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February 22nd, 2006, 7:27 PM
Okay, before I start things off, there are a few things you should know:

1. I will have an original character.
2. I will have OOCness.
3. There will be something similar to Pokémorphs.
4. There will be new Pokemon that I made up.
5. There will be new types and attacks that I have made up.
6. There will be areas that I invent that are not found in the normal Pokemon universe (anime/manga/games)

I just thought I'd warn you, just in case you don't like stories containing the above. Fair warning.

Another thing: This won't be the greatest; I make no claims to something like that. This is my first Pokémon fic in a while. It will be darker.

RATED PG-13 Just so that we are clear on that little detail. :P

Now, on to the story!

[PROLOGUE]--Voice in the Darkness]

The voice flows from the darkness, liquid light that washes the loneliness from the girl's mind. She drifts in nothingness, her black hair floating about her, and her tattered black outfit blowing in a nonexistent wind. Suspended in the darkness, she allows the voice to fill her, its song promising a brighter future, good things to come. After what seemed an eternity, the voice fades to nothing, leaving the girl saddened, drifting lost in the darkness.

"Yo! Kit! Wake up!"

A blond boy, about ten, pokes a girl with black hair. She blinks, her eyes coming back into focus, and she shakes her head slightly, banishing the feeling of being in another time and place from her mind.

"Sorry Karnor. I guess I was daydreaming again."

The boy nods at her words, and questions her with a glance.

"It was the dream again. But this time, I could almost make out the words... It seems more a memory of something long forgotten, rather than a mere dream. But it is always the same. Except that it is getting clearer each time. Each time I feel closer to grasping what the voice is saying... But then it slips away, and I wake up..."

The boy blushes slightly, the pink tinting his pale face. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your fantasy."

Shoving him slightly, the girl grins. "Oh, I'd have woken up pretty soon anyway." Her voice turns soft, almost sad. "I always do."

Getting up slowly, the boy flashes a quick smile at Kit. "Well, I need to go. It's getting late, and I need to get to bed early tonight. I get my first Pokemon tomorrow!"

The girl tilts her head at him. "Ah yes, I'd forgotten. You and Jack and what's-his-name... Darnol! That's it! You and Jack and Darnol are getting your Pokemon tomorrow."

The boy looks at Kit quizzically again. "Yeah; hey, why don't you have a Pokemon, Kit? You could be a great trainer, I bet!"

She smiles, shaking her head faintly. "No, I don't want Pokemon. I'm fine just as I am. I'm thinking about wandering, though."

The boy shakes his head. "You and your 'wandering.'"

"I know it sounds strange, but, I feel almost as if something is calling to me, and I feel that if I don't leave this place, I'll go crazy."

"But you're crazy as it is!"

The boy dodges a smack, and runs off, laughing.

Grinning, Kit gets to her feet, dusting her pants off, and sighing.

"I just wish I knew what drives me to leave. I'll miss this place, and Karnor, too. But I have to go. I just wish I knew why..."

Turning, Kit softy fades into the trees behind her, and is lost to sight in the fading dusk.

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March 1st, 2006, 12:49 PM
[CHAPTER 1--Kainorl Berries]
{2 months after the prologue}

Flowing from the darkness, the voice washes over Kit. It calls to her, drawing her deeper into the darkness with its soft sound, as though it was liquid light. Kit follow the voice, deeper into the darkness than ever before. Yet somehow she feels safer than she has ever felt before. Sounds that are almost words flow through the nothingness, swirling around her, filling her with peace and a sense of…something wonderful, yet unlike anything that she has ever experienced. Suddenly, the voice begins to fade. Kit cries out to it and begs it not to leave her. It continues to fade. As it fades to nothing, it becomes clear, word distinguishable in its wonderful music.
"Seek the legend of the Shadowbane beasts, Kit Pokéfriend. Seek the legend of the Shadowbane beasts..."

Suddenly, Kit's eyes snap open, and she sits up. Glancing around her, she registers her surroundings. 'That's right. I'm camping near the stream in the forest, about half a day's walking from the Village of Light. Yet I can’t shake the feeling that that dream was important…'

Shaking the dream from her mind, Kit begins to collect her stuff, a black sleeping back and a backpack. She puts the sleeping bag in her backpack, and shoulders it, checking that she didn't forget anything. Drinking from the stream, she glances at the sky, registering the position of the sun, and heading west into the trees.
{3 hours later}

Stopping in a nice clearing, roughly 10 feet in diameter, Kit smiles, taking off her backpack and setting it on the ground. Walking over to a berry bush a few feet from her, she examines the bright red berries, and picks one. Squeezing it experimentally, she pokes it, finding it to be soft yet firm. Sniffing it, she brings it back to her backpack, and begins rummaging in said backpack. Pulling out a small book, entitled The Traveler's Guide To Edibles In Nature, she sets the berry down and opens the book to the 'berries' section. Scanning the pictures, she locates a berry that looks like the ones she found, and examines the picture of the bush they grow on. Finding that it matches, she reads what the text says about the berries.

'The berries of the Kainorl bush are safe for consumption by humans and Pokemon alike. They are sweet, and filled with semi-sticky juice. They contain several vitamins, and are very healthy. They taste best when ripe. They are ripe when they are soft yet firm to the touch, and give of a sweet, yet almost spicy scent. They should be bright red, and almost shiny, as though they were dipped in fresh blood. Furthermore...'

Closing the book, Kit pops the berry into her mouth, delighted at the taste. Returning to the bush, she picks a few more, and returns to her backpack, getting out some bread. Squeezing one berry until it pops she lets the juice flow onto the bread, creating a sort of berry-juice sandwich, and eats it. After finishing off the berries, she takes a small container from her backpack and collects a few more berries, putting them in it, and closes it. Replacing her book and the container in her backpack, she shoulders it once again, and continues east, to the Village of Light.

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March 3rd, 2006, 4:09 AM
I think that the Pokemon Fanfiction Writing Guide has summed up most of the common mistakes found in this story... There are some things you don't want to do in author's notes >>; They are a part of the fanfic as well, so do pay attention to them.

Now, answer my question.

"Why should I read the rest of your story if the very first word is spelt wrong?"

Read the Writing Guide first, and fix up the common errors before proceeding any further in the story...

March 4th, 2006, 12:02 PM
><;; I KNEW it didn't look right! Lemme fix those errors...