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March 8th, 2006, 6:59 PM
Kaijudo Planet v2.0

Hi everyone and welcome to the second installation (couldn't think of another word, XD) of Kaijudo Planet, the club dedicated to a certain TCG. The one that stayed in Japan's #1 spot for months, the one that has nine boosters (soon to be ten) and the the one that is filled with destructive creatures, mind-warping spells, intense shield-breaking and strategic gameplay. Yes fellas, I'm talking about the one, the only Duel Masters!

1. Like Duel Masters
2. Be able to post meaningful posts (Short writing is allowed, eg. u for you but make sure you're understandable and not be talking in 1337)
3. Be respectful to yourself and other Kaijudo duelists
4. Live up to the Kaijudo Code
5. Be able to have fun

The Kaijudo Code
I make no excuses.
My actions are my voice.
I have no enemies.
My opponent is my teacher.
I need no deceitful tricks.
My character is my sword.
I think not of quitting.
My courage is my secret weapon.
I know not of defeat.
My experience becomes my strength.

Discussion Ideas
1. Chat about the cards (eg: Ballom & Alcadeias, which is better and Why?) but no flame wars please
2. Post combos, but please make sure they work (eg: Gigastand and Dava Torey, the Creature Reincarnation)
3. Challenge someone to a duel (either via MSN or Duel Masters Civilizations, AKA: DMC)
4. Post your deck
5. Post tournament reports
6. Post recent duel results (eg: How I Beat the school's self-proclaimed Greatest Duelist)
7. Chat about the anime (eg: Do you like the new Duel Masters 2.0 voices?)
8. Anything else that's related to DM that's not covered on this list.

Summoning the Billion-Degree Dragon
In the planet, summoning the Billion-Degree Dragon means breaking a rule (either PC general rules or spamming in the club, not respecting someone, flaming, etc), in honour of the most powerful creature in the current game, Billion-Degree Dragon (10 cost 15000 fire triple breaker). Here are the consequences of summoning the Billion-Degree Dragon.

First Summoning: Warning
Second Summoning: Another warning
Third Summoning: Last warning
Fourth Summoning: Temporary ban from the planet
Fifth Summoning: Longer ban
Omega Summoning: (ie. if it's very serious) Permanent ban from the planet or reported to a moderator

I'll be splitting everyone into civilization clans. When doing your introductory post, please post what clan you want to be under.

Fire Clan Members:

Water Clan Members:

Nature Clan Members:

Light Clan Members:

Darkness Clan Members:

Rainbow Clan Members:

The planet has been officially opened on the 9th of March, 2006 on 3:59 PM on Greenwich Mean Time + 12 hours with Daylight Savings in effect. You may all start posting and as soon as we get enough members, someone may start a topic.