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Entei Fan
March 11th, 2006, 3:09 PM
OK since this topic isn't created , i give you the full info and my grade of this dub where i live

Cool theme
Ash's voice
Misty's voice
Brock's voice
Jessie voice matched her attitute (she talk a kind of old and evil)
Guess that pokemon is there (note , this isn't there in the German version......often)

They left with the English names (which can be annoing and cool , annoing since they leave english names instead of creating there own , cool since i can hear those names)
Pokerap is 80% english (duel to the pokemon names and the end song when they scream "Pokemon")
Sometimes (like the S.S. Anne trip) you can hear two version voices at once (the english voices are low voiced but you can hear them) this also happend in the polsih version X-men Evolution
Pokeball and other pokeballs are left with there original names (Pokeball etc.) instead of Pokekula/kule , i hate this but i don't want the polish fans to be fruslated

Transletion of the txt "Catch them all" , believe it or not , they translete this txt into "have them all" which is stupid
No polish names -> this is lame , i named Golduck "Elvis" (duel to his attract on girls and his cool looks) , and they left the english names , instead of creating own , pathethic
Foolish transletion of the loveball (o the polish idiocy)

Final Grade 4-


So what do you think about polish dub?