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March 3rd, 2006, 12:22 PM
History and plot

Sephiroth was the child of two scientists of the ShinRa Company named, Hojo and Lucrecia who both worked as assistants to a Professor Gast, ShinRa’s top scientist, on the Jenova Project. The project studied the remains of an extra-terrestrial being that went by the name of Jenova, mistaken to have been one of the Cetra, an ancient race who once took residence on this same earth, many centuries ago.

The project was simple. Gast injected a pregnant Lucrecia will cells from these remains, which effected the unborn Sephiroth in ways that the scientists never imagined possible. Later, ShinRa raised him to be a super soldier and told him nothing of his mother except that her name was Jenova. Of course, this lead to unwanted circumstances, as upon finding pods filled with what once could have resembled humans at the Maco Reactor in Nibelheim and a chamber labelled with the familiar name of his mother, Jenova, he immediately came to the conclusion that he was also created in a similar way as the monsters who took residence in these pods.

He became enraged with this information, and came to the conclusion that Jenova was a Cetra, and that he as her son, was the last remaining Cetra and that humans had betrayed his kind 2000 years ago, leaving them alone to defend the world from a calamity. He went on a rampage, destroying the small village of Nibelheim and killing all who took residence there.

His rampage was run short, as he was killed and thrown into a Maco pool by a human named Cloud Strife. After learning of this atrocity, ShinRa sealed the records of Sephiroth away and rebuilt the town of Nibelheim in order to cover up the incident that took place.

Unknown too many, Sephiroths body was carried by the Maco pool into the lifestream and then eventually to the great Northern Crater, the Planet's 2,000 year old wound that was formed by Jenova's landing.

During the five years of Sephiroths rest, Hojo decided to make use of the surviving residence of the Nibelheim incident to particapate against their wills in an experiment that would hopefully prove his Jenova Reunion Theory, a theory stating that when Jenova's cells are separated, they will seek to reunite.

This was done by injecting some of Jenova's cells into the survivors and then infusing them with Mako, two procedures that had been carried out on Sephiroth himself (the difference being that the procedures were done on Sephiroth when he was still developing in the womb, causing them to merge with his DNA and grow with him as he developed). Thus, the subjects of the experiment were dubbed Sephiroth "clones", though this term has often been misinterpreted by Westerners due to the "genetic duplicate” connotation carried by the term "clone."

Five years later, the reunion begins, calling all who took apart in the experiment to gather where Sephiroths body lay in wait, searching for the black materia along the way that was said to call forth a manifestation of the Ultimate Destructive Magic: Meteor. Sephiroth intended to use this to deal a potentially fatal wound to the Planet, at which time it would then send out large amounts of spirit energy from the Lifestream in order to heal that wound. Sephiroth planned to merge with Jenova and intercept this massive concentration of energy, absorbing it and the knowledge and power it carried, which he believed would make him a god.

He manipulated a “clone” called Cloud, who had taken part in Hojo’s experiment along with his friend Zack, to attend the reunion that would take place at the northern crater and give him the black materia so that his plan could be carried out. But before he could make his plan a success, Cloud and his friends defeated the One Winged Angel and restored peace to the world.

But who was to say this was the end?

Two years after the first dilema a strange trio of silver-haired men who are the physical manifestations of Sephiroth's will and spiritual energy, his powerful will having allowed him to pull out of the Lifestream before being fully diluted. He takes the leader Kadaj as his new vessel and orders him to gather all children effected with a strange illness called Geostigma to create yet another reunion that would alow him to repeate the cycle of gathering a mass amount of life energy for him to merge with Jenova.

Unfortunantly for the Ex-General, his plans were once again dashed by Cloud Strife.

But hope still remains for the One Winged Angel, as not all clones have yet to be defeated by this Ex-Soldier and his gang of freedome fighters. Again he will call on these doomed individuals, and again he will attempt to merge with Jenova. But this time, he will suceed, or will he?

This all depends on what you want, for you are the clones that he is calling out to, and you are the ones that will decide your fate, for you have developed feelings and opinions over these many years, having learnt of emotions and when to detect that something is not right. Until this moment, you have all been living ordinary lives and working jobs that you would have never understood had you only now been created. You have developed in ways that the scientists would not have expected of you. It is you who will make the decision of whether or not you would want to help this superior life form take control and possibly destroy the world.

Sephiroths intentions are unknown at this moment, and what he plans to do this time is untold to you. All you are aware of is a voice inside your head, commanding you to do unspeakable things and a figure coming to you in your dreams and declaring that he is a brother in need of your help to restore him from near death. You are uncertain of what to do at first, but the voice in side your head continues to grow louder and more unbearable to ignore.

The voice is willing you to find the resting place of the long forgotten weapons, who were said to be the planets protectors in its time of need. You are uncertain of where their resting place is, but you are certain that this voice will lead you in the right direction and guide you if you stray off course. Be aware that you are not the only ones that are aware of this strange calling, for there is still one remaining clone, which is immune to this calling, but still receives the messages that you do. Cloud Strife is aware that Sephiroth still lurks in the depths of the lifestream, but is not going with the flow as he should be.

Along the way, you will find out more about this strange person who keeps on calling to you, and it will e down to you in the end if you wish to remain on the side of evil, or switch to the side of good. Sephiroth has a plan, but he is not willing to go into too much detail until he is sure of your judgment.

You will encounter many who wish to kill you, others who wish to capture you and others who just plain want to get to know you. Many journeys and uncertainties lay ahead of you, but it is down to you if you wish to follow along with them.

This is the journey of the clones…

Sign up’s:

Description: (You are a clone, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to have silver hair and so forth)
Personality: (You are your own person, not an exact clone of Sephiroth, you can be happy go lucky if you wish)
History: (With your cloning past forgotten, what have you been doing up to this day?)
Job: (Which job do you do? For example are you a sales assistant, bar owner, chocobo keeper, material hunter or even a mercenary. All options are available within reason, but you cannot work for ShinRa, for they are the ones searching for you and wanting you back for research at the labs.)

I am not sure how many I wish to join, so I will just declare sign ups closed when I feel there are enough. Anyways, that’s about it =D

March 3rd, 2006, 2:07 PM
Name: Ichigu Viron
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Ichigu is a young boy standing at about 5ft 8. HE has long shiney brown hair roughly down to the bottom of his neck. His piercing red eyes create fear in even the strongest of enemies. HE wears a blue vest and a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms. He was a very skinny boy for his age which gave him the advantage in speed.

Personality: Ichigu isn't very confident in himself. He is very shy and doesn't like to get in anyone's way. He is a very talented fighter and always out smarts his opponent. He was very courageous as a young boy but as he grew up, he was picked on and beaten up which caused him to lose all of his courage and cower away from everyone. His friends lately abandoned him which has lead him back into training to get his strength back.

History (what he remembers): Ichigu was found unconscious in a field when he was just a baby and was taken in by a lady named Elle and a man named James. He didn't talk to them much as he just kept himself locked away and hidden because he wasn't very communicative. All he remembers about his past is that he was used to fight and that was it, he now lives with the people he grew up with and works as a materia hunter after hearing what materia was.

Job: materia hunter

Weapon: Claws the come in and out of the gloves he wears. (like wolverines claws stick out when he needs them)

Other: N/A

OOC: The finding him as a baby is what he remembers sorry for inconvinience

March 3rd, 2006, 3:16 PM



Description: Shina has a similar appearance to the SHM, but has distinct differences. First off, her black leather skirt, which reaches slightly higher then mid-thigh, has black belts and gunholsters that hang off her waist and rest on her right thigh, and black stockings that cover up her pale skin. She has black buckled boots, with the buckle at the top, and the cross-laced string woven underneath it into a neat bow, not visible to anybody. Shina wears a black, body tight leather top, that covers her neck and disappears underneath her skirt. The top has skin tight sleeves, that connect to gloves that hug every groove of her fingers. Her hair is a silky grey, brushed to a sheen, and reaches just past her shoulders, shorter then Yazoo's and longer then Kadaj's. Shina's bangs are swept aside and tucked behind an ear hidden by more hair, her left eye covered by her bangs. Her blue eyed pupils are not cat-eyed, like the SHM, but are instead abnormally large. This would usually effect a normal person, by having that person more sensitive to light, but they do not effect Shina like a normal person.

Personality: Shina doesn't seem to have a particular personality, as she is most often just doing a job and getting it over with. Although she is a rather silent and morbid person, she isn't afraid to ask questions, or voice her opinions. She is very confident in her abilities, and get's silently frustrated when she fails at anything. Shina has the uncanny ability to hold her temper in until it snaps, and when it does, she'll most likely disappear from the scene and deal out her temper elsewhere.

History: As a child, Shina was lost by ShinRa corporation officials and found her way upon the streets. Being afraid of the big men that were constantly searching for her, she found sneaky ways upon the streets, stealing for food, and remaining unseen by the big men. She tried to steal from a man with a healthy amount of gil in his pockets one time, and he turned, grabbed her by the ear, and dragged her to a dark room, where many other people were gathered. It was there that she started her job as a hitman. Or woman. She got hefty sum's for it as well, having clean kills, that were never delayed, and having never disclosed information. She was an assassin to remember, and after numerous deaths, she began to care less and less about the lives of the people she killed. It was a hit and run kind of thing for her, and guilt was left far behind.

Job: Hitman

Weapon: Silenced Long Gun


March 3rd, 2006, 11:46 PM
This looks like it's gona be really really fun...so im in...^_^




Description:http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/talesofrebirth/art-002.jpg ....But with silver hair...and a black brest plate thang,and a black jacket thang

Personality:Ish is shy when it come's to gurl's,but its only cause he has never been with a gurl or talked to one for long.Ish some times come's across as a jerk but its only because, he has been on his own for so long.Ish some time's talks to him self,even in battle he has been seen talking tohim self.

History:Ish as a young boy found him self lost and not knowing what or who he was before that, only thing could remember was his name.After moving around for a couple of years, Ish joined a assassins clan,and excelled perty fast in the clan.After killing every one in the clan Ish set out on his own.At the age of 14 he was a cutthrot assassin,and only the highest bidder could get his serveces.Now 6 years later Ish is now a rich man,and find's him self not knowing about his past or who his parents where,and who he was before his life as a assassin.Now Ish has set out to find his past.Ish thinks it will be easy with all the money he has made over the years, but he is dead wrong.Ish will soon find out the truth,who he was,who his parents are,why he is here,and that his money cant save him,only he can save himself.Time will reveal all


Weapon:The Sword in the pic,and a sub Machin Gun


March 4th, 2006, 1:49 AM
Shylocke: Your personality is a tad short as well as your History, you need to expand them both a bit more. Also it would be impossible for you to be found as a baby, because you were injected with Jenova cells after the incident in Nibelheim (5 years before the start of Final Fantay VII) Please read the information I have given on the clones in the first post and edit please (Unless you meant that to be the history that your clone remember, as no memory of cloning is remembered). Also remember to use commas instead of full stops in some cases.

Naoko-chan: All is fine, but again the History, please take into account that you were once a victim in the Nibleheim crisis when Sephiroth attacked it, unless you mean your history to be the history that your clone remembers. Other than that Accepted!

Huggle Bunny: I cannot accept your sign up, your punctuation is not up to standard. You only use capital letters as the start of a name or place, or after a full stop (which is only one full stop, not two) and also, you need to use a few commas to break up your sentances. Your personality is far fetched, and I do not accept people who use '4' instead of f'or'. Sorry Declined.

My Sign up:

Name: Kali

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Description: Kali has piercing yet calming emerald green eyes and long silver hair, which would cascade into her eyes if not for the pair of sunglasses that forever stay perched upon her head. Her milky white completion stands in contrast against the black of her outfit, which consists of a pair of black baggy trousers and a black, long-sleeved crop top. The bottoms of her trousers are tucked into heavy, black boots, and a matching black, leather belt wraps itself around her slim waste. Covering most of her lithe frame is a black trench coat, which clings to her frame and cascades down to just above her ankles. Accessories consist of a silver dragon pendant which wraps itself around her neck, and a rack of leather bracelets that line their way up both of her lower arms. As much as this get up does not agree well with her current job, save Chocobo keeper, she refuses to change into something more suitable unless called for, in which she has a pair of scruffy jeans and a baggy white top for such occasions.

Personality: Kali comes across as some one sarcastic and rather witty, who thinks she can pretty much do anything thrown at her. Of course, this is not true, or else she would not be caught dead looking after Chocobo’s. Her uncaring and cocky nature normally gets her into such situations, that she is forced to either turn her back and walk away, or knock the offender senseless. She has proven time and time again that she can look after her own, but the old Chocobo farmer and his wife, refuse to believe this and are forever fussing over her and making sure that she is comfortably settled into the farming life.

Job: Chocobo Keeper

History: For as long as she can remember, which isn’t exactly long back, she has taken residence in this Chocobo farm on the outskirts of the Midger area. The old couple who own this farm have taken care of her ever since she arrived on the farm, which she can just remember being over around three years ago, she can remember little of what she did or where she was before that time.

They agreed to let her stay there, but to earn this, she was forced to work daily to earn her keep. Not exactly her most preferred way to make a living, but she does enjoy it to some extent as long as it doesn’t require to pick up Chocobo waste, in which case she would be glad to leave the farm if it weren’t for the loving care that the owners gave her.

She has travelled little way from the farm, and has only ever really left to go explore the marshes or ride the Chocobos so that they are given their daily exercise. She longs to find out what lies beyond the high mountain tops and across the wise open sea.

Weapon: Two blades by the names of Shadowfaith and Blood fire. Both in which have silver blades and black hilts. The difference being that Shadowfaith has a slithering dragon carved into the black hilt and Bloodfire having the shapes of flames carved into its own.

Other: N/A

March 4th, 2006, 1:54 AM
Name: Negro

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: A little like Sephiroth but younger looking and silver hair that's a little longer than Kadaj's. Dark purple eyes that sometimes color red or blue depending on the situation. Black shirt and black pants with a semi-long black jacket with a small flaming bird on the left shoulder. A gunholster fixedto the right side of the belt and a sheet on the other side.

Personality: A loner, doesn't really talk much to others than those he accepted. Many people say that he is cold and emotionless, but he's actually compasionate and has a lot of emotions deep inside. Has a lot of self-control until he made very angry, when there is really no one to blame he takes it on some random stuff like rocks and tree's.

History: He lived a happy live with his parents and did what every twelve year old kid did in his free time. He was a very optimistic child until one day, there house was on fire and he was the only one who survived. The rest after that he can't remember, altought he had the idea that he saw a man with long hair in the flames but after a while he stopped believing that. What he does remember is that after he had recovered he started wandering and occaisionaly steal stuff to survive.
Job: Takes on any job he gets.

Weapon: A two-barrel gun with a flaming bird design on both barrels. A sword that looks like a shorter version of Sephiroth masamune.


March 4th, 2006, 2:03 AM
Strike: Your History is too short, please fix it to match with the information given about the clones in the first post. Other than that I will accept you.

March 4th, 2006, 2:22 AM
OOC: is that any better ookami? I have added a bit more and put that he remembers being taken in as a baby.

March 4th, 2006, 2:27 AM
XD, okay, thats cleared up now, so Accpeted, but please remember to use a few commas ^_^

March 4th, 2006, 2:33 AM
OOC: Yeah definetly ^_^. So when can we start, I love Final Fantasy 7

March 4th, 2006, 2:44 AM
I changed my history, is it better now?

I could delete the long-haired man part.

March 4th, 2006, 2:49 AM
Accepted Strike.

Shylocke, asking such things is agaisnt the rules XP

Also remember to keep all post above 4 lines and as descriptive as possible. Normally I would say about ten lines for a normal post, but as long as its above four lines, its meeting forum rules.

We will possibly start tomorrow if enough members have signed up, if not then I may go ahead with it anyways.

March 4th, 2006, 2:54 AM
I edited my post,see if its up to par now.(and im i get like that when im sleepy)

March 4th, 2006, 7:48 AM
OOC: Erm, Huggle Bunny, no offense, but the way you spell 'girl' bugs me. -.- But I can't say anything about it.

Yes Ookami, that past is the past that my character remembers. Should I put the one she doesn't remember? 0_0;; Because I can if you want me to. And also, is the references to Kadaj and Yazoo in my appearance okay? Since not everyone knows who they are?

March 4th, 2006, 10:40 AM
Sweet a FF7 RP I would love to join.

Name: Koden Meatarashii
Gender: Male

Description: Koden is about 5.6, and has a thin build. He has dark blue eyes, and moderate toned blond hair and his hear reaches just beyond his neck. He wears a plain red bandana on the very top of his head. He wears a plain blue buttoned shirt, and plain red pant. He also wears a brown cloak which easily raps around his whole body, and he also wears light black shoes, made for ninjas so they can sneak silently.

Personality: Koden has always been calm in the face of a monster; it was how he was raised by his foster family. But he has a little problem attacking people, he doesn’t want to kill anyone that wants more then to feed, and kill. But out side of battle he’s pretty cheerful, with a calm smile on his face, but he is also a bit well... quick to panic, not cry on both knees panic, but like “Hey!! What the! What the heck are you trying to do!?!?” With a wired look on his face panic. (You know? The kind that a normal happy, calm person is like when he’s in the middle of a big fight between, oh lets say two girls?) He’s pretty open to people he meets, but not to open, he has learned from his foster home that a friend might just be an enemy in disguise. He also loves his little chocobo and would go crazy if some hurt, or even killed her.

History: Koden was found not to fare away from a village, a group of monsters were about to make a meal of Koden, who was out at the time, when a group of Ninjas made quick work of the beast. When we came to, he was at the square of the village, the village of ninjas soon learned he had a problem with his memories and took him in as their own. He was given a name that was suited to him and chooses a family that was willing to take him in. Shurui, and Meiyo Meatarashii gladly took him in. They are the chocobo breeders of the town, and Koden quickly fell in love with the birds. He also took to the way of the ninja and quickly learned to use a weapon he chooses from a large selection of weapons.

Job: Chocobo breeder, (also partly owns a shop connected to the breeding are, which carries Chocobo supplies, and normal shop Item, such as normal items, material, and a Few weapons). (Also I made this part before you posted YOUR profile Ookami, so I hope you don’t mind two chocobo workers.)

Weapon: A Nagata (May also be know as a Japanese spear. It looks something like a spear with a Katana style blade on the end. Also can use throwing knives, and similar throwing weapons. Also a question, how do you spell the fancy name for Ninja throwing star?)

Other: He travels with a small (about up to Koden’s legs.) Black chocobo He has raised sense it hatched, chocobo’s grow fast so it will most likely mature in the middle of the RP but at the moment I would like it to insist me in battle. (If that’s ok…If not then I would like it to still travel with me.)

I hope it will do, I know my Description is a bit small (it was never my strong point) but if there anyway you would have it improved then say so.

March 4th, 2006, 11:02 AM
Bunny: Still declined because of punctuation and the way you spell some words.

Naoko: No problem what so ever, it does not matter about your reference and there is no need to add to your history, just as long as I know its all your character remembers ^_^

Silver: Accepted, and no worries about the chocobo thing ^_^ I'm woundering if it is the same chocobo farm in the game or one you have made up.

March 4th, 2006, 11:30 AM
Oh it's a different one, it's in a Ninja village, not in the middle of the country side lol. Anyway THANKS :D!!! I'm glad I'm in this; I hope I'll do well... Anyway I'm going to start playing MY FF7 game, I still have disc three to get to...

March 9th, 2006, 5:30 PM
***** it **** IT **** IT, Stupid computer... I just spent an hour typing and it cuts off my reply...!!
I'll get to typing it again later, I'm to angry at my computer right now... could you maybe save a place for me?

March 10th, 2006, 7:19 AM
No problem JBC ^_-

After We get your sign up, we will start.