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February 27th, 2006, 5:49 AM
WARNING! This is an invitational RPG, so do not join unless you have got a personal invite from me!


In the thirteenth century and earlier, or so the old tales go, humans and Pokèmon co-existed peacefully on a little planet known as earth. It was known as the Golden Age by our historians, where both humans and Pokèmon helped each other out in everyday life. Perhaps, you would see a woman’s child wailing about something. In those days, a Chansey or a Pokèmon like that would cradle the baby until it stopped. Pokèmon like Pidgeotto and Pidgeot would help the men of a village with fishing. You might have seen a Scyther sparring with a young man, or a Machoke wrestling with another. If any feuds were to break out, it was between humans, or between Pokèmon, and the other race would put a stop to it.

However, in the early fourteenth century, a small fight broke out.

The humans who lived in a small village that is now Viridian City, decided to choose a leader. They elected an elderly man, for he had experience that no young man would have. But when this statement was made public, the Pokèmon rebelled. They did not want the land, which was theirs as much as the humans to be governed by a human. They believed that this would mark a distinction between the two races, something which the Pokèmon had been fighting against for years.

They chose a rather smart Alakazam to be accompanied by a few other Pokèmon to go and try to talk the humans out of this decision. When they didn’t come back, another group of Pokèmon were sent, and all that they found was one spoon that had belonged to the Alakazam.

This greatly enraged the Pokèmon community, and they vowed to fight back. Word of this villages evil deeds spread amongst the Pokèmon like vermin, and the original fact was twisted to create such horror stories, that every single Pokèmon knew about it. They knew that if the humans continued like this, they would surely get accustomed to the feel of power, and make the Pokèmon act like slaves.

On Thursday, 1st May 1336, the first major organized action took place. In every human town, a group of Pokèmon stormed in, and completely razed entire villages. The next morning, some of the villages were nothing but dust. This movement angered the humans, and they struck back, killing at least one billion Pokèmon infants. And after this, the real war begun.

The war raged on for almost a century, and as both races became more advanced, the scale of these fights grew larger and larger. New forms of evolution were discovered. Growlithe, who was previously thought unable to evolve became the unstoppable Arcanine, and it was figured out that the small and weak Eevee could evolve into an assortment of different Pokèmon. Humans developed more and more advanced weaponry. The crossbow was introduced into the military, and was a huge success.

However, a group of six small Pokèmon didn’t want to go on like this forever. A Charmander, a Poliwag, a Smoochum, an Oddish, a Sandshrew, a Pidgey. These six begged and pleaded with their parents, and leaders to stop the war, and write a treaty, but they ignore. So, one night, these Pokèmon snuck over to the humans camp, and into the tent of six youths. They explained their quest, and the youths agreed to help, bringing them each a weapon of their parents. These six became one with a select weapon, and that weapon gained abilities that only the Pokèmon were able to use.

With these six weapons, the youths managed to stop the war from progressing any more, and trapped all the souls of the people intent upon fighting within a ceramic jar. These six were praised for their brave deeds, and rewarded with many treats. The weapons were stowed away, safely, still containing the abilities that the Pokèmon granted them

Centuries later, in the present day, a group of explorers dug up the ancient remains of a village, long past. They found many artefacts, including a certain ceramic jar. They opened the jar, releasing the souls of those who were intent on continuing the war. The souls took their own form in whatever they pleased, and wreaked havoc upon everything and everyone.

The six weapons sensed the disturbance, and lured six worthy children to the site of there creation.



You are one of the six children who have been lured to Vermillion. You need to get the blade which belongs to you, and use it to once again imprison the four souls intent on war. Little do you know that this small task will lead you through so many difficult and strenuous challenges, and teamwork is all that you need. It’s harder than you think.

Extra Information

- The souls are skilful at trickery, and will cause you to get into real trouble. They are also skilled at stealth, and can hide from you. They will only appear before you if you successfully defeat all of their guardians, which could be humans or Pokèmon.

- The RPG starts when we are already close to vermillion. It could be on the path from Saffron, or even from the path that leads north to lavender, and south to Fuchsia.


- Follow the standard Role Playing rules.
- I must stress the fact that no Bunnying/Character Control/Godmodding will be allowed.
- Please read the rules and plotline carefully. I don’t want anybody to sign up without knowing what is going on.
- I will not tolerate any one liners, so if you cannot string together five lines of coherent English, then do not join
- Make sure you take time on your form. I do not want a rushed form. Post a place holder if you must.
- Please stay active, and d not leave the RPG half-way through.
- Have fun!

If any of these rules are broken, the person in question shall be warned. If they are broken again, he or she shall be kicked off the RP. This may seem harsh, but it is necessary.


Isq’fal – Taken by Deathspector
Isq’fal is the sword that symbolizes the element of fire. It’s blade is ruby red in colour, and has black flames painted on it, converging at the tip. It’s hilt is richly jewelled with three rubies, all that glimmer in any light. It is a double-edged blade, meaning that it is sharp on both sides. Once the wielder has taken control over this sword he or she may command the blade to burst into flames at will. If this blade manages to touch anyone, it will cause such an agonizing burn that even death is better than to be branded by Isq’fal. Heavier than normal swords, it is almost as long as from a grown man’s shoulder down to the tips of his fingers.

Remoria – Taken by Naoko-Chan
Remoria is the staff that symbolizes the element of water. It is made from ebony bark, and decorated richly. At the top of this staff, is a small blue orb that has no purpose but to heighten its damaging power. If you were hit by this orb, you would be sent to oblivion within seconds. The staff is completely smooth, and has the power to manipulate any form of moisture, as well as summon any form of moisture. The person who uses this staff can also breath freely underwater, as long as he or she is in contact with the staff. It is rather long, reaching six feet in length, and weighing twice as much as a normal staff should.

Kraintyr is an odd weapon. It is the weapon that symbolizes the element of ice. Normally, Kraintyr is two separate daggers made completely of ice, but with appropriate concentration, the two daggers can be melded together to create a short sword. When struck by this blade, the blood within the victim‘s body is frozen. Its ice has been carved into the shape of a mermaid on each dagger, and when melded together, the two mermaids seem to swim around the hilt. When it is two daggers, each dagger is about the length on one palm, but when melded together, the blade is about the length between the wrist and elbow.

Wynsha is the whip that symbolizes the element of plant-life and nature. In the form of a whip, it can do much more. The main part of the whip has been made from twisting long pieces of grass together to tightly that it can never break. It can stretch out as far as the user wishes for it to go, but cannot turn into odd shapes. If its strikes the opponents skin, a killing poison is injected into his or her body which first immobilizes the opponent, before killing him or her. The handle of the whip is made from leather, which is soft on the skin. The whip can be sucked in to no more than a palms length.

Nrockund is the war hammer that symbolizes the element of earth. At first sight it is no more than a normal war hammer, yet it is probably the most dangerous of the six weapons. This weapon gives the user complete control over the very earth. The user can raise a column of dirt and stones as protection, or make a crack in the very earth, sending the opponent plummeting down to his death. The handle is the length between the elbow at the fingers, while the actual hammer is about two palms in length, and one palm in width. This is the only weapon that gives the user complete control over the desired element.

Sharnia is the bow that symbolizes the element of air. It is your typical longbow, curved in the centre, and thinner on the edges. However, the string is so string that it is said to never break. It is made with air alone, being strung together. The actual wooden bow seems to be natural, without any signs of human changes from the wood, but seems to have become like that naturally. No one knows how. The arrows are made from air. When the string is tied, a pulled, an arrow of air appears, and one that will never miss its target, even if a gust of wind is to come in the way. It is elegantly decorated with ebony.

Form Layout

Name: (No specifications here. Except, I would like it you posted both a first and a last name)
Age: (Nothing younger than twelve, and older than seventeen)
Gender: (Seeing as this is an invitational RPG, your real gender would be appreciated.)
Desired Weapon: (Over here, you write whatever weapon you want from the above list. Please pay close attention to the forms above you to make sure that you’re not using a weapon already chosen)
Pokèmon Team: (Lots of specifications here, unfortunately. You are an average trainer, not some trainer god. So, you may not have more than four Pokèmon, and I don‘t want to see some all powerfuls like Tyranitar, or Dragonite, and no Legendaries. Also, some information about them.)
Personality: (Some people just don’t understand that this field is to be filled up with a paragraph, not a line of four or five adjectives)
Description: (This field should to taken care of with the utmost of care. I would like it to be in complete detail, and in sentences please. Again, not in a line of adjectives. A picture is allowed, but back it up with words. I want nothing that only has a picture)
History: (This is probably the most important part of the form, and must be written with in detail. Remember, we must find out about your character’s past, so we need to know whether or not he or she is an orphan)
Other: (This field is optional, for it is just there so that you can note down any talents that your character has. Please be realistic, though)

March 10th, 2006, 3:42 PM
OOC: Hey, is this your PC Family RPG Deathspector? 0_0 Or have you not started that one yet? (because this is very similar to the Gaet wars from my point of view)

March 10th, 2006, 3:45 PM
OOC: Hey, is this your PC Family RPG Deathspector? 0_0 Or have you not started that one yet? (because this is very similar to the Gaet wars from my point of view)

OOC: Agreed, this looks a lot like Gaet wars...but invite only-ish.

March 10th, 2006, 9:59 PM
Yeah...it is. Please tell the others...

March 10th, 2006, 10:14 PM
OOC: Okay, well, I'll PM them if you don't. Just tell me if you want me to do it.

I was erm...bored...when I did this so I wrote a lot of nonsense....

Name: Miyaka Lucashino
Age: 14
Gender: female
Desired Weapon: Remoria
Pokèmon Team:

Species: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Personality: Facet is a calm and logical Dragonair, being very patient with her ridiculous counterpart’s retarded actions. She’s a peacekeeper and doesn’t often put in her two cents unless they’re about to do something extremely stupid. She has a great sense of balance and direction, and doesn’t try to be modest when someone compliments her. She know’s she’s that great. Facet loves to show off, and hates to get dirty. She’s the perfect pokemon for contests, until you reach the fact that she doesn’t like to be judged without being certain that her grade will be either perfect or near perfect. Facet strives for perfection, which gave her her name. The unblemishing facet of a diamond can be one of the things called perfect.

Gender: Male
Personality: Torrent is just about the polar opposite of Facet. He has a zero tolerance level, and has as much patient as a baby waiting for someone to give it back it’s candy. He usually rouses up trouble with his incredible temper, and doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind. He only hesitate’s if he can’t think of a way to put it as bluntly as possible. He doesn’t like the spotlight, but for some reason, he always succeeds in getting it. He also has a great sense of balance and direction, but often get’s lazy and drifts off somewhere he didn’t intend to go. When Torrent get’s angry, there’s no stopping him. He’ll do just about anything until his rage is calmed down.

Species: Murkrow
Name: Glint
Gender: Male
Personality: Glint will steal just about anything interesting he sees. Even if it’s another pokemon, if it’s small enough to clamp in his beak, he’ll try to steal it. This get’s him in just about as much trouble as Torrent, though his is a little more of a scolding then a destroyed city. He doesn’t stay in his pokeball, as he likes to keep a lookout for shiny things, and it actually very helpful when it comes to looking for things…it’s just the factor of getting the item away from him that’s difficult. He’s very mischevious, but when he’s out to steal something, nothing with steer him away.

Species: Azurill
Name: Dewy
Gender: Female
Personality: Dewy is a sweet natured Azurill, and is full of energy. She likes to hang out with Facet the most, and treats Facet like her mother. She’s cute, oblivious, and rather low on intelligence and experience. Dewy is very curious about the world, and loves to travel, therefore doesn’t often stay in her pokeball either, usually riding on Glint’s back, on sitting in Miyaka’s arms. Dewy is nothing more then a bundle of water and energy. When she’s excited, she’s excited, and it can take many minutes for her to calm down.

Personality: Miyaka has an odd personality. She’s very tomboyish, and doesn’t like to be called girly, and yet, she frets over extremely cute things, and dislikes ‘ugly’ pokemon. She treats many of her pokemon like pet’s, instead of battling companions, and if never seen without at least one of her smaller pokemon by her side. She doesn’t like being helped, and would rather do it herself, clumsily, then with help, perfectly. She isn’t a perfectionist at anything until it comes to cleaning and cooking, which she can get very frustrated over, as these were two of the first things she had to learn on her own. Miyaka is very sensitive on the subject of ‘parents’ and doesn’t understand that there are such things as ‘good’ parents. She doesn’t like to trust any adult that isn’t a Cinnabar local, and finds it hard to trust people. She absolutely hates secrets, lies, and broken promises, the three of which, bother her the most. She can be doubtful of plans though up by someone other then herself, and never hesitates to defend her opinion, most of which she thinks strongly of. Otherwise, when she’s in a good mood, she is pleasant and cheerful, much like Dewy, her Azurill, curious and energetic.

Description: Miyaka’s (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/30.jpg) front is like a short jacket with a spindly heart-like design on the front, partially hidden by the jacket, with the implied belts and cloths in the picture wrapped around her stomach in various places. Her knee high, skin tight, boots are a opalescant white with a bluish sheen. A thin piece of brown leather wraps around near her upper shin on the boots, and she has on white feathery earrings, though the feathers are just a wispy plastic waterproof ornament. She sometimes has on semi-sheer cerulean fingerless gloves underneath her bracelets that reach her elbows, but only when she’s on the streets. If she’s at the beach, she doesn’t have her boots, or her gloves.
Gloves and front of shirt ( http://gallery.aethereality.net/download.php?id=3562)

History: Miyaka was raised as a fighter. A fighter in the streets. She was the child of two notorious members of Team Rocket. Never in all her years had she heard one discussion that wasn’t about poaching the pokemon in the Safari Zone reserve, or some other strong trainer’s pokemon, until she was about 3, and her parents never came back. She supposed they’d gone to jail, which was a high factor, and she continued living her life. Miyaka knew that poaching from the Safari Zone reserve was a long sentence, and she learned how to take care of herself. She learned how to cook and clean, and buy things she needed, not things she wanted. She began to take to the streets, to pick fights and taught herself different fighting styles, though they all needed touching up, they were good enough to defend herself from the nearby boys who’s parents were also Rocketeers. She grew up in a bad neighborhood, and yet grew up into an okay girl. She was never very refined, and never really learned any manners except the simple ones, taught to her by the sharp tounge of the rocketeers. Miyaka was a perfect candidate for Team Rocket, sure to become at least an admin or an executive. But she left the neighborhood, one week after hearing this rumor spread, and settled somewhere far away from people, and the Rockets. Somewhere in Cinnabar, while the Rockets were in Lavender. She coexisted with the locals, including Blaine, but was really just there for the beach. She was facinated by it, and loved the way it brushed in and out of the shore. That was the start of her life as a Water pokemon trainer. Soon, she lost her sense of ‘justice’ and began to wonder about her parents. She got an offer to sign-up for Team Aqua, and she quickly obliged. She rose quickly through the ranks with her short battles, almost all ending in a win. She was called ‘first-strike’ because she didn’t use the general Team Aqua pokemon, making her easier to fold herself around the skills of her pokemon. Her first pokemon, a wild and rowdy Gyrados, was her main pokemon, making it have an angry demeanor, untrusting of anyone but it’s trainer. It was neglected to get a nickname until Miyaka discovered that her parents were indeed in Saffron City Jail, and left Team Aqua. She was marked as a traitor until she switched her name to ‘Jem’ for about 4 months, her appearance changing drastically from the blue’s, white’s, and black’s she used to wear, changing into the attire she wears now. Team Aqua left her alone, but she was careful to avoid all and any Team Aqua member in the future.

Other: Miyaka is good at Martial Art’s, though she needs a real tutor to sharpen her skills. She loves gymnastics, cooking, and cleaning, which are the three things she feels she’s absolutely mastered in her life. She was once apart of Team Aqua.

March 11th, 2006, 6:03 AM
Yeah...it is. Please tell the others...

Wait...does that mean, like, invite the people from Gaet, or what...o.O?

March 11th, 2006, 8:21 AM
No, an invitation for his PC family.

March 11th, 2006, 11:07 PM
My Own Form

Sharun Whitendon



Desired Weapon:

Pokèmon Team:

Pokèmon Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Extra Information: Typhlosion was won by Sharun during a debating competition, after he left his opponents in tears. The original prize for the competition had been a rare Dive Ball, but seeing as he had no use for a Dive ball, and that he had completely flattened his opponents, they awarded him with his choice of Pokèmon. Cyndaquill was his first choice, seeing as his late mother had had a Cyndaquill with her before she died. When he was given Cyndaquill, he was appalled by its weakness, but nevertheless, he trained harder and harder, and soon had earned friendship from Cyndaquill. Once, in a battle against a Poliwhirl, Cyndaquill was losing badly, but he evolved and won it. He then evolved later into Typhlosion while fighting in the wild against a troupe of Mankeys for some shelter.

Pokèmon Species: Pidgeotto
Gender: Female
Extra Information: Pidgeotto was captured as a small and worthless Pidgey, because it was worthless. Since the beginning, Sharun vowed to capture nothing but what people thought were worthless, and prove them wrong. Pidgey had been caught in a battle against the newly evolved Quilava, and had proved no match for Quilava’s powerful Flamethrower. Sharun then used the same technique to train Pidgey, and evolved in a battle against a Magnamite, winning the battle with a powerful Whirlwind. Since then, Pidgeotto has been Sharun’s reconnaissance Pokèmon, and she is very useful when he get lost in a forest or something like that.

Pokèmon Species: Butterfree
Gender: Female
Extra Information: Butterfree was given to Sharun by another trainer who thought she was too weak to fight. Sharun gladly accepted the Caterpie, and took her home, and trained. The Caterpie, however, was not used to Sharun’s method of training, and ran away. Sharun followed the Caterpie, and found her hiding under a tree. He befriended her, explain what he wanted from her. Because of his soft words, she evolved, and became a very useful member to his team with her defensive capabilities. However, in a battle against her previous owner, Metapod was about to loose against the strong Machoke. But She evolved, and using Confusion, won the battle.

Pokèmon Species: Gyrados
Gender: Male
Extra Information: Gyrados is probably Sharun’s favourite member of his team. He had been laughed at, and a source of many jokes for weeks amongst his friends, when he had come home, holding a flopping Magikarp in his arms. But for weeks on end, Sharun trained hard and long, finally achieving the goal he had set in his mind. The evolution of the Magikarp. With that, his new Gyrados proved a test for his skills. Gyrados had power that he was afraid to even admit he had under his power, but Gyrados has proved to be a powerful addition to his team, and has left many people quivering with fear under his wrath. He now knows that with Gyrados by his side, nothing will be able to stop him.

Sharun is rather tall, and extremely weak. In a test he took, he only has 4% body fat, and the rest of his weight was all because of his height and bones. His is small built, his shoulders small and seeming to curve inward. His face has a sickly look to it, because his cheek bones can be seen. His blue eyes have shadows hung underneath them, and dark circles encircling them. However, they shine brightly and have a calculated glare fixed into them. His hair is black, messy, and rather long, for it rests on his shoulders, and the fringe covers his left eye. This is a good thing, because underneath his left eye, he has a long gash. He wears a pair of baggy black pants, because anything he wears is baggy. the pants sag low, and he has to keep them tight with a black belt. His sneakers are black in colour, with a white Nikè swoosh implanted on either side. he wears a red tee-shirt which hangs loosely from his shoulders, and reaches his knees. Around hi neck, he wears a silver chain, with a small diamond as a pendant. People often wonder why he wears something s rare and expensive, but it's his own choice. He wears black gloves, the type that stop at the knuckles.

Sharun is a loner. There's no doubt about it. Whenever he sees a group of people he immediately slinks back into the shadows of wherever he is, and hides. he despises talking to people, and hates being caught in a crowd. Sometimes people manage to strike up conversation with him, but he rejects them by replying with a snappy retort which puts them off. He is, however, extremely smart, and even manages to find mistakes in his GCSE notebook which he promptly shows the teacher. He has even gotten into fights with his chemistry teacher, and reduced him to tears, and he left the counsellor bamboozled by his language when he left the room. He reacts oddly to insults, by just smiling, and thinking of the other persons face when seeing him smile. He trusts no on but his faithful Pokèmon, and when he has a dilemma which needs solving, he asks no one's help but his Pokèmon who, like their trainer are very high and mighty about what they can and can't do.

Sharun had a very rough, and unsettling history, with such harsh elements of pain, that it's often hard to retell. His father was a Judo Sensei, having passed the black belt exam at the tender age of eighteen. he was extremely skilled, an would often laugh at Sharun saying that he wasn't a man. He would say that while Sharun stayed inside, reading books, the other boys of his age were outside playing, growing muscles, and becoming men. he would say that Sharun was a sissy not to be able to play ay sport, and this often left Sharun crying throughout the night. His mother was a snooty woman, who had no time for her family, and would spend the day at her friend's houses, having small tea parties, and showing off about her husband's wealth, and position in the Judo Academy. The only person who ever stood by Sharun's side, and comforted him through these rough times was his bodyguard, Razan Shyndow. Razan was closer to Sharun than his father would ever be, and even helped Sharun with girl problems. One day, however, Sharun's father was beating Sharun up when Razan walked into the room. Razan's orders had been to protect the principle, no matter what the cost. And that, he did. He stood in-between Sharun and his father, and fought back, nearly killing Sharun's father. He was then fired. But because of this, Sharun no longer had anyone to talk to, so he ran away, and lived for a year under the very same tree that he would soon meet his Caterpie. From there, he heard of the debate, and entered, winning Cyndaquill. After getting his three Pokèmon, he left New bark Town, and headed over to a new region called Kanto.

Ever since his childhood, Sharun has had an uncanny knack for being inconspicuous. Whenever he wishes to be ignored by the surrounding people, he just changes his gait, and soon people look away from him. This enhances his feeling of a loner, and could not be called a good thing.