring at Jim and Therio waiting for them to die so they can feast. Jim hit something hard, it must have been days of digging, but he hit something, it was the Xed.
“I will need three pieces to construct the swords.” Jim told himself, Therio was sleeping, he considered sleeping to but he needed to get done with everything and head back to camp. Therio has gone a whole week without sleep and it was time for Therio to have a little nap. There was a glowing fire in the distance, and the wind howled at Jim as it passed. “Must be the Dark Queen, she is getting closer.”
Jim hurried on his work of digging around the metal. He took out a piece of flint, threw some grass onto the metal and lit the flint. Jim brought out 3 jars, as the fire got so hot the metal was getting warmer, Jim used the Sword of Zare to slice some pieces off of the metal, enough for three swords, and put it in the jar. He didn’t put the fire out, incase it spread it might warn the Dark Queen to stay away. He awoke Therio and their journey back to camp started. Once back at camp, it was about five days since they were gone, Harold and Macy were jogging around a track they made, they looked way tougher than they were last time he saw them.
“Jim!” Macy ran to Jim and hugged him.
“Hey Jim.” Harold said getting some water.
“So, are the suits working out for you guys?” Jim asked as he jumped off Therio.
“Yes, and they are getting lighter everyday, the first day I couldn’t barely even move and now we are jogging around the track.” Macy said, not even out of breath yet.
“I have to go work on the swords, be back a little later.” Jim took the jar and walked into his tent. Therio followed. “Therio, what is the sword of Zare made of?”
“Xed and White Magic.” Therio said, and then explained. “When Zare was first created, God Almighty gave us something called White Magic; it is not really magic but a blessing from God Almighty. This magic is in that sword. The sword was never on that mountain, the sword was passed on from generation of Zarians, warriors fighting to defend his land of its rights God Almighty gave it, and that sword was passed onto you”
“I picked it up out of the ground.” Jim said.
“No, you pulled it from your righteous land.” Therio explained. Jim worked on the swords, finishing them up in just a little bit of time. He started to add detail to them. By the seventh day the newly constructed swords were finished with detail and ready for battle. This is the day known as Resurrection Day. The centaurs stood up, now looking like a human, grabbed their armour and swords and went to train. Jim went along with them.
“He has done wonders for this place.” Harold said watching him run off in the armour. Harold sat next to Macy and waited, they relaxed and waited.

Seven Days Later.

Why, seven days? That must mean. Oh yeah the final battle starts today. A trumpet sounded in the swamp land. Jim was awake and getting his armour on whilst it wrung, this is the lookout guy meaning that the Dark Queen’s Army is less than a mile away. Jim ran out to everyone and spoke up.
“I need everyone to clam down. We all know what today is. Today is when the Dark Queen moves in to try and take over Zare. There will be a lot of bloodshed today, but none will be for a loss. It will be for a victory. Whoever dies here today, you die knowing that you helped your land, you helped keep what was yours, everyone of you here are heroes! If you die, die knowing that. Let us pray. Our father who art in heaven...” Jim started before the trumpet sounded again, meaning they are within range for their archers. Jim had to stop and put on his helmet. The loss of Zare or end of the Dark Queen all starts with the sound of a trumpet, the sound blazing in the wind. Millions of warriors running out to hide and jump out at the Dark Queen’s men. To Jim it seemed like everyone running in slow motion. But, no matter the winner, Zare was crumbling into a million pieces. One by one the Last Warriors ran out, hoping they would live to see the end of Zare. Hoping they would come out victorious. The trumpet sounded once more letting everyone know that they were in the swamp. The Trumpet man was shot with an arrow, and he fell making a splash in the muck. The Dark Queen, she had no good in her at all, she was pure evil. But what no one knew is that in the last battle they had, Jim lost the staff, and the Dark Queen had found it. Jim ran out with Macy and Harold, they had there swords out, and Jim had both of his swords out, the Sword of Zare on his back. The Dark Queen wasn’t visible through all the Heyts, the women Heyts came flying out of the trees on top of The Last Warriors, Jim was slicing their heads off when he spotted the Dark Queen, she had people guarding all around her, but that was her. She lifted her staff into the air, and shot electricity straight at Jim, Jim jumped and blocked it.
“Whoah. How does she have her staff back?” Jim asked himself dodging more electricity; this battle was harder than they thought.
Macy was running down the swamp, jumping under roots, the swampy water leaking into her armour, she hid as Heyts just walked by. Macy took her sword and put it under the water, when Heyts walked by, she brought it up, slicing off their feet. This worked for awhile until the feetless Heyts found her, she had to switch the sword out and slice them. She ran out and saw three Heyts surrounding a centaur. Macy stabbed all three then ran to some more. She was getting used to the sword thing, she stabbed backwards, stabbed up, criss-crossed, and then whirl winded some people.
Harold was having trouble with the Heyts; they were coming at him every second. From every direction Heyts were attacking him, until he got his last final blow. One Heyt came from behind and Harold turned to kill it, but three came behind him and stabbed his armour, their swords went through and the point got to his side, about 3 inches deep all three Heyts broke their swords off in him. He was bleeding, weakening, but if he took the armour off he would be killed. He decided to retreat back to camp, to the nurse so he could heal. But Heyts were coming at him, Harold felt weaker and weaker every step. His sight was fading away. He ran the best he could, but it wasn’t fast enough. He made it to the nurse, but bad news, he lost too much blood to heal up. When the nurse pulled off his armour the swords were yanked up, leaving a huge slice up his back. Harold fainted.
Jim was slicing Heyts and the other things the Dark Queen had fighting, when he saw Harold running back to camp with blood dripping with every step. You couldn’t see the expression but Jim had tears and a sad expression on his face. Jim was getting furious; this land was hard to fight in. Jim saw Macy getting trapped by Heyts and Jim threw one of his swords at them. It got caught in its chest and it fell dead. Jim sliced up the rest of the Heyts, grabbed his sword up and put it away.
“Come with me, Macy.” Jim said putting out his hand. “Harold is hurt and we need to check on him.”
“Okay.” Macy was sitting down trapped in the corner when Jim saved her. They ran to the Nurse’s Station and saw Harold passed out. “Oh…no”
“He has been out for a couple of minutes; he is losing a lot of blood.” The nurse said re-doing the bandages. “We are going to have to let him die”
“No. We must find a way for him to live.” Jim said, taking his helmet off. Tears streaming down his sweaty face.
“I am sorry. There is no way.” The nurse said tying up the new bandages. They were already bloody. She was crying in frustration. “I can’t even tie the bandage before it is already covered in blood. Like I said, there is no other way.”
“Can’t you find a way?” Macy asked now, her helmet in her arm. She looked around, guessing none of the other wounded ever made it back alive. “I mean he is the only **** patient in here!”
“I am sorry miss.” The nurse said, bringing out a dagger.
“Don’t you dare kill him!” Jim said bringing out his sword.
“So you want him to die a slow, painful death?” The nurse asked lowering the dagger.
“No, I want you to heal him.” Jim said his sword on her wrist. “Lower that dagger and be without a left hand.”
The nurse put the dagger away, Jim put his sword away.
“Fine, let him die a slow death.” The nurse said walking away. Jim and Macy put on their helmets and left. The nurse watched them leave then walked over to Harold, brought out her dagger and stabbed down. Harold’s heart gave out and he died on the table. The nurse walked over to the corner and sat down, tears flying down her face.
Back out in the battle Jima and Macy were side by side, killing many Heyts, getting closer to the Dark Queen with every kill, every step. The swamp was filled with blood, you could see it everywhere. Jim thought whilst killing Heyts about the armour he has on. It was like a cheat code in a video game, invincibility. The swords of the Heyts would strike the armour and crack, then Jim would slice there armour and they would bleed. With every Heyt it was something new, something unheard of once before. These Heyts got stronger as they got closer. Jim with his two swords held one facing the right way, one facing the wrong way. He would twirl in circles hitting Heyts in both directions; it worked for a long time. As Macy held her sword she noticed she didn’t see many of their men’s bodies. The Last Warriors kept on going down in men during battles, but the Dark Queen’s men kept going up. Macy turned to Jim.
“Jim, how come our men keep decreasing and the Dark Queen’s men keep increasing?” Macy asked and Jim, a little hesitant to tell, answered.
“She uses black magic to bring people back to life. Which means.” Jim started as he dodged a Heyt’s sword. “Which means she sold her soul to the devil. Answer your question?”
“Yes.” Macy said back then another question popped into her head. “But why does she do it?”
“Because people don’t want to follow her. But the ones who do, the Heyts, fight for her and die. So she brings them back to life to fight again. She had about 4 million to start with, we have killed over 12 million, and she brings them to life. Us, we started with over 200 million, and we are down to 13 million. We don’t have those powers to heal the dead.” Jim answered, so far The Last Warriors have won this battle, but those bodies they couldn’t find, were lying right in front of them. About a good thousand or so bodies. The Dark Queen behind them all, with two hundred Heyts, and two giants on either side of her. “Now she has giants?”
“Looks like it.” Macy answered. Jim put away both of his swords and brought out the Sword of Zare. “That sword does more than kill the Dark Queen. Hold it out in front of you and scream ‘Agh Malute’ then it will shoot a fireball. Kind of like her staff”
When Macy said her she pointed to the Dark Queen. Im wondered since it was from the Sword of Zare if it would kill her. So he tried.
“Agh Malute!” Jim pointed it straight at her. Jim suddenly knew many more magic terms for his sword. The Dark Queen saw it coming and she got out her staff.
“You want to have a battle with magic, is that it?” The Dark Queen asked deflecting the fireball.
“Sure.” Jim grunted through his teeth. He raised his sword into the air. “Jao Geir Fero and Heyts!”
A humungous lightning wave struck into the air and the lightning exploded onto all the surrounding Heyts, and the Dark Queen. The Heyts dropped dead, but the Dark Queen did not.
“Ahh, so you learn to use my first name do you?” The Dark Queen said raising her staff at a tree “Crumls”
The tree sliced into little pieces that attacked Jim. Jim then used another spell, a counter spell.
“Crumls Refo!” The tree pieces flew at the Dark Queen, she just barricaded them. Then she stared at Jim, waiting for his next move. Jim put his sword in the ground.
“Lish Wetr Fero.” Jim chanted and the ground gave way underneath the Dark Queen. She flew back up and landed on the ground a little ways away. The Last Warriors were back at camp except for the centaurs and Macy, they were watching Jim kick butt. “Give up.”
“Never!” The Dark Queen pointed her staff at, not Jim, but Macy. “Licah!”
Jim jumped in front of Macy and shouted out a spell.
“Force field!” Jim and Macy were protected by an outer lining and the spell just bounced off and hit a Heyt. Who arose from the dead and shook uncontrollably. Then died again. “You are pure evil if you were going to kill a defenseless girl for the pure joy of it!”
“You are right. I am evil.” The Dark Queen acted like she put her staff away, then in no time chanted two spells in one breath. “Barrier Break, Guiamonts”
Jim barrier broke and he was made into stone. Macy went back to the nurse’s station, didn’t even look at Harold, and ran back out with Distress, a potion that brings stoned people back to normal. But when she got there the Dark Queen was standing over him, Macy thought fast and threw the bottle at Jim, it shattered and he came back to life. Jim fell backwards, the Dark Queen brought her staff lower, but Jim sliced off her arm.
“Now, try and kill me!” Jim said, his voice sounding strong. Everyone ran outside to watch the fall of the Dark Queen. Jim stood over as she was on the ground screaming. Jim brought the sword to her neck. “Your death will happen now!”
Jim swung the sword down across her neck and her head lay on the ground. Jim smiled, he just smiled and walked towards the camp, and that smile stayed on his face for days. They took down camp and waited for the end of Zare. Jim and Macy took Harold’s body and dug a hole at the campsite. They buried Harold and got the centaurs and told everyone bye. The centaurs followed both of them to the spot with the diamonds. Jim learned the spell that makes things enlarge, so he enlarged the bucket they had, the bucket was so large, it took 24 centaurs to carry it once it was full, it stood eight foot tall, they just piled up the diamonds. Once the bucket was filled Jim took all the diamonds and made it to the door. Jim looked at the handle. It had 5 letters all around it; Jim knew exactly what it spelled. He rubbed the E, A, R, T, H.
“Earth, it spelt Earth.” Jim walked in, the centaurs followed with the diamonds. Once they were inside, Jim closed the door. He took opened a shop where he sold the diamonds on the internet and in his town. He was piling in money. He also got a house built with hundreds of rooms, a castle I guess you could call it. And every centaur had their own room. The house that once held Zare was still kept by Jim.
Thirty years after Jim and Macy had adventures on Zare, Jim headed back to his old house. Macy and he had married, 20 years earlier. Jim walked back to the end of the hall. He rubbed the famous letters, opened the door and stared into Zare.
“I thought this place was supposed to be in ruins.” Jim asked himself, a griffin was eating grass.
“It is. Are you human? We haven’t seen humans for years.” The griffin said in shock
“Thirty years.”
“Thirty years since your last saw humans.’
“How do you know?”
“I was here in the war.”
Therio flew over the Jim.
“Oh my, Jim. Zare has been in ruins since you left. The swamp has dried up, the mountains exploded. All the citizens that live about fifty miles from here have been long gone. Only the griffins have survived, thirty griffins are left. Why are you here?” Therio asked.
“To look for more adventures.” Jim answered, and that is where these adventures end and more begin.