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February 21st, 2006, 6:35 PM
Warning: Rated T for Violence and Foul Language (some censors included)

Chapter One

He couldn't believe it. He had been accepted into the soccer team during tryouts last night. It must have been the greatest night of his life. This was what he had wanted to do all his school year. He couldn't think of any other fun thing that was possible.

Besides founding the Pokémon Club at his school, that is.

Alex was a fine student, and he was liked by many of his companions. He couldn't get over the fact that he was short, though. Still, this did not deter him from becoming one of the best in his class. Brainiac, linguist, athlete, who knew what was next?

Of course, he usually kept his passion of Pokémon silent. Most students mocked Pokémon at the first hint of it. But Alex was different.

When he first announced a club for Pokémon, a lot of kids questioned his "sanity." In fact, however, despite all the criticism, even by adults, many friends joined his club. He truly had stood out for the nerds in his district.

He had even gone as far as to publish an "encyclopedia" of sorts, describing Pokémon to the fullest, even attempting to explain their scientific anatomy and functions, trying to prove how indeed Pokémon could possibly exist.

At the moment, however, he was quietly admiring his work, sitting in his school cafeteria, about an hour before school would begin.

"Man, do you live in this school?" his friend Casey teased, sitting down next to him.

"Aw, no, man! I'm always here this early. More time to study for school," Alex shot back playfully.

But, in fact, Alex had wished he could have stayed home.

Just the night before, he had had a terrible dream of flying, and causing total destruction, in what he believed was in the eyes of a Pokémon.

But which Pokémon? Alex wasn't sure.

By now the dream had blurred so much he couldn't even remember what had happened, or where he was.

But it didn't matter. Today was another vibrant day at his school, and he was determined to make the best of it.

Sure enough, his optimism put him in a good mood throughout the morning, and even the teachers were impressed by his satisfactory behavior.

At least until before lunch, when Alex went on his usual bathroom break.

In his usual habit of going to the bathroom in the stall, not the urinal, he dropped his pants and emptied himself.

As he pulled up his pants, he noticed a slight tinge of blue above his waist. Was it a bruise? There was only one way to find out.

Afraid something odd was happening, he lifted he shirt just a wee bit and saw a strange, blue discoloring of his stomach, and his belly button was missing.

He quickly shot down his shirt, fearing for the worst. His best day was already fading away. Was this some foul nightmare? Was this just another dream he was having in the same night?

Not knowing what to do, he played along with the game, covering his mutation with his clothing, and continued to casually preceed to lunch as if nothing had happened, though he couldn't help but note a strange pain in his neck.

*P.S. there obviously aren't any censors in this chapter but there will be coming up
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February 21st, 2006, 6:39 PM
i like i like! i want to go through an interdimesimnal tunnel to the world of pokemon lol. anyway good story!

February 22nd, 2006, 6:47 PM
Well, I must say, very nice job. The wording was nice.

Though whole "person-turns-Pokemon" think is a bit overused, I see real potential for this to be good anyway.

Some minor gramatical errors, but nothing really dramatic. Maybe spend a little bit more time on descriptions, but otherwise, very nice job.