View Full Version : "Obscured By The Moon"

Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
March 10th, 2006, 9:11 PM

Wasting away the voices that pray to go higher
He's under the spotlight and over the crazy night
Forgetting the day that untied his violent wire
Not running away from the crime he took to the light

Cruising around while the memories stand in the fire line
His innocent eyes won't help him to look like a crook
The burning past is returning, he's wearing a weak shine
He hid the intentions and wishes that he once hooked

Perfect desolation waiting patiently for him to come
Sometimes life gets lost inside the pain.
Hours passing by the thought of many fears he's hiding from
And his guitar cried under the rain.

Killing a man as he's drawing a line on a lifetime
Marking the dawn of the pain and the end of a dream.
Slowing the end of a light that was shut down with murder
Looked at the chances of having a hope to deem

Hateful eyes are drowning in the crime that took the sun away
Echoes of a lately ended play
Looking at the mirror watching tears go down and turning grey
Heavy walking on the other way

Spinning on and left to face another hollow dead end street
You knew that the end would come too soon
The door closes, falling roses right under your shaky feet
You're obscured below your falling moon.