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March 12th, 2006, 8:44 AM
OK, this is my third, and hopefully first Successful Fanfic...Im looking for people in this Community to join the charachter List, so get you requests in! The Chapters will follow, but I need at least two charachters to enter into the first few chapters. Other people that request will appear when the Time is Right. Applications should be written like this:

PC Name: Maneachicken
Charachter Name: Daniel Roberts (THIS IS NOT MY REAL NAME!!!)
Starting Pokemon: Poliwag
Favoured Type: Fire
Strength's: Making Friends & Training
Weakness's: Looses track of Time & Showboat

Then, if your application is successful, you will appear somewhere in the Fanfic!

Chapter 1
“Oh! please Mum, you’ve got to let me go!!!” Daniel Roberts kicked the bin in his anger, Muttering under his breath. His Mum just shook her head, smiling. She continued folding the Washing she had done earlier. “You have to learn that Just because Professor Norman wants to give you a Pokemon Doesn‘t give you an excuse to Stay up until 3am!” She said, leaning to pick up her phone. She looked over to the Boy, who was in his early teens. His short brown hair shone in the light, that filtered through the window. His navy jumper slumped over his thin waist. Daniel’s Mum Prodded the keys on the phone, and then finally put it, to her ear. “Hello Norman, Its Jasmine, He’ll be over in about ten minutes” Daniel Smiled, but at the same time felt guilty.

Yesterday He had decided to Pack his bag for today, with everything he needed. His Mum had been to fetch him five Pokeballs, and two potions earlier that day, and Daniel had carefully placed the items in his bag. When he finished, he turned on the Television, and had fallen asleep with it on. His Dad, had returned home to find this, and told Daniel’s Mum. Daniel Looked up. “Ok Norman, see you later!” His Mum pulled the phone from her ear, and pulled a small lunch box from her cupboard. “Take a large two litre bottle of drink, and make sure to eat lots of food, I can‘t believe I‘m going to let you go!” She said, without even looking at the boy, who had started to get his trainers on. “Watch out for Team Rocket, and those two other criminal groups” She commented as she fumbled with some crisps.


Daniel Stepped outside his front door. He Pulled his bag over his shoulder, Zipped up his coat and started walking to Norman’s Lab, which was the other side of Town. “Man…I am really Lucky!” He Laughed to himself, and sighed.
“Well, look who it is! All Packed and ready!” Daniel Turned around to see…

Well thats it for this Chapter, and you know what to do...

Charachter List

Daniel Roberts (MAIN CHARACHTER): Pokemon-(Poliwag Lv.6)(Pidgey Lv.3)(Cyndaquil Lv.6): Badges:

Pokemon League Champion Ryan Johnson: Pokemon-(Bayleef Lv.72)(Rapidash Lv.70)(Gyarados Lv.67)(Murkrow Lv.65)(Raichu Lv.65)(Alakazam Lv.65)

Zele Georend (Hero Accompanier): Pokemon-(Eevee Lv.18)

'Cyndaquil Catcher' Trainer Timmy: Pokemon-(Ratatta Lv.5)(Butterfree Lv.12)

March 14th, 2006, 11:47 PM
"Ryan?" what are you doing here? asked Daniel, as he blankly looked at the other boy. "Didn't you complete the Pokemon League in Hoenn last Year?" Daniel was still very Inquisitive of the Boy, who was his age, and had Dark Black hair. His Shirt Fluttered in the wind, and His saggy Trousers, flapped around, pointlessly.
"The League over here in Kweol, is meant to be alot tougher than Hoenn" replied Ryan. "Besides, There are even more Pokemon here to catch, there aren't that many in Hoenn" Ryan Added. He Turned around, and looked up into the pale blue sky. A Red Fog Formed. "Magma!" He muttered. He turned back around to Daniel, and Threw a Pokeball to him. "Inside is a Poliwag. Help me against these lot, but, we should be able to take care of them!" From the Red cloud had emerged an Air Balloon. The Rubber, filled with hot air had a large black 'M' Printed on the front.

"Wait, Ryan, you can't just use that boy to help, he doesn't have his own pokemon yet, Let us Help!!!" Daniel and Ryan turned around to see Three Men, with blue hankerchiefs wrapped around their heads. The looked like Pirates, and two of the Men had Black and White stripped shirts on. The other had a Blue and Gold waistcoat, with a Large Gold Medallion hanging from his neck.
"Its Typical for You to turn up Archie, just at the same time as Maxie Does" said Ryan, laughing at the same time. It would be easy for you to take out the Magma, Yes?" Ryan asked. Archie nodded, and the two Grunts threw Two Pokeballs to the ground. Out of them Burst a Sharpedo and a Croconaw. "Right" exclaimed Archie. "Go, Blastoise!" The Last red pokeball hit the ground emitting Red ray's of light. These came toghether to form a large Blue Turtle, with two cannons, poking out from it's shell. "Blastoise, are you ready?" asked Archie, as the Hot air Balloon hit the Ground. The turtle turned around and nodded back, reassuringly. "Go!" A Man in a Red Cloak stood, with two Men standing behind him. He wore this red robe, and it fell down towards the ground. He had a Black T-Shirt, with a White 'M' printed on the front. "It's time we put an end to this madness!" He smilled, and into the air flew three Pokeballs. "Camurupt, Quilava and..." He Laughed. "You will wish you never came up against us now, we have the legendary Moltres!" The Bird that burst from its Pokeball emitted Flames into the sky. It let out a shreek of Delight and started to swoop around. "Ha...pathetic Aqua Members!" Laughed Maxie...

Come on People, i need some more carachters, so check the first Post!

March 16th, 2006, 11:55 AM
Chapter Three-Escape to Nowhere!
"I must get out of here!" shouted Daniel to Ryan. Ryan Nodded, and Replied back: "Take the Poliwag, keep it..." By then, Daniel had started to run. His Jumper flapped effortlesslty, just like the Moltres, which had started to build a ring of Fire around its Body. Daniel turned back around to hear Daniel Shout out a command to his Pokemon, Gyarados. "Use Hydro Pump" He Cried out. "If we can break the Moltres's resistance we can win!" Daniel continued to make his way past the houses that onlooked the fierce battle. Some people had emerged from thier houses, to cheer on Ryan.

Daniel soon found himself outside the village. "Oh no, I forgot to go and see the proffesor!" he shouted out loud...A few Pidgey scattered from the nearby tree's. He looked up. "Pidgey, one of those could come in handy!" He looked down at his Belt. The lonely Pokeball containing Poliwag Glistened in the Mid-day Light. "Come on...It's time to fight!" He pulled the ball from his pocket and threw it to the ground. Out burst a Blue Monster, with a pink nose. It resembled a tadpole, but looked far from it, as its hypnotic Stomach, started to send out waves. "Unbeleiveable! I din't know that a weak Poliwag knew Confusion!" One Pidgey turned its gaze towards the spinning, Pink light and it started to Flutter uncontrollably around. "OK! right, use Water Gun...That should be enough!" The Poliwag emited a Line of Water from the middle of its stomach, tat struck the pidgey, firm in the face. It was quite shocked and fell towards the ground. It managed to land on two feet, but staggered around a bit, before Thudding onto the Grass. "The time's right!" Daniel pulled another Pokeball from his bag. He threw the ball next to the Pidgey, which turned red. It soon disappeared into the ball, which had started to move, struggling, the Pidgey giving all its strength to get out. The Red button Clicked, and turned Grey. "Oh yeah! I caught My first Pokemon!" Daniel Jumped up and down, Picked up the captured Pidgey, parading it around. The small Poliwag looked up at Daniel. "Poli!" It's small nose appeared to smile, as Daniel Returned it to it's Pokeball. "Well Done!" He smiled.

Daniel Looked around for a bit, wondering where he was. "OK" He thought to himself, unsurely. "Where are We?"

March 21st, 2006, 12:43 PM
"Oi, You, get out of this field" Shouted an young, squeaky voice from behind a tree. The long grass blew in the morning light, twirling and twisting. The gentle breeze colled the air and the tree's grasped up into the sky for the sun's rays. Daniel Stepped towards the tree, trampling on the grass.
"You'll scare away the Cyndaquil" hushed the Boy. His wrinkly skin reached down to a pokeball in his pocket. He threw from the ball a small Purple coloured Rat. "That's a Ratatta!" laughed Daniel as he looked around his feet.
"I know that! Im just getting ready. You see, Cyndaquil is a Mouse that is common in this region. It has a fire on its back and can become very powerful. That is why I want to catch it...It could win me the pokemon league"

A Small Black Craeture started sniffing at Daniel's leg. It's Pale Yellow stomach only just touched the ground. It looked up, and a large fire burst from it's back as it saw the Ratatta.
"There is a Cyndaquil!" Cried the Man. The Pokemon soon started sniffing at the man's hand, as he reached down to pet the pokemon's head. Sneakily, Daniel clicked a Pokeball in his Pocket. He looked at the mouse and threw the ball next to the creature. The ball burst open, Emitting the same Red light as they always do. The Cyndaquil disappeared into the ball.
"I can't believe you!" Shouted the trainer as the Pokeball stopped squirming and sat still.
"You just caught a Cyndaquil...I was going to catch that...and you caught it without a battle..." The trainer clutched his head. "You'll Pay for that!" He raised his fist, and returned his Ratatta. "We're Going to have a Battle!"

March 22nd, 2006, 12:04 PM
The two trainers stood a few metres apart. Each was ready to pounce. "Go Ratatta!" shouted the young boy. From the Pokeball filtered out the Purple Rat. It scratched its hind leg with its long pointy teeth and Squeaked out. "Ratta!" It prepared itself as Daniel reached to his Belt. He thought to himself. "Pidgey, Poliwag or Cyndaquil?" the three names jumped around in his head. He then decided. "I will go for...Poliwag!" Out from the ball jumped the enerjetic Blue Pokemon. It waggled it's tail in happieness. "Poliwag, start with Water Gun!" cried Daniel as he pointed down at the small Rat. It tried in vain to dodge the line of Water, which hit into the small creatures Stomach. It staggered up, trying to catch its breath. "No! Your only Winded...I know that you can beat that Stupid Tadpole!" Shouted The Trainer. Poliwag looked up at the trainer. It started to show frustation as the previs comment. "WAG!" cried the Poliwag as it jumped at the trainer and Spat Bubbles out at the trainer. "Hah ha! laughed Daniel as he tapped the Small Ball of Blue on the head. Its small nose twitched, and its Hypnotic Stomach started spinning, this time a long ray of Purple matter hit the Rattata in the back. "Confusion?" gasped the astonished trainer in disbelief. "That thing is inexperienced...how did it know that move?" The Trainer stared at The Poliwag that triumphantly Danced around. "Rattata...Come back...its time for Buterfree!"

From the new Pokeball burst into the air a Purple Butterfly, with its Majestic wings unfolded, in full life. It's deep red eyes Burned with a real Passion, as it Fluttered around in the sky elegantly. "Use Sleep Powder!, Then attack it with Tackle!" Cried the Trainer, as he stood with his hands on his hips, Cockily. "This should be easy!" laughed the Trainer. And he smiled, an evil smile.

March 24th, 2006, 10:51 AM
"Buterfree use..."
"Stop, your the Cyndaquil catcher?" asked a Boy. He stood still, with his hair moving gently in the wind. The trainer nodded.
"You lied to me saying that there was no Cyndaquil here! I just watched that kid catch one!" Shouted the boy, as he pointed at the other boy, who sarted backing away.
"Come on Zele, I didn't wat anyone disturbing me...I only wanted to catch one..." He bowed is head low, and backed away, returning the Buterfree as he did so.
"It might of beaten Liam if i had of known..." tutted Zele as he shook his head in disappointment. Daniel Looked up.
"Liam?" he asked innocently. "Who is he?"
"You don't know liam? he's the leader of Olde Reith Pillow, a town up ahead. He has grass monsters so be careful if you think of challenging im with that Poliwag you used earlier. I would go with Cyndaquil or Pidgey" Commented Zele.
The other trainer had already picked up his bag and tried to escape.
"Eevee! Go! use Agility to get infront of his and then quick attack! Youre not getting away Timmy!"
Daniel thought to himself, 'I could challenge this Liam Guy and get a Badge!' But he raised his head out from his Thoughts to see a brown and white Puppyish Pokemon, that bounded out of the Pokeball, and leaving a trail of settling sand in its path, knocked Timmy off of his feet. Eevee Walked up slowly to him, jumped on his Chest, and started licking his face with pleasure. Jumping onto the trainers stomach, the Eevee Laughed. "Eev!"
"I hate Eevees!" Scowled Timmy...

March 26th, 2006, 3:07 AM
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