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February 19th, 2006, 7:06 PM
In the far off region of Ruein, two mystical Pokmon threat the region. The Ruein town of Faelnorth, just received of the news of the mystical Pokmon destroying Gustvale Town. Out of pure anger, 3 friends go to Professor Maple's Laboratory to choose their starter. Their mission: an entire expedition to stop the pure destruction of Ruein.

I am creating a flash anime about the story above. It will require many users like yourself to star in it, not the voices (voices possibly come later), but to be characters.

I will be staring in this. The 1st two to join will be the other two, anyone else after that will be reoccuring characters in the series (ie- Team Erosion members, gym leaders, friends etc.)

Also, I'll be posting a link that will be keeping an update on each episode.

Opening Themes:
Season One (episodes 1-30): Advance Adventure (from Pokemon)
Season Two (episodes 31-??): ???

Ending Themes:
Season One (episodes 1-30): Nakushita Kotoba (from Naruto)

Sign up now...I love to animate and want to get this series started!!!

EDIT: Almost forgot.

You need character profiles in this format!

Name (in the show):
Type Preference:
Catch Phrase:
Small Bio:

February 19th, 2006, 7:09 PM
i like 2 join.......................
Name (jedite):
Type Preference: evil
Catch Phrase:"you worthless mortal"
Small Bio:jedite is a ruthless warrior who follows his every command he is very skilled at almost everything u can think of and does not care for anybody but himself

would u be drawing other charters who like 2 join from scratch or would we send u a reference pic?

February 19th, 2006, 7:15 PM
I should probably also add I need a FULL profile, otherwise you won't get into the show.

February 19th, 2006, 7:19 PM
wat do u mean type reference?

February 19th, 2006, 7:30 PM
K i'll sign up:
Name in the show: Kakashi
type preference: wats that???
Catch Phrase:"Do Not Mess With Me For I Am An Elite Ninja"
Small Bio:he is a ninja who goes around and traveling around the world, he helps ppl with their troubles along the journey, he is a very skilled 1 and he has combined abilities of ninjustsu,taijutsu (physical art) and genjutsu (illusion art).....he destroys all enemies and saves others from dangers.


February 19th, 2006, 8:24 PM
Name: Malastare
Age: 11
Sex: Female
Type Preference: Dragon
Catch Phrase: "Do you like dragons?"
Small Bio: Malastare is a half-dragon girl with a hissy way of speaking and large red wings and a tail. Black horns sprout from her head and she has black claws on both hands and feet. Her eyes are yellow, with vertical slits for pupils. She is quite intelligent and quiet. Everything about her seems slanted and vertical: Her eyes, claws, etc. She has long, layered, black flyway hair. She is tall, thin, pale and quite beautiful.
She refuses to use any non-dragon types (except Charizard).

February 21st, 2006, 8:32 AM
not getting as much attention as i expected.


Forest Grovyle
February 21st, 2006, 9:48 AM
Okay, I shall close this on your request.

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