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February 26th, 2006, 5:53 PM
One morning, you're watching your favorite game show on Pokemon Channel: "Pokemon Trivia Challenge". On the show, the two teams answer Pokemon trivia questions and compete in physical challenges to earn badges, cash, and prizes...the first team to earn all eight badges then braves Victory Road, an a mountain of an obstacle course with the Champion's Ribbon at the end. Whoever makes it to the end of Victory Road wins even more prizes and cash!

You faithfully watch each day, and dream of your chance to be half of either Team Blastiose (the blue team) or Team Charizard (the red team) but as the weeks drag on, your dreams are just that, dreams.

One day, one of the producers of Pokemon Channel offers you an opportunity to go on the Trivia Challenge: Will you earn the right to brave Victory Road for fantastic prizes, or will you just get stuck with a lovely parting gift?

The cast:

Ash: The Pokemon Master is always ready to stump the two teams with his immense knowledge of Pokemon--and as the host, he'll (hopefully) keep the show running smoothly.
Sky: This lovely lady acts as your announcer--she's the one that will tell you what you've won!
Misty: The prize model, she'll show off the prizes as Sky describes them.
Brock: The referee; he'll make sure the physical challenges are played fair and square.

Sign up here with the following info:

Age- (10-13)
Physical appearance-
Team- (Blastoise or Charizard)

Once we get four people, we'll begin!