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March 3rd, 2006, 11:14 AM
WARNING: This poem contains religion.

The idea for this sprouted from the Debate forum at the Serebiiforums, actually, in PsiUmbreon's topic that starts with him arguing that the Christian god's supposed attributes (in particular, here I'm dealing with omnipotence, omniscience and love for everything) contradict each other. Just yesterday, quite a bit after I first read that post, I suddenly started to wonder what God would be like with only one of those attributes. The outcome is this, which is about the omnipotent (but not omniscient or all-loving) god, and now, I would like to emphasize that this poem is not supposed to be criticism on Christianity or at all expressing my own religious views. It's just a thought, nothing else. Period. Don't take it as anything more offensive than that.

Oh, and I know it doesn't rhyme.


An empty void of silent dark;
Mew was there alone.
Ideas come to everyone
who sits and thinks for long.
Such a simple, abstract thought:
If only there was time.
And there was time that Mew embraced,
and saw that it was good.

Seconds, minutes, hours, years,
they passed with no event.
But it could not be long until
a new idea formed.
The wait was over soon enough;
another thought was born.
Oh, such a weird but lovely one:
What if there was a world?
And there was space, and there was dust,
and there was sun and moon.
And there was Earth, and Mew so watched,
and saw that it was good.

It wasn’t long till Mew was back
to floating deep in space,
and had a new idea then
- a great but playful thought.
A childish giggle filled the void
with simple-minded words:
I wish I was not here alone;
I wish there was some life.
And there was life which filled the Earth,
and flowers bloomed and grew.
And Pokémon there roamed the lands,
and humans built their towns.
But Mew was there just out of sight,
looking at her work;
admiring it, she flew away
and saw that it was good.

And ages passed and Mew still watched
her new creations live.
She liked their blissful ignorance
and instinct-driven act.
But resting in a mountain range
a great idea struck:
Oh, I wonder what should happen
if I gave my subjects will?
And in an instant there was thought,
and Mew sat back and watched.
The creatures could now think and feel
and reason just like Mew.
And they did many wicked things
that Mew would not have liked,
but Mew was looking from afar
while they were trapped inside.
And strange as it may seem at first
- it’s just the way it is -
Mew enjoyed to watch them do
what chance did not direct.
Amusement comes in many forms
and some of them bizarre;
perhaps we like all evil things
when we are far away.
For in the end it was a fact
that Mew just didn’t care;
to her it was amusing just
to see what they would do.
I guess that one could say
that she loved them in a way,
but only as the toys
that they were always made to be.

Eevee Trainer
March 3rd, 2006, 11:53 AM
good. i liked it. i thought that this was good...you know...for a poem. keep up the good work

March 3rd, 2006, 4:46 PM
Hmmm. Very thought provoking... my church group discussed something similar to this a while back. Omnipotence without omnicient love... it's a compelling idea. I loved the whole concept of Mew toying with the world's inhabitants and not answering their cries, it makes an interesting point about how the concept of having both does indeed contradict itself. I suppose that's just a mystery yet to be solved. ^_^ This is a good work, but it suffers from one thing: length. It did serve its purpose, but I think you could have found a way to expand on the idea a little more. But no prob. Good job!

*gives cookiemuffinbrownies*

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