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March 12th, 2006, 6:35 PM
Okay. I changed the poem, sorry. I'm submitting the holocaust one to the contest.

Enjoy this one.

Beautiful Massacre (Prelude to Angel of Death)

So stands the lone soldier at bay, waiting in the eerie silence;
Waiting, waiting for that single call.
The single word that would determine the fate of dozens, hundreds, thousands of lives;
Pinnacles of blinding light in the darkness, soon to be extinguished.
For that command would begin a blood bath, a death fest filled with malice and lack of all civility.
The battle would be nothing but suicidal martyrdom; complete reliance on petty faith.

Yet he kept his stance, always alert;
Tense at the slightest movement, the dullest glint of light or whisper of the blowing wind.

Sharp as a hawk yet still as ice;
Seemingly frozen in the midst of space and time.
He was ready, ready for the war that was just over the far off horizon.
If only he knew there was no turning back, no running away from this bloody inferno that would arise.

Even before it began, tension prevailed;
Silent chaos settled upon the bay like a raging tempest.
Yet all was seemingly calm.

Such irony for what was about to take place;
But that soldier, he didn’t know-
He stood there with one thought in mind;
Such a worthy distraction; the love he left behind.

Painful reminiscing of his once glorious past;
The day he left her on the street as she faded into the dust.
But his promise to her could not be erased;
It haunted him over and over, like a broken radio;
Playing out it’s final moments in a monotonous fashion.

He swore to return, he promised.
He would come back; united once again, safely in each others arms.
He swore to come home, swore the end was no where near…
If only he knew...If only she stopped him.
If only destiny could be torn apart and forgotten.
But how can you prevent the sorrowful end? It’s just around the corner, waiting to burst.
There was no call, no command to start the fighting;
An earsplitting explosion, a sudden crack of lightning.

Hell broke loose at once, the silence shattered;
Shattered into millions of broken pieces as the bomb dropped so suddenly.
Gunshots pierced the night as armies clashed together;
A moonlit extravaganza of bodies blown to nothing.

Such a beautiful massacre, a mass of bloody corpses;
A symphony of death and melancholy as all was engulfed by destruction;
Chaotic delusion spread upon that blood covered ground
never to be the same again; it was far too ravaged by time.

That one soldier still stood; one of few that remained.
A single soul against the wind, struggling to survive.
And then the gunshot that flung out of nowhere;
Pierced his heart and left him falling through catastrophic atmosphere.
Falling, falling, falling, gone.
His final thoughts revolved around her as he closed his eyes to the world for the very last time;
Never to awaken, ever again.
Laid to rest under a pile of ashes; ashes of charred bones and skin.

The aftermath was beyond the imaginable;
Bodies scattered for miles on end, mutilated and unrecognizable;
Twisted and tortured by the events of that tragedy, never to be right again.
Families would be torn to miniscule shreds; Children abandoned, loved ones left alone in the dark.
All due to pointless bloodshed- Why must history repeat itself so?

That girl; once whole, now fallen, alone;
Lost in ironic dreams of the bitter end.
She gazes into a point of no return;
Because there is no return, no turning away.
No correcting that death, the tragic mistake.
And she sits and weeps, mourning…

Forever through time, we’ll live and die.
But his death cannot be justified.
It will never be forgiven.
Forgiven by the girl who now weeps for her love;
Her love no longer living, forever lost in the calamities of war.
It will never be forgiven, never be forgiven…
For the promise she was handed just shattered to oblivion.

March 12th, 2006, 7:31 PM
Man OMG that was so awesome I feel so sorry for those people I just hate Hitler for doing that