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March 11th, 2006, 7:47 PM
The Prime Cup Tournament

Episode 1: Opening Day!

"Here, Kaze." a black haired woman called to a Fearow, pointing out the hustle and bustle of people down below. The Fearow nodded and circled in for a landing, putting the woman and her passenger, a girl of about 16 clad in a red T-shirt and jeans, right before the main entrance of Pokemon Stadium. "Keisha, we're here, hon." she called to the snoozing female figure, her deep navy blue hair splayed across Kaze's feathers.

"Already?" Keisha yawned as she climbed off of the Fearow's back. "Why couldn't I have flown on Mina, Mom? Kaze's too slow for me..." she complained.

"Flying takes a lot of energy..." Mrs. Hitaro explained as she reached for Kaze's Poke Ball by her side. "and Mina needs to be in tip top shape if you want to win the Prime Cup." With that, she aimed the Poke Ball at the Fearow. "Kaze, return." Keisha nervously smiled as the Fearow disappeared in a flash of red--she was here to participate in the Prime Cup, a tournament reserved for the best of the best; with no level restrictions. To even be considered for entry, you had to get an invite from the Pokemon Master--which Keisha had received the week before thanks in part to winning the Poke Cup at Fuschia Stadium. The Indigo Stadium was nothing compared to her hometown stadium--Fuschia Stadium could fit inside it and there would still be plenty of room left over! She took a moment to admire the magnificent facility, knowing that she was moments away from battling inside it.

"Coming, Keisha?" Mrs. Hitaro called, snapping Keisha from her daydream.

"Huh...oh, coming!" Keisha blurted as he hurried to catch up to her mother in the crowd. After weaving through the crowd, the twosome found themselves in the main hallway of the Stadium. The entrants line was off to the right, while spectators were in line on the left.

Mrs. Hitaro turned to leave for the spectator's line. "This is it...good luck, Keisha." She gave Keisha one last hug, then departed for the spectator's line.

"I won't let you down!" Keisha called back. This is it! I'm going to prove that I deserve to be here! she thought as she ran towards the entants line. As she waited her turn to approach the front desk, she couldn't help but notice three Pikachus skittering about the hall. Two of them had bows on their ears, but they each wore a differently colored vest: one sparkly red, one sparkly blue, and one sparkly green. "They're cute..." Keisha smiled as the Pikachu wearing red pounced on the Pikachu wearing green in an attempt to grab a yellow ball away. The Pikachu wearing blue tried to stop the arguement, but it got tangled up in the fight! Suddenly, Keisha heard a male voice call "Pikette, Picho, Pikan; come here!" The three Pikachus seemed to forget their arguement and hurried off down the hall. Keisha just smiled as she approached the counter. How cute...

"Name?" the attendant asked.

"Keisha Hitaro." Keisha replied.

"City of residence?"

"Fuschia City"

"All right..." the attendant replied as she entered some information, ultimately producing a card similar to Keisha's Trainer Card. "Here you are...this is your Arena Pass, which will allow you inside the arena."

"Thanks!" Keisha replied as she pocketed the Arena Pass...

"If you'll follow Tara, she'll escort you to the locker room." the attendant replied as a second attendant approached those that had registered...

In the locker room...

"Here you are, Keisha...the locker room." the attendant replied as she led Keisha over to one of the benches inside the locker room. "Good luck in the tounament!" With that, she disappeared, leaving Keisha to prepare for the matches ahead.

First order of business...let my team out! With that, Keisha heaved her six Poke Balls in the air! "Come on out, everyone!"

"Mrow..." a Persian sleepily yawned as it emerged from its Poke Ball. It stretched, then began rubbing against Keisha's leg as she headed to the locker closest to the bench.

"Oh Serena..." Keisha laughed at the Persian. "Do well in the tournament and I'll give you all the tuna you can eat!" This seemed to please the Persian, for a moment before it sprawled out on the bench, interested in the Pikachu that was sitting on her master's shoulder. A Ninetales was by another locker, glancing out towards the tunnel leading into the arena. A Pidgeot perched on top of a third locker, interested in all the goings on down below.

Suddenly, the notes of a fiddle startled Mina, making her tumble to the floor! Serena raced from her position on the bench in an attempt to not get squished by the majestic avian Pokemon.

Calm down, everyone... a Kadabra "spoke" to the other Pokemon. That's only Master Ash entertaining the crowd before the battles begin.

<"NOW you tell me..."> Mina weakly squawked. <"It just started so quickly, I wasn't expecting it!">

<"I wasn't expecting to nearly become a Persian-cake, either!"> Serena hissed.

<"Watch it, Furball!"> Mina retorted.

"HEY!" Keisha rushed to pull the Pidgeot and the Persian apart. "Be nice!" She was suddenly interrupted by the intercom:

Attention please: Would all trainers in Bracket B please report to the tunnel?

"Show time, you guys!" Keisha called. The six Pokemon lined up behind their master as Keisha walked out into the tunnel....

In the arena...

"Welcome, one and all to the Prime Cup Tournament!" a referee called to the cheering crowd. Today some of Kanto's and Johto's very best are gathered here, but out of the 256 entrants, only one will walk away with the trophy!" The crowd cheered again.

Suddenly, Keisha spotted the three Pikachus from earlier perched on one of the balconies overlooking the arena, now wearing tiny cheerleader's outfits and waving pompoms. "Pika pika, pika chu! Pika pika pikachu!" they cheered.

They're cheering for you, Keisha... Trista smiled as Keisha stepped out into the arena.

"I saw..." Keisha replied as she studied her opponent, a younger girl with blonde hair wearing a pink shirt and a blue jean skirt to match Suddenly, some movement in the balcony caught her eye--she watched as the Pokemon Master stepped out onto the balcony to addess the crowd. Trista bowed low out of respect, prompting Keisha to do the same.

"Well, Your Masterness?" a ref asked, anticipating the signal to get the first battle of the tournament underway.

Ash surveyed the sea of people and Pokemon for a moment, then simply spoke. "Let the battles begin!" The stadium erupted into a flurry of camera flashes and cheers as confetti rained into the staduim.

"Looks like they're ready to get started with the Pokemon Tournament Prime Cup!" a commentator began as Keisha and the lass faced each other. "Which Pokemon will emerge the champ in this tournament with absolutely no level restrictions?"

"Trista, let's go!" Keisha called. Trista nodded and hovered into the Ruby side of the arena.

"Furrette, I choose you!" the lass called, prompting a Furret to run into the arena on the Sapphire side.

Interesting name... Keisha thought as the scoreboard blipped to life, depicting the two Pokemon, their HP levels and status. "Trista, use Psychic!"

"Viscious attack!" the commentator noted as Trista fired a blast of blue energy at the Furret. "A powerful blow!" he added as the energy appeared to consume the Furret. "It went down as soon as the battle started!"

The lass watched, horrified, as her Furret fainted. "Eyah! Furette! You're gonna pay for that!" she growled as she hurled another Poke Ball to the floor! "Tuffette, your turn!" she called to the Wigglytuff that now faced the Kadabra.

"'The remaining Pokemon count is 3 to 2!" the commentator explained. "This battle's outcome is far from certain!"

"Tuffette, use Protect, quickly!" the lass called.

It assumed a protective pose! the commentator cried as green stars surrounded the Wigglytuff

"Trista, use Psychic again!" Keisha commanded. But she watched as the blue energy blast merely bounced off the veil of stars, leaving the Wigglytuff unharmed. "Trista, try again!" she called. Trista obeyed, sending another blue blast at the Wigglytuff.

"Tuffette, Disable the Kadabra's Psychic!" the lass commanded. The Wigglytuff sprayed yellow light at Trista, but it wound up bouncing off the stadiums protective shields!

"Keep on using Psychic!" Keisha called.

"Down it goes!" the commentator announced as the Wigglytuff succumbed to the blue energy. "This is the last Pokemon!" he cautioned as the lass summoned her last Pokemon: an Ampharos...

Back in the locker room...

<"Come on, Trista!"> Mina cheered, as she, the Ninetales, and a Dewgong watched the action unfold on a TV.

<"Oh no!"> the Ninetales cried as the Ampharos fired waves of electricity at Trista. <"Not Thunder Wave!">

<"Calm down, Raye..."> the Dewgong replied.<"Trista will come through..."> Raye just winced as the Ampharos hurled a flaming fist into Trista's belly. Trista countered with another Psychic, but the Ampharos hurled a ball of electricity at Trista!

<"That was close.."> Mina sighed, relieved. <"Had that Zap Cannon connected..."> She let that hang.

<"Hey, I think Keisha won the Zephyr Crest!"> Amy called. The other Pokemon hurried over to the TV, just in time to see their master receive a coin with a picture on the Zephyr Badge on it...

To Be Continued...

March 14th, 2006, 6:22 PM
Episode 2: Kung Foe Fighting

In the locker room...

The other Pokemon cheered as Keisha returned, Trista, Lita, and Serena in tow. "I'm back, you guys!" she cooed as she stroked Mina's feathers.

<"Way to go, Trista!"> Raye smiled, flicking her beautiful tails in celebration of Trista's win.

<"You were so brave out there!"> Mina agreed. <"I was worried when that Zap Cannon almost hit you!">

It couldn't have hit me...the Ampharos was aiming too far to the right. Trista explained. The other Pokemon nodded to show they unsderstood. She smiled when she saw Serena rubbing against Keisha's leg. I believe Serena wants her tuna now...

"Okay, Serena; here you go..." Keisha walked over to a nearby bench, retrieved Serena's feed dish and a can of tuna from her pack, and dumped the contents inside. Serena eagerly pounced on her little treat, savoring every fishy bite. "How is it?" she asked.

<"My complements to the chef."> Serena replied in between bites. She stopped eating for a moment to glance at the TV, where the Pikachu trio, now clad in ninja attire, were dancing to the song "Kung Fu Fighting". <"Oh look, those Pikachus you saw ealier are back...">

<"They must be the in between round entertainment or something..."> Amy suggested, enamored by the Pikachus' dancing.

They also hint at what type your next opponent uses... Trista explained. So their little dance means that Keisha will face a black belt, or someone else that likes Fighting types, in the next round.

"Is that so?" Keisha was impressed by Trista's prophecy. "In that case, I know you're coming with me..."

<"Count me in, too!"> Mina fluttered over to Keisha's shoulder and watched as the Pikachu trio skittered out of the arena, clearing it for the next battle. <"I'll be on standby in case Trista needs help!">

<"I'm coming!"> Amy was not far behind Trista...

In the arena...

This is the second round! the commentator proclaimed as Keisha and a black belt each hurled a Poke Ball into the arena. The trainers place the Poke Balls containing their lead off Pokemon on the field to start the battle! he added as Trista and a Nidoking faced each other.

"Don't let Nidoking intimidate you!" Keisha called to Trista in encouragement.

Don't worry, I have him covered. Trista assured her master as she summoned a ball of Psychic energy...

It assumed a protective pose! the commentator announced as the Nidoking started flickering green, as if he was invincible. Sure enough, Trista's Psychic attack fizzled to nothing upon impact.

"Try again, Trista!" Keisha called.

Wow! The commentator called as another blast of blue energy went hurtling towards the Nidoking, making it scream in pain. It collapsed with only one hit! The stadium rumbled as the Nidoking fell to the floor with a thud.

What did I tell you? All bark and no bite. Trista smiled.

"Just remember that all three of this guy's Pokemon may use Detect." Keisha cautioned. "If you get tired, I have Mina on standby."

That KO will bring out a new Pokemon! the commentator continued as a Hitmonlee appeared in the stadium. "Will this Pokemon avenge the honor of its fallen comrade?"

Probably not... Trista smirked as she hurled another Psychic at her opponent. Amazingly, she saw her attack fizzle out--the Hitmonlee was under the effects of Detect! That does it... she grumbled. I'm letting Mina deal with his next Pokemon...

Keisha noted Trista's anger. "What's the matter?"

You know how much I loathe Detect. Trista replied as she hurled another Psychic blast at the Hitmonlee. Send Mina in...I can only fire so many Psychic attacks... Suddenly, she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye--and went flying into the protective shields from the impact of a Mega Kick!

"Trista!" Keisha hurried over and cradled Trista's head in her arms. "Are you okay?"

I...am all right... Trista wheezed as she weakly eased herself to her feet. Where's a Pokemon Center when you need one?

"Okay..." and Keisha returned Trista to her Poke Ball, before hurling a second one into the arena. "Mina, your turn!"

<"Yee-ha!"> Mina cried as she soared into the arena. The Hitmonlee was unprepared for Mina's attack, so it fell, defeated.

This has turned into a one sided affair! the commentator announced as Mina flew high above a Hitmonchan's side of the arena...

In the locker room...

<"Come on, Mina!"> Serena cheered as Mina circled in for a dive bomb attack. <"You can do it!">

Lita winced as Mina slid off the protective shields, dazed. <"That has to hurt.">

Raye gasped as the Hitmonchan hurled a flaming fist at Mina. <"Dynamicpunch!">

Fortunately for Mina, Dynamicpunch has a low accuracy rate... Trista noted as she tended to the ice pack on her wounds all the while watching as Mina and the Hitmonchan traded Fly and Dynamicpunch attacks...

Finally, the TV announced "And there goes the battle!" All the Pokemon cheered as Keisha flashed a Hive Crest to the crowd...

To Be Continued....