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February 18th, 2006, 10:12 PM
Yes, I am finally reviving the famous "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" the first ever RPG that I posted on these forums, and that got a lot of respect and attention. Anyway, here it is...


Professor Oak, the famous Pokèmon Professor, and renowned artist in Pokèmon Poems has opened his laboratory yet again, for a group of young trainers, intent on claiming the title of "Pokèmon Master". This time, however, the Professor has decided to give the children a much larger variety of Pokèmon to choose from. He has told the children that they may choose any Pokèmon which they want, apart from any Dragons or any Legendaries. He says that they are too rare to have as starters.

You see these posters all over the walls in your home own, and rush to Pallet Town, wanting to begin your Pokèmon jouirney. When you reach the laboratory, you notice four other trainers also standing outside the laboratory, and realise that they must also be here to get a Pokèmon.

Professor Oak then opens his laboratory doors, and one by one lets in all of the other trainers to choose their Pokèmin, including you. Once you get your Pokèmon, all five of you, without knowing it, head off in the same direction: to Viridian City.

But just before you reach Viridian City, you see a flash of pallid blue light, and you are drawn towards it. Once you step inside the light, you fel as if you have been knocked out, and when you wake up, you are far from home...


Little do you know, but you have just found out another completely differrnt region. Your mission in the RPG is to find your way home, without disrupting the peaceful life of the Pokèmon without humans. Yes, you may catch some new Pokèmon, but make it realistic.

But remember, you do not know where you are.

Other Bits of Information

I will only allow five people into the RPG, including me. This means that once I have accepted four other people, no one else may join.

I will not tollerate one liners, so if you like to post one liners, please do not join in here unless you decide to turn over a new leaf.

Also, I would like it if you did NOT write in chat-speak while in character, and use proper English or American grammer


-No Godmodding.

-If your are injured in the RPG, do not miraculously get healed, unless there is a reason to it, like a Miltank, or a Chansey.

-Remember. You have no clue where you are, and what you have to do. So please don't immediately start off in a direction whcih you think is home.

-No random teleportation. For example. Don't say this: I went into the forest. I came out of the forest with my new Pokèmon."

-Make everything you do very realistic. Action scenes. Emotional scenes...the works.

-Also, try not to use nicknames which have already been taken. For example. If I have a Charmander by the nickname Blaze, then don't use the nickname Blaze, or anything with the root word of Blaze, for any of your Pokèmon.

-You may catch no more than six Pokèmon.


Name: (no specifications here)

Age: (just make sure that you are over ten, please)

Gender: (no specifications. Gender-bending is allowed)

Pokèmon Team: (you will catch new Pokèmon, so update this when you catch new Pokèmon. Just remember...NO LEGENDS)

Pokèmon Team-to-be: (post the five other Pokèmon you will catch, and at what stage)

Personality: (in detail if you please)

Description: (in detail if you please)

History: (in detail if you please)

Extra Information: (optional)

My Form

Name: Jake Shyndow

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Pokèmon Team:

Pokèmon Species: Cyndaquill
Nickname: Flare-Tamer
Gender: Male
Obtained: As a starter from Professor Oak's Laboratory

Pokèmon Team-to-be:

Bellsprout – Vine-Trap
Tyrogue – Fist-Fight
Geodude – Rock-Hard
Pidgeotto – Sky-Walker
Poliwhirl – Little-Champ

Personality: There is no other explaination for Jake except that he his a loner. Ever since he was orphaned at the tender age of six, Jake has always kept himself apart from other children. He only began to talk with other people when he turned twelve, and that was only with really small children at the orphanage. Jake trusts no one, and when he begins his Pokèmon journey, he doesn't even trust his Pokèmon one hundred percent. This lead him into many different traps, and only by uniting with other people, can his dreams be fulfilled

Description: Jake is at average height for a fourteen-year-old. Not too short, but not too tall either. Just normal. However, he may seem tall at first glance, because he is very skinny. He loves the colour black, and that is the only colour which he would wear. He has black hair, which falls down infront of his sapphire eyes in spiky bangs. He alwats wears a pair of black fighters gloves, the type that stop at his knuckles. And when he begins his Pokèmon journey, he wears a pair of baggy black jeans, with a loose black tank top, and black sneakers.

History: Jake was orphaned at a very young age, and all he has as a recollection of his parents are a picture with his parents holding him in their arms. He was sent to the Pallet Town orphanage, where he lived until he saw the posters advertising Professor Oak's latest idea. His only friend is a six yer old girl by the name of Gemma, top whom he tells all of his troubles to.

Other Information: Jake is very fast on his feet. You'd be hard bent to catch him, let alone try to race him. This ability of his makes him a very nice person to befriend, although Jake believes strongly against this thought.

That's all for now. Join up, to enjoy this RPG.


February 19th, 2006, 3:02 AM
Name: Rai'Andure Kaine (prefers Rai)

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Pokèmon Team:
species: Poocheyna
Nickname: Dark-tooth
Gender: Female
Obtained: Through Professor Oak, as a starter pokemon

Pokèmon Team-to-be:
species: Caterpi (will be a butterfree, much later on)
Nickname: N/A just caterpi
Gender: Male
Obtained: found injured, i try to take care of the little creature

Species: Abra
Nickname: N/A
gender: male
obtained: found in my first battle with Dark-tooth (see above) i make a lucky catch

Species: houndour
Nickname: Dark-flame
Gender: Female
Obtained: i have to work hard to gain this little pokemons trust, it follows me around but i can't seem to catch it

Species: eevee(to be a vaporeon if it's ok)
Nickname: Aqua
Gender: Male
Obtained: the eevee bumps into us and demands a battel, and reluctant to give up i take it's challenge.

Species: Noctowl
Nickname: Silver-Wing
Gender: Female
Obtained: Watching some of my battles the Noctowl is impressed enough to join me

Personality: Rai used to be scared of everything, but as he grew up he learned that he shouldn't fear what he doesn't know about because then he would never become a seasoned traveler like his older sister, He can seem to be dark and uncaring, but inside he hurts, and he tries his best not to give in to the tears but soemtimes it gets too much. As soon as he makes new friends he warms up to them quickly, and will do anything to protect them.

Description: His white hair is mainly short except for two long distinct strand of his fringe which read down his forehead like a spider. His soft blue eyes explain alot about him, he has a scar under his eye shaped like a crescent moon, he doesn't knwo how he got this he just knows it's there. He usually wears a Torn shirt and white denim crop shorts

History: Ever since he was a kid his older sister has usually looked after him, when she was around. He looks up tio her and misses her alot, But due to no one else caring about him than his sister he has felt lonely and wont usually let anyone in, he never really had friends, with his dark stare the kids he knew never wanted anything to do with him. His mum and dad left when he was just born and left him in his sisters care. The one thing he wants the most is friends.

Extra Information: His personality reflects ntohign of his true self, he is more liek a mute, he tries not to talk. the two things he is good at most are Swimming and climbing trees, and when he get's up into the trees he is usually hard to find or catch

February 19th, 2006, 9:53 AM
Name:Riddel (Ri-Dell) Viper

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Pokèmon Team:
Species:Ariados=Dart (Are evolutions allowed?)

Pokèmon Team-to-be:

Herum=Herum (made-up pkm will desc. later)

Personality: Riddel is a cold and rude girl. She doesn't like conversing with anybody but poison pokemon, and herself. In fact, she doesn't really like anybody but her pokemon and herself. This often makes her looks stuck-up, because she believes that she's too good for anybody else, giving her an aloof and distant appearance. She doesn't mind this though, because it just makes people avoid her more. She's very reminiscent, and likes to play with any kind of cards, preferrable poker or tarot cards. Riddel hasn't been outside in about 3 years, and is slightly violent to any remark made to her. She likes seeing people fight, including herself, but avoids verbal fights. She hates sympathetic people and people who pity her for her past, and she'll often break to peices when someone even remarks about her past and she'll become a girl who's blind from everything around her and deaf from any sounds as well. She will speak to someone, either to introduce herself with her first name only, or to say a plan. Otherwise, she keeps everything to herself, including her thoughts. Her trust is hard to gain, mainly because of her past, and it's very hard for her to like any human anymore. She's easily hurt, and she hates lies, deciet, and broken promises.

Description: Riddel (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Purple%20Hair/Natuskimh.jpg) has on black boots with a belt buckle at the top, that hangs over her shins. She doesn't often wear the longsleeved overshirt that is pictured in the picture, but instead takes it off and reveals a spaghetti strapped white shirt, with long black fingerless gloves that reach two inches above her elbow. She has on a brown choker, that's much like the color of her brown pleated skirt, and her long indigo hair almost never seems to get even slightly rumpled, even after strong winds and rain. Riddel's eyes carry a gloomy blankness that feels like a cold glare, even if she's just thinking about what someone has just said. (If the picture doesn't work, here's a different link for it Riddel again (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/20.jpg) It's the same pic, different photobucket accounts)

History: Riddel jumped from orphanage to orphanage, after her life was shattered by an unknown assailant, who murdered her parents for her father's unpaid debts at the age of 4. For the sole reason that she was just a strange child she didn't stay one place for very long. She was so rude to the orphanage owners in most cases, they punished her day and night. She didn't mind peeling potatoes at all, or writing 'I will learn manners' 100 times every other hour. Riddel was often called 'Riddle' because her personality really was a riddle. After many different places saw her face, she began to forget many different places she'd lived in, until she got landed in an abusive orphanage, which made her slit her wrists and arms. She got into the habit of cutting the same scars and scabs over and over again, resulting in deep grooves and white marks all over her arms. In the end she felt it was stupid to do this, and began to refuse to cut herself. She was beaten each time she refused, and learned how to fight for herself, and after about a month of this, a rich couple took the abused child away. It wasn't much of a change though, as the two were never in their expansive mansion, and the girl they'd adopted was silent and never left the beautiful room Riddel kept dark. Eventually, the maid who took care of her suggested going on the journey, with pokemon that would keep her company, instead of humans. It was certainly better then nothing for the maid when Riddel pulled up from her bed and left the house with the same possessions she had traveling from orphanage to foster home, save for a wad of pokedollars and a fresh change of clothes. She vowed never to cut herself for any reason and is now simply a sullen and gloomy girl, instead of a girl who fought over anything.

Extra Information: Her voice is Hoarse a lot from disuse, and she's almost blind in her left eye.

February 19th, 2006, 9:57 AM
OOC; Oh...finally, a promising role-play. And look, I'm already in one of DS' role-plays XD

Name: Toren Mitsuro

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokèmon Team:

Species: Growlithe
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Obtained: The Lab

Pokèmon Team-to-be: Scyther, Pidgeotto, Vulpix, Psyduck, Spoink

Personality: Toren is usually very timid and quiet, shy in other words. He would rather smile and nod then talk a lot. However, he will speak out to voice his opinion or help someone in need. He is loyal to his friends and is very honest and truthful. He can be helpful in tough situations, and will try to do his best at everything he attempts. He looks at the world as just one large library, of sorts. When he's not drawing or playing with his pokemon, he usually dives into some sort of book, whether it be one about fantasy or a biography. Most of the people he knew thought he knew everything there was to know about any subject, but he realizes that he is far from it. There are so many things he wants to learn and know, yet not enough time. If only there was some kind of machine that would let you download facts and information into your brain, yet he knows that technology like that is probably far off from his lifetime.

Description: The clothes that he wears are pretty normal. For his top half, he has on a dark blue shirt with a fold-out collar. He normally wears regular blue jeans, but sometimes has on khaki pants. He basically wears white socks and black shoes with silver streaks on them. His hair is a medium brown color and is just all over the place(Eh, I don’t know how to describe hair ;_; ) His eyes are light blue, and he is slightly tanned. He always wears his silver necklace with half of a star on it. Also, he always has on his black silver watch and fingerless gloves, though he sometimes keeps the gloves off.

History: Toren lived in a simple house in Pallet Town. He has a mother, father, and a two sibling, a little boy and a little girl. He is the oldest of the family, and so is the first one to go out and start an adventure. As a child, mostly what he did was watch Pokemon battles on the TV and learn as much as he could about battling and anything that had to do with it. He had always dreamed of catching his favorite pokemon and becoming the very best, and still hopes to accomplish that idea today.

His father is a Pokemon researcher, not as famous as people like Professor Oak, but tries as best he can. He tried to pass along his skills and knowledge to Toren, but Toren had an air of adventure about him and wanted to go out and explore the world, that's why when he saw the Professors posters he rushed home to tell his parents, then packed up and headed to the lab. He's usually the type to make spur-of-the-moment decisions, that's why he had already planned what to do right when the posters first appeared to him.

Extra Information: Toren sometimes draws in his spare time. He has been doing it most of his life, but he is still not that great at it, or that’s what he seems to think. Sometimes he will draw Pokemon, but he will also occasionally draw nature scenes that he think looks good

February 19th, 2006, 10:01 AM
My first RP... Tyson bribed me with his hamburger... -.-'
Name: Jen
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Eevee
Nicknamed: Cinna
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team to be:
Growlithe- Streaks
Gender: Male

Pidgeot- Pidgeot
Gender: Male

Houndoor: Shadow
Gender: Female

Nidoran- Nida
Gender: Female

Raltz: Raltz
Gender: Female

Personality: Jen is sweet, but hardly anyone knows that because she hardly ever comes out of her house. She has few friends, but is loyal to them all. She hardly ever speaks, not even to voice her opinion. She's a fantastic writer, and thinks of writing a book about herself some day called, "Speak now or forever hold your peace." She calls it, "The perfect sentence to describe me." She's addicted to her GameBoy. She is also very shy, and gets freaked out by pokemon bigger than a Flygon. She isn't exactly a social butterfly, either. She has hardly ever lied in her life, she knows that if she does, she gets grounded from her precious game boy.

History:Jen had been lonely most of her life. Her parents had divorced six months after she was born. She now lives with her father, who was probably much better to live with than her mother. She became addicted to her gameboy when she was eight years old. She never had anything to do except sit in front of the TV all day. Her father decided that she should do something else, so he got her a gameboy. From then on Jen had spent almost 24 hours a day staring at it, playing a game of some sort.

Description: Jen is always wearing Her favorite dark, denom flares and a shirt that rises above her belly button. Her shirt is a shade of dark green, and she always wears a denom jacket over the short-sleeved shirt. She has a skinny figure, and her brown eyes match her long, dark brown hair. She always wears a green jewel clip in her hair, she calls it good luck. Her necklace is made of jade, and it's in the shape of a rabbit. She says, "I only wear it for two reasons; One because my grandmother gave it to me, and two, I can't play my gameboy without it."

Extra Info: Jen is pretty much good at everything except gym. She hates gym. She says, "All it is is running around in circles, shooting a ball into a net, and all you gain is sweat!"Jen also very much loves drawing pokemon on the computer. At the early age of 12, Jen got accepted into an intermediate oekaki. Now, almost all of her pictures get archived.

February 19th, 2006, 10:37 AM
Name: Shiko

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Male

Pokèmon Team:
Species: Eevee = Kitsuni (will evolve into umbreon later)
Obtained from Professor Oak.

Pokèmon Team-to-be:
Secies: Mighteyena = Vinta
Obtained as a Poocheyena outside of Veridian.

Species: Houndoom = Oron
Obtained as a Houndour near Saffron.

Species: Ninetails = Shippo
Obtained as a Vulpix before entering Cerulean.

Species: Delcatty = Kirara
Obtained as Skitty on bicycle road to Fucia.

Species: Persian = Bunza
Obtained as Meowth from rescuing from a pokémon poacher.

Personality: Shiko is a very happy person, though his appearance decieves this. Anyone he meets he tries to become friends with. His motto is "Anyone who hasn't hurt me, I consider a friend! =^__^="

Description: Shiko has dark purple hair, shoulder-length with the left side fraying out. He is dressed in black and chains. A black, sleeveless vest covers his top area. On his arms are black armsocks. He wears a chain necklace around his neck with the pokéball of his first pokemon, Eevee. He wears black pants, heavily decorated with chains. Upon his face, he wears fake wiskers, along with fox ears on his head, and a fox tail.

History: He was abandoned as a child. Some kind-hearted people took him in. These people taught him to be kind to all. Hence his personality. The dark clothing was influenced by a trainer he met one day while he was traveling to Pallet. His purple hair is natural. His adopted-parents believe he may have some relation to Sabrina, the Saffron gym leader. This is even more confirmed by his slight psychic ability to sense when danger is near. (If that's not allowed, I'll take it out. ^__^; )

February 19th, 2006, 10:53 PM
OOC: Great, you're all accepted. And Diamond~Star, I'm glad that Tyson bribed you. Sorry about kicking you off from the other RPG. Have fun here, and make the most of it. That goes for everyone else. And naoko, every **** RPG that I start you join...Lmao. And of course evolutions are allowed.

I'd like to make a special announcement:



Jake Shyndow was ready.

Whatever was waiting for him, he was ready for it, and wasn't going to pull back now, not after all that he did to get permission from the orphanage to come here. He looked around at the other children, all about his age, who had no doubt come here for the same reason. He felt bad that so many of them had a family to say goodbye to, while all he could say goodbye to was Gemma, who had accompanied him to laboratory, clutching his hand tightly. She looked very worried, and held Jake's hand so tightly that it hurt.

"Jake Shyndow," came a loud and commanding voice from inside the Professor's room.

Jake looked down at Gemma, and slowly prised his hand out of her grip. He looked up at the door, took a deep breath and stepped forward. his entire body was flowing with energy as he opened the door, and walked in. He saw Professor Oak standing behind a desk, with a cipboard in his hand. He looked older than Jake had suspected, with white hair, and a small stuble.

But he could still smile.

"Please close the door behind you, Jake. This is a time for you alone, and no one should hear what you have to say."

Jake immediately slammed the door shut behind him, and turned back to face Professor Oak.

"Good," he said, smiling warmly, "now, do you have any idea what Pokèmon you would like?" he asked.

Jake nodded. "A Cyndaquill, please."

"Let me tell you a little something about Cyndaquill. Cyndaquill as a single Pokèmon is rather weak in cmparison to other Fire type Pokèmon. It relies on the flame on its back to be lit before it is able to use any Fire type attacks. Also, it has a horrible fear of anyything bigger than it, and will often huddel behind thier trainer. You must be brave for it. Are you still willing to take Cyndaquill?"

Jake nodded again.

Professor Oak smiled, and pulled a pokè-ball from the shelf behind him, and handed it to Jake. "Take good care of him."

Jake then opened the door, and stepped back into the main area of the laboartory. He smiled at Gemma, and she jumped up into his arms. For a long time they stood there in that embrace, ignorant to the outside world, before they broke apart.

"Take care, Gemma," Jake whispered in her ear, before turning his back on his only friend in the world, and walking out into the open.

This is it...

February 19th, 2006, 11:24 PM
Shiko's entire body was trembling with excitement. The memory of the kind two people who took care of him for as long as he could remember telling him to do his best on his jouney both relaxed him, and caused him to be even more nervous.

Seeing the first person exit from the office with such a confident look on his face only caused him to smile in happiness for him.

He then heard the call, "Shiko Aginawa," in that kind-sounding, yet booming voice that belonged to Prof. Oak.

His whole body froze. He could not pull the courage to step foreward. It was until someone shoved him, that he just stood there, staring blankly.

He turned around to give everyone a smile before stepping through the office door and looking at the old man that had helped many, many trainers start their journey before him.

He slowly closed the door behind him and sat down, nervous to say anything.

All Prof. Oak did was give a heart-warming smile and ask Shiko the question that had been asked millions of times in the past, "Do you know what kind of Pokémon you want?"

For a few seconds, Shiko sat there with a dumb grin on his face. It took him a few seconds before he answered with a quiet voice, "Do you have an Eevee?"

Prof. Oak looked at me with a big smile this time, "Why, of course. I haven't heard anyone take Eevee since my grandson, Gary. Now. When it comes time for evolving Eevee, I hope you are comfortable with whichever element you choose to evolve it. Or you can simply leave it as an Eevee. Are you sure you wish to take it?"

The words stuttered from his lips, "Y..yes, Sir."

The Professor did not go to the shelf that was full of Pokéballs. Intstead, he opened his desk drawer and pulled one out, placing it on the desk infront of Shiko, saying, "Take it Shiko, and start your journey."

Shiko grabbed the ball, standing. He politely bowed to the Professor, and quickly turned out of the room.

Once he was outside, again, he smiled at everyone who was watching him exit the room. Shiko did not waste time getting away from everyone's view. Once he was at the back of the group, he sat staring at the pokéball in his grasp.

He decided to meet his new friend before heading out of the town.

He tossed the sphere toward the ground, saying, "Come out, Eevee."

The pokéball opened, and in a flash of light the pokémon was sitting there, staring up at Shiko with its amber eyes. It gave what looked like a smile, shouting happily, "Eeyee!"

Shiko smiled greatly. He took the brown ball of fluff into his arms and laughed. The cute pokémon seemed to like him. He patted the creature on its head and said, "I think I'll call you Kitsuni."

It tilted its head, then smiled happily, "Ee!"

Shiko then stood up, staring down at his new companion, "Let's get something to eat before we leave!"

He turned his back to the group and headed toward the little restaurant that lay a ways away from Prof. Oak's laboratory. Kitsuni quickly followed at his heels. His journey had now begun, the mysteries of the future awaiting him and his partner.

February 20th, 2006, 1:58 AM
OOC: Nice post, but juts to l you know, gary started with a Squirtle. he caught an Eevee later on, but never mind that. Also, I'm extending the number of people to seven, MariaJet is joining. No one but MJ can join. Sorry for the completely OOC post, but I'm allowed, I'm the Gamemaster.

*Gets fed to Dragons*


February 20th, 2006, 5:49 AM
I was sitting outside in a comfortable corridor, it looked homely yet aloof at the same time, it was a strange thing to feel.
I felt the excitement arise within me, i could barely sit still, every few minutes i would stand up, but decide agains't walking round, instead i stared at a mirror i produced from my pocket, and the boy who stared back was so similar but he seemed so far away, his white hair, and facial features just like mine, and his smile was warm to see,
I put the mirror away as someone shouted
" Rai'Andure Kaine , come in please"
suddenly the nerves began to build up, i wondered if i was rewady, so many questions whizzed in my mind, i hoped Professor Oak wouldn't see me as just another kid, i hoped that he had the pokemon i was looking for
And i hoped i could live up to my sister
I walked through into an office like room, the room was furnished in oak colours and other earthly colours, and i looked across the room to see shelves of the red and white capsules we called pokeballs
"well hello there Rai'Andure" he said warmly but with an age of respect
"erm professor just call me Rai please?" i asked a little intimidated
"Oh, of course, yes well i grow tired of asking the same question, but what pokemon do you want?" he said, weariness resounded in his voice, and i knew straight away what pokemon i wanted
"POOCHYENA!" i yelled, and then realised what i had done, so i apologised to Prof. Oak and asked
"could I have a Poochyena please?" and i went quiet hoping and wondering
"Ah a hoenn pokemon, i have a few of them, here wait till i go get one* he said walking over to the stack and automatically picked up a pokeball and held it out for me to recieve
"oh thank you professor, really i can't thank you enough" I said barely holding the tears back, but realising what i might do i pushed crying from my mind and accepted the poochyena
"and i will name this Poochyena Dark-Tooth" i exclaimed, "oh and thanks alot Prof.OAk" i said running out the door smiling liek there was no tomorrow...

February 20th, 2006, 6:38 AM
Jen expected everyone else in the room to be calm and still, unlike herself. She was nervous, hoping that Prof. Oak wasn't some evil dude trying to take over the world. Jen closed her eyes and gave a little moan. Dizzy, she curiously looked at the varieties of the other people around the room. Although they all had one thing on common, exactly the opposite of what Jen was imagining.
They were nervous, they were definitely not calm, and they were silent.
"Jen, Jen? Is there a Jen in here?" Came a loud booming voice, as a head popped through a door. Jen thought she was going to faint.
"Umm, I'm r-right h-here, professor." Jen stood up, with her legs trembling. She noticed that Prof. Oak didn't say her last name. Jen hated her last name. She never told it to anyone.

Jen about lost her balance from just walking to the door.
"Well, C'mon in, Jen."
Jen slowly and silently followed the man into a pretty big room. Jen got dizzy, again. This is what she thought she heard the professor say,
"Woub bloo blike bo boose bour bokemon?"
"Do... you have an Eevee?" Jen looked around the room, with her nails dug into the palm of her hand.

"Yes, sure, an Eevee!" Professor Oak turned away from the red and white orbs called pokeballs. He opened a drawer, with another pokeball, and examined it closely.

"Here you go, Jen, have a nice journey. Remember, choose it's evolution carefully, if you even want to evolve it."
Jen cautiously took the pokeball, and also examined it, with fear.
"I-is it safe?" Jen asked.
"Of course it is! Now, go on."
Jen was rushed out the door, out of the room, into the fresh air. "Eevee... umm... come on out?" Out of the pokeball came a furry, brown and tannish colored...thing. Jen hopped back and shrieked. Eevee blinked and looked around her. The eevee crept closer to Jen and head-butted her leg. it gave a small, excited shriek. "Umm... hi..." Jen cautiously took the eevee into her arms, and stroked it. "Do you mind... if I call you... Cinna?" The eevee gave a little shriek of excitement and nodded.

"What do you want to do, then?" Jen seemed the tiniest bit more confident. Eevee ran around in a circle, attempting to find a butterfree to play around with. "You won't find anything here," Jen informed. Eevee headbutted her master again. "I don't think I'll be needing this pokeball for awhile..." Jen put the orb back in her backpack.

February 20th, 2006, 8:10 AM
OOC:See? Deathspector IS nice. So there was no need to freak out D~S (Wow this is going to be confusing between the two of you.) And yes, I do join every **** RPG you make because they rock. Actually I was planning to join the original one of this, but I missed it, so now here I am.

IC: Riddel was already on her way to the lab, flipping through a pokemon definition book. How sad it was that she'd agreed to this, but, it might be nice to try something...new.

She'd known exactly which pokemon she'd wanted and exactly which moves she would teach it. Perhaps she would stop by Celadon for a few TM's.

Looking up from her spot, semi-in-front-of-the-lab, she glared. So many trainers... horrible day. She bypassed each and every one of them, each one looking a little too happy to be...real.

She stopped at the corridor and knocked on the lone door.

"Eh?" Professor Oak poked his head out and said "Oh, you must be the girl who's coming from Cinnabar Mansion, yes, you certainly look like the description, come on in."

Riddel faltered in her step inside the room, thinking it might just be a trick to get her back into an orphanage, but she continued after Professor Oak held the door wide to reveal a room filled with pokeballs...It was so bright...

"Which pokemon would you like?" Professor Oak asked kindly.

She stared around in a sort of glare and said hoarsely "Ariados."

"Oh? I was expecting you to pick a fire-type, knowing you've met and often go to Blaine's laboratory?" Professor Oak said cheerfully, sifting through loads of pokeballs "Ariados are hard to find you know....not that spinark aren't hard to find but it's a hassle evolving them."

Riddel tuned the last part of Oak's speech out, and said "I work, with Blaine, on days that I feel moderately okay. I'm a lab assisstant, and I keep my mouth shut. That's why I'm allowed in there."

"Well naturally Blaine hardly allowed ME inside his Lab, but it's very advanced wouldn't you agree? Besides you certainly look like someone who doesn't-AHA!" Professor Oak stood up triumphantly holding a pokeball "This is Ariados. Take good care of it. It's a poison bug pokemon, and it doesn't like many humans."

Like me. Riddel thought, taking the pokeball from him "Thank you." She said turning from the room and leaving before the crazy Professor could ask her anything more about herself.

She stared down at the pokeball, the transparent cover revealing a sleeping spider. (I'm goin' by dah manga) "Ariados..." Riddel said in a semi-pleased voice, before lazily dropping the pokeball to the ground, releasing the captive pokemon as she caught the sphere again.

"RRrrr..." Ariados mumbled as it groggily woke up, standing up on it's legs in a daze of sleep.

"Come on." Riddel said, walking ahead of it.

The surprised Ariados had question marks hanging over it's head, but it felt the girl's imposing aura, and knew if he didn't follow her...he might get squashed like the little spiders that crawled on the ground. And so he did follow her...with a grudge.

"I suppose we're going to Viridian?" Riddel asked the Ariados.

"RRrrr..." It replied.

"My name?" Riddel scoffed "Is that important?" She quickened her stride. She was ready to get this day over with.

<'Well,'> "RRrrr..." Ariados said, also quickening it's pace.

Riddel stopped "Did you just say...'well'?"

The Ariados rolled it's eyes and shook it's head before continuing. He had an idiot for a trainer!!! He wondered if he'd get a nickname...he highly doubted it because of this tough and unbreakable girl being his trainer for the next few...years...maybe eternity!!! Ariados almost let out a screech fit only for a spider, but kept his mouth shut with a small scale string shot.

Riddel looked down at the spider's mouth and sighed "Rabies already?"

"RmmMRrrm." Ariados retorted before spitting out the string shot <String shot.>

"For what reason remind me-" Riddel was cut off by an obnoxious ringing coming from on of her jacket pocket, which was tied around her waist She quickly opened the pokenav and spoke "Hello?" In a bored voice.

"Got your pokemon?" Asked a stern voice from the other side.

"Yes." Riddel replied with a heavy sigh.

"Oh that good, take a side trip and gather some fire pokemon for me, oh, and some fossil's if you will." Blaine said from the other line as his Rapidash snorted.

"Sure thing Blaine." Riddel said sarcastically, "I'm definetly gonna go hunting for rocks just for you."

"Thanks." He replied, just as sarcastically when he hung up.

"Well, we've got a mission to do...once we get there anyway." Riddel shrugged "Hopefully it won't be soon, or else I think this journey is going to turn into a mission vacation." She said rolling her eyes.

<'Who's Blaine?'> Ariados asked.

"You don't want to know." Riddel replied shaking her head "Enough talk for today."

<'Oh we've a silent one on our hands.'> Ariados said smirking, and recieving a hearty death glare in return.

February 20th, 2006, 8:40 AM
Toren sat quietly in his chair and looked around nervously. He noticed that many of the other kids had already been called in, and he was of the last ones there. He was nervous, excited, curious, and shocked all at the same time.

Wow….this is really it. I can’t believe I’m actually going to get my own Pokemon. I mean, father always let me play with Magneton and Electabuzz, but to think that actually get my own is almost unbelievable.

“Toren Hale!”

Toren stood up cautiously and entered into the main part of the laboratory, looking around until he saw the famous man, Professor Oak. Toren felt honored to be in the mans presence.

“Now, Toren, which Pokemon would you like to choose?”

He asked calmly, staring straight into Torens eyes with his own. Toren felt..almost at peace around the Professor. He had such wisdom and knowledge, that being around him made Toren so peaceful, and yet so nervous.

“I think…I would like a Growlithe..”

“A Growlithe, eh? Excellent choice. Growlithe are known for being very loyal to their trainers. Very brave, willing to do anything to protect their friends.”

He turned around for a moment, rummaging through a couple Pokeballs until he finally pulled one out and examined it. After smiling slightly, he reached his hand out and placed it into Torens palm.

“There you are. Take good care of him, he’s very special.”

Toren nodded calmly, turning around and holding the Pokeball at his chest. It felt perfectly spherical(sp? XD) in his hands and he admired it for a minute before exiting the lab and yelling “Thank you!” as he disappeared out of the door.

Once outside, Toren threw the Pokeball onto the ground and the red, dog Pokemon leaped out, growling for a minute, but not because it was angry.

“Erm, Growlithe? I’m you trainer, is that okay with you?..”

“Grrow Growlithe! {Sure it is, let’s get going!}”

Toren nodded slightly and started walking forward, looking around for a bit before making sure that Growlithe was still beside of him.

“I think we’re supposed to head towards Viridian City, that’s the first city from here.”

“Growlithe! {Alright head, let’s head out!}”

Toren nodded slightly, smiling again and bending down to rub his little friend for a moment. His fur felt so soft, and it was relaxing as well. Toren hoped that he could always feel this way, for he was normally jittery and anxious, and he hoped that being around Growlithe would make him feel better.

February 20th, 2006, 10:10 AM
"Would you like to go to the park real quick, before we begin our long journey? It must be stuffy inside that pokeball." Jen asked her pokemon.
Cinna nodded, and followed Jen as she walked under a metal, gigantic sign that said, "C I T Y P A R K" IN big, bold, black letters. "There's a drinking fountain, a small pool for pokemon, and alot of other fun stuff you might like to try." But Jen realized then she was talking to thin air. Cinna had crept away and was now spashing in a pool with a Starmie. "Should you REALLY be in water?!" Jen panted, running towards her playful pokemon.

"Ee! Eevee ee!" The eevee called, still spashing in the water.
Jen raised her eyebrow, and put her hands on her hips. "I brought a snack for you..." Jen made it sound tempting. She brought out a bag that said, "Eevasnax! Perfect for your beloved eevee." Jen let some small, round, soft balls fall into her palm. She then sealed the bag back up and placed it back in her bag. "Here ya go, Cinna!" Eevee pounced out of the water, curiously sniffing the Eevasnax.

Cinna opened her mouth wide, and ate the Eevasnax... along with Jen's hand. "No biting!" Jen yelled out. She softly patted her pokemon on the head, and chuckled, watching Cinna munch on the treats.

"You're funny.... Well, we'd better get going." Jen said glumly.
Cinna gave a little grunt, meaing something like, "Aww... can't we stay a LITTLE longer?"
"No, Sorry Cinna. We're late already.." Jen had to almost literally drag her pokemon all the way to where they were going; Veridian. Jen had heard of Veridian before, but never been there; in fact, she had never even been out of her small town.

Jen seemed quite a bit more enthusiastic about adventures.

February 20th, 2006, 10:30 AM
"Growlithe...how about we test out one of your attacks? I was looking through this little handbook that one of your attacks is Ember...why don't you try it out?..."

Growlithe nodded and opened his mouth, generating heat for a moment before releasing the flames into the air, letting them dance and swirl around like some sort of fire show. To Toren, it was very beautiful-looking.

"Wow...that looks so cool. If it looks that good while just practicing, imagine what it can do during battle!"

He started laughing to himself and then rubbed the little dog Pokemon again. He growled again, but because he was happy, not because he was mad or anything. He smiled again and then started to run forward, barking happily and smiling back at Toren.

"Hey! No fair, you're a lot faster!"

He said, starting to run and chasing after his new friend. Almost instantly, they had started to like each other and Toren was very happy that he could have someone that he could talk to....even if they did have a little trouble communicating. While he was running, Toren was also laughing and trying to imagine what adventures awaited him...and his partner.

February 20th, 2006, 10:42 AM
Jen suddenly felt something weigh her down. Cinna had leaped onto her back. "Oh, Cinna! Hey, want to try target practice? Do you have tackle?" She looked back at the creature standing on her backpack.

"Ee!! Eevee eevee!" Replied Cinna. "Okay, show me what you got. Your target... your target should be that candy bar wrapper. It won't do much damage... but it's practice." Jen shrugged. Eevee looked at her target. Suddenly Cinna darted towards it and...well... tackled it.

"Nice work, Eevee! Once I find some TMs and HMs, I can teach you more moves."
Cinna jumped up and down in excitement. Looking like the boss, the leader, Cinna puffed out her chest and walked like a soldier, heading towards Veridian. It was like she was saying, "One two three for, one two three four," On and on. Jen chuckled at this sight.
"Oh, I'm sure we'll become great friends, Cinna." Jen smiled, and began her journey, her long, long journey.

February 20th, 2006, 12:07 PM
After having a nice meal with Kitsuni, he had finally started towards the exit of Pallet. On his way there, Shiko noticed a happy-looking boy with a Growlithe, seeming to be having a race.

Shiko looked down to Kitsuni, whom he felt shouldn't be kept in the pokéball all the time.

"Maybe we can make a new friend! Let's go talk to them," he said with a bright smile across his face. The Eevee looked up at him with a cheerful look and shouted "Eeye!"

Shiko began to dash toward this person and his Growlithe. His appearance brought about the look of a punk, and probably decieved anyone into thinking he was out to hurt them. Kitsuni kept a good pace with him.

Once he reached the trainer, he leaned against his knees, panting a bit. He then looked up with a smile toward this other trainer, reaching out a hand.

"Hi there! How are you? My name is Shiko Aginawa. May I have your name? Oh! Am I being a bother? Asking too many questions? I'm sorry if I'm being a bother, I get quite nervous when attempting to meet someone new. But my motto is, 'Anyone who hasn't hurt me is a friend!'" He laughed nervously, his inner thoughts saying, "Oh great. I'm making a fool of myself. I shouldn't have come over here. Nyaaah."

Kitsuni sat behind Shiko's leg and stared at the Growlithe. He must have been as nervous as Shiko was.

February 20th, 2006, 12:52 PM
Stading outside of town, and directly across form the park, Rai decided to let his poochyena out, he had only ever seen one, and he loved them from the day he saw one
"well come on out Dark-Tooth" he said throuwing the little spherical capsule into the air, then it suddenly expanded and in a flash of red light the poochyena was sitting in front of him, looking a little bewildered but others perfectly fine
"hey there Dark-tooth" Rai said putting his hand out to pet the little black doglike pokemon but instead it pushed his hadnd away, nto playfully but sort of angrily, the pokemon was annoyed with him but why? he wondered
"hey there poochyena? whats wrong?" i asked the little pokemon generally worried
but instead of answering it stormed away and a small little grin was on her face
Oblivious to this Rai followed her, trying to get her attention abck to him, but he darn't return her to her pokeball

February 20th, 2006, 1:10 PM
Toren ran along swiftly, trying to keep up with Growlithe. The little dog was very fast, even though he was probably kept inside his Pokeball most of the time. Toren was very impressed with its energy.

"Hey, Growlithe! Come back, I think someone's trying to talk to us.."

He said, hoping that his little friend would hear him. Luckily, he DID hear, and came running back to him, panting and letting his fiery red tail sway in the wind behind him, barking a little but calming down when Toren told him that the people were approaching were okay...even though he had no idea who they were. Toren leaned forward and shook the boys hand, then returning it to his side calmly.

"Oh, hey, my name's Toren Akiran. Nice to meet you. Say, weren't you at Professor Oak's Lab getting your Pokemon at the same time as me? You look familar...Oh, and no, that's not too many questions."

He also let off a faint, nervous smile. He was a little curious why the boy had the characteristics of a fox, with the ears, tail, and whiskers, but looked like he belonged in some sort of dark alley. He tried, however, to make it look like he was just excited about meeting him instead of wondering about his clothes. He did seem nice anyway, despite the chain and black clothes.

February 20th, 2006, 1:22 PM
His eyes lit up when he heard that he was not being a nuisance. At this question mentioning Prof. Oak's lab, he blinked a bit.

"I uh, suppose so. I didn't really pay attention to who else was there. I was so nervous. Though, I suppose it's normal for starting trainers to have such an excitement. Huh?"

He followed this Toren's eyesight. He noted that they looked sort of questioning about his appearance. He responded quickly, trying to draw the other's attention away from thinking that he was a little wierd.

"Oh, you're looking at these clothes? Um, yeah I know they're a little strange. The fox features are not real, " he gave a nervous laugh, as the truth was that they were, in fact, real. A clue to this was any sign of human ears were covered up by his shoulder-length hair.

"As for the black and chains; they were inspired by someone I met on my way to this town a few years ago," he looked down at Kitsuni.

"Heheh. This is the Eevee I just recieved. His name is Kitsuni. Um... I think he's a little nervous to your Growlithe." He knelt down, patting the pokémon behind its brown ears trying to calm it with these words, "What's wrong, Kitsuni? Are you nervous to make friends with the Growlithe? It's okay. If the Growlithe doesn't like you, then that's okay. There will be more friends to make."

He scritched at the ear with these last words, before standing back up and watching Kitsuni step foreward towards the dog-like pokémon.

His mind was racing with happiness, "Things seem to be going great. Perhaps if I am lucky, I might have found a new travel companion. Such an exciting day this is!"

February 20th, 2006, 1:35 PM
"Oh, okay. I'm sorry if I was just paying too much attention to it, it's just kind of hard not to.."

He laughed nervously, looing down at Growlithe and nudging the little dog with his foot and whispering "Introduce yourself!" to it, in a sort of hushed yell, which I know sounds like a weird description.

"Grow Growlithe! {My name's Growlithe, for now anyway. I hope my trainer gives me a name, though I don't think that I'm going to get one...}"

"I guess it would be nervous. Growlithe, on sight, I guess, can look very scary to a small Pokemon, thought as long as I've been with Growlithe, a couple minutes at most, he's been very friendly..to me, anyway.."

He smiled again and then looked down, letting his eyes travel in between Growlithe and Kitsuni. Growlithe was trying to beas nice as he could be, but he was a dog Pokemon, so it was his nature to be a LITTLE scary-looking.

February 20th, 2006, 1:43 PM
Kitsun yipped with a bright smile on his face at the Growlithe, [HI! My name is now Kitsuni!]

Shiko laughed at the two pokémon, before turning back to Toren, "Does your Growlithe have a nickname? It is said that a nickname helps develope a large bond between the pokémon and its trainer."

He felt his tail twitch a little bit, his mind began racing, "Gah! I hope he didn't see that!"

[OOC: Yes, very small post. :( but I didn't really have much going through my mind to describe, so, heh.]

February 20th, 2006, 1:55 PM
I chased after the liitle poochyena, now sensing it was toying with me, but it was fun, he caught up to the little pokemon scooping her up into his arms.
"why hello there little one, nice of you to join me" i laugh to myself, and then look around hoping no one saw us, then i realised we were in town and a few people where staring he said coldy
"what are you all looking at?" giving the closest person his darkest stare
soon eveyone grew a little scarwed or weary he couldn't tell whice and got away as soon as possible. Placing dark-tooth on the ground he began to walk, the liitle pokemon not scared nips at his heels from time to time
"you know poochyena you still don't know your nickname, you're called Dark-Tooth is that ok?"
Rai asked the pokemon, all it did was nod, and they were both happy though they didn't show it
Though he was trying to be careful he bumped into someone and hear the clack of chains...

February 20th, 2006, 2:12 PM
Jen had been playing around with Cinna, laughing and running, and playing games. Down the road they went Playing pointless games and such. Jen and Cinna were now panting and sweaty, "You see, this is why I hate gym. My motto for it is, 'All you do is run around in circles, shoot balls into a hoop, and all you gain is sweat!'" Jen closed her eyes and panted. She heard her Eevee calling. "Eevee! Ee!" WHich probably meant something like "Hey! Look! Another Eevee-- and growlithe! Let's go see what's up!" Or it could have possible been... "Can I have another Eevasnack?" It's hard to tell them apart.
Whatever it was, Jen saw the pokemon, too, and their trainers. She recognized the trainer with the growlithe from when she had gotten Cinna, not to long ago. She didn't know someone else had requested an Eevee from the professor....

Jen dragged herself over to the two pokemon trainers. "...Hi, ... My... name is... Jen." Jen looked up at the two trainers, and got sorta freaked out with Shiko Aginawa, Even though he looked friendly enough.

February 20th, 2006, 2:21 PM
[OOC:Kirky, I'll just kinda asume that the clack of chains comment was meaning that you bumped into me.]

Shiko jumped a little from someone bumping into him. He turned around and looked at this person with a smile, "Hi there. What's your name?"

He looked the boy up and down, "You certainly have a kind appearance. My name is Shiko Aginawa." His eyes traveled to the Poocheyena, "Oh! It's so cute!!"

Hearing another person's voice, he looked up toward Jen, "Well, hi. I seem to be meeting a whole bunch of people today. That makes me happy. Hee hee! Nice to meet you, Jen. As you might have just heard me tell this person, my name is Shiko Aginawa. And this is my Eevee, Kitsuni!"

His gaze traveled to Jen's Eevee, "Oh! Neat. Another Eevee trainer. Heheh."

February 20th, 2006, 2:21 PM
Toren first looked at the boy who had bumped into Shiko, and stared curiously at him for a moment before tilting his head because he heard someone approaching from behind him. He then turned fully around, and kicked Growlithe lightly to sinal for him to turn around as well.

Toren looked up and down at the girl, running through his memory to find where he had seen her before. Finally, it hit him. Like with Shiko, he remembered the girl from back at the Lab, he believed that she had also picked an Eevee, like Shiko, and he noticed that he had been correct because he saw an Eevee following closely beside her.

"Hey...Oh yes, I recognize you from the lab. i see that you picked an Eevee, what a rare Pokemon. It's nice to meet you.."

He said, giving off a faint smile and extending his hand out towards her, shrugging a little bit and trying to remain relatively calm.

Growlithe, growling slightly at Toren, turned around and stared curiously into the eyes of Cinna, the Eevee that stood before him in other words. He barked a little bit to see of she would flinch, but then started to laugh a bit to signal that he was just kidding and then barked out something.

"Growlithe, Grow! {Hmm, who are you? I'm Growlithe, Toren here hasn't given me a name yet...}"

February 20th, 2006, 2:25 PM
"i am Rai'Andure Kaine, but yeah call me Rai" He exclaimed
then looking down to poochyenda and looking back
"And this is Dark-tooth, she tahnks you for your comment on her being cute* i say a little slyly, then i see someone else take Shiko's attention, so while he wans't looking at him Rai trired to slip away, he liked these people but they would never accept him...

February 20th, 2006, 2:31 PM
Riddel's disgusted expression was well shown as she stared into the happy faces of the trainers who'd gotten their own pokemon. How...unnatural. Like there was no care in the world. She looked down at her Ariados, which also seemed uneffected by the scene, or, by the clamor of people who seemed to be having the time of their lives.

"People." Riddel said simply shaking her head.

<'Humans.'> Ariados corrected her <'But I'd like a nickname if that's alright with you.'>

Riddel sighed and said "Maybe later. Let's get somewhere first. Maybe I'll nickname you after our first battle agreed?" She asked resting a hand on one of Ariados's yellow and elongated legs, which bent over underneath it.

<'Sure thing.'> Ariados said turning around so Riddel could climb aboard.

Sitting down on Ariados's abdomen, the trip to Viridian would be much shorter this way "Hey, let's stop by the pokemart first thing when we get to Viridian deal?"

<'What about the pokemon center?'> Ariados asked.

"Stop complicating things." Riddel replied "We'll go there afterwards."

OOC: Short yes, but I'm dying to ask this question. When will the sky 'flash red'?

Edit---wrong RP.

February 20th, 2006, 3:27 PM
Shiko turned around, toward Rai, "Aw. Are you leaving already? We just met 'n all. You don't want to meet these other two?"

He grasped the boy's wrist in a friendly way and tugs him over.

"Or are we bad people to you?" One of his fox ears drooped, but he quickly moved it back to its straight position so as to try and cover that secret.

His mind, once again, began racing, "OH crap! I almost blew the secret again. Jeeze! I gotta be more careful!!"

Kitsuni squeaked. Shiko bent down to pick him up and carry him in his arms, scratching behind one of his large ears.

February 20th, 2006, 6:34 PM
Cinna blinked and then gave out a little shriek in delight! "Eevee Ee! Eevee eevee!" WHich probably meant something like, "Hey! A new friend! Sweet! I'm Cinna." Jen smiled weakly. She looked over at Toren. "Not that rare, but it is rare for it to be a female." SHe smiled weakly again, and Looked over at Shiko. "Like the look..." She then shook his hand softly and, yet again, smiled weakly. It was basically part of her greeting someone.

She looked down at her pokemon, interested in Growlithe. "Nice Growlithe..." She said slowly and softly. As I said, she isn't exactly a social butterfly.
Cinna and Growlithe ran around Jen and Toren. What a day. First, Jen had gotten her pokemon, and found out how playful it really was. Next, Cinna had met a Starmie at the park and a Growlithe on the street. Jen had just made two new friends, hopefully, and finally, all put together, Jen had finally started the beginning of an action-packed pokemon-filled adventure.

February 20th, 2006, 7:07 PM
Riddel narrowed her right eye at the peculiar boy with...fox traits. She definetly didn't want to be seen in public with him, how her foster parents would scream if they saw her hanging out with a crazy inuyasha cosplayer, but her sharp eye, the one that caught every slight movement, was sure those weren't extremely fake...or at least the impression was so.

Riddel merely watched from the distance and maintained that distance. Those people...so blunt...so...'HI MY NAME IS BLAH, WHAT'S YOURS?!'. Did they ever hear the rule 'don't give your name to strangers?'

<'Why don't you go over there?'> Ariados asked, looking up and crawling around in a bored fashion.

"Because they're people. People are bad. And they can't be trusted...but it should be fun to try out a battle. You wanna try it out so you can get your nickname?" Riddel asked her giant spider.

<'I dunno, we're just beginnners....'> Ariados mumbled.

"And what makes them not beginners?" Riddel asked.

<'D*mn you're good...'> He replied as he crawled over to the group of people. He sensed his trainers growing disgust which each step of his six legs, her own two legs crossed over and under one another as she let her feet rest about 2 inches above the ground beside his head. Before getting into earshot of the pokemon and humans, Ariados shook his head and said <'Urgh. All those pokemon are so cute they make me wanna puke...and aren't you being blunt?'>

"Didn't you hear of the rule if I see ya you can't turn down my challenge?" Riddel asked as she rested her hand on one of the pokemon's moving legs "Besides, once we get to Viridian we can get you rested up and all that crap."

<'Ki dokie.'> Ariados mumbled as it stopped about 7 feet away from the gaggle of humans.

"Hey, any of you up for a test battle?" Riddel asked, a smirk unfurling along her pale face, long locks of indigo falling in her blank green eyes "To just try out our new pokemon and their attacks you know."

<'Oh yes, it doesn't get much more blunt then that.'> Ariados said sighing <'I'll never understand you crazy humans. And I'll never understand why you trap innocent pokemon in teeny weeny pokeballs where you force them to sleep on uncomfortable metal things, but that's a different issue.'>

Riddel sweatdropped. Man this pokemon sure knew how to talk!!!

OOC: It doesn't matter who battles me, I just want to try out a battling sequence in RPing. It'll kill the length of my posts, but it'll be fun!

February 20th, 2006, 8:19 PM
His sense of danger started to prickle, and caused him to turn his head. He could not understand why this girl was looking so unfriendly at him, but he gave a weak smile of friendliness, nonetheless.

When this person came over, and offered a battle, he looked down at the Ariados crawling about the ground. Shiko leaned over to Toren and spoke.

"You should take her on. She has a bug-type. And your Growlithe is fire. It's a sure win." He giggled, slightly. He jumped once so as the wiggling of his tail appeared to be caused by this jumping.

February 20th, 2006, 9:35 PM
OOC: Aaaarghh! Leave me in the dust why don't you...never mind, Jake's not the type to go fanatsysing with other people. Just to let everyone know from now on, all Pokèspeech shall be posted in "<>"s becaue it's useless just typing out a line of gibberish. We can all understand our own Pokèmon, but nobody elses, understood. Also, we all head over for Viridian, and when we're just about to step inside the city, the world flashes "blue" (yes Naoko, wrong RPG), and we pass out. Take your time, however.


Jake looked at the other people, all shook his head sadly. These people, so ignorant of what life really was. They thought that a Pokèmon journey was full of happiness and fun. Couldn't they see what they were heading in for? They would just kill themselves sooner or later if they kept up that attitude. Just look at them, wandering up to the other people, and introducing themselves

That girl with the Ariados was smart, though.

Jake plucked Cyndaquill's pokè-ball from his belt, and chucked the orb into the air. It snapped open, flooding the vicinity with a pallid light, before the light wore off, and Cyndaquill was left. It truly was a weak Pokèmon. So small, and so insignificant. It's eyes were screwed up aganist the sunlight, but then he saw Jake and screamed.

<AAAAHHH! Big Meanie!> he wailed, running away from Jake.

Jake looked sternly at the Cyndaquill as it hid behind a lampost, quivering with fear.

"You're scared of me?" Jake asked with a harsh laugh. "You're supposed to be strong, you little weakling!"

Jake didn't intend on being purposely harsh to the little. He wanted to show the Cyndaquill what true life was about. How it was not just fun and games, but actual pain and fear. h ethen turned over to the group of children there, and smiled.

"Are you ready to fight?"

<No, you meanie!> it squealed.

"How do you expect to get stronger, then?" Jake asked cynically.

With that, he scooped up the little Cyndaquill, and walked over to the other children there. He then turned to the girl with the Ariados.

"I'll battle you."

OOC: Yeah, I want to lose, so, yeah.

February 20th, 2006, 11:17 PM
Rai watched all the commotion, but never said a word, rather just walked forward to watch the battle, he was interested in the trainers battling styles, while dark-tooth stayed with the other pokemon.
He didn't know wether the cyndaquil would win, or lose, but he wanted to see what kind of battle it put up against an ariados, so he stood patiently waiting and watching

February 21st, 2006, 12:46 PM
Toren looked curiously at Jen for a moment, then shrugged his head and looked away, noticing that Shiko was leaning towards him and whispering something about him battling the girl who was just approaching.

"Battler her? I don't know..I mea, Ariados are very powerful Pokemon, and just a type advantage may not be enough to win.."

He frowned again, bending down towards the ground and whispering something into Growlithes ear. Shortly after having told him, he rose back up to his feet and looked curiously into his Pokemons eyes. He returned the look, and barked out a reply.

"<Sure! I know I'm not too experiencing at battling but I'd like to try one out...>"

Toren nodded and looked up at the girl, his eyes painted curiously as he noticed now the girl seemed to be so...independent(Yeah, that's a nice word XD). She seemed to be really keen on battling someone, and Toren still wasn't sure if he was up to it.

"Hey, I'll ba-...Never mind.."

He said, darting his eyes to the boy with a Cyndaquil in his arms who was now approaching the group. He looked very confident in himself, but the Cyndaquil in his arms looked very frightened of the bug Pokemon that it was about to battle with.

February 21st, 2006, 2:57 PM
Riddel promptly ignored the friendly smile the fox-cosplayer gave her. Ah, that's what the orphanage children called, 'too-friendly-suck-ups'? Maybe. She'd only ever met one suck-up, and well, she hoped never to meet another person as unnaturally cheerful as she had been.

Riddel sighed and shook her head, indigo strands swaying along, although they quickly fell back into their place, draped across her eyes.

"I guess I'm battling you." She muttered to the boy who'd come along carrying a cyndaquil. Type advantage. She'd done extensive studying in her room, but personal tutors, who were ancient and spoke in slow drawls, but her patience with elderly people gave her the upper hand in her studies but it wouldn't help in a real battle. It would just average out some odds, but in the end it really came to decisions.

"Hope you're ready." Riddel said, to both the other trainer and her Ariados "Now, name's aren't important to each other in battles are they? I doubt it's neccessary to reveal our names for a battle. Maybe some other time if we manage to bump into each other again how's that?"

She got up from her Ariados in a smooth, fluid movement, and pushed back her hair, and flipped it behind her shoulder "Since I've got an evolved pokemon, and your cyndaquil needs to power up it's flames, I'll let you go first, without intervention."

Ariados turned around and faced the cyndaquil in it's owners hands <'Gonna get a nickname after this, so this better be good short and stout one!'> It said bracing itself for a quick counterattack.

"Your cyndaquil doesn't look too happy to be here." Riddel said fingering a strand of hair that had strayed into her eyes again "I wonder why..." She said sarcastically as Ariados thrust his yellow legs up close to him in a sort of shield.

OOC: This doesn't mean Ariados won't dodge it, it just means we'll let you do the first command.

February 21st, 2006, 2:59 PM
Jen raised her eyebrow at this. Why was he acting so serious? How can you have fun in life if you're just serious all the time? Jen shrugged as her pokemon hopped into her hands.
<No fair! I wanted to battle!> Cinna whined.
"Sorry, maybe next time. We have to train against wild pokemon first... so you can get stronger." Jen hugged her pokemon and waited for the pokemon battle to start.
Cyndaquil against a Ariados. Jen surely thought the Cyndiquil was going to win with the advantage of being a fire type, but then she noticed how weak it looked and was more towards Ariados in winning. Cinna laid down by her trainer, tongue-bathing herself.
<What? Pokemon have to stay clean, you know.> Cinna said when she noticed that Jen raised her eyebrow at her. Jen didn't know what to do next-- should they leave and go train after the battle, or stay with these guys, that they hardly knew? Well, Jen had to hurry on her decision, because the battle, she thought, would be over fairly quickly. "Cinna, what do you think we should do? train or stay with these guys?" Jen asked. Cinna, still bathing happily, was too lazy to reply. Jen sighed. "We can never get along if you never listen to me..." Jen put her hands on her hips.
<I'm listening, It's just my tongue is filled with my hair and so I am temporarily unable to reply.> Cinna spat out a hairball before she could say this. Jen rolled her eyes. The pokemon battle had begun, apparently. Jen stared at the pokemon, trying to figure out who had a better chance of winning. Hrmm... I wonder how weak that Ariados is. It looks fairly strong to me. Cyndaquil has a fire-type advantage, but then again it's so weak... Jen was trying to act... logical, shall we say? Because if she wanted to become a pokemon master, she would have to know everything she could about battles, pokemon, and more.

February 22nd, 2006, 12:32 AM

"Cyndaquill, are you ready for this?" Jake asked, ignoreing the jibe from the Ariados-girl about Cyndaquill's weakness. "You heard that, didn't you. They called you weak! Are you going to just stand there!" he roared.

Cyndaquill flinched, and replied, <I was planning on doing that...>

Ignoring Cyndaquill's atempt to get out of the battle, Jake called out the first command. "Use Swift!"

Cyndaquill's mouth opened up, and fired several star-like projectlies, right in the direction of Ariados.

February 22nd, 2006, 8:26 AM
Rai wasn't astounded by cyndaquils obvious weakness, but like any pokemon cyndaquil could over come those weaknesses
"C'mon cyndaquil, and it's trainer, you cna beat her" i yelled as i felt all my pride fill the air,
i only hopen he would accept my back up rthet than shun me for it, i guess i had to wait and see...

February 22nd, 2006, 2:51 PM
Riddell smirked, almost laughing and said "Alright Ariados, dodge and then use stringshot to disperse that attack, and counter with Scary face!"

'This guys even got a cheerleading squad. How cute!' Riddell though sarcastically as Ariados jumped to the side, shot a stringy web like substance from it's two pincer like fangs before it's mouth and contracted each fiber to turn and surround the little golden stars, cutting each in half and stopping it in it's tracks.

It crawled back into it's original spot in the blink of an eye and the world around the battle seemed to dim a little darker as Ariados's eyes narrowed into tiny slits, just open enough to show his usually purple tinted eyes glowing blood red, the shadow's cast upon his face by his surrounding striped legs only accented the move into an even more frightening expression, and to add even more effect, he clicked his fangs together, as though he was hungry for the little cyndaquil before him.

Stifling more laughter, Riddel was interested to know how the boy would react to this move, which really would do no physical harm to his pokemon.

February 23rd, 2006, 12:56 AM
"What?" Jake yelled in astonishment as the stars just flew past Ariados, "that attack should have hit, no matter what the cost!"

He then turned to look at the boy who was cheering for Cyndaquill, and gave him a sneer that would have been worthy of even the meanest of people. He turned back to the battle, happy that he had just chased this kid off, and then concetrated on what was happening.

Ariados has just used a Scary Face attack, one which would surely intimidate Cyndaquill, and that, it did. Jake could see the Cyndaquill writhing in fear, but the power of the Scary Face made it impossible for Cyndaquill to turn away. This woul really be a test for Cyndaquill's skill. And a fruitful one, Jake hoped.

"Use Agility before firing another Swift. This time, make it hard for Ariados to dodge, until I say stop, let the Swifts flow!"

Cyndaquill begn to dart in circles around Ariados, moving at such a speed that it appeared a blur to Jake. However, Ariados seemed to follow Cyndaquill's every movement. Cyndaquill opened its mouth again, and began to fire many swifts as it continued to run in circles.

OOC: Sorry if I bunnied Ariados, but I did make him look good...

February 23rd, 2006, 9:41 AM
looked at the boy and saw his look of sneer,
"oh yeah whatever dude! doesn't mean i wont cheer anyless"
i said giving him a dark look,
"and shiko, why didn't you want me to leave i aint useful here or anywhere?" he asked sadly
he hoped no one would notice anything in his words and the atmosphere he realised he was emmitting was strong, dark-tooth senses it straight away and began to growl deeply and darkly

February 23rd, 2006, 10:29 AM
“Ariados!” Riddel called quickly “Use agi-“

But her reaction came a little too late, as Ariados was pelted with golden stars. It moved backward a few steps before shaking it’s head, eyes jammed shut, as it’s scary face attack was rudely interrupted.

Riddel scowled and said “Fine, stop that Cyndaquil’s agility with Spider Web!” She called as the spider pokemon recouperated itself shakily, quickly shaking the shock from it’s head as it ran around and around the battlefield, a kind of string shot emitted from it’s abdomen and it’s mouth as it spun a giant web, that seemed to hang off the branches and rooftops surrounding the field.

“And then use poison sting!” Riddel commanded as Ariados walked upon the sinewy webbing, looking as though it was floating in mid-air, close enough to the little fire pokemon to get a clean shot without destroying his own defense mechanism. Riddel knew Ariados would be much faster on his spider web, his agility would rise sharply as the boy’s cyndaquil’s speed would plummet. The only bad thing was that the spider web was so easily broken apart, but that was no major issue, if the boy decided to use swift to get rid of some of the web, the stringy ‘stuff’ hanging from the back of his abdomen would quickly replace the broken.

Ariados released a barrage of sharp white stick-like venom from his fangs, the poison filled sticks aimed directly for the Cyndaquil surrounded by webbing.

February 23rd, 2006, 12:22 PM
Toren stared in awe at the girl who was fighting the boy with the Cynda

February 23rd, 2006, 12:29 PM
Toren stared in awe how how careful the girl fighting with the Ariados was. She planned her tactics well, and knew how to battle effectively. She had ensnared the Cyndaquil in a web to slow it down and make the perfect target for an attack, and now she was currently having the bug Pokemon attack with Poison Sting, a lethal attack if used correctly.

"Wow....She is good. I wonder where she learned how to make such top-notch moves..."

He wondered, staring in disbelief as the battle went on. He didn't want the Cyndaquil to be hurt too badly, but right now it looked as if Cyndaquil was in for a very rough time.

Growlithe, who had been lying on the ground, twitched his ears a little but and perked up when he heard the sounds of the battle. He opened his eyes and looked at the Ariados, who was now preparing an attack for the Cyndaquil. He growled a little, and began barking a little bit at the Bug Pokemon, but Toren whispered a loud "hush!" and bent down to to the ground, covering the Pokemon's mouth. Growlithe whimpered a little bit, then rolled his eyes and watched the battle quietly.

EDIT: Sorry about the double post, I have no idea what happened O.O;;

February 23rd, 2006, 12:33 PM
Strangely Rai wasn't impressed or stunned as much as he should be, he wondered what was wrong with him
"yeah have a good battle" he yelled to the boy with the cyndaquil
"nice moves with the ariados" he said to the girl, with of course, the ariados
he began to walk away, dark-tooth at my heels, he hoped no one would stop him, but if they did oh well
dark-tooth felt his emotion and portrayed them too well
"hide it" Rai said harshly
dark-tooth did her best till they could get far enough away...

February 23rd, 2006, 2:10 PM
Cinna gave a sort of growl to herself at the Ariados trainer. "Go, Cyndaquil!" Jen shouted out randomly. "You can do it!" She didn't even care if Cyndaquil's trainer treated her like they did Rai. She can do what she wants when she wants and where she wants. Jen stared down at Cinna. Cinna had her eyes narrowed, staring and growlings lightly at Ariados.
"Yeah Cinna, weird. How is a beginning trainer supposed to know all of these things... instantly? It's insane, I'll tell ya." Jen rolled her eyes.
"But, Cinna, Imma train you good and over time. Not... just..like..that. It's just creepy. How about we train on one pokemon everyday, if we can find one?" Jen had no intention of watching the battle any longer, but something told her to stay put. She patted her pokemon on the furry head, and Cinna blinked.
Jen chuckled and scooped her Eevee into her arms, spinning 'round and 'round. "We will have tons of fun together, Cinna, I promise." Jen twirled round, Cinna was getting dizzy, and the battle continued.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:17 PM
Toren continued to watched the battle, but then shrugged his head and looked down at Growlithe, patting him and motioning for the little, Fire Pokemon to follow him as he walked along. He was growing rather bored, and hoped to reach Viridian City before it become too late in the day. He wanted to stay with everyone else, but something told his to leave and head for the next city.

"Come on. I know you wanted to stay and play, but we really have to go..."

He muttered, trying to coax Growlithe to follow him. The little dog kept shrugging, but then saw that Toren wasn't going to give up and so followed after him. Toren smiled when he noticed that Growlithe was going to listen, and rubbed his friend for a moment before starting to walk again.

Now, they had walked quite a ways away now. He turned back a little to watch the battle for a second, but he could barely see it now, so he frowned and turned around again, starting to walk away once more as before, Growlithe trailing after him depressingly.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:23 PM
Jen noticed him leaving, and, haveing no intention in the battle whatsoever, Jen started to follow. Panting, she looked back at her Cinna, sitting there, watching. "Cinna! Follow! I'll give you some Eevasnax..." Jen made it sound tempting. She always got her way. Cinna licked her lips and caught up to Jen. "Here ya go," Jen grabbed the aluminum bag out of her backpack, and let some of the soft round balls fall into her palm. She tossed on in the air, and Cinna caught it. "Good girl!" Jen's eyes lit up. Jen shook her head and then ran to catch up with the Trainer. Jen looked behind her, her Cinna, this time, was following. Jen looked back ahead of her and realised she was about to bump into Toren. "Hey," SHe panted, "Wait up!" She stopped and put her hands on her knees.

Cinna headbutted her, making Jen losing her balance and falling over. "Cinna!" Jen stood up with her arm slightly scraped and bleeding. "Ugh," She winced and fell back onto the concrete, breathing heavily.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:29 PM
Toren continued to run along, barely hearing what Jen had said, But he did, and turned around curiously to see what she was doing. He jumped back a little in surprise when he noticed how close she was, and that she was panting, apparently from having run a lot.

"What are you doing? Why are you following after me?..."

He said, putting a curious look on his face and bending down to the ground to look her in the face so he would be able to hear her clearly, not like last time when she was shouting at him to wait up.

Growlithe, who had been running ahead of Toren, noticed that his tainer was no longer following and so ran back, panting a little bit and letting his tail sway freefully behind him. His eyes darted inbetween Cinna and Jen, recognizing them as the girls from before. He wondered why they had followed as well.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:44 PM
"Well.." Jen still stared at her arm. "I wasn't interested in watching the battle, so I decided to try to keep up with. But if you don't want me here..." Jen shed fake tears and spun around. She started dragging her legs with the rest of her body. "Come on, Cinna, we're not wanted here." If anyone was good at Guilt-trips, it was Jen. As I said, Jen ALWAYS gets what she wants.... Always.
Jen was hoping her plan would work, for she would do anything to get away from The battling trainers... they were just acting weird. But Jen didn't want to leave the fox-person, what Jen calls him. He seemed so nice... She was hoping he would come, too. The sound of rocks sliding under Jen's shoe got annoying, after awhile, But Jen still kept going, hopefully Toren would fall for her guilts trip, Just like everyone else.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:51 PM
Toren sighed and and walked after her, grabbing her shoulder with his hand and holding on so that she wouldn't move forward anymore. It looked like a rather ackward scene, with her trying to move but with him making it so that she couldn't.

"It's not I don't want you here, just curious as to why you want to. I'm more of a loner, and never really been around people much..."

He said, frowning and then turning back around, letting Jen walk ahead again.

"Oh, go on ahead and get back to the others. I'll be perfectely fine by myself. I've been alone most of my life and I'll be fine now.."

He said, sighing and calling for Growlithe to follow along with him. Growlithe whined a little bit, and then sighed and followed after Toren, wishing that he didn't have to exactly the opposite of everything that he(Growlithe) wanted to do. That annoyed him a little bit, but he was trying to be loyal and obey his faithful trainer.

February 23rd, 2006, 11:29 PM
OOC: I'm changing to first person. I RP better in first person.


I stared in horor at my bound up Cyndaquill, completely helpless by the String Shot from Ariados. This girl knew her stuff. I felt happy that at least I had had a good battle, and looked down at Cyndaquill, who was writhing in the string. It wasn't over just yet...

"Cyndaquill! Quick Attck!"

Cyndaquill saw the intelligence in that attack, but before he could carry it out, the poisonous white needles flew through the air, and struck Cyndaquill hard on the face, sending him flying through the air. He landed on his stomach, and began to cry painfully.

He was poisoned.

I ran as fast as my legswould take me, and fell at Cyndaquill's side, looking into its eyes. I picked it up, and hugged it tightly in my arms as it slowly began to lose health.

"I forfeit," I muttered to the Ariados-girl, and before waiting for a reply, I walked away.

Cyndaquill was in pain, and I could see that. I ran as fast as I could, away from the other trainers, tears welling up in my eyes. I held Cyndaquill close.


February 24th, 2006, 2:41 PM
“Hey wait a second!” Riddel called after the boy, as Ariados removed the spider webs around the area

“I…guess not.” She mumbled placing a hand on her hip as she fingered an antidote. She’d been dying to try out this strategy she’d thought up with one of the more elderly tutors, but she didn’t think she’d be testing it out on such a small and beginning pokemon. Riddel knew that she’d be carrying around at least one or two antidotes with her from now on, she didn’t think Ariados’s poison would be so powerful. But it was a win nonetheless, and Riddel gave Ariados an encouraging pat.

“Good job, but next time, lay off on the poison. Your opponents not going to be your dinner, so you don’t have to poison them that badly.” Riddel said, her face passive, though on the inside, she felt slight guilt for crushing the two in their first battle.

<’Hey, I was just doin’ as I was told.’>

“Whatever…Dart.” Riddel muttered, not turning to look at the people behind her, who she could’ve sworn were jeering at her for giving the boy such little chance to rebound an attack.

<’Awesome.’> Dart said as he crawled around to let Riddel climb aboard.

“Let’s get to Viridian then. Not much to see here anymore wouldn’t you agree?” She asked crossing one leg over the other as she sat upon the newly nicknamed spider.

<’Sure. I’ll get you there in a flash…or, I would’ve had I not battled beforehand, but I’ll get you there.’> Dart said as he crawled away from the scene. He’d easily taken down the webbing he’d produced with two well aimed fury swipes <’But once we get there, we’re hanging out at the pokemon center deal?’>

“Sure, hopefully we don’t run into that guy with the cyndaquil though he didn’t look too happy.” Riddel said shaking her head.

<’Yeah, well, life’s unfair, you learn that after trying to evolve for a million billion years.’> Dart said rolling his eyes as he trudged down the pathway, not bothering to be graceful anymore, but rather, tromping down as though he was a big burly metagross.

February 24th, 2006, 2:47 PM
Rai seen the boy take heed of his pokemons pain, he was clever
the guy done the right thing, he's clever he thought to himself
"Hey dark-tooth lets get to viridian, we need to battle along the way as well, i want you to be strong, i want you to believe in me, and i'll believe in you" he said the the little black dog , scooping her up into his arms and holding her tight
"You're my only friend, and i need your help, and as they say a friend in need is a freind indeed" he chuckeled

Dark-tooth didn't look to happy, she jumped down from his arms and bounded away from him angrily, he was concerned but he felt it better nto to annoy her,
"lets just get to Viridian shall we?" he asked her, she nodded simply, he wasn't to far awy from the battle area now, but he still hoped no oen would see him or follow him...

February 24th, 2006, 6:58 PM
OOC: I think I'll do first-person too XD
IC: I stared over at Toren, tears, real ones, forming in my eyes. I winced and then headed...wherever my legs would take me. I was too sensitive, and I didn't understand, I thought, So he doesn't want me here... I knew it. I will never becom a pokemon trainer. Then, I didn't even care if my pokemon was following me. What did it matter? I was never going to become a pokemon trainer anyway. So what's the use.

I sobbed into my hands as I fell onto the cement. Now, not just my arm was in pain and bloody, but also my two knees, Great. Perfect. Just perfect. I felt my pokemon annoyingly head butt me, as if she really cared. I didn't believe it. I was miserable, why would anyone care for me? I just didn't believe it.

When I looked up with my face red, I saw a town ahead, not far off. I returned to the sobbing-in-my-hands motion. My scrapes. They burned horribly. I had to get the wounds healed; they would probably never heal themself, and they would get infected soon. What a day.

Why can't I just stay out of people's business?! He wants to be alone, and he doesn't want anyone else with him. How can I be so stupid?! I don't even know him. All I know is that he doesn't want me there. Another annoying headbutt underrupted my thinking.

"Ci...cinna." I sobbed in a muffled voice. "You're the only friend I have, and I don't want to lose you. I make a fool of myself in front of humans, none of them know how sensitive I am, either. Cinna, please stick with me."
Cinna looked up at me, with her eyes glistening.
<A friend in need is a friend indeed. I need you and you need me.> (XDXD)

February 24th, 2006, 7:08 PM
Toren stopped in his tracks and sighed faintly, turning around slowly and then looking back at Jen, rolling his eyes. He took a couple steps forward, standing over top of her and looking down, noticing that she seemed to have many minor injuries all over her body, had Cinna head-butting her and speaking, and then sobbing, for real this time, and occasionally burying her face in her hands.

"Wow....you really know your way around that gilt card. But I guess..."

He said, sitting down knees first on the ground and twisting his head, trying to get a glimpse of her face.

"Erm...I'm assuming that you're not okay? Here, let's go to the Pokemon Center.."

He said, standing back up and sticking his hand out as a gesture to pull her up to her feet. He hope that she would actually accept for the offer, for if he had decided to come back and help and she wouldn't accept it then he would be pretty annoyed at the prospect.

February 24th, 2006, 7:30 PM
Riddel neared Viridian and saw two of the original spectators of the battle. One on the ground, obviously crying and the other looked reluctant, but was holding out a hand to help her up. She faintly remembered that the girl on the ground was the girl who'd suggested the boy, who was holding his hand out, to battle her. Or was it someone else? Agh, Riddel didn't even slightly care.

"Bypass em'." Riddel muttered to Dart who nodded as he went around the duo, leaving them in peace to sort out their own issue's.

After they were a few feet away, Riddel said to Dart "First stop Pokemon Center then right Dart?"

<'Yes'm.'> Dart said cheerfully.

"Don't." Riddel replied simply.

<'Don't what?'> Dart asked trying to turn his head around to look at Riddel, but was unsuccessful.

"Don't be an idiot." Riddel said as they entered Viridian "Yeow!" She sheltered her eyes with her arm as a bright light emitted from entrance of Viridian City.

"ALRIGHT Which idiot was bright enough to use FLASH in the middle of the day?!" Riddel snarled moodily, but her breath was instantly caught in her throat.

Where was she? and...

Where was Dart???!!!

February 24th, 2006, 7:47 PM
I looked up, and smiled. "The first time was guilt trip. Now..." I closed my eyes and when I opened them again...
I choked.
I twirled around, hoping very much that Toren, Cinna, and everyone else had stayed put. They hadn't. Or maybe I didn't saty put, and they did. Because where I was didn't look familiar... at all.
I continued to weep in my hands, hoping all of my troubles would fly away in the breeze. Too bad. I looked up again, and I was in the same exact spot. No one else with me.
I burst out yelling and crying and sobbing, things like, "Cinna! Where are you, girl! Please stay with me... please.." and, "Why do I feel like I'm alone and always will be? Where am I?! Someone please tell me!" I continued sobbing, salty tears falling onto my denim jeans. One fell on the open cut on one of my stinging painful knees. "Agh!" I screamed. My voice echoed. I grabbed my knee with both hands, rocking back and fourth, still on the ground. When I built up the courage to check out my palm, it was bloody red. I winced. "LET THIS DAY BE OVER WITH!" "with" echoed quite a bit through the open space. I wiped my hand off and continued to sob. "I should've just stayed home in my bedroom." I whispered to myself, along with many other personal notes.

February 24th, 2006, 7:56 PM
"AGH Pipe down!" Riddel snapped as she heard someone yell 'let this day be overwith' "Oh hey it's you." She said, boredly, as she turned from her spot. She was definetly not close to the girl, but she was definetly close enough to hear a shrill scream.

<'ggggyyyyYYYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!'> A yell sounded as it got progressively louder <'IIIIIIIiiiiIIII DDDDOOON'TTTTT WAAAANT TOOOO FLLLY YEEEEET!!!!'> It yelled as a writhing spider came crashing down from the sky.

Even with all this yelling and dramatization, Dart still landed cleanly on all four legs, unscathed and unharmed. He'd been fortunate enough to land in front of the girl and he yelped <'Oh my god! I've DIED!'>

"Stop hallucinating she's just got cuts and stuff! You're so rude!" Riddel said walking up and whacking Dart across the head "Sure took you long enough to get here. Now you, get up off the ground and we'll get you something for your cuts, but nothings gonna happen if you sit there and brood." She snapped "We'll find your pokemon, and we'll get out of...wherever we are."

<'Not like you're not rude yourself.'> Dart muttered.

"Quiet! I'm trying to figure out if I've seen this place in a textbook or something..." Riddel muttered as she turned around and around, looking for someone....anyone...a building perhaps...something other then trees and grass!!!

<'...Evolution sucks.'> Dart muttered as he looked up into the sky <'All dreams of flying are now shattered.'> He said in a monotone as though he was a person on an intercom.

February 24th, 2006, 7:58 PM
OOC: hmm, I wonder if we're allowed to just make it so we disappeared already. I wonder if DS(Deathspector) is supposed to do it? Eh, whatever X.X X.X

Toren suddenly grabbed his head in pain. Everything was spinning, and he felt so dizzy that it was almost unreal. And then, almost in the blink of an eye, he was lying on the ground, spread eagle, and wincing as his head was still hurting. He slowly sat up, opening his eyes cautiously and looking around, gasping in surprise.

"W-where, am I? Where's Jen, Cinna, Growlithe?"

He said, standing and lifting his hand to his forehead, wishing that his head wasn't hurting so much. The pain combined with the confusion or being transported somewhere proved to be a very confusing experience for Toren.


He shouted, hoping that his little friend would be able to hear him. Nobody seemed to be around, and it was as if he had been thrown on some sort of isolated island by himself, which, when he thought about it, was a very terrifying thought. Unfortunately for Jen, Toren couldn't hear her screams, despite the loudness....and echoing.

February 24th, 2006, 8:21 PM
I raised my eyebrow curiously at the Ariados. "Oh! It's you. Nice battle, by the way." I was a fantastic mood changer. I can go from sad to excited, from lost to friendly and hyper. It's just me. I smiled sweetly at the Ariados, and saw the trainer say something to it. "Are you the owner of the Ariados?" I asked cautiously, still holding my knee. At that moment, I felt the familiar annoying head-butt on my arm. "CINNA!" I squealed, and I squeezed her tight. "You're alright! For a second there, I'd thought I'd lost you." I let go as soon as my arm started stinging again. "Yeah... medical attention would be nice, better than sitting here in pain." I winced again. "It stings... I hope it's not infected yet..." I winced even harder, seeing only black.
Cinna head-butted me yet again, on my arm, and I howled in pain. "Agh! Cinna, please don't head butt me there no more, not until I get my wounds healed. You can head-butt me on the other arm, though!" I added cheerfully. Cinna raced around me to my other arm, and continuously gave me her anoying-head-butt treatment. At least I know I had a friend around.

February 24th, 2006, 8:45 PM
Toren looked around calmly, wincing occasionally as sometimes the pain flared up for no reason at all. He was hoping to find someone, anyone, around, but right now it looked as if he wouldn't be able to find anybody.

"I hope everyone is okay, especially Growlithe. I can't imagine him out there all by himself, I hope he's okay.."

He said, frowning and stumbling along, almost tripping because he couldn't focus well from all the pain inside his head. Everything was blurry, and he was occasionally tripping over something simple like a tree root in the ground.


He said, stopping where he was and wincing, still holding his head. Whenever he opened his eyes, he saw two of everything around him. Two trees, two Pidgey flying through the air...when in reality, there was only one of each. Toren could barely wlka, for if he did, he would probably just collapse because of the lack of vision.

February 24th, 2006, 10:51 PM
OOC: Woah! Slow down, people. I barely get in three posts on each page. I wasn't planning on leaving so soon, but okay. We all get knocked out, and wake up in a forest. From there onwards, you may do as you please...XP.


Cyndaquill was shivering in pain as his life slowly drained away. The poison from the Ariados' Poison Sting was taking its toll, and if I didn't get Cyndaquill to the Pokèmon Centre fast, It'd be likely that I'll never see my friend again. My friend...friend...

I held Cyndaquill close to me, and ran as fast as I could away from Pallet Town. I didn't want the people there to think I was a weakling, especially not so soon after I began my journey as a Pokèmon Trainer. No, I'd go to Viridian City and heal Cyndaquill there, and then...well, we'll see.

Suddenly, as I kept running I saw a bright blue light ahead of me. Without thinking, I ran staright inro it, thinking that I would find help. All I found was trouble.

OOC: Ignore the post. ****, I can't type properly right now...

February 25th, 2006, 3:09 AM
A while before : Rai and Dark-tooth where attacked by a band of rattata, Dark-tooth done her best to fight back, but in the end Rai saw it was useless, but suddenly there was a bright blash and there was no one, none of the rattata, no dark-tooth
He tried to yell but the words wouldn't come, he tried to run but no nothign would happen

Present: He just couldn't believe he lost his pokemon already, all he could remember was the wailing of dark-tooth as the rattata beat on her, what had he done? but then he heard it a scruffiling in the bushes a growl, and a whimper, he went to investigate hoping that it would be dark-tooth...

February 25th, 2006, 6:56 AM
Toren continued to stumble along, still holding his head and trying to find his way around. It had let up a little bit, allowing him to move, but he was still feeling little bad so it was hardly any better than before.

Growlithe...Jen...Cinna....Shiko....that girl....Ariados....Jake..Eevee....Cyndaquil...I wonder where they all are...

He thought to himslef, tripping over something unnoticed and collapsing on the ground, wincing slightly and looking up towards the sky. Since he had fallen down, hard, not only was his head hurting but the rest of his body as well. Unlike his head, the pain from his body would pronanly disappear soon anyway.

Toren, while lying there, thought he could hear faint voices and barking in the distance, but he felt so bad that he could barely recognize any sound around him. He was still curious as to where he was, and being in extreme pain certainly wasn't helping anything.

February 25th, 2006, 7:03 AM
"The biggest question is, is where the h*ll is the godd*mned pokemon center??!!" Riddel shouted, getting frustrated "Come on you. Obviously if we stick around here we're not going to find anything." She only had a pokemon first-aid kit in her sidebag, but it would be extremely stupid to use one of those on a human.

She walked a few steps ahead and squinted to see any kind of...civilization possible. But not yet, no sir.

"If you can't walk yourself get onto Dart that way we can move faster without having a limp in the party." Riddel said motioning to the Ariados who saluted with one of his sharp claw-like legs.

<'You can count on me!'> Dart paused and glared at Riddel, <'And couldn't you be slightly nicer then to call her a 'limp'?'>

"No." Riddel replied bitterly "Now let's go already."

<'Fine miss prissy pants.'> Dart said hauling the girl onto his abdomen with a string shot that held her around the waist <'If anything hurts to move, just tell me, and I'll string shot it. Don't worry, I have a variety of string shots, poisoned, sticky, and just plain...sinew...like...string...'>

With a lack of larger vocabulary words, Dart was having trouble describing the last one and Riddel finally snapped "In english, it's not harmful."

<'Yeah that!'> Dart said <'Comin?'> He asked the Eevee, bending down on his legs so that she could climb aboard as well <'Yer trainer's gonna haftah hold you though, this ride is a full flight!'>

"D*mn that annoying barking...Wait what?" Riddel looked up after a long moment of running with Dart quick behind her, and saw the growlithe with one of the idiots earlier "Hey, it's your boyfriend." Riddel said to the girl "At least...I think it is..."

OOC: Sorry, major bunnying there Diamond~Star, hope you don't mind. But I personally have always hated RPing alone for prolonged amounts of posts, so I'd like to include Tyson. If I totally misinterpreted that post, (as in you're referring to Haunted Angel's poochyena) Tell me and I'll edit it out.

February 25th, 2006, 10:35 AM
OOC: Eh, that's okay ^^

"Ahhh...I have to get up..."

He said, leaning forward and standing up, noticing that Growlithe was running towards him, barking loudly and smiling. Toren smiled and bent down on the ground, hugging the Pokemon as it came closer and then smiling.

"Come on, let's go find the others. I think they might be close by.."

He said, taking a couple steps forward and looking around cautiously, making sure that Growlithe was still beside of him. Fortunately, he was. In the distance, Toren thought that he could make out two figures, but he wasn't too sure.

"Hey, wait, I think it's Jen and that girl. Let's go look.."

He said, whispering to Growlithe and then taking a couple steps forward, breathing a sigh of relief whe he noticed that it was them. He turned a light shade of red when he heard Ridell has said.

"Boyfriend? Hardly..."

He said, shrugging and leaning back against the base of a tree, his eyes closed and arms folded.

February 26th, 2006, 1:25 AM
OOC: Yeah.. Sorry guys for no posts. o.o; I just got back from going out of town. So uh... I'm just going to pick up where Rai is... >.>

Shiko awoke to hear some whimpering sounds. He could remember nothing before waking... Just a big flash of light... He finally opened his eyes to see Kitsuni looking at him. He rose and patted the pokémon on his head, "Hey...What happened?"

Kitsuni remained silent, growling at the bushes near them. Shiko's ears twitched as he heard some rustling in that direction.

Shiko turned to the Eevee and motioned to keep quiet. He crawled over to the bushes and jumped out, tackling who or whatever was out there.

After tackling the figure, and they had stopped rolling on the ground, he looked down to see a familiar face.

"..Hey! I remember you! You're Rai! ...Right?" He gave him a slight hug before jumping off of him, and offering a hand to help him up, "Are you okay? What happened? Where's your Poocheyena?"

Kitsuni came to his side and looked at Rai curiously.

February 26th, 2006, 2:14 AM
Rai took Shiko's hand, and got up
"I don't knwo where she is" Rai said upset, he already missed Dark-Tooth, he had to find her and soon
He heard the growling again "i think she might be here somewhere" he said as a poochyena jumped out on them, attacking Rai,
Rai could tell it wasn't dark-tooth...

February 26th, 2006, 7:26 AM
"Alright whatever but I'm not sticking around here." Riddel said brushing past him. What a stuck up.

"Okay Dart, the first issue is finding our way out of this stupid forest." Riddel said "Any suggestions?"

<'Yeah, this way.'> Dart said using the legs hanging off his abdomen to point both left and right.

"Cool, then I guess you should go that way and I should go this way?" Riddel said sarcastically "Smart."

Dart lifted the legs again, which acted sort of like his antennae, and pointed left <'I'd say my best guess is that way. But only because the trees give me the feeling they're leaning away from that direction.'>

"Trees. Right." Riddel said unconvinced, but she headed that direction nonetheless "Hey you comin'?" She asked the boy without really looking back, as Dart quickly followed her, his antennae still sensing around the air.

February 26th, 2006, 8:11 AM
My face turned a bright pink. "Boyfriend?" I grumbled. My eye twitched, and my face went from pink to red in a split second. "He's not my boyfriend! I wanted to go along with him, but He wanted to stay alone So I didn't. You call THAT a boyfriend?!" I looked up, realising what I had just said. I was hoping Toren didn't take it too hard. "I-- didn't mean for it to come out that way," I looked down at the scrapes on my knees. Another tear fell down my cheeks. Cinna was in my arms, head-butting me as usual. I closed my eyes, wishing I could fall into a black hole, and never come out. I thought, The world would be better without me.
My denim jeans were torn from when I had fallen, and stained with tears. I should've just stayed home and never came out of my house.

February 26th, 2006, 8:19 AM
The poochyena wasn't giving up, It definetly wasn't Dark-tooth it was larger, and lighter in colour, and he couldn't sense it's feelings,
So it was either wild or another trainers, Rai guessed it was wild, and everything it pounced at him he wouldn't hit the little thing just defend himself
His arms and hands were soon covered in cuts and bruises, for such a small pokemon it was abundant in strength, attack after attack began to whittle Rai's endurance down, but he wouldn't hit the little creature, It was wrong in his eyes, he had to endure, hit after hit
I wonder what it wants Rai thought to himself as the little poekmon sunk it's teeth deep into his arm,
Is this really how wild poekmon act? he asked himself, not knowing the answer he pushed the poochyena off his arm, and inspected the cuts before it launched another assault with it's claws sinking deep into his upper arm slicing into the muscle
"Arggggg! that pokemon is strong for somethign so little" he exclaimed instinctively clutching his shoulder, now unable to defend against the pokemon
he hoped his adventure wasn't over already...

February 26th, 2006, 6:01 PM
Shiko gasped at the Poocheyena, looking down at Rai as it tackled him.

"Kitsuni! Tackle it!"

The tan creature ran swiftly at the poocheyena and knocked it off of Rai.

"Alright good, use Leer and then Bite it!"

Kitsuni's eyes grew red. As the Poocheyena lost its guard staring at those eyes, Kitsuni lept foreward and bit the pup hard on the leg.

"Finish with Take Down!" As these words were shouted, the Eevee jumped and tackled hard with its foreshoulder. The Poocheyena was knocked out on the ground, and Shiko didn't miss this opportunity. He took a pokéball from his belt, and threw it forcefully to the pup. A flash of red light appeared as the pokémon was transported inside the sphere.

The pokéball began to shake, as the Poocheyena had woken up and realized what was going on. The ball shook once, twice, and stopped.

Shiko quietly picked up the pokéball and smiled at it, before returning it to his belt. He picked Kitsuni up and held him in his arms as he walked over to Rai, staring at him, "You okay!?"

February 26th, 2006, 6:05 PM
"Uhhrgg yeah," he said rubbing his shoulder, he looked at Shiko and couldn't help but look up to him now
oh **** he thought i need to be careful from now on
"Thanks, and cool you caught it" Rai smiled, walking forward refusing to show he was in pain, though he wanted to keel over form the pain
He had to find Dark-tooth, and he couldn't show Shiko he was weak
he would pull through this...

February 27th, 2006, 5:37 AM
OOC: Yeah, sorry about not cming on yesterday, but I was having some family affairs, and ended up spending the hwole night washing dishes...XP. It's nice to see you guys are still going strong. However, Haunted Angel, I'd recommend that you made your posts a bit longer by adding more detail about the suroundings.


I woke up with a headache.

The whole world was a whirl of green. Light green, dark green, lime green, emerald green, and even red green. Red green? That couldn't be right. Slowly, I began to take control of my body, and managed to focus on whatever was surrounding me. I found myself lying down on wet mud staring up at a canopy of some forest. Staring more intently at the canopy, I found out that branches from different trees interlocked with each other, creating a unpenetrable barrier of leaves and twigs. yeah, unpenetrable. Now, what was I thinking abour red green?

I looked around, and found what I was looking for. Cyndaquill. He was faithfully lying down by my side, looking from left to right to check for any danger. As soon as he saw me stirring he abandoned his ventures to chase off a caterpie, and stood up by my side, looking down into my face. His wet nose was inches from mine, and I could feel his short and heavy breaths on my face.

"Good Morning, Cyndaquill," I said in a cheery tone, picking him off my body, and slowly raising myslef ino a sitting position.

<Glad to see that you're better. You had me dead sick with worry,> replied Cyndaquill, looking at me with an intense as I got up. He was only trying to help, after all.

After that moment, Cyndaquill and I opened up to each other further than ever before. We told each other eveything we felt, and our thought mingled behind a thin barrier between our minds, sometimes seeping through. As we walked through the dense forest, we helped each other out at every turn. And just when things were looking good, they took a terrible crash.

I walked into a clearing, and saw the Ariados.

February 27th, 2006, 12:34 PM
Toren shrugged his head and pushed himself off from the tree, sweeping some stray hair out of his face and walking over to Jen, who was standing by herself, weeping about something or other, which Toren supposed to be her torn jeans and minor injuries on her body.

"Don't worry about, let's just go."

He said, sighing and walking off, whistling for Growlithe to follow him as he looked around. There seemed to be many trees around, but it didn't look to be like some sort of forest, just a bunch of them spread around here and there. As he walked, Torens clothes and hair seemed to be ruffled calmly by the gentle breeze that was flowing through the area, Toren found it to be quite relaxing, and after having a severe headche that almost knocked him out, it was the perfect relief to the bad day he had been having so far.

<Toren, umm...where exactly are we going. And where are we?>

"Look, Growlithe, I don't know. We could be anywhere, it's anyones guess. We'll just have to explore a little bit and try to find our way back to Viridian."

He said, shrugging his head and sighing as the breeze he had been enjoying slowly dies away and disappeared. Growlithe, who had been running around playfully, had hardly even noticed it, even thought his fur had been tossled around by it. He was too busy focusing on exploring and trying to enjoy himself....even in this new, strange place.

February 27th, 2006, 2:51 PM
Dart suddenly stopped, and his antennae froze in mid-air as well.

"Something on your mind?" Riddel asked turning around as well, her hands busied with tying her jacket around her waist. The day was warm, and there was no need to wear the jacket anyway.

<'Erm...'> Dart mumbled looking around <'I feel like we're being watched all of the sudden.'>

"Oh really?" Riddel said "Congratulations." She turned around and continued to walk.

<'Wait!'> Dart said using string shot to grab onto Riddel's wrist <'I smell my own venom.'>

"Using a non-existant nose, you smell your own venom?" Riddel asked sarcastically.

<'D*mn human's and their literal ways.'> Dart mumbled <'I smell it, and that's that.'>

"Probably where you used to live before you were captured or something." Riddel shrugged "Maybe that's where we are."

<'Oh yeah, like we were transported all the way from Viridian to Ilex.'> Ariados said <'If this was Ilex, then first of all, it'd be much darker, and if this was Ilex, I wouldn't smell just my venom trace alone. I'd smell about 500 other Ariados and Spinark, and Weedle, and Ekans's venom as well.'>

"Thanks for the speech, but you know, I'm really focusing on getting out of this stupid place, and I'm not really caring about anything else." Riddel snapped "Either that, or we should find some pokemon, capture them, or get them to stop long enough for you to ask questions."

<'I'm just sayin', that if I can smell my venom only, then that means this isn't a place native to poison pokemon, and that this is a place I've been before.'> Dart explained, nodding.

"Oh? Well please do use your massive memory and tell us where we are." Riddel said rolling her eyes and continuing down the dirt path.

OOC: So, how long are we planning on wandering around the forest? And, what city is the closest/do we just make them up?

February 27th, 2006, 3:47 PM
OOC: Rai I'm curious. Did you pay attention to my profile when it said "Poocheyena caught near Veridian" or was this just a really cool coincidense? ^__^

IC: Shiko stared blankly at Rai for a moment, "Rai.." He didn't wait for an answer before grabbing him up and resting him upon his back, barely staggering under Rai's weight, "I'm going to carry you to the next town. You'll end up collapsing from all of those injuries!"

His ears perked and Kitsuni made a slight squeaking sound. <Shiko! another Poocheyena approaching! I think it's Dark-tooth!>

Shiko nodded to the Eevee, sending the message, "I know. I could sense her, too. She might be watching us because we have her trainer with us. Be on guard for attack."

He started down the path that had been near the forest clearing when he woke up. Shiko hoped that Dark-tooth would follow them, and that the path led to Veridian.

February 28th, 2006, 5:18 AM
OOC: no coincidence i read the profile :D

"No, no it's ok i'll manage....or try to atleast" he whispered the last part, Rai could not understand the commotion shiko and her pokemon were making, neither could he be bothered to try and understand, instead he just walked forward a bit thinking of dark-tooth,
Rai looked up and looked around, the trees all inter-twisted, he couldn't tell which branch lead to were, and the tree's themselves held a profound mysterious aurora, or maybe he was imagining things, the young trees looked strong, and rough, but the old trees bark was falling off and peeling, it looked brittle, unsubstainable, it made Rai feel sad to see some of the tree's dying but he had mor important things to worry about

He hoped to find Dark-tooth soon...

February 28th, 2006, 5:36 AM
OOC: Remeber what I said about the region in the first post, Naoko. It's filled with Pokèmon, and unhibited by humans, so there won't be any cities. But yes, you can make up the landscape surrounding you. I'm too lazy to post a map, let alone make one...XP.


I grinned as I saw that the Ariados' master's arrogance had prevented her from seeing me. I was positive that the next time she set eyes one me I would be ready for a rematch, and this time, I was going to win, no matter the cost.

<That was a close one, Big-Jake. Where to next?> Cyndaquill asked, looking around.

"Anywhere that's away from that ****ed Ariados."

Together, we slowly retraced our steps, moving further and further backward, being extra careful not to give the trainer and her Pokèmon any sign that we were anywhere near. At one point, Cyndaquill stepped on a twig, which snapped.

I held my breath

"Don't ever do that again," I whispered.

February 28th, 2006, 5:11 PM
I was surprised he wasn't mad at me. I stood there, parilyzed, (Stupid english ><; Sp?) as everyone walked slowly ahead of me. I finally came to my senses and started walking, just far back to where no one ahed of me could see me if they turned their heads. There were leaves crunching between my feet, and probably some ants, too. Eevee was still in my wounded arms. My legs burned like heck, and I could barely walk with my wounds.

The blood was dripping down onto my shoes, stained on my pants, onto my hands, everything else. I was hoping there was a body of water somewhere near by.
Although, I am not known to have such luck. I sighed and closed my eyes, having no idea where I was going, why, and how I was gonna do it. I didn't know If I was going to bump into someone, hopefully not Toren or a pokemon, if I was going to wander off without knowing it, there's alot of things you don't know when your eyes are closed.
My walk was weak and slow, My wounds were killing me. I couldn't take it. I fell down onto the ground, and Cinna dropped out of my arms. I help my wounds as my hand became more bloody, as well as my legs. What had I done to myself? I was hoping someone could hear me. Then again, I wasn't. I hated being the center of attention.

February 28th, 2006, 7:21 PM
OOC: Rai could not understand the commotion shiko and her pokemon...
He* :D Sorry had to point that out. Even though HE does seem to act like a SHE sometimes. X3

IC: "Hey! Just accept my help, you." He smiled toward Rai, "It's not a sign of weakness to do that, as you apparently think it is."

Shiko started to walk foreward, and then looked at the paused Kitsuni, who said, <Shiko...I think we better do something about Dark-tooth.>

"Hmm.. Perhaps so," he directed towards the Eevee.

"Rai. On the count of three, we tackle whatever is behind those bushes over there," he pointed at what he was calling into attention, "Ready? One...Two...THREE!"

March 1st, 2006, 3:14 AM

Cyndaquill and I slowly threaded our way through the forest, and soon came into contact with other Pokèmon. I was quick to learn that the forest was brimming with Pokèmon life, eventhough I cannot see them. Cyndaquill got himself in a battle with a Pidgey over territory, but Cyndaquill proved victorious, finishing Pidgey off with a magnificent Swift. This boosted both Cyndaquill ad my own morale. Iwth this new found win, Cyndaquill began to challenge more and more wild Pokèmon, and just kept on getting stronger and stronger. Until he met the Belllsprout.

We had been walking along a natural path, when suddenly, a Bellsprout popped out, rather angry at us. Not knowing why, we looked behind, and saw that the plants that we had previously brushed aside really belonged to the Bellsprout, who had kept them there for protection.


Suddenly, the Bellsprout swung her entire body round, firing a volley of razor sharp leaves from its small leaves on the stem. the leves came careening through the air, and Cyndaquill and I barely managed to dodge them, before the struck the tree behind us, causing it to creak as its bark was cut away.

"So you want to play tough, eh? Cyndaquill, use Quck Attack!" I yelled, knowing that the bellsprout was unlikely to just move to the side.

Cyndaquill darted forward, at a blinding speed, and without warning, struck the Bellsrout hard with his head. The Bellsprout fell backwards, and stood up, snarling. This would be a hard battle.

March 1st, 2006, 12:24 PM
Toren heard a small thud from behind it and the slight rustle of leaves along the ground. He turned around, brushing some stray hair out of his face, and looked back. Jen had been trudging so far behind him that he could barely see her body, which was crumpled on the ground. He shrugged and jogged back to her, bending down to the ground and examining her.

Like she had been outside of Viridian, she Jen still had the minor injuries all over her. Her shoes looked bloody, along with her her pants and basically the rest of her clothes. Toren sighed and grabbed her arms, pulling her up to her feet and making sure that she was able to stand. He blew hair out of his face again and looked as Growlithe came bounding along towards him and eventually stopping, panting with his tongue out.

"You don't look good. Can you even walk?..."

March 1st, 2006, 12:32 PM
OOC: oh sorry about that =$

IC: "fine, i'll accpet your help, but that doesn't make us friends ok?" i said looking at the bush Shiko was pointing out, it looked liek every other bush in this forest place, leaves, branches, but then he noticed the rustling
"ah" Rai whispered,
"ok 1...2...3" he whipered again, jumping ontop of the bush, what happened after that he couldn't really tell
he remembered landing on the ground, and a long cut from one of the branches, or was it something else?
"there's another cut for my now growing collection" he joked, and got up to find dark-tooth on his lap licking her paw
"ah there you are" he said grabbing her up in his arms and holding her close
<yeah, i'm here, i thoguht i had lost you for good where were you?>
"oh we were just around, got into a figth and well now we're here" he said laughing
He hadn't been so happy in so long, but he remembered shiko was still around
"uh yeah" he said calming down "we better get moving, by the way dark-tooth this is shiko and his pokemon, shiko this is dark-tooth" he said hastily begining to walk forward...

March 1st, 2006, 3:01 PM
Riddel turned around and rolled her eyes "Oh my god I've got a backseat murderer."

<'Huh?'> Dart asked crawling back.

"Nevermind. Listen, by the time we find our way out this stupid forest, you'll probably faint, and much good it'll do then." Riddel said to the girl, "I've got a few supplies in here, and it'll have to do for now. Hitch a ride on Dart, like I told you last time, and then we'll move about ten times faster. Deal?" She asked tossing a small white box with a red cross on the front to the girl's boyfriend.

"Then, we'll find our way out of here...although the lack of pokemon bothers me." Riddel looked around with a frustrated glare, as though it was the plants that surrounded them's fault for the lack of wild pokemon.

<'Iiii think it's because we scare them off...or at least, you do with your death glare.'> Dart said shaking his head.

"Shut up you. Now, I'll wait about ten minutes for you to clean yourself up, and then we're leaving again. Stop moping, it's not going to get you anywhere. You already left, and you're gonna keep going. D*mn I wish we had a blissey." Riddel said spitting into a bush "Now you, sit." She commanded, pointing at the base of a large tree "I'm sure you won't do anything but waste my first-aid kit if you try to do it yourself."

<'Jeez could you even be ever so slightly nicer?'> Dart asked rolling his eyes.

"No." Riddel replied bitterly "I don't know where I am, I've got a half-dying girl in front of me, I've got a guy who is a half-softie, and I've got a half-wit Ariados by my side. I don't think I could get any nicer then this."

<'Lot's of halves.'> Dart said nodding <'Lot's.'>

"Now before I rip those antennae out of your butt, go do something useful, like exploring." Riddel snapped.

<'Yes sergant.'> Dart muttered shaking his head as he explored their nearby surroundings.

OOC: Not sure if I spelled sergant right, but you spell 'parilyzed' not with an i but an a. Like this--> 'paralyzed'

March 1st, 2006, 3:23 PM
OOC: I KNEW I spelled it wrong XD
IC: I growled at Riddel. "Y'know what? Keep your first aid kit, keep everything. I don't need it! I'd better find how to get the hell out of here soon, because I SERIOUSLY don't want to be with you anyomre." I jumped up and started running as fast as my li'l ol' wounded legs would take me. I dind't care where I was going, didn't dare look back, and was seriously hoping my pokemon was following me. Luckily, she was.
I closed my eyes and didn't even care if I was going to run into a tree, step on a snake, or die. I just wanted to get away from Riddel and Ariados. Oh, how they bugged me. I suddenly felt something hit my foot-- I lost my balance, I fell... falling... falling... bam. Tripped. I didn't dare open my eyes. I got up and continued running. Once I was on my feet again, I opened my eyes and, out of breath, stared into the darkness. No reason at all.

I came to my senses and continued running... it seemed to go on forever.

March 1st, 2006, 3:39 PM
Toren sighed and watched jen run off....then trip....then start running again.(XD) He shrugged his head and walked past Ridell, a little angry about what she had said about him being "half-softie". He glared at her as he passed, then trudged along, whistling for Growlithe to follow him. The little fire dog barked and started to chase after him, growling at Ridell a bit before struggling to keep up with Toren.

Well, this certainly is going well. I've got one girl running off with injuries and pretending that she can make it by herself, another girl who thinks I'm some kind of wimp, and everyone else just gone. How fun.

He thought, shrugging his head and stopping a minute to pant for a minute. He hadn't really noticed how fast he was going, and os needed to stop for a minute to make sure that he was breathing okay. He sighed and looked down at Growlithe, managing a faint smile in spite of how frustated he was. He brushed more hair away then bent down to rub Growlithe, then standing back up and looking around.

"So what do you think, Growlithe? What should we do?..."

The little pokemon shrugged its head and looked around, barking at a stray, bug Pokemon that he saw climbing up ito his tree. Toren smiled again and motioned for his friend to follow him as he started to go forward, but walking, instead of his earlier jogging.

March 1st, 2006, 4:34 PM
Riddel raised her eyebrows "Well that takes care of that I suppose."

<'Dude. You just scared away two people with your attitude. Did you get the hint yet?'> Dart asked crawling up to her.

"Yes Dart I did thanks." Riddel said picking up the first aid kit and jamming it back into her side bag "And thanks for being so tolerant." She said brushing her hands off.

<'Welcome.'> He said shrugging it off <'Man, I hate cheerful and scary human's anyway, so yeah. It takes all the fun out of cheering people up. Cept you, cause you're like, 'oh I'm gonna be dull and suck the life outta here' so I gotta putz the life back in!'>

"Right." Riddel mumbled "Well let's find a clearing. Or at least some grassland."

<'Well, I'd say that we'd be much faster through the trees, as long as you hold on and don't fall off, we could be outta here in less then 5 minutes.'> Dart said turning around for Riddel to climb aboard.

"See? Other's just slow you down." Riddel said grabbing hold of Dart's antennae and sitting side strattle "I'd suggest you go slightly slower then you really would without a human on top."

<'Yes ma'am!'> Dart said crouching low to the ground and jumping high into the trees.

"Nice view." Riddel said sarcastically as she willed herself not to look down. As cold and rude as she was, she was still human after all, and being as high as she was wasn't always the greatest feeling in your gut.

<'Hold on tight.'> Dart warned as he crouched low to the tree branch he'd landed upon and once again flung himself into the air and landed in a tree no more then three others away from the original tree.

"Woah." Riddel breathed, grasping onto Dart's antennae "A little fast there."

<'Well yeah, I gotta go fast or else we'll go soarin' down like a rocket.'> Dart said <'And your not exactly a cotton ball on my butt either....more like a mountain.'>

"Let's get off the subject of my weight now!" Riddel snapped "I'm still a girl you know!"

<'Oh yeah, aren't human girls real sensitive about how much they weigh?'> Dart asked, but before Riddel could snap at him again, he jumped onto another tree branch <'If you weren't holding onto my antennae so hard, then I might be able to see if I can feel the wind a little more. Once the trees start to thin on the edge, I'll be able to feel the wind more easily."

"Okay." Riddel said letting go of his antennae ever so breifly before he said,

<'Getting closer...slowly...'> Dart mumbled.

And so it went, Dart checking around to see if they were getting any closer to the edge, and them arguing about utter nonsense. But it seemed as though the forest never ended in Riddel's eyes. Even with an incessant chatter like Dart, she felt like all they were doing was going in a circle, even though she was absolutely positive they were going in a straight line, according to the built in compass on her bag's strap.

<'Okay, no more changes in the wind...'> Dart said nervously after they'd jumped through about ten trees.

"Where the h*ll are we?" Riddel wondered aloud, knowing she was now far from the other two, though she didn't quite mind, they weren't the best company she'd met so far...

"And why can't we get out?!" She yelled in frustration.

March 1st, 2006, 4:46 PM
I still ran. Too much running. Eevee panted.

<'C'mon, Jen! Riddel was just trying to help...> I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned my head to Cinna, and grumbled, "You call that helping? The little freak is just rude! She's a Friggin' idiot, rude, mean, and un-caring."
<'If she was un caring, why did she give you the first-aid kit?'> Cinna replied.
"She just didn't want to see my dirty blood. Dirty, dirty blood." I fell onto the ground and wrapped my arms around my knees, which were pressed against my chest. Another tear fell from my eye. "I'm going home." Were the last words I was going to say for awhile.
<'You're kidding, Look! We will be a team, a team alone, if we have to.'>
I didn't reply. Silence. Zip. Zero. Nada.
The dirt beneath me was rough and dry.
My tears were moist and salty.
Sitting there on the ground with my pokemon beside me, I somehow felt untouchable. Un-harmed.

March 1st, 2006, 5:01 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, but I may have to drop out... My parents are sending me to my aunt's house for Sakura-con. I don't know if she'll let me use the computer there, so, yeah... >_<

IC: Shiko blinked at this comment, "What's wrong with being friends?" he asked, following Rai.

His ears once again twitched, as they seemed to be doing alot lately. Kitsuni squeaked at his side and began walking to the side of the path, "I think... Kitsuni's found something."

Shiko slowly followed the Eevee and pushed away some branches. There lay a Caterpi huddled by a tree and squealing as if in pain.

March 2nd, 2006, 4:35 AM

Something told me that there was someone behind me. It didn't feel as if I was being watched. No, not at all, but it did feel like someone was there. I didn'teve know if I was only feeling it because I was afraid that the Bellsprout would call in reinforcements, or maybe it was just a sixth sense, or seventh, or eighth...

I turned around, and scanned the surroundings to see if there was anybody there. Cyndaquill looked worridely at me as I completely ignored hi and the bellsprout, focussing all my attention on finding out who had been spying on my. This undivided attention to something that he couldn't see was disturbing Cyndaquill, so he had to interupt.

<Are you okay, Big-Jake?>

"Yeah. I think that someone is somewhere here, but I'm not too sure. How about this. You try whatever moves you feel appropriate to defeat the Bellspout while I go looking. If it's okay with you," I replied, not looking at Cyndaquill, but rather the forest around me.

He was okay with it.

Turning bak to the battle, hebegan to use a series of moves which weren't of the smartest order, but that's what a trainer was for. A trainer's strategic mind, combined with a Pokèmon's power was what made the two species so strong together in battle, or in a dangerous situation. But I coulnd't let that bother me right now. I had trust in Cyndaquill, and that was all that we needed to complete our tasks.

Quickly skirting the Bellsprout, I pushed apart another set of brambles with a gloved hand, and continued my search for something, or someone. My search soon turned out to be rather fruitful. I found the Eevee-girl, the one who had been with the Ariados-girl and the Growlithe-boy when I had lost my match. She didn't seem too happy, an was holding herself tightly. What really struck me as odd, howeever, was that she was covered in blood.

What the hell did she do to herself?

I looked around from my perch in a tree to see what I could use to coax her out of her shell. Ever since I opened up to Cyndaquill, I began to see other people with the same regard that I saw myself, and I hated seeing that girl in pain like that. I didn't know what caused it, but I wanted to help.

I dropped down from my branch, and walked up to her, but I saw a blur of brown, and was knocked backward by something in my stomache. I looked up to see the Eevee growling at me as I was trying to get closer to the girl. I decided to yell.

"Hello...whatever your name is...I'm only trying to help. I have some good supplies in my bag if you need them, and I'll help you clean yo wounds!"

March 2nd, 2006, 4:53 AM
IC: "nevermind it we can talk about being friends later, ok?" Rai asked, moving towards the little caterpi
it looked like a work, a green worm, No that wasn't right it was more like well it had a body made up of sphere's and annttena on the tip od hte top sphere, and a weird shape for a mouth, and it's markings were pretty distinct not like a normal caterpi who would have circles, but this one had a crescent moon on one sphere of it's body, a half circle, and a full circle on the others
"hey, do you mind if I take care of this pokemon?" i asked Shiko picking the caterpi up into my arms

March 2nd, 2006, 6:43 AM
OOC: I had already started running XD; Hrmm, should we say I hear you? XD; Yeah, let's say I hear you.
IC: I heard a distant voice. Probably Toren, or Riddel, yelling at me for being such an idiot. I couldn't blame them. I growled softly and started heading back, wanting to pick a fight with Riddel, even in my bad condition. When I made it over there, there was the guy with the cyndaquil who battled Riddel. I watched as Cinna charged at the boy. I said nothing, but took her in my arms and gave her a look that said, "Don't, what if he's trying to help?" I looked back at the boy and smiled, then waved, as if to say, "Nice battle." How long could I go without talking? Probably not too long. I sighed and closed my eyes, wondering what he was doing here. I then noticed a sort-of first aid kit that he had. I didn't know if I should take it, or leave it.

March 2nd, 2006, 11:49 AM
Toren shrugged his head and continued to make his way through the forest, crossing his arms across his chest and letting his eyes dart in basically every direction, scanning each section of the area to see if there was any sort of threat or just something that he needed to be aware of. He saw a couple Taillow pass in a small group overhead, and he thought about starting a battle, but by the time he had made up his mind they were long gone, out of sight, out of mind.

"Growlithe, see if you can sniff out that girl from before, Jen."

He said, following the little dog as they made their way through a different part of the forest then where they had been heading before. Finally, he found a clump of trees behind which he heard two voices, Jens, and one other male voice, which he recognized as the boy from before, Jake, he thought his name was.

Hmmm, seems she's in a better mood then before. Bet she likes him.

He thought, chuckling quietly to himself so that the pair of them wouldn't be able to hear. He leaned one against one of the larger trees, behind which he couldn't be seen, and staring off in the opposite direction of where they were, closing his eyes and remaining in a relaxed position, keeping his arms crossed as before. Growlithe almost began to bark, but Toren quickly stopped him before any noise would be able to be heard.

March 2nd, 2006, 2:21 PM
I just stared at the first aid-kit and Jake. I suddenly heard a crunching-of-leaves sound not too far. I jumped and gasped slightly. "Who's there?" My eyes opened wide as well as my ears, Not even a cat could hear as good as me now. I looked behind me, I searched in front. Nothing in sight. I sighed and then let Cinna jump into my arms. I was going to need to give her a bath, because my blood was getting on her fur. "Do you know any bodies of water around here?" I asked anyone that could hear me. "Probably not..."
<'Course not! We don't even know where we are,> Eevee reported.

March 2nd, 2006, 2:57 PM
OOC: Darn. My post got deleted! ;_; anyway, I will re=type it later, but I have to go to this school open house thing, so I won't be posting today, but my question is....

What happens when we run out of stuff? You know, like, pokeball's, and all that stuff? I mean, no people cept' for us are here right? 0_0;; Or did I miss something in the first post again? ........

March 2nd, 2006, 11:01 PM
OOC: Shame, naoko. that happens to me often. I sometimes post massive RP posts, and then close the window by accident. Yes, I know, I'm stupid, but you can't blame me. I'm often too tired to even think when I do that...Oh, and Diamond~Star. Maybe I read wrong, but in the post that you made before I posted, it said that you sat down. I think. Apologies if I made a mistake. Also, I don't have my Cyndaquill with me. He's currently battling against a rogue Bellsprout


Glad that she had finally calmed down, I smiled at her. The girl was not nearly as rude or idiotic as the girl with the Ariados. The odd thing was that they all seemed to know each other's name, but I didn't know any of their names. Must be something to do with being a loner. But I couldn't worry about that. This girl was badly wounded, and even if she pretnded that nothing had happened to her, I knew that she would soon faint from loss of blood.

I was about to reply to her compliment about my useless battle when she glanced around in search of something. I hadn't heard anything, but maybe she had the same sense that I had. Maybe.

"Don't worry. I'm sure that it's nothing more than another Pokèmon. Perhaps it was drawn to you by the smell of blood. I dunno. But let's go back to my Cyndaquill so that I can keep an eye on him while cleaning your wounds," I said, putting my arm round her shoulder to keep her up. Her knees seemed t knock together from weakness.

Carefully, I walked with her back to Cyndaquill. At one point I had gotten myself lost, but I hadn't told the girl that. I didn't want her to get worried.

We reached Cyndaquill as he continued to bravely take on the Bellsprout. I placed her down by a tree and began to talk as I opened the first-aid kit.

"So, I'm Jake. What's your name?"

March 3rd, 2006, 12:31 PM
"Her name's Jen."

Toren said, sitting in a nearby tree, stretched out on one of the branches and leaning against the base of it. His arms were crossed, as always, and his eye were completely shut, just merely listening to the pleasant conversation between the two of them. He didn't normally but into conversations, but if he knew something that somebody else didn't, he was proud to blurt it out. Then again, that's the reason most kids at the Academy hadn't liked him very much.

Growlithe, who had been having trouble climbing up into the same tree, was currently scratching up the side and whining, wanting to climb up. Toren chuckled a bit and reached down far, scooping up the dog into his arms and then lying back down in his regular position. He set his friend down on one of the branches beside him, then closed his eyes again and relaxed.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:08 PM
I was too polite to scowl at Toren.
"Yes, that's my name." I nodded.
"Thanks, you're a big help, Nothing like Riddel, the Ariados girl."
Just the thought of her made it feel like the Ariados was crawling up my back now, the chills.
"I knew it wasn't a pokemon!" I glanced over at Toren, holding a pokeball in my hand. "I was about to see what you were, with my pokeball." I stared into the bright red and white orb, very plain. I could see the reflection behind me... and it wasn't just trees....
A blue pokemon was staring straight at me. I gasped and spun around.
"Nidoran." I chuckled.
"Female." I nodded and put the pokeball to my chest. "Cinna, tackle!" Cinna was confused for a second, but then she leapt from my arms and charged towards Nidoran. The nidoran used tackle it self. Eevee prevailed. The Nidoran laid on the ground with a leg twitching. I softened up. "Hope you aren't hurt.." I closed my eyes and threw the orb at the female Nidoran.
My eyes were gleaming when I opened them. Going once... going twice... sold, to me. A new pokemon. Yes.
"Eevee!" I ran over and hugged my pokemon like I never had before. I let her loose of my grasp to go grab the pokeball.

"Sweet." I held it, in awe, at how fast I had captured my first pokemon.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:24 PM
"Nice job."

Toren said, clapping his hands for a moment before shrugging his head and remaining in the tree, staring off into the sky. It was a bright blue color, as usual, and the sun peeked through the small clouds that surrounded it. He smiled, but then close his eyes again and rested comfortably, his arms crossed as before across his body.

Growlithe, whose ears perked up at the sound of a battle, watched as Cinna battled with the female Nidoran and finally prevailed, then seeing the human girl capture the Pokemon in a red sphere. He started to bark out loud, glad to see her winning a battle. He then lied back down and looked around cautiously, a little bored at just sitting in the tree with nothing at all to do but watch the humans around him act silly.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:34 PM
-------------"Thanks," I sighed and patted Growlithe's head.
I finally took the bandages and everything else from Jake, and smiled sweetly.
But then I blacked out. Had no Idea what happened. I had gotten dizzy, fallen onto the ground-- was that the end of me? Was I bleeding so badly for so long, that the loss of blood ended my life? I fell onto the ground motionless. I can vaguely (sp?) remember my pokemon's rough sand-paper tongue licking my face, saying, <Don't go, please, jen...>
And then I closed my eyes, not knowing if I would ever open them again.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:55 PM
Toren stared wide eyed at Jen for a moment, then sighed and hopped out of the tree, taking a couple steps forward until he was standing over top of her body, looking down and motioning for Cinna, who was currently licking her and whispering something to jen, to back away while he bent down and inspected her body.

Hmm, she can't possibly be dead, can she? She did lose a lot of blood, but that should've only knocked her out...

He thought, looking at Growlithe who had hopped out of the tree and was currently running towards the group, his tongue hanging out and panting once he stopped beside of Toren, staring curiously at Jen and wondering why she was lying on the ground with her eyes closed.

"Umm, Jen?..."

Toren said, shaking her body slightly and trying to see if she had just tripped or something. he really hoped that she wasn't dead, for that would prove to be a very big problem. Growlithe tried to ask go up and lick her Jens face, but Toren stopped him and whispered for him to stay away with Cinna.

March 3rd, 2006, 7:04 PM
I was barely breathing, yet heavily breathing. Anything anyone said was just a blur of sounds. The bandages were loose in my palms, and I gave an attempt to get up. No luck. Gravity forced me to stay where the bugs were. Great.I hate gravity.
One thing's for sure- I'll have to get some other clothes on when this is over with. I felt some more licking on my face, and I felt a shadow over me. If it was Riddel, she was probably nagging at me that I should've used her first-aid kit. Toren, he would porbably do nothing at all. Jake, he might do something. Y'never know.

March 3rd, 2006, 7:30 PM
Toren sighed and continued to shake her, wishing that she would just wake up. She did have plently of injuries strewn all over her body, and a heavy loss of blood, so the chances of her getting just by the shaking of her body was pretty slim chances, or so Toren thought. He shrugged his head and sat down on the ground, watching as Cinna desperately tried to wake Jen up with her tongue. Toren merely shook his head and sighed.

"C'mon, wake up. You seemed stronger than this back at Viridian..."

He said, watching as Growlithe crawled cautiously at jen's body, barking rather rapidly and loudly to see if he could get Jen to wake up. However, he was disappointed to find that his loud noises had absolutely no effect. He lied down on the ground and started to whine, thinking that Jen didn't like him because she wasn't responding.

March 3rd, 2006, 7:41 PM
I saw darkness. I had nightmares about what might happen to me. I woke up and gasped in an instant. I sat up, as if I was home, about to get a drink of water from the kitchen. Cinna backed off worried-like, and afraid. Still breathing heavily. I had a feeling that Toren had said something.
"My cuts have gotten bigger and bloodier, and I admit I'm a wimp and I'm sensitive." I turned around and started crying into my bloody hands. "I said something to me.... seriously need a body of water right about now," I said. The blood was stained and mostly dried up. It felt horrible and looked horrible. The raw wounds just made it worse. I sighed and thought how I could get medicine from a tree.
I grasped the bandages and started wrapping them furiously around my legs and arms. When I was done, my clothes were still bloody, but the raw wounds weren't showing, at least. I had extra clothed in my sack. "I really need to find a body of water, Now." I squinted into the daylight as I had just been looking at darkness and blood for the past five minutes.

March 4th, 2006, 1:32 AM

I looked from Jen, to the Growlithe-boy, to the bush behind which Cyndaquill was battling, and back to Jen, ad sighed. The three of us humans here really were an odd group, and I would never have imagined that we'd be relying on each other for simple needs of life. I looked down at Jen's roughly done up bandages, and sighed. My brain began to think.

"Listen, Toren. One of us needs to stay here with jen, and help her redo her bandages so that they actually stop the blood flow, and be ready to recall Cyndaquill if he gets too weak, and the other one of use should go off in search for water. There's no use in dragging Jen along on this wild goose chase if we don't find any water. Who do you think it should be?"

March 4th, 2006, 6:56 AM
Toren stood up and looked back at Jake, who in Torens eyes seemed to be acting like some sort of leader over all of them. He clenched the two of his hands in fists for a moment, before sighing and walking away, whistling for Growlithe to follow him as he did.

"I'll go look for the water, you make sure that Jen's okay."

He said emotionlessly, continuing to walk with his back facing the two of them. Growlithe stood there for a moment, his head darting in every direction and his eyes traveling in between Jake, Jen, and Toren, pondering what to do. Since Toren was his trainer, he barked a little then whined as he began to chase after Toren, his tongue waving around wildly and panting.

Water....water....where could it? Could be anywhere...

He thought, looking around cautiously as he walked. He had absolutely no idea where he was, and had dropped a couple pieces of a torn cloth so that he wouldn't get lost. Growlithe folowed eagerly after him, though he did look back a couple times to see if Jen and Jake were still in sight....which they weren't.

March 4th, 2006, 7:41 AM
OOC:I never told you my name Diamon~Star ^_^ Jen doesn't know Riddel is Riddel.

IC: Riddel was nothing but pissed. Here she was, on the start of an accursed journey, and she didn't know where the h*ll she was! Her brow furrowed as she tried to think of a plan. For some odd reason, her compass was flying everywhere now, and much help it was to her.

<'You know Riddel, I think we should stop. It feels kinda late.'> Dart said as his antennae waved themselves around <'Not as warm as before.'>

"If this place is cold during the night I may as well just kill someone." Riddel sighed as she permitted Dart to hop down the tree they were in "Are you sure it's getting late?" She asked looking through the canopy "It looks pretty daytime to me."

The spots of light passing through the leaves certainly weren't pink, and instead they were the usual color of blinding white.

<'Fine, if it's not late, then it feels late. I'm pooped!'> Dart said shooting a string shot onto a sturdy branch and scuttling up it <'Night!'>

"Hey, you can get into your pokeball you know!" Riddel said notioning toward her waist.

<'Naw.'> Came the sleepy reply.

Riddel sighed and looked around herself. She was in a tiny clearing, no larger then the size of herself spread across the ground. There wasn't much to do, so she gathered a few sticks, and lined them with tightly woven rocks and stones. It would be a small fire when it was started, but Riddel didn't quite care at that present moment.

She would dig out her flint stone and her pocketknife later.

As she sat against the rough bark of a nearby tree, she thought. Thought of anything but her past of course. Thought of how she dearly wanted to be anywhere but here. She truly wanted to be home, as that bloodied girl wanted to be. But did she impose her wishes upon the others? Perhaps her semi-okay wishes, of wanting the girl to clean up her wounds. But her blood trail would make it too easy for big pokemon looking for a nice meal to follow. And personally, Riddel didn't feel like dying in the sad sad way of being apart of the food chain.

Rash or not, the girl hadn't accepted Riddel's attempt to 'help' but it didn't quite matter. If she was going to let herself bleed to death until her boyfriend found her again, Riddel quite frankly, didn't care. She was no help to Riddel when they were traveling, simply a burden that she and Dart had to carry. Perhaps had she been even in the slightest way useful, then Riddel may have decided to be even in the slightest way, nicer.

That girl needed to learn how to take orders without questioning them. It was the easy way out of life, but no! She had to complicate things by making them 'feel guilty' about 'being mean'. Perhaps she had been under the impression that Riddel would run after her, and apologize. If so, had she not seen the look on Riddel's face? Had she not heard the cold and bitterness Riddel had in her voice when she spoke to her?

Dart snorted and shifted in the tree rather loudly, and came crashing down, hanging by his abdomen with a thin thread of string.

"What an idiot." Riddel said smiling at him.

What a great companion.

March 4th, 2006, 8:26 AM
OOC: Sorry, Naoko XD; I'll just say the Ariados girl.
IC: I was still dizzy from the fall, but at least my wounds were covered.
"Okay, I'm going to go find a body of water myself. Don't worry, I will redo my bandages after I clean myself up. The Farther away from that Ariados girl I get, the better off I am." I refrained from using any cussing words in that sentence.
My eye twitched just thinking about that girl. Sound of water... smell of water... anything! I needed water, and I needed it bad. To my relief, I heard the faint sound of water splashing or flowing, could've been a creek, maybe even a waterfall.
I asked Cinna to sniff it out for me, and I followed wherever she led.
<There. We're really close now!> Cinna started running and I limped closely behind, through the green grass. There were now more trees, and I was staring to see vines above my head. I rushed through those parts.
<There ya go. One creek right there.> Cinna puffed out her chest proudly.

"Thank you Cinna!" I was about to huggle her, but I decided to wash myself off first. I hurried into some clean clothes after washing off for a few minutes, and started scrubbing my dirty ones hard with water and rocks. I was hoping I had a swimsuit, I could use a little break. I searched my bag with everything in it now strewn all around the riverbank. "Darn, nothing." I hurried here and there to pick up all of my belongings. Oh, how I wanted to take a dive into that beautiful clear creek. I sat down, enjoying the sound and smell.

March 4th, 2006, 8:46 AM
Toren sighed and started walking back towards the area where Jen and Jake were, disappointed in himself for having absolutely no luck in finding any water whatsoever. He normally was good at finding things, but ever since he had been teleported to this place in the middle of no where everything that he ahd known had gone topsy-turvy.

"Hey, I couldn't f-.."

He said, pausing beside a large tree as he noticed that Jen was no longer in the clearing, but had walked off somewhere, leaving Jake just standing there. Toren sighed and turned away, muttering "stupid" to himself as he walked away. Jake had let Jen walk off by herself, and who knows what could happen out here? never know when some Pokemon will jump out and shred you to pieces.

As he walked along, Toren kept letting his eyes dart in every direction to see if he could spot Jen. He had not been gone that long, so she couldn't have walked off that far, but then again, he might be walking into the complete opposite direction of where she was, he had no idea where he was, after all.

Then, suddenly, Growlithe's ears perked up as he heard the faint sounds of rushing water in the distance. Without warning to Toren, the little dog began running off, leaving a dumbstruck Toren to just stand there and stare. Finally, he gathered that Growlithe knew where he was going and so started chasing after him.

Once Growlithe had stopped around a huge clump of trees and was now sniffing around. He had been following the sound of water and Jens scent, but now it had disappeared, however, it seemed like the water was right beside of them. Toren shrugged and walked around the trees, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw Jen, along with Cinna.

"There you are...."

March 4th, 2006, 8:52 AM
Startled, I turned around.
"I'm not one to stay still for so long, and I don't need babying, either." I was looking down at my bandages, now tightly in place.
"I can do things myself, I'm fifteen, after all."
I could still hear the running water behind me, and my bloody dirty clothes were laying right next to me in a puddle of water with some pebbles on top.
"My mum gave me five chores each day. One was washing laundry, that's one of the reasons I started my pokemon journey--no more chores,"
I sat there with my arms wrapped around my legs.

March 4th, 2006, 8:58 AM
"I never said you needed babying, nor did I say that you couldn't do things."

He said, hopping up into the tree he was leaning against and staring down at her, wondering why she seemed be acting like she HAD to stick up for herself at every turn. Toren may have been a little cold towards her earlier, but he was a little angry about being teleported to the middle of no where, after all, who wouldn't?

"Look, I'm sorry about before, I don't normally act like that, I guess that I'm just a little frustated..."

He said, sighing and crossing his arms, then closing his eyes and lying down in the tree, wishing that this all could just be a dream. Growlithe shrugged and prepared for a minute, finally gathering enough never to attempt to jump into the high-up tree, which he did, surprisingly. He barked happily when he made it and curled up in one of the large branches, closing his eyes and resting comfortably as well as Toren.

March 4th, 2006, 9:05 AM
My back was turned to Toren.
"I'm sorry, too. I just want to prove that I'm not a girly-girl, I'm a tom-boy."
I sniffled.
"Everyone thinks that a girl is a wimp, and can't do anything for themself. I want to prove that theory wrong," I sighed and sniffled.
"It's not fun having everyone babying you,"
At that I stopped speaking.
I sat there in silence, with the sound of the creek racing.
What was I going to have to do to prove myself? I'm not a girly-girl!
I thought, and my body stiffened all over.
Cinna was scraping the side of the tree, wanting to get up there herself.
I still had my back turned. If I wanted to prove myself, I wouldn't do it weeping and sitting in silence by a creek. Then I realised it: The girl was right.
"I have to go apologize to The Ariados girl and the Ariados. She was right," I stood up and Cinna hopped into my arms,putting her paw on my arm and whimpering, <"I want to go up there with Growlithe...">

March 4th, 2006, 9:15 AM
"Well, come on then. Although I really don't think that she is going to really care about your apology."

He said, sitting and uncrossing his arms, staring down at Jen for a moment before hopping out of the tree and shrugging his head. Growlithe stared curiously at Toren for a moment, before twitching his ears for a moment and then leaping out of the tree and landing gracefully on the ground, barking a little bit to relieve himself then looking around.

Toren sighed and walked away a little bit, then stopped beside of a diferent tree a couple yards away, waiting on the others to follow. Growlithe whined a little bit then shrugged, starting his legs up and chasing after his trainer.

March 4th, 2006, 3:20 PM
Cinna was still in my arms as I began to follow Toren. That girl... was mean... she didn't understand the meaning of fun... but she was right. Absolutely right. I had to do it. The only thing that I wondered was where she actually was. It terrified me to think that all of us were split up in a place that we had never even seen before.

As I limped through the woods, I thought about someone. My mom, who was in Utah, right now. If she knew what I had done to myself, she would be furious with me. I was also thinking about my computer... and how long it would be until I started drawing again... until I was home. Some place that I know of,some place that I'm used to. How far was I away from home? I had no clue, nore did anyone else. There was constant rustling in the trees, probably ekans'. I thought about Cinna and Nida, my new Nidoran, and thought how they felt. If they dream, as pokemon, If they aren't telling me something. If they understand something I don't. Pokemon is like a whole other world. They're all creatures... all animals...
Somethign made me come to my senses. I bumped into a tree. I rolled my eyes and continued limping.

March 4th, 2006, 3:37 PM
Toren continued to lead the way through the forest, but he paused for a moment and turned back when he heard strange noise. He noticed that Jen had bumped into a treem but didn't seem to be fazed by it and kept walking. Toren shrugged his head and kept walking, but kept that thinking about how he saw that she had been limping, or at least looking like she was having trouble walking behind him.

"Here, lean on me."

He said taking a couple steps back towards her, blowing some if his brown hair away from his face, mainly his eyes because it had been blocking his vision. He stopped beside of Jen, sticking his shoulder out and waiting on her. He shrugged his head and stared down at the ground, his light blue eyes darting in between all the little blades of grass that were dancing by the slight breeze that blew through the area.

Growlithe, who seemed to be througly enjoying himself, hopped around like some sort of maniac and barked at pretty much everyhting he saw. Trees, bushes, the occasional flying pokemon that passed by in the air, anything that caught his eye, really. He was known for having fun despite whatever situation he was in, back at the lab anyway.

March 4th, 2006, 3:37 PM
<'Nrrffghlurgh.'> Dart jerked in his sleep, and the string shot snapped in half. Not because Dart had moved. Oh no, it was much stronger then that. But because Riddel had thrown a well aimed pebble at the string, pushing it in half, and making Dart fall to the ground with a 'thump'.

<'What happened to World War III mommy?'> Dart mumbled through as haze of sleep as he lazily got to his feet.

"Long gone my dear honey bun." Riddel said sarcastically "Let's find some pokemon."

<'What?'> Dart said shaking the haze in his eyes away <'Pokeymon, yeah sure.'>

Riddel sighed as she looked up into the treetops and felt her mouth open slightly in surprise. She'd definetly missed that detail. Hanging from the upper branches were hundreds of Kakuna. And as they always said, where there were Kakuna, there were Beedrill.

<'Oh yeah, seen that have you?'> Dart asked looking up too <'They won't bother us. Not with me here they won't. Know I'm hungry they do.'>

Riddel sweatdropped "Your hungry? What do you eat beedrill or something?"

<'Only if I'm really hungry. I do like Kakuna with a dash of pidge-'> Dart was interuppted by Riddel, who snapped, "TMI! Too much information!"

<'Well it's an Ariados's natural instinct you know, sorta like sleeping, finding a place to live, mating-'>

"You are so discreet." Riddel said sarcastically "Get one of those Kakuna down from the tree will you? I want to see what it can do."

<'It won't do much, it'll just piss off the beedrill around here.'> Dart said shaking his head <'It'll be sure as heck of a smart move to piss of a colony of beedrill.'>

"...Alright alright. We'll wait then. For lone beedrill if there is such a thing." Riddel said looking up at the snoozing Kakuna.

<'No such luck.'> Dart said shooting a stringshot at Riddel's feet.

She had been so enthralled with watching the Kakuna she hadn't even noticed the Ekan's that was crawling around her in a silent circle. Dart had though, and was presently thrashing at it with fury swipes.

It was a short battle, as the ekan's was rather low level, but nonetheless, Riddel tossed a pokeball toward the ekan's as the dot in the middle flashed red over and over, until a familiar 'dong' was heard.

"Tryin' to get a big meal huh?" Riddel asked picking up the pokeball "Should've asked your mom to get it for you. Besides, an Arbok would be a nice addition to the team. But you'll have to do. Nice solo work Dart."

<'Thank you kindly ma'am.'> Dart said saluting Riddel <'ekan's are a pain in the butt, that's all I can say.'>

March 4th, 2006, 3:45 PM
"Okay..." I raised my eyebrow at this. I thought, He was offering me this Why? I shrugged it off and did what he said, telling my pokemon to stay down beside me.
"The wounds may be covered, but that doesn't mean they don't hurt." I flinched about every step I took even with the help of Toren. Cinna walked cautiously behind Growlithe, occasionally looking from side to side to see if she coud spot any dangerous pokemon, so she could run away. None yet.
Cinna was not usually jumpy like this, but then again she's not usually lost in a forest, either.

March 4th, 2006, 3:55 PM
"Don't worry, I'm not tricking you or anything. Believe it or not, I CAN be helpful sometimes, contrary to popular belief."

He said, rolling his eyes and continuing to walk along, helping her along and making sure that she didn't fall or anything. Henever felt like he had than before, he didn't really get many chances to help people. Throughout his life, most people had just ignored him and treated him as if he were invisible. It was a pretty sad thing, but Toren had learned to shake it off and act like he was emotionless, which he was pretty good at now.

Growlithe....was still barking at pretty much everything ins ight. Toren rolled his eyes at the little Pokemon, who was standing in front of a large tree, barking at it and thinking that it was a Sudowoodo, which it wasn't Once the dog figured that out, he ran off to a fyellow flower and tried to attack it...thinking that it was a Sunflora...which it wasn't either.

March 4th, 2006, 4:02 PM
Cinna watched with her eyes while the dog went left... then right... then left again... Cinna tried to play along. She curiously nipped at a small bug, then tried to climb up a tree, then she couldn't get down the tree... THEN she fell out of the tree and decided to quit with her tail covering her face.
I just tried to stay up, but it was hard for obvious reasons.
"I can be helpful too, but yet very sensitive." I shrugged and continued limping and leaning on Toren's shoulder... what a weird position I was in.

Now my feet were getting sore, and there was a small breeze.
At least it isn't raining. At that thought, I gasped and hurriedly knocked on a tree. "Knock on wood!" Toren would probably have no Idea what I was talking about, but still...

March 4th, 2006, 4:18 PM
Toren stared curiously at her for a moment, wondering what excatly she was knocking on the tree. Suddenly, without warning, he just burst out in laughter, clutching his stomach as he walked up to her, finally regaining a normal poisiotn and trying to speak in between the bouts of laughter.

"Ah ha ha- Oh, I'm sorry. it just confused me for a moment why you were doing that, but anyway, sorry."

He shrugged his head and stood beside her, his eyes darting between the tree and her, his mind wondering exactly what she had been doing. He then just shrugged his head and smiled, rolling his eyes and turning aroumd, looking off into space.

Growlithe stared at Cinna for a moment, before trotting cautiously over to her and cocking his head as well, almost as confused as Torn was.

<Umm, it's okay. It took me a while before I could get into trees. I'm sure you'll be able to do it...>

Growlithe said,staring up into the tree.

March 4th, 2006, 4:19 PM
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March 5th, 2006, 1:49 AM
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March 5th, 2006, 6:52 AM
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IC: I was hoping we would find that girl soon. If we didn't, I might have time to think about apologizing to her. It was lucky that Toren found me; I could've been anywhere. Hopefully none of us will turn up as an ekans' dinner. They creep me out. Big time. Cinna was still back there paralyzed from her fall. "Hold on," I whispered to Toren.
I limped over to my pokemon and she immidiately hopped into my arms, which were now tightly covered in bandages. So while Cinna got the bumpy ride of her life in my arms, I was the one who had to look out for the danger for us two.

The sound of the creek faded. I hope I didn't forget anything... I thought.

The wind was still blowing and the sun was still peeping through the trees.
"We're never going to find anyone at this rate!" I blurted out. Startled, Cinna leaped out of my arms and clung to a tree, trembling.
I sighed. She'll learn...

<'You scare me...'> Cinna's claws were dug into the tree, while I was just standing there, twitching.
"Next time actually try to climb up the tree, so you can find a nice ekans that wants to eat us all."
It was a fact. I was miserable. All my life things were happening that just made my life worse.
Everything and anything I do is wrong, but the one mistake I didn't make, the one out of all, was choosing this Eevee for my partner.
I Was a mistake.

Walking in those woods was probably never going to end, we would probably never find our way out and then starve to death.

March 6th, 2006, 12:54 AM
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March 6th, 2006, 12:24 PM
Toren stopped in his tracks, watching as Jen held CInna in her arms. The little Eevee then leaped out of her arms and ran over to a tree, clinging to it and muttering something to Jen quietly. Toren watched curiously as she said something about an Ekans eating them all, and Toren sighed, his eyes daring in between the miserable trainer and the scared Pokemon.

Toren walked slowly over to Jen, reaching up and resting his hand on her shoulder for a minute.

"Look, everything's gonna work out. If you're constantly worrying about everything, then there's no hope for us. Just try to stay hopeful, if you're never gonna feel better

He smiled at her then shrugged his head, starting to walk forward, letting his arm drop back down and rest comfortably at his side. He blinked a couple times, for he felt as if something was in them, maybe it was sand or something like that that had been caught in the wind.

Growlithe starded curiously at Cinna, wondering why she had clung to a tree and told Jen that she was afraid of her. He barked a little bit to reassure the Eevee, then shrugged his head and started to chase after Toren, his tongue flailing out wildly and panting.

March 6th, 2006, 1:17 PM
Cinna decided to rest her tired arms. she fell into the bush below her, coming out with five pine needles in her tail, a taillow pecking continuously on her head, and a scowl on her face. Cinna furiously shook her head and the Taillow flew away, out of sight.

I couldn't help but to chuckle. Cinna showed me three shiny and very sharp claws sticking out of her paw. I backed away away cautiously and chuckled weakly. "Sorry, couldn't help it." It was my turn to cling to a tree, now.
Cinna smirked at me and retracted (I think that's the right word XDXD) her needle-sharp claws.
I turned around to face Toren. I just hope we get out of here-- we have no idea how big this forest is, or what's in it. I looked around, as if a seviper was going to slither out from a nearby bush or tree and bring me to my end.
Cinna was now next to growlithe, staring at me.
I stuck my tongue out at her.
She stuck hers out at me.
We continued this for about a minute or two until I heard rustling.
"We'd better go..." I suggested. "Who knows what's lurking around."

March 10th, 2006, 5:32 PM
Toren smiled at Jen for a moment, wondering why exactly it was that she was acting so paranoid at something leaping out of the bushes and bring them all to thier doom. Okay, so maybe he was a LITTLE frightened, but who wouldn't be in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere? No one, that's who.

Growlithe cocked his hsead, staring at Cinna curiously. He, like Toren with jen, was wondering why she was behaving so strangely. It seemed that the fire dog was having the same troubles as his human trainer. Guess they're more alike then they thought they'd ever be. Who would have ever guessed that? No one, that's who.

"Jen, let's just go. Don't worry, it's probably just a zigzagoon looking for fruit or something. Just try to not think bad thoughts."

he smiled faintly at her again and then started to walk forward, looking back at Growlithe and waiting on the dog for him to follow. Reluctantly, growlithe nodded and ran after Toren, panting and letting his tongue hang out like most dogs did. Toren shrugged and sighed, wishing that all this could have just been a dream, after all, who wouldn't? No one, that's who.

March 10th, 2006, 6:05 PM
After using a potion on the Ekan's, Riddel decided to do a little training, just to see how much this pokemon could do.

She had wandered away from the clearing she was originally in, attatching a peice of Dart's string shot to her hand as she walked around so she wouldn't get lost. When she'd found just the spot for training, she commanded a Poison Sting from the snake pokemon, which released a barrage of white twig like stings at the farthest tree's bark.

The tree was a good 20 feet away, and Riddel frowned when the Poison Sting fell halfway there. She shook her head. Dart would've made his target easily.

"Good try." She said nonetheless "Let's go a little smaller." She looked up at a tree that was merely 6 feet away, and after sending another array of Poison Sting at the tree, she examined the damage the poison had done.

The poison was much stronger then Dart's though. She noticed this when she fingered the bark, which was burning away underneath her fingertips. Riddel flinched when her skin touched a bit of the melting bark, and cursed "Holy Sh**!" She shouted as she bit the finger in between her teeth.

Ekan's slithered up to Riddel who laughed "Maybe I give a little too little credit." The snake pokemon merely looked at her quizically and poked his forked tounge out once or twice.

"We should think of a nickname for you. You're poison is strong. How about...Toxin?" She asked patting the snake on the head while it rattled it's tail around and slithered up and around her arm, resting it's head on her shoulder "You like it?" She asked grinning as she made her way back to the clearing "We'll test out your wrap on some other pokemon if we run into one."

Riddel promptly stopped smiling when she reached the clearing again though and she quickly began to gape "Dart!!!"

The spider jerked like a little kid caught playing with fire, and quickly scuttled around with a look that nearly said it for him--

<'I didn't know you'd be back so soon!'> He said innocently.

"There's spider webbing all over this place!" She said still looking at the now sticky clearing.

<'Well, I couldn't exactly cut off my string shot or you'd be lost, and I didn't want to stay in the same place and....this is the result." Dart said turning around in a circle and making more webbing.

"Cut it off now, and clean up this mess!" Riddel said slapping her forehead in exhasperation.

Toxin hissed <'Doesn't bother me none.'>

<'Yeah see?'> Dart said, though he'd already begun to gather up the webbing <'Ekan's here agrees with me.'>

<'Thatssss Toxxxin.'> Toxin hissed crawling into a bundle underneath the shade of a tree.

"Yeah, well, you stay here and make sure no pokemon get comfortable here. Me and Dart are gonna go get some firewood." Riddel said looking at Dart who quickly dumped the webbing in a nearby bush and crawled ahead of Riddel.

<'FIREWOOD HO!'> Dart said, pointing his antennae forward.

"It's wood Dart. Calm down." Riddel said raising her eyebrows.

<'I'vvvve an idiot for a companion.'> Toxin hissed with a sigh as he rested in the shade of the tree, the sky turning a light shade of pink mized with the bright blue of day.

March 10th, 2006, 9:48 PM
OOC: I'm back! Sorry about the wait. Right'o, let's get going.


I shook my head.

Jen and Toren were so uptight and bossy at times that I wondered if I should have made friends with them. Suddenly, one would walk off, and the other would follow without any consideration as to how I felt. I felt rather forgotten as the two of them were friends, and to them, I was just some idiot on the side of the street. I knew that I'd never have a chance of making friends with anyone of the poeple who saw me lose my battle to the Ariads-girl.

I shuddered.

The very mention of the Pokèmon brought back bad memories. And those bad memories brought back something else that I had forotten. Cyndaquill! He was still fighting with the Bellsprout. I had complete forgotten about my Pokèmon, the only true friend of mine. He stuck by me. And I deserted him The very thought made me want to throw up.

I quickly skirted the clearing, and zipped into the undercover of the canopy. Quickly retracing my steps, I walked back to where I remembered Cyndaquill to be. Sure enough, he was there, battling endlessly. But he was weakened, and I could see it. The continuous barrage of Razor leafs was too much. He turned around when he heard me.

<Jake...> I heard him mutter weakly.

"Come on, Cyndaquill, you can do. I believe you. I know that –"

I was interupted as another Razor Leaf cut his face, and he fell to the ground, twitching in pain. I knew that this was not good.

I jumped to his side, but suddenly, there was s light spark on his back. I held my breath. It came again, this time louder. Soon, a small fre was alight on his back. Cyndaquill looked up at the Bellsprout, anger flaring from his eyes. The flame on his back grew in size, until it seemed like the little Pokèmon was made of flames itself.


March 17th, 2006, 4:14 PM
No matter what anyone said, I was still full of fear. jumping everywhich way from the noises of the forest. That was one thing Me and my pokemon have in common.

I stopped and squinted hard into the forest. A glowing red flame shown between trees and bushed.
"Hey, look over here, maybe it's a friend."
I crept into that direction, still squinting. I kneeled behind a tree nearby to see what it was.
A cyndaquil.
Jake's Cyndaquil.
I finally realised I shouldn't have run of like that. I poked my head through to see if I could spot him-Jake.
Naturally, there he was.
"Hey..." I stumbled out from behind the tree and onto my feet. "Sorry about ditching you earlier..." I looked down towards my feet at the casts
on me.
"Like I told Toren- everyone thinks it's the girls that need babying, the ones that need the most attention."
I hoped Toren had followed me.

March 17th, 2006, 4:27 PM
Toren was sort of ahead Jen, so he hadn't really noticed that Jen wasn't following him. As he walked for a little bit, he realized that he heard no sound behind him and turned back, sweeping around the area though his eyes and his eyes widening as he saw Jen nor Cinna anywhere in his view.

Crap...where did she get to?

He "muttered" to himself in his head, beginning to retrace his steps and look around, his eyes darting in every perceivable direction. Yet, he still didn't see her. Growlithe began to bark loudly and try to pick up on her scent, but it had vanished after she had washed herself in the river where they had found her earlier.

Toren, as his nature usually made him, began to worry and wonder where she had run off too. She probably just walked off because she was anooyed with him, which she probably was. At least, that's what his mind came up with, the ONLY thing it came up with, which waspretty normal. His mind thought that just about everyone who met him would begin to dislike him after only a couple minutes. There's confidence for you, eh?

March 17th, 2006, 4:42 PM
I turned back and saw nothing but mostly green and brown. I twitched.
Is Toren annoyed with me? Trying to get me lost just because I'm weird?
I thought.
I'm sure.
I sighed. How could anyone blame him? I was a freak! I could never make any friends. I never will. I'm just one of those people who just can't act right. It's part of my life. Everything goes wrong. Although Cinna was still by my side; only because she was the same. What was wrong with me?
I let it all go- all at once.
I don't care if I ever get a boyfriend! I don't care if everyone thinks I'm weird! I don't care if people talk about me behind my back! I can do whatever I want- including commiting suicide.
I searched around me for somethign sharp or poisonous. I found just about the sharpest rock I had ever seen.

March 17th, 2006, 4:56 PM
Toren looked around until he finally saw some sort of figure in the distance. He squinted his eyes, not being able to tell who it was, whether it be Jen, Jake, or anybody else who had been teleported along witht him. As he made his way closer, he finally realized that it was Jen who he had been looking at. He breathed a sigh of relief and was glad that he had found her at last. Losing someone in a strange forest was not exactly something that he wanted to be doing.

"Oh, there you are...Hey, what are you doing?"

He asked, walking up to her and noticing that she seemed to be carrying a very sharp-looking rock in her hands. The way that Jen had been acting in the past couple of hours made him realize what she was up to. It seemed that the girl before him was chock-full of depression...which was not a very good think.

"Don't even think about it!"

He said, grabbing the rock from her and hurling it through the air until it landed softly in the grass several yards away with a slight crashing sound. After he pulled his hand back, he winced in pain as he realized that he had cut himself deeply while wrestling the rock from Jen. He looked down at his now-bleeding wound and tried to hide it behind his back as his gaze returned to a no-doubt surprised girl.

March 17th, 2006, 4:56 PM
Riddel sighed as she put wood upon Dart's abdomen. It would be enough to last the night. She tied her jacket sleeves around the bundle as Dart zoomed back to the clearing with incredible speed.

By securing the firewood with stones, she lit a match. A match that only barey managed to light the smallest stick, but she soon had a good fire going. She'd have to use her matches sparingly. To be sure just how cold the nights got, she'd have to use one tonight.

<'Man, I'm pooped.'> Dart said as he returned himself, Toxin doing the same, hissing a 'night' as he did so.

And so Riddel was alone. The peace was nice. The simple crackling of the fire meant that nobody would bother her. It was sort of like home. Just the air was a little too fresh and the air a little too cold for her tastes. Somehow, she didn't feel homesick at all. It wasn't really as though her home was...her home. It was like a place to stay. For a long vacation.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees, and put her chin upon them. It was cold, but she didn't want to take the time to take out the twigs and brambles in her jacket and put that on. So she scooted closer to the fire, feeding it every now and then to kill the time before she felt sleepy.

March 17th, 2006, 7:35 PM
I stared wide-eyed at Toren. What had I done?!
"I was supposed to get cut!" I twitched at the maroon blood on Toren's palm.
I dug up another sharp rock and held it to my arm. I closed my eyes and felt the coldness of the object touch my arm. I gripped it hard.
"The last words I am going to say is that this journey in the forest t ought me a lesson, and for someone to say "Sorry" To That girl for me."
Everything raced through my mind. what about my parents? Friends? Family? Oh wait, I forgot, I have no true friends. So I thought.
I could see the pain in me already. Who cares. No one. I started to dig the rock into my arm when I felt a furry head-butt knock it out of my palm. Cinna.
The one true friend that I have. I forced my eyes open and saw her face, worried-like, almost crying.

"Please..." My eyes started to fill with tears, too. "Just let me go. Don't go and make this harder for us both."
I searched through the rocks until I found it again, with the tiniest bit of blood on the tip.
No turnin' back now. No one can stop me.

March 17th, 2006, 7:44 PM
"Stop it!"

Toren cried out, grabbing the next rock and hurlling it away like he had done with the previous one. A little bit of the blood dropped to the ground as it soared through the air, and he turned his head back to look at Jen, who, to Toren, didn't look well at all.

"I know it seems like I've acted pretty careless in the past few...erm, hours that we've known each other, but I can say that I know that absolutely no one wants you to kill youself, even the Ariados girl. They all care about you, I....I care about you...."

He said painfully, continuing to hold his red hand behind his back. His eyes began to mist up a little bit, but he wiped it away with his blood-free hand and stared into Jen's own eyes, hoping that she would come to her senses and listen to what he was trying to tell her.

Growlithe, who had been following Toren, trotted up beside him and looked around, having no idea what was going on. he looked up at Toren, hoping to get an answer, but Toren just stared worriedly at his companion, biting his lower lip and waiting to see what Jen would do, brining his gaze back to her.

March 17th, 2006, 7:56 PM
My brown eyes stared into his.
"You sure about that?"
I grabbed a pile of rocks-most of which were very dull- and threw them up into the air. My hair blew in my face.
"I want me to kill myself." With that I ran- anywhere, back to the river maybe, to go drown myself. Or maybe to find the arrowhead rocks, and kill myself that way.
"No one cares..." Were the last words I thought Toren would hear me say.
My feet were silent in the damp grass, so it was hard for Cinna to find me whenever she stumbled over a log or something. My green hairclip was still tightly in place in my hair. I jerked it out and held it in my palm. Good luck. Yeah, right. Why did I have to be the center of attention all the time? Why can't I just be normal, fit in?!
I kept running, now for no reason at all.
Toren- caring about ME? HA! That's a joke!
I ran. And ran. And tripped then ran again. I was born weird. Nothing to be proud of when I look in the mirror.

March 17th, 2006, 8:07 PM
"Why would I say it if I didn't mean it?!"

He shouted out as he began to run after her, his hair flying back from the wind that was being generated. Growlithe was much faster then either human so he raced ahead of Toren and leaped through the air and sunk its teeth into Jen's clothing so that she couldn't run anymore. He planted his feet into the ground and struggled against Jen until Toren was able to catch up.

Once he reached the two of them, he panted for a moment before he grabbed Jen's arm and wheeled her around until she was facing him. He refrained from using his bloodied hand, which was resting at his side as the blood rolled down and soaked the grass below.

"Jennifer...please stop it. I DO care about you, whether you believe it or not. I don't want you to hurt youself..."

He said sadly, letting his gaze rest on her face, trying to figure out what she was thinking. Perhaps she was doing this because she was sick of him, in which case he would have to leave her alone. He dropped his hand back to his side and slowly began to back away, shrugging his head and turning away. As he did so, a tear rolled down his cheek, but his back was facing Jen and he was glad that she was not able to tell that it had happened.

"Go ahead...do it. I hope you realize that I...can't stop you."

He said, squeezing his hand and staring down at the ground. Growlithe began to whine, his eyes traveling in between Jen and Toren.

March 17th, 2006, 8:08 PM
Riddel looked up. She had heard a twig snap, and the sound of someone falling bodily upon the ground.

"..." She stood up and picked up her two pokeballs, enlarging Toxin's, wondering who, or what, in the world would be walking around in this crazy forest. Unless... "Dart...you took us in a circle didn't you..." She said to nobody in particular, as Dart himself was not listening.

Though she had deducted that it was one of the others, she kept Toxin's pokeball enlarged. You could never be too sure, but she soon caught sight of the girl again. Riddel rolled her eyes as she noticed that she was bandaged, but had a fresh cut upon her arm. She leaned against a tree and shook her head, watching from a safe distance. Ah, the girl would probably freak upon sight of Riddel again. Something about 'rude'. Riddel nearly scoffed, but then the other boy caught her eye and she nearly laughed. His hand, no matter how hidden it was, was dripping crimson.

The girl indeed knew how to drag people into her situations. Riddel shook her head and continued to observe from a distance. She'd wait this one out until the girl did something stupid.

Toxin stirred in his pokeball, looking up at Riddel quizzically, but she merely held a finger to her lips, well hidden in the brush and behind the tree. He curled up again, and continued to snooze as Riddel watched. It would be a long night.

She looked up again as the boy said something about 'go ahead and do it,' and something about how he couldn't stop her.

Oh. My. God. Riddel rolled her eyes from what felt like the millionth time. No explanation needed for THAT one.

March 17th, 2006, 8:18 PM
I turned my back to Toren's back. (XD) A tear rolled down my eye, as well.
"See? If you cared, you would try and stop me." Silence. Except for the odd feeling that someone else was watching.
Probably Jake.
No sign of water or an arrowhead anywhere.
"Anyone have something sharp, poisonous, and/or deadly?!" My voice echoed through the forest.
My green clip was stil in my palm, grasped tightly.
"Remember to tell that Ariados girl that I'm sorry for being so rude to her... even though she probably won't think much of it."
I decided to stall on my trip to heaven. Instead, I would just run- make the most of it. Have a nice, last meal, maybe. Get lost, have some fun with the others- die before they find me. Watch them from above- laughing their hearts out and saying, "At last! SHE'S GONE!" A tear would fall from my eye and make a rainstorm.

March 17th, 2006, 8:24 PM
"Well, I tried stopping you, but that didn't work, now did it? I guess you'll be able to live that you ruined my life as well, you being gone and all."

He said, starting to walk forward, and whipping a large cloth out of his bag, wrapping it around his wound and wincing as it still hurt. He tried to wipe away all thoughts of Jen. She obciously didn't care about his feelings nor anybody else's, for if she did she wouldn't have gone as far as she did.

Growlithe began to whine some more, and he wanted to go stop Jen, but he was loyal to Toren so he began to chase after his master, trotting along and stopping as soon as he was alongside the boy. He looked up Toren's saddened face, and stared back down at the ground, sad as well.

March 17th, 2006, 8:31 PM
I sighed as I heard the small "Thump"s in the grass fade.
"Y'know," I started. "I wouldn't mind if you would have one last meal with me." I felt my face go cherry-red. "I mean, you're one of the only people that I would want to have a last meal with." I dropped the clip, finally, from my sweaty palm.
"Nah, nevermind, You'd probably want to be alone anyway." I gently sat down on the damp grass and wrapped my arms around my legs. I sat there. Nothing else to do. I waited for something to happen- for me to get utterly embarrassed again, or to find Jake pop out of the woods, furious at me. I hummed a toon in my head- a sad one, yet beautiful.
OOC: Teh shortness of posts disease has taken over my braaaain!

March 17th, 2006, 8:39 PM
"Last meal?"

He said, turning back and smiling sheepishly at her, then starting to walk back and leaning back against a tree, pulling his bag off that was on his shoulder and throwing it down towards the ground. It landed right in front Jen, and Toren eyed it curiously.

"You'll find some fruit in there, along with some snacks and stuff like that. I really have no idea."

He said, remaining against the tree with his arms crossed. His wrapped hand still hurt a little bit, but he tried to ignore it as he remained in the same position, relaxing his body and wondering how he would be able to convince Jen that this was not her "last meal."

March 17th, 2006, 8:51 PM
"Well I would say I shouldn't like to spend my last few hours alive cold." Riddel smirked as she folded her arms "Besides, I've got poison for the after-meal suicide now don't I? Not that Dart will do it, but Toxin might." Riddel knew that Toxin would indeed, do something such as kill a human, as he'd obviously never interacted with one other then Riddel herself, and didn't understand the importance of them. He probably only hung around because of Dart.

"So, unless I'm too," Riddel rolled her eyes before saying the next word "Rude for you, I'll accept that apology, and we can get to the clearing Dart found."

Toxin hissed at the sound of other voices <'Humansss...'> He hissed disdainfully.

"You're not killing anyone just yet." Riddel scolded as Toxin spat at the pokeball's outer layer.

<'I don't think thisssss iss the way ssssomeone would want to die.'> Toxin sneered <'The poisssson burnsss at your sskin, and eatsss away at you little by little.'>

<'And I say Riddel's scary.'> Dart muttered, shifting in his pokeball.

"Well whatever, I've got a fire going, and I'm sure that you wouldn't like to eat you "last meal" alone." Riddel smirked as she shrugged "So are you coming?"

She didn't wait for an answer before she headed for the camp, before stopping and turning around "And-you're right. I don't think much about your apology. Because the reason was rather....well...unsupported let's say. I've recieved a lot of reactions, and if you live long enough, I'll see a lot more that's worth an apology as touchy as that one, but being rude is not one of em'." Riddel said shaking her head as Toxin exited his pokeball to stare at the girl before slithering after his trainer.

March 17th, 2006, 11:45 PM
OOC: O.o


Nothing was really making any sense to me.

Whatever happened after Cyndaquill's flame burst open was a mystery to me. All I remember was Cyndaquill perfroming a marvellous Flamethrower attack, and wounding the Bellsprout badly. I then remember christening Cyndaquill Flare-tamer, and capturing the Bellsprout, naming it Vine-trap. How I knew all of this was a complete mystery to me. An inner inuntuition told it to me, and I believed it. There's nothing more to it.

After that, I remember Jen saying that she wanted to commit suicide, and Toren trying to stop her twice, but giving up in the end. I then remember Jen asking Toren if he wanted to share the last meal with her, and then the Ariados-girl inviting the two to eat the last meal with her, in front of a fire. Thing really were turning out to be weird.

I decided not to interfere.

"Come on, you two. Let's leave these three to eat the last meal by themselves. I really don't want Jen to commit suicide, but she seemed quite close to Toren, and if her couldn't stop her, then no body can. I kow that I hav no choice of stopping them, so I might as well leave them alone," I whispered to Flare-tamer and Vine-trap.

<Right with you, Big-Jake,> replied Flare-tamer, smiling.

<Why d'you call him Big-Jake?> asked Vine-trap.

<He's bigger than me, and his name's Jake,> replied Flare-tamer sarcastically.

Vine-trap replied with a <Humph!>, and turned to me, deciding to ask me a couple of questions while we waited, <So, what d'you suppose we should do now?>

"Make a fire, and go to sleep...,"

March 18th, 2006, 2:43 PM
I just stared. I stood up and stared.
Forget the apology, then.
Cinna continuously headbutted against my legs, begging me to not commit suicide.
"You had to eavesdrop, didn't you?" I clenched my fists.
"No thanks, I would rather not spend my last meal with you." I hissed coldly.
My fingernails were now dug into my palms.
"I didn't even ask you. I asked Toren."
I was shaking with anger as I glanced over at Toren.
"So next time, stay out of my business."
"If you can."
I sent Nida out of her stuffy pokeball.
Cinna growled softly at the girl. Nida followed suit; although it's hard to think of a Nidoran growling; but that's what she did.
The breeze whistled and my hair blew in my face.
"Oh, by the way, I never learned your name," My teeth were clenched together. "Fortunately."

March 18th, 2006, 2:50 PM
"Whoa, calm down. just eat the food."

He said, motioning to his bag that was still resting on the cold ground in front of her. Growlithe barked curiously at Jen for a moment before running up to the bad, digging in with his mouth and easily pulling it open, then digging around on the inside until he found a couple of tiny bags containing a couple snacks. He returned from his little dig and trotted gently up to Jen, extending his mouth out and offering Jen the bags that were held in his teeth.

Toren, watching as Growlithe dug through his bag, soon shrugged his head and turned his head to look off into the horizon. The sun was currently making its way down, and created a beautiful sight with dark mixes of orange and lavender. He smiled gently, alwayd loving the scenery that the sun created every night as it went down. it made him feel very relaxed, as if he could fall asleep right there, leaning against the cold, hard tree.

March 18th, 2006, 9:17 PM
Riddel spun around, a slightly angered and alarmed expression on her face "My name? How?" She hissed as Toxin turned his head and smirked, slithering forward to meet the growling pokemon "I didn't tell anyone my name."

<'The girl underssstandsss pokemon ssspeech. No thanksss to Dart.'> Toxin hissed as he slithered to meet the Nidoran and the Eevee.

Riddel scowled and clenched her fists as well thoughts ran through her head at the speed of light, ones like, 'would you like ME to kill you FOR you?!' or, 'Okay, this NICE issue is NOT for me, espescially not with this-'

"You're awfully sensitive. Perhaps I've changed your mind. Maybe you'd like to live just to switch your attitude around in mere seconds because MY personality isn't what you like. Especially since you have crazy mood swings every other second!" Riddel snarled, as Toxin stuck his forked tounge out periodically, feeling the anger and frustration radiating from his trainer as his adrenaline ran high in the middle of the night.

Riddel shook her head, trying to do away with the thoughts that told her to screw the last meal and have Toxin kill her right then and there. How pesky. She'd forget about ever helping that girl out ever again. She'd COMPLETELY misinterpreted EVERYTHING Riddel had said, and if she DIDN'T have the IQ to realize that what Riddel said was NOT offensive (partially) then it was NOT Riddel's problem.

Riddel stalked back to the clearing and sat at the base of the largest tree, Dart sighing and dreading the moment he'd be let out of his pokeball. The moment Riddel would unleash her anger upon him for teaching the girl her name. She folded her arms and tried to block out all sounds. She didn't quite frankly care whether the two were still going to share the clearing with her, as she knew one of them would be gone before the night was over, or, at this rate, most likely, but she was presently shoving out all thoughts of the blood on the girl's arm. It reminded her of-

<'Where'ssss the battle?'> Toxin asked disappointed as he slithered up to her.

"If you poison her pokemon, I'm sure she'll want to commit suicide twice. Blame herself no doubt, about 'letting her pokemon get poisoned'. Your poison is lethal Toxin. You've lived in a society untouched by humans. You're naturally more powerful." Riddel said moodily.

<'That nidoran isss a native.'> Toxin protested.

"This subject is closed!" Riddel snapped, closing her eyes. She was in no mood except pure frustration. She wondered whether the girl had visited a counselor lately. Talk about a wild swing through puberty.

March 19th, 2006, 7:48 AM
OOC: Lol...NC, you really know how to RP...lol. This is turning out more dramatic than New Challenge way back last year at PE2K...I can't bleive this. Now, should I help Riddel, or Jen...


Peering through a small grass patch, I shook my head.

Flare-tamer and Vine-trap were next to me, also staring at the fight going on between the Ariados-girl, and Jen. It really was amusing to watch the two girls, who were far from being girly, fight. Unlike typical girl-fights, these two were yelling and shouting insults, rather than scratching and spitting like retarded cats of some sort. Flare-tamer and Vine-trap were almost laughing because of the stupidity of the two fight.

<Are humans always like this?> asked Vine-trap, waving a leaf at me.

I grinned, smiling at Vine-trap's ignorance to the human race, after all, she had grown up in an environment completely separtaed from humans, and wouldn't know as much as a Pokèmon that had grown amongst humans.

"Not always. Only when some people get angry at each other, they become like this. Don't worry, I hardly get angry, only sad, or dissapointed," I replied, stroking Vine-trap's yellow face as she looked at the girls in awe.

We noticed the Ariados-girl and her Ekans (when did she get that?) return to their camp, talking angrily about Jen. From this angle, Jen was now out of view, and all that the three of us could see was the Ariados-girl seated by her fire, with her Ariados and Ekans beside her. Something was wrong about what was going on. Something had to be. Maybe Jen was in trouble, but she had Toren to take care of her. The Ariados-girl looked very hurt from the recent conflict. Perhaps I should...

"Flare-tamer, do you tink you could face that Ariados again. Not in battle, but just talk to it. I want to cheer up its trainer. You and Vine-trap could talk with her Pokèmon while I talk to her. What do you think?" I asked in a quiet whisper.

<It's fine by me,> replied Flare-tamer, <Vine-trap?>

Vine-trap nodded, and I gave both of them a best smile I could, and swallowed hard. This would be the first time since our battle at Pallet Town that the Ariados-girl and I would talk to each other. It seemed like such a long time ago that it was almost as if the two of us had become completely different people. perhaps we had, or perhaps we hadn't.

I stood up, and brushed past the grass shurb, with Flare-tamer and Vin-tra by my side, entering the clearing where the Ariados-girl was. I knew that it was dangerous to do this, but I needed to, if I were to ever make friends with her. I knew it was odd, but I didn't want to have an enemy, even if she did almost kill Flare-tamer, it wasn't her fault alone.

"Umm...hi. Remember me?"

March 19th, 2006, 9:15 AM
OOC: Ariados is in his pokeball, but I can work around that. And, Diamond~Star's the good RPer, whenever I RP a bitter character, I never actually stick with making them bitter, but at this rate, it's a breeze!

IC: Riddel opened her eyes, but didn't look up to the bearer of the voice. She didn't really need to anyway, it was pretty hard to forget a voice you heard just hours earlier. She blinked once before looking up.

Dart poked his head around Riddel's shoulder and jumped <'It's the puny one!'> He said in surprise.

<'No native to thisssss foresssst.'> Toxin hissed slithering around Riddel's feet as she stood up <'But the bellssssprout...'>

"We'll find you someone to battle tomorrow." Riddel snapped at Toxin who sighed and stopped slithering "I remember you. Plain and clear. What-"

<'What do you want?'> Dart finished for her in a high girly voice that was not his own, or Riddel's for that matter. The girl in question glared at her pokemon, and in defense he pointed out, <'You know that was what you were gonna say.'>

Riddel shook her head in disbelief and folded her arms "Can I help you?"

Dart clucked his...tounge...at his trainer <'See, you wonder why that girl has crazy mood swings, but it's because you're rude, mean, and I guess when she was apologizing, you didn't seem to care, so-'>

"CAN IT DART!" Riddel snarled clenching her fists at her incredibly annoying and loud starter pokemon. She'd thought that of all pokemon, an Ariados would AT LEAST be slightly less talkative!

March 19th, 2006, 9:51 AM
Toren leaned back again the tree casually, watching as Ridell began flaring up, as she usually did, and started yelling at Jen. Her Pokemon occasionally piped in, but he just tried to ignore everything that they were saying. He shrugged his head and looked down at the ground, running through his thoughts and not really paying attention to what was going on.


Toren jumped in surprise as he heard the name “Scyther” ring through the area in a hissing voice. He looked around wilding, and tried to pinpoint the location of the voice. He looked at Jen, Jake, and Ridell and muttered “be right back” before he darted off into the trees, Growlithe following at his heels. They ran for a couple yards before they came to a clearing, where Toren noticed a Scyther that was busy hacking away at a tree with its sharp blades, or hands, in other words.

“Scyther, we’re here to challenge you!”

Toren shouted out, his voice reverberating through the area, entering into Scyther’s ears and flicking on its brain. The Pokemon turned around and screamed out another “Scyther!” before charging towards Toren.

“Growlithe, attack Scyther with Ember!”

Growlithe leaped out in front of Toren and opened its mouth, sending the volley of flames rocketing at the charging Pokemon. The attack connected. And Scyther held its position in pain, holding up its blade in front of its body but not able to provide itself with defense against the blazing attack.

March 19th, 2006, 5:00 PM
OOC: XD; I am NOT the good RPer. Everyone else is x3
IC:I snorted.
The D*mn B*tch.
"That's apparently what your Ariados means." I smirked at her.
"And I thought I had problems." I snorted again.
"Don't even think about poisoning my pokemon."
Silence. Although I could hear Toren in the background, doing something.
"Or you'll be sorry."
I smirked again.
Although, of course, I had no plan or anything, but who cares.I wasn't exactly afraid of this girl, though. Not at all. She was just a self-centered bratty little wimpy punk that I needn't worry about.

March 19th, 2006, 5:08 PM
OOC: ...You're post is confusing me Diamond~Star...0_0;; That's what Ariados meant? Don't think about poisoning your pokemon? When did this all happen?! XP

March 19th, 2006, 5:11 PM
“Dodge it!”

Toren shouted towards Growlithe as Scyther attempted to swing at the little dog with one of its blades. Unfortunately, Grwolithe was not swift enough and was sent hurling into a tree by the Scyther. The green Pokemon smikred and now charged forward in an attempt to harm Toren. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the attack, for he knew that there was no way escaping it. The Scyther was much faster than him.

Toren stood there. The attack had not come. He opened his eyes to see Scyther several feet away from him, shrieking in pain from a surprise Ember from Grwolithe.

“Alright, let’s finish this off with Bite!”

Growlithe nodded and leaped forward, only to be met with another swipe of Scyther. The fore dog winced in pain and twitched on the ground for a moment. Scyther approached and prepared for one last attack, but Growlithe opened its mouth and fired off another Ember. Scyther was too surprised to defend itself and fell to the ground.

Toren ran closer and rubbed Growlithe for a moment before he unclipped an empty Pokeball from his belt and tossed it lazily at Scyther. The Pokemon went inside, and after three “Beeps” a ding reverberated through the area. Toren smiled and hurried to pick up his Pokeball, then ran back to Growlithe.

“Good job, boy. Here you go.”

He opened his bag and reached into one compartment, returning with a couple, small pellets. He tossed the pieces of Pokemon food at Growlithe and then started running back towards the others. He finally got there and returned to his position against the tree, breathing heavily, but acting as if nothing special had happened.

March 19th, 2006, 5:14 PM
OOC: Maybe you didn't even hear it. Maybe I was talking to myself. XD

March 19th, 2006, 5:52 PM
OOC: Yeah, that was another issue I was wondering about, because I thought that Jen hadn't even arrived at the clearing, and I was like, wait a second, did Jen somehow get to the clearing to insult Riddel, or did I miss something majorly big? XD Okay, so we'll say Jen was talking to herself? 0_0;;

IC: I felt a little strange. To be standing and talking to someone whom my own pokemon had nearly killed their own. Why was he even talking to me? After his pokemon- the cyndaquil at my feet - was almost literally poisoned to death by the pokemon who was once standing by my side. I thought it might've been a scarring event, but as my maid had said...

"The world won't react to you like I do Miss Kakumani. They'll react accordingly to their personalities, to their likes, and to their dislikes. Not everyone is as forgiving for the past as I am. And not everyone, will treat you the same as I do."

I had almost laughed cruelly at that remark. She only knew the outlines of an abusive past, of which my adopted parents had informed her of. She didn't know that I knew perfectly well that the world would react differently to my personality. She didn't know, that I just didn't care after awhile. Thinking of my maid brought me back to the start. The start of this journey, that eventually led to meeting suicidal, and emotionally sensitive people that I couldn't stand at all.

"Take some risks Miss Kakumani, it's what makes life great!" A small white haired old woman said gently as she spoke to a figure that sat silently upon a grand four post bed. The figure was shadowed in the expansive, yet dark room, it's knees pulled up to it's chest and it's arms wrapped around them.

"Risks are what got me here Charlette." A hoarse, yet strong voice said in a scary sort of tone.

"Miss Kakumani, you'll never get anywhere by sitting on your bed and brooding, no matter how poor, or elegant the bed is. Are you just going to let your life you've worked so hard to gain possession of rot away?" Charlette asked taking a tentative step forward.

The figure remained silent but shifted further with the old woman's advance, which quickly dissapated, as an Ace of Spades flung so violently to the old lady's feet that it fell halfway through the cracks made by the wooden panels placed side by side. Three more poker cards dangled from the figure's outstretched arm.

"Professor Oak, a fine fellow if I do say so myself, is giving out pokemon to start journey's for fresh and potential trainers. Any pokemon from each of the four regions. Why don't you try it out? It'll be nice to have a companion that will never leave your side." Charlette said folding her hands in her lacy apron's pocket "I'll let you think about it. There's a book on each specie of pokemon in your bookshelf. Your father wrote it himself." And with that she quietly closed the door.

"Never...leave...your...side..." The figure said, it's voice no longer hoarse as the person dropped the act. But the voice grew hard and bitter when they remembered the last few words Charlette had said "He's not my Father." It said, as though the subject was closed, and slowly, so slowly, it moved out of the bed, and took out a thick book with a brand new cover and spine, the cover merely stretched leather with no title.

I snapped out of my reverie, and remembered something more present. The fact that I was still awaiting the boy -I didn't think I knew his name- and his answer to my question. Erm...my rather blunt question.

I knew Dart was right. That I was mean, blunt, rude, and pretty much any synonym for those words. But that was my personality. Or, it may not have been, but it was a little too late for that. For about the millionth time, I tried to blink away the blurry haze in my left eye. I'd gotten into the habit of forgetting I'd never been able to see quite right in that eye, and always thought that the filmy grey was just something that had managed to attach itself to the surface of my dark eyes for the day, and would be gone the next.

My fingers itched for my deck of cards at home, so that I might be able to fling the ones that had been made of a kind of metal I couldn't name at that girl. She vaguely remembered hearing the boy refer to her as 'Jen'. Who knew? Perhaps it was her Eevee, or her Nidoran's nickname.

Reminiscing, and wondering about what I would do if I had this or that. It was a terrible habit and hobby of mine, that arose after I'd been in the world of having whatever I desired at my fingertips, except for the things I wanted the most, which money could never truly buy. And there were so many that I could name, I wondered if I could've gotten them had I never lived in a higher class.

March 20th, 2006, 6:53 AM
OOC: Yeah, Diamond Star is good, as she is just learning, and pretty god for an RPGer. I've known really good writers run an RPG by describing too much, and not actually contributing to the plot of the RPG. Diamond Star, at least helps to move the plot along. I was just saying that I like the style in which you RPG in, it's very...interesting.


Do no overreact... I berrated myself, as I was just about to reply snidely to the brute question that the Ariados-girl just asked me, with no consideration to how I felt.

"Well, I noticed that you were spending a lot of time by yourself," I replied.

<Add something on, you dufas!> screamed Flare-tamer to me, <it seems like you want to ask her out. Say something that makes her know that you don't mean that. At least, I hope you don't, anything except that Ariados...>

"I thought you might appreciate company. You know, so that one of us can be on guuard duty while the other sleeps."

<Much better,> remarked Vine-trap sarcastically.

I gave both of them a glance that clearly to them to shut up, or risk facing my wrath. No doubt, it made them laugh even harder, but I wasn't really worried about how they mocked me. I always knew that they never meant anything personal. We had a great relationship, and I didn't want to break it. The Pokèmon, I mean.

Still waiting for the Ariados-girl to answer, I sat down, deciding to strick up conversation.

"So, what's your name, anyway?"

OOC: I'll have to do a flashback another time, once I've made sure that no one thinks I copying you, NC...

March 20th, 2006, 3:03 PM
OOC: No problemo! The flashback was just something to er...lengthen...my post. 0_0;;

IC: Riddel sweatdropped as she nearly dropped her entire barrier. The boy obviously wasn't good with words. His pokemon laughing beside him seemed to think so as well.

"Um..." Riddel said "I always spend my time alone, but er...thanks?" She said awkwardly. First time someone attempted to reach out to her, it was a pretty weird situation. She hoped that this wasn't the way all interactions started, otherwise she'd much rather be friendless.

Dart was rolling on the ground, legs wrapped around his body as he laughed his head off as well <'You're worse then him with words! Humans are hilarious!'> He gasped for breath and Riddel took a deep breath, so as not to stomp all the guts out of the spider at that very moment.

She sat down as well, though it didn't help anymore, as Dart's hysterical laughter seemed to be ever so much louder down next to him.

Riddel frustratedly brushed a strand of indigo hair behind her ear as Dart settled down "Thank you." She snapped at the worn out spider "Anyway, my name is Riddel....K....Kakumani." She added, disliking the taste it left behind in her mouth. It tasted vile, saying the word, but it was her official last name.

<'Woah...I didn't know that.'> Dart said intrigued as he stood up on wobbly legs, weak from that shaking laughter he'd just gone through.

"Hmm, nobody did, so congratz." Riddel said sarcastically as Dart's forehead furrowed into about a million hilly bumps.

<'Wait a second...If nobody knew...then does that mean your a nobod-'>

And with that he disappeared in a flash of red light, concealed in a pokeball gripped very tightly by a very pissed Riddel.

March 21st, 2006, 3:52 AM

"Riddel Kakumani? Pleased to meet you. You can call me Jake" I replied, giving her the best smile that I could manage at this current situation.

Flare-tamer and Vine-trap sat next to me, and we both observed the clearing. Riddel really was a genious in finding such a perfect place to camp out. She had created a fire right in the centre of the clearing, lighting up the entire place in a bright orange glow. The fire's long fingers beckoned my cold body closer. The trees around the two of us seemed like guards, who's watchful eyes took in everything that wet on, and would have stories to tell for years to come.

Creepers woun their way up a thick tree branch, and peeked out from behind the bark at us, as if wanting to keep hidden, but still get a share of what was happening in their forest. After all, it did belong to them, the plants and the Pokèmon. Without them to tend for the earth, this place would be a barren land of nothingness.

<This is my home,> muttered Vine-trap. <I just realised that you humans might want to leave the forest. I know this place like the back of my...leaf...so if you need help, I could be of some use.>

I nodded my thanks, relaying the messgae to Riddel.

"What do you think, should we leave tomorrow morning?"

March 21st, 2006, 2:46 PM
Riddel glanced down at her belt, which held Dart, and Toxin. Toxin was still hissing with displeasure, and she nodded to Jake's question "But first Toxin'll be wanting to battle, just to let off some steam, or else he might sting one of your pokemon."

It felt odd, to be in the prescence of someone else, but she merely leaned back on the tree, one leg crossed over the other as she idly picked out twigs from the sleeve of her jacket "I hope your not hungry, because I didn't get any food, just to let you know. The other boy has some if you want to go ask him." She added as she tossed a pricker over her shoulder.

The sky was now a fluid navy blue, and even the first few stars poked out. Riddel supposed it was just because she'd actually had someone to talk to that the time passed so quickly, but when she reached for another pricker, she found that there were none left. Her hand fell and she wondered what she'd do to kill time until she felt even the slightest bit sleepy. She stared anywhere but at Jake and his pokemon.

She still wasn't accustomed to being with anyone at night.

March 21st, 2006, 5:42 PM
"Go ahead and take anything you want, I'm not really hungry..."

Toren said out loud to everyone, looking up and darting his eyes around to watch each of them for a moment. He shrugged his head and shut his eyes once again, remaining in his position of leaning against the tree, arms crossed over his chest. Growlithe had been wanting to play with him about a minute earlier, but he decided that the pokemon would be tired from the battle and put it back into his Pokeball.


The excited called out as Toren released it. He reached down inside his bad and pulled out tiny, purple bottle and sprayed it on the Pokemon, healing its wounds. He put it back up and then stood once again.

Toren thought about introducing his new Pokemon, but he also thought that they would figure out that he had just caught it, seeing as the screams of it could probably be heard throughout the forest.

"Kale, calm down."

He muttered softly to the Scyther, glancing at it with one eye, leaving the other tightly shut. Kale put a sad look on its face and shrugged, leaning back against a different tree and trying to imitate its trainer.

March 21st, 2006, 7:46 PM
Was I the only one who nobody liked, yet?! I was just too... weird for anyone's liking, I guess. Another reason to commit suicide. I nibbled on an apple, thinking deeply about ten reasons why I should commit suicide.
1: I hate myself.
2: Everyone hates me.
3: I hate myself.
4: Everyone hates me.
5: The world would be better off without me
6: I'm just plain weird.
7: I hate myself.
8: Everyone hates me.
9: I'm too weird.
10: I hate myself.
Good enough reasons for me. Maybe this was all a dream- more or less a nightmare. There was one thing that i just couldn't seem to figure out- Why was this girl so mean? It didn't really matter- Just another friend not made.
Suddenly, a tear fell from my eye. Couldn't you tell my life is miserable? And that my luck is all bad? Well, it is. I was leaning against a tree and more salt-water tears ran down my face. I tried to suck it up- I wasn't about to let boys see me like this... again....

March 21st, 2006, 8:00 PM
Toren opened one eye and fixated it on Jen. She seemed to also be leaning against a tree, by herself, and, as Toren noticed, crying. Toren’s heart sank. She had made Toren feel bad before by how sad she was acting, and he tried not too show it, but now she was making him feel horrible. Her sorrow reached him and he almost felt like crying as well, but resisted the urge because…..Well, because he wanted to.

”Jen….Stop it. I know you think that everyone hates you, but they don’t. Even…”

He paused here, taking his gaze away from Jen and changing it to the other girl, who seemed to be speaking with Jake.


He closed his eyes once again and shrugged his head, wishing that Jen would just realize something…nobody hated her. Scyther glanced at Toren, listening to his words and looking around the area. He had no idea what a “Jen” or a “Ridell” was so he just remained staring at Toren with a very confused look painted on his face.

A slight breeze blew through the area at that moment, and Toren breathed a sigh of relief. He had felt a little warm, and the air provided a welcome relief. His brown hair was ruffled by it, but then settled back into its regular position once the relief had died down, leaving Toren to sulk onne more.

March 21st, 2006, 8:10 PM
My body was trembling all over. I felt just as strong, not shivering, just- shaking, trembling.
"Impossible. She hates me, I know it." I turned to face towards the tree and wiped away my tears so Toren couldn't see me.
"Everyone at my school hated me," I said. "Even my friends talked crap about me." By now I was sniffing and still trembling, with my arms folded, trying to think of ten reasons I shouldn't commit suicide.
1: For the sake of my pokemon.
2: Nothing.
3: nothing.
4: nothing.
5: Nothing.
6: Nothing.
My decision had already been made...
For the sake of my pokemon. And only for the sake of my pokemon.

March 21st, 2006, 8:38 PM
(I agree with what Deathspector said earlier, this role-play is more like a soap opera than anything else. To see what I mean..Well, just look at my post XD)


He muttered some noise, listening to Jen's words. She seemed to be in denial...About everything, in fact. Ridell hating her, her life meaning nothing at all, basically everything. He brushed some stray hair away from his eyes so that he could look at her more clearly, but she seemed to have turned away from everyone and was....Staring at the tree.

"You know, I'm not really liking this at all. You don't seem to think anything about yourself or others, for you don't know how I...or anyone else would feel if you killed yourself. I considered telling you that I liked you...but I don't know anymore..."

He pushed off from the tree and started to walk away, not glancing at anything but the path ahead. He decided that being on his own would be better, the others didn't need nor want him anyway. He was pretty much useless, not able to convince Jen that she shoud live or even SPEAK to the others.


The Pokemon called out as it took one, last glance at Ridell, Jake, and Jen before also pushing off from its own, respective tree and chasing after Toren. The green Pokemon tried to convince Toren to go back, but the trainer declined and kept walking, not glancing back and trying to forget all thoughts of them.

"Kale, stop it. They don't care, they're better off without me. Oh look, hear I am, I sound like Jen now...At least I'm not thinking about suicide."

The trainer sighed heavily and kept walking, a depressed Scyther following behind him at a slow pace. Toren considered releasing Volley to keep him company, but the fire dog was still resting from his battle with Kale.

March 22nd, 2006, 3:57 AM
OOC: When will the happy RPGs come back? XD.


"Food? Flare-tamer, Vine-trap and I could go and get some, if you'd like," I suggested, getting up from my seat against the tree.

It wasn't as if I was trying to get away from Riddel, or anything. In fact, I kind of enjoyed her company, as she just left me to myself, and only talked when absolutely nessecary. It was just that I was hungry, and that I was willing to do Riddel a favour. Also, I wanted to stretch my legs.

I wandered out of the clearing, looking left and right, for any berries, or fruit of some sort that Riddel and I could eat, when I bumped into Jen, not in the state that I had hoped she would be.

She was crying.

And I hated seeing people cry.

"What's happened?"

March 22nd, 2006, 2:46 PM
OOC: Gonna have to go back in time a little.

IC: I heard Toren say something about how I didn't hate Jen. I rolled my eyes and said "I'm right here you know."

Dart scolded me, his miniscule voice only barely heard from his pokeball.

"And it's not like I hate you, it's the fact that you don't seem to get that this is the way I treat everyone." I shrugged, leaning back as I shrugged "Perhaps, you haven't learned yet, that crying doesn't solve anything. You want to be seen as a strong person, and crying isn't strong. You want to be treated not like a girl, but as a person, and suicide won't solve that for you."

<'Acting like you won't solve it either.'>

"It'll solve it alright, it just doesn't get you any friends." I replied coolly to Dart, "And besides, you'll find that when I'm talked to, I'm treated like an adult. It's not as great as it seems. Now if you'll excuse me for the night, I dislike comforting people. My mouth already feels like it's blown up and gone to h*ll twice."

Dart sweatdropped but kept quiet as he curled up for sleep.

I pulled my knees up to my chest to show that the subject was done and over for me. That I had already put in my two cents, and that was good enough for me.

OOC: Another OOC, but Tyson seems to think that both he and Jen are in the clearing, and yet I'm under the impression that Diamond~Star and Deathspector don't agree? 0_0;; WHERE ARE WE -all-?!

March 22nd, 2006, 3:05 PM
OOC: Say wha? *Looks around* Who is it I don't agree with? I hardlt ever disagree with anyone. ><;
IC: I turned to Jake. "Oh, erm, tha-that's alright, but I have to go somewhere. Trust me, it's not that I'm trying to avoid you-" I looked over Jake's shoulder to spot Toren. "It's Toren. He's telling me I shouldn't commit suicide when I should- and I'm going to finish the conversation."
I hurried off in Toren's direction with a wave of my hand. "Hey, wait! Please!" I panted. Once I caught up to him, I was once again trembling.
"You know, I'm the one that everyone would be better off without, not you," I panted with my palms cupped over my knees. "At least you're not weird, like I am, and THAT'S why you SHOULDN'T even be thinking about suicide." I just stared at him, trying to memorize everything he had said to me. I sighed. "We both know," I caught my breath before continuing. "That no one on this planet likes me. To everyone else I'm just The freaky crybaby that no one likes. THat's my nickname, at school. If you had that nick-name at schoool, you would WANT to commit suicide."

March 22nd, 2006, 3:13 PM
(I thought that we were all together in some sort of clearing o.o)


Toren said, turning around and notcing that Jen was hurrying towards him, also calling him to wait up. He sighed and held his hand in his face, staring down at the ground. However, after Jen had finished speaking about some sort of nickname that she had been in possession of during school, he lifted his head up and stared at her.

"Look, did you hear what I said? I said -I- like you. Now stop saying that, nothing you say is going to convince me otherwise."

Toren sighed again and started to back away slowly, but gasped in surprise when he found that he could no longer move. Scyther had moved behind him and grabbed his arms so that he couldn't leave again.


Toren murmured softly. shrugging his head and looking back at Jen, whose face still looked wet from the tears. Toren hung his head low, his brown hair falling down in front of his eyes.

March 22nd, 2006, 3:24 PM
My depressed face turned into a smirking one. "Heh, thanks, Scyther," I chuckled, and now Cinna was sniffing the green pokemon as her greeting. "I'm taking a random guess- you're just saying that to try to cheer me up. I'm also stubborn, you know." Another smirk appeared on my face. "Stubborn as a mule." Suddenly, there was silence, since Toren and I had moved away from the others. Only the whistling breeze could be heard. I looked about 100% tougher than I did before- tears all dried up, and not such a depressed face, more proud...ish. I was so stubborn- what would make me get over it? Nothing.

March 22nd, 2006, 3:35 PM
Scyther looked down curiously at Cinna, who seemed to be sniffing him. The Scyther felt like attacking the little brown thing right then and there, but it seemed to be the Pokemon of the girl that Toren liked, or so Scyther thought, so it restrained itself and looked back up at Toren, who was still wrapped tightly in Scyther’s blades. Wrapped tightly, but not so much that it hurt, just so that he couldn’t run away.

“So? That doesn’t change anything. Now, Kale, let me go!”

Kale grunted, but remained fixated in its position, not letting Toren escape its grasp. Toren shrugged. And remained staring down at the ground, his face hidden under the veil that was his brown hair. He closed his eyes, not that it mattered much, but he felt it was right.

Scyther growled a little bit, acknowledging what Jen had said about thanking him. he waved one of his blades in the air to show that he understood, but then rested it back at his side and looked around, boringly.

March 23rd, 2006, 4:31 AM
OOC: I was under the impression that Riddel was all alon in the clearing, until Jake went up to her, while Ton and jen were camping a slight dstance away from Riddel's camp, but I have no reason to believe that the rest of you were wrong. Besides, I'm too lazy to abcktrack three or four pages to see where we are. At least we now know for sure that Jen, Toren, and jake aren't in the clearing.


Shrugging, Jake watched Jen and Toren from a distance, dramatically telling each other not to commit suicide, while Jen, herself wanted to do it, while Toren did not. Jen still seemed to think that the whole world was against her, and nobody but her Eevee and Nidoran liked her. While Toren had gotten himself so tired of trying to deal with Jen and her uncanny stuborness, and lack of understanding of other peopel's feelings, that he, himself now wanted to get away from everybody. In Jake's opinion, this was more melodramatic than watching the Orange County on T.V. every day at three.

<Humans,> muttered Vine-trap.

Jake smiled down at Vine-trap, stroking her head, as he stood up, looking around for the real reason why he had left the clearing. He had come looking for food. He saw Toren and Jen's food pack on the floor, and was tempted to take it, seeing as they had probably forgotten about it already, but retrained himself, instead, finding a small berrie bush, with tiny red berries on it. Jake had never learnt to pick out poisonous berries from non-poisonous ones, but he figured that Riddel must know. After all, she seemed to have been getting along perfectly by herself, with a fire and all.

Jake got up from the berry bush, and made his way back to Riddel, dumping the berries next to her, and sitting down next to them.

"Here's our food. Do you know if I picked poisonous berries, because if I have, I'll go and get some more."

March 23rd, 2006, 8:02 AM
OOC: Erm, Deathspector, could you maybe edit your post a bit? Toren said earlier that he "Was not thinking about suicide", but you posted that he was. He was just irritated and wanted to get away for awhile. So, would you mind changing your post around a bit? Sorry about the confusion ^^;;

March 23rd, 2006, 2:52 PM
Riddel looked down at the berries and shifted in her position so that both her legs rested on her left side, the side opposite of Jake as she picked out any poisonous berries. It seemed that none of them were poisonous, just that some might not appeal as much to human tastes.

"Pecha Berries are sweetest, Cheri berries are spicy, Aspear berries are the most sour. But that's just out of these." Riddel said sorting them out "None of them are poisonous, just don't try the aspear unless you've got strong teeth."

Riddel picked up an aspear and tossed it up and down in her hand a few times before breaking a peice off by digging her nails into the side. She didn't let it stay in her mouth for long though, as the intense sour of the berry was bothering her tounge. She probably wouldn't be able to taste anything tomorrow...

"Do you want food?" Riddel asked Dart and Toxin. Dart nodded, seeing this as an oppotunity as to leave his pokeball, and Toxin merely shifted around, showing that he was still too eager to battle to do anything else "I'll give the leftover's to Dart." She told Jake "But he'll eat most anything, so don't bother saving any for him."

<'B-B-But!'> Dart protested <'I hate melting things with poison! Then they've got this bitter aftertaste and it feels like I'm eating baby food!'>

Riddel ignored him and bit another peice off the aspear berry, staring at the dancing flames in front of her.

OOC: Bad, but I dunno what else to do...

March 24th, 2006, 10:26 PM
OOC: Righto, Toren. *Runs off to edit, and then comes back* All done.


"Cool," I replied, picking up a berry of my own.

From what Riddel told me, this was a Cheri Berry. I had grown up on spicy food, and it didn't phase me that I was goign to eat something spicy. To me, it was food, ad it was all that mattered. I placed the Cheri Berry to my mouth, and took a bite out of it.


I spat it out immediately, rubbing my tongue soothingly, while breathing in and out heavily. The spiciness of the Cheri berry was one that I had never experienced in my life, and I hoped that I never would. I looked down, and picked up a Pecha Berry, putting it into my mouth, and savouring the sweetness.

March 25th, 2006, 7:22 PM
Riddel looked over at Jake, who'd been foolish enough as to pick out a cheri berry. She almost smiled for a substitute of a laugh that had been lost years before, but instead composed herself and instead stared at him with wide eyes, unlike her usual drooping eyelids and dark glare.

"I guess I forgot to mention that most berries that have only one taste are, well, that taste to the extreme." She said indicating toward her almost unbearably sour berry. She still ate it though, as she'd lost her taste for sweets many years ago.

And suddenly, she didn't find herself so hungry anymore. Not that she ever was lately, having been studying everything and anything about pokemon and skipping nearly all her meals to continue this laborious job of trying to find new facts.

"Oh, try not to eat too many Pecha berries." Riddel added, pointing to the remaining few pinkish berries "Those cure poison, and since all my pokemon are poison, it'll help if we've got those."

She trailed off and thought to herself, all the while under the distinct impression that she was saying it aloud,

'Should keep a look out for Rawst berries as well, those heal burns...or, at least...I think they do...Sitrus berries would be a nice addition. Heal by 30 Hit points...but where would we find those?' Riddel thought to herself as she let her fingers loosely grasp the Aspear in her hand so that it nearly dangled out of her hand and onto the grass.

Riddel seemed to be jerked back into reality and flushed "Oh, well, I guess it'll really only help me. Unless, you're coming with me." She said hastily. Not only had she totally forgot that Jake had never said anything about journeying with her, but she'd mentioned it as well. An all new low. Riddel was inwardly laughing at her own lack of insight, but as usual, was calm and passive on the outside, with that pinch of dislike for all that was around her like she always had.

'Nice one.' Riddel thought sarcastically to herself 'You're even more moronic then Dart.'

March 27th, 2006, 5:11 AM

"Well, I was thinking that it would be nice to travel with someone who's so accustomed to taking care of herself. See, I would have never known anything about these berries, had you not told me. Also, your Pokèmon, with my Pokèmon are relatively strong, so we could fight off anything. For example. If your Pokèmon were in danger of a ground Pokèmon, then Bellsprout could help, and vice versa," Jake explained, suddenly aware that this was the most he had ever talked to Riddel about in one go.

Jake sat himself down, carefull picking out all of the Pecha Berries, and putting them in the side pocket of his black and green backpack. Openeing the bag, he cursed himself for no future thinking about packing, because he had left out food. However, he did have one water bottle, but it would barely last a couple of hours between Riddel and him.

"We'll have to share my water in rations. Unless you brought your own, or we find a spring soon."

<I doubt you'll find a spring in the middle of the forest,> muttered Vine-trap saracastically.

"Shut up."

March 27th, 2006, 2:47 PM
"I don't think we'll find a spring." Riddel said tossing out Dart's pokeball "But I'm sure Dart can try to find the rhythmic flow of water...Here." She tossed Dart her half-eaten Aspear berry and he quickly melted it into a liquid, sucking up the remain's as he gathered up a hanful of cheri berries.

"I'm fine with you coming along, but if you do, we're going to find our way out of here, because I am so over trees and green." Riddel said as Dart continued his process of melting his dinner into liquid.

<'I'm sure-'> He slurped rather loudly <'We could ask Count Dracula-'>slurp<'How to get outta this place. Or the bellsprout.'>

"We'll figure it out tomorrow then." Riddel nodded.

<'But so far I don't feel even the smallest droppa water for MILES. But-then again, I'm a spider. I don't have a need to feel water.'> Dart rambled on <'I've got my water right here.'> He slurped up the remains of an aspear berry <'And it tastes better then any ol' rattata. Did you know that Rattatta taste like old cardboar-'>

"No, and I'd rather not." Riddel interuppted.

March 28th, 2006, 4:56 AM

"Sure. I was planning on hauling my butt out of here anyhow. So we start tomorrow? Great. maybe you should get some sleep. I'll keep a watch for things, and then when you wake up, I'll sleep. Fair?"

I slowly gatheredmy things, seating myself in the centre of the clearing, with my back to a tree, and my front to the fire, to keep me warm. Vine-trap, and Flare-tamer loyally patrolled the clearing, walking round in circles, making me dizzy, but keeping their eyes open for mischief.

"Oh. And has your Ariados found any water yet?" I asked.

Waiting for the answer, I flipped open the small red computer that Professor Oak gave me, looking at it oddly. I pointed the infra red sensor at Flare-tamer, to see what the machine could do.

<Cyndaquill><A Fire tye Pokémon>

<Cyndaquill is thought to be an extremely weak Pokémon, for it can only begin using fire attacks once the flame on its back lights up. However, despite its initial weakness, if trained correctly, Cyndaquill can grow into a string and powerful Quilava, and with intense care, into a Typhlosion, making the once weak Pokémon an extreemly string adversary.>


March 28th, 2006, 3:33 PM
Riddel blinked and shrugged "Fair, but Dart, my ariados, can take care of the patrol just fine. He slept already, soon after we found ourselves in here, but if you insist...Yo Dart, found any rhythms yet?" She asked, making herself comfortable, or, as comfortable as you got leaning against a tree.

<'Er....I think...I don't know...Maybe?'> He asked, turning in circles around and around as he tried to sense anything at all <'I think we should look tomorrow. It'll be easier to feel cool things during the day.'>

"Suit yourself. It doesn't quite matter, as I don't think we'll die of thirst as long as we've got berries around." Riddel said sighing and closing her eyes. It wasn't going to be easy, falling asleep in the prescence of another...or when Dart was speeding all over the clearing in all sorts of odd angles trying to figure out what was water and what was a mean and angry water pokemon.

March 29th, 2006, 3:07 AM

I nodded as I saw Riddel curl up in a ball, and get ready for a long night's sleep. Flare-tamer moved quickly in his steps, trying to prove that he wasn't as weak as the Pokédex said he was. Vine-trap seemed quite at home walking around the clearing, for, in reality, it was her home. I watched the Ariados adrt from left to the right of the clearing with amazing speed, and I couldn't wait until my Cyndaquill evolved.

As for myself, my eyes kept on darting around, but I didn't move much. After all, what would happen in such a desolate forest.

I moved my backpack to my right, and my sleeping bag to my left, creating a sort of place I could sit in comfortably. Without meaning to, I slipped down, and relaxed, staring up at the canopy of the forest.

Not the smartest thing I could have done...

March 29th, 2006, 8:23 AM
OOC: I'm lost ;.;
Tyosn hasn't posted, so I haven't posted, either. XD
IC: I twitched. Now my nidoran was looking oddly and curiously at Toren's scyther.
"I guess I'm on my own, then." I turned around and my pokemon followed me, as always. I made my way back to the river and decided to cross it. Eve though I would be soaking wet for the next two days. "Cinna, Nida, you gotta go back in your pokeballs temporarily," I called as I grasped two pokeballs from my sack. A red laser shot and both pokemon were safely inside their pokeballs. I took off my shoes and put them in my sack, as well as the pokeballs. I took one hesitant step into the river and decided it wasn't that cold. Just as I had left it. I made my way through slippery rocks and a few magikarp and finally had crossed the river, with the water only up to my waist. I tossed my pokeballs into the air to let out my pokemon, still dry and safe.
"You okay?"
<Fine, thanks.>
"I wonder... how is it like inside the pokeball? I mean, how can you fit in there?"
I continued to walk along. It had been about ten minutes since I had crossed the river, and I found an old plastic water bottle, a weird shaped rock for a souvenir(sp?), and some berries I couldn't identify.
<Magic,> Cinna replied sarcastically.

March 29th, 2006, 12:37 PM
“Well, I guess you are.”

Toren finally broke free of Kale’s grip, glaring at the Pokemon for a bit before growling lightly and starting to walk away, his arms resting at his side and his hair billowing behind him. Kale and Volley raced after him, wondering where Jen and her crew had headed.

“Alright, guys, it’s time to rest, It’s getting late. Scyther, you’ll take the first watch. When half the night had passed, wake Volley up and then he’ll watch while you sleep. Sorry, I’ve had a really stressful day and not in the mood to look around in the dark for hours.”

He said, going between a rather large tree and changing into some different clothes that he had kept in his bag. He yawned a bit and then limbed slowly into a large tree, curling up in one of the rather large branches and closing his eyes.

“If there’s anything wrong, guys, just wake me up.”

He smiled weakly at his two companions and closed his eyes once more, for he had opened them to speak to the two Pokemon. Volley stared up at the tree for a minute before leaping up into the tree, curling up beside Toren. Scyther growled but then turned around abruptly, sitting down against the tree and looking around.

March 29th, 2006, 2:40 PM
OOC: Er...Riddel wasn't curled into a ball, but that's okay. I can work it out. But are you meaning to go somewhere with the 'smartest thing' because I'm going to let you deal the cards for that one. So, in other words, I'm going to wait for you to post DeathS, because Riddel is gonna be sleeping. Even cranky people have to sleep. 0_0;; sadly.

March 30th, 2006, 4:44 AM
OOC: Ooops. Sorry about that :\ . I'll remember that next time...lol. Anyway, I was only trying to get this RP interesting. Nevermind.


Slowly my eyes begn to droop, and I soon surrendered to sleep, comletely forgetting that I was supposed to be on guard duty, but it made no difference to the sleepy me. Without realising it, I was soon in deep sleep, unaware of what was going on around me.

<Wake up dammit!>

I jerked awake, my eyes still drooped, but my senses were wide awake. I could hear the steady crackle of the camp fire, but there was another sound very much like it, but much more lively. Probably my Flare-tamer. I also heard the distinctive sounds of battle. The squeals and wails of pain, and the roar of honour and betrayal. How much honour and betrayal there was in this small clearing, I had no clue.

Slowly I opened my eyes, and gasped...

OOC: If you want this could be one of your Pokémon-to-be-caught, or just a random trouble maker. Your choice.

March 30th, 2006, 3:11 PM
OOC:Er, I dunno, it just caught a pokemon. It'll just be something new then.

IC: Dart was speeding all around the trees, horizontal as he crawled around at top speed, shouting about something that was presently incoherent.

"Shut it!" Riddel snarled, returning Dart without a second thought "You are so annoying I can't even begin to-"

"Sssssssssss..." A hissing sound came from the bushes as two blood red slits shone through the shadow. The bush seemed only just tall enough to conceal the being, as it's joints seemed to be pushing the bush to extend itself.

Riddel enlarged Toxin's pokeball, and glared through the darkening clearing. The fire was dying down, and she wasn't going to take any of her chances to add wood to it.

With a final hissing sound, the creature turned tail and rushed away into the forest. Riddel relaxed herself and cocked her eyebrow quizzically "That was weird..." She turned around, her eyebrow still raised as she asked "What was that?"

But then again, she'd studied so much about pokemon, she should've been the one to know. But Jake was the one who'd kept watch. Not her. He'd have seen more...but judging from the droop in his eyes, he'd definetly had NOT been keeping watch. Riddel rolled her eyes, and sighed "Whatev-"

Out of the bushes came a long cloth like extension that wrapped itself around Riddel's arms. She looked down in surprise, as the cloth tightened, and Riddel let Toxin's pokeball drop to the floor, releasing the rather ticked snake, as it hissed at the attacker, using a bite attack on the cloth as it detatched itself from Riddel's arms.

Pink marks showed where the cloth had squeezed the hardest, but no damage had been done as Toxin sent a barrage of stings toward the bushes, as something screeched in a high unearthly sound, as though writhing with the agony of being directly hit by Toxin's poison sting. In a flash of white all was peaceful again as Riddel rubbed her left arm in confusion.

<'Herumsssss...'> Toxin hissed angrily <Show-offsss.>

"Herums?" Riddel asked lightly, still rather confused but determined not to show it, as it rubbed her arms. The cloth had no spikes or knives on it, but it sure could squeeze the life out of something.

<'Ssspider-like steel pokemon. They bug me out.'> Toxin replied, as the bush melted away to reveal nothing but melting twigs and leaves <'Very flashhhy introducssshuns.'>

'I noticed.' Riddel sighed, and shooked her head. What a weird night. She'd never read about Herum's before, nothing on them in her pokemon encyclopedia at all.

OOC:I just introduced my made-up pokemon. But not entirely. When it actually appears, I'll give you the picture. Wow, what a load of nonsense. 0_0;;

March 30th, 2006, 8:24 PM
I continued to walk along, carefree... sort of... going who knows where. I whistled the titanic song so reduce my boredom, while Cinna was convering her ears. <"Can you PLEASE stop whistling? No offense, but you're horrible,"> Nida said.
"No offense taken," I replied, still happily whistling.
<So... stop!>
I just continued whistling, now some made-up tune.
"Why don't you go try to find some berries or something? I'm all out." I panted.
<Cinna will gladly do that, for ya,> Replied Nida, glancing over at the Eevee.
Eevee scowled at Nida, and then ran off into the bushes searching for berries. I decided to rest for ten minutes or so, so Cinna wouldn't get lost.
"Find a nice tree nearby that I can lean on,' I ordered.
<Yes ma'am.> Nida found a wide tree trunk and I made myself... reasonably comfortable. Ten minutes passed, and still no Cinna.
"Nida, we're going to look for Cinna, she hasn't returned yet..." I sighed and made my way onto my feet, brushing off some dirt on my pants.
<Whate-> A faint hissing sound startled us.
"Let's go."
I ventured into the trees, nervous and unsure. The hissing got louder, and a small squeal startled us again.
"Cinna!" Now I was basically flying past everything, with the hissing and squealing guiding me. As I peeped through a bush, the sight made my heart sink. A seviper was wrapped around some brown, limp...
"CINNA!" I charged at the seviper but the sight of it's fangs made me back off.
"What have you done to my pokemon?"
Tears rolled dowm my face.
"Ssssssevipah," The snake-like pokemon uncurled and the limp, brown Cinna fell onto the ground as a rag doll would.
"No!" Tears were streaming down my face, now. I grabbed the strange-shaped rock from my pocket that I had found earlier and threw it at the Seviper. I charged for it and stomped on it's tale, and then strangled it. I decided to let it live, although I didn't know why. I guess it was because everything deserves to live. I thought about that.
Everything deserves to live... even me....
But then I held the brown furry rag doll in my arms, now she was soaked with tears- my tears. I ran back to the wide tree trunk and sat down again with my head in my hands and Cinna and Nida next to me.

March 31st, 2006, 3:35 AM
OOC: I dunno, but I'm in the mood to write a lot. Now for my flashback.


I listened carefully as Riddel questioned her Ekans, about what the odd hissing noise had been. Although I couldn't make head or tails of the quiet hissing of Ekans, judging from Riddel's surprised reply of "Herums?" it was no doubt something interesting. Or rather dangerous. I felt slightly bad about having her and Ekans take care of the Pokémon when I was supposed to be on guard. Quietly berating myself, and called Flare-tamer and Vine-trap closer to me.

"Do you know anything about what that was?" I asked, mainly to Vine-trap, as she was a native to this forest, and would know what the creatues were.

<You don't say...>muttered Vine-trap. <Although, I, myself have never come across these Pokémon, but from what I gathered from the Ekans, they are the dreaded Herums.>


Vine-trap shook her head, looking up at the dark canopy, with her eyes sparkling in the light of the dimming fire. <Herums. They're steel Pokémon that resemble spiders, but that's all that I can tell you know. As I said before, I have never had any experience, but my mother once told me about them. They're supposed to be very dangerous.>

Nodding, I leant against the tree, my mind buzzing with the reccent events of the night. No doubt Ridel was cursing me for dozing off when I was supposed to be on guard. It had barely been twenty-four hours since I first got Flare-tamer, and then came to this wretched place. But I owe this place my Vine-trap, because I caught her here, so there are good things about this forest. If I was still near Viridian City, I wondered what I would be doing. Suddenly, the remembrance of Viridian, and Pallet brought back the memory of the orphanage. One which I regret very much...

The large and sphereical satellite orbiting earth, more commonly known as the Moon shone brightly through the glass window. The window had not been washed in God knows how many years, and was now transformed into a translucent surface, rather than transparent, and the light spread across the dormitory. The room had no electrical lights so that the children there would not use up electricity.

Seated on acreaky bunk bed, at the top, was a young boy, no older than seven. He was holding onto a small picture frame, looking at it in wonder. his black hair was long, even though he was seven, and it fell in front of his eyes, obscuring his face from outside view. Clad in black pyjamas, he cradled the picture frame as if it was his very own young.

The picture inside the frame was one with two people in it, holding a small wailing baby in between them. One of them was a lady, tall and elegant, with a curvy body. Her hair, golden in colour, fell down her side in gentle waves, and she sported a warm and loving smile on her face. Her eyes, a bright sparkling blue. Her manicured hans were gently caressing the baby she was holding.

Next to her was a man, broad shouldered with one arm around her shoulder. His hair was black in colour, seeming to glow in a way that only black glows. His eyes were a soft golden-brown, with concern etched into the lines on his face. He wore a slight stuble over his chin, but it made him look all the better. The other hand was holding the baby from underneath.

This was the only recollection that the boy on the bunk bed had of his parentage.

All of a sudden, there was a loud bang, and the picture frame slipped from his fingers, falling down the side of the bed. Not caring who had made the loud noise, the boy slipped off the bed, and down onto the floor, immediately jumping. He looked at his foot, and foud a piece of glass stuck in his heel. Carefully taking it out, he tried to make out where the glass had come from, finally deciding it came from the face-down picture frame.

Slowly, picking it up, and turning it over, the boy scanned the picture frame, dropping it again, and jumoing into bed, burrying his face in his pillow. The picture within had got torn from the glass shards that had come when the glass of the frame broke. The boy slowly sat up, and didn't make a noise.

Howeevr, even if his hair was covering his face, his tears fell to the ground, making a loud noise...

March 31st, 2006, 3:33 PM
Riddel glanced at Jake and asked, "You're turn to sleep I guess." She pulled a few twigs off the branches above her head, leaves and all, and tossed it into the fire as it blazed a little higher.

She sat beside it and stared into it's depths. What she would give to be back home. Perhaps Akaine had returned from one of her world tours. And she wouldn't be there to see her. To listen to Akaine's crazy stories, the only things that ever broke a true laugh or smile out of cold shelled Riddel. Akaine had been the one who'd picked her out of many other children, much to her husband Nebori's disappointment. Riddel knew Nebori never wanted a kid. Let alone one who had been abused so badly.

Riddel would never achieve the marriage he wanted for her. One that would complete an alliance with another company, expanding his income and financial empire. Riddel would never achieve the marriage he wanted for her, because she was so headstrong. She wouldn't look twice at those stuffy boys. They wouldn't look twice at her. Her arms were too noticeable. Not even all the make-up in the world would cover up those scars indefinetly.

Akaine was Riddel's beautiful adopted mother, her long brown locks always curled to perfection, and never a hair out of place. She had the mind of a child, and loved fussing over her daughter. And Riddel had to admit, it was fun to see Akaine gasp and squeal over the state of her dry and 'crunchy' hair. Akaine had a perfect complexion, and Riddel liked to joke about how she'd had terrible luck, landing with someone as stuck-up as Nebori.

But Akaine never said anything bad about her husband. She was the only one who ever truly got Riddel's love in return. And at the rate that Riddel was going, she'd be the only one in all eternity. Akaine's daughter had never really bothered to deal with hormones, as she'd been one of those people who don't give the benefit of the doubt. Let alone a first impression. The few and rare times Akaine was allowed to come home to the marble mansion, it was the only time the lights were lit, and Riddel got out of the house. When Nebori came home, he was the one who had to order the lights on, as Riddel never bothered to tell the servants to turn on the lights.

Riddel blinked and sighed. She was thinking too hard again. Akaine wouldn't be home for another month. Her mother had left on an important job dealing with one of the newest runways. She would be the first one to catwalk down the Crystal Runway. Of course, it wasn't truly crystal, it was just exaggerated to be like so. Still, when Akaine had returned with the news, she was as bouncy as a child in a candy store. It was as though Akaine was the child, and Riddel was the mother who was rejoicing with her child. Akaine never got to rejoice with Riddel about anything except things about herself. Nothing ever happened to Riddel. Her grades were above average, yes, but she refused to work hard enough to get anything for it.

Akaine hadn't been there to know that Riddel had left on a journey. And she wouldn't recieve the letter for another few weeks.

Riddel ran her fingers through her hair, wondering what it would be like it those fingers were instead Akaine's. First of all, there would be incessant nagging about the dryness. Second of all, there would be stories of funny and stupid things that Akaine had done. Third, Riddel wouldn't feel like the pit of her stomach was wringing itself to it's very own death.

She would've never guessed she'd be the one to travel with someone whom her own pokemon had nearly killed his own. Let alone the fact that he was a guy. She almost shuddered and gagged, but stopped herself. Maybe once Jake was asleep she could start getting girly and immature. She hadn't exactly ever learned about cooties, but she still thought that a lot of the boys she met were gross and stupid.

Riddel would just have to wait to see if Jake was gross and stupid, but knowing boys...

April 1st, 2006, 1:58 AM
OOC: I'm sound asleep like a baby. You choose what's gonna happen now. Remember, you still have to take us through the "Herums", so maybe they can attack once more. Your choice...afterall, I am sleeping...

April 1st, 2006, 6:14 AM
OOC: I would, but I'm exhausted. Last night the hacker accused me of being him and everything. I'll post later in the day.
EDIT-Okay, simmered down a bit. The Herum was just an introduction. I'm not planning on making them come back until Riddel is ready to capture one.

IC:Riddel sighed as she stared at the dancing flames before her, lazily putting in twigs and leaves that were completely unneccessary as she replayed the events in her mind.

A Herum must've had a cloth extension that it used for catching prey, or something of the sort, especially since the way the extension had tried to squeeze the life outta her, it was definetly designed for prey. Toxin said it was spider-like as well, and as he circled the clearing with a menacing glare on his face, he described a little more about the Herum to his trainer.

<'Herum are ssstrange pokemon. They're ssspider like, yesss, but they're made of sssteel, or ssome kind of metal.'> Toxin hissed as he poked his head in random bushes to scare away onlooking pokemon <'They're annoyingly show-offy, and their poissson is probably the leassst lethal in the entire poissson pokemon realm. They're deadly fassst though, and by hitting you 5 times with their poissson sssting, you'll probably never even know there wasss a Herum in the vicinity.'>

Riddel nodded as she thought of what it might look like. It turned out to look very much like Dart, just spookier. But, in her mind, as uncreative as it was, the Herum was just a pokemon begging to be caught. She'd be ready once she saw another one. And since Toxin knew so much, he'd probably be the one to fight the herum. But-you never knew. Maybe she'd catch another pokemon...poison of course. Riddel remained silent for the remainder of the night, casually glancing at Jake every now and then to see if he'd awakened yet. She was eager to see a clear night sky.

And she really never wanted to see a tree again in her lifetime.

April 1st, 2006, 9:23 AM
(Toren's sleeping, so I'll just let you all continue...xd)

April 4th, 2006, 1:22 PM
OOC: Er, nothings really happening, so I guess by magic of my word. *poof* It is daylight again! Hope you don't mind.

IC: Having been awake for most of the night, Riddel was already wide awake by the time the sun peeked over the edge of the horizon, and she had already let Dart wander off on his own with a peice of string shot trailing behind him. It was his method of Hansel and Gretel's bread crumbs, and he was presently searching for water, in the dull greyness of dawn.

Riddel herself was already restless, walking around the clearing in a flurry of impatience. She took one long glare at Jake, as though willing him to awaken, but to no avail. Deducting that Jake would not awaken anytime soon, she walked towards the trees where she and Toxin had first tried out Toxin's poison sting. Staring hard at the burnt bark, she took one round about kick and swept off the first layer of ashen wood, and fingered the smooth interior. She would not enjoy training on a tree, Riddel deducted.

She was not only stiff from the night before, but was extremely moody from the fact that for the first time in her life, she didn't know what was going on. When she'd been adopted by Akaine and Nebori. She'd asked so many questions that she knew just how much the couple had to pay the wretched man for her. She knew just how long she would stay with them, and most of all, she knew everything she could know about the two.

But now she felt stupid and useless. All her tactics had failed. The logic of the wind blowing harder as the forest thinned, of the better aerial view...perhaps this forest never ended. Perhaps she was trapped forever in a labryrinth of trees and underbrush. Riddel growled and folded her arms. Never had she felt like she did now. Clueless, confused, and wondering about everything around her. And nobody was here to answer her questions except...Toxin! Her hand flew to the snake pokemon's pokeball, but halted when she saw the snake sleeping peacefully, from a night of constant alertness and hostility.

Riddel sighed and plopped herself upon the ground. How dearly she wished she was home. Home in an actual bed, which she had somehow managed to grow accustomed to. And now as she sat on the pokey grass she sighed. The things you take for granted.

April 4th, 2006, 2:42 PM
OOC: I hate my RPing style >_> I also hate my vocabulary :D

IC: I sat against the tree looking worriedly at Cinna. All night she hadn't moved an inch, but today her leg had twitched twice and her nose once.
<I would really like it if we would carry on!> Nida said, annoyed.
"No!" I snapped. "We're waiting until Cinna wakes up."
<What if the others come looking for you?>
"Them? Look for me? Yeah, right. None of them care about me. I won't have to worry about that" I turned my back to Nida. Out of the corner of my eye... Cinna looked like she twitched. There it went again. I turned to face the pokemon. "...Cinna?" I said gently and quietly.
She twitched again. She sniffed, then opened her green eyes (I think they're green O_O) and blinked.
"Cinna!" I breathed a sigh of relief. Cinna, hyper as ever, jumped into my arms, well-- made an attempt to. The rolled in the dirt and leaves, and I was so happy I was about to.
<THANK YOU! Now we can move along! Move it, peoples!!> ordered Nida. I rolled my eyes and scooped Cinna into my arms.

April 4th, 2006, 3:45 PM
OOC: This is Tyson, don't freak out because you've never seen the name before. XD

As the sun poked its way into the sky, it began to gradually lighten up the area, it found its way onto Toren's face and his eyes slowly fluttered open, blinking several times before realizing that the body was awake. He sat up in the large branch and stretched his arms out, yawning softly and looking around, his head twisting ever so slightly.

"Hey guys. Did the watch go okay?"

He asked, swinging his body around in the branch and letting his legs swing gently as his head bent down to stare at his two Pokemon, They both stared back up at him, their heads craning to get a good look at him. Once they saw him, they nodded their heads slowly and then started to run off, playing.

"Hehe, well I'm glad you had a good night."

He hopped down, landing gracefully on the ground below with a soft "thud" in reply. He closed his eyes for a minute, taking in all the warmth that the rising sun was providing. He smiled half-heartedly, but when he recalled the events from the past day, the smile turned upside-down.(Hehe xD)

Ah, I was such a jerk yesterday...I better go find her and apologize...

He quickly grabbed his jacket that he had left on the ground and jogged over to his Pokemon, whispering to them that he was going off. They both squealed replies, saying that they wanted to follow. Toren sighed and started to run off, motioning for them to come.

April 4th, 2006, 4:21 PM
OOC: You'll all have to carry on without me for about...5 days. 0_0 *shot* Go ahead and control Riddel if it's nesseccary, when I come back I'll ask for changes and things if need be. Remember, Toxin is a sarcastic and hostile pokemon while Dart is a happy-go-lucky one. Herum's can disappear for awhile as my made up pokemon lives in almost an enviroment beside's water. Sorry about this all, but if I've got something to respond to by 9:00 PM today, then I'll definetly respond to it. Promise! ^^;;

April 5th, 2006, 2:27 PM
We all trotted along the trail exchanging hilarious looks and cracking up. I stared and thought again....
"Everyone deserves to live..."
"...even me."
As Cinna juimped onto my pack I came out of my trance and tickled her and we all had a fit of laughter. We were all rolling on the ground, getting ourselves dirty-- I was getting really dirty since my clothes were still wet form crossing the river. BUt I was carefree. Nothing to worry about. I was actually fortunate all of this happened to me, I learned something from Riddel and Toren. Maybe even Jake. Okay- NOT Riddel... unless I mean "Don't act anything like her... she scares me.." But from everyone else I learned that I really don't have as many huge problems as I think I do. Everyone has something wrong with their life. i learned from the seviper that everyone deserves to live. I learned how to truly take care of myself for once- instead of getting cared for by someone else day and night. Although I do miss those days when I could just stay in bed, have nothing to worry about...

April 5th, 2006, 2:37 PM
OOC: You'll all have to carry on without me for about...5 days. 0_0 *shot* Go ahead and control Riddel if it's nesseccary, when I come back I'll ask for changes and things if need be. Remember, Toxin is a sarcastic and hostile pokemon while Dart is a happy-go-lucky one. Herum's can disappear for awhile as my made up pokemon lives in almost an enviroment beside's water. Sorry about this all, but if I've got something to respond to by 9:00 PM today, then I'll definetly respond to it. Promise! ^^;;

OOC: Ah, that stinks. Please try to hurry back! ^^;

Toren trudged along, stumbling a little bit as he occasionally tripped over a tree root or something that he hadn't noticed as he walked. A couple minutes earlier, he had even fell flat on his face. He thought that it was a good thing that no one had been around at that moment.

Ah, she's gotta be somewhere are here....Hey, is that her?!

He thought to himself as he saw a figure in the distance. He he cautiously walked closer, the figure became clearer to his eyes and he nodded, smiling weakly as he realized that it was indeed her. He bit lower lip, climbing up into a nearby tree and watching her, hidden in the leaves.

I wonder what she's been doing....She smells kinda bad, and she looks soaked...

He thought to himself, wiping a bead of sweat from the side of his face and brushing the hair away from his eyes so that he could see better. His two Pokemon remained hidden behind the tree, but Volley barked loudly when he stepped on a sharp twig, probably alerting Jen and her group of their presence.

April 5th, 2006, 2:46 PM
A faint barking sound startled me, and cinna somehow managed to unzip my backpack and climb in. I spun around. My heart racing.
"Couldn't have been a seviper or something else dangerous, it was a BARK!" I said, then shrugged and carried on, pulling a trembling Cinna out of my pack.I looked out of the corner of my eye for anything strange, but no one could tell that I wasn't looking straight ahead. I also snatched a green brush, of course, since green is my color, and brushed my fine brown hair as I did eveyr morning. I was now skipping along the path, completely forgetting about the noise, brushing my hair and carrying Cinna all in one. I hummed another made up song, while Cinna got comfortable in my arms.
How was I all of a sudden so happy? I had no clue, but at least I wasn't so depressed. What a good feeling; I don't see how I could've lived being depressed. I guess I would try to be a bit happier from now on. Unless, of course, something tragic happened, like I lost my brush.

April 5th, 2006, 3:05 PM
"Oh, forget it guys, she doesn't care about us..."

Toren sighed softly, leaning back in the large branch he had been sitting in before and resting his head on the back of his arms. His feet were stetched all the way, resting comfortably on the other side. Toren closed his eyes, smiling weakly as the breeze that had been blowing before picked up once again, ruffling Toren's hair and clothes.

"Volley, don't bark anymore. It'll probably scare someone as well..."

Toren said, opening one eye and glancing down at thr Growlithe, who replied with a smug look. The fire dog rolled it eyes, leaping up into the tree and tackling into the trainer, causing him to...fall out.


Toren screamed out, his body rolling out of the tree and falling down towards the ground, eventually landing with a large "crash" on the hard floow below. Toren groaned, his body in pain and sore. No doubt there would be a couple bruises there. he was pretty sure that anybody within a mile of them would have heard his "scream."

April 5th, 2006, 3:16 PM
I stood there, paralyzed(sp) As the sound I heard. I raised my eyebrow and spun around slowly, and stared back. I whistled at the site, my eyebrow still raised. Toren. Toren! I couldn't tell if I was happy to see him or not- following me all this way. I made my way over to him and I bet I looked like godzilla staring down at him with my hands on my hips. Eyebrow still raised.
I whistled again.
"Toren?! How didja find me?" I asked sarcastically.
"Must've had quite a fall, there." I nodded, eyebrow STILL raised, hands STILL on my hips, and a smile formed on my face. Cinna came running towards me as well as Nida. I just stood there, waiting for his reply. (OMG these posts are being short on me >>; )

April 5th, 2006, 3:22 PM
"Umm, yeah..."

Toren said, slowly standing up and brushing some brown leaves that had gathered in his hair from the fall. He finished brushing off the rest of his body, then limped over to the tree he had falled out of and leaned agsinst it gently, keeping his gaze focused on the ground in front of him.

"I dunno, really, I was just resting in a tree, when Volley tackled me out of it. I hadn't noticed you until only a couple seconds ago."

He said, realizing that he was lying but not wanting Jen to think that he had been looking. The trainer had never really been good at lying, but he was rather proud of how convincing this one seemed to be. he smiled weakly, brushing his strewn hair away from his eyes, once again, as he continued to stare at the dirt.

How convincing.

April 5th, 2006, 3:45 PM
"Yet I walked right past you... curious.." Cinna and Nida stared at Toren. I randomly grabbed a twig off the ground and scribbled in the dirt. I didn't look at Toren, nor my pokemon, but the dirt. I was blushing red, I knew it. I crossed my legs and played with my hair a little, then my necklace, then went back to playing with the stick. Cinna started licking herself, and Nida started eyeing the Scyther, as if she had anything better to do. I started digging the stick harder and harder into the ground, getting more nervous and nervous by the second. Soon I had a flaming stick- well, almost, and a three ft. hole in the ground. Once I realized what I had been doing, I chucked the stick and went back to blushing. Cinna was still licking herself, and Nida was still eyeing Scyther. Silence, except for the wind blowing and the leaves rustling. This is one of those times I wanted to disappear into a black whole.

April 5th, 2006, 3:55 PM
Toren smiled weakly and groaned slightly, his body and muscles still sore from his rather large fall. The tree was unsually tall, and that meant that the fall was even more unpleasant. Well, at least he hadn't cracked his head open; That was a plus.

"Yes...very curious..."

He muttered softly, staring at the ground, like Jen was currently doing. he lifted his head and felt it safe to glance at Jen, considering that she wasn't looking at him. He shrugged his head and rolled his eyes. he really needed to get over that "being embarrassed about every single thing that happened" thing. It certainly wouldn't help him in life.

"Look...I'm sorry about before, I was just a little frustated. I mean, we're out of here in the middle of nowhere, I'm probably going to run out food soon, my feelings for you are becoming more obvious, I'm probably going to be sore all over, chances are we'll get killed by some wild Pokemon..."

OH CRAP! Did I just let the words "feelings" slip? Toren, YOU IDIOT!

He thought to himself, absolutely furious at himself that he had actually said something like that...OUT LOUD. Who knows how in the world she would reply to it?

April 5th, 2006, 4:05 PM
A smile appeared on my face, once again. You could call my face a cherry, now, it was so red. I looked up. Cinna stopped licking herself, as Nida has just said something like
<"Let's leave them alone, for a sec... let's... go find some berries!"> They both ran off, but, of course, I didn't notice. Silence. No leaves rustling. No movements. No sound. No wind. I was totally in a trance. Once I was funally out of it, I reached into my pack for a snack, coming out with two oranges in hand. My face was still like a cherry, as I squeezed the orange as if I were squeezing a stuffed animal. The other orange was for Toren- but I was still in too much of a trance to hand it too him.

April 5th, 2006, 4:13 PM
Toren smiled, reaching out and grabbing the orange, figuring that it was for him. He muttered a soft "thank you" before starting to peel off the skin, then biting into the juicy part of the fruit, throughly enjoying the taste.

He glanced sideways at his Pokemon, notcing that Jen's had run off to go grab something. Toren's own companions got the message, snickering at their trainer as they ran off to follow after the others in their search for some berries.

Toren rolled his eyes at the two creatures, still biting into the colorful fruit that was clutched in his hand. In a short amount of time, he had eaten a surprising amount, for he hadn't eaten since mid-day...yesterday. He was pretty hungry, and an orange was probably not enough.

"So, is everything okay?"

He asked, smiling up at her, but then shifting his gaze up to the sky. The sun had fully risen by now, and was hanging high up in the air, bringing light to eveything down above, There wasn't a cloud in the sky, so it was certain to stay warm and sunny all day long.

April 6th, 2006, 4:43 AM

My eyelids slowly slid open, and I got a blurry image of the trees in front of me. To tell the truth, I had been hoping to wake up at the orphanage, but it seemed like I wasn't dreaming after all. I slowly looked around, hoping like hell that I hadn't gotten Riddel into trouble again. I had just become friends when the Herum incident happened, probably making her hate me for my idiocity. I leant on my elbows, and then on the back of the tree trunk. I stared around the clearing, and my eyes sapped open.


She was no where to be found. Vine-trap and Flare-tamer were fast asleep, and I was seriously worried that something had happened to her. I glanced around the clearing, willing for her to magically appear, but no such luck. Finaly, I saw a string, winding its way down a path. Yes. That would be Riddel...

April 6th, 2006, 8:50 PM
IC:Riddel sighed as she glanced around herself. Trees trees trees. Again. There was nothing to fight against that wouldn't hurt herself as well, and had she not been so tired of seeing what was around her, she may have even wished for a punching bag. But presently, she was wishing to get out[i] of this accursed place. Her legs crisscrossed and her chin resting in her palm, this position only made her ever so much more, bored out of her mind.

She let out one groan to emphasize her boredom, and stood up, folding her arms across her chest as she stormed back to the clearing. There was nothing on her mind as she walked back except for her utter frustration. She couldn't help but reprimand herself during the times she felt useless and bored. She very rarely felt bored because she was often thinking about something important, or reading. But now, she was trying to avoid thinking, and there was really nothing to read except the bark on the trees. And she wasn't one of the hippies who could read those things anyway.

Riddel stopped when she noticed that Jake's pokemon were already awake. She craned her head over to see if the boy himself was awake, and sure enough, groggy or not, he was definetly awake.

[i]'Finally!' She thought with relief as a small grin appeared on her face. But before anyone could catch it, she turned around and stuck her thumb and forefinger into her mouth and blew.

The whistle rang loud and clear, and Dart scrambled back along the silk thread as fast as he could, knowing he'd fulfilled his purpose...or at least, hoped he'd had.

<'Hallo Miss!'> He said with as wide a grin as his fang would allow <'Allow me to lead you to the fountain of youth!'>

"Hold on." Riddel said waving her hand as to notion Dart to follow her into the clearing "Dart found a spring-"


She sent a silencing glare toward her pokemon who was absolutely oblivious to it due to his pride in accomplishing his task "But anyway, you ready to go?" Riddel asked Jake as Dart stomped out the fire with all four legs. Collecting all her things into her cream color sidebag, Riddel pulled on her light jacket and draped the strap over her shoulder "Actually, let me re-phrase that, are you coming?"

April 7th, 2006, 2:42 PM
Once I finally snapped out of my trance- I remembered something. My birthday. Today. I was sixteen. What a present, too. I nibbled some more on my orange, thinking about what my folks back home would do for me if I were there. First, starting in the morning, they would fix me some delicious pancakes-- probably about ten or so. Next, while I hid under the table in embarrassment, they would bring anyone they could ifnd over to the house to sing happy birthday to me. If no one was outside passing by at the moment, mum would force the neighbors to come. After that, the neighbors would most likely stay to celebrate the cake and ice cream. But not just any cake. ANY cake. ANY cake I wanted, my mum would cook it up. Right now i would like a double chocolate cake with that yummy icing on top, rather than an orange. After the traditional "Birthday girl-buries-head-in-cake-then-eats", It would be presents. I always got TONS. ..UNtil now. The only present I got was--well, yeah. No one probably even KNOWS. Oh well, it's not that big of deal.
As I looked back at my orange-well, what was left of it, (One orange slice and the peeling) I pretended the last slice of orange was a slice of cake. nibbled into it-Eww, this is no double-chocolate cake! THIS IS.... an orange. Darn, and I thought that tricked worked...
I shrugged and bit into the last of my orange slice thoughtfully.

April 8th, 2006, 4:13 AM

"Yes, I'm ready."

I quickly pulled up my sleeping bag, rolling it up into a neat bag, and then shoving it into my own rucksack. I then took my now empty water canteen, allowing with my two poké-balls and headed over to where Riddel was. I was content on letting my Pokémon run free for a while. After all, we had all had a rather eventful previous night. I walked along the path of string that Riddel had made to tell her where she was.

I finally caught up with Riddel, with my two Pkémon at my feet.

"What now?"

April 9th, 2006, 4:56 PM
"That's a good question." Riddel said folding her arms and glancing down at Dart who was now crawling this way and that.

<'This way!'> He said confidently, noticing the duo had been waiting for him <'Stream Ho!'> And with that he sped off.

"I wonder if I should even attempt to catch up with him." Riddel said casually, raising an eyebrow as she treaded carefully next to the silvery string, at her own pace that was certainly not as breakneck as Dart's. But every now and then, Dart would stop. As long as to be able to see just where they were.

<'Not too far from here.'> Dart said turning around to wait for his trainer and Jake. He decided to settle himself down into the crevice he'd found and peacefully waited for the humans. Ah the bitter truth of how sloth-like humans were. Quite literally. Four legs but only walked on two. Dart shook his head and clucked his tongue <'Humans. They're the last thing you'd expect to see dominating the world. But with those big heads of theirs I can't say I'm surprised.'>

April 10th, 2006, 2:01 AM

I nooded, as followed Riddel, moving with the same speed that she was. Her Ariados went scampering ahead of us, and ofr a minute I was afraid of losing sight of him, but Riddel didn't seem to worry much, moving at the same speed all the time. Flare-tamer and Vine-trap were fidgeting to run after the Ariados, and enjoy time with a fellow Pokémon, and even though I had no objections, they stayed by my side.

"So, do you think the water source your Pokémon found wil be clean enough for us to drink?"

<I hope so. I'm dying of thirst here. Could we pick up the pace?> muttered Flare-tamer.

I too would have liked to move faster, but I didn't suggest it to Riddel, keeping a straight face, and walking just behind Riddel.

April 10th, 2006, 2:14 PM
Soon enough, Riddel could hear the trickle of a stream as it rolled down the incline. Dart was nearly jumping out of his exoskeleton by now, and he soon started rambling about how slow she was, and was attempting to make her go faster by way of his two antennae.

"Come on already Dart, we're nearly there, what's the point in wasting energy to run there?" Riddel asked peevishly "You're going to be going up ahead to look for a way out. I don't trust Toxin's directions."

<'Yes, yes, but we can take a break at the stream, and everything will be- AAND TAAA DAAHHH!'> Dart said, turning around as he felt one of his legs step into cool water.

Riddel sweatdropped as Dart grinned at her "Well, I guess it's okay to drink...But your cyndaquil should boil it first. Do you have any fireproof containers?" She asked, leaning over the water with her hands on her knees as she glanced at the cyndaquil "Because I'd hate to get sick out here."

April 11th, 2006, 1:20 AM

"Fire proof container? Well, I didn't exactly come out here prepared for cooking, as I expected to be heading to Viridian City, but let me see. The lady at the orphanage might have packed something like tat for me."

Sitting down near the side of the stream, I slipped off my backpck, and unzipped it, rummaging in it for a while. I noticed a pair of extra travel clothing, some biscuits that were now covered with ants. I quickly threw them out of my bag. Looking harder still, I saw a bunch of poké-balls, and my PokéDex. I also saw my wallet that I thought had been lost, and a small first-aid kit. Finally, I found a pan. I wondered what I would need that for, anyway.

"Here," I heaved as I pulled it out of the bag. "I hope it works. Vine-trap and I will go looking for wood, while you gather the water in the pan."

April 11th, 2006, 11:57 AM
"Here, let's go. There's no point in sticking around in this forest. We'll probably strave soon anyway if we don't find a town."

He nodded at Jen, pushing off from the tree and starting to walk off in some random direction, for he had absolutely no idea where he was headed. Volley and Kale seemed to leap out of a nearby tree and land on the ground, taking one glance at Jen before starting to run after their trainer, who was already a couple yards away.

"C'mon, guys, help us try to find our way of here. There's gotta be someway. Hey, Kale, you've lived in this forest a long time, haven't you?"

Torne asked, stopping to turn around, while glancing at the Scyther. The green Pokemon nodded, looking around letting out a mighty roar.

"Well, you know it pretty well, don't you? Maybe there's someway you can lead us out of here..."

April 11th, 2006, 1:46 PM
Riddel nodded and took the pan. It would have to do for now.

"Dart, why don't you look for a clear pathway out of here?" Riddel asked as she let the cool water dip into the pan "It'll be faster and easier if there aren't a whole bunch of bushes and trees in the way."

<'Yes ma'am.'> Dart said going stiff and marching off to look for a clean pathway.

When the pan was half-full, she set it aside, and decided to wash her hands off. She had no soap, but that didn't quite matter. Her hands weren't exactly dirty to an extreme extent, but she thought she should rinse before she picked out twigs from the water in the pan. And that was just what she did. After pulling out all the twigs that were left floating in the pan, she filled it up to the brim, and began the process over again, waiting patiently for Jake to get back.

April 12th, 2006, 1:26 AM

"Vine-trap, Razor Leaf!"

Vine-trap spun her leaf-like hands about in the air, conjouring leaf-shaped projectiles, and flew forward, right to the tree that she was aiming at. The leaves were sharp at the edge, and bore into the long branch, cutting it cleanly off from the dead tree. It fell with a thud onto the ground, and Vine-trap smiled, as the leaves just disappeared. Together, Flare-tamer and I took the branch, and added it to the many branches that we had already collected. They weren't very big, and thick, but they were dry enough for Flare-tamer's Ember to work, and that was good enough.

The three of us split the wood equally, and walked on, heading back towards Riddel, and the river. It was easy no to get lost, because the constant rumble of the stream was withing hearing-distance, and we really hadn't gone all that far away. We exited our path, and walked into the clearing, where we saw Riddel with the pan and water. her Ariados was nowhere in sight. No doubt it had probably walked off to find us a way out.

"Here are the logs we can use to get the fire going. Also, Vine-trap has lived in this forest, and knows it like the back of her hand. Maybe she should go looking for an exit. At least she wouldn't get lost, and she knows the safer places in the forest," I suggested, dropping my lot of logs with the others, and slowly positioning them in the right position to start a fire.

I waited for Riddel to answer, before starting the fire.

April 12th, 2006, 1:59 PM
"That's okay. Dart won't get lost, ariados have very keen senses, and now that he knows what a stream sounds like, he won't lose himself. If he does, well, he'll find his way back eventually." Riddel said, brushing it off as she arranged the twigs on the ground, clearing away any of the other little twigs around it.

"Do you want to lock the fire?" Riddel asked, standing up from her crouching position and clapping her hands against each other to brush them off.

She could still feel the stinging of the bitter cold water, and pressed her hands against her arms to warm them up. Locking the fire would reduce the risk of making a fire bigger then intended, but it would take more time, and Riddel was getting rather impatient "If you want to lock it, just get some stones, and put it around if you didn't already know." She said holding her sidebag's strap flat on her palm as the compass needle turned this way and that until it point north.

April 13th, 2006, 2:56 AM

To tell the truth, I had absolutely no idea what locking a fire was, but Riddel was smart enough to tell me. I nodded in confirmation, and began to look around for some stones. Obviously, we would not want the fire to spread, and cause a forest fire. Opposite to common thought, the stones were actually pretty easy to find, as it was bright daylight, in the middle of a clearing. I picked up a couple of small and round pebbles, just about enough to make a two-tiered circle around the logs.

Quickly laying them our, I nodded to Flare-tamer.

Thanks to Flare-tamer's Ember, we soon had a healthy fire blazing brightly near a stream, I was about to pick up the pot, but thought it better to ask Riddel first.

"Should I boil the water now, or do you have other plans with the fire?"

April 13th, 2006, 1:55 PM
Riddel glanced over her shoulder and shrugged "Whatever you want." She looked to her left-North. So far, it would've been obvious that she and Dart were traveling south. So continuing south it was. It would be stupid to backtrack.

She sighed and stood from her spot, walking over to a tall tree and putting one hand flat upon the rough bark, staring into the endless depths of the forest. East. It seemed never to end, and as peaceful and beautiful as the scene was, sunlight puncturing the canopy creating a brilliant light show, Riddel was not one for beautiful things. They only made her feel ugly, and the last thing she needed right now was a decrease in confidence.

But it was soon enough when the serene image was shattered. From the tree branches fell a dizzied spider, bigger then big, and uglier then ugly. Riddel walked up to the ariados's side as it's legs flew here and there pointing things out to an imaginary companion.

<'I see a lot of sun's. And stars. And skies...'> He muttered in a crazed babble. Riddel sweatdropped and snapped,

"Stop fooling around!"

But Dart wasn't kidding, she soon found out, as he continued to stare into space and mumble stupid phrases. He'd probably been hit with an attack that induced confusion. And so as Riddel brought her dazed pokemon back into his pokeball, she returned to the stream side where the fire was, as confused as her ariados. Dart was too fast to be hit by a megapunch, but a confusion was a different story.

"Hey," Riddel asked the Bellsprout, "Your name is Vine-trap right? Do you know of any psychic pokemon that live in this forest? Or any pokemon that can use confusion?"

April 14th, 2006, 4:50 AM

I began to pick up the pan of water, before I heard Riddel ask Vine-trap a question. I continued with my work, waiting for Vine-trap to talk to me, and then I would translate it to Riddel. It took Vine-trap a while to answer. I don't know whether out of deep thought, fear, or just a plain lack of an answer. But in the end, as I saw the water slowly heat up. At first she seemed reluctant to answer, but she soon got into full flow.

<Well, to tell the truth, I don't think that there are any Psychic Pokémon in the forest. Perhaps just outside, in that cave, but not in the forest. However, if your Ariados is confused, then it must have been through another way. I have a feeling that the forest is home to a flock of Butterfree, and maybe he encountered them in the wrong footing. They can use Supersonic, or so I've been told. Either that, or one of the other trainers has captured a Pokémon that can confuse. Although, there are a few Pokémon that keep themselves very hidden, and do not reveal themselves in this forest, so perhaps it was one of them,> said Vine-trap.

It was hard for me to go word for word, but in the end, I managed to recite the entire speech of sorts to Riddel, and, waiting for her to answer, contnued tending to the fire.

April 14th, 2006, 2:03 PM
Riddel nodded and folded her arms. What a stupid pokemon she had, getting into a fight with a butterfly no doubt. A supersonic could cover more ground then Dart could move through, so perhaps that was one reason, but on closer examination, Riddel found she quite frankly didn't care.

"You know, I think it's kind of useless to heat up the water because you only have one waterbottle and I have zero. There's no where to put it. Unless you guys are going to drink mostly all of it?" Riddel asked sitting herself down on a rock just next to the smooth flowing stream, her arms loosely wrapped around her knees.

April 15th, 2006, 1:21 AM

I looked up from the fire.

"Well, it was your idea to boil the water to rid it of germs, but I see what you mean. But my water bottle can carry about half the pot's capacity, so maybe we should only heat half of it? I doubt that any of us wants to drink boiling water, so if we are planning to drink most of it, then we'd better wait for a while before drinking it."

I paused form placing the pan on the fire, and looked up at Riddel, thinking for a while, about something totally differernt. Who would have imagined, that the person who I would rely on most in the middel of nowhere, is the person who was the reason for my first loss.

Who would have believed...

April 15th, 2006, 5:22 AM
OOC: Jen had been stupid on purpose ^_~ XD [/randomfact]
I stood up realizing how stupid I had just been. I brushed the dirt off my pants and stayed a fair distance away from Toren and his pokemon. Cinna hopped onto my backpack, as always, and Nida was striding alongside me in silence, although I think she may have mumbled something under her breath.
I forced myself not to think of what just happened. I was about ready to smack myself for my stupidity. I would've, too, if Cinna wasn't on my bag.
Self control, self control...
I thought to myself. Whenever my dad got P.O. at a driver, besides him cussing, he would seriously just wan to run right into them. I usually said "Self control", and thenhe thought of me in the car and decided not to. (OOC: This actually happened yesterday XD. I would do a flashback but that'd be copying ^_~)

April 16th, 2006, 5:11 PM
Riddel raised an eyebrow and said slowly and clearly, "Unless you want to get sick and die from the bacteria in the water, boiling the water is your best bet, but if not, be my guest and drink it from the stream. Anyway, as for the other issue, your water bottle is full right now is it not? That rules out carrying it. No less, I refuse to share a bottle with you if you drink right from the lip, but otherwise, either way doesn't matter to me, as I'm fine with it either way. Might as well let the pokemon get a drink of water from your water bottle, then refill it once the water's cooled."

Riddel felt weird. She had probably spoken more to Jake then anyone else...other then Akaine, but Akaine was like her best friend mother. But most of the things she said were about how they would go about their business for the day. It was neccessary, she supposed. But who would've guessed that she'd be stuck traveling with the guy who's pokemon she almost killed?

And the guy she handed his butt-kicking?

OOC: Hahaha, these things in television are so funny, when they think like, the same thing. XD

April 17th, 2006, 10:11 PM

Shaking my head, I bent down, and occupied myself by placing th pan over the fire, and watching the water heat up. I sat back, leaning on my hands, as I waited for the water to heal, reflecting on what had happened over these past few hours. It was likely to take me ages before I would be able to remember everthing, seeing as the previous night was such a busy one. In fact, I doubted that anyone got more than four or five hours of sleep. It didn't bother me, as much, beause I hardly got any sleep anyway, but he did think that it would bother some of the others who seemed to live perfectly normal lives. This, would of course, rule out Riddel, although I don't really know what happened in her life to make her like that.

That was another thing that was odd. Riddel. For one minute, she would seem very helpful, telling you what do do, and how to do it, giving you suggestions on the best possible way of doing so, but the next second she was complete opposite. She was cold, and unhelpful, making sarcastic remarls if you asked her a question. It didn't really bother me, because I had known that Riddel would be like this when I offered to accompany her, so I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. In a way, it made me feel a lot more at home, because the lady at the orphanage was a lot like Riddel, although I never really did get to know her name.

"To answer your question, although you never really asked any question, but anyway. My water bottle is almost empty, really. I drank so much of it waiting for Professor Oak to call out my name that I forgot that I might need it in despereate times. So, if there's a question of no space in my watter bottle, then that can be tossed aside. However, I do drink it from the lip, so you might not want to share. Also, feel free to let your Pokémon drink the water on the fire once it's hot. I'm planning on letting Flare-tamer, and Vine-trap do so, as well," I said, making sure that the water was still alright.

April 21st, 2006, 4:31 PM
OOC: I've decided to engage another one of my Pokemon, if that's okay. *Winks*

Hmm, I wonder where Ridell and Jake are, haven't seem them since yesterday. I wonder of they're okay...

He shrugged his head, trying to dispell the thoughts. Ridell had acted cold towards all of them and Jake...well, Toren didn't have any opinions of Jake yet, so he was pretty much neutral towards him.

"Wait, guys. Did you hear that sound? Sounds lke the flapping of wings....AGH!"

Toren shouted out as a blur whizzed right through him, tackling him to the ground and then zipping back into the air. Toren was now lying uncomfortably on the ground, his chest pounding with pain from where this 'blur' had sped into him.

"Kale, use slash!"

He yelled at his Scyther, watching as it jumped into the air, using its razor-sharp blades to slice through Toren's attacker. The thing fell to the ground, revealing itself to be a Pidgeotto.

"Wow...that thing's strong..."

Toren muttered to himself as he climbed to his feet, brushing all the dirt off that had gathered on his body. He then took a couple steps closer, making sure that the bird woudn't leap up and attack him again.

April 28th, 2006, 4:50 PM
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Riddel glanced at Jake when he confirmed he drank from the lip. She blinked before she shrugged. She'd deal with that issue once it became a little more important, but for now, she looked around "I don't think Dart or Toxin need cleaned water. They both can drink straight from the stream- poisoning won't have any effect on them."

Riddel folded her arms and watched the stream.

'Ugh!' She thought 'What are you supposed to do when there's nothing to say or do?!'

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May 3rd, 2006, 5:41 AM
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I quickly nodded, to show that I understood, and turned back to the fire.

Slow bubbles were forming along the surface of the water, indicating that it would sooner or later boil. Keeping a close watch on the fire with one eye, I rummaged around in my bag, looking for something to keep me busy. I couldn't sit here, tending to the water the whole day. I finally found a book, and pulled it out, leaning against the tree trunk, and flippng open to page 52. I began to read.

I was soon engrossed in the book, which was about a strugle between a young boy, who was starnded in an unknown place, trying his very best to adapt, while also trying hard to get back to his home. The heroic attempts to join in with the wildlife was admireable, but rather dim-witted.

Little did I know, that the water was boiling well, but I was too interested with the novel, to care.

May 6th, 2006, 2:41 PM
Riddel glanced at the sky. It no longer had the dull grey quality it possessed when Riddel first began to get impatient. She clenched her fist and felt like punching something hard. Of course, the bark on trees would only make her knuckles scathed and bloody, and, well, Jake wasn't exactly the best punching bag. There was nothing soft to punch around here, and the thought only made Riddel even more frustrated then before.

"Is the water done yet?" She asked, twirling around to see Jake reading a book and the water boiling merrily with bubbles skimming the top. Riddel was silent for a moment, watching the bubbles rise and sink and rise again "Where's your water bottle?" She asked, holding out an expectant hand, her other hand on her hip as she waited for the boy who was obviously too engrossed in his reading to notice the water.

But the water was the only thing keeping them from leaving, and so the sooner it was over with, the better.

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May 6th, 2006, 2:49 PM
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Toren stood over the Pidgeotto, watching as it writhed slightly, its wings spread out into the air trying to shoo Toren away. Toren shook his head and rummaged through his bag, pulling out a long roll of some sort of cloth. He bent down, ripping off large portion of it.

As Toren began wrapping it around the bleeding wound that the Pidgeotto had recevied from Kale, the bird slowly stood up and gave a grateful look towards Toren. The trainer smiled and nodded, standing up and then turning around, starting to briskly walk away.

"Kale, Volley, come on; we've already done too much."

As the two reluctant Pokemon followed, Toren heard a faint cry from behind him. He saw a Pokeball that he had dropped lying on the ground directely in front of Pidgeotto. The pokemon nodded at Toren, pecking the small, red sphere and allowing itself to be sucked in. It beeped and flashed three times before settling down.


Toreb muttered in admiration as he quickly walked back, bending down and grasping the Pokeball in his hands. All he had done was do a simple act of kindness to the Pidgeotto, and in return...it had joined him...

(Corny, I know XD)