View Full Version : "The Fellow's Lament"

Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
March 8th, 2006, 6:24 PM

"Oh, how come I committed such a terrible sin?
It's not the the child I am within,
I am so shameful...

Oh, when the grieving fellow's lament begun threathening my ear
I'm not a lamb, I have no fear,
I am so shameful...

But then the luck, forgot my misery
And brought the light upon my face,
Hey you sunshine, I was empty
I was another hopeless case.

But now the bullet's lost, the gun remains unloaded.
The sun is gone, my memories eroded.

'Cause it didn't, and it will never, never stay
The look of guilt he gave me before I went astray
And I'm so rotten, but It's just the price to pay...
The voices never, never go away.."

"Oh Diamond, he's alone under the rain
Oh Diamond, he's renewing all the pain
Goodbye, he says, he can't explain
He left the show, craving for a bane.

Because all he destroyed came back after you,
He saw his sad eyes in your innocent face...
All he regrets, was just standing by,
And then you forbid him all your disgrace.

He was so shameful...
And in this act they ate his time;
He dind't grieve,
But he did commit a crime.

One second to steal an untainted smile
One second to darken a dream.
He ran from the thought of touching his past
Turning the laughs into screams.

And did he waste the victim's life?
Or did he waste his own?
There was no gun, there was no knife
Only hearts of stone."