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March 4th, 2006, 9:21 AM
Don’t Forget About Us! (Pokeshipping one-shot)

I got this title off the Mariah Carey song “Don’t Forget about Us” and it’s a short one-shot kinda like my other one, “I Love You More Each and Everyday” but anyway I hope you like it and tell me what you think!!

Ash and his friends Brock, May and Max had just returned to Petalburg after the Kanto Battle Frontier and they went to the pokemon center. Ash went up to Nurse Joy while the others took a seat. May looked up at the poster on the whole and then jumped up with excitement.

“OH MY GOSH GUYS LOOK AT THIS!” May squealed with delight. Ash walked over to her to see what was so cool. May pointed at the poster, it showed a couple dancing and below it the poster read:

This Saturday is the annual Petalburg Spring Petal Dance! Any couples may come and dance the night away! Please come for a night of fun and dancing!

“That’s tonight then isn’t it?” Ash said re-reading the poster.

“Yep! I think we should go, it would be soooo much fun!” May said to friends who didn’t look quite convinced.

“Uh May….I think you forgot the fact that WE DON’T HAVE DATES!!!!” Max yelled at his older sister.

“That’s ok, you guys can just hang out then but Ash do you want to go together?” May asked sweetly.

Ash looked up with a dumbfounded expression on his face. “Uh………sure, why not?” he answered.

“AWESOME!!! I have to go buy a dress, and you guys have to go buy tuxes and ohhhhh IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!” May yelled as she left the pokemon center to go shopping.

Brock, Ash and Max all gave each other blank expressions, got their pokemon then left to go buy their outfits for the dance.

~Later on that night at the dance~

Ash, Brock and Max were waiting by the punch bowl all dressed up in their outfits while they were waiting for May to show up.

“Oh ASH! I’m here!” May said from behind them. Ash turned around and looked at May. She had on a blue dress that matched her eyes and her hair for once was pulled back in a loose pony tail. She didn’t look that bad.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

“You look……great” Ash finally managed to say. May then pulled him out to the dance floor while the song “We Belong Together” played. Ash and May began to slow dance and May brought herself closer to Ash.

Why does this feel weird? I don’t get it…..I almost feel guilty for dancing with May but I don’t know why. I feel like I’m being watched by someone and I don’t feel good about it. I………

“Ash, is everything ok? You looked upset.” May said concerned.

“I….just don’t feel too good that’s all.” Ash said.

“Do you want to go to the pokemon center and rest? If you do that’s ok, I’ll understand.” May said sadly.

“Yah, I think I’ll do that” Ash said. He walked back to the pokemon center and sat down.

“Excuse me; you’re Ash Ketchum aren’t you?” Nurse Joy asked.

“Yah, that’s me” Ash replied.

“Oh, ok-well a girl who just left a little bit ago wanted me to give this to you!” she said holding out a note.

Ash took the note and opened it, it said:

I came out here to see you at the dance,
I wanted to tell you how I truly felt, hoping you’d give me a chance.
I then saw you at the dance with May,
And I realized I probably shouldn’t stay.
I wanted to tell you that I really loved you since the day we met,
And the more I got to know you the more I got my heart set.
I have to accept that I missed my chance so I’ll try not to fuss,
But Ash I’m begging you please….Don’t Forget About Us!

Ash closed the note and felt the guilt he felt a bit ago while dancing with May double. He took off out of the pokemon center hoping to catch up with Misty. He ran and ran until he reached the end of Petalburg where he saw misty. Even though he was about ready to pass out, seeing her made him run ten times faster. Hearing someone behind her, Misty turned around and saw Ash thanks to the street light.

“Misty…I….. got….. your note!” Ash managed to say through deep breathes. Misty blushed.

“Oh…well I’m sorry I didn’t want to make you leave May at the dance.” She said quietly.

“No, you don’t understand! I’m not with May…she asked me to the dance and I felt bad for going because I knew I loved you!” Ash said

Misty smiled, “Do you really?” she asked happily.

“Of course I do and I could never forget about us!” he said. He then took her by the hand and began dancing with her since you could still hear the music play. They then got close then kissed!


March 4th, 2006, 6:57 PM
KyokoButterfly15, that is beautiful! The letter Misty wrote to Ash was just so cute! =3 *tears of joy* This is definetly one of my fav. one-shots! =3 Keep up the good work!!

March 5th, 2006, 4:38 AM
That's soo sweet.
Nearly made tears come to my eyes :']

I can just imagine that in an Episode on T.V :P

March 5th, 2006, 6:49 AM
I love this story.
Most of the time I don't even like these shipping things.
But this story is great.

March 5th, 2006, 3:44 PM
aww, thank you guys!!! :D I'm glad you all liked it, i'll be posting up more one-shots soon!!

Yu Kanda
March 6th, 2006, 6:48 PM
good job it was really good especially the poem that was what almost caught me the most and great job once again

March 7th, 2006, 2:45 PM
lol, thanx lil bro!!!! :D I'll have another one-shot up soon :D

March 7th, 2006, 3:58 PM
That was pretty good! I really liked it!

March 8th, 2006, 1:51 PM
Thanx!!!! and it's official i should have my next one-shot up(contestshipping) by lster on today or tommorow!! :D