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Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
March 12th, 2006, 7:00 PM
Rolling Pichu

Yay, I get to make this club for all those 'Floydians' (Excuse me but I can't help using that term) wandering around PC. In this club, obviously you can talk and discuss the band's best albums, songs, ideas, and allucinations. To keep it 'classic', there is a Floydian list for the members. There a few rules I need you to follow, though:

~No bashing. Respect everyone's opinions and points of view.
~Please don't go "OMG Penk Fluid rox like da best singer eva like mean you kno"
~And also, everyone's welcome and free to join, but remember that this is a fanclub and you at least need to know a bit about Pink Floyd. I don't want to be telling people that PF's not a singer and that they don't have much to do with Marilyn Manson...>>;

As a start, I thought it would be fun if you join answering a little quiz; Don't feel forced to answer everything though.

1.Which is your favourite Pink Floyd album and why?
2.Which is your favourite Pink Floyd song and why?
3.Which is your favourite Pink Floyd instrumental?
4.Which one is better: The Dark Side Of The Moon, or The Wall? Why?
5.Which is your favourite Dark Side Of The Moon phrase?
6.If you know Animals, and understand the concept, what do you consider yourself, a Sheep or a Dog?
7.Which is the PF album you think has the best graphic material?
8.Do you think that Roger Waters became the 'Hitler' of the band when they made The Final Cut?
9.Which album without Waters is the best: A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, or The Division Bell?