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March 11th, 2006, 4:45 PM
Pokémon Golden Dreams


Pokémon are creatures that inhabit the world, they come in many different shapes and sizes, some of them look like plants, others look like birds… Researchers have been studying Pokémon for years, a lot of secrets that Pokémon hold have been revealed but there are more secrets that are still hidden. People have found ways to capture Pokémon, they contain them in small red and silver balls, these balls are called Pokéballs. They aren’t always called Pokéballs, there are different types of Pokéballs, and one of them is a Greatball. Pokémon researchers are everywhere, in each region is a starting town, this town is where a Pokémon Professor stays, the Professor hands out already captured Pokémon to new ‘trainers.’ Trainers are people who go around and battle other people with Pokémon; they also go around their regions and challenge Gym Leaders. Gym Leaders are people who are great trainers, they set up a gym in their town and trainers battle them to get badges. A trainer has to collect eight badges to compete in the Pokémon League; the person who wins the Pokémon League Tournament is declared one of the top trainers in the region. There are a lot of different regions in the world; three of them are Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. But there are many more regions, one of them is Haika. Haika is a tropical region, it’s one big island with some medium sized islands near it, the starting town for this region is Newberry Town, it’s a small town near a river where lots of water type Pokémon are found, trainers who can pass the Trainer Test can go to Professor Maple and get a Pokémon!

It’s the end of July and the test is about to be given out to the students of Newberry Town’s Trainer School. The three students with the top marks will be the ones who pass.

Chapter One: The New Trainer!

The moon fell as the sun went higher into the sky, the darkness recoiled as the light attacked. Daylight seeped into the dark room of David Yakou, a young boy that was about to take the Trainer Test, David had just turned twelve last week and he was now ready to get a Pokémon. All he had to do was pass that test... David opened his eyes, his eyes were blue, David got out of his bed, he was around 5’2” tall and he had blonde hair. David yawned as he grabbed some clothes to put on, he walked out of his room and towards the bathroom. By the looks of things his sister and his parents were already awake; he could hear the clinking of pans as his mom made breakfast, his dad must’ve been reading the newspaper and his sister must’ve been helping his mom make breakfast. David entered the bathroom and turned on the water, he always took a nice refreshing shower in the morning it helped him clear his mind and think about what he would do today. But this wasn’t just one of David’s walk around Newberry Town and listen to some music day; this was the day he would get a Pokémon! He had been studying hard for the past month, memorizing things about the different types of Pokémon, trying to make a potion with only berries. Soon the water was hot, David undressed and got into the shower, the water poured onto him. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo and put some into his hand, he thought he heard his mom yelling at him to hurry up and come downstairs to eat but his mind just went blank. David shut the water off and dried himself, then he put on his clothes. He was wearing a black top and a pair of black jeans, on the left pant leg was a red dragon. David exited the bathroom and headed downstairs, the fumes of bacon, eggs and toast flew towards him, immediately he started eating, his sister and parents just watched him eat. David finished his meal and drank a glass of orange juice “Thanks for the great meal mom!” David grabbed his backpack from inside a closet that was close to the door, he slipped on his running shoes and walked towards the door. “Bye dad, bye mom! Bye Steph!” And with that David took off, he didn’t know if he’d make it to school in time, he might be late and miss the test. David ran faster, the school was near the lab, it would only take ten minutes to get there, he wouldn’t be late, he just knew it…

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March 11th, 2006, 6:50 PM
Good description. But only one thing a pokeball is white and red not red and silver.

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