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February 27th, 2006, 3:38 PM
Alright its my first attempt at a Contestshipping fic! So If you don't like contestshipping, and are gonna rate badly because of your dislike, please don't rate at all.
A Whole New Feeling (Contestshipping)
Chapter 1: The Beach Side Battle!

A Whole New Feeling (Contestshipping)
Chapter 1: The Beach Side Battle!

A boy around the age of 12 with green hair and a long sleeve black shirt with a purple short sleeve jacket which was open over it, and a set of turquoise green jeans was walking through town on a clear summer day. It was about lunchtime and he still hadn’t eaten,
“Maybe I’ll get a hotdog and eat on the beach” he said out loud.
This was the beautiful island of Cinnabar and he was here for the famous Pokemon contest.
“I wonder where the best places to train are… ”he wondered out loud.

Meanwhile a young man, around the age of 15 was gulping down another sandwich in the Restaurant “Gifts of the Sea” on Cinnabar Island. His name was Ash. Traveling with Ash was a young boy, probably 8, Max, And an older man Brock, who was around 18. But then there was May. She was traveling to with them because her brother Max wanted to, and they were her friends. May was a coordinator and had recently participated in the Grand Festival just weeks before. May had had a crush on Ash for the first few months they were traveling together, until she met one of his friends, Misty. They seemed so natural around each other, and they still didn’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She had known that they were, but she just didn’t want to say anything. Nowadays she had a crush on the dashing pokemon coordinator Drew. AT first she had resented him greatly, but since the Grand Festival she had fallen head-over-heels for him. But for the time she had to focus on the Cinnabar contest in a few days.
“Ahhh… I’m stuffed” Ash said smiling as he slouched in his chair.
“I would be too after 3 sandwiches, 2 orders of fries, 6 sodas, and 2 slices of pie” Brock commented laughing. Max and May joined in the laughing as they two polished off their meals.
“Oh I forgot to tell you guys” Ash started sitting up suddenly, “You remember Misty? Well she was gonna come visit us and travel with us for a while, her sisters got back from their trip around the world!”
“That’s wonderful!” Brock exclaimed clapping his hands, “It’ll be like old times!”
“Yeah, and I’ll have someone else to help me control you around the girls!” Max laughed.
“There will finally be another girl traveling with us! I won’t be ridiculed for doing things that boys don’t do anymore.” May cheered. They all laughed at this.
“Ash!” A voice called. The group looked around. A girl with carrot orange hair was standing there smiling.
“Misty!” They all yelled.

Drew was getting up from his table when a tall girl with orange hair ran past him, accidentally knocking him to the floor. The girl stopped, and looked down,
“Oh I’m sorry, here let me help you.” she extended a hand and helped Drew up.
“Don’t worry” Drew smiled and headed for the door.
“Drew!” a voice called from behind. He turned and saw, May running towards him.
“Oh hey May,” he replied smiling.
May blushed then spoke, “I knew you would show up! I mean… err... now Ash owes me 10 dollars!” Drew starred at her quizzically.
“It’s... good to see you too” he said raising one eyebrow then leaving. He went out and went towards the beach. The beach was very warm and the sand was white. Drew took off his shirt and his pants (he had been wearing his swim trunks underneath) and coolly walked into the ocean. The waters were warm and caressed his body. He dunked his head under the water and lifted out again. The sun felt good on his moist body.

Ash and friends walked out of the restaurant laughing and talking, all except May. She had her head down and was thinking about Drew.
“Hey I know, lets go to the beach!” Max suggested.
“Yeah!” The rest agreed. They made their way to the beach (the one with Drew on it) and started un-dressing (they too had swim suits on underneath). May was the first to make it to the water. She dove in, her brown hair forming a straight sheet of brown . She flipped it over her shoulders and started to paddle around, she bumped into something, or someone. She looked up, Drew was standing there looking at her, his shirt off she noticed. May felt her cheeks start to turn crimson as she stared at his well-built chest.
“Would you quit staring at me like that!?” he demanded. May felt her cheeks turn even redder as she looked down.
“I’m sorry Drew.” May muttered lamely.
Drew’s face softened; “So now you’re my stalker?” he joked.
May turned even redder, “NO! We just wanted to come to the beach!” May didn’t mean to yell but she didn’t want it to seem like they WERE stalking him.
“Uhhh… okay. So whose your new friend?” he gestured to Misty who was lying next to Ash on beach towels.
“Oh that’s Misty. She used to travel with Ash and Brock.” May explained trying not to look at Drew.
Drew looked over at her and nodded slowly. “I’m guessing she’s his girlfriend?”
May laughed, “Well, they won’t admit it, but I think they do have feelings for each other.”
Drew laughed, “They look good together, I suppose, I don’t really get into the hole romance thing”
May was about to respond when a voice popped,
“Hey May!” Max popped out besides her, knocking her over.
May stood back up, “Oh hi Max. I thought you and Brock were gonna go play Frisbee or something” May said trying to hide her blushing face.
“We are, but Brock has to go buy a Frisbee first” Max explained.
“So while I waited, I thought we could have a water war, like we used to, remember?” Max asked, his eyes shimmering.
“That’s a great idea! Wanna play too Drew?” May turned to Drew, who was standing there looking at Ash and Misty.
“I’ll just watch for now” he replied smoothly and waded ashore. May could now see a full view of Drew, he grabbed a towel and sat down in a beach chair under an umbrella. May couldn’t stop staring at him until Max shoved her over, again.
“Hey what was that for!” May demanded.
“It’s all I could do to get you to stop staring at Drew over there” Max gestured towards Drew who was reading a magazine and completely ignoring May.
“Oh…” May replied, slightly embarrassed that Max had noticed.

Drew sat reading his magazine, in a few minutes he put it down. He saw May and Max pushing and shoving and splashing in the ocean. He chuckled to himself and started to get bored. his mind started to turn to May. She was acting awfully strange lately…
“Drew!” a voice called from the water. Drew turned his head. May was calling him.
“What!” He called back.
Before May could reply Ash looked over, “What’s all the noise- oh hey Drew! I didn’t see you there.”
Drew looked at Ash. They had never been friends; actually the only way he even knew him was through May.
“Um, hey Ash” he replied in his normal voice.
Ash bounced up, “I have an idea, me and Misty, versus you and May in a double battle!”
Misty leapt beside him, “Yeah that’s a great idea! Oh and by the way, I’m Misty, I train water-pokemon”
Drew stared at them, “Okay. Sure why not. Hey May! Want to be in a double battle? You and me against Ash and Misty!”

May looked up. Drew was asking her something about battling.
“Sure Drew be right there!” she waded out of water and grabbed a poke-ball.
“Alright I’m ready!” May called.
“Me two!” Drew replied.
“Me Three!”
“Me Four!”
“Lets, GO!!! Skitty!” May called as she threw her poke-ball through the air. Out popped a cute pink kitten like pokemon.
“Alright Roselia I choose you!” Drew threw his poke-ball and out came Roselia
“Corphish come on out!” Ash called and threw his poke-ball.
“Corsola! I choose YOU!” Misty yelled as she threw her poke-ball.

(Right after the battle)
Drew called back his Roselia and patted May on the back “We won!”
Drew noticed that May blushed furiously when he touched her, “Y-yeah! We-we did didn’t we!”
Drew smiled then went over to his clothes. He picked them up and headed for his hotel.
“See yah later!” he called over his shoulder.
“BYE DREW!!!!” May yelled from behind him. Drew smiled, May was acting VERY strange lately, and he would find out by the end of the competition.

EDIT 1: Okay Sorry! I ment to say that the "Gifts of the Sea" resteraunt is on CINNABAR island! I had originally had it on Pacificlog, but then changed it

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This is too cute=3! I love it! I can't wait for the next part:D
P.S. Did I mention that I love the little slideshow in your siggy=3

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Proper formatting please... *eyes burning in fire of the underworld* At least add in blank lines between every new paragraph/dialogue to ease the eyes.

Refer to the Fanfiction Writing Guide to find a solution in fixing the numerous common errors within this fanfic. I'm not even going to activate my review system to know what this fanfic needs to work on... Almost everything should be covered in the writing guide, so take your hour or two, and read it if you really do want to write better.

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This is too cute=3! I love it! I can't wait for the next part:D
P.S. Did I mention that I love the little slideshow in your siggy=3

Thanks! I should have it done soon. I usually write it on paper during science and social studies, then when i get home I type it up :P.
Also- thanks about the slideshow thing, they are all clips from Who What When Where And Wynaut

EDIT 1: there, happy with the changes frost?

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I like it. But the quotation marks appear as question marks to me. >>
Good fic though. Me can't wait for the next chapter. ^___^

February 28th, 2006, 1:55 PM
YAY 4 CONTESTSHIPPING!!!! and pokeshipping none the less!!! THis is a really great story so far and I can't wait for the next chapter!!! :)

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A Whole New Feeling (Contestshipping)
Chapter 2: The Crushed Crush

May woke up the next morning with her window open. A warm island breeze lazily tumbled into her room and mingled in there for a while then left.

She sighed, I wonder what Drew is doing right now

By the time May actually got her-self out of bed it was around 10:30 and the others would be waiting on her for breakfast. She put on her usual apparel and headed out of her room. The others rooms were empty and she guessed they were downstairs already. She was right. When she went down the stairs she saw Ash, Brock, Max, and Misty were sitting at a table set with all sorts of breakfast foods. Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Toast, Pancakes, Waffles, Omelets, anything you could imagine!

Are you guys gonna really be able to eat all of this? May wondered aloud as she sat down between Misty and Brock.

Well if Ash eats the way he used to, Id be concerned we dont have enough! Misty commented jokingly.

Ash grinned and playfully hit her on the arm, Ive been eating less he gestured to the 6 polished clean plates in front of him.

Well leave some for me! May worried as she assorted her meal.

Ash and the others laughed as May franticly grabbed food from plates.

Few! I got all I need! She finally finished.

Your starting to eat like Ash! Misty commented laughing.

Nah, she doesnt have that charm that I do when eating Ash replied grinning.

*Rest of friends [anime sweatdrop] *

Hey guys look! Brock broke the silence holding out a guide book, A hot-spring! We should go, and I bet our pokemon would like it also!

Yeah!! the others cheered.

Well can it wait for me to finish eating? May asked tilting her head to one side.

Of course Misty answered smiling.

Drew woke up in his soft bed. It was 10:30, and it was getting bright outside. He got out of bed and pulled on a shirt and headed for the door. He grabbed the news paper and read it in the elevator.

and CICRC (Cinnabar Island Citizen Rating Comity) recently gave Volcanic Serenades, the world famous hot-springs, a 10 out of 10! Volcanic Serenades has replied by allowing all coordinators participating in the up-coming contest FREE entry! Wow isnt that great!? And now lets look at the weather

That Might be worth checking out Drew thought to him-self and turned to the map on the next page and started towards it.

May and the others walked into the ritzy hot-spring entry room. It was lined with red carpet and had a bright orange counter in the corner with the sign Admissions above it written in fancy letters. Also in the room were two couches also orange, and three chairs, that were yellow. A sign labeled Changing Rooms was in front of a hallway going to the right. At the opposite end from the door were five doors, each one labeled with a different number.

Welcome to Volcanic Serenades hot-springs! Will that be five for one spring, or two for one and three for one? the lady behind the desk asked.

The group looked at each other, You can just give us all one, and we would like to stay for 3 hours, Brock finally spoke up.

Alright, spring 4, and do you have any coordinators staying with us? the lady asked again.

Yeah we do! May is a coordinator! Ash cheered and held her hand up.

The lady stared at him measuring, then replied I will need to see the contest-ID then your set to go!

May walked over and showed her the ID then skipped back, Come on! I cant wait! she cheered and led the way into the spa.

Through the door were three springs all separated by outcroppings of rocks. The left and middle one were occupied, but the right one wasnt. The group made their way towards it and dipped in. The water was scorching hot to there shivering skin, but it felt good once they got in. Seats had been carved in the rocks in a circle, six seats in all.

This is the life Max muttered as he drifted asleep.

Drew handed his coordinator ID over to the lady at the admissions desk and waited patently.

Alright Drew your all set to go! Please use spring 4. the lady finished and printed a receipt. Drew made his way to the door and walked through it. He noticed the three springs bubbling joyfully, all occupied. Two had the sign Full hanging on a stone in front of them so he went to the one on the right. He gasped when he saw who was in it. May and her friends sat laughing in a circle in the water. They all turned there heads when they heard him.

Hey Drew! Ash said smiling.

Remember me? Misty asked as she pulled out her hair band.

May didnt say anything, but blushed furiously as Drew sat next to her.

Yeah I do. It WAS only yesterday you know, Drew replied grinning.

The others laughed and May tried not to look over.

Whats up May? You seem quiet Misty asked, concerned.

Huh! Me quiet!? Oh no no no no noooo! Not me, Im as loud as an exploud see! May started to make faces and splash her hands in the water. The others just stared at her with quizzical looks on their faces. Um Ill stop now.. May finished turning even redder, if possible.

Anyway, what made you decide to come here? Brock asked Drew as he pushed the sleeping Max away from him for the hundredth time.

Same reason that you came I suppose, Drew replied smoothly.

May thought she could die. She had made a fool of her self in front of the guy she had a crush on, had splashed water all over the patio around the spring, and not managed to say one word right the hole time.

May! Drew said again loudly pushing her over.

Huh wha? May asked confused as she got up again.

Would you like to get a drink? Drew asked staring at her intently.

I thought youd never- I mean sure she replied turning red again.

Misty started to giggle and whisper into Ashs ear. He nodded and smiled at them. May tried to ignore them as she and Drew got out of the spring. The cool air stung her body as shed got out. Before she could wrap a towel around herself, her heel slipped. May plummeted towards the hard stones before and landed on her butt. Ash and the others laughed, including Drew, but he asked, Are you alright May?

May turned red, Uhh yeah I am. But I just hope nothing else goes wrong!

Drew walked behind May into the side building and over to the counter. Once he placed his order he turned to May.

Alright May, why are you acting so strange lately? he asked.

May turned bright red again and she twiddled her thumbs, Uhhh well see. Drew I-

Here you two are! Thanks for ordering a mans voice blasted there ears out as he held two lemonades in front of them. May and Drew grabbed them and May started to hurry to the door. Drew cut her off, May stop. Tell me why you are acting so weird. he said more firmly this time.

Well see.. I sortahavethislittlecrushonyougoodbyenow! May said rapidly and looked down.

Drew barely understood what she said before he replied, You should have told me!

May kept her eyes on the floor, I thought you wouldnt feel the same way she said shyly.

Heh, well, you thought right! Drew yelled and stormed out of the building leaving May crying in the middle of the room, her lemonade making a small puddle on the floor.

(Next day at contest)

And next up, we have May! Vivian announced.

May sullenly walked out and onto the stage.

Okay Bulbasaur, lets go. she said flatly.

Bulbasaur popped out and waited commands.

Use petal-dance, then vine whip! May yelled, still in a flat dry tone.

Bulbasaur pulled off the maneuver with grace and beauty causing the crowd to cheer and whistle.
Now use razor leaf, then solar beam! May said, her voice starting sound like she was going to cry.

Ouuu A solar beam! This should be interesting! Vivian said into her speaker.

Bulbasaur pulled off a fantastic solar beam and bowed when May did a semi bow. The crowd cheered and May looked at the judges.

And May gets a 22.9! Vivian announced. Now can you tell us why such a beautiful performance got such low ratings? she asked the judges.

She didnt seem to get into the act as much as Bulbasaur did Contesta replied.

Drew couldnt believe his eyes. What was May doing! A 22.9 would never get her into the next round! He ran into the hall where May was walking back through and grabbed her by the arm.

What are you going! That act wasnt good at all Drew scolded.

Thats easy coming from some one who got a 28.6! May cried tears streaming down her face, You didnt have to be so mean yesterday you know!

Your flunking the contest just because a silly crush!? May come on! he replied shaking her. Suddenly a voice rang out over the hall,

And first up in the first rounds, May VS Drew! Vivians voice announced.

May and Drew looked at each other.

I should just stop. Ill never beat you. May said crying harder.

May! Get a grip! Please, please promise youll compete like you used to! Drew begged.

May and Drew please report to the stage! Vivian said again.

May went off and Drew went too. Once they were in there places Vivian rang, And let the competition, begin!

Sweet May
March 1st, 2006, 8:17 PM
Awww. Such a kawaii chapter. Nice work, DreamBandit298. Your fic got me hooked. 8D
May thought she could die. She had made a fool of her self in front of the guy she had a crush on, had splashed water all over the patio around the spring, and not managed to say one word right the hole time.
Just pure love. <33

March 1st, 2006, 9:24 PM
A good chapter (hooked) Gah! Quite the twist has been put into this,hasn't it? Quite a twist indeed!...Cliffhanger :3! Can't wait for the next chapter =D~

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Thanks guys! I should have chapter three up by Saturday ^_^. Maybe even tomorrow, I have all these great ideas for it and can't seem to type fast enoough!

March 2nd, 2006, 1:47 PM
YES IT IS ANOTHER GREAT CHAPTER!!!!! :D and wow.......never saw that coming!!!! I can't wait to read what happens!! Keep up the gerat work DreamBandit289 :D

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haha i love may + drew stories. especially when drew is mean in the beginning =X. i cant wait till the next couple of chapters!

i'll be checking this thread for the next couple of days =P

By the way, do you happen to have a PM list?? If so, ADD PLEASE :)

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Awww this is soo kawaii! I love it! Keep up the cute work!!

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I love this story except for the part of Drew not liking May, but please continue.:)

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Eh, I wouldn't worry about that vaporeon, Drew's just playing hard to get! ^-^

Anyway, since I'm a May/Drew fan, I decided to review! ^^

Um, I like the story so far, I think it's cute! However, there are quite a few errors in it, plus some thing that most writers wouldn't do. Now, keep in mind these are just suggestions, so it's up to you whether or not you do it. ^-^

The pacing in the story is all right, but sometimes things just happen a little too fast. Like, for example, the double battle in the beginning was set up so fast that it seemed a bit rushed. Not to mention, I would've liked to see that battle written out. I know battles may seem boring to write, but there are ways to make them more interesting, and they're also great sources to show off some shippiness. ^_~

The amount of description in the story could be more. It's there just enough so that we can understand what's going on, but more would make the pacing slower, and make it easier to picture in the reader's mind.

*This next suggestion is just a pet-peeve of mine, so don't take it to heart* I have never been a big fan of interjecting parentheses into a story. ie: May was walking down a long corridor (which was scary!) and she was a little nervous about what she would find at the end. That kind of thing is a bit annoying at times and really throws off the tone and flow of the story. A better way to say the same thing would be to just put it in the sentence. ie: May was walking down a long corridor, which looked quite creepy, and she was a little nervous about what she would find at the end. It looks more professional, and it keeps the flow going nicely. ^-^

Lastly, I think Ash is a bit out of character when Misty whispers to him about May and Drew. I mean, Ash is a clueless idiot when it comes to love most of the time. When people talk about love he's always like, "Huh? They are?" However, again, that's just my opinion.

As for May, I think that she would indeed loose heart in a contest if Drew had not returned her feelings of love. That part was great!

I did enjoy reading it, and I hope you update soon! Keep up the work! ^-^

April 13th, 2006, 12:55 PM
This is good so far, I really like the story! Keep it up!


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Write More! Write More! Write More!

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This story = good. Full of originality to go.

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Sorry if this took so long! Erm, want me to PM you all when the next chapter is done? I could, if ya want...

Anyway here it is! (Sorry if its kinda short...)
A Whole New Feeling (Contestshipping)
Chapter 3:

May knew that Drew was right. She should give it her all, and anyway, why was she letting a boy be getting in the way of her ribbon? She looked at Drew; Man is he hot she thought to herself.

“Bulbasaur go!” May finally made her-self yell and as she threw her poke-ball. Out came her Bulbasaur, ready for some action.

Drew smiled and flicked his hair back, “Flygon, go!” A green dragon like pokemon came out of the poke-ball and glared at Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur use razor leaf!” May cried. Bulbasaur quickly jumped into the air and leaves sliced through the air straight towards Flygon.

“Flygon, dodge and use dragonbreath!” Drew said calmly. Flygon rose into the air and shot its fiery breath at Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur dodge it!” May yelled, but it was to late, the stream of burning breath hit Bulbasaur and knocked it against the wall.

“Bulbasaur!!!” May yelled, a tear sliding down her cheek. Bulbasaur got back up but barely. “Try a leech seed Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur jumped up as the bulb on its back lit up with white light. A seed shot out of the bulb and struck Flygon square on. “Good Job Bulbasaur!” May cheered smiling for the first time that day.

“Don’t let some plant weaken you, now use Hyper beam!” Drew yelled. Flygon reared back then thrust its head forward, a bright orange beam streaking towards Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur please…” May started, but it was to late, the beam hit Bulbasaur square on sending it flying backwards. May caught her pokemon with tears streaming down her face and called it back into its poke-ball. The crowd grew silent as May fell to the floor on her knees, trying to hold back any more tears.

“And the winner is Drew! Would Drew please head to stage 2 for the finals” Vivian’s voice rang out.

May didn’t care, she ran out of the room and out of the building.

After Drew had won the contest the stadium became very empty in a matter of minutes. Drew was a little annoyed at May’s sudden disappearance, just because she got beat by the guy she had a crush on didn’t give her any right to be a sore loser. Drew made his way outside, not in search of May, just to start heading for the next contest. As he left the building the afternoon sun shown brightly into his eyes, adding to his bad mood. After walking a few paces to get out of the sunlight, Drew overheard a conversation from somewhere nearby, but he couldn’t quite place where.

“Yeah, May lost,”

“To who?”

“Drew, I think”

“Poor May, she must be crushed!”

“Yeah, lets go find her”

“Oh! Oh! I wanna help”

“We all will help her feel better, and if we come across Drew we’ll just ignore him!”

“I don’t see how that could help Ash…”

“Well talking to him won’t help!

“I have to say Ash is right this time”

“For once, I guess”

“Okay! Lets find May then!”

The conversation ended, leaving Drew slightly clueless, but knowing enough to take a casual step behind the nearest tree, and wait for them to leave.

“Who were they… and why was Ash with them? Oh well, its none of my business” Drew wondered to himself, before turning to head for the pokemon center.

May ran out of the building doors and ran down the street to the pokemon center, clutching the pokeball that held Bulbasaur in it between her hands. The center came into view after a brief period of time, and May blindly burst in through the door.

“Nurse Joy, please help my Bulbasaur!” May begged, still crying. May pushed the pokeball up on the counter, and wiped her eyes with her hand.

“Okay May, I’ll treat it to the best of my abilities, but what happened to you?”

“Thank you. Oh, its nothing, I just got something in my eye on my way here…” May lied, looking at her feet.

Nurse Joy still didn’t seem convinced, but didn’t ask anymore questions, just nodded and walked away with Bulbasaur. May stood at the counter for a moment, just staring off into space thinking to herself. How could I loose to Drew… The alarm of a cuckoo clock jolted her back to reality, and she shook her head and turned to walk to a seat. Just as she turned and faced the door, it opened. May caught her breath and stood half shocked half alarmed. Drew was standing looking like a tornado just hit him in the middle of the doorway. But before Drew or May could even have a chance to say something to each other, four more people came up behind Drew. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Max stood gaping at Drew and May.



April 25th, 2006, 5:31 PM
ooooh wonder what happened!!1 Very nice chapter and I definatly can't wait to read about what happened, keep it up the story's great^___________^

April 25th, 2006, 5:56 PM
The story's good, but there are some things that can be fixed to make the thing perfect:
1. Sometimes, after the diolouge, you forget to add the period.
2. It's supposed to be quality over quantity, but adding a little more description into the settings might be better.
3. A tiny bit of editing won't hurt.

I'm a big fan of this thing, overall. Can I be in your friends list? PM me for the next chapter.

April 30th, 2006, 11:00 AM
Time to review!! XD

Chap. 1- couple of mistakes, don't feel like pointing them out... XD

Chap. 2- OMG!!! How could Drew not like May??? Bad Drew!

Chap. 3- no mistakes that I could find, very good, very well written!!

Now I've reviewed the fic so far. Peace out!