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March 2nd, 2006, 3:08 PM

This is not an invitational RP but if you want to join send me your RP-Sample per Instant-Message!

A word from the Autor:

Hello I welcome you to my newest adventure RP! If you had enough from the same scheme Pokemon League adventures are played, and if you want to have a serious and good roleplay in one of the magnificent worlds of Pokemon, than this RP is waiting for you. Some of you know how my roleplays are, but if you don´t know, just look into my signature and look at the them. I hope that we can have much fun together and that this thread doesn´t die so easily. ~Nigma~


The pokemon always were our friends, our partners and our battle companions. Human and pokemon are living together since we can think and the story of our world continued with changes in rules, history of different races and economy. But one thing did never change. The battle with pokemon to be the greatest trainer of the world exists since the human did catch pokemon. But how did the trainers get their first pokemon? Just receiving it from another trainer or professor? Is it, because they got friends? Or is there another reason? The secret is keeped by a tribe of pokemon which is protecting a mystical object which is the remaining of another culture and a magnificent history. It is the remain of the first peacefully contact with the humans and the pokemon. Long time ago there was an epic battle between humans. Nobody did know why it happened, nobody did know where it took place or when it happened, but this object which is a Red Sapphire appeared and played a hymn every living on this planet could hear. The pokemon came out of their hiding and seeked contact with the humans which lost many of their family members, friends and other familiar things they had. The pokemon could give the humans hope. Now it contains the pact pokemon and human did long time ago. Every 20 years there are the holy red leagues on the indigo plateau.

Of course nobody knows anything about the truth of this stone, too much power would be released if it would fall into evil hands. But it is a very important ceremony to bind the pokemon to their trainers, to let remind them why they are friends and to strong the feeling between trainer and pokemon. The magnificent power touches the soul and the mind of every living on the world when the red league starts. The stone appears in middle of the fighting and starts it´s beautiful and mystical rhymes and music. But to do so, the stone has to be transported by the souls of worthy trainers. They are chosen by the voice of the stone, a dragonair which creates letters to knowing people of some villages. If the letter arrives, the people talk to the mentors of the villages which choose a starting trainer.

The chosen ones have to go on an little adventure to be tested if they are worthy and to get their own first pokemon. But not only the human have to do that. The pokemon also choose different pokemon and let them join the chosen humans to protect them. They have to find their real trainers in the group of trainers and to fulfil the ceremony. Of course the trainers don´t know about the real story even the chosen pokemon don´t know. Together they will go into an unbelievable adventure to find themselves, their friends and partners and to go to the red sapphire league!

But there are mights and enemies who want the red sapphire, and to get it, they have to go after the trainers, because they are the transport souls for the red stone… This are the Teams (like Team Rocket) whose leaders want the red sapphire and it´s power. The Teams have send out their own evil trainers which are equipped with bad pokemon to stop the chosen ones. These trainers had a bad life, bad experience or something like that and were collected and teached by the teams. The teams make them believe that they can be good trainers if they stop the chosen ones. The trainers are rude, short tempered and don´t know about combat rules or something like that. But their pokemon are dangerous, because nobody knows what they do next! Some of them are experienced ones which don´t listen to such a young trainer. Other just don´t accept that they were forced to be a pokemon of a trainer or that trainer. But there are pokemon who listen to their evil trainers because they want to do the same bad things as their master.


You are a chosen one. You don´t know why you where chosen, you don´t know who you are going to meet, but you know that you have to find a partner and that you have to do what the mentor will tell you. You have to reactivate the red sapphire and then bring the soul of the stone into the pokemon league to activate the Red Sapphire league.


You are a enemy trainer which was send by a team (like team rocket, magma or something) to stop the chosen trainer. Enemy pokemon are forced to join their trainers and some of them don´t listen to their new trainer. Perhaps you find your final destination if you meet the choosen ones.


-no godmodding
-no powerplaying
-no one-liners
-no teleporting

What is needed that I can join?

- you have an invitation
- you have more than 200 posts
- you have to send me your rp-sample

I want full sentences and correct spelling. Don´t join if you won´t play serious and regular. Please read the standart PC-rp rules and follow them. You can play more than one character. If you aren´t sure that you can post every 2 or 3 days please don´t join. Please describe your actions more detail fully.


You can choose from this classes:

- Choosen Trainer: You are new in catching pokemon you don´t have experience and you don´t have a pokemon yet. Your standard items are 6 standart pokeballs, a pokedex and a map.

- Choosen Pokemon: You are standard pokemon with maximum level 5. You can´t be a legendary, you have to be a basic one.

- Enemy Trainer: You are one of the trainers which shall stop the journey of the choosen one.

- Enemy Pokemon: You are a pokemon of one of the enemy trainers. If you like your trainer or not, it´s your choice.

Starting point:

You are on your way to Raim-Village somewhere in Kanto to meet your partner and to receive your orders. You have to go to the pokemon center in town and wait for him in the waiting hall. Please don´t be more than one day from Raim-Village.

Items you get:

The choosen ones do have this items:
A map, a phone, a pokedex, 800 Poke-$, a letter with the invitation and a backpack. On top of that they have 3 Pokeballs.

The evil trainers do have this items:
A computer device (no pokedex function), Morph Key, 200 Poke-$ and a backpack.

Of course pokemon can´t have items.

Sign up Sheet:

Race: (are you human or Pokemon?)
Destiny: (are you a choosen or an enemy?)
Age: (human 14-20, pokemon 1-6)
Looks like: (do you have special clothing or something like that?)
Personality: (how is your character like?)
Friends: (some of you can know each other)
Story: (If you have one)
Items: (do you have anything special?)
Pokemon: (select your pokemon you have)

Note: If there is a pokemon player, this one should ask one of the trainer players if he could be their partner!

What is needed / how much players to start?

At least I want to have 6 players minimum and maximum 12. Would be fine to see choosen trainers, one or two choosen pokemon and perhaps one bad guy. If we are 6 players, the rp will start and I will let join people until we are 12.

Last word:


Invited persons:

• Alter Ego (declined)
• Baker Bulbasaur (no response)
• Charon-Chan (declined)
• Deathspector (joining)
• Light_Azumarill (joining)
• Kakashi andSasuke Lover (joining)
• Tyson (joining)
• Mariajet (joining)
• Jeudi (joining)
• Diamond~Star (joining)

New players: Shylocke (joining)

March 4th, 2006, 3:51 PM
occ: Ok, at first everybody writes his charakter here. I will post mine.

Name: Daishi Dawn
Race: human
Destiny: enemy
Age: 20
Looks like: He usually appears with completely black clothes. There are some yellow strifes on his T-shirt also on his vest. He has black gloves and something that looks a part of an armor. It covers his legs completely with black steel and there are yellow strifes too. He has a small cape on his back too which covers his right shoulder and goes to the middle of his back. It looks like a triangle. On this small cape the rocket sign is seen, even on his shoulders. He is a strong black haired guy with one red stife on the front of his hair. He has red purple eyes, which are hidden behind his sunglasses.
Personality: Silent and aggressive but not short tempered. He likes to walk alone and the only “friend” he has is his pokemon “Striker”. He likes to built traps, break into buildings, steal personal items from people and rob pokemon from their trainer, because he hates that everyone has friends and he not. He has a soft core which is hidden somewhere behind his dark acting. The only thing he needs are friends, but be carefull! Even if he acts friendly don´t trust him! His bad side is very strong!
Friends: Striker
Story: Daishi is a silent but aggressive guy who hates pokemon. The crazy thing is that his best friend is a pokemon, but this fact he is ignoring. Daishi never had friends, so his rage rised the years and now he is the bad guy every would call a criminal. From stealing Pokemon to attack of police stations he has done everything to go against the normal world. So he was found and trained by Team Rocket. He fulfils his orders with pleasure and thinks that Team Rocket should be the world ruler. Perhaps nobody would see a soft soul behind this evil mask, but if only one could break the lock between his bad and his good side, it would be able to talk to him normal. Of course he is strong and thoughtful but his only whish is to have friends.
Items: a thunder stone
Pokemon: Striker


Name: Striker
Race: pokemon
Destiny: enemy
Age: 2
Looks like: Like a darker evee with injured ears.
Personality: Striker likes to harsh other pokemon and take everything they love in life. He follows the orders of his trainer Daishi, but sometimes he acts by himself. He accepts Daishi as a trainer and something like a “friend” but now he doesn´t show an emotional binding to him. But perhaps he has a binding?
Friends: Daishi Dawn (trainer)
Story: Striker was the “black sheep” in his great family. If something strange happened, he was the reason. If somebody got hurt, he was the reason. If some unlucky things happened or the family was found by humans, he was the reason. More bad it was since his family was catched or adopted by trainers but no trainer was interested in him. One day a rocket member catched him and pushed him into a small cage. Striker was one of the unhappiest pokemon ever. But then a trainer appeared and freed him out of this dark hell. Since then, he was Daishi Dawn first pokemon.
Items: none

March 5th, 2006, 2:15 AM
Eliadon the Wise



5 years, 10 Months

Looks Like:
Eliadon is a Charmander, although slightly altered. At birth, his head was wounded on the ground, and therefore, he bares a terrible scar bellow his right eye. At times, the scare can send spasms of pain down his body, and cause him to pass out. His tail has powerful muscles, and is slightly longer than a normal Charmander's, because he can strike down a low-flying Pokèmon by getting onto all fours. His eyes are an odd blue colour, which is rather unexpected for a Charmander. They are often fuzzy because he's off in his own world. his claws, however, are kep ver sharp, and he uses stones to keep them from getting too blunt. Apart from these minor differences, he is normal.

Eliadon liks to be left alone. It's not that he desn't like other's comapny, but rather he enjoys his own, more. That said, he sometimes snaps at people who disturbe him when deep in thought. that's another thing, he often drifts away from his body, and muses over different things. he is smarter than the average Charmander, and focusses a lot on strategy, and quick thinking in battles rather than offense or defense. Because of this trait he is often seen as a great battler. Without his brain, however, he is nothing more than a sitting duck.

Terra Helgrind

Eliadon was born to two Charizards. His mother's name was Martha the Mace, and was known for her incredible tail techniques that could often send a full grown Wailord flying. His father was called Urthstripe the Strong. Urthstripe was feared amongst all Charizard's as the strongest and most merciless Charizard alive, and was only kind to his family. Eliadon also had a sister called Senalia the Pleasant, as she was extremeyl kind, and would often stop Urthstripe if he got angry. For a while, the four of them lived happily, until their mountain cave was raided by humans.

The Humans were everywhere, and Eliadon was captured by them, while Urthstripe was badly wounded, and had fled with Martha and Senalia to go find a safer place. Eliadon was treated like dirt by the humans, and since that day has despised humans. Using his wit, he managed t escape from the humans, but when he sekked his family, he had a tough job finding them.

But when he did, he was devasated. He saw his Urthstripe and Senalia on the ground, dead, and his mother, her heart pierced by a wooden shaft, hung in a tree. Since that day, he vowed to avenge his family's deaths, and repay them for the life that they had lost. Eliadon turned towards humans, and began to hurt.

March 5th, 2006, 6:41 AM
Name: Fluffie

Race: Pokemon
Destiny: Chosen
Age: 2 yrs 3 months
Looks like: Fluffie is an Eevee. Her fur is a little shinier and brighter than that of a regular Eevee. Inside her ears is pitch-black, and her tail looks like it got dipped in a light-tan paint, just as all eevees. Her legs are pretty stubby and fluffy. She is only about two feet in length with her tail out.
Personality: Fluffie can be talked into anything, but she only believes it if she sees it. She's anxious and excited whenever she takes a step outside, climbing a tree, falling from it, whining, pouncing on a flower that closely resembles a sunflora.... Her excitement some times overwhelms her. She tries to help in tough situations but it isn't much good. All she does is whine and lick her paw, her left one, to be exact. Fluffie has one very weird habit. Every time she goes to drink from a puddle, she'll scratch the street back and fourth for a few seconds, as if saying her prayers. (Meh cat used to do that... and I will never see her do it again... or her at all ;-; ) She is hardly ever roaming around outside in the sunlight, she's usually sleeping peacefully in a box or fairly clean garbage can. In the Rain, however, Fluffie is on the prowl. She runs through the rain and pounces on puddles, she leaps into the air to grasp a rain drop in her paws, she rolls over, gets muddy, Cleans herself off in a nearby river, and return to her box when the sun peeps through the clouds. She is sweet and gentle inside, but her rock-hard cover hides all of it. She's always thinking that she's tough, that everyone should obey her every comand, no matter who they were.
Friends: Kai Elian- (WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE SUCH A HARD NAME TO MEMORIZE?!?) *Out of breath*
Story: Fluffie was always the one to get pushed around, treated like dirt, living out on the streets. But she's mastered climbing trees to hide from all that down below. She's silent as a mouse when walking. Whenever she scares a pokemon or does a good deed, she will puff out her chest and tie a small towel around her neck, and stand on a rock. But people laugh at her goinre she would stay...; the streets.g by. She started out as a pet in a pound, waiting to be adopted. One dreary rainy and cold night, though, pet-nappers(XD) Snatched her and about twenty other pets and stuffed them all in to two baskets. Fluffie could not remember any farther than that, until one day she was old enough to understand where she was. Since she had always been treated meanly, she became the tough one once she was on her own. She wouldn't seem female, when you saw her puffing out her chest, running out in the rain, or scaring off pokemon.

March 5th, 2006, 11:56 AM
Name: Kai Elian

Race: Human

Destiny: Chosen

Age: 16

Looks like: The clothes that he wears are pretty normal. For his top half, he has on a dark blue shirt with a fold-out collar. He normally wears regular blue jeans, but sometimes has on khaki pants. He basically wears white socks and black shoes with silver streaks on them. His hair is a medium brown color and is just all over the place(Eh, I don’t know how to describe hair ;_; ) His eyes are light blue, and he is slightly tanned. He always wears his silver necklace with half of a star on it. Also, he always has on his black silver watch and fingerless gloves, though he sometimes keeps the gloves off.

Personality: Toren is usually very timid and quiet, shy in other words. He would rather smile and nod then talk a lot. However, he will speak out to voice his opinion or help someone in need. He can get angry or frustrated sometimes because he considers his life to be very stressful. He is loyal to his friends and is very honest and truthful. He can be helpful in tough situations, and will try to do his best at everything he attempts. He looks at the world as just one large library, of sorts. When he's not drawing or playing with his Pokemon, he usually dives into some sort of book, whether it be one about fantasy or a biography. Most of the people he knew thought he knew everything there was to know about any subject, but he realizes that he is far from it. There are so many things he wants to learn and know, yet not enough time. If only there was some kind of machine that would let you download facts and information into your brain, yet he knows that technology like that is probably far off from his lifetime.

Friends: Err, Fluffie.

Story: Kai was usually the quiet one, getting picked on by all the “popular” kids around. They never really liked him much, for he was the intellectual type that always knew more information and did better in certain things than them. For this reason, they put him down and made him feel bad. This is why he usually kept to himself, always doing things in a tree where no one would find him so that he could be alone and find peace.

Items: Usually carries around a Pokenav(Pokemon Navigator, acts like a cell phone and carries out different tasks)

Pokemon: Fluffie (Diamond~Star’s character)

March 6th, 2006, 1:23 AM
Name: Terra Helgrind

Race: Human


Age: 16

Looks like: Terra has midnight black hair, and peircing yellow eyes. Her shirt is a light purple and it abruptly stopd below her shoulders, then it goes inwards the rest of the way up going around the shoulders and is black, the sleeves are torn at then ends. Her pants are a solid black color and on the sides is a zig zag going down that's a light purple color. She wears a gray belt around her waist. Around her neck is a golden band that she never removes.

Personality: Terra doesn't like to be around people, and would rather be alone. Her yellow eyes often creep people out, but it's not like she cares. She doesn't like the company of others at all, besides pokemon that is. Terra is happy sometimes when she's with pokemon, but not at all when she is with humans. Usualy Terra will be depressed, it's rare to find her in a good mood.

Friends: Eliadon the Wise

Story: As a child Terra had always been treated badly. On one of her birthdays someone killed her parents infront of her eyes. When the person then blew the house up Terra had managed to escape with minor enjuries. Soon Terra ended up living with pokemon in the wild. She now vows to get back on whoever kill her family so many years ago. After a while she then found out the meaning of her last name which is in another language, after learning what it means she has never used it again.

Item: A golden band around her neck which she never takes off.
Pokemon: Eliadon the Wise. (Deathspector's character.)

March 6th, 2006, 4:55 AM
(I'll start mine now, but be patient...please.
I had like two minutes before I realized I was running out of time.)

Name: Opal

Race: Pokemon (Bellosom)

Destiny: Enemy

Level: 5

Description: She is a Bellosom that was born in a dark manner, which reflects from her blood red petals and dark green remaining parts. Her eyes are an almost complete dark gray color, and her body has become almost dangerously thin. Her body is also covered in bruises from maticulous training under a harsh master.

Personality: Since Opal is a messenger pokemon, she has never had one trainer to be tied to. She remains with one trainer until they are either discharged or dead. Many have died and have been discharged after only working with her once. Her real owner is the leader of the organization, who trained her through constant barrages of violence. Her eyes are always reflecting the sadness it sees to find someone else to get used to.

Friends: Unknown to even her, though many envy her in the organization.

Story: Opal was once a chosen trainer's pokemon, but was taken immediatly before the ritual began. The leader of the enemy organization killed the trainer during the supposed ritual and Opal was then trained to be only obidient to them. She is often considered a teacher's pet, but she can't disobey the leader. He won't let her disobey him, since he watches her closely wherever she goes.

Finished ^_^!

March 6th, 2006, 10:13 AM
occ: Well, some poeple have to post here. I will send them a message. Jeudi, it would be nice if you could describe your charakter more. Perhaps you didn´t have the time, but you know, thats not enough you posted... ^^

March 6th, 2006, 10:47 AM
Yay I finally came on here to post! Okay, let's see... I think I'll be a trainer, and because I don't do evil people too well... (I'm such a goody-goody), I'll be a chosen.

Name: Jessica Hollbrook

Race: Human!

Destiny: Chosen.

Age: 15

Looks like: Jessica is pretty much your typical girl. She has a short skirt on that is a pale pink color, and a cream colored top to match it. She wears knee-high white socks and white shoes. She has a small backpack that she carries her stuff in, and it's shaped like a Skitty, her favorite pokemon. She has shoulder-length blond hair that is slightly curled at the end, and it's quite fluffy. She also has light blue eyes and almost always sports a cheery smile.

Personality: Jessica is, without a doubt, your typically sweet, kind and cheerful girl. She sees the good in everything, and no situation seems to get her down. She's not overly hyper or annoying though, she's just sickeningly sweet. This can really get annoying to other people, as many people can't understand why she's so darned happy all the time. She loves cute things and abhors mean, gross and ugly things. In fact, she tends to stay away from people like that, they're really not worth her time. Her biggest problem is that she thinks she's perfect and that she can do no wrong. She's a nice person, but she needs to realize that she's not the best person, and that she's not above anyone.

Friends: *shrug* If anyone wants to?

Story: Jessica grew up in a home with a single mother. Her mother the most girly person in the world. Wimpy, pathetic, and constantly whining about men and dirty people, Jessica's mother is a really annoying person. Jessica was her "perfect little girl" though, and this made Jessica think too much of herself. Her mother actually told her that she could "do no wrong". Jessica ate it up like candy, and now she too thinks that she is the perfect little girl her mother said she was.

Items: A pink PokeGear. It is constantly going off because of the number of friends calling her. XD

Pokemon: Mankey. Actually, his name is Yolo. He is a timid Mankey by nature, and has been ridiculed all of his life for being a 'nice' Mankey. However, he does have a side to him that is not pretty and nice. Like many Mankey, when he gets angry (a rare, but possible, thing), he goes into a rage that cannot be stopped. He doesn't know about this part of him yet, but he will eventually. Jessica will think he is not her partner, that she deserves a Skitty; but eventually she will have to learn to get along with an ugly pokemon.

Ta-Da! ^-^

March 7th, 2006, 8:53 AM
OOC: Nigma said i am accepted so when we are ready to start I will come back ^_^

March 7th, 2006, 2:39 PM
occ: ok, now we are 7 players! You can start this rp at any time you want! I will post here tomorrow because in germany it´s very late. Ok poeple i hope this is getting a big rp! See you tomorrow! ^^

March 7th, 2006, 2:49 PM
OOC: Yay, it finally starts! ^^ I bet this'll be good.

Kai walked slowly through a forest, having to cross through it before he would be able to reach Raim-Village in a few hours. He was eager to find out who his new Pokemon would be, and was anxious to find out about all this "Chosen" business. The leader of the village had revieved a mysterious letter that had nothing written on it about who had sent it. However, it seemed to have this mystical air about it that seemed important.

Man...I can't believe they chose me to do this mission, it's overwhelming. I haven't had much experience with battling, but I guess everytihng that I've learned through school and my own researching shall help a great deal. I just hope I can live up to my village's expectations, if I failed I'm sure that mother and father wouldnot be pleased...

He though, still anxious to reach his destination. He felt a little frightened by the forest, because it was surprisingly dark and somewhat creepy. He nevee knew when some wild Pokemon might jump out of him, it was unnerving. He just wished that he would be able to get out safely.

OOC: Was that good enough? ;_; I'm not sure...

March 8th, 2006, 4:55 AM
I followed another trainer who was going to keep me for at least two weeks. That's how long they lasted before my master decided to go under a huge training regiment. I hated seeing so many trainers die, but I can't do anything about it at all. "Uh...your name is Opal...right?"
{Yes.} Of course all he could hear was my pokemon voice, but I would answer like I was assigned to do. He took a deep breath and watched the small camera in the top of my head. He feared dissapointing the boss, and he would often make sure he was looking okay. Too many did that. {Could we get moving?} And he did again, this would be a long day.

March 8th, 2006, 10:47 AM
Ichigu walked out of his house.
Today is my big day! He thought to himself as he got dressed. He walked out of his house and went for a jog as he usually did every morning. Then he went to his masters house where he did a training course for martial arts every day.
"Ichigu you must focus!, You have to put your mind on the target then attack." His master said to him. Ichigu then stood there and thought, he lifted his foot slowly and then spun round a kicked straight through the target.
"Excellent work Ichigu!" His master praised. "Now read this." He said as he handed him a peice of paper.
He opened the letter and it told him that he was a chosen and that he was to begin a quest.

March 8th, 2006, 2:30 PM
occ: Sorry that you had to wait, but here is my post... ^^

Daishi Dawn

It was windy on the top of the hill which were about 6 miles away from Raim-village, and a dark person stood on one of them. Daishi enjoyed the wind in his face and the heavy breath which blew to his clothes. He opened his eyes and looked down to the village. "So there is the meeting point for these choosen, eh? The boss was right. We have to stop them. Perhaps the other members are helping me too, but i don´t trust them... what do you think Striker?" he asked. Next to him a fluffy wild evee appeared. His ears had big scars and it looked evil. [Perhaps we should just beat them down and leave them in the woods...] "But we have to get the sapphire thing the boss keeps talking about... I know what we can do!" Daishi grinned and looked down to the pokemon. [... you mean... to steal one of the letters they received and copy it to go as a chosen?] "You got it. They don´t know how much chosens are comming here..." [Good idea, could be mine...] "Ah, get into your pokeball..." [As you whish...] Striker said and disappeared in a shiny light. Daishi laughed and walked down the hills. These foolish trainers can´t stop us. Team Rocket will get this stone!

March 8th, 2006, 3:24 PM
OOC: Whee! Posting time!

Oh and Nigma, I edited my character's pokemon. Take a lookie.


"AH!" breathed in a young girl, far deeper than most people, "Smell the fresh air!" She was enjoying being out in the open for once, and was in a great mood. She peered around her surroundings, looking back and forth and up the road and down it. Jessica was a girl with a big smile and an outgoing personality. She suddenly noticed a delicate white flower swaying in the breeze.

"Oh! What a beautiful flower, such beauty should be admired!" she said sweetly, leaning down towards the flower and swiping down to pluck it out of the ground, "And what better people to admire it than the ones that look upon me! This flower will a fine addition to my hair." With that she added the snowy white flower to the side of her hair ever so delicately so as not to damage her prized flower. It was a nice addition to her slightly curled strawberry blonde hair.

As Jessica walked by some bushes with her swaying pink skirt, a small creature crept out, looking timidly at the girl. It was a strange creature, one that Jessica herself would have found quite repulsing. It had the nose of a pig, and the body of a monkey... it was a small Mankey. He was quite young, and from the looks of his messy and matted hair, was a wild one. He had a strange appearance even for a Mankey though, because he seemed quiet and timid. Mankey were usually wild and angry, but this one seemed different. At least... for now.

As Jessica passed by waving her head from side to side a bit, she didn't notice the pokemon, but continued on her way, humming loudly. "I hope they have a nice Skitty for me. Oh yes, there's no other pokemon that could be my partner. Everyone knows I love Skitty!" she said happily, in her sickeningly sweet voice. She smiled widely.

Unfortunately for Jessica, there would be no Skitty waiting for her. Instead, she would begin a journey that would lead her down many dangerous paths, including one that would lead her to her partner pokemon; which happened to be the ugly and very timid Mankey she had just passed by.

March 8th, 2006, 3:52 PM
occ: I have seen it! A very cool idea!


As Daishi went down the hills and entering a wood, he could hear a sweet voice down the street. As he looked out of the bushes he was hiding behind, he could see a young girl walking into his direction. Oh yeah, you are having a big master plan, you are evil and dark and what worse can happen to you? A small cute girl passes by. he thought. He looked around. Crap! My rocket signs! He hided the signs of his loved Team Rocket fast. Now he stood there in his dark clothes and half armor and a pink dressed girl came. It would be strange to watch that. You don´t have to talk to her. Perhaps you can act as you don´t know the way to the next village... "Hey you girl!" he said with an acted smiling. "Where are you going? Could you show me the way to Raim-Village? I have to meet there some trainers.." he said in a calm voice. Perhaps i should ignore her and go on with my little journey...

March 9th, 2006, 4:53 AM
Perhaps the trainer I was following realized he was taking the ultimate initiation test. Raim-village was the hardest mission a grunt like him to could ever take. If you wanted to be promoted, you took the hardest missions you could. I never realized that however many missions I was a part of, everything just made it worse when they died. Getting connected to trainers is against my will. If I got connected, old times would come back to me. He was looking at me again, why is this? {We're supposed to meet someone.} He knew, there was a paper in his hand with a name. He was supposed to meet someone named Daishi. He wasn't part of the team this grunt was a part of, but they were all beginning to work together.

March 9th, 2006, 10:34 AM

"Eh? Me?!" Jessica said to the boy addressing her, tilting her blonde head to one side, "Oh! Of course I will show you the way, what kind of person wouldn't? Come right here and we can walk together!" She motioned for the boy to come over to her, and then she pointed down the road she was following.

She smiled her sweet and sappy smile, "You see, we go down this road here for a little longer, and then turn left when we come to a sign! It's quite easy and simple, so now shall we--?"

{Excuse me...,} a timid and gritty voice said from behind Jessica.

"Huh...? Eww! My goodness it's a gross and really ugly Mankey!" she said, jumping back a bit, "I hate those things...! They can be really scary sometimes...." She looked quite afraid and disgusted with the pokemon, and this only made the Mankey more timid.

{O-oh... nevermind... I-I'll just follow you in s-secret again,} he said quickly, scampering back into the bushes. He was in fact trying to go to the same place that Jessica and the boy were headed to. He would see them again, and sooner than Jessica wanted.

"Anyway! Let's go together then? By the way, my name's Jessica, Jessica Hollbrook. And your name is?" she asked the boy, looking at him intently.

March 9th, 2006, 12:04 PM

Wondering what the mankey would want and then looking at the sweet cute girl, Daishi was confused a second. But then he said: "My name is eh... Jim." he looked down to his half armor. He was wondering again that the girl didn´t see any danger or asked questions about his appreance. "You don´t seem to like mankeys... anyway, let´s go." Yeah, show me the way... "What do you want in Raim-Village?" Daishi asked with a smile. Perhaps she is doing some shoping for his parents or something stupid like that. hmmm.... the boss said i should meet another Rocket member. Perhaps he is waiting already in Raim-Village...

March 9th, 2006, 1:19 PM
The village made me queasy as I looked around. So many trainers were here, only a few select could probably be chosen ones. The one that was with me watched me with an almost worried look. I remembered the time so many years ago when I came here with a chosen trainer. The ritual had been interrupted and I was then changed from a happy Bellosom to an obidient trainerless Bellosom. My face drooped and got back up just as fast, I could not change what was going on. "Do you want some food? He said you should get food at a certain place."
{You mean the meeting place. That's in ten minutes, too early.} I shook my head a no, and he continued to wander, frightened. I simply stood for a moment before he picked me up. This trainer was hugging me, why? He was crying against my body as if scared of his fate. No doubt the boss would interrogate him why.
"Why do we have to do this Opal? Why do you allow yourself to follow these orders?"
{I do so because I have to.}
"I don't understand...but you shouldn't have to...you could be with a chosen."
{I was once, but it's not true anymore. I am no longer pure.} I pulled my body out of his embrace and continued to wander, breaking a crystal statue stealthily.

March 10th, 2006, 8:45 AM

"It is a pleasure to meet you Jim," Jessica said sweetly, smiling widely as usual, "I would be happy to tell you why I am on my way to Raim-Village, it is because I was chosen to go there! Exciting, isn't it? Mother said that she knew I would be chosen to go there. I wasn't so sure at first, but we must make the best with what we have! Not to mention I'd love to get a cute little Skitty. I'm hoping for a girl," she paused, "So... if you don't mind me asking, why are you headed there? Have you been chosen as well?"

She had left out the comment on her not liking Mankey, she thought that the reason for that would have been fairly obvious. Who WOULD like a Mankey? They were filthy, ugly little beasts that would kill you so much as look at you. Everyone knew that.

Yolo, coincidently, was still following Jessica to Raim-Village, for he had been chosen too, and he wanted to get to the right place at the right time. Hopefully all would go well.

March 10th, 2006, 9:57 AM
Apparently ten minutes is too long to wait for someone to this grunt. I simply broke a few objects, which I did each time I came to this village. It kept my mind off what I was really thinking half the time. The point seemed to be something of an agonizing expeirience, but it was much better than crying. I had no trainer to cry for, even If I could remember anything about my trainer. All I could remember is that it was a female girl of about 8 years old, and a simple attire. I no longer cared to remember after all the training. {I'm hungry now.} The grunt smiled at that and began to make his way, dragging me along to the meeting spot. I hate grunts.

March 10th, 2006, 10:02 PM
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Eliadon the Wise closed his eyes in exhaustion.

He had been traversing the plains for miles on end, looking for the one human to whom he would chose as his partner. So far, all of the humans who had passed already had partners, or they were not the correct one for him. They all had a side to them that Eliadon was not content with. He would only have one human as his partner, and if that human didn't appear soon, he'd have to abandon his trip to Raim-Village. However, he knew that he'd find his partner sooner or later.

Flicking his tail in bordom, Eliadon opned his yes, and stod up on hi two hind legs, holding his body straight, using his tail as a balance, and placing his hands by his side. he held hs head up, and looked around him.

He had been too tried when he entered the small forest next to the pathway to take in everything around him. The trees were not very tall, and Eliadon could reach the top of one, had he been twice his height, which wasn't all that tall. The undergrowth was nothing more than a couple of bushes, and lots of fallen leaves. The canopy was extremely weak, and light flooded through easily. This was very different from the places that Eliadon was used to, seeing as he was sued to growing up around mountains.

<Hurry up ****ed trainer>

March 12th, 2006, 6:53 PM
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IC: Sighing as she walked through the dense forest towards Raim-Village the girl pushed back a strand of her midnight black hair. She kicked rocks out of her way as she continued to walk slowly keeping an eye out for any signs of life.

Why did they choose me for this? She wondered. Shrugging she continued to walk through the forest. As she continued to walk she passed a Charmander who seemed to be looking around. Quickly she glanced over at him and then looked away. Stopping not to far away from it she sat down against a very small tree.

March 13th, 2006, 6:37 AM

My senses tingled as I saw a new trainer walking up the pathway. Something aout her trigered off a censor within me, that made me really intruiged about this human. Normally, if I saw a human, I would immediately jump up, and burn them with a Flamethrower, but something about this human told me that she didn't mean to hurt me, and hurting her would only put me in danger. Yeah, weird inuntuitions...

I eyed her carefully. On previous occaisions, I had underestimated the evilness of a human and gotten myself hurt. I decided to approach her kindly

<Who are you?>

March 13th, 2006, 12:32 PM
I made my way to the meeting table and watched many trainers. They looked happy for themselves. If I could remember a thing about my trainer, I would be saddened by this. I didn't recollect much, so I never wanted to remenise about it. The noise was too much to listen too, and began to sound muddled in my mind. I could only hope that this correspondent would get here soon.

March 13th, 2006, 1:18 PM
Looking over at the charmander the girl first looked it up and down taking in every detail. He had a scar under his right eye and his tail was slightly longer than a regular charmander's. The thing that caught her attention most was his eyes which were an odd blue color.

"Terra." She said softly to him. Her normally peircing yellow eyes seemed a bit softer than usual. A cool breeze blew making her hair sway a little.

"You are?" Terra then asked keeping her eyes on him.

March 14th, 2006, 4:51 AM

The girl's yellow eyes frightened Eliadon as he stared at them.

They did not seem deliberately mean, or evil, but just extrememly piercing in quality, and very bright. Eliadon marvelled the girl's eyes, just as he noticed she was doing to his. It seemed that the two of them took in the same types of detail as each other. It's true, though, the eyes are the most important tool to finding out how the other person is.

<I was christened Eliadon the Wise, but it's quite a mouthful to say, so just call me Eliadon,> I replied, answering her question.

Looking around, Eliadon noticed that he had been inching closer to the girl, without knowing it. Perhaps this was the trainer he was looking for.

<So your name's Terra, nice name. Where are you headed off to?>

March 14th, 2006, 5:02 AM
Terra looked at the charmander intently. She noticed how he was staring at her. Well she could guess as much since people usually do stare at her because of her eyes. "Eliadon huh?" Terra heard herself ask. "Nice."

Looking over at the path her eyes went up the trail that to where she was headed. Then looking back at Eliadon she replied, "I'm going to Raim-Village for something."

March 14th, 2006, 12:25 PM
Daishi looked at the girl very surprised. This girl is a chosen one? That can´t be... perhaps i can handle some things... "Uh, yeah i am a chosen too you know. Well perhaps we can get to the place together!" he said. He continued walking until they arrived at Raim village. It wasn´t the biggest city, but it was full of trainers which seemed to prepare for their journey to be a pokemon master. It was a beautiful tiny city but Daishi was wondering why poeple would love such a small village. If Team Rocket can get this stupid stone we will wipe this place clean! I don´t like this place. Of course Daishi had a very evil aura and he hoped that he wouldn´t meet psycho or ghost pokemon or other pokemon which could feel that he was a mystical bad guy. A aranine past by. As he saw Daishi it was growling hard at him and his trainer was busy to hold his pokemon back to not jump at Daishi. But Daishi was used to that reactions. Perhaps he would stop if he had to kill a pokemon, but now he had another problem, and this problem was small, cute and walked on his side...

occ: oh yeah, i think i like the bad guy roleplaying... ^^

March 14th, 2006, 12:35 PM
I saw him as I nibbled at my third pellet of pokemon food. I pointed towards the person I knew to be the one we were meeting. He ran towards the person with some sort of excitement, and I let him get himself what most people called 'humiliated.' Maybe I should just say something through my head, right? I didn't want to do anything to him yet, considering he was meeting me. A young girl was by this man's side. I supposed that waiting was the only way. He better not be a second late...

March 14th, 2006, 1:05 PM
Daishi was wondering why all these pokemon were growling at him. Every time he saw a new pokemon it suddenly started to look at him and growled. Sometimes it was an aggressive growl, and sometime it was shy small growl. Perhaps he shouldn´t be here at this place. I hate everyone. Why do i have to get here Boss? I was in dangerous missions and now i have to go through this? Perhaps i have to hate him too... He looked around to see if there were something special but he couldn´t see anything. Perhaps the girl could lead him to the chosen ones. Then a trainer came to him. Daishi knew that it was a rocket member. He didn´t know why but he had this feeling. Is this the one i should meet? Well we´ll see what want to tell you. he thought. Daishi took the lead of the chat. "So you are the other one. What´s your name? Is this bellosom behind you yours?" Daishi started.

March 15th, 2006, 4:55 AM
"No...but it's the bosses for me to you know...be watched." I watched him do his things of apology. He was an awkward grunt and I looked at him like such. He led Daishi where I sat, he remained quiet until I began to speak. {You must be this Daishi trainer. I've heard a lot about how good you are at finding chosens. I would be careful around pokemon...even a ditto can see you're part of the rockets.} I saw him look at me confused, and turned to the grunt. "I don't know what's she's saying, I can't even get the ear translator to work. Can you help me?" He looked embarassed at it. I began to worry when the girl began to come over to the area. "Uhh...maybe you should tell something to your friend there?"

March 15th, 2006, 2:54 PM
Daishi looked down to the pokemon. "So you think that everbody can see that?" he replied to the bellosom. Then he turned to the trainer. "So you have problems to understand this pokemon. Well i think then it shoudn´t be yours. You should have a pokemon which can understand you. Then you have a good partner..." he said. He turned to the bellosom again. He kneeled down and to whispered to her: "... yeah you are right i am good in finding chosen ones. And do you know why? Because nobody knows how i can manage it. This means no partners." Daishi waited some moments to let the pokemon think about his words. Then he continued. "I have lost many different things in this world, and i think one of these is my soul. I don´t mention if i have to kill. I kill poeple who are in my way or pokemon which are a handicap. So if you don´t want to be a handicap, cooperate with me and don´t query my actions..."

For sure he had many enemys and it wouldn´t be good to make a pokemon to another enemy, but it was like himself. He couldn´t stop it. Striker was the only one who never was a "handicap" and his only "friend" so Striker was only person/pokemon Daishi repected.

March 15th, 2006, 3:11 PM
"I've got to be able to reach Raim-Village in an hour or two."

He said out-loud to myself, noticing that in the siatnce, the forest was coming to a close. he had been though this particular forest before, so he knew that once it ended that the village would not be too far a distance, which made him feel better considering he was exhausted fro the journey. Just his luck, he pretty much lived on the other side of the land.

"Hmm, there's a couple Pidgey flying through the air. It'd be nice to catch one of them or so Toren though, but unfortunately, he had nothing to battle them with. And besides, they were moving too fast for him to clear a plan inside his head and actually execute it. Now, they were almost out of sight. He shrugged his head and set off out of the forest, looking around and noticing that a large hill was very close to him. He slowly walked up it, struggling to carry his two stones of feet up it.

Once he finally reached the top, he wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and looked off towards the horizon, noticing a village in the siatnce, merely a mile or two away.

"There it is! Can't be but fifteen or twenty minutes from it."

He said, out-loud again. he beushed some of his trademark, brown hair away from his eyes and set off down the hill, sometimes having to stop himself from falling over because he was moving too quickly.

March 16th, 2006, 9:35 AM
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As another trainer led the boy Jessica was walking with away from her. She frowned a little, confused as to what was going on. The suddenly it all clicked into place, a knowing smile spreading across her face. She walked up to the two of them, a Bellossom nearby that Jessica thought look a bit creepy for such a cute pokemon, and spoke in a sly voice.

"Don't worry about me you two! I know that boyfirends and girlfriends need their time... alone," she said with a giggle, "I'll just walk on ahead and get to Raim-Village so that you two can have some... alone time. Tee hee!" She giggled some more and proceeded to walk off, making her way down the road once more again.

She wondered if she should have asked them if they still needed help finding Raim-Village, but they could always just follow her if they needed to. Jessica stopped worrying about this and began to picture just how she would dress up her precious Skitty she would be recieving soon.

"Pink bows... nah, that'd be too much of the same color... more like... OH I KNOW, LAVENDER BOWS!" she shouted to herself, thrilled with the cute color combination she had just come up with. This was going to be great, yes it was.

March 17th, 2006, 9:17 AM
I took a deep breath before answering Daishi's rant. {I'm obdient as long as the boss remains neutral. This grunt is only being watched...I don't have a trainer unless you count the boss.} My small vegetation like hands pointed to a camera on my head and I watched my supposed cover trainer fumbling with the ear translator. Maybe he should really get back to the boss and I'd just follow this Daishi guy. Well...it's not like I could do anything. {You just need to worry about that incompetent grunt, I don't question people...even if I'm curious.}
"I got it!" He placed on the translator backwards, and I didn't care much to tell him. I jumped up and down to cause the translator to move the right way. Daishi looked annoyed, or at least was thinking that way. "Well...uhhh...say something Opal!"
"I'm not an idiot!" I shut up after he yelled that, he was being unreasonable. He truly was incompetent, that's for sure.

March 20th, 2006, 2:01 PM
This guy is kind of... strange... Daishi thought. He turned back the pokemon called Opal. "So you are Opal. Hmmm... nice. And why did you... uh, don´t mind. Do what you want, i don´t care. I have no interest in the bosses pokemon. Sure you can come with me but there are rules. Just think about it." Then he turned to the trainer. "Hey you! I´ve never had a partner or something stupid like that. And on top of that i am not sure if you are good enough for this mission. Perhaps you should search or rob a pokemon which is good enough for you. I don´t think that this pokemon wants to be yours... Well then, i will continue my way with, or without you." he said with a dark voice. He was very serious about that. He turned and went to the majors house where he thought that the chosen ones would meet. Even the little girl must be there. Suddenly he stopped. He looked at Opal with an evil grin. "Think about my words Opal. You should find your way..." with a mysterious and mad laugh he continued his way. Funny! Now the second serious pokemon appeared. Opal could be usefull...

March 21st, 2006, 4:53 AM
I heard his words clearly, watching my still green grunt try to grasp what was going on. I turned to him with an almost faint smile. The boss had wanted me to follow only competent individuals. However, there's nothing going on that would make him turn away from me. I wanted to complete what I was sent to do, and I would. I looked towards the grunt and smiled. {If you want to go along, you better follow orders by Daishi.} I began to walk after Daishi and the grunt followed as if struck by a chord in my word meanings. I looked to Daishi and a light came on in my eyes. {I don't really care about what happens to me.}

March 21st, 2006, 8:23 AM
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As Jessica walked up to the building she was to go to, she heard a small grunt behind her. She frowned, wondering what it was that would be near her making a sound like that. Could it be her Skitty?! She threw on a smile and whipped around.

"SKITTY!" she yelled, putting her hands together and bringing them up to the side of her face, her right leg bent upward in a very girly position.

It was the Mankey from earlier. Jessica's body slowly returned to a relaxed position. She frowned again, staring at the ugly, fuzzy, dirty, pig-nosed pokemon and sighed.

"I... I don't understand why you keep following me Mankey. Could you just... do me a favor and go away? You might scare my future Skitty off with your dirty coat and smelly body," she said, a note of frustration evident. She was normally polite and kind, yet this ugly pokemon was certainly not deserving of her winning personality. Jessica knew she was better than anyone else, but she was way above the level of this... thing.

The young Mankey took offence to these statements of Jessica's, but he could see her reasoning. Humans, most often girls, didn't like getting dirty. Cats were very clean animals, and so it was no wonder that the girl wanted a Skitty. He looked up at her sheepishly.

{I-I am to go into the same building ma'am. You see I have been chosen as well...,} he stammered, wishing the girl could understand his motives.

She didn't understand a word he had said though, Mankey language was so nasal and snorty. She merely threw a frightened look his way, and then bolted off into the building. The Mankey frowned and timdly went in as well, careful not to look as if he were following her.

March 22nd, 2006, 4:22 AM


the two words rang through my head. I was now positive that Terra was the human that I had been looking for for such a long time. She had the same intentions as me, and felt the same way about me that I did about her. Slwoly, I lowered the barriers around my imnd, and let her enter my mind, hoping that she would accept it, and become my partner...

March 22nd, 2006, 4:50 AM
"Yes, Raim-Village." Terra answered before closing her eyes and allowing herself to enter his mind once the barriers were down. Gladly she accepted it and opeaned her eyes to look at Eliadon. Then she pulled out a sketch book and sketched him down in there. It looked really good for a quick sketch. "There, that's better." She muttered standing up and doing a quick stretch before looking around to see how far they were for Raim-Village.

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March 22nd, 2006, 2:38 PM
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Daishi followed the little girl into the building. It was the building of the major from this town and he was speaking to some chosen ones. Daishi could feel that they were chosen, as like the girl. Everyone had a letter with the invitation on it and Daishi had to get an idea. Than this grunt with Opal came into the building. That is a good idea! he thought. He walked up to the major which looked at him and asked. "Could i see you invitation?" he asked friendly. "Sir i would show it to you but this rocket member over there did stole it." Daishi said and pointed at the grunt. Perhaps he was to far away to hear what Daishi said but Opal had perhaps heard it. It was a good plan. Team Rocket was in the near of Raim-Village to do criminal work and so Daishi had a reason to explain why he hasn´t an invitation with him. On top of that he could get rid of this grunt.

March 22nd, 2006, 3:04 PM
"Getting closer."

Toren said out loud to himself as he began jogging down the hill. Raim-Village looked like it was only about half a mile away, and he could reach that in a matter of minutes. It was weird, all this time he had been thinking about the village, and here he was, just about to enter it.

Hmm, I wonder what's going to happen when I get there, and what kind of partner I get. Hope it's strong...

He thought as he kept jogging, his wind blowing all over the place as he went. His clothes were slightly ruffled as well, but it felt calming and relaxing to him so he was happy that it was happening.

Ahh, there it is...

Toren said, stopping in his tracks, looking ahead, his eyes shining. There it was, Raim-Village, only yards ahead of him. He wanted to move, but it was if his feet were glued to the ground.

March 23rd, 2006, 4:53 AM
I smiled as I went into the crowds of people and went behind Daishi's legs. The grunt was yelling as he went looking for me, and then I heard the sound of his running out of the building. {Good thinking Daishi.} I said simply and waited, I didn't know what he was planning at all. If he was doing what his plan was, I had no need to hear of it...but simply follow it. The people eventually calmed down as I watched the grunt's body leave the distant corner of the building.

March 23rd, 2006, 9:39 AM
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She was tired of waiting. Where was her Skitty already?! However, Jessica's mother had taught her daughter the patience of waiting, and so Jessica stood firmly and quietly, awaiting the pokemon giveaway to begin. The Mankey that had followed her to where she was stood a foot or so behind her, watching the scene with a nervous look. He wasn't thrilled about all of this... being around so many people, and not knowing what was to happen to him. What human would end up with him? He wondered, and his gaze fell upon several different people that all looked unsatisfactory to him.

He looked back at the girl before him. She wasn't good either... she didn't even like him. She seemed quite selfish and fake, something that the Mankey didn't like in people. However, she was the only one he sort of knew here. At least he had talked to her a little. He knew she wasn't abusive and evil.

"Ugh... let's go...," Jessica sighed, folding her arms impatiently. She was thinking maybe cream colored bows might look better than lavender ones on her Skitty.

March 24th, 2006, 10:43 PM
I stared at Terra as she began to run an odd piece lead across a wad of paper as she drew something. I stood still, seeing as she was staring straight at me, and was no doubt drawing me. I waited patiently until she was done, lokking straight at her yellow eyes. However, when she had finished, I had a question that was bursting to come out.

<Can I see the picture?>

March 26th, 2006, 1:56 PM
occ: I hope everybody can get into the majors house soon... ^^ then the adventure can begin.

Daishis plan was good. Since he had said that his invitation was stolen by a rocket member and he had pointed at the grunt, the grunt had run out of the building. That was the sign for the police officers which were in the building to. They run after him and perhaps catched him. Now nobody was in Daishis way. "I am sorry that the rocket member could stole your invitation and it would be fine if you join the group of the chosen ones. Please sit down there and wait for the other real chosen ones." the major said while he was pointing to a group of seats and tables. Daishi walked over to the seats and sat down. "Come on Opal, this grunt is away. It´s time to speak about some plans... come out Striker!" he said while he was touching his pokeball. In a bright light the evee apeared. [What do you want Daishi?] Striker asked without looking at him. "Well, i want you to meet a new group member and tell you about the plan." [hmm... then show me our new group-member...] Striker replied.

March 26th, 2006, 2:22 PM
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March 26th, 2006, 7:26 PM
Can I join I'll include my RPG sample here if that is okay I have already cought up on the post.

Name: Dylan Secort
Race: Human
Destiny: Chosen one
Age: 15

Looks: He wears a dark blue color goggles. Dylan has black flat hair and is about 6'10 in hieght and 115 in weght. He wears a blue t-shirt with a dark thick pokeball sign. He also wears raggy worn blue shorts but they still hold. He has blue and black shoes mostly black but blue around the edges

Persinaltiy: Dylan likes to be alone he hasent had the best time with family or humans he purrfers pokemon as his freinds. Dylan is kind hearted and is always up for a good challage. Dylan will never give up on a mission until it is complete. Dylan can get stubboron though and jeaulos sometimes but overall he is an okay dude.

Freinds: Pokemon!

Story: Dylan had only a mother growing up with a brother his father was killed in a pokemon accident. He had an okay life but never really had anything like the others. Dylan loves pokemon but only has two but he is fine with that. Dylan was always picked on and always pushed around for beening skinnyer than the others but he always took the pain they gave him and never gave any back no matter how much he wanted to.

Special items: Dylan got his goggles from his garndfather when he was little. His Grandpa was the only person he really ever cared for. He also gave Dylan hi first pokemon.

Pokemon: Spore

Name: Spore
Spiece: Pokemon
Destiny: Chosen one

Looks: He looks like any other Breloom except he has a gaint X on his spore on his head

Persinaltiy: Spore is like a version of Dylan some people say he like a recartnation of Dylan because acts just like Dylan. Or maybe that is because that who hangs with all the time.

Story: When Spore was hacthing out his egg he was the fastest moving one there. He made qiuck get aways from humans he was so fast as a Shroomsih but one day Dylan's grandpa found Spore and had caught him. Spore was please because no one was able to keep up with him even the youngest ones. When spore evoled in Breloom he had that giant X on his Spore and no one knew why. When Dylan's grandpa died Spore went to Dylan and they became best freinds.

RPG Sample: This is from Deoxy's Wrath


Dylan had been on the same ship as Areion but he was below the deck with his pokemon. "Man I can't belive I'm going to Kanto huh guys" said Dylan smiling. "Absoll..." said Gear turning around. "Hey Gear lighten up a bit it is suppose to be a trip". "Kingler king" said Claw. "Thats right Claw you got the spirte" I said laughing. I heard the the Captin say on the speaker phone that he wanted me on the deck alone. "Alright guys stay hear I wont be gone long don't cause a mess". I walked out of the and headed up the stairs. I could hear noises on the deck. "It's probely that other trainers pokemon" I whispered to myself. When I reached the deck there were all these pokemon around. "Howl cow" I said surpieds to see this many pokemon. I walked up the stairs again to enter the Captins room to see the captin and another trainer witch was probly the one who owned the pokemon outside." Hey what do you need me for" I exclaime. "The reason you are going to Kanto is to talk to Proffeser birch about Dexoys rise to attack the earth and about the Dark Knights" said the captin calmly. "Are you siruos" I said. I sarted to blink really fast. " I am most serious and this trainer next to you is has the same quest you two should get to know each other better". I look at the trainer and said "Okay". I left the room and got back at the deck. Opened a door and yelled "Hey guys come on up". And all these pokemon raced to the deck tranpoling Dylan. "owww."

March 27th, 2006, 4:54 AM
I saw this new pokemon without much of a problem. Daishi was much different than me when it came to plans. In fact, I only really follow, not really going according to plan half the time. I followed the pokemon and looked at the face with some sort of thoughts in my head. {Hello, My name is Opal.} Did I really have much to look forward to with the grunt gone? Maybe a good beating from the Boss when I got back. That was nothing to be very afraid of at all. My eyes followed this new pokemon with some sort of interest.

March 27th, 2006, 4:59 AM
Nodding Terra held the sketch so Eliadon could see it. Every detail she had taken in earlier was shown in the sketch. "We should get moving to Raim-Village." She then muttered looking around once more. "Come on." Putting the sketch away Terra then started down the path once more, stopping to wait for Eliadon. The wind had stopped blowing and her eyes were back tho their normal, expressionless look.

March 27th, 2006, 5:24 AM
I gazed at the sketch in awe, wondering if he really looked like that. The drawing was extremely real, and there wasn't a single noticeable flaw in the neat flows of the pencil. I looked at my tail, to see, and the one in the sketch actually looked really good.

<You're great at drawing,> I complimented.

I then followed her down the hill, and ran quickly to catch up to her.

<I'm with you alll the way.>

March 27th, 2006, 4:02 PM
"Thanks for the compliment." She said still not smiling. It seemed like Terra would never smile at all. "Well, I'm glad you are, or we wouldn't be very good partners." The girl then muttered eyes always ahead of her and tense. Soon the wind picked up away making everything sway besides the large trees.

"We need to get there soon." Terra muttered.

March 28th, 2006, 5:02 AM
<Anytime. Now, let's be off!>

I headed down the hill in a slowly walk, making sure that I didn't move too fast, or else Terra would find trouble keeping up with me. Slowly, I allowed a glance back at Terra, and saw her face, just as serious as ever. It was probably her personality. Many people didn't like talking and waisting time.

<Umm...which direction exactly is Raim-Village?>

March 28th, 2006, 11:24 AM
occ: I am sorry superd188 you can´t join. @Diamond-Star: Why are you confused? Can´t you just get in?


Striker looked at Opal. [Opal huh? Fine. I welcome you in the team. Daishi wouldn´t let you in if you aren´t good so i think you have good skills. Did Daishi tell you about the plan?] Striker asked. I acted like a better-knowing, but infact he was very interested in everything and he had some kind of fun.

Daishi looked at the two. "Well we have to wait here until these chosen ones are gathering here. I hope that won´t take too long. If you want to know Opal, i am planning to act like a chosen one and go with their team. If we do so we can steal easy the chosen pokemon. If we did that, they can´t become good enough to be dangerous to us and we can force them to lead us to the red sapphire stone the boss wants..." he said.

March 29th, 2006, 4:54 AM
{A well made plan.} I agreed and plopped myself down to a place next to the new pokemon. {Your name is striker?} I had no idea of how long it would take to get used to this plan. However, I had all the time in the world to get used to it. I remembered that little girl for the first time in days...the little girl I was supposed too... {..sto..p...think...i...n...g} I mumbled with strength and shook my flowered head with fervent belief. I had to forget the girl, I had to.
Once the shock was over, I managed to get back to my normal origins and appearance. I was tired of remembering, why couldn't I forget the girl? The boss was my trainer, and that girl was dead...she will never be alive again.

March 29th, 2006, 5:01 AM
Terra stopped. Standing still she closed her eyes and let the wind blow all around her. Opening them again she pointed East. "That way." Was all she said before starting to walk again. Walking past Eliadon she took a breath of the cool air and desended from the hill. When she was near the bottom she glanced back up. "Come on." She muttered to him. Without wasting any more time she started to walk again. With every step she was getting closer and closer to Raim-Village.

March 29th, 2006, 8:23 AM
OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in a while... I've been waiting for the others to get to the village. ^^;


[So your name is Jessica?] the Mankey asked politely to the pink-clad girl. Jessica and the pokemon had been talking, mostly the Mankey though, and even though the girl couldn't understand most of what the pokemon was saying, she just nodded to whatever came out. It didn't matter to her... what was mattering to her was that there seemed to be no Skitty coming into the building.

She had come into the mayor's building, and was sitting down in a chair, spacing out on a dot on the wall of the room. She sighed.

"This is nice," she said in a fakely happy voice. She didn't want to seem rude to such important people, though they would only be important to her as long as they were to give her a Skitty.

[M-my name is Yolo... it's short for Yolohiro. It... It was my father's name,] the pig-monkey pokemon continued, unaware of the fact that Jessica wasn't the least bit interested in him.

'Ick, when is this ugly pokemon going to get a stupid trainer and leave me alone! It's creeping me out!! Eww, look at its weird nose! Oh my gosh... I can't even look at it for too long or it starts to make my skin crawl!' Jessica thought to herself, wondering if she should just go sit somewhere else.

April 3rd, 2006, 1:25 PM
occ: deathspector and Mariajet, we can´t go on with the main adventure if you don´t come into the majors house in raim village. Please hurry up, ok?

April 3rd, 2006, 3:08 PM
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April 5th, 2006, 5:25 AM
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I ran after Terra, my mind a flow of words and letters all jumbled up. I had finally made it to Raim-Village with my partner, and we were about to undertake a very dangerous quest, that could leave us on our deathbeds, or famous heroes. It was all up to the choiced we made. I entered the village, and noticed a nice big house.

<I think we should go there.>