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March 7th, 2006, 5:49 PM
Yeah, well since no one posted in my last thread, I was highly amused by people's lack of attention. Meh.

I'm having a writers block, so excuse my horrible writing. XD

Artificial Rebellion Isn’t My Style

The heart of Rebellion extinguished today;
Decaying through the minds of pretend vigilantes.
But I know what lies beyond their agendas;
achieved hypocrites with a touch of arrogance.
They marched through hail, through fire and brimstone.
Only to consent to the powers that be;
To the powers that bleed;
To the powers that lead the wars between the Guns of Conspiracy and the last who stand free.
Shadowed in silhouettes;
Casting glances of doubt beyond the unknown.
The looming borderline stands before your presence.
Your decision apparent as you turn away in shame;
Grievened by your cowardice, your mourning refrain.
Ghosts of lost rebels waltz through these broken halls.
Wondering thoroughly where the rebellion has gone;
Sheer anguish as they call.

For they foresaw this long awaited tragedy.
They predicted the fall of this glorious dynasty.
And you sit in your houses, safe and secure
with memoirs to comfort you.
In guilt you hide your eyes;
For you have accomplished nothing.

Charred by your lies, burned by your mistakes;
False promises scar me as I watch you fall in terror.
Your Artificial Rebellion isn’t quite my style.
For unlike you, I fight for my freedom;
Not afraid to oppose to the powers that be;
Not afraid to reject the powers that bleed.
I’m not persuaded by your imaginary assurances;
Illusions of love, the “persual of peace”.

You brutally murdered all of ours beliefs;
I shall avenge myself and all who take a stand.
All those who make a difference;
All those who state their voice;
All those who keep rebellion deep inside their hearts.

Your Artificial Rebellion isn’t quite my style…
Try again next week.