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March 4th, 2006, 6:29 AM
ive just fallen in love with this girl (i know not verry macho) but i thnk shes the best thing tats happened to me but recently she broke my heart and i rote some songs about her.
well here you go

numba 1

teasin me desievin me breakin my heart
i think its better if we stay apart
ill be anything you want be to be
but you cant accept just me bein me

your sexy eyes and beautiful smile
i would do anything for you even run a mile
i think i love you thats a start
i think i love you with all of my heart

ill stand by you through the rainy days
ill stand by you through the cloudy grays
your the light of my life the star in the sky
yet you dont look and walk on by

i fell likeyour tearing my heart in two
all i wanna do is just be with you
because I..Love..YOU

numba 2

im no singa
no dead ringa
im just being me
i would feel be anything you want me to be
sealed with a kiss
hit and miss

ill help you through tough situations
right through grief and agravation
ill be your rock
ill run round the block
il do anything to be with you
for us to be together just us two

feeling the softness of your hair
be with you go everywhere
oh now baby dont be shy
we will go and touch the sky

your scent is like a flower
ill be with you through every hour
kissing your tender lips
touching your curvy hips

we were meant to be thogether.....

they are rather short i know but i want to know your views.

btw songs are like a form of poetry so dont close this thread