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March 12th, 2006, 11:38 AM
Lightning flashed overhead, illuminating the Great Hall of Beauxbaton. Students shifted uneasily in their seats, casting nervous glances at the enchanted ceiling, all jumping as thunder rolled in the sky. Besides the storm raging on outside, there was no noise. Not a single student spoke. At the head of the long room, three people stood surrounding a goblet. One of them, a man with a compassionate face and kind, but tired eyes mumbled something, as the other two stepped back a pace. One was a woman who was dressed as if she were royal, and judging by the way she carried herself, she might have been. The other was a middle-aged man, who's dark eyes that surveyed each of the students seated befroe him.

As the man spoke, something seemed to glow within the ancient goblet. Suddenly, a blue flame ignited, blowing the man's robes around his slender frame. He stood completely still, the light of the fire reflecting on the mirrored walls around them. The hall was cast in an eerie blue glow, making everthing look distorted and unatrual.

A crackling noise could be heard from nowhere, and light lit up the room. Everyone was momentarily blinded. The young man, new headmaster of Hogwarts, stood, his face frozen in shock. As the students recovered, they all turned their attention to the front of the room, gazing upon a sight they would never forget.

Thousands of broken shards lay on the ground, and a blue mist seemd to hover over them. Pieces of charred paper floated in the air.

The Goblet was broken.

The new headmaster regained his composure, and straitghened, facing the children in the hall of Beauxbaton. "Students," his voice echoed through the room, lingering on in the silence, "It was quite unexpected, but the Goblet is broken, as you see. I regretfully say, all people who put their name in the cup must now participate in the tournament." Lightning lit the faces of hundreds of shocked children.

"There is no turning back now."


An enormous, white glass-like castle sits in the middle of a lake, on an island. Fountaines surround it, glass gargoyles and angels pour water down it's sides, and the school shines in the moonlight. The landscape is unlike anything ever seen. Waterfalls cascade down from mountains into the water on all sides, twisted, gnarled white trees rise from the shallow parts of the lake, and bridges craved with intricate designs connect smaller islands to the school... It is truely a place of beauty and serenity.

At least from the outside.

You are a student, either from Drumstrang, Beauxbaton. or Hogwarts, thrown into a hellish nightmare, the Triwizard Tournament. No matter your age, you are forced to participate, since the goblet was broken. Some take this as an omen of great evil, others say it was only an accident. But still, strange things tend to happen. This Triwizard Tournament is unlike any others, meant to be harder, more challenging, and the most dangerous in decades, due to the fact there are more than three people participating. Frienships will be tested, promises broken in this tournament. Each student will not only discover a side of them they never thought to exist, but also come to realise they are losing a part of themselves, almost being driven to insanity.


-Ze rules-

1- Thorns is the co-owner of the Rp. Do as she says or burn in the abyss.
2- Absolutely NO godmodding. I will hunt you down for that.
3- If your are to curse or hex someone, make sure you don't use Avada Kedabra. Anything else is accepted.
4- Don't play anyone else's character without their permission.
5- Any questions, pm Thorns or I.
6- Please, PLEASE read every post. Nobody likes having to explain what's happened in the Rp, Unless you've missed over two pages.


-Ze Sign-up-

Pet: ((optional))
Special Talents: ((optional. C'mon, people, I don't want everyone putting: OMG!! my character is super good at all sujects, is really goodly at dark arts, and can change into a dragon and unicorn, and can speak to animals, and is a werewolf!!!!11! One or two special talents, keep it toned down. You're only a student, for Christs sake.))
Rp sample: ((REQUIRED. Unless you are Thorns or myself, one is needed.))


The tasks will be different, except for the maze and the Yule Ball. The first shall be a search around the surrounding mountains for a statue, the second, a battle against three Tunneling Vermis.

This is an RP brought to you by Thornheart(Thorns) and Syn(Psychotic_Demon). This RP is also not meant for the light-hearted. We're talkin' dark, drama-ish stuff here, people.

March 13th, 2006, 3:05 PM
((Yay! I'm joining! ^.^ It's been awhile since I've seen a decent Harry Potter-based RP around...and I'm sticking with my character, who is in fact a werewolf ^.^))

Name: Simone

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 6

Description: A rather tall, gangly sort of girl. She is pale, with long black hair. Her robes are usually in tatters, and it's a wonder why her hair isn't as unkept as her outfit it. Simone's eyes are a deep yellow-green, and she usually looks rather tired. Also, there is the scar of the bite-mark on her right arm.

Personality: A quiet, kept-to-herself sort of girl. She's lacking in friends, mainly because of insecurity of her being a werewolf. If it leaked out that she was in fact, this creature of the night, she would probably drop out of school against her father's wishes. She seriously needs something to boost her confidence, and now regrets that she had put her name into the Goblet, after the accident.

Wand: Single Unicorn hair, feather of Phoenix, and a strand of werewolf hair. About 17 centimeters in length, quite thin though very durable. A silver colour with a brown handle, the sort of wood unknown to her...for she has forgotten.

Pet: A small cat named Maggie.

Special Talents: A werewolf (if you could call that a talent...), and she has a knack with knowing a lot about magical wildlife.

Rp sample: ((Bah, if you can't tell, I have NO muse today. But, I shall try to the best of my ability...her first year at Beauxbaton. Please note, I'm in no mood to make exaggerated French accents...))

Oh dear God, have mercy on me... were the very thoughts that this young girl of merely twelve years was thinking. She was surrounded by the world's most beautiful girls...and here was she. An ugly child in a tattered robes with deep dark circles under her eyes. She really wasn't as ugly as she thought, but not drop-dead beautiful like all these girls here at this school were.

Her father was speaking in rapid French to the Headmistress, and she caught bits and pieces of their conversation. "Elle est un loup-garou...N'importe quoi vous pouvez faire...Pour aider?" Of course, he was speaking of her condition, and she hangs her head as a gaggle of girls passes by her, giggling at her pathetic looks.

"My my, I heard her father was a rich wizard...but by the looks of her, have they gone bankrupt?" she says in a heavied French accent. The other's giggle. Sighing, Simone looks down, covering her face with silky black locks.

"Mme. Simone?" said the Headmistress, looking down at her. She too, spoke in a very heavy French accent. Her father and her were more British than French, so it was hard to understand through the thick drawl. However, after two years in France, she had gotten used to such (and even learned the language fairly well). I would have gone to Hogwarts... she thought solemnly, But we just had to move here...

"Mme. Simone, just know that I support you fully, and that we of Beauxbaton would not make fun of you." And as she said that, another group of girls giggles at her.

March 13th, 2006, 3:41 PM
heh..but, what would you call a Triwizard tournament with so many people, hmm? The one in the book was more of a Quadwizard tournament, though I suppose they kept the name for 'tradition's sake'...=P Also, as for the no Avada Kedabra rule, what about the other two forbidden curses? I forgot their names, but shouldn't they be forbidden as well? Yet another thing, I thought only 7th year students were able to put their names in the goblet, and the only reason harry got put in was because someone else put it in for him...

Anyways, I'm just gonna go with a stereotypical slytherin type thing here, because ever Harry Potter thing needs one of those, right? =P
Name: Mike Rehtils
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Year: 7
School: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Description: Mike is 6'2" and weighs 150 lbs. He wears black wizardry robes with designs of snakes down the arms, on the sides of the legs, and on the back, one on either side of the spinal cord, going up the back from the waistline all the way up to the edge of the hood that is attached to the robes(Like a hoodie, I guess...o.O). He wears black moccasins. His hair is short, spikey, and brown. His eyes are yellow, and look very similiar to a snake's, due to a surgery he got done on them specifically for that reason.
Personality: Mike is basically the embodiment of a slytherin, personality wise. He is rude to everyone, and has no friends, only 'lackeys'. He stops at nothing to get what he wants, and is in turn the prefect of Slytherin house. Three years in a row, Mike has helped take home the House Cup for Slytherin. Though he is rude to everyone, he does make an effort to teach first year Slytherins how things work-usually by dunking their head in the toilet or something like that, of course. As popular as he is, he is actually not a jock, and focuses more on studying then anything else.
Wand: The shaft of the wand is created from the shedded skin of over 100 snakes, hardened through a process where they were buried under the ground for centuries by one of Mike's ancestors. The tip of the wand is a poisonous fang taken from an adult anaconda, sharpened to the point where contact with it would almost certainly pierce your skin, unless you had enchanted your skin. The wand has been passed down in Mike's family for generations. Without a name for a long time, Mike's great grandfather finally decided to dub it Slinthos.
Pet: This should come as no surprise, but Mike's pet is a young gardener snake named Tatsumi. Tatsumi can often be found curled around Mike's right pointer finger, and actually crawls onto Mike's wand for some of Mike's spells. This will be described in the 'Special Talents' section. Tatsumi's family has been used by Mike's family for years, and every wizard in Mike's family to use Slinthos has had a snake that was an ancestor of Tatsumi.
Special Talents: Mike's most unique and advanced spells involve his snake, Tatsumi. Tatsumi actually possesses dormant magical properties, and when it crawls onto Slinthos, those abilities may be awakened. This can focus the magic into spells that involve Tatsumi in some way, such as creating an illusion of a giant Tatsumi or stretching Tatsumi to lengths of over 10 feet long. Some of Mike's more basic yet not run-of-the-mill spells, that can be used without Tatsumi's help, are also related to snakes. An example of this is a blast of poison that shoots from the tip of his wand.
Rp sample: Some of my best work is in "Reach Into Time" (Pokemon Roleplay forum) and "Fantasy Dimension" (Other Roleplay forum). If you want me to create something in this character's style, that's fine too, I just can't right now, which is why I went for the possibility of previous RPs being my sample.

March 13th, 2006, 4:23 PM
Name: Ivan Coldare

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Year: 6th

Description: His hair falls down in brownish spikes, and his eyes are a light green, almost a lime-ish color. His body is slightly tanned, but not as dark as people might think. He wears a blank shirt with khaki pants and black robes that fall down to hi feet. His robes are decorated with silver stripes all over the place, which he designed that way because he liked it. His shoes are black, along with his socks and all that stuff.

His height is about 5’7, and he is pretty slim, not much muscle built in. His mother says that he looks like he is food-deprived, but in all reality he just doesn’t eat much. However, sometimes he can just shove down food like a giant.

Personality: Can be very rude sometimes to people he doesn’t like, but is usually pretty nice to people that he has just met or people that he considers friends. Is usually truthful, unless he is in a situation where a lie is required. Mostly keeps to himself, not really associating with many other people. In reality, he’s just shy, that’s all. However, when he feels like he is really good friends with somebody, he will open up to them and actually talk a lot, however rare that may be.

Wand: A thin strand of unicorn hair, and a strand of hair from a centaur. Around 15 centimeters long, and the wood is of an unknown tree that even he doesn’t know the name of.(Ack, bad description XX)

Pet: Brown Owl with white stripes in different places, named Inari.

Special Talents: Ivan finds that he is especially skilled in Charms and History, while he doesn’t do too well in Potions or Transfiguration, he just can’t do them too well. Sometimes likes to doodle little drawings in his spare time

RP Sample:

He sat there quietly, flipping through the pages of the book, a slight rustling echoing through the library. It the entire room was empty, except for the librarian who was sitting at her desk, watching Ivan through his sharp glasses that were resting comfortable on her nose.

“Look, Ivan, I know that you LOVE being in here and reading every single book that catches your eye, but we were supposed to close five minutes ago…”

Ivan almost blocked out what she had said because he was so immersed in his book, Charms: A Deep Mystery. He scrunched his nose a bit, hearing faints noises coming from somewhere, as if someone were trying to speak to him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Gallar! I was just so interested in my book. Would it be okay if I took it with me?”

She sighed, whipping the glasses off her nose and setting them down gently on her desk, then leaning back in her chair and giving Ivan a look that a hawk gives a small bird right before it kills it.

“Okay, fine. Take it just make sure you have it back before the end of the week, or I’ll put on hex on ya!”

She said, looking strangely at the boy before closing her eyes and resting/. Ivan nodded and scooped up his papers, making sure that he had everything with him. He hurried off towards the door, his black robes sweeping in the wind. He opened the door and winced as it make a loud creak, and with one, gentle sweep, was gone. Ms. Gallar breathed a sigh of relief, blowing a strand of hair away from her face.

That boy needs to get some friends…

She thought to herself, sighing and looking around her library, noticing that many shelves had large gapes in them from books that Ivan had borrowed.

((It wasn't in the form, so I didn't put it in there, but Ivan is in Ravenclaw))

March 14th, 2006, 4:46 PM
OOC: I'm to impose my prescence among you all again. XP Anyway, Burninating Torchic, it's Avada Kedavra, Cruciatus, and the Imperius Curse.
I'm not sure if we're all supposed to be from Hogwarts or not, because, my character sure as heck isn't from Hogwarts. If we are all supposed to be from Hogwarts, then I apologize, and I'll change my sign-up.

Name: Chariot Locke

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 6

Description: Chariot has blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, with the bangs that reach barely below her pale cheekbones swept to the left. On the right, is a white clip that helps the light blue Beuxbaton’s hat stay firmly upon her silky fringe. Her pale skin is fair, and seems to be ever so slightly a lighter shade then her platinum blonde hair. The wispy, delicate, and thin hair, and the bangs that slightly cover the left eye clearly show through bold amber colored eyes. Her lips are thin, and covered with a thin layer of gloss, tradition for her group of friends. She wears the traditional BeauxBatons uniform, with the light blue dress and half jacket, with light blue, heels, with black criss-crossing laces. Her tights are a lighter color then they should be, but she hasn’t been asked of it just yet, so she hasn’t removed them.

Personality: Chariot has a pleasant personality for the most part, but when her temper is riled, there’s no stopping her. She loses control of her anger very easily, and loses her ladylike demeanor with ease. Usually, she is kind and mannerly, trained well from her history at BeuxBaton’s, but once was a wild and untamable child, and it shows, when she becomes excited, or angry. Chariot gives off a stuck-up impression, what with her high and refined tastes, and snobby attitude.

Wand: Unicorn Hair, 13 inches, Willow. The unicorn hair turns the willow bark into a pale pinkish color, and the 13 inches doesn't include the ivory handle with a diamond inset on the bottom of the handle. It is a very old wand, but is still in top condition.

Pet: Snowy Owl- Opal

Special Talents: Chariot has a knack when it comes to Potions, and has always been able to tackle any spell with ease.

Rp sample: Merle walked through dark and murky hallways, having just recieved orders to go back to her quarters and stay there until she was called out.
She let herself into the pitch black room, and took off her mask with a sigh. There was no trace of light in the room. Not even one slightly lighter shade of black. She wore a black cloak around her shoulders to hide the purple from her eyes. She could see nearly everything in the room just fine.

Well...almost. Everything in the room had a foggy quality, making it look as though the furniture and ornaments were evaporating. It would look like an empty room to regular human eyes. Pitch Black with nothing to see.
She sat down on her black sheets, closed her eyes which were starting to water from not being covered by the mask and waited...waited for orders, and waited for something to do. What would it be next time? Spy on the Titans by means of the shadow's in their Tower? Would it be to mark a Titan and duke it out? Or would it be as simple as, 'Do as you please, just make sure you injure a Titan while your at it'. She hoped it would be either the first or the latter. Spying meant she didn't need to do any major fighting. Injuring a Titan could be physically or mentally, and she would definetly choose...both. But even so, she knew which Titan she'd go after, as he was always the problem during battles. He'd nearly blinded her last time with the flashes of light he'd thrown at her, if the shadows it created weren't there to protect her eyes like a shield then she may have as well said 'goodbye' to her already rather poor eyesight. Of course, he hadn't really known who he was fighting in the first place, as she'd kept herself well hidden in the pitchblackness and shadows that came from his blasts of light.

Merle put the mask back on and opened her eyes. There. It was normal now. Things weren't foggy, and things weren't evaporating. She could see as though the room was bright and clear, though there were still no lights.
A purr sounded through the room as a jet black cat who's yellow eyes pierced the darkness hopped into Merle's lap. The yellow eyes were extremely bright as they shone through the dark, Merle merely stroked the full-grown cat as it curled up in her lap.

But she thought nothing of the cat. Merely of her master's hate for the Titans. She was about to wonder why but then, 'why not?' Those goody goody's deserve to be put in their place. They deserve to learn exactly what happened when someone messed with her Master's anger.

March 14th, 2006, 6:37 PM
Thornheart has arrived.

heh..but, what would you call a Triwizard tournament with so many people, hmm?
'Triwizard Tournament'...true, the name's implication is that only three students are competing, but it could also apply to the three schools. *shrugs* Or maybe we're just being, as you say, 'traditional'. n_n;

Also, as for the no Avada Kedabra rule, what about the other two forbidden curses? I forgot their names, but shouldn't they be forbidden as well?
Nah. There will be darker spellplay in here, too, mind you...thus, the 'not for the light-hearted' warning. Avada kedavra is only forbidden because it is permanent and death to major characters would change the plot drastically.

Yet another thing, I thought only 7th year students were able to put their names in the goblet, and the only reason harry got put in was because someone else put it in for him...
I believe the age line was broken, or something similar. Ask Syn, I'm too lazy to give you all the answers... =P

I'm not sure if we're all supposed to be from Hogwarts or not, because, my character sure as heck isn't from Hogwarts. If we are all supposed to be from Hogwarts, then I apologize, and I'll change my sign-up.
That's fine, makes things a heck of a lot more interesting. Come to think of it, we should have added a 'school' section to the sign-up... n_n;

As far as I know, you're all pretty much accepted, if Saphira/Syn approves. I'll post my form later...I have a lax streak at the moment. n_n;

March 14th, 2006, 6:54 PM
heh..but, what would you call a Triwizard tournament with so many people, hmm? The one in the book was more of a Quadwizard tournament, though I suppose they kept the name for 'tradition's sake'...=P Also, as for the no Avada Kedabra rule, what about the other two forbidden curses? I forgot their names, but shouldn't they be forbidden as well? Yet another thing, I thought only 7th year students were able to put their names in the goblet, and the only reason harry got put in was because someone else put it in for him...

I know that. This takes place years after the Potter Series, and the Goblet was broken, so everyone must participate. I don't mind the other two curses, just no killing another's character without permission. As for the age thing, the new dude (who is as of now, Nameless) never put the age charm around the goblet. But, only seventh years were supposed to be picked. The others could put their name in there to try their luck, or to make themselves feel special... o_o'

Any more questions?

Name: Aislinn Thylios
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Year: 5th
Description: Aislinn is a small girl, often mistaken for a 3rd year. She is pale, and has long, wavy blond hair, reaching her shoulders. Her eyes are a soft lavender gaze, matching her calm, collected disposition. She wears the Beauxbaton uniform very rarely, often wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt with a light jacket. On her right middle finger is a silver ring with a seven-point star carved into it.
Personality: Quiet, withdrawn, always sitting at the back of the room, Aislinn is the girl who is rarely noticed. She doesn't speak unless spoken to first, and always seems to be above the situation, remaining controlled. A small smile can sometimes be seen playing on her lips, her lavender eyes bright. But, on the inside, she is confused and lost, hiding many secrets from the world. Negative emotions swirl under her mask, of anger, hurt, sadness, bitterness, loathing.... If someone took a closer look into her tired eyes, they might see the pain she carries.
Wand: Birch, unicorn hair, 11 inches
Pet: A blind grey cat that answers to "Miasma".
Special Talents: Aislinn seems to feed off the negative feelings of everyone around her. Everyone has them, deep inside their soul, and she easily pinpoints them and draws them out. The person is left feeling happier for quite some time, but if she's around too many people at once, things can start to happen...
Rp sample: ............... Bwauhaha!! Foolish mortals, trying to force one such as I to do an Rp sample?!?! Tremble beneath my powerful wrath!!! *meows*

Now only three more characters to finish.... o_0'

Edit--Aye, Thornheart is right about all that. You're all accepted. Hey, Thornheart, think we can get Alpha to join?

March 14th, 2006, 7:00 PM
Name: Nikolai Caska
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Year: 7th
Description: http://amoka.net/eng/gal/asoiaf/john.JPG (Sorry for pic use, but it IS applicable, yes, bastard sword included.)

Personality: Still in his formative years, Nikolai is already a cold manling, raised by an uncaring father and deranged mother. As such, he has been left to fend for himself in large part, a process that has left him stubborn and disdainful of those who had better upbringing, considering them weak. He is entirely friendless and prefers it that way. His mother's insanity appears to be genetic, as he already shows signs of madness himself, in particular, a bent towards sadism and masochism.

Wand: 13 inches, yew and dragon heartstring

Pet: A white direwolf, Ghost

Special Talents: Nikolai shows strong ability in the Dark Arts, a fact that his Headmaster at Durmstrang as kept very quiet while quietly cultivating. At least, he did, until his rather grisly murder. His other magical talent lies in his ability as a skinchanger, shapeshifter, whatever you wish to call it. He can enter the mind of any animal, or, if he forces himself, another human. This though, is both taxing and time-consuming. He is also skilled with the bastard sword he (typically) carries.

Rp sample: Perhaps this would implicate me, perhaps not. I did not particularly care at the moment, looking at the old fool, wandless and powerless. Drawing Longclaw from a scabbard slung over my shoulder, I quietly drew it along the inside of my left arm. I could feel the blade grow hungry, along with myself as the blood coated the steel. He whimpered softly and my eyes lit up. My blood began dripping from the fuller onto the floor. I broke into a deranged grin and stalked forward hunting silently from behind, watching myself walk upwards towards the quarry, the end of the hunt. He hadn't noticed me until my jaws found his neck and shook it, breaking it, paralyzing him as I stood over the worthless body and kicked it, hard, hearing another whimper over the snap of breaking bone and I rammed the blade home, again and again and again, whetting my appetite an hundred times, two hundered in the lifeless body.

March 14th, 2006, 7:11 PM
Hey, Thornheart, think we can get Alpha to join?
It appears he needed no persuasion. n_n; *glomptackles Ozy*

I apologize for being so OOC, without even posting a sign-up...but, well, Syn, you know...mental blockage and stuff....

March 14th, 2006, 10:10 PM
OOC: Buu! Back from the abyss, and more leet than ever, I give you the new shiney! ;D It's been a while though, so I may be a tad rusty. *always wanted to try this type of char in a HP RP* Also, it's been an *extremely* long time since I've slept, (even by my standards) So expect me to miss a crucial detail or two for the first posting of this. *gets the edit button nice and shiny for tomorrow*

Name: Rens Therin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Year: Seventh

Description: With thick, but short cut brown hair, it's usually in a mass of tangles, as he rarely bothers with his personal appearance. His eyes are the exact same shade of brown, but with some traces of hazel, more like hints of hazel, really. However, he is slightly overwieght, and less than muscular. However, he still has an intimidating frame, enough to set off his lack of other physical attributes, topping off at a 6'8'', with some lingering acne problems, but most people wouldn't bring that up when facing him. Or when his back is turned. Or even when the possibility of his presence lingers. Largely due to the fact that his face is always in a slightly dead look, with a slight frown that tends to intimidate people under the best of circumstances.

Personality (combined with history, as I didn't see a slot for that.) : He actually has evry little eprsonality, other than a few noticeable, if humerous quirks. While he is somewhat perverted by nature, he has an extraordinary ammount of self control in that paticular area, though he often indulges in pranks of the sort. Also, without caffene in the morning, you could easily mistake him for an extremely well groomed, diminiuative troll, from his demeanor.Lastly, actually getting him angry is jsut about impossible. He doesn't live by the "don't get mad, get even" motto, but that's usually what he does. Despite this, he usually excelled at his studies at the Denver Academy of Arcane Science, until in what would roughly be his fourth year by hogwarts standards, his grades everywhere aside from "Dueling Magic" Proved to be just absymal. Luckily, it was at that time that A few american schools were discussing an exchange program with hogwarts, Rens being one of the students who accepted, hoping that a completely different 'hemisphere of teaching' would help even him out. (Bleh, as with wand, I wanted to try something new. If it;'s not acceptable, I'll be happy to change it when I'm actually awake)

Wand: Rather than the somewhat individual european style, his wand is one of american Mage Symbolism, the almost sterotypical rod shape, with blackened ash wood, ith a tip of moonsilver. Twelve inches, and the 'key' fillament is Heartstone Dust. (Bleh, I wanted to be creative here, if it's not acceptable, I'll change it.)

Pet: No official pet, though he's sometimes found talking to empty space. Of course, even in the wizarding world, hearing voices no one else can isn't a good sign.

Special Talents: Whereas his other skills are only average, due to him focusing completely on them for most of his time at hogwarts, he is aticularly effective at American "Dueling Magic" Or basically, spells designed to attack an oponent in any viable way. Fire, ice, bolts of compressed air, as well as other more traditional curses, meaning that he has somewhat of a knack for Charms, as well, and devotes more of his studies than he should to trying to become better at transfiguration.

Rp sample: (Cheaply ripped from an earlier RP, if it's not satisfactory, let me know, and I can fetch a better.)

There were no signs of disturbance, the trader's gossiping in their wagons, the hired guards eyes trying to pierce the night. I drew a tiny throwing dagger from my pouch, and threw it into a tree. The screech of an owl in pain. That was the signal. We rushed from the night, a small band, but all of us had at least some armor in good condition, and very fine weapons. We looked ragged, for the most part, but we were deadly. Deadly out of neccesity. I took the path of the swan, unsheathing both of the slightly curved swords I had found on a rich caravan in the past, and elliminated the four front guards, incapacitating two with crippling blows below the arm, decapitating the other two. I also killed the horses with more merciful strokes, to block the rest of the caravan. The sounds of screams, both of rage, and pain came from the rear of the caravan, this wouldn't take long.

March 15th, 2006, 7:38 AM
Okies...Shiny-ness, I believe you are accepted. Let's see... *lightning flash* Time for my sign-up(well, the first one...o_o')! Puny humans! *cackles* Look, and be afraid!

...Um.... o_O'

Name: Angel Snowdrift(okay...that was worse than corny... O_O)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Year: 4th

Description: Angel is quite beautiful, even for a Beauxbatons student; more than one of her peers envies her for it. Her skin is pale; not a sickly pale, but more of a pure white. Her eyes are a soft, light blue, and look upon the world with a warm, loving gaze. Adding to this serene demeanor, she wears the sky-blue robes of Beauxbatons, which perfectly match the oddly gentle eyes. She stands at about...well, her height is somewhat above average, but not too tall, either, just...normal for a fourth-year, I suppose. Silvery hair that falls just beyond her shoulders and delicate features complete this girl's appearance, and her eerie lack of hardness or coldness in her looks is almost inhuman. Despite her grace and elegance, though, she might sometimes look uncomfortable or awkward as she walks. She hides something tucked within her robes...

Personality: Kind and caring, she can feel no negative feelings towards anyone. She is gentle and compassionate, and always out to do the right thing. Sensitive and good-natured, she can't stand to see anyone in mental nor physical pain, and feels immense sympathy and pity towards those she does, trying to help them in any way she can. She loves to help, and will always selflessly put the struggles of others before her own. She is gifted with intelligence and intellect beyond her years, and when she's not trying to help everyone else in the world, she's often lost in thought, daydreaming, or asking philosophical questions to herself. She has a calm air about her that makes it feel as though she can be trusted, and it seems she can. However, she carries dark secrets, and a burden too strong to keep to herself forever...

Wand: Willow, 12 inches, phoenix feather.

Pet: A snowy-white arctic fox with a four-pointed violet star on her forehead and blue eyes that mirror Angel's; she answers to Larka.

Special Talents: She has this way of being able to calm down the frustrated or stressed, which could just be her nature but almost seems like a magic power sometimes. She can often tell what someone is hiding or what they do not say, and it can seem like she knows their innermost thoughts without trying. She can also communicate mentally with animals, or at least seems to have a more thorough understanding of them than most. She has other 'talents', but she keeps them hidden. Blessing or curse, she feels they shouldn't be known.

Rp sample: Erm...I dunno...But I hope I will prove up to your standards, Oh Great One.... *sweatdrop* ... n_n;

Sorry if this isn't descriptive enough...I was writing this before running off to school. I will probably edit this later, after some things are a bit more clear to me. I might have to seek your advice on these things, Syn, via PM.

March 15th, 2006, 2:21 PM
((Gah! Larka! ^.^ From one of my favorite books...okay, I'm shutting up now.

I didn't know we had to ask permission to be in another school...so is it okay that my character is from Beauxbatons...and a werewolf for that matter?))

March 15th, 2006, 2:45 PM
OOC: Would BeauxBatons accept a werewolf? 0_0;; That's the question. Madam Maxim (being giant blood) is probably still around, and I don't think she'd be as lenient as Dumbledore, but we could always pretend. Besides, Beauxbatons, mean 'Beautiful Sticks' and not many refined wizards consider werewolves 'beautiful' let alone, like the fact that they learn magic.

I added information to my sign-up.

March 15th, 2006, 7:58 PM
Cool. All of your RPGs are awesome. *cough*

Umm... can I join?

Name: Nuncio Alcart
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Year: 5th
Description: Nuncio Alcart... his short carrot-colored hair is almost always hidden by a camoflauge boys' cap. His curious, searching, scarlet eyes search for a means of truth. Freckles dot his face, mostly around his nose and eyes. Pale skin makes his hair and eyes stand out even more, especially around crowds, being the odd colors they are. Being of diminutve size, he does not look his age, especially with the calculating eyes he has. One would think that, being so short, he would be looked at as a child. But, no, he is one of the more intelligent ones from his year. Bearing black robes with the illustrious Hogwarts symbol, he is free to wear whatever he wants under that. Faded baggies(pants) and old band T's peer out from under the disordered cloak around his body. A tattoo of a simple rose on his left collarbone tells a much greater story than it appears.
Personality: A quiet authoritative figure, Nuncio lets curiosity command him. Always searching for a greater truth, he often gets off-track. He doesn't make friend easily, seeing as he never speaks up, and studies quite crazy things. As a result, a friend is something he won't want to lose. But if it was between a friend, and what he is always looking for, he isn't sure what he would choose. Lacking what he needs for classes, he could pass, but he seems preoccupied studying other subjects. When you get him mad, he'll lose his temper, and start cussing you out. Haha. Doesn't happen very often, but if you just so much as laugh at him, so have a hex on you.
Wand: 14 inches long, yew, dragon heartstring.
Pet: ((optional))
Special Talents: Nuncio has quite a talent for elemental spells. i.e. manipulating small bursts of lightning/electricity. His hair lights up when he does this, which is quite a bit, and makes him happier than anything else. He can speak Latin fluently. Small ability to use hexes. Old spells, new spin.
Rp sample: Meanwhile, someone in a world far away, an alternate universe if you please, was struggling in and out of sleep. We find him in his den, awakening from a dream in a cold sweat, to find that he's hungry. The being grabbed some fruit from the crude wooden table in the corner and walked up the stone steps, so earth-packed you would think they were part of this large, underground cave. They emerged above ground to the morning sunlight and the noises of everything waking up.

The only thing that might have seemed strange about this was that a humanoid figure with wings was resting against the tree from which our subject emerged through a door, apparently waiting for this strange person.

" What do you want, Diab, you idiotic fairy? " The person who emerged said. In the light, you could tell that he was male. And had short brown hair, tanned skin. So that clears up a bit of the mystery. Now to focus our attention on the other boy. The boy who was is leaning against the tree and now snickering is a fairy.

" Oh, just come to bother you, Naior. Did you hear that the war between the Trolls and Ogres has gone up a level? A battalion of Trolls attacked an Ogre camp while they were sleeping. " Diab said in reply to Naior's question. He lifted into flight, his golden hair and wings glowing proudly in the morning sunlight.

Naior seemed to become more alert at this, his pointed ears perking up a bit. He pretended to be un-interested though and only said, " Hmm? Did they now? What happened? " while he washed his hands in a small stream a few feet away from tree's trunk.

Diab frowned at him and said, " You should know what happened. The Trolls won that battle. Only one Ogre escaped, and he had lost an arm. There will be trouble now. Gonna have to be even more carefu-- " Diab broke off from the sentence when a loud crack echoed through the area. Naior only had enough time to hiss, " It's the law! Scram! " before Diab was speeding away as fast as he could through the air.

Naior had only just hidden himself up the tree before a teenage girl stumbled into the clearing. Naior only had to take a look at her clothes and ratty hair, with leaves and twigs poking out, to know that she wasn't any trouble. Or from this world. This only gave him more worries.

Godammit, He thought.

A few seconds later, Naior was out of the tree and behind her, parting one side of her shoulder-length hair away from one ear. The ear wasn't pointed. His suspicions confirmed, Naior back away as the girl turned around.

" Yo! " He said cheerfully. Then he hissed out, " Human.... What are you doing here?! What the hell?! " He yelled out at her in a very un-controlled way. He paused for a few seconds before realizing what he had done. His eyes widened, and he brought his hands up to his mouth to cover it, in lightning-fast speed.

Startled, and a bit shaken, she backed away and tripped over a tree root. The girl caught this and looked the boy up and down. Dark brown hair, light brown skin, no shirt, she shivered, and dark brown pants that she couldn't determine the material of.

So athletic-looking... he's frickin hot! She screamed inside her head. Then she scolded herself. No, I just met the freakin' guy! Still.... She couldn't help but stare.


Is running into and electrical fence with a snowboard a way to gain electricity manipulation?

Bleh. finished. Tell me if that's too long. Fan ficcy! Ripped off from something I did earlier. Snowboarding! Keir Dillon! Dai-chan!

March 15th, 2006, 10:09 PM
hey Syn, Thornheart. im here!!! *whimpers nervously* i hope this is good enough...

Name: Piper Matthew Halliwell.
Age: 14
Gender: female
Year: 4
Description: piper is of average build but strong, as she works out every day. A height of 6'2, Piper is a rather tall girl. She wears very casual clothes, black corduroy pants and a deep blue tank. Over that, Piper wears a black hoodie, with a triquetra on the back and the words “The Craft” on the front. Her black hair is long, down to her waist, but is often--almost always--pulled up. Her emerald green eyes are full of knowledge beyond her years, giving her a look of someone who has seen much in the world.

Personality: Though Piper appears to be another average 16 year old loner, she does have a softer side. It is somewhat difficult to bring out, however. She is quiet, usually letting the people around her do the talking, unless asked for an input. Even then, she keeps her answers short and to the point. It always seems as though she's trying to hide something, and in truth, she is. (Look below at the “other” section). Rachel is serious in her battles and a hard nut to crack, she does not fool around when there is a battle, as every battle lost means one or more innocent people dead.
People tend to avoid her, as they know if they annoy her, something in the vicinity will just suddenly explode. Also, on hogsmeade weekends she is often seen lurking out of the village talking to a mass of swirling blue lights.

Wand: oak, 16 inches with three unicorn hairs in it and a sliver of unicorn horn.
Pet: a pet owl called phoebe, after her mum.

Special Talents: piper has the ability to levitate, she does not know how high she can truly levitate but the most she has is ten meters. She also has the ability to blow things up by opening and waving her hand at the object she wants to blow up. Besides these she is pretty good at her classes but she always gets full marks in potions, herbology, charms and defense against the dark arts.

Other: Piper leads two lives, a life of wizards, witches and wands and a life of witches, rhyming spells and demons. She was brought up by her parents and aunts, one of which she was named after, in a world of demons and daily chaos. By the time she was eight she new all about herbs and their uses, magic or other wise and when she turned ten she received the letter and after much debate her mother and aunts decided to let her go. While at Hogwarts she has had twice as much work to do as her mum and aunts send her assignments to do every day, on all kinds of subjects, so she sometimes appears exhausted. In her dorm she has two trunks, one full of stuff for Hogwarts and the other full of pads of paper, pens, vials, lots of herbs, written notes on magical beings, creatures and “demons” , and pieces of creatures, which is a mystery to every one.

Role play sample:
This isn’t much. It’s a post from troubled times 2.

I stand up and look out the window. And take in the scene below me. The death eaters holding Ron hostage, the hippogriff flying through the sky, Hermione talking to a muggle and Harry crying into the dead body of Sirius black. Tears stream down my cheeks from the pain of the cut in my arm. I close my eyes and a second later a peregrine falcon is in my place. It flaps its wings and flies out the window. It flies down and onto the ground in front of Hermione and screeches. It limps, or pretends to, with practiced ease and points with its wing as best as possible at the tree Ron is tied to.

March 15th, 2006, 10:32 PM
I know you guys are pretty full, so it's fine if you reject me for that reason, but I meant to sign up a few days ago, when I was magically sent on a trip without knowing >>;;

Name: David Askan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Year: 5th
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/emiya.png
Personality: David generally has a very energetic personality, in the sense that his mood tends to jump around from time to time, triggered by the smallest of things. However, he's very calm for the most part, and quite rational. When he's angry, all of that goes straight out the window, and he makes decisions that could endanger many aspects of his life. He is also a little bit of a prankster, and knows many different curses just for that reason, though he doesn't really prank that often. He has a big problem with people with superiority complexes, and tends to prank them the most.
Wand: Maple, 15 inches, Horntail Dragon Claw shard
Special Talents: Other than his knowledge of curses, there are no talents of consequence.
Rp sample: From Contamination. It's not my best, but I can supply something better if needed.

""Barthos." I said firmly in responce to the voice, before whirling around and revealing a blood red quarterstaff, which seemingly came out of nowhere. Before me stood a man dressed entirely in red. He was well built, and wore a top hat, as well as a dress suit. Underneath his dress suit was a black shirt which was visible, and he also wore a pair of dresspants, along with black dress shoes. He evaluated both Shana and I with his red eyes as he stroked his black moustache with two fingers.

Before long, a small smirk manifested itself upon his face, and he spoke. "Glad you haven't forgotten me, not that you'll be around much longer." I would have spoken back, but I couldn't move my mouth, or anything for that matter. My eyes glanced down and I saw a blue circle below me feet, small sparks shooting from it. An unrestricted spell. Using the power of existance, both Tomagara and Flame Haze could use different things through unrestricted spells.

Pressure began to build, and the pavement below me shattered as lightning shot up out of the ground. However, not a single spark left the circle that had consumed me. I screamed as the electricity ran threw my body, and I collapsed to the ground when the spell ended, barely able to move.

Shana took this opportunity to attack Barthos from behind. However, he noticed at the last second, and dodged the blow. "It's time to set the stage." He raised his left hand into the air, and it began to glow blue. I could sense an extremely large amount of existance gathering at his fingertips, but what did he hope to accomplish with it? He wouldn't use that much just to destroy Shana and I. He released the existance, and it flew straight up into the Fuuzetsu. The world around us suddenly began to alter, until it appeared we were a top a large building, water surrounding us on every side."

March 16th, 2006, 5:37 PM
As Kuru-Kuro~puu said, if you guys have more than enough then just don't mind me. X3;

Name: Evangeline Rutherford
Age: Almost fourteen
Gender: Female
Year: 4th

Description: Eva is a mess. Her long—long meaning it nearly reaches her thighs—yellow tresses are always messily tied into two braids. She has a case of heterochromia; her right eye is emerald while her left if a vivid azure. And as if her eyes weren't weird enough, swirls of silvery crimson are often visible in dark. She boasts a healthy, athletic build, slightly bordering on slender, but hides it beneath loose layers of clothing. Her robes don't help either. She stands at an average height for her age, give or take an inch and a half shorter, with a lightly tanned skin.

Personality: Evangeline is frequently in conflict with others because of her hot-temper and her idiocy, for a lack of a kinder word. She is amazingly energetic and lively, but her boisterousness only serves as an aggravation to the others. Eva is also easily amazed and pleased. Oh, she would probably be ecstatic if one were to give her a rock with painting all over it! But, alas! her sweet and childish demeanor is overlooked due to her rowdiness. Overall, she is the sort of girl who barely passes her classes, the one who is always gets lectured. But what she lacks in intelligence she replaces with her strength, speed, and vitality.

Ah, she also adores pranks. Mischief would perhaps be a fitting name for her.

Wand: A combination of holly and ebony, ten and a quarter inches with unicorn hair with an angel hair as its enchantment.

Pet: A small rabbit, pure white in color. His eyes are shade of crimson that closely resembles the color of blood. He wears a piece of string around his neck, a silver key-like structure acting as a pendant. He answers to the name Kon.

Special Talents: She knows little to no spells, actually. However, she is physically powerful with a seemingly endless stamina. She does well in anything requiring physical strength. As said, anything she lacks in academics she makes up with her skill athletics. Otherwise, she has no other known speical abilities.

Rp sample: Isabelle tried her best to be optimistic, but it was a futile attempt. She could hear the slow steps of the fish-like woman as she neared towards her. Her footsteps sounded louder through her ears, it sounded like the noisy ticking of a clock. For every step the creature took, Isabelle knew she would be closer to her death.

She hesitantly opened her eyes, her vision blurred from the watery drop forming, when she noticed that the creature had ceased her movement. Instead of feeling the creature's sharp claw plunged through her, she felt drops of liquid descending on her face; its soft pitter-pattering made an eerie sound she did not like. Daringly, she shot a quick glance upwards. She tried to scream, but her voice betrayed her. Her whole body was numb, and all she could do was stare apprehensively at the creature that was trying to slay her. It was...dead? An axe had made its way through the creature's torso, splitting it from the lower half of the body.

Her hands unconsciously made its way up on her face, wiping off the liquid. The liquid was thick and it was crimson in color. It…it was the creature's blood. Whoever had attacked the fish-woman must have been trying to help her.

"A-anou, thank you." She whispered softly. It mattered not that her savior was not visible to her. She was simply glad that she managed live.

Would this suffice~? 8D;

March 16th, 2006, 8:10 PM
You needn't worry. You are all accepted, right, Thornheart? Becasuse Syn believes they've proven themselves worthy... Hmm? What do you say, eh? Anyways, four more characters....

Name: Ambrosine Wither
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Year: 7th (She skipped a year)
Description: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d23/_Fuzzy_Llama_/366a0bc9.jpg
Personality: Cold, uncaring, your typical loner-girl with bandages always wrapped around her arms, legs, and neck. Ambrosine tries to stay away from everyone, usually ignoring people. She's always by herself with her guitar, composing music, sometimes just playing for the Hell of it. She doesn't really care about herself, her appearence, nothing. It's like she's realised there's no point in fighting a losing battle against herself.
Wand: Willow, Dragon heartstring, 13 inches.
Pet: N/A
Special Talents: Singing, playing guitar, Dark Arts, and she's good with sharp objects.

Name: Amoux
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Year: 6th
Description: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d23/_Fuzzy_Llama_/ea049883.jpg
Personality: Amoux is a bad-*** kid who would do anything to show off or just.... be stupid. He's somewhat perverted, and is always joking around, hardly ever serious when needed to be. He is angered easily, and cursing someone while they're not looking isn't below him. He's constantly annoying Ambrosine, who goes to Hogwarts with him, and they hate each other for something that happened a few years ago.
Wand: Redwood, 14 inches, dragonstone.
Pet: A small Dragon, Karax.
Special Talents: Charms, and though he never really shows it, he can be quite sweet-hearted and kind. Can be.

Name: Corcell
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Year: 7th
Description: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d23/_Fuzzy_Llama_/3d1aabe8.jpg
Personality: Calm, always smiling, Corcell is a mature young man who is pretty popular. He has the perfect life, one might say, and acts like it. But, in reality, he has a very violent side, a darker side. He's constantly worried that he'll snap. Corcell is two people in one, an inner battle raging within him, and it's beginning to overwhelm him. His grades have slipped slightly, he seems tired and weary, and is sometimes (though rarely) found talking to himself with two different voices.
Wand: Maple, 12 inches, pheonix glass.
Pet: A Western Screech Owl, Zev.
Special Talents: Cheering others up, and Transfiguration.

Name: Orias
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Year: 7th (skipped two)
Description: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d23/_Fuzzy_Llama_/7829f9da.jpg
Personality: His appearence may say otherwise, but Orias is a genius. He's invented doezens of his own spells, written a book on various magical subjects under a pen-name, and other things considered impossible at his age. A quiet, outcasted child, one who because of his brilliant mind, has chased away so many people. He can analyze a situation faster than most can blink, and it often frightens others.
Wand: Mahogany, pheonix feathers, glass-stone, 13 inches, made by himself.
Pet: Two tiny, white phoenix, Seir and Kalyca.
Special Talents: This really isn't much a talent, but Orias can read expressions on peoples' faces so fast he can guess what their feeling often before they know they're feeling that way. He's said to read minds, but his eye for detail is what allows him to know more about the world than others.

....... Okay. I think I'm done.....

March 18th, 2006, 7:43 AM
I don't mean to do this as these people usually annoy me, but when'll we start?

March 18th, 2006, 6:54 PM
I don't mean to do this as these people usually annoy me, but when'll we start?
Sincerest apologies, but...as I do not have Saphi's permission to begin this on my own, we have to wait for her....

March 19th, 2006, 4:13 PM
Anyone can begin. Currently, all the Beauxbaton students are awaiting the arrival of the other two schools. And I have absolutely no idea how Hogwarts is going to get there. I must consult Thorns... *huddles in corner, whispering*

March 19th, 2006, 4:38 PM
OOC: Entrance cleared, here we go, prepare for hard contact! *just realized he's not in an invasion* Oh, erm, nevermind. >_>

I sat in one of the carridges in a long line, each one with a few students in it. I looked up, and a smale smile aprted my lips. The Theastrals, the somewhat reptillian horses were drawing us to their destination. I had to wonder what they looked like to most people, if they were really invisible to those who had never seen someone die.

I slowly lowered my head, hiding the smile. I had taken a seat in the middle of the coach's bench, making everyone else scoot as far away as they could. I tended to be able to do that. Normally I didn't take advantage of my attributes that way, but we had to have fun once in a while. And it had been a long, boring ride. Of course, I'm sure my fellow passengers would dissagree about the boring part...

March 19th, 2006, 5:28 PM
OOC: The description of BeauxBatons school and it's surroundings is taken from Wikipedia, and if it doesn't follow your depiction, I'll get rid if it. By the way, Chariot is pronounced, 'Share-iot'

Chariot sat at one of the tables of Beauxbaton's, shooing away the gnome that was attempting to seranade her "Partir!" She snapped in her high feminine voice, utterly annoyed as the indignant gnome uprooted her blue hat with it's lyre.

With a huff Chariot replaced the hat delicately, being sure not to ruin her brushed out fringe. The gnome stalked off, waddling it's behind rudely at the flustered girl, as it went to sing to a more appealing audience. She was waiting for Madam Maxime to announce the arrival of the two schools. The glittering crystalline chateau of BeauxBatons was a sight, next to the river banks of Loire River. She'd read in one of the more recent books on the latest Triwizard tournament, not including this one, that it had taken place at Hogwarts. It had said that the Hogwarts students had awaited the arrival of the other two schools on the front of the castle's exterior. Chariot wondered if they'd be required to wait outside as well, even though the weather was not bitterly cold or searingly hot, but instead mild and pleasant.

She was uncomfortable, for her usual friends had taken off to freshen up in the ladies room. And so she sat at the glass table without any companions for the first time she'd stepped within the grand halls of BeauxBatons, as she'd steadfastly refused to join them in their attempt to look ever nicer for the new arrivals.

The statue of diamond standing tall and erect beside her seemed to watch her interestingly as it somehow sagged against it's stand.

"Excuse me, but might I have some privacy?" Chariot said reproachfully as the statue jumped right off it's podium and stood stiff as, well, diamond again. She dearly loved the magic cast inside these walls, but she couldn't help but find it annoying when the statues, obviously carved male, stared at her friends, and sometimes even herself.

Clutching the icy blue silk poncho around herself and feeling very insecure about how many diamond statues were within the dining hall, she was vaguely aware of how cold it seemed to have gotten after she'd wisely thought about her surroundings a little too much. glancing out of the window to the grassy banks of Loire, she sighed. It would be too cramped for her tastes in the beautiful, yet rather small chateau. But perhaps Madam Maxime might do a fancy trick with her incredible knowladge on magic and expand the chateau to fit in two other schools all at once.

She reprimanded herself for asking so many unladylike questions, but then, it wasn't as though anyone could hear her thoughts anyway.

March 19th, 2006, 5:42 PM
Such as her peers around her, Simone was waiting eagerly for the arrival of the two schools. She too sat at a rather empty table, smaller than the others. Apparently, one had not done so well as to size it up compared to the others, and it was pathetically smaller than the others. Over the years at this school, she had learned not to slouch, and was sitting up in a perfect lady-like manner. However, though as lady-like as she wished, compared to all these girls she was nothing more than a mere shadow of a girl, clearly outshined by the beautiful girls at this school.

It wasn't that she was unnactractive: Why, many long for her pale white skin as a china dolls, her long silky, raven-black hair, and those strange yet haunting eyes she possessed. But, to put it bluntly, she lacked figure, and though as pretty as she was, she was just pretty, not beautiful. Her clothes were unkept as well, her uniform having small patches and whatnot, and her eyes, as hauntingly pretty as they were, always had a tired, vacant expression.

Sim was either ignored, or made fun of. Either way, she was still alone. No matter how hard she tried to make friends, people instinctavely avoided her as though they knew of it. But of course not, the Headmistress swore she told no one. She told no one [i]why[i] exactly there were large, dog-like footprints sometimes lingering outside on the ground. She told no one why there was a pitiful howling every full mooned night. And the strange potions that left a strange smell during lessons made with Wolfsbane and other such things was just from a previous lesson. Nope, no werewolves at Beauxbatons, we can assure there is no such dangerous creature thriving here.

But alas, there was. No matter how hard they denied, it still could not change anything.

((That was bad...really, really bad...))

March 19th, 2006, 6:48 PM
OOC: Yes, we're starting! This will probably be a terrible first post, but...well, here goes nothing...

IC: The other Beauxbatons students the girl passed in the hall couldn't help but stare after her, awestruck. They had all seen her before, obviously, but there was something in her stride that always attracted attention nonetheless. Some gave her looks of wonder, others looks of spite or envy. In any case, her mere elegant presence, mystified even further by the white fox on her shoulder, could get a reaction out of anyone, even the students who were hurrying to avoid being late to the dining hall. There was something in her very aura that seemed special, different. Sweeping to the end of the narrow hallway, she exited it with relief and escaped onto the grounds, glad to have the gawks of her peers behind her.

Angel's blue robes seemed to billow around her graceful form as a light breeze caressed her, teasing her silvery hair. The fox on her shoulder, Larka, leapt down from her shoulder to romp on the riverbank nearby. Smiling warmly, Angel watched her pet, feeling, oddly enough, at peace. She then gazed into the shimmering waters of the Loire River, as she wondered what was to come in the upcoming year.

She had always felt out of place here; though Beauxbatons was a beautiful, grand school, her own beauty was rather different. In fact, even some of the other students were jealous of her, her of all people, simply because of her almost inhuman beauty. 'I do not see how I am any different,' modest Angel would always think when she caught people whispering about her. But the truth was, even if she didn't see it, she possessed a serenity that even the most beautiful of her peers couldn't match, not only in her looks but in her actions, in her movement, in her very essence. It could render anyone speechless, and it had even scared a few of her schoolmates in the past. Now, she worried about how she would fit in with two entirely new schools showing up.

However, in oddity, Angel's beauty wasn't even the half of it. She always, always, seemed sincere, kind, and intent on fairness for everyone. Even those who spoke bitterly about her she treated with love and compassion. If another student dropped their books in the hallway or was having trouble casting a charm, she would rush to their aid, regardless of whether she may be late to class or not get the charm done herself. Angel indeed seemed to live up to her name. At night, though, she became very strange and secretive, and often went mysteriously missing...

Shaking her head to dismiss her thoughts, Angel gazed up into a clear blue sky that perfectly mirrored her gentle eyes. "Larka," she called softly, and the fox padded up to her obediently. She swept the animal into her arms in one fluid movement, and from there the little canine climbed up to resume her position on the girl's shoulder. "Hogwarts and Durmstrang," Angel murmured thoughtfully. "This will be interesting." Her courage returning, she turned and walked back through the doorway into the hall, managing to avoid the stares of statues and students all the way to the dining hall.

March 19th, 2006, 6:55 PM
A book which looked like it would have been dragon hide, lay upon one boy's lap, two bony elbows, belonging to the slim teenager, rested upon the pages of the open book. The sleeves of a black robe upon the boy were rolled up. Two hands held a forehead, and tired crimson eyes stared blankly at the page. A cap upon this individual's head cast his face in shadow.

He stayed like this, sitting in the carriage that was pulled by nothing. a stuffed bag lay next to him, it's contents overflowing across the seat. So far, he was the only one in this particular carriage.

As he sighed and closed the book, he looked up, sheliding his eyes from the light entering through the windows. Stuffing his things back into the bag, he caught site of all the excited people outside. Some were wishing friends good luck, others were waiting to get into carriages.

Reclining as far back as he could in the seat, he closed his eyes, waiting for long-awaited sleep to overtake him.

March 19th, 2006, 7:07 PM
"Brother, something about that guy scares me." My younger sister, Alicia, whispered to me as she glanced towards the quite large kid who recently was staring at the Thestrals. As I was still reading the recently released copy of The Quibbler, I shrugged off her comment as it was given. I wasn't exactly looking forward to this excursion to this school. I mean, I had my OWLs this year, and I wanted to be at Hogwarts, with my fellow Ravenclaws, not here! However... what WAS that pungent aroma?

OOC: Sort, I know, but I've got to go to bed. xx;

March 19th, 2006, 7:10 PM
(Well, I have no idea how Hogwarts students are arriving at the school, but I say that my char is going by way of a Hiffogriff ^o^)

“Argh, how do you control this thing?!”

Ivan shouted out to himself as he flew uncontrollably through the air, the Hippogriff shaking wildly and not controlling itself very well. Apparently this bird-type thing hadn’t flown around much, or at least with a human riding on its back.

Probably gonna fall off or something…

He thought to himself as he kept moving through the air. His brown hair was flying in basically every direction, for they were moving pretty fast and the winds were blowing almost as crazy as the bird was flying. Ivan didn’t have much experience when it came to flying around on bird creatures, and he hoped that this would be the last time. Oh how he dreaded the return trip to Hogwarts.

(I know it stunk…I really had no idea what to post >.<;;; )

March 19th, 2006, 10:35 PM
A black haired girl sits quietly by her self in a carriage seemingly flying by itself to by standers. The carriage is empty except for the girl and two trunks by her feet, one of which is bulging slightly from the cauldron inside it. Murmuring quietly to herself she looks forward through a small window and watches, entranced for a few seconds, by the pony sized winged, bony, black beast pulling the carriage. “I wonder what kind of people will be there. However kind or mean they are I will not treat them any differently, except those who seem like outcasts. Though, I doubt there will be any like me.” Leaning back into the plush leather cushioning of the carriage seats she closes her eyes and stands up with little effort. Jumping off the floor of the carriage the black haired girl levitates in mid-air, not for a single second but as if she can control it, which she can, moving onto her stomach she floats around for two minutes until hitting the roof. Landing softly she looks out the window to see the school in the distance, barely visible in the distance, but visible none the less. “And descend we shall.” Piper says to her self, a small smile appearing on her face. A feat of which she does not share with any one but her family or other beings which she kills.

March 20th, 2006, 12:52 PM
OOC: Wow, this is the first RP I've been in with this many people. Looks like it will require a much more active role then the other RPs I've been in...heh. Anyways, I know I saw some other hogwarts person say they were coming by Hippogriff, so...I think I'll get a bit creative...=P)
"We're almost there." Mike shouted behind him. He held a sort of reins in his hand, which were connected to the mouth of a giant serpent. Metal walls, designed to go underwater, had been constructed on the back of the serpent, making it somewhat like a living submarine. The reins were connected to the inside of the vehicle through small holes that had had a magic spell cast on them so that water would not come in.
"Mister prefect, when will we get there?" A rather chubby Slytherin boy asked, walking up to Mike.
"Shut up and sit down." Mike replied. Tatsumi crawled up Mike's shoulder and hissed at the boy, as Mike was too busy to turn around himself.
"Come now, he's only a first year." Professor Snape reminded Mike. "You're much too hard on them." Snape was sitting in a chair next to Mike's, supervising his driving. All the seats in the vehicle were fashioned much like old fashioned chairs that you might see in a captain's chambers of a ship.
"It's the only way they will learn." Mike responded snappily. "Why are we even bringing first years with us, anyways?"
"The headmaster decided it would be a good idea to allow them to watch." Snape replied. "The Beauxbatons first years get to watch, the headmaster decided it would only be fair if our first years got to watch as well."
"What a fool." Mike said under his breath so that Snape would not be able to hear.
"Where are the other people from Hogwarts?" Another young student questioned.
"They've all got their own methods of traveling." Professor Snape answered. "Only Slytherins are riding this serpent."
"It's quite fitting, don't you think?" Mike asked rhetorically, adding a little chuckle at the end. "Ah well. Looks like we're here." He pulled on the reins and the serpent lunged upward, causing all the students that were not in their seats to fly back to the back of the vehicle.
"Give us some warning next time!" Snape exclaimed viciously as the serpent unsubmerged at the top of the water. Beauxbatons school stood there in the middle of the sea, shining with a bright light.
"It's amazing!" A young female student exclaimed, as the majority of the kids on the bus marveled at its glory.
"Hmph." Mike said, piloting the serpent in to the docks on the shore of the island.
OOC: Meh...for some reason I feel I got some facts wrong there, or something...

March 20th, 2006, 2:02 PM
I stepped off of the ship, resting my hand quietly on the pommel of my sword. Ghost padded silently along beside me. He was always silent, never a howl, a yelp, a growl. He sounded like the grave. I smiled grimly, looking around the empty space about us. Amongst my fellow students, I moved in a bubble, alone. Fear was such a powerful motivator, it was wonderful to see.

I laughed softly as we entered the crowd of other students from other schools. It was comical to see my peers stumbling around the foreign bodies, trying to keep away from me. It obviously caused some confusion in the other students, trying to see what theey were running from. Apparantly, neither Ghost nor myself were deserving of such a reaction. One young Beauxbatons girl accidentaly bumped into me, then attempted to rush away without an apology.

I snagged her by the collar of her robes and pulled her back to me. As I spun her around I smiled and said in a thick Russian accent, "You should apologize to me, yes? It is impolite." She sneered, typically arrogant and said, "You should have seen me coming. I'm not afraid of you." My Durmstrang peers stopped dead.

My smile turned cold as I said, "This is because you do not now me, hmm? Nikolai, he is the monster in your closet, he stalks your nightmares." I grabbed her by the chin and pulled her closer to my face, saying, "This lack of fear, it comes from the overconfidence. If you know me, then you fear me. If you know me vell, then you are terrified of me, yes?" I pushed her away from me, laughing as she fell to the dirt. Ghost bared his fangs at her and we continued inside.

March 20th, 2006, 2:35 PM
OOC: Actually, Psychotic_demon told me over PM that we'd be arriving by the thaestral drawn carridges.

IC: Slowly, ever so slowly, the long line of carridges came to a halt. Then, the students began to make their way off of the carridges, filing out one at a time. Strangely, nearly everyone in my carridge seemed to be fighting eachother to get out first. Of course, a few didn't, but it was still a little amusing...

March 20th, 2006, 3:17 PM
Chariot sighed as her back seemed to be stuck in the position it was in. Sitting straight and mannerly was such a pain. As she began to slump, the statue who had been staring at her beforehand, magically oriented to catch any form of unladylike behavior, snapped at her in a very womanly voice, "Seet up straight!"

Chariot sighed and made no effort to sit up, but instead, slumped her shoulders ever more.

"I sayd, seet up straight!" The statue said again, tapping a hard diamond finger upon the glass table.

Chariot rolled her eyes and sat back up. It was obviously the voice of Madam Cummings, the cranky, refined, and ladylike finishing teacher. She made Beauxbatons a sort of finishing school of sorts, scolding every girl she met about something that was wrong with their posture, their attitude, or even the way they moved their wand.

A gaggle of giggling girls left the white oak doors of the bathroom, and Chariot waved them over. But they saw nothing of it, and instead rushed to the front of the dining hall, wondering when the Durmstrang and Hogwarts students would arrive, no doubt hoping they would be mostly boys, as it seemed few and rare to see a Beauxbatons boy.

Many of the diamond statues scolded them for being so unladylike, but many people in groups had gotten used to ignoring them. Chariot slowly sat back down, folding her skirt underneath her so the statue wouldn't protest. But when the seat skidded beneath her, the statue said nothing. Chariot supposed it had been 'de-charmed' for the arrival of the other schools. It would be a very loud affair with Madam Cummings's voice booming reprimandations at every passing Hogwarts or Durmstrang student. Chariot herself giggled at the prospect, but kept her cool by smoothing out her skirt. She wondered just how long it would be until the other students arrived. This was ridiculous! Her back and neck wouldn't stand much more of this...

March 20th, 2006, 3:35 PM
(Oh, sorry, I'll make a correct post :p )

Ivan didn't really like the bump ride of the carriages as they moved along. he was sitting on the left side of the row that faced the back of the carriage, and he had absolutely no idea of who he was riding with in it. he was pretty sure that he didn't have any classes with them, as they seemed to be fourth and fifth year students, but he thought that he might have seen them somewhere before, but he had no clue.

He had wanted to ride with a couple of his friends from his classes, but they had been shoved off into some other carriages by the masses of students that were piling into them. Well, it had exactly been masses, he just supposed that they wanted to sit with someone else. After all, he wasn't that important.

While they rode, Ivan had whipped out his wand and started fiddling with it, making sure that was working well. To check, he levitated one of his quill pens out of his bag and made it flip around a couple times in the air. This bored him after only a ocuple of seconds.

March 20th, 2006, 4:35 PM
The sudden sound of a statue scorning a student caused Simone to rouse from her state of momentary silence. As most people, she rubbernecked her way to gaze at why on earth the order was made, yellow-green eyes tracing over the figure of a girl whose beauty was unmistakable. This made Simone feel rather pathetic, more than she usually did, and she sat up straighter then usual, not wishing to make a scene of herself. Nobody should have to gaze at her more often then they did, mainly because she was one of the only girls in this school that had something other than blonde hair. She waited patiently for the other schools to be announced, and looked away towards where they were gathering, curious and intrigued. Hogwarts especially caused a great interest to be roused within her, for she would have gone to that school.

She was a crow in a sea of doves, or at least felt in that manner.

March 20th, 2006, 4:36 PM
OOC: Burninating_Torchic, this is years after Snape...years after Harry Potter, for that matter. And, as was said, Hogwarts is arriving via thestral-drawn carriages. But aside from those two little details, great first posts, everyone. Now...where's Saphi? o_o;


Once in the dining hall, Angel retreated quietly to a crystal table no one else was sitting at, which was conveniently located in an isolated corner. At least here she couldn't be stared at, or so she hoped. She rested her head on the table's cool surface, closing her eyes. When were Durmstrang and Hogwarts arriving? She could almost hear them at the front of the school now...wait, could she? It seemed there was a distant commotion going on... Raising her head again, she directed her sapphire gaze at the dining hall entrance, waiting anticipantly. Larka yipped excitedly from her perch on Angel's shoulder, jumping down gracefully onto the table to sniff the air.

"I know," whispered Angel to the fox, "I know." What she knew wasn't exactly clear, but as Larka looked thoughtfully into the eyes of her girl, it seemed they had reached a mutual understanding. Angel giggled slightly at her pet's inquiring expression, patting her lovingly with a gentle hand. "All in good time, all in good time," she assured Larka, smiling. She then returned to staring fixedly at the entrance.

After a while longer, Angel couldn't help but notice this was getting rather monotonous. Her eyes watering from watching the door unblinkingly, she closed and opened them once. If the students weren't here yet, at least Madame Maxime could walk through the doors and break the long, passive period of...nothing. She even felt herself missing the statues' snappish remarks. "All in good time," she repeated calmly, stroking Larka subconsciously.

All in good time...

Suddenly noticing a few students filing in, looking confused, Angel started. They're here, she thought, straightening up. It was impossible to recognize individual figures in the sea of people. Curiously, she watched the cluster of students and staff from foreign places, waiting for some explanation.

March 20th, 2006, 4:41 PM
I gathered all of my clutter off the seat as the carridge came to a halt, and Alicia stepped out ahead of the chaos. Finally, I can get some fresh air! Out of all honesty, I could barely breathe while engulfed in that vile stench. As I finally gained my freedom, someone pushed me over, saying "Get out of my way!" as he continued plowing through the crowds, knocking over a bunch of other students.

As I sat up on the ground, I removed my wand and pointed it at the boy in a way that made it seem like I was placing back in my pocket, and flicked it, while quietly muttering a curse under my breath. The door of a carridge nearby the boy swung open instantly and smoked him in the head, knocking him off balance. As hey regained his balance, the door swung shut, hitting him in the head again, before he hit the ground, completely unconcious. Now... where was Alicia?

March 20th, 2006, 5:06 PM
OOC: So, I Terrify people, and david smells himself in enclosed spaces? o.o;

IC: I paused, and stepped out last, and quickly found myself drawn to that girl who had spoken with the boy who so openly cursed his agressor. He was lucky no one really noticed him... I wasn't drawn to her out of attaction, merely to vent my annoyance on someone. As I passed, my hand flashed by, and with a trick I learned fmr muggles, rather than magic, walked by, having moved faster than most people would be able to notice, especially in the milling crowds, and tucked her bra safely into an inside pocket of my robe. It wasn't really out of perversion, not for her, but mostly for the reaction when she would realize that it had gone missing somehow...

March 20th, 2006, 5:17 PM
Her eyes blankly darted to the scenery of beauty, the school of Beauxbaton. She heaved a sigh of boredom, a small pout creeping upon her ennui-filled face. She left Hogwarts believing that the trip to Beauxbaton was going to be exciting…a once in a lifetime experience…but no. She just sat on a carriage for what seemed like an eternity. Those Ravenclaws sitting across from her were just an added aggravation. Every few seconds they would tease her, mock her because of her different colored eyes. And as if they weren't annoying enough, they would begin talking about girlish stuff and dresses...ack, it scares her just thinking about it!


And to think, she left her friends for this.


Now she was going to miss every fun thing they would do.


Evangeline blinked, banishing her thoughts. Oh, was someone calling her?

"Sheesh, Eva, where'd that little brain of yours fly off now?" It was Dylan's voice—her 'older brother'. "If you haven't noticed, our carriage landed minutes ago! Narcissy and the Nerdrangers left already!"

Snickering at her fondly made-up nickname, the younger Gryffindor finally exited the carriage. She had briefly scanned the area and was ever-surprised to see the vast variety of students. There were some she recognized from Hogwarts, but the other two schools she wasn't familiar with. All she knew was that they were now at Beauxbaton, and nothing more. Was this school an all-girl school? Aah, she could feel her eyes twitch at the sight of the rather feminine students. She already had enough trouble with girls like that at her school, now there were thousands of them! She huffed. She had only arrived, and already she felt she wouldn't fit in.

"Don't worry." Dylan stated casually, ruffling her already unkempt hair.

She closed her right eye, her emerald eye, and plastered on a brave façade. "Hn, who's worried?" She said, forcing herself to sound as cheeky as ever.

March 20th, 2006, 5:33 PM
OOC: D'oh...I knew I forgot something. Already, forget everything regarding snape..and the giant serpent thing..and...yeah..>_<. Pretty much disregard that post...argh.
I assume it's ok if I make up a name for the new potions teacher, then.
"Everyone, follow me." Mike said as the carriages containing Slytherins pulled up to the area where the other carriages had been parked. The group of Slytherins followed him and the new potions teacher, Professor Thyppin. The group met up with the other houses and professors from Hogwarts and entered the school.
"Beautiful, isn't it?" Mike heard a seventh year Ravenclaw girl say.
"Beauty is an illusion." Mike mumbled to himself. "This place is probably just a run down little hut with a ton of spells cast on it." He kicked a rock as he and Professor Thyppin led the Slytherins in to the grand building, behind the headmaster and some of the other professors.
"So, where exactly are we going?" Mike asked Professor Thyppin as the group from Hogwarts continued through hallways in the school.
"The grand ball room, I believe." Thyppin replied in a serious tone. "I assume you entered your name into the goblet this year?"
"But of course." Mike replied. "How would Slytherin look if the prefect didn't step up to this challenge?"
"As stupid as they already do." A young Gryffindor said, sticking his tongue out as he passed them by.
"Watch your tongue, boy." Mike said, reaching for his wand. Professor Thyppin quickly swatted Mike's hand preventitively.
"Come on, we'll take a different route to the ballroom." Professor Thyppin said sternly. Mike could tell this was to prevent any cross-house conflicts. "We'll meet you there!" Thyppin called ahead to the other professors. One professor signaled having heard by waving back at him.
"All Slytherins! Follow me!" Mike shouted, turning around and walking backwards, ensuring that his housemates were aware of the change in course. When he was sure all the Slytherins had seperated from the rest of the group, he turned back around. "Why are we going this way?" He asked, though he was sure he knew the answer.
"To prevent further conflict." Professor Thyppin replied, giving Mike the answer he was sure would be given. "It's faster, anyways."
"And how would you know this?" Mike asked slyly.
"The professors were all given a map of the school." Thyppin quickly replied, as if he had something to hide.

The group soon arrived at the grand ball room, ahead of all the other houses.
"Hmm. Well, I'm not quite sure where we should sit." Thyppin decided, looking around at the open tables. "I suppose we'll have to wait for the others to get here."
"I suppose." Mike said, rolling his eyes and turning to face the Slytherins. "Alright! Everyone, you are to wait here until the others get here!" He shouted over the noises coming from the crowd. "And I expect for you to do so silently!"
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March 20th, 2006, 5:52 PM
Chariot whirled around in her seat to face her friends, who had just retreated sideways at the commands of Madam Cummings herself, with her silvery longsleeved dress draped with a black jacket, much like Chariot's and the other BeauxBaton girls jackets, with her white hair pulled up into what looked like a very tight bun upon the back of her head.

Madam Cummings scolded Chariot's friends, and they quickly arranged themselves in seats, uncaring of just who they sat with, as long as it was near the doors. Chariot herself rolled her eyes and leaned back, draping her arm over the back of the crystal chair. With one sharp glare and snippy command from Madam Cummings, Chariot crossed her eyes and sat up straight, her hands loosely folded in her lap.

"Young ladies do not cross their eyes when given an order." Madam Cummings lectured before turning around to another girl with striking green eyes and blonde hair Chariot knew as Nicolette, and as Madam Cummings snapped at her as well, she took her hands off of the clean crystal table with such speed that Chariot could've sworn Madam Cummings had swiped Nicolette's hands off the table with her wand, which, she was flinging everywhere.

"Seet up, Seet up Seet up!" Madam Cummings said in a crazed frenzy, determined to show the true manners of BeauxBatons.

Chariot made no effort to straighten her back any futher for Madam Cummings, as she noticed many other girls did as well. Chariot only sat up incredibly straight for Madam Maxime, who herself, though very old in age now, was still the most mannerly woman in the entire school. She found ways to scold even Madam Cummings!

Chariot sat herself on the opposite side of her deserted table, so she would be able to see the crystalline chateau doors when they were flung open to reveal the students of Durmstrang, and the students of Hogwarts. She took a deep breath to calm herself, as Madam Cummings arranged herself at the front table, Madam Maxime busy conversing with the charms teacher, though ladylike as ever.

Chariot caught sight of the BeauxBaton student her friends were always gossiping about. Angel was her name? She herself didn't ever quite care, but her friends were always snapping and talking about how they hated how perfect and pretty she was. They hated how 'goody-goody' she was, and Chariot would always wonder just how they viewed themselves. Every girl in BeauxBaton's was goody-goody, self-confident, and was filled with two main sins. Envy of the others, and Pride for themselves. Or, at least, the girls that Chariot had gotten to meet. She had never been very envious of anyone, because she herself, was one of the top. Her pride for her status was rather low, as her attitude brought it an entire step down. But as Chariot looked at the girl, she knew just why her friends disliked Angel. She held her poise high, and didn't seem cramped and uncomfortable like Chariot. She radiated, with something like her own glow, and had a face such no one could ever recreate. Chariot suddenly felt very self-conscious and lowered her head, before getting a snap from Madam Cummings all the way from the front table.

Chariot sighed, rolled her eyes as many girls in the dining hall stared as she got yet another snippy remark from Madam Cummings for rolling her eyes again.

March 20th, 2006, 6:47 PM
"Hey, what on earth do you think you're doing with my sisters undergarments?!" I called after the large boy from earlier. If I hadn't been paying attention, I might have never saw. It made me wonder hoe Alicia didn't notice... "What kind of person are you, anyways?" I scolded as I continued to approach him, wand raised, my Hogwarts uniform twitching in the light breeze. "How would you like it?" I asked, then an idea dawned upon me. I raised my wand, and flicked it violently, screaming "Gendious!" as pink sparks flew from my wand towards him...

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March 20th, 2006, 6:58 PM
OOC: I hope there's nothing wrong with that one, too...>_<
Never fear, there isn't.


Madam Cummings rounded on Angel's table next, as the girl was stroking Larka's fur. For a split second, the teacher stared. Then she returned to her usual bossy, brisk, criticizing attitude. "Seet up!" she screeched, and in a flash Angel had straightened up in her seat, flushing. "I am sorry, Madam," she murmured quietly, her powder-white features now a rosy crimson. A few girls nearby snickered almost inaudibly, but they, oddly, escaped the Madam's notice. Angel humbly lowered her gaze to the floor. "I am sorry, Madam," she said again, looking very small.

Unfortunately, Madam Cummings only looked more vicious at this. "Meet my eyez when you are spoken to!" she ordered, and Angel shyly obeyed. What Madam Cummings saw when the girl looked up were two sapphires of eyes, beautiful and kind but somehow...sad. A secret was beyond those striking eyes, a secret hinted at only by the sorrow swimming somewhere within them. Blinking to rid herself of the tragic picture, Madam Cummings halfheartedly shouted another snap Angel's way before hurrying to scold another table.

Strangely enough for a Beauxbatons girl, Angel was neither stuck-up nor jealous. She was modest, often even timid at times. Despite what some of the others might say about her simply because of their own envy, she was a good person. And, naively, that was why they hated her. They thought she was too good, thought she was even perfect. Angel shook her head. She was anything but perfect, and anyone who saw her at night would know it. However, no one saw her at night...

"Larka," she whispered, placing the fox on her lap once Madam Cummings was safely involved in chiding another girl's posture, "Larka, what's wrong with me?" The animal blinked, watching her master intently. You know perfectly well what you are, she seemed to say, and it can be both a blessing and a curse at times. There was sympathy in the way Larka looked at the girl. Angel's eyes avoided Larka like they had Madam Cummings, and her next behavior was most strange. Reaching with a delicate hand into a shoulder of her sky-blue robes, she felt her fingers close around something soft pressed against her back. Her eyes were wet with tears as she touched it, but she did not cry. Slowly, slowly, she withdrew her hand, resuming sitting straight up in her seat as though nothing was wrong.

March 20th, 2006, 7:35 PM
I tensed, seeing his wand, and immidiately drew my own, twirling it and with some mumbled words to keep him from learning, wove an emergency shield spell, but it hadn't fully set in when the curse hit. I was expecting a direct attacking spell, which this most certainly wasn't, nmeaning that it was only partially deflected towards my oponent. Immdiaitely, a robed figure with the Prefect badge began advancing on the both of us... This was not going to end well, I could feel it...

OOC: Yes, I know, I know, but trust me, this time, it's not the same old, anyone know how the other professors, prefects, medical experts, ect are controlled? Also, of copurse the outfit doesn't apply. Never be caught DEAD in that.

March 20th, 2006, 9:09 PM
The carriage lands softly and piper looks out the window and watches the river of students rushing into the school. After five minutes and not seeing a single slytheryn, piper opens the carriage door and steps out onto hard cobbled stones. Looking around she takes her wand out of her pocket and levitates the two trunks out in front of her. Walking into the school the girl takes in her surrounding and her gaze comes to rests on a supernaturally beautiful girl with a white fox, smiling to her self, hoping she might make a friend; she walks over and stops with in three feet of the girl. Taking in every detail she extends her left hand and, reverting to her usual mopey appearance, says hi. “Hello. You seem some what.......different to the rest of the school. I was wondering if you would like to be friends.” Glancing at her two trunks she mutters something and the lay to rest on the floor, one on top of the other.

March 21st, 2006, 2:02 PM
I almost swaggered into the Grand Ballroom, looking about contemptuously. Such pretension, such extravagance. Such impracticality. I laughed again under my breath, thinking about the fun of shattering the statues, the tables, the bones, the lives... I shook my head. I couldn't let myself get carried away with such thoughts. Yet, at least. Arrogantly, I slid onto one of the benches. Ghost bared a fang to scare off a Beauxbatons student in his way and curlued up under the bench. With a nod to him, I straightened my crimson robes and smiled with mock politeness at all about me including this strange girl talking to her fox. Of course, I thought, laughing to myself, You look just as crazy as she. It is a good cover, they don't know the truth depth of the insanity. I deliberately placed my elbows on the table and said, "A good efning to you all."

March 21st, 2006, 3:01 PM
OOC: Ozy, are you talking to everyone? 0_0;;

IC: Chariot stifled a giggle as Madam Cummings stared at the Durmstrang student's elbows. She looked like she would explode, holding back her snippy orders, but in the end, she swept away very quickly, without another word.

Chariot herself would've congratulated him for making Madam Cummings frustrated, but he didn't look very friendly, so she turned her gaze away. More and more people were filing in, and as Chariot deducted, none of the boys were really that glamorous. But perhaps it was because she had been neglected to ever really see a boy who slouched when he walked, like many from Hogwarts, or talked freely, casual and relaxed. Her father never let her lay her amber eyes upon those 'mongrel's. And none of the few and rare boys at BeauxBaton ever did that as well. They were all just as refined as the girls.

Chariot took a long stare at the statue, making sure that it would indeed not snap at her for the next action she was about to take.

She let out a sigh and slumped a little, crossing one leg over the other, and resting her head in her hand.This had to be the most boring night of her life. Perhaps it'd get better after awhile into this tournament. Chariot felt strange, used to being in a pool of light blue's and whites. But now there was a blood red, black, and many other varieties amongst the crowd. The Hogwarts and Durmstrang uniforms looked very dark compared to her own.

Chariot forced her eyes onto her friends, who were all looking at passing Durmstrang boys with strained refinement, and looked as though the only reason they weren't squealing was because of Madam Maxime. She rolled her eyes and let her hand fall to the table, as she reluctantly sat back straight, Madam Cummings walking very slowly and stiffly back to the front, scolding any Beauxbatons student. She couldn't exactly scold the students from the other schools, as this was not the way they were taught.

"Handz off ze table!" She snapped at Chariot, who slowly slid her hands off the table with a squeaky sound with each movement of her hand, a frustrated glare on her face "No squeeking! Zis' is absolutely unacceptable!" Madam Cummings said storming up to Chariot "Do not test my payzience toonight!" She said in a thick accent. She seemed to have been forbidden to speak in french for the night for the risk of 'making our guests feel uncomfortable'. That was why Chariot spoke no french tonight. But her friends were speaking rapidly in french! It was absolutely unfair. But Madam Cummings had never liked Chariot anyway. She was too 'boyish' for her tastes.

March 21st, 2006, 3:07 PM
Groaning, Sim rubbed her eyes. The sudden blast of this foreign colours of the robes made her eyes bewildered. She was so used to seeing perfection, that the suddeness of "normal" hurt her eyes.

And maybe it was the fact that she was tired. Not the sort to remember the cycle of the moon (a bad habit for one with her case) She sometimes lay awake in her dorm fretting if it was to be full. Alas, that would not be until another week or so...or a few days, she failed to know.

Soon as it would seem, she leans her head against the table, causing a nearby teacher to scowl and approach her. It was the potions teacher, and at the moment, Simone would rather not recollect her name.

"I don't care about your 'condition,' sit up," critisized she. "Just because the statues are de-charmed for the moment, doesn't mean you should slump!"

March 21st, 2006, 4:29 PM
"Alright, I think we're sitting down over here." Professor Thyppin told Mike in his usual quiet voice. Mike then relayed the information to the other students, as he always did when the quiet professor wanted to make an anouncement. Slowly, Slytherin students began to drift over to one of the tables nearby where the other Hogwarts students were sitting. After Mike was sure all the others were sitting, he walked over to the table where the other three prefects were.
"I suppose I'm required to sit here, hm?" Mike said in a low voice, but not low enough so that the prefects at the table he was approaching could not hear.
"I suppose you are." The Gryffindor prefect replied in a rather poisonous tone. Mike and the Gryffindor prefect had been archrivals since they were first years. Mike sat at the table but turned away from the center of it, instead facing the other tables, particularly the one where some of the professors were congregated. Only the headmasters from visiting schools sat at the head table with the professors from the hosting school.
"Are they planning on starting this thing soon?" Mike asked rhetorically, yawning.

March 21st, 2006, 5:55 PM
(Decided to skip to the part where he's going inside, hope that's okay. =D)

Ivan walked quietly into the Grand Hall, wiping some of his strewn hair that was all over his face. While he was walking in from the outside, there had been an ordeal with some Slytherin tripping him on the ground. Luckily, while nobody but some other Ravenclaws were looking, he had performed a tiny spell that caused the fifth year Slytherin to hang upside down in the air for a bit, then come crashing to the ground. While he watched the angry boy run off to tell one of the teachers, Ivan had quickly hurried into the main room to get away.

As he sat down at some table that a prefect had directed him to, he tucked his wand back inside his robes and rested at his hands at his sides, having finished with the resetting of his hair that had been messed up during the process of the tripping.

He looked around for a moment, not really recognzing any of the people that he was sitting with. Most of the people that he knew were down at another side, having been shoved around and pulled by other people until they were eventually forced into some random seats. Ivan sighed boringly and closed his eyes, resting his head on the table and hoping that the Slytherin from before wouldn't find him in all the confusion.

March 21st, 2006, 6:09 PM
As the curse rebounded at me, my vision blurred and I fell to my knees. I heard Alicia scream as she ran to my side, and then the sound of laughter echoed in my head. I would have recognised that laugh anywhere... Alex, a Ravenclaw prefect. He was my best friend, but he had a tendancy of picking on my for small things. It was quite obvious why he was laughing.

As my eyes began to refocus, I found myself staring right into Alex' hazel eyes, freckles decorating his face. I blinked, and realized Alicia was at my side, her blue eyes showing a very worried look as her brown hair drifted in the breeze. "You idiot!" She scolded me as she hit me over the head, and I responded by placing my hands on my head and crying "Owww..." in a very feminine voice. Of course, Alex was still laughing at me in a maniacle way. However, I had hit my target.... Though I had made this curse so that it was irreversable... Which wasn't exactly good.

"Would you stop laughing at me already? I'm capable of doing it to you too, you idiot!" Of course, Alex quickly shut up, and lifted me up by one arm, as Alicia took the other.

"Come on then, mate, we've got to get going to the ceremony, we can deal with your problem later." Alex said as he brushed his left hand through his blonde hair, before helping escort me to the Ballroom, and into a seat with the rest of the Ravenclaws, as Alicia went over to the other Hufflepuffs.

I got various looks from the other Ravenclaws, even my other friends. I also heard things like "We have a new Ravenclaw?" and "Why are her robes so baggy?" I assumed that was because my body had shrunk. I moved my red hair away from my face as I heard a boy say "She's pretty cute" before shuddering.

OOC: Havent done this in a while, meh. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c146/Kurosaki_/1142932007208.jpg Of course, still in school robes.

March 21st, 2006, 7:10 PM
((Ooc)) ........ It has come to my attention that some people are rather confused. This is mostly my fault. I didn't have much time to explain everything, and stuff came up. So, I will say some things now. The Headmistress is Madame Altus Domina now. Madame Domina is the Beauxbaton person. I'll leave the name of Drumstrang's Headmaster to Alpha, because I can't think of a name. o_o'

And for Hogwarts, the headmaster is Lenus Virr.

As for actually starting, here we go.



Madame Domina stood just above me, waving her wand around absent-mindedly she was about to enter the Dining Hall, where all the schools had finally gathered. We, the teachers and I, had been waiting here for hours. Finally I could escape this stupid room, this stupid place. No, no, it was for the good of the schools, I had to stay only a little bit longer.

Madame Domina stood, smoothing out her dress. Her long, curly auburn hair swung around her shoulders as she turned to face me, emerald eyes boring into my lavender ones. "You realiz', Aislinn, what we have 'ere, don't you?"

I thought for a moment, and shook my head. Domina was always a strange woman.

"We 'ave all three schools heer in one, each one competing for one thing--ze Triwizard Cup. Zis is going to get tricky, keeping everyone under control, especially in a tournament that hardly 'as rules. I will need you to be my eyes and ears this year..."

Arn't I always? I thought, smiling. She smiled back, not realising how I was laughing at her inside. She was jealous of the other schools, wanting so badly for her school to win... No, I couldn't think like that.

".... So, you will bee 'zere at all times, yes?"

"Oui, oui, Madame. I weel be 'zere, at all times," I answered in english. It sounded strange from my lips, but it really didn't matter. It was time to begin.


This was boring. Hogwarts had arrived God-knows-how-many minutes ago, and nothing was happening. Students speaking, laughing, one with a wolf who was obviously enjoying scaring other students, a girl with a fox who's smile was empty, other kids all over the place. There were so many things going on, I could hardly focus.

I heard a flap of wings next to my ear, Kalyca and Seir. Seir perched on my hand, ruffling his feathes. It was obvious from the way he moved he was nervous around all the cats. Kalyca, however, was having fun tauning the larger owls. She perched on my shoulder, nipping playfully at my ear. The two pheonix chirped at each other, now ignoring me. But my attention was on other things. Someone had walked to the front of the room.


Everyones' head looked up at a woman and girl, both who seemed very important at the moment. The girl looked calm and smiled gently at everyone, standing to the right of Madame.... what was her name?

"Good, eev'ning. I am Madame Domica, ze Headmistress 'or ze Beuaxbaton School of Witch'raft and Wizi'dry."

Well, that question was answered. But there were so many more...

"As you all know, we are hosting ze Triwizard Tourn'ment. Thees year, so much 'as bien planned for you. Your tasks weel be revee'led in time, but until 'zen, 'zere is much for you to do and learn. We 'ere at Beauxbaton welcome the other schools with opened arms. 'Ogwarts..."

A man stood, possibly in his late-forties. He pushed some graying hair back, rising, and seating himself again. "...an' Drumstrang." The other man rose, though not many could get a good view of him.

"I'm sure you arr all v'ry tired, so, eat, pleese, before you retire for ze night." With that said Madame ..... (Domina?) sat herself at her seat, and the other girl walked toward the only table with a seat left, near the boy and girl with canines. A grey cat came from nowhere, following her footsteps. He looked up at me, causing me to jump. His eyes were milky white, though I felt as though he'd seen everything. I shivered, turning toward my plate of food.

((Ooc)) Once agian, I'm sorry if this throws anyone off, but we need some order here.

March 22nd, 2006, 12:25 PM
OOC: Thank you, Psychotic Demon...I thought we were never going to progress past everyone arriving in the main hall or wherever. One thing I am confused about, however...did we already do the thing regarding the goblet, or has that not happened yet?
"Ah, food. That's probably a good idea." Mike said to himself, turning back around to the center of the table. A plate of unusual food sat before him, and he decided to take a bite out of one of the things. "This is horrible!" He exclaimed in a low voice so that none of the Beauxbatons students or staff could hear.
"Live with it." The Ravenclaw prefect said, eating their food without complaining. "The food here is substantially lighter then it is at Hogwarts. You'll just have to get used to it."
"I don't know how anyone gains any weight around here." Mike said, munching on some sort of cracker.

"Are we done for the night?" Mike asked rhetorically once he had finished his dinner. "I don't know if we should be heading to our rooms or not...come to think of it, I don't even know where our rooms are."
"You don't know much of anything, do you?" The Gryffindor prefect mocked.
"I'd watch your tongue if I were you." Mike replied. "Least you wake up tomorrow morning without it..." he gripped his wand, as if meaning to start a fight.
"There's a time and place for everything." Professor Thyppin said as he placed his hand on Mike's shoulder. He had overheard the conversation. "You will fight the Gryffindor in due time." With that, he walked away.
"The pathetic prefect saved by his pathetic teacher." The Gryffindor prefect laughed.
"Minus one hundred points for Gryffindor." Thyppin called over his shoulder, barely loud enough so that the prefects could hear.
OOC: Yes, that's a reference to the house cup...there wasn't much mention of that since like book 1...

March 22nd, 2006, 1:52 PM
I smiled around the table and took a particularly bloody-looking piece of meat on a fork I ripped a large chunk off and began chewing, visibly savoring the taste of barely cooked flesh Once I could speak intelligably again, I looked about once more and said, "So. How are you all?"

March 22nd, 2006, 4:15 PM
Grand Hall, Eva you need to go to the Grand Hall! Don't forget!

Really! Two seconds on this school, this way too perfect school, and she was already lost; Narcissy would never let her hear the end of this! She didn't even know what happened. She could only remember standing absentmindedly amongst people—a lot of people—and being pushed around, until finally, she was knocked inside a large room. Maybe being lost wasn't such a bad thing? If she didn't get lost, she would have never gotten the chance to stumble across this grand hall and…

"Grand Hall"? Oh, never mind. I guess I was supposed to go here in the first place.

"Ha!" She grinned widely, cheekily. She was practically yelling. "I knew I could find this place all by my own!" Apparently, Evangeline was oblivious of all the other students sitting on the table, and of the two who seemed to be the focal point. One was a girl, perhaps a year or so older that she, and the other was a woman with curly auburn locks. When she finally did noticed her peers, and Narcissy's glare, she blinked in confusion. Huh? When did all these people get here?

"Evangeline, get over here!" She heard the Gryffindor prefect call in a mere whisper. He pointed towards an empty seat and gave her an urgent look. Luckily, he was busy with dealing with that Mike guy so he skipped his usual lecture part. As she sat down on her assigned seat, she faced the Ravenclaws sitting beside her and tilted her head to one side, in a confused sort of way.

"Hey, can you guys tell me we're doing here? Oh, and, and, who are those people there?"

The Ravenclaw students heaved a sigh of grief. Was she really that dense?

//ooc: eep, a tad too confuzzling, ne? x3;

March 22nd, 2006, 6:02 PM
I was hungry when I first arrived, but in light of recent events, and the appearance of the meal, made me feel otherwise. I was still recieving strange glances from the rest of the Ravenclaws, and word was starting to spread to the other houses as they looked at me in that "Who the heck is she?" manor.

"Don't worry about it, mate, we just need to... to... Well, I have absolutely no clue, but we'll think of some manor to change you back." Alex whispered to me, "But we need to think of what to do with you in the mean time."

"Well... duh." I muttered in response as I placed a spoon in what seemed to be like a very thin soup, before mixing it for no apparent reason. "I just wonder how long it'll be before someone approaches me about who I am..."

As we finished our conversation, another girl, Evangeline I believe, took a seat nearby. She questioned our reasoning for being here, and Alex couldn't help but comment. "Where have you been living the past few months? Under a rock? We're here for the Triwizard Tournament! Blimey!"

March 22nd, 2006, 7:25 PM
OOC: To answer your question, B_T, I believe the goblet part is coming later.


Startled, Angel looked up, surprised someone was talking to her; more often, people were talking about her, and behind her back. It was more understandable once she realized the girl was from one of the new schools. "Different," she murmured. "Yes, that is accurate." There was no sarcasm nor bitterness in the comment, more of a gentle sadness. Brushing silver bangs in towards her face so that the girl wouldn't see her still somewhat moist eyes, she smiled warmly. It was forced, but still genuine. "I would love to be your friend," she said. She trusted anyone and everyone until proven otherwise. She looked around slowly, observing different fragments of the scene around her as they gradually pieced together. A girl with a blind cat, the same girl who had helped Madame Domina(Angel swore she remembered seeing this girl before...was her name Aislinn?), sat nearby. A Durmstrang boy with a white wolf at his heels was tearing into a chunk of meat. Hogwarts students were also grouped not far away. There was so much to see and hear, but she had reached a mood during which none of it interested her. Silently, she looked down at the meal on her plate. Finding herself completely devoid of appetite, she began sneaking tidbits to Larka under the table.

March 22nd, 2006, 8:07 PM
:: Oh, crap. I'll just... see how far I'll make it. ::

The carriage came to a stop, and Nuncio was flung to the floor in a most uncivilized manner. Rubbing his eyes wearily, a swift hand reched out to grab his bag, and he was off, trying to shove his way through a mountanious(sp?) crowd.

He was pretty successful. But very tired. When he reached the door of the hall, instead of going in, which he was planning to, he fell down onto the grass.

On his back with orange hair splayed out, his crimson eyes stared back up at the sky.
So blue... He thought.

A few students murmured something, thinking he had passed out. Slowly getting up, slinging the backpack over his shoulder, and grabbing the hat, he made his way inside. Sitting at a table with only one occupant, a girl with blond hair and pale skin, who was obviously bored from the way she sat, Nuncio stared at the room.

It wasn't so much the size, but the fact that his orange hair was in his face. Sighing, he buried his head into his warm arms. His cap lay a few inches away from him.

March 22nd, 2006, 11:19 PM
Sitting down next to the girl she looks at her and her unusual pets. “May I know your name? You haven’t told me what it is.” Looking at the white fox next to her, piper feels a pang of condensed loneliness, having no friends, and leaving her pet owl back in Hogwarts. Leaning against the bench she feels her eyes well up and she quickly wipes her eyes, surprised at the tears. Looking at the girl next to her piper wonders where she will be sleeping. “May I sleep in your dorm? I prefer to sleep by my self, also, you are my only friend. The other students of Hogwarts have been……not nice. If you are nice to me, and if I find you trustworthy enough to keep the secret, I will explain my world. Also, I hope we can be rivals in lessons. I rarely smile to any one. You should know that too.” Looking at her shoes, her eyes start welling with water again and she lets the tears fall, realizing she has never told any one this much.

March 23rd, 2006, 5:07 AM
The sudden smell of meat awakened her from her trance. And a wet nose against her face. She lifts her head up and gazes fondly at the beef, and other such foods. Boy, wasn't she famished. As for the wet nose, that was her orange tabby cat, Maggie, just dropping by. But in the look of her twin emerald orbs shown hunger as she eyed to beef.

"Maggie, you know you aren't allowed..." she says, brushing her black hair away from her face. So far, no one has approached her or talked to her, but she cared not. If they did, she would get all quiet and sullen...ashamed to even talk to someone whether a part of her school or one of the new ones.

She sinks her fork into the beef, and at her teachers dismay (never getting such a chance to do so with the scowling statues, she lept upon it as an invitation that they were de-charmed) started wolfing it down and tearing at it. It wasn't noticable, it was how a 'normal' witch ate when not affected with the high-maitenance group. But one could detect a savage glint in her eye, yet another downfall in being a werewolf. She couldn't resist the flavour of meat.

Taking her master's blind eye (only for the food at least) Maggie leapt at her chance, too. Grabbing some turkey off of Simone's plate, she leaps down on the ground and begins to have her own five-star dinner.

March 23rd, 2006, 3:05 PM
OOC: Again, are you talking to everyone Ozy? And, I apologize, as I thought Madam Maxime's giant blood might help her live a little longer, but I guess this is WAY afterwards.

IC: Chariot stared down at the food and carefully spooned out a ladel-full of pre-arranged Bouillabaisse, as she picked out a single slice of a baguette.

She always ate lightly, as she never really had an appetite. The fish was a delicious number, and she added bits of turkey to it. She never ate dark meat, such as beef, or dark meat on chicken. She rarely ate pork, as the thought of it seemed to rile her delicate stomach. And so as she carefully sipped the stew, more out of habit then being under the rough glare of Madam Cummings.

Chariot patted her lips gently after every other bite or so, looking around at the other BeauxBaton students. Many were also eating politely out of habit, including her friends, but Chariot gasped when her hazel eye's rested upon a girl who was wolfing down meats at an alarming rate. It was amazing how she seemed to abandon her knife, and Chariot knew that she'd be in for it when the tournament was over.

Just the sight of the girl made Chariot sit up straighter, eat more mannerly, and removed her elbows and arms from the table. The glass goblet in front of her had crystalline water, which was pretty much the only thing she ever drank. This diet did make Chariot incredibly thin, but Madam Cummings didn't seem to mind. It just meant that she would have to hand out one less corset. But in fact, Chariot just felt uneasy, with so many different people eating in different ways. The boy who had mocked Madam Cummings was eating at the almost pink flesh of...something, and many of the Hogwarts students were arriving late, having nearly no manners at all as they ate.

Chariot couldn't stand these sights, of such normal people and stared down hard at her stew as she ate.

March 23rd, 2006, 4:27 PM
Although her question was answered, Evangeline couldn't help but pout and 'hmph'. That Ravenclaw prefect, meanie-Alex, annoyed her for some reason. Maybe it was his attitude? Or even his know-it-all tone (she feels like everyone in the whole world was teasing her when it comes to her intelligence and stuff). Probably she was just in a bad mood, though. In any case, it didn't make any difference, because she didn't even bother listening to him. She was too distracted with the girl beside him. That Ravenclaw girl seemed really...familiar somehow. She could see a vague image of her in her mind. It bothered her that she couldn't think of her name!

"David!" She exclaimed loudly as she pointed at her. "Oh, no, wait. The David I know is guy."

She tapped her chin pensively, letting out a stifled groan. Where did she see her before? "Hey meanie," she called Alex, pointing to the girl once again, "is she your girlfriend or something?"

March 23rd, 2006, 4:59 PM
As Evangeline accused me of being, well, me, my eye began to twitch. Apparently it wasn't that hard to figure out who I was if you got a close enough look. Alex just started laughing at me, but soon shut up after Eva made her second accusation.

"My girlfriend? Ha!" Alex replied, very bitterly, before pointing his finger at me. "You're right, thats David. The idiot cursed himself... Though it was bound to happen eventually."

I wasn't sure to take his first reply offensive or not, but quickly shot him a glare as he revealed my identity. I looked away, but found myself looking at most of our table staring at me, some laughing. "Just perfect! Way to go, Alex! Now everyone knows I fumbled and turned myself into a girl!" However, I yelled at him so loud that it alerted most of the room about the conversation. Just lovely... But where did the guy I cursed earlier go?

March 23rd, 2006, 5:43 PM
Her ears burn, and she recieves the sense of a hurried glance in her direction. A chunk of meat in the mist of swallowing paused in her throat, choking her up for a moment. It was the feeling when one swallows something to large, or a better known feeling of a held back sob. Clearing her throat, she gulps down the meat, her neck still prickling from the sensing of the glance.

Lifting her head up, she turns her head slightly towards the area where she felt it, letting merely her profile show. The dark hair caused her skin to look even paler as it outlined her face neatly. No matter how scraggly her uniform looked, her hair was always perfect, nothing out of place. It was sleek and shiny, however when sick it seemed to dim in it vibrance of sheen, and become messy. But when she was like this, healthy and content to the extent, it was beautiful. Perhaps the only trait people commented her on, as well as her strange eyes. And these yellow-green eyes flickered rather animal-like when the light hit them, causing the pupils to flash as she looked quickly over towards the girl who now was sitting prim and proper.

She was looking at her stew as though it was the most interesting thing in the world, but boy, wasn't she lovely...like every-other girl in the school. She too, was thin like Simone, but a healthy thin. Sim, on the other hand, no matter how much she ate, no matter what she ate, she could never rid herself of the fraily thin body she possessed. The only reason why she wore a corset was to give herself a more pleasing figure, instead of being...flat and uncurved.

Sighing, she wipes her fingers on the napkin and averts her gaze as quickly as it came. She looks down at her meal, and she notices a streak of orange come up and tap her plate, moving about to look for a morsel. Maggie was apparently sitting in the seat next to her, the orange feline looking for something else to eat. She was unlike any other animal. For some reason, animals (every one, in fact...including fish for some odd reason. Mainly larger animals such as canines, felines, and even birds. But she had noticed it with smaller creatures too, such as rats and toads) kept their distance from her, were almost fearful of her. They tensed and either growled at her or fled, sensing something amiss with her. But Maggie? No. She was either not as intelligent, or way beyond their intelligence in keeping her master company. In fact, Maggie was the one who picked Sim out, being a simple stray kitten who had followed Sim home one evening.

Smiling, Sim moves her fork towards another peice of turkey and allows it to 'accidentally' go by the paw, blindly searching her plate. In a flash, the claws protrude, grip the bird-flesh, and ducks down into the seat, where the faint sound of smacking can be heard. Sim manages a faint smile.

March 24th, 2006, 5:21 PM
<OOC>Yes, at the moment, I am adressing everyone. My apologies for adding no content, but until I have something to reply to, there's not much I can do.<OOC>

March 24th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Angel blinked, startled as the girl next to her burst into tears. "Don't cry..." she said helplessly. Gently, she placed a hand upon the girl's forehead, closing her eyes and concentrating. Instantly, she felt the girl's pain diminish, a calmness filling her body in place of the hurting. "There there," Angel said in a soothing voice, "nothing to cry about." She smiled kindly. "I appreciate you telling me all this," she continued, "and am honored that you would share with me such secrets." Looking curiously at the girl, she added, "My name is Angel. What's yours?"

OOC: I apologize for this being so short...'parental interruption'. *grumbles*

March 24th, 2006, 6:25 PM
Ivan looked strangely at the food that surrounded him. His mouth watered. There was so much; Turkey, chicken, rolls, anything you could think of. He began taking his fork and grabbing various things, then setting them on his plate and staring in awe at all the scrumptious things that were right in front of him.

Needless to say, Ivan began digging in almost instantly. It was surprising that he hadn’t choked on something yet, considering that he was shoveling it down as if he were some sort of animal. He hadn’t eaten in awhile, so it was pretty much natural that he would go wild around so much food.

(Sorry this is such a pathetic post, I really have no idea what to do ><’’)

March 24th, 2006, 10:11 PM
Startled at the loss of sadness and rise of happiness, piper looks at angel, and after a few seconds of confusion, she smiles which, is an extremely rare occurrence. “You truly are an angel, well, not really, I know my uncles one. But you are not just a witch but two kinds of witches. I don’t know what your power is called but don’t use it all the time, otherwise you will have things happen to you. Good or bad, I don’t know, but things will happen to you. Mark my words. So don’t use your power.” The last sentence piper spoke sternly, as she knew stories of what could happen from her aunt Paige. Sighing she looks at her two trunks and has a desire to put them by a bed. “You still haven’t told me whether it’s ok if I sleep in your dorm. If it is, could we go there now? And could I ask what’s in your wand? Oh, and by the way, my names Piper. So you should know, you will never get rid of all my pain. It’s impossible, unless I choose to in strange circumstances.”

March 25th, 2006, 7:34 AM
I overheard this last bit of conversation and said sweetly, "Vhyever vould she do that. Power is meant to help you, if you haff the courage to use it. Is your angel capable of doing so, or is she the coward, yes? This is the question that must be aswered."

March 25th, 2006, 11:51 AM
Angel looked surprised. The girl, who had seemed so downcast and timid, was now bombarding her with questions. She smiled, though. It seemed she had opened her up.

"I think it would be alright if you slept in my dorm, if Madame Domina approves," she said warmly, "but we must wait for her to announce to the new schools where their sleeping quarters will be." She then remembered a certain factor in what would happen if the other girl slept in her dorm, and something fearful seemed to show through momentarily in her calm eyes. I won't be in the dorm at the same time, though, she assured herself in thought. I'll...hide somewhere. Relaxing a bit, she returned to her serene manner.

"My wand contains phoenix feather," she added, patting Larka. Her gaze now wandered to the Durmstrang boy who had interloped, and she looked at him thoughtfully.

"My power is more of a...gift, you might say," she said to him quietly, "and using it for my own gain would destroy its purpose, as it is only useful in helping others. I'd rather not go into specifics, though, if you don't mind..." She trailed off, looking at the fox in her lap. Feeding her another tidbit of food, she wandered off, losing herself in thoughts and memories.

March 25th, 2006, 10:31 PM
Smiling, piper takes her wand out of her pocket, and studies it. “Thank you for letting me sleep in your dorm. My wand…..my wand is 16 inches with three unicorn hairs in it, and a sliver of unicorn horn. My wand is extremely rare. It happens to be the only olivander wand with unicorn horn in it.” Looking at her wand, and twirling it in her fingers, she secretly thinks about her dummy spell, and how she has never spent a single night in bed while at Hogwarts. Being in this castle wouldn’t be any different, excited, piper shivers slightly. She looks forward to exploring the new castle and discovering its secrets. “I have…….powers of a sort too, but I don’t really want to tell you what they are, until I get to know you more. Just don’t get me angry or scared. Don’t scare me. Or you might find your self-“ cutting her self off from a deadly mistake which might lose her first and only friend, she goes within her self, and thinks about her family.

March 26th, 2006, 5:39 AM
Hello, all. Nat is back, at least when she's at work! That's right, I'm totally being a naughty girl and disobeying my mother, but I'm not too worried about it. I have quite the regular schedual at work, and I would very much like to join this RP. I should be able to keep up just fine, when I can't get on at work, I can peep on at school. I've read every post that's already been posted, and it doesn't seem like it's TOO late to join, as the Goblet scene has not yet begun.

Though, if it is, feel free to inform me and ignore my post.

Name: Trianna Lejer

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Year: 6th (At Hogwarts, a Ravenclaw. Her birthday is in late spring, so she's a little younger than most in her year.)

Description: Trianna has very, very pale skin and long, flowing black hair. Her face is rather round, but not by any standards "fat". Her eyes are a strange, deep indigo. She keeps two strands of hair on the sides of her face braided and pulled around her head in a mock-headpiece kind of style. The rest she just lets flow free, which ocassionally has a bit of a wave. She's rather thin and shapely, but not considered "pretty" or "beautiful" by any. She's much like the "ugly duckling". She is never seen wihtout a strange, teardrop-shaped crystalline necklace hanging on a silver chain around her neck.

Personality: Trianna is hard to get to know, just because she tends to be rather shy. She also has many gaurds set up. She is desperatly afraid of being hurt. But once you break through that outer shell, she is a deeper, truer friend than any you have previously known. Underneath her outside layer, she's caring, compassionate, and understanding. At heart, though she would never truly admit it to ANYONE, she's a terrible romantic. But, she remains thoroughly convinced that no one would ever love her, because no one has ever really tried. She is very modest and doesn't think a whole lot of herself.

Wand: 11 1/4", maple, unicorn hair

Pet: a tiny, arctic fox, Kimbala. Kimbala has pure white fur that shines like snow in the sunlight. The tips of her ears are a black as dark as Trianna's hair, and her paws are the same color. The tip of her tail is also dipped in the midnight hue.

Special Talents: Trianna is a total bookworm. Many think she is insane, but she would much rather spend a sunny day by the lake reading on history or new spells than fooling around. She has a knack for charms. Her necklace is a symbol of her unique power. Trianna is a shape-shifter, but she has very little control over the power. Her mother, who was the gene donor for the shape-shifting, passed on when Trianna was only two, and thus, Trianna never learned to control herself. Being a shape-shifter has given her the ability to speak to most animals, though she has a difficult time communicating with Hippogriffs. While it is not exactly "special", Trianna does have great talent as a ballet dancer.

Rp sample: (OOC: If it's all right, I'll just use my RP sample as my first post, that way, if I'm accepted, I can get right in to the RP)

I was invisible, as per usual. Not literally, of course, but no one ever seemed to notice me. I was sitting at a table with a few Durmstrong students, and a couple of very wary Buebaxton girls as well. I couldn't help but be amused by the powder-blue robed girls. They were so proper, it was eerie.

Kimbala sat in my lap, taking the offered peices of meat in my hands. The little fox-pup was perhaps more well-mannered than many of the boys in the room. Then again, that wasn't exactly hard to do.

The boy next to me seemed to be frightening the rest of the people on the table. I had to admit, he had a rather intimidating presence, but it didn't cause any intense fear in my heart. There was a great wolf sitting underneath him. I couldn't help but smile. Wolves and I tended to get along quite well.

My indigo gaze only flicked over the wolf for a second before I was focusing back on the asparagas on my plate. I hated to eat meat. Hated to kill. It wasn't my thing. I only tolerated it because Kimbala would perish without it. Even then, I stayed away from red meats. Kimbala didn't mind, she rather enjoyed turkey.

Though, as of now, she wasn't terribly interested in the turkey I was offering her. Her coal black eyes were peering over the edge of my seat, watching the wolf intently.

"Kimbala," I said in a lightly chiding manner. "Don't stare."


Again, let me know if I'm accepted or if it's too late... Thank you in advance!

March 26th, 2006, 7:56 AM
OOC: Fwee! *glomps* I'm pretty sure signing up now is fine, Nat. ^^ Welcome back!


"It's alright," Angel replied, shrugging. "You wouldn't care to know my secrets, either." She shivered, tracing a deep scar hidden in the sleeve of her left arm. Still refusing to eat anything at all, she fed another piece of food to Larka, sinking back into a thoughtful silence. Her mind wandered once again as she became lost in thought, a very dangerous occurence.

They were all so normal, even the other Beauxbatons girls. They could even be called happy as they chatted with each other, smiling and laughing. Sighing, Angel stared at the floor. It was nice that they were in a good mood, but... Suddenly, Angel felt extremely insecure. A fire unlike anything that had been seen there before surfaced in her calm eyes, a flame that was cold and unfeeling, perhaps even angry. Fighting her own instincts, it seemed, the girl avoided everyone's eyes, forcing herself to remain still and in her seat.

March 26th, 2006, 8:08 AM
A smile took my face now and I said to this girl, "People, they will use you, yes? It is better to use them, destroy them first." I laughed and leaned close into her, saying, "There is no power that cannot be used for yourself. Service to others, it is a trap of the veak to force the strong into slavery to their 'greater good.' The only good in this vorld is yourself, your gain, and your pleasure. Little girl would to well to learn this."

March 26th, 2006, 8:08 AM
OOC: Bleh, sorry for the OOC only post, but can somebody make the headmistress tell us where the other schools sleep, or something? I can't really do much until then...since my character didn't really bother to socialize with anyone. Not the socializing type.

March 26th, 2006, 8:13 AM
I cast a quick glance at him. "If I take your advice, that would mean I should stay far away from you. Means everyone should stay far away from each other. Kind of ruins being able gain anything when you can't find someone to rob, eh?" I said easilly, eating one of the tender stalks of asparagas on my plate.

Kimbala stared up at me, not used to my outburst of emotion.

March 26th, 2006, 8:22 AM
I gave a smile to the interloper as well, saying, "Robbery? Robbery is another tool of the wak-minded. Vith robbery, one has money. Vith power, one has control, dominance. One has vhatever they vish." I dropped a hand down and scratched Ghost behind the ears and bared my canines to my dinner companions in a twisted parody that might be taken for a smile by the dull-witted.

March 26th, 2006, 8:28 AM
OOC: We're getting there...even though it's taking forever. >_> Gah, my apologies for the dramatics....

IC: Angel was slowest to react to the boy's statement. She was busy, it seemed, with her own problems. "I...have to disagree, sir..." she said, unaware even that any words had been said succeeding the first mention of using power for one's own gain. The five words seemed to have used up her last remaining sense. Angel's eyes flashed: blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, bluish red....red. She hissed softly to herself. Control.... she thought, shaking. She was not aware of anything anymore, only fighting what was inside herself.

As Angel struggled with her inner demons, Madame Domina was calmly explaining where the schools were to sleep. "Zere are dormitor-ees a few hallz down to ze left. Zere are three rooms: one for ze Durmstrangs, one for ze Hogwarts, and one for vwe Beauxbatons, each with individual rooms inside. Vwe hope you will find yourselves comfortable and rested for tomorrow's events." Smiling at the newcomers and her own students, she swept off down the hall, and there was a clatter as students began filing out after her.

March 26th, 2006, 8:30 AM
I merely rolled my eyes and turned back to my plate. "I never said you would robbing for money," I whispered darkly. "There are many more valuable things that one can make off with."

Kimbala made a small squeaking noise as she jumped off of my lap. She wandered over to the wolf with a playful expression.

"Kimbala," I said softly, my tone laden with warning.

March 26th, 2006, 8:32 AM
Chariot paused in her meal to stare at the boy who was so openly talking about robbery, power, and deciet. She raised two thin eyebrow's and shook her head, returning to her stew.

She was surprised to see that there was none left. Chariot let her eyes sweep across the dining hall, and saw many of the students from each school congregated at certain tables. This seemed to be the table with most variety. But so far, to Chariot's attention, the only Durmstrang student she'd seen and or met, was this boy. And he didn't make the greatest impression. Now she knew why BeauxBatons was in such a rivalry with them. The boy's didn't seem to have any manners, and chatted easily, unlike the BeauxBaton girls who were taught to talk lightly.

She sniffed and averted her gaze. So many Hogwarts students...Ripping off a tiny sliver of her baguette, she popped it into her mouth daintily, and chewed slowly as she watched her surroundings. She would normally be easily having conversation had the topic not been what it was.

March 26th, 2006, 8:49 AM
"Ghost will not hurt her," I said sweetly as I added, "Unless, of course, I vant him too. In that case, vell... You vill find out the difference beteen the volf and the direvolf, yes?" I laughed and said, "After alll, 'there are many things more valuable that once can make off with.'"

<OOC>Gah, sorry about length, but I gotta get going all. *hugs for everyone and kisses for one* Bye. <OOC>

March 26th, 2006, 8:59 AM
I smiled humorlessly. "Indeed there are."

I would have continued the argument for a while, but I felt the crystal at my neck grow hot. I moaned softly, almost inaudibly. Not now, not here...

I pushed my chair back and scooped up Kimbala. The little fox-pup snapped at the fabric of my sleeves. My smile turned soft.

I turned to the rest of the table. "I guess I'll be seeing all of you later. Good Luck in the tournament."

With that, I turned and slowly made my way out of the Hall, doing my best not to look frightened. Instead of heading to the dormitories, I burst out of the school into the cool night air. Panting slightly, I fell to my knees.

The transformation soon overtook me. Within a few seconds, a fully-grown leapard stood where I had been. Kimbala laughed.

Shut it, I whispered. Help me get back to normal. You're my familiar after all.

March 26th, 2006, 9:38 AM
:: Whaoooo! I mean...-whoa. ::

Nuncio was quietly slumbering when he fell from the chair. He moaned for a moment, his orange hair once again splayed out. Slowly getting up, and grabbing the boys' cap, he surveyed the hall through cold eyes.

Finally, settling upon a table with the most students from different schools, he sat down where a girl had just previously been until she ran out.

A Durmstrang student seemed to be doing all the talking, arguing with various people. Quietly pulling out the chair and sitting, he looked around the table.

" Quite the little petting zoo we've got here, " Nuncio said, luaghing slightly and firmly placing the cap atop his head.

:: Now, then what table am I talking about? Cookies for everyone! ::

March 26th, 2006, 9:43 AM
"Well then, I'll be leaving for the night." Mike said, getting up from the table.
"Not going to stay and see if there's going to be a party?" A hufflepuff prefect asked. "You remember the last party, don't you?"
"Indeed." Mike replied. "Took us three days to clean that room, even with magic..." He sighed. "That's besides the point. I'm tired."
"Tired?" The gryffindor prefect asked. "I think you mean chicken." He began making a chicken motion with his arms.
"Watch it, or I'll give you the feathers to match that gesture." Mike said sternly, reaching for his wand.
"Not if I hit you first." The gryffindor replied, reaching for his own wand.
"Gentlemen." Professor Thyppin said, placing one of his hands on each boy's shoulder. "Enjoying ourselves?"
"Hardly." Mike said, brushing the hand off his shoulder. "I'll be in the sleeping quarters if you need me." He walked away from the table, heading for the doors that led to the hallways.
"I'll be leaving as well." The Gryffindor prefect said after Mike had left the room.
"I better not catch you two fighting." Thyppin said quietly but firmly in the prefect's ear. "We are guests here, and are to respect the school and the people in it." With that, he went back to the professors' table, and the Gryffindor prefect began to leave the room, following Mike.

March 26th, 2006, 10:28 AM
Silently, so as to avoid being noticed, Angel slipped away from the group, Larka padding softly after her. This was worrisome; it had never happened so early before. It would be even worse in full-blown darkness... Shaking her head to rid herself of the thoughts, she walked down the hallway towards the dorm rooms.

Her eyes became blood-red as she went, and she felt the soft feathers hidden inside her robes, pressed against her skin, forming something leathery and rough. Running now, she reached the Beauxbatons dorm room, hurried through it, raced to one of the many doors branching out from the main room into individual rooms, and opened it, shutting herself up in her own private room. Larka had just barely managed to slip in after her, and the poor fox lay panting, exhausted, on the fancy, sky-blue bedsheets. "That was close," murmured Angel, whose heart was thudding too violently for her liking. But already her voice was becoming raspy and close to a hiss, and nearly intelligible. Deciding not to waste her breath on talking to herself, she extended a bat-like wing, laughing bitterly as its point cut through part of her robes. Hard to believe it resembled a dove's wing in daylight, when looking at it now. Quietly, she retreated to the furthest corner of the room, her eerie red eyes glinting in the shadows. When she was like this, the only way to make sure she didn't hurt anyone was through isolating herself...

March 26th, 2006, 9:56 PM
Silently listening to the announcement of dorms, piper looks up and glances at her friend, taking in every little detail. Noticing her red eyes, piper looks away, and silently starts following her new friend when she starts walking away, she follows her to the hall way and, at the door that angel went in, piper looks around. Not being watched she slips in the door just in time to see a single door shut, and probably be magickly locked. In quick strides piper reaches the door and tries to open it. Failing to do so, she steps back and tries the door next to it. Succeeding, piper scans the wall for a window and sees one. Walking over to it she opens it and looks out, seeing angel’s window. Conjuring a long rope with a hook on the end, piper climbs out of the window and, glancing at the sun and silently thanking the goddess’ for the darkness, she jumps out from the window. Lifting her arms up in a motion like the upward flapping of wings, she rises from the fall and hovers in mid air, above the ocean. Positioning the rope in her hands she starts spinning it, with the skill of some one who has done this several times before. Releasing the rope, the hook at the end flies through the air and into angel’s room with a clang. Piper starts pulling the rope back until the hook catches on the window. Continuing to pull the rope to her self she slowly pulls her self towards the window, until she is climbing into the room, looking for angel. Though strangely, both her hands are at stomach height and look as if they are ready to catch a ball.

March 27th, 2006, 6:03 AM
I sighed a little, listening to Kimbala's instructions.

Concentrate! she hissed at me.

I growled. Kimbala tended to keep her infinate wisdoms silent and act the pup she was most of the time, but when it came time to teach me something, she was ruthless.

Remeber what your arms felt like. Your legs. Concentrate. Try and go back.

To my amazement, it worked.... Kinda... I ended up mostly human, with ears, a tail, and paws. Grumbling, I fixed that as well.

You're getting better.

"Thanks," I said quietly, moving to get to my dormitory.

March 27th, 2006, 7:03 AM
I stood as well, to go for a walk. All this talk, it was awakening my... darker lusts and I wanted to avoid making a scene for the moment. The grounds outside were cool with the night air of a Frence fall, though to me, it was not worth noticing. Russian summers were colder with a good degree of regularity.

As I looked out over the small lake we had arrived by, I felt uneasy. It was not a feeling I was used to and so, brushed it aside. Thus, when I felt the hands clamp about my neck and twist, it was too late to do anything. The last thing I heard was, "I am sorry, my brother. This was not an environment that you could be allowed to be in."

March 27th, 2006, 12:52 PM
"A levitation spell is fairly easy to detect, you know." Mike said, projecting his voice behind him. A click was heard as the Gryffindor prefect's feet hit the floor.
"How long did you know?" The Gryffindor asked, not at all surprised.
"Long enough to formulate a strategy to defeat you." Mike replied, intentionally sounding overconfident.
"We'll see about that." The Gryffindor said, slightly pissed off, beginning to draw his wand. "Ince-"
"Expelliarmus!" Mike exlaimed, whirling around and pointing his wand at the wand of the other prefect. It shot from the prefect's hand, hitting the floor with a soft thunk. Immediately, the Gryffindor began to head for the wand.
"Serpensortia!" Mike shouted before the Gryffindor could reach his wand. A snake identical to Tatsumi shot out from the tip of the wand, slithering towards the Gryffindor. Tatsumi slithered down Mike's leg, joining the conjured Snake.
"Accio!" The other prefect exclaimed, realizing that the snakes would reach his wand before he did. The wand immediately flew to his hand and he grasped it firmly. "Stupefy!" A red bolt of energy shot forth from his wand, striking what he had hoped to be Tatsumi but was actually the conjured snake. In a puff of smoke, the illusion was gone, and in the time it took the prefect to realize what he had hit, Tatsumi was already lunging toward his face.
"Densaugeo!" Mike exclaimed, pointing his wand at Tatsumi. Tatsumi's fangs grew to the size of kitchen knives as he bore them towards the Gryffindor Prefect.
"Banishing Charm!" Came a familiar voice louder then the two prefects had ever heard it. Tatsumi flew backwards, landing by Mike's feet. Professor Thyppin walked up behind the Gryffindor, his wand out. "Expelliarmus!" He followed up, expelling both prefects' wands from their hands. "I told you I didn't want any fighting." Thyppin said sternly. "Minus two hundred points for Gryffindor and Slytherin houses. If I catch either of you fighting outside of the competition again, I will see to it that you are both expelled from Hogwarts." He began to walk away, back toward the dining hall. "And don't say anything about being saved by a Professor." He called back, directing his comment at the Gryffindor prefect. "It was your sorry *** that was saved tonight."
OOC: Hmm, I just stumbled upon what may be a loophole. Two questions:
1. What exactly does Prior Incantato do? The site I'm on that describes all the spells, charms, and curses used in Harry Potter says that it "creates an image of the last spell cast by a wand". What does this mean?
2. Are references to Avada Kadavra being used by the character at times outside the roleplay ok? See what I mean below.
Depending on the answers to these two questions, a potential loophole can be created. If Prior Incantato does what I think it does (make the effects of a previous spell appear, as if that spell was being cast, but only as an illusion), and Avada Kadvra can be referenced (ie, the character has previously cast Avada Kadavra), the character could in theory simulate Avada Kedavra using the Prior Incantato spell. If this is allowed, what would that do? Make the target think they were dead? o.O
Also, if you're wondering where to find the names for some spells and stuff, do a google search-I just used the first result...
And another thing...for Charms/Spells with Charm in their name, to people actually say "___ Charm" when they cast them?

March 27th, 2006, 2:28 PM
Ugh, this is going to be one strange event.

Ivan thought to himself as he began finishing his plate with the dessert that he had grabbed. At first glance, it looked to be some sort of cake, but once it was in his mouth the unusual dessert was hard and tasted rather like a cookie. It was a very strange dessert indeed.

As Ivan began walking both, he noticed some leaving the building, others rushing off, but most going to the dorms that some woman had directed them two just a couple minutes earlier. Since he was yawning and very exhausted, Ivan followed after them, hoping to grab a few hours of sleep before the tournament started tomorrow, It would certainly prove to be a very exciting event, or so Ivan thought in that large head of his.

March 27th, 2006, 2:31 PM
OOC: Congratulations on getting David lost and confused. *hands everyone a cookie* Now, someone, the heck is happening? @[email protected]

March 27th, 2006, 3:04 PM
Burninating Torchic: Your Priori Incantato would not be a loophole, as I am under the impression that it merely 'reveals' the spell last cast, and doesn't 'use' it. But then again in the book Crouch used it to-okay w/e. Anyway, I believe it would be the same thing as using Avada Kedavra, as the fact remains, you would be using the spell, so that would kill your opponent.

I once had a page for the spells, and I'll try to find it again, but no, the charm's thing is false.

For instance, the leviation Charm, would be 'Locomotor Mortis', or 'Wingardium Leviosa'. Get it?

Check it out, I FOUND IT! Well, not really. The old one was MUCH MUCH better, with ones that weren't even in the book yet (Dear J.K. Rowling, thank you for spoiling us so) but w/e. w00t. And indeed, I am confuzzled as well.

Spells Spells Spells! (http://www.pojo.com/harrypotter/spelist.shtml)

March 28th, 2006, 6:07 AM
OOC: David, we're prettymuch heading to the dorms, right now.

BIC: I had been walking back to the dorms when I noticed Kimbala's hackles rising. I crouched down and stroaked her back. "Easy girl," I whispered. "What's going on?"

Death, she growled.

I winced and rose. Where is it, Kimbala? I asked, resorting to using my mindvoice with her.


I nodded and moved in that direction, creeping silently. There, I saw a boy whom I didn't recognize, but looked oddly familiar. Like, perhaps I'd met a relative of his or something. I couldn't put my finger on it.

I kept hidden. I didn't know exactly who he was or what he'd do to me if he found me sneaking around. Better to be safe than sorry.

March 28th, 2006, 6:56 AM
OOC: Yep, we're heading to the dorms. Madame Domina is leading everybody to their rooms. There are three separate larger rooms for each school, and these branch out into small, individual rooms for each student/staff member(fancy! O.o). And some of us... *cough* Are being a bit psychopathic.... o_o; Like Angel, who is, by mysterious circumstances, already in her room.... :paranoid: Note: The following post may not be suitable for those who do not like blood, knives, or people threatening others using bloody knives. Thank you.


Angel hissed softly, spotting the girl from before climbing through the window. What was her name...? It didn't matter now, as 'Angel', in this form, had only one word for everyone else: Prey. Grinning devilishly in a way that revealed quite a few of her new-grown fangs, she swept towards the intruder, caressing the knife hidden in her pocket with one hand.

NO! Horrified by what she was doing, Angel struggled, mentally, against her own instincts. All that an outsider would see, though, was that the creepy, fanged girl with red eyes and leathery wings had stopped dead in her tracks, and was now staring at her fellow student with obvious longing.

"Piper," Angel managed to moan, "why did you come looking for me here?" The knife had slipped out of her pocket with fingers beyond her control...Angry at herself, Angel distracted the force controlling her by slashing at her own face with the object. She knew the scars wouldn't be there in the morning; she had done this before. No one would suspect anything. "GO!" she yelled in a half-hiss to Piper, before she was, without even consciously thinking about it, holding the knife to Piper's throat. "And tell no one what you've seen, or there will be...serious consequences." She released Piper and disappeared into a corner of the room, bat-like wings flapping quietly at her sides.

March 28th, 2006, 7:03 AM
<OOC>Now, meet ze new character, Alexi the depressed wizard.<OOC>

I sighed as I rolled the body into the lke. It was rather... anti-climactic, really. I had lived in fear of my brother for so long, and now he was dead... Just... Dead, it hadn't even taken me much effort. I heard a soft whine. I reached down and scratched Ghost behind the ears, a wan smile coming over my face. At least I'd saved him, when Nikolai stole him from me all those years ago... I sighed again and scrambled up the branches of a nearby tree. Sitting in the crook of two branches, I flicked out a knife and began idly rolling it across my fingers.

March 28th, 2006, 1:41 PM
Lifting up her head, she sniffs the air. Pupils dialating slightly as she makes her way to her dorm, she knows quite well what that scent was...Blood. Indeed, it did not affect her as much as it would have in her wolf state (whenever there'e to be a full moon at night, during the day she acts awkwardly and frequently gets headaches from the Wolfsbane potions she must take in order to regain conciousness of her mind) but still the sharp metalic scent was stronger than it should have been to a witches nose. Maggie smelled it too, but the cat who now was tugging at her master's foot with every stride now decided to meander about the school and appear on her bed before Simone fell asleep as it always occured.

Curious a part of her mind made her follow the scent. She did not sniff noticabley as one may think, merely just inhaling through her nose and exhaling through her mouth. Stopping at the door, she hears a strange noise. Her ears burn in embarrassment as she knocks on the door, but she truly was concerned. Was a student cutting herself purposely as reassurance, like anerexia (which was common in this school) and bulimia is. Or was someone truly in trouble.

"Is everything...okay?" she says audibally in her raspy voice.

March 28th, 2006, 3:41 PM
OOC: I thought it wasn't Maxime, but instead some...weird new lady? 0_0;;

IC: Chariot found herself in her usual dorm, a plain dorm which she shared with a weird girl she never bothered to get to know. Besides, her friends usually blocked her view of the girl, and it wasn't an issue to Chariot herself.

She sat down on her white sheets, and slid out of her heels, pulling off her hat, picking up a brush and pulling it through her silvery blonde hair. She left the part clamped with her clasp un-brushed, as she found herself too lazy to take it out as she plopped backwards upon the bed. She let her toes wiggle as they always did after an entire day of confinement, stuffed in those heels from h*ll.

Of course, none of the teachers cared if she broke her ankle by wearing those dreaded shoes. They were prim, proper, and of course, mandatory. Chariot blew a stray strand of hair from her pale porcelin face and finally, brushed it aside behind her ear. That was one thing about her that had to be perfect no matter what. Her hair was her life, and nothing would ruin her hair without getting cursed afterwards. Not even Madam Cummings.

March 28th, 2006, 4:06 PM
OOC: Gah... *facepalm* I apologize, that was a typo.... >>; *fixes*


The creature who once was Angel hissed quietly. More prey behind the door, making noise. Must be silent, stealthy, sneaky...she shook her head and buried her face in her hands, sinking to her knees as she wrapped her leathery wings around her. She was slumped against the walls of the farthest, most shadowy corner, facing the corner, so that she was not looking at Piper.

Must...fight.... she thought, but in vain. She struggled against her lusts uselessly, and finally ended up slashing her face again to prevent herself from trying to hurt Piper once more. She smiled humorlessly, licking the blood off her face. "My scars remind me," she whispered darkly to herself, "that the past is real..." Slash. A wild, grim, twisted shadow of delight crossed the girl's pale features as her crimson eyes lit up with pleasure, lapping at the wound yet again.

"Piper, go," she repeated as Angel showed through in the monster one last time, the tears of the girl mingling with the blood of this demon as they ran down her cheeks. If one looked at this sad, strange being at this moment, wounded noticeably by none other than herself, it would be hard to believe it was a single entity. Sadly, it was...

March 28th, 2006, 4:43 PM
"No, stop it! I need to figure out how to reverse this first!" I cried and screamed at Alex as he dragged me by my right arm towards the dorm area. "Nooooo!" If you were unaware of the situation, this would have seemed like Alex was dragging me off to abuse me in some manor or another.

As we reached the room that was to be mine, he took hold of me by my long hair, and basically threw me into the room. As he shut the door, I heard it lock, followed by the sound of Alex telling off a younger student for attempting to prank another. I started banging on the door, not thinking straight enough to realise I could just unlock the door. I fell to my knees before the door, almost in tears. I realized he had locked me in here so I could snap out of it, but it wasn't working...

March 28th, 2006, 5:10 PM
((Bah, lacking muse today. I know what'll get me into it, if nobody minds...^.^))

There was a low hiss behind her, and a talon of fury upon her ankle. Wincing, she looks around, her cat behind her with worrisome eyes. "What is it Maggie?" coos Simone, ignoring the cut that had formed upon her ankle. Lamp-like eyes glare at her, and twitch towards the window where the sun had begun to set, and now was merely a distant glow onto land. Simone appears confused, looking at her cat with a raised eyebrow before soming to the conclusion. Was tonight a full moon?

Rushing through the halls, she was stopped by a scowling Teacher, scorning her for not to run in the halls.

"Tell me, Madame. Is there a full moon tonight?" she says meekly, seeming to hang like a limp cub as the teacher holds onto the cuff of her shirt.

"Why yes, which is another reason why you shouldn't be going out! There's a large dog wandering around, and I don't want to take any chances of a student being attacked by something that could very well be a werewolf!" Snarls the woman bitterly, her graying hair hangling limply after being taken out of a bun. Her nose was curved like a vulture's, and her fingers as long and pointy as her nails made them look.

"Well then..." gulps Simone, looking down, "You best let me go. You don't want me to be late for my detention." The teacher looks quizically at her.

"Well, I was eating rather rudely during dinner," she says quietly, shifting her feet. She spoke rappidly to preserve time. "And I was punished. You know, not good first impressions...and I'm already late!" and with that, Sim was off.


Cool air nipped about her skin as she ran outside, her sides heaving. She was by the lake, unaware of the boy who was now playing with his knife. Blinking her strange green-yellow eyes, she begins to shudder abnormally. Sweat trickles down her face, and a strange stretching sensation begins to overwhelm her. Tripping as she walked slowly now, she was vaugly aware that her shoes had slipped off, and her legs had begun to grow rather long and dog-like, face stretching...her eyes teared as it felt as though her skin was bubbling as it produced hairs to cover her whole body and then...

A long low howl could be heard throughout the BeauxBaton school, and a rather gangly looking monster was standing by the lake, in a dark siloghette (SP?) from the moonlight.

And she had forgotten to take her potion. What a forgetful girl she was.

((As I said again, hope you didn't mind. This was to get my muse back, and nothing says muse like a rampant werewolf! ^.^ She won't cause much trouble, promise.))

March 28th, 2006, 10:17 PM
Turning to the right, piper sees a large bat like beast and, rather than recoil and run, she stands her ground. In a sudden movement the bat creature moves towards piper and then stops. A strained voice rolls out of the throat. "Piper," the voice pauses, as if in struggle, "why did you come looking for me here?" Then the beast brings a knife out and slashes its own face, "GO!" the beast yells and then the knife is at piper’s throat. Breathing calmly piper keeps as still as possible, so not to move forward and cut her own throat. "And tell no one what you've seen, or there will be...serious consequences." Released by the creature, piper watches it recoil back into the corner to her left. Walking up to within a few meters of the creature piper stops and watches it cut itself again and whisper to itself. Once again the voice of angel rises out of the throat, telling piper to leave. Stepping forward even closer to angel, piper shakes her head, “I am not leaving you angel. You don’t know the things my family has been through, the things I have been through. I have had far worse things than knives at my throat. I am not scared of you, though I will leave if need be. For now though, I am staying here with you. I can look after my self. I can tell you have no friends, even though you use your power to help every one. I have no friends either. I hope we can be friends, and I will stay by your side, no matter what.” Stepping forward, piper snatches the knife out of angels hand and at the small outburst and retaliation, piper pushes off the ground and does a back flip and comes to a stop hovering up by the ceiling, ready to push off with her hands if she needs to, and wishing she had her small mechanical hook shot and hating magic for its ability to make electricity fail. For piper can hover, but she needs propulsion or help to move, other wise she would be able to fly, and last time she checked, her mum and aunties couldn’t fly.

March 29th, 2006, 5:34 AM
I flinched noticably as I saw the werewolf. Grimacing, I cast another glance upwards at the boy. I didn't know who he was or why I would, but I didn't have much of a choice. I couldn't well live with myself if I let him get bitten.

A few seconds later, I'd shifted in to a large, black panther. With a single, powerful leap, I was in the branch next to the boy.

Do not fear me, I whispered directly in to his mind, eyeing his knife. Please, get on my back and come with me. I'll get you out of here. It is dangerous to be this close to a werewolf without her wolfsbane.

I noticed Kimbala hackling down below, but I had to ignore her for now. She'd be able to get on my back with me as well.

March 29th, 2006, 7:58 AM
I shook my head wordlessly and began tracing the flat of the knife blade over my skin. Suddenly, I flipped it closed and lept from the tree, landing in a crouch on the ground. Mentally, I called out to Ghost and began to inhabit his mind, his thoughts.

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March 29th, 2006, 8:30 AM
I growled in anger and pounced down off the tree silently. I kept my new muscles tight, ready to pounce on the werewolf if need be.

Kimbala made a small noise behind me. I told her to get out of here. She wouldn't go at first, but it's rather difficult for a tiny fox to argue with a panther.

I watched in fear as the boy stood there, wondering what the heck we was doing. I was afraid for him, for his safety, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. I'd hurt him if I tried to forceably take him with me.

March 29th, 2006, 12:35 PM
"Now that the fool is off my tail..." Mike said to himself as he deliberately walked past the dormatory area, "I can do some exploring." He walked down the halls into an area he hadn't seen before. "I suppose the professors do come in handy once in a while..." He pulled a piece of parchment out of his pocket. It was the map of Beauxbatons School that Professor Thyppin had earlier. "Now then...I wonder if their potions room is up to par with that of Hogwarts."
As he walked toward what was marked as the potions room, Mike passed a giant window that looked out on the lake. He took a moment to look outside, and to his surprise, he saw a wolflike creature walking around the lake.
"A werewolf?" Mike thought to himself. "I wouldn't expect one of those to be here...but it is a full moon." He eyed the shining moon in the sky and thought, "Maybe it's one of the students...that would be very interesting." He checked the map and began walking toward the nearest door. "The potions room can wait. I've got a few tests to run...hehehe." He began snickering quietly as he exited the building, heading to the lake where he had seen the supposed werewolf.
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March 29th, 2006, 3:10 PM
((Please note, if I use the word Varg or Man-Varg in any sentence, just be known that I am reffering to either a werewolf or a wolf in general. The Sight lingo, just so you know...))

Lifting her head, the werewolf sniffs the air. Though a rather gangly, skinny looking creature that looked nearly malnourished, one could see the frightening muscles that worked constantly beneath the thin pelt. A deep growl rumbles through the varg's throat, and its yellow-green eyes that so resemble both a wolf's and Simone's own gaze intently about her surroundings.

Because she has failed to take her potion, she had failed to possess human conciousness as to what she was doing. She was in the beast's mind, and nothing could overpower the mind of a man-varg when the moon is round. Even when the potion is taken it is hard for her to gain control of her actions and her thoughts.

On all four paws, the creature was about 5'6" in height, but while standing it was perhaps seven, or even eight feet high depending how it held herself. Muzzle long, it turns it towards movement that had occured in the faint moonlight, and it pants, letting its long tongue droop out of its magnificent maw. It sniffs, scenting the strange creatures.

Letting out another raucous howl, loud enough to rattle one's bones, it begins to make its way towards the boy, letting loose a tremulous roar. A werewolf has every intention to kill, and regrets not...unless they find out when having a conscious mind.

March 30th, 2006, 6:03 AM
OOC: Well, Jake doesn't really have access to a computer today, so I suppose I must intervene for sake of plot development. If this isn't quite what you wanted to happen, Jake-chan, I apologize.

BIC: I growled myself and dashed between the two, my hackles rising stiffly.

Get out of here! I pleaded to the boy.

Keeping myself in line with the werewolf, I prepared for the inevitable attack. In an animal form, her bite wouldn't turn me, but they would still hurt like nothing I'd ever felt before. I wasn't nearly as large as she, but a panther wasn't exactly something to mess with unnecissarilly.

I flexed a huge paw in anxiousness, awaiting the creature's first move.

March 31st, 2006, 4:06 PM
OOC: Wow...brain fart...snakes are reptiles, right? >_<
"Two animals?" Mike said to himself under his breath as he crept through the underbrush. One advantage to training with snakes for so long was that he had stealth movement that rivaled even the smallest of the long reptiles. As he approached the scene closer, he saw that the wolf from before and a panther were staring eachother down, as if they were ready to fight. A normal boy was also standing in the vicinity.
"Hissss...." Tatsumi hissed quietly.
"Three different species. Should be the perfect testing field." Mike said as he slowly nudged Tatsumi around his wand. A faint green aura began to illuminate from the wand due to the power it gained when Tatsumi was synchronized with it.
"Wait in the brush until they have wounded eachother sssubssstantially..." A small, raspy, hissing voice came from Mike's wand. When synchronized with the wand, Tatsumi became able to communicate his thoughts in english or whatever other human language the wand wielder chose. Mike did know Parseltongue, but preferred to use it only in an emergency or when only it could be used to accomplish a task.
"Alright." Mike replied softly, crouching down behind some bushes and preparing to watch the impending fight through the bramble.
OOC: Pareseltongue is the snake language, right?

March 31st, 2006, 4:08 PM
OOC: Yes to both Burninating Torchic. And there's not much to do for me now, I just had to answer that question for him.

But, will the tasks be explained as the time comes to do them? Like, by either Thorns or Psychotic Demon?

March 31st, 2006, 5:29 PM
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I rolled my head on my shoulders, having mostly stayed out of the way through this whole ordeal. Going to whoever their nurse, doctor, or whatever they called them here wasn't really an option. At that thought, my hand strayed to my right shoulder for just a moment... I shook my head, and walked off, deciding to "blend in with the crowd" Until I had my oportunity to get outside for some fresh air. I sighed, and almost had my eyes closed as I walked in the general direction of a small lake, deep in thought. It was a charm, but it had to be linked with transfiguration to cause me to change like this... That meant I'd have to really think on it if I wanted to change back. I continued walking, almost oblivious to the world around me, and the danger I was heading into.

April 1st, 2006, 11:42 AM
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Once again, I'm really sorry for leaving, but I haven't been posting much, and I don't thing its very fair to the others who have been posting very much. I can't really role-play when I don't find somehthing fun or intesting, and it's just not happening for me. ;_;

April 1st, 2006, 3:24 PM
I could see the muscles in my legs tense as I lept onto my back, landing nimbly as I charged forward, snarling. I lept over the girl, now a panther and landed noiselessly. The boy-me on my back shouted to her, "You should leave, and soon!" The noise hurt my sensitive ears as I began snarling, padding softly around the werewolf.

April 1st, 2006, 4:20 PM
I merely growled at him. If you get bitten, you'll be forever changed and destroyed. If I get bitten, I bleed.

With that, I took up a stance on the opposing side of the werewolf. She's too much for any one thing to handle. If we work together, we might stand a chance. If either one of us tries this alone, it could well be certain death. Don't let your confidence or pride stand in the way of your life.

April 2nd, 2006, 6:50 AM
I began circling the creature, my fangss bared. I was larger than it, to be sure, already I stood to a human's shoulder and was still growing, but the girl was right about the consequences of hasty action. The other me on my back said, "Fine," before lying low on me, giving less of a target. He had good instincts, it seemed. I continued my anxious circling , eventually putting an open field to my back, the lake to the werewolf's.

April 2nd, 2006, 7:21 AM
((Bah, I'm sorry...did my werewolf ruin this RP? ... :( ))

Growling, the creature rose upon its feet to its eight-foot glory, making a swipe towards the creature cricling her. It then leapt over the beast with inhuman ability, matching the leap of a wolf, though only upon both forepaws, and she made her way towards the panther.

In the maniacle mind of a werwolf, one could pressume the beast a stupid, lacking human intelligence, but it was not. It was cunning and dangerous, and though it lacked a human brain, it could still come up with ideas as of attacking. Its mind was on the panther, to her, that was a bigger threat, and she leapt upon the beast, aiming its jowls to the throat...

April 2nd, 2006, 7:27 AM
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April 2nd, 2006, 7:40 AM
With a growl I skipped out of the way of the werewolf, taking a bite at her thigh. I took a wide circle away from her, closing her in with her back to the lake, her front to myself and the direwolf.

April 2nd, 2006, 8:05 AM
I spun around and lept again, over the beast, keeping it moderately surrounded. I began snapping visiously at the backs of it's legs, the crucial ligaments and muscle groups.

April 2nd, 2006, 12:52 PM
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Tyson, we'll miss you. I'm sorry it hasn't been fun, that's my fault too.

And yes, we'll find out the tasks later, when P_D and I find that the time is appropriate.


"What...?" Angel's eyes widened in shock and surprise as Piper snatched the blade from her hands, and there was enough consciousness left in her still to feel rather...touched by the other girl's gesture, and what she said. Nonetheless, though, her instincts had soon regained control. With a horrifying, bat-like grace, she had glided up to Piper on her leathery wings.

"Leave, scum, if you will," she spat in a low, raspy, dramatic tone. "Leave, or rot with the other cowards, whose bones and blood I scattered to the earth to feed the maggots." Laughing bitterly, she hissed, almost like a cat, lashing out at Piper's arm with her nails, scratching the girl down her left arm and drawing...


Licking her lips in anticipation, Angel flew closer to Piper, close enough to lap at the wound. Her ruby eyes were on fire again, their animalistic, slit-like pupils burning with desire. Clutching Piper's arm, Angel bit into it, hard, sapping the blood and the strength of the limb with it. As Piper's form crumpled and dropped from the ceiling, Angel's eyes flashed back to their natural blue, and she burst into tears as she realized the terror of what she had done. "Piper!" she cried, gliding down to where the girl lay. Her tears continued to stream to the floor as she sobbed at Piper's side. "I'm so sorry..."

April 2nd, 2006, 11:57 PM
Piper waits, tensed, when suddenly, angel flies up and slashes pipers arm. As piper cries out in pain at the open wound, angel flies towards her and bite s down on her arm. “Angel no!” feeling weak she closes her eyes as she stops levitating and falls to the stone floor. The moment before she hits the floor, piper yells out a name, “LEO!”. Hitting the stone floor with a thud, piper loses consciousness, just as a mass of swirling white and blue lights appears, turning into a man of about 6 foot. He looks about and sees piper. Kneeling down on his knees he puts his hands over her and a yellow light washes over her. Slowly her wounds heal but she remains unconscious. Seeing angel, the man turns around. “Hi I’m Leo. I’m her uncle. She should be conscious. She must have been hurt really bad. Do you know what did that to her? it must hae been fast, other wise she would have blown it up. Well, sorry. I can’t stay. I need to get back to my wife. Oh, and you can not tell any one about me. Ok? Bye” the man then disappears again in the same way he appeared.