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March 12th, 2006, 11:29 AM
The Flaming Rush

The forests were slowly being chopped down. Pokemon were being driven to the caves. They all had to learn to get along together. Humans were slowly making there way to the mountains; to the caves. The Dragon and fire Pokemon always used to live in the caves. But when the Pokemon came they started to fight. Over 2 years the Pokemon have fought wars. But man intervened and killed of most of the fire Pokemon. Only 6 trainers have the rights to have them. The Fire Pokemon have nearly been driven to Extinction. But the trainers have heard of a place. The great Underground. This is where the only Fire and dragon Pokemon live. They have to catch as many as possible until they can reintroduce them to the other parts of Hoen. But the path is Dangerous and Team Magma and Aqua work here. People will try to stop the trainers and Pokemon will always guard the way.
The Trainers will catch new Pokemon never before seen and be attacked by Pokemon common around the place. As they travel their Pokemon team will grow.

The Mission
You Must find the Fire and Dragon Pokemon or the whole species will become extinct. If that happens then you are out for the count. Beware of the Team Magma and Aqua, they put up a punch. But most of all anything can happen…anything.

Any new RPG'ers go and look at the RP rules, then come back and see if you can come up with a good sign up form
Only 6 people will be chosen (not including myself)
Relationship are allowed, but they can't disturb the main story
No spamming
No godmoding
No power playing
Try not to take it over board when RPG’ing,
Slowly the Charzard advanced on us. Then its large over sized jaws clamped down on us. We slowly and painfully Died
One Pokemon attack humans but don’t kill them.
Also A Charzard would prefer to be left alone, like many Pokemon.

Form to use

Pokemon:(Must have at least 3 and no more then 6)
Personality: (A descriptive personality)
History:(a small background to your character)
RPG Sample:(can be from another RPG that you wrote)
Other:(anything about your character?)

My one:-

Name: Tana
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Umbreon (Rahul)
Rahul has been with Tana for a long time. Tana evolved him and it is her only Dark Pokemon.

Salamence (Danny)
Danny was Tana’s dads Pokemon before he suddenly passed away a year ago. She has taken care of Danny much more then her others cause of her dads death.

Charzard (Luke)
Luke has been in Tana’s family for years. When he was first caught its was by Tana’s Granddad. A long time ago.

Flareon (Flamo)
Flamo was Tana’s mothers Pokemon before she gave it to Tana. Tana has treasured Flamo from then on.

Personality: Tana has been very sad since her father passed away a year ago. She normally tries to conquer that sadness by making friends and travelling with her Pokemon. She loves being around over people but likes to think of her Pokemon like her family. When one is parted the whole family is broken so Tana likes to keep them near.

Appearance: Tana has black hair and deep blue eyes. She stands about 5ft 9 and has blue jeans with a flame on the trouser leg. Her T-Shirt has a flame on it and the words A flame dies out, But not me. Her eyes are the deepest blue ever.

History: Her father was a protester against the killing of the fire and dragon Pokemon. She has taken her fathers shoes and is setting of to the Underground. Her mother never wanted Tana to go of like this but she had accepted her right about it.

RPG Sample: (from The Haunted Island) Amaya looked around. The battle had started but it didn't look much like amayas type. She got up and called for chip who came to her side. Migan stayed a little back weary of all the Pokemon and people.
Amaya came up onto the deck. She saw a battle, but this one looked good.
Chip lay down again and grunted,
"Humph(You dare even touch me Migan your dead)"
Migan laughed and poked Chip,
"Gengarrrr(haha touched you)"
Chip jumped up making the boat rock a bit and looked hard at Migan,
"Salamenceee(Don't do it)"
Migan had his fun and sat down by Amaya watching the battle.
"Gang Gengarrrr (We used to battle like that.)"
Amaya nodded her head,
"We haven't battled in ages. Well someone will ask us. Its just a matter of time."
Migan nodded his head and looked at the battle with Amaya. Chip was safely on the other side of Amaya his eye looking at the battle.

Other: Tana wears a silver necklace, which ends in a flame. It was given to her by her father before he died and Tana treasures it dearly.

March 27th, 2006, 1:16 PM
Name: Kiki Komodo

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pikachu (Peeky) - Kiki's starter Pokemon. She bagan as a Pichu and was raised by Kiki scince she started. Looks like Sparky from the series.

Absol (Disaster) - Disaster looks like any Absol and was caught like any other Pokemon. She tends to hang out in the shadows showing only her glowing red eyes.

Skitty (Kat) - Kat is one of Kiki's favorites. She loves to play around and look cute but don't let her appearence fool you she's one tough cookie and don't let her open her eyes.

Torchic (Fireball) - Fireball was a gift from Kiki's father who had found her alone. Surprised that he had found a Fire pokemon he gave it to his daughter knowing she'd treat it right.

Azurill (Jetstream) - Jetstream accidentally ate an Everstone when she was going through Kiki's things and now can't evolve even if she wanted to. She's normal and little but like all of Kiki's pokemon is a strong fighting force.

Meowth (Meowsey) - Wears a bell around her neck and is shiney. she's friendly and playful. She's also Kiki's mom's pokemon. Kiki's just borrowing her.

Personality: Kiki's a sweet girl who enjoys shopping and the like. However she's not at all girlie. She hates pink and only wears make-up if she has to. She reminds people of a cat or an Espeon sometimes and tends to occasionally say meow out of nowhere. Her kind heart seems to affect all around her with a contaigeous smile. In battle though she's rough and tough but will always try to make sure noone gets too hurt.

Appearance: Kiki's about 5'6'' and weighs around 106lbs. Her hair is chin length and purple like an Espeon's. Her clothing consists of a purple Kimono (silk, cotten, or fleece depending on the tempurature) with a bikini underneath. On her back she wears a light blue courderoy knapsack where Peeky tends to sleep and her Pokeballs are a specialized Purple. Her fingernails are about 1/4 of an inch in length and rounded usually painted purple.

History: When Kiki was very little she joined Team Magma in a thought that she was helping. When she figured out what was really going on she left but was from then on trailed by them as Maxie didn't want to give her up. Kiki's younger sister Karla had always wanted a fire pokemon. Not wanting to give up Fireball Kiki made a promise that she'd go and find one for her. Now she's on the search for the perfect Fire Pokemon no matter what the cost..

RPG Sample: ((From Pokemon Flight from Earth)) Kiki watched as the Garados slithered off and looked over at the others surprised that she acted like that. She reached into her bag and pulled out a pokeball. It was purple with saphirres(sp?) built into it and an F on the top. It didn't work as the device had been removed but it still opened. Kiki kept it shut however and stared at it thinking about her past.
"Oh Fluffy your fur is so soft! Someday we'll battle and maybe you'll even evolve!" A little girl said as she stroked an Eevee. She had short blonde hair and wore a pink dress. Her size and fetures suggested she was no older than 7.
"E Evee! Evve E!" /Ya! I'd love to be an Espeon!/ The Eevee known as Fluffy replied. Although the girl did not understand the Eevee's language she smiled,
"Well goodnight Fluffy! Tomorrow we can train with my dolls!" The girl said laying down in a bed covered in the color Pink. Fluffy nodded before curling up on a purple cushon under a canopy. Fade to black.

Other: Nothing really

March 27th, 2006, 1:36 PM
Ill join

Name: Dylan Mechat
Age: 15
Gender: Male


Breloom (Spore)- Spore was his Grandpa's pokemon he had from his tranier years he had it scenie it was an egg. Its not to old it is only 5 years old when his grandpa died he passed it to Dylan.

Absol (Gear)- Gear was orbited in a contest he is very smart, smarter than most Absol but lacks power to some but he makes that up in brains.

Tyflusion (Heat)- Heat he had found in a day care abondanded as a Quilava so he took him in as one of his pokemon this pokemon is very defense than most pokemon

Grovely (Blade)- Dylan found Blade in an egg on the side of the road so he took him and raised him from a Treeko.

Corpfish (Hammer)- He had to take this one down in a battle this Corpfish has spirte it took Dylan over an hour just took it down and cacth it.

Nidoking (Drill)- He had raise this pokemon from its first evoution stage and they had been friends forever.

Persinality- Dylan perferrs to play with pokemon than people because they don't make fun of and they care for him. But he is always kind to people no matter how rude they are to him. Dylan will never give up in a challage no matter what the cost. But he can get very stubboron at times.

Apperence: Dylan is about 6'10 and weighs about 115 pounds. He has yellow goggles on from his grandpa. He wears a yellow t-shirt with a black pokeball sign on it. He wears blue raggy shorts with blue and black shoes. His shoes are mostly black but they blue around the edges.

History: Dylan had some bad exsperine with bullys when he was little but now his pokemon are some of the best around to protect him. His grandpa was very dear to Dylan when he died it broke his heart but his Breloom cheered him up. Dylan's grandpa was killed by team aquas pokemon by accident now Dylan is out for revenge.

RPG Sample: "Spore use dynamicpunch on that Absol now" I yelled with entese foucs. Spore rushed towreds the enraged Absol. Spores hand started to glow. But this Absol knew how to counter that. The female Absol use Razor Wind on the rock rock flew up blocking Spores way and his attack. "Darn I thought that would" I whisperd to myself. But as the rocks fell the Absol had disappered. "Becareful Spore it might still be here" I shouted". Then at the couner of my I eye I cough what looked like a white bush leaping towards Spore. "Look out Spore". To late Spore had been taking deadly hits from the Absol's slash attack. Spore had a slahed back and it had turned red. "Spore use stun spore now" Spore responded by letting out letting yellow powder from it spore on it soft head. But the Absol used Razor wind to counter it back to Spore. Spore was hit hard on the ground. The abosl was going for spore again. "Spore Mach punch" I yelled. Spore's hand glowed green and let out a hard punch witch hit the Absol. The Absol flew to the ground. "Now Spore sleep powered". Spore let out blue powered from it spore on its head. The Absol was now asleep. Dylan went up to Absol looked at his foot and smiled.

March 27th, 2006, 3:02 PM
Fire pokémon. <3

Name: Ember Krow

Age: 16

Gender: Female

DarkClaw (Meowth): Ember's first pokémon; her pokéball hangs about her trainer's neck, but she prefers to sit on Ember's head rather than ride around in it.
Nails (Arcanine): He's a little rough around the edges, and doesn't much like other pokémon, even Ember's- but he's civil enough. Ember caught him as a growlithe.
Crossbones (Houndour): He followed her home one day, and she took him in without question.
Crow (Spearow): Ember's newest pokémon. She still doesn't completely listen to her.

Personality: She can come off as being hopelessly stupid, clumsy and withdrawn, but really she's just shy. She doesn't know quite what to do with strangers, and considers herself much better with pokémon. She needs a lot of support to stand up to other people, especially people she doesn't know. She loves a challenge but gets bored easily. She has a "healthy" sense of humor- she laughs at everything- but a terrible sense of timing.

Appearance: She's around 5'6", average height, and around average weight. She has an omnipresent tan, blue eyes, hip-length red hair, and a small burn mark on her left temple. Her features are a little more sharp than the ideal.
History: Ember was raised on Cinnabar Island by her father and his pet Absol. Her father didn't talk about his wife much, but as she grew up, Ember learned from the people around that her mother had been a well-respected fire trainer who had planned on teaching her daughter her techniques but had died before she'd had the chance- and determined to live out her mother's goals. She was, therefore, a little disappointed when, after her 'pilgrimige' to Pallet Town, she found herself saddled with, instead of a charmander or a cyndaquil, a meowth as her first pokémon. She's gotten over it, though, and DarkClaw is now her best friend.

RPG Sample (It has nothing to do with the character or pokémon in general... it’s in fact grabbed randomly from another RP site. Keheh.): It was usually easier to get people to part with their money once they were already in the mood to do so. This in mind, Vice kept an eye on the crowds, and an ear open for the fall of money, or spontaneous applause, or any sort of news about anything spectacular happening on the streets. Shiikha actually saw the fluctuating crowd before he did, and then the dancer; excited, she led him, clumsily tripping over her own wings, towards the crowd, bouncing on the road, lizard claws ticking on the ground.

After that, it was simply a matter of shifting into place as if he had been there all along, pulling the three small, bronze disks out of the large pockets in his patchwork coat and tossing them in the air, silently counting with each throw, one two three. One disappeared and he alternated throws with the other two in one hand, reaching the other one behind his head and appearing to pull it out of the locks of his hair. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Shiikha, perched on the side of a wall, almost daintily chew a money pouch off a passerby. Grinning, amused, he broke the pattern just long enough to catch two silver peices, then, when those 'disappeared,' continued to juggle without dropping a single plate.

Then there was a loud thud, and all three plates hit the ground with slightly muffled clatters. Shiikha was on his shoulder in a minute, staring at where the dragon-lady had fallen to the ground.

Quickly, the werewolf picked up the plates and hid them back inside his coat, then edged closer to where the dancer was, trying to see what was going on.

_Mighty Mawile_
March 29th, 2006, 6:41 AM
I'm gonna join! 'sounds like fun! :3

Name: Alison

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Kippy: (Mudkip), was her first ever pokemon that she had found on her own. They have been best friends eversince.
Zipper: (Jolteon) Alison had Zipper since he was a baby.
Snowy: (Snorunt) Alison helped rescue Snowy from a gang of poachers, best of friends.

Personallity: She's very sweet. She's a little bit clumsy when she's carrieing things. Mostly hyper when she gets caught stealing.

(Ill have more later)

March 29th, 2006, 8:15 AM
Name: Jackie katayu
Age: 15
Gender: Female

The last form of Torchic, Blaziken was Jackie's starter pokèmon and always tries it's best to keep Jackie happy.

This Ludicolo was caught out of luck, It was Jackie's first CAUGHT pokèmon and never leaves her side.

Zangoose and Jackie had a rough start to their friendship, they were always dis-agreeing to each other and Zangoose wouldn't follow her instructions. But now they do alot together.

Personality: Jackie is a very competitive trainer, she tries her best to defeat people who challenger her to a battle, or if she challenges them, under all that tough skin of hers she is a very kind girl and loves all types of pokemon.
She never leaves one of her pokemon out and treats them all the same, although in her dramatic past of losing her best friend in a car accident, she has moved on and is gonna try be the best trainer she can... Just for her friend.
She likes keeping in touch with her family and has regular visits, To make sure they are okay.

Appearence: Has blue eyes, very slim, Long dark brown wavy hair that blows in the breeze. Wears a red and orange bandana to keep her hair under control and to keep the sun off her head, Usually wears Mid-height jean skirts in the summer and normal Jeans in the winter or if it is cold.

History: Was once a very peaceful and calm girl, Her great Grandfather was involved in a Pokemon Stealing institute (Like team rocket), But later on in his life, he realised that pokemon should be treated like Humans and stopped.

RPG Sample: Emma followed the next city.... Viridian City. Her Charmander decided to released itself out of it's little compartement Pokeball and ran towards the lake, It seemed he was thirsty, so Emma unwittingly decided to do the same action as Charmander did and took a little rest, she released Squirtle from the pokeball and let her swim in the lake for a while.
After the little rest they carried on down the long narrow road, getting closer to the city. The wind was blowing hard after 15 minutes of walking, Emma fell over twice due the strong pounding wind hitting her, She finally made it to viridian after a long Narrow breezy road.

"Hold it right there" A misterious voice came from behind the bushes, a few yards away from the Building to Viridian.
"Who's there ?" Emma asked, slightly anxious.
The Shadow of the misterious person disapeared as the figure moved forward, He had a long Aqua blue ponytail, Dressed in a red robe, almost as close as looking like blood....
"Your worst nightmare" The man started with a small toned voice into a voice that was clearly shouted, out of a matter of seconds, this man about 5.7, Aqua hair with beautifal blue eyes, Turned into a Huge Blood thirsty monster, his fine white teeth were replaced with teeth that would probably tear through meat without no chewing. His Long Blue hair fell out and Horns about a foot long each, Almost as sharp as a pin....
The "Thing" Came forward, feet pounding into the earth before Emma, She just stood there, too scared to move a muscle.. The monster raised his razor sharp claws and slashed Emma across the face...

"Argh !!!" Emma shouted, raising above her bed realising it was just a bad dream. "Oh my god, what just happened, I...i... I..." Emma was too shooken up to speak, She walked downstairs, Then saw her mother, sitting by the table looking at a letter.
"Hi hunny" Her mother turned her head up, looking at Emma with a pleasent smile to greet her, she then realised on how much of a shock Emma was in...

March 29th, 2006, 8:25 AM
Name: Daniel or Pkmn knight Pk for short
Age:12 if i can if not i will be 14
Pokemon: Ponyta, Torchic and a pichu
Personality: He
Appearance: a brown haried guy whos has a black jacket with a white shirt black jeans and is always riding his ponyta with a back pack on him
History:Not much is known because he doesnt say much but he never liked his parents (is this ok because i wanna save his history to be found out in the role play
RPG Sample: Dan got up in the moring seeing that he was late for his battle with his friends 3 v 1. Daniel ran to the field with his friends mad and annoyed as soon as he got there he sent out his 3 pokemon.Ready to battle Daniel got his friends to send their pokemon out and they started to have a battle.Dan Said Torchic use ember on their treeko. Pichu use spark on the squirtle and ponyta use ember aswell on the treeko.
Other: He has all his things in his back pack and he is not very friendly

The Destroyer
March 31st, 2006, 8:37 AM
Can I join?

Name: Jewel Lei
Gender: Female
Pokemon: 4 (All but Lucky can talk!)

Espeon (Pearl): Pearl was Jewel's first pokemon, ever since Jewel was a baby. She always travels outside with Jewel and will do anything to protect her - even if it means risking a life. - And NEVER insult her... it just might be the last thing you do!
Raichu (Swift): His name says it all! Jewel had to throw alot a PokeBalls to catch this little fuzz- ball of static. Swift will never tire out, and always knows what to do when things get out-of-hand. He will do anything for a cookie.
Torchic (Lucky): Lucky has luck...and tons of it! Jewel didnt even have to throw a single ball to catch this little fella! Lucky just joined the group because he had been longing for a Trainer to look after him. When Lucky gets lost, and the group is a thousand miles away... he always finds his way back... always! Now thats what I call luck!
Corsola (Cory) : Cory was found on a Pokemon Ranch that only has water Pokemon. Jewel decided to keep her, since noone was taking care of Cory. Even though she has a boy's name, that doesn't bother Cory much. Cory just LOVES to swim in the water at night, since that's the only time when the water isn't infested with dangerous Pokemon. She and Swift always take care of Lucky, since he's the youngest. Cory likes to pull pranks on FisherMen by spraying cold water in their face's!
Personallity: She is very kind, even if she has to be a little bit clumsy! She will do whatever it takes to win... even if the opponents are alot tougher. But with a pokemon team like hers, victory is just one block away!! She will always make sure her pokemon are healed and healthy before setting off for adventure! She can be one tough cookie if someone is playing rough!!
History: Her parents were killed by a storm when she was taking a tour with them around the world! She even had Lucky out with her... but not even luck could save them. She was only five years old!! Now she lives with her Godfather, who was once a pokemon ranger who helped pokemon in trouble! Now, Jewel wants to become like her Godfather and help pokemon, whatever it takes!
Apperance: She's 5'6 when she's wearing hiking boots, 4'7 when she's not! She has a long length of beautiful blond hair with red streaks. She never leaves home without her hiking cap, complete with Go-googles, incase she has to go through a sandstorm. Her outfit includes a purple vest that hides a indigo shirt with a picture of the Pichu Brothers on the front. Her jeans have a bubble pattern on it with water pokemon in the bubbles. She has hiking boots that make her look taller than her normal hight. She even has a backpack with tons of pockets for hiking supplies and pokemon items and PokeBalls.
RPG Sample: "Good morning Pearl," Jewel said as she greeted her Espeon with a scratch behind the ears. "Ready for a day of adventure, romance and danger?" "You bet Jewel!" Pearl said as she rubbed her cheek against Jewel's legs happily. Just then, her Godfather, who's name was Chris, walked into the room. "Jewel, I hope you have everything ready to go." Chris said as he sat at the table making himself toast. "Don't worry Chris, I got all under control! C'mon Pearl, see ya Chris!"Jewel said as she and Pearl ran outside for some fresh air.
"Come on out everone!!" Jewel through two PokeBall's into the air! Out popped Swift, a Raichu. He started to run laps around Jewel rappedly."Hey Jewel, wanna race?". Another Pokemon came out of it's ball. "Torchic!" Lucky, the Torchic said happily as he hugged Jewel. The final PokeBall burst open, revealing Cory the Corsola. "Hi Jewel!" Cory said as Jewel picked her up. "Ok guys, ready?" Her Pokemon nodded. "Then lets go for an adventure!!" Jewel ran toward the forest with her pokemon at her side...
Other: She has a breathing problem so she takes a puffer with her when she goes out hiking. She doesn't really need to use it that much, but she just wants to be safe.

Pineapple Pocky
March 31st, 2006, 5:11 PM
Name: Risa Soyoko
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: 6

Flygon- Female (Trace) Trace is a smart, cool, and calm character that is always there to help Risa when Risa needs her.
Mightyena- Male (Orick) This is Risa's favorite pokemon, and her best friend, Orick. He's always tough and is there to protect Risa and the others. He's never scared of anything, or anyone, so you better stay out of his way.
Phanpy- Female (Wiz) This phanpy is a bit strange... she says random things all the time and Risa thought she was a wiz at being weird, so that's what she calls her. Wiz maybe a little out there, but she's not as weal as you think.
Dragonite- Male (Daisuke: Dice-kay) A usually happy-go-lucky dragon that's got a bit of problem. He's bipolar, so he has random mood swings every so often, so he can be very unpredictable. But his most dominant personality is on the fun and hyper side.
Tyranitar- Male (Darke) Not much of a talkative guy, he usually just nods and says one thing... He doesn't really feel talking is neccesary, it's all about action for this huge monster. Although he doesn't say much, Risa and the rest know he's a good "guy".
Quilava- male (Gir) This little prankster is always teasing his friends and joking around, but he can be a big hot-head. He doesn't like anyone to make fun of his friends but him, so he's always in someone's face for talking about them.

Personality: She's a little shy and quiet around strangers, but she does like to talk to people every once and a while. She's usually hanging out with her best friend and "brother" Orick the wolf. She's very fond of him since he's saved her life countless times. But when she gets to know a person she's always happy and hyper, and let's her true self out. She loves most animals and will always be a sucker for little wolf cubs. (She loves poochyena)

Appearance: Long purple hair in the front and short in the back, blue-green eyes, a gold ribbon is in her hair, and she wears a black collar with a dog tag that reads: "Wherever you go, whatever you do, you know I'll always be right here for you."

History: (It's based off what she found in Haunted Island Darksoft. Or what she would have found out. I just changed it around a bit)
Since she found out her parents died on a strange island, she decided not to go back to Vermilion city, but instead just go wherever her feet took her. She's always with her only friends, all six of her pokemon. She's always on the road, but she isn't really headed anywhere. She just wants to get away... from everything...

RPG Sample: This is from a random roleplay i was in... it's got nothin to do with this!

I wandered off to one part of the shore so i wouldn't feel so weird talking to Fearow. "Hige? are you there?" I could sense him near me but i didn't see him anywhere. "Hige?! where are you?"

Suddenly from a small gray wisp of air emerged the Fearow. "Yes, Guadian?" he crowed sitting down beside me. "Just what are we supposed to do after we find all the guardians?" "Well you must start capturing all the birds of Kanto of course. But first you might want to learn to use that Saber of yours."

"Huh?! Don't you mean Sword?!" I said taking it out my pocket again. "No, young flyer. It is a saber." "Oh, fine..." I pushed the botton and out came the green stream of light again. "Hmm... Since you say it's a Saber, and the blade is made of light... I'll call it Saber of light!!!" "Or... you could just call the thing a lightsaber..." suggested the Fearow.

"Hige!...*anime sweat drops* YOUR NOT HELPING!!!" "Sorry Guardian... no need to yell..." He said rustling his silver feathers. "But it was just a thought..." "I suppose "LightSaber" will have to do!..." I said slashing it around in the air. "Hey, I wonder if you can touch the blade..." "Um, guardian that isn't so wise... you would burn your hands off!..." "But yes... go ahead and touch it!" He teased. "Very funny Fearow!" "So just how strong is this thing anyway?" "Test it out and see Flyer."

I went to the nearest tree and closed my eyes, then slashed the saber through the air.
When i opened them i saw barely even a scratch on the tree. "WHAT?! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!" "Hehehe... you are a loud-mouthed one aren't you! For your attacks to work completely you must say the magic words!" "Uh... Please work?" "No, no Flyer. Say "Shining Air attack" "Oh okay, SHINING AIR ATTACK!" i yelled slashing the sword again.

"Open your eyes Flyer." I did and saw the blade's wind force had knocked down all the trees in front of me to the end of the shore (that's like 10 trees). "Whoa... THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!" "Wait... You think anyway will notice? *sweat drops again* uh, just act normal okay! *starts to whistle guiltly*
I walked back over to the crowd of talking guardians.

Other: ...uh... nothing much!