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March 2nd, 2006, 5:49 AM
You can rant about anything game dev here, or add to my rant.
I noticed that a few people posted their "companies" here.. This is not the members recruitment thread, just in case you thought this was the place for it ;).
Cool game
I saw some screenshots of an isometric pokemon game in the member recruitment thread, anyone know some stuff about that? It looked very nice, especially the trainers.
Dodgy games
Has anyone else seen that there are quite a lot of games begin comming out of the woodwork which will never get finished? The name usually gives it away, something like pokemon *colour* or pokemon *thing*
They usually promise things like:
Play in new region
Over X ammount new pokemon
All previous pokemon will be in the game
New pokemon types
and you notice a lot of them say "The hero is a *my age* year old boy"
Theses are all in the plot and idea space probably won't make it to the games showcase section.
The point of this is that it's spam. I don't go in that section anymore.
Let's talk about what makes a good game if you want.
1. Don't promise anything you havent started yet or that you want other people to do (sprites, battle system, reigons, menu's).
There is a lot more to a pokemon game than "I'm going to have 500 new pokemon"
2. Get a basic idea of the plot before even starting the game.
There is no point making maps etc. if you have not thought of a plot-line.
3. Imagine what your towns and cities will look like.
Your starting town is most important. Try to imagine features it will have, like a pond and a marketplace, maybe a school...
4. Do the work.
Actually do some work, map at least 2 towns and a route linking them so that you have something to offer other than theories. Have a few npc's etc. and you will be ready to showcase your work.
5. Self-image.
Remember that the way people perceive you is the way they will perceive your work. Take the time to speak properly to the audience because they may not be listening. Present your work in an ordered fashion with headings and pictures if you have them. Remember that each game thread is required to have at least one in-game screenshot.

Those are my rants, add to them, argue with them, talk about your own. This is just something to get us started. ;)

March 3rd, 2006, 9:07 AM
I agree KM. That is the main reason why I stoped updating my games because progress was slow. I'm still working on them alot, in fact The CABS for Pokemon Vault is coming along quite well. Ive just decided that I'll only post a game when its near completomtion or has a decent demo ready. As soon as I finish the CABS I will be posting a tutorial on it(I want to share my work to better the game dev. world.)
I don't like what i'm seeing with young game devolopers. They see so little of what it actualy takes to make a game. Witch is why most of them that go to school for it usaly drop out. I wish there was some way to make them see it takes alot more to be able to make a game then to actualy play it.

March 3rd, 2006, 4:07 PM
Yeah, you have to have a lot of determination to get very far with game making.. This is sorta why I don't like the starter kit, it just opened a void of games which required little effort. Maybe some map-making but nothing really else... But yeah I would've used it when I was new to the game dev community..
If anyone else wants to introduce themselves into this thread, go ahead. We can just chat about whatever..

March 3rd, 2006, 7:43 PM
Yea, I wouldn't use the starter kit cause I'm trying to Dev. my own personal things. But I will release somthing like it when all the systems are done. I want people to take the work I had already put in, and mod it to make it even better its part of the Dev. process. Sure there will be people to just use it for the hell of using it and not put there own knolege into it to make it better. It is the hope that at least one person will mod it and release it again that inspires me. Unlike alot of people here andevery where for that matter I dont care if I get credit for my work that other people use. What I care is the general growth in actual evolution of the game making process/game out put