View Full Version : GERO GERO GERO! The SGT Frog club!

February 28th, 2006, 2:31 PM
I have volumes one and two.

I'm too busy to make a members list though.

Post scans or fanart if you wish!

How many volumes d'ya think SGT Frog'll last? I checked the Tokyopop page for it, and there a greyed-out "volume 12". I think if there were any more, they would have put them there, right?

And plus, in volume 2, after Momoko and Fuyuki get sucked into that "refregerator" with the star on it, who's the sexy lady on the next page?

And if you have volume 11, here's a few questions:

-Some scans kthnxbai.

-Do things seem like they're coming to a close? I don't want this manga to last forever, and have it be like, 20+ volumes. :p

-Do any major events occur?