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March 24th, 2004, 1:56 PM
Chap.1: No Cure
I flew over the heads of the many humans below me. Somebody screamed. Other humans gasped as they saw me. Not that I cared. I was already hated enough. My fight with Rayquaza hadn't helped. My brain had been slashed, and I had lost quite a lot of hit points. It was nothing serious, some Sitrus berries would cure it, but it still hurt. As I glides through the air with my arms outstreched, I spotted a berry patch below me. It wasn't until I landed that I remembered something; I had no mouth. I hit my head on the tree for being so stupid. Then I remembered another thing; Humans sometimes droped their items it that dark cave. What was it called again? Jagged Pass? Maybe if I was lucky, I could find what the human trainers call a potion. I drew a map of the route in my head and groaned. I was near the forest, and Jagged Pass was at the peak of the region. It would take at least a day, and I would fly through at least three cities. I sighed as I got ready to take off. This would be a long day

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