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March 5th, 2006, 2:40 PM
Well 1/27/06 the coffee, stairs.

Down the hall to the right is where you'll find my room.

Has the knot been tied or will it be cut?

Is it the end of blue but the beginning of brown?

I don't know my side of the story.

What will I get?

I see this white light.

Yes I speak in rhymes.

Oh Yes I speak in rhymes.

I won’t regret I know I wont.

Over so soon but the waves still crash.

Off guard.

Instant real.

To bad the clock still ticks and I’m alone.

Oh yes I remember I remember...

Anything I just need an answer.

Silence Isn’t awkward.

Am I in or out?

I speak in rhymes.

Oh yes I speak in rhymes.

The upward beating of our hearts.

The moment.

The Feeling.

This is an instant classic I can tell.

I need a voice but not mine.

I speak In rhymes.

Oh yes, I speak in rhymes.

I will follow this north star.

Yeah I wrote this in accordance to a bunch of things that where happening in mylife. 95% of it is symbolism or more of an inside thing, who knows though you might like it.