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March 18th, 2006, 2:07 AM
Beyblade--Journey Upon Skies

After Beyblade1, V-Force, G-revolution comes a new series of beyblade...Beyblade--Journey Upon Skies JUS

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Our Story
Once in the town of Plostina lived a boy named Humza. His dream was to become the world’s number one beyblader and form a team with some other beybladers. He practiced day and night. His faithful beyblade was called SparkFox. He and his friend Ylia were the best in town. Ylia had a powerful beyblade called Lightning Dragoon GT.They defeated every kid who challenged them. They had made a team called The PokeBladers. "Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seatbelts, we're about to land at the airport of Bey City in 30 minutes" Ylia smiled, it took ages to fly from Plostina to Japan. Next to her, Humza had fallen asleep. "OK Lightning Dragoon, after houres of training we're finally gonna challenge strong 'Bladers", she wispered to her 'Blade. It was her first journey to Japan, and she was realy excited.

At Nica's place:
Nica went walking to a shop while looking aound in the corner of her eyes she say bad guys who wanted to steal the peoples beyblades for them selves and get a rare beyblade called the firewater-multimillionare blade and she knew she had to go tell those people she met before and save the beyblade world......

Some tym later:
Finaly arived, Ylia and her friend left the airport. And went on their way to the BBA-Headquarters. There they would get information where they could stay, about the next championships and a lot more. While walking throug the city, Ylia noticed a girl who was looking around, like she had seen someting she didn't like.
"Wait a second, Humza",Ylia said. She ran towards the girl, Ylia tought that she could help them out and maybe they could become friends. While running to the girl, She heard voices comming from one of the gardens nearby. "Whenever you're ready", I heard. It seamed like they were about to begin a Beyblattle. She felt her Blade in her hand and I couldn't wait to fight.
She was looking for the girl, but she had disappeared.
Humza came standing next to her. "What was going on?" he asked.
"I saw someone, I think who could have helped us. But she is gone now." "Let's go to the BBA-HQ, I'm starving."
"Me too", She said."You need to promise me something, Humza;"
"I wanna have a Beybattle with you, just for training. We'll need to train a lot with all those battles comming up."
"Yeah, you can count on that!!"
Ylia smiled. I few houres ago Mr Dickenson had told them they could stay in the BBA HQ. They had both their own room, and every comfort they needed, even a small mini-bar.
Now she was outside with her teammate, exploring the city. There were a lot of 'Bladers and Ylia felt it itching again. "C'mon Humza, we're gonna find a BB-dish, I wanna fight."
Next to the river wich streamed in the middle of the city, they found one that hadn't been taken. 'Cause everywhere you looked you could see children beyblade.
Ylia took her blade, ripcord and launcher. Her teammate did the same.
"You ready?" she said. "YES!"
"Three...two...one...Let it Rip" they both yelled. The battle had begun.
The battle seemed interesting and was difficult to figure out who woud win...
"SparkkkkFoxxx, go!" Humza yelled
"Dodge it, Lightning Dragoon!"
"Haan! What the!.."Humza was shocked to see how Lightning Dragoon dodged his move.
"goooo! Lightning Dragoon, finish it" and Ylia's dragon bit-beast appeared
Humza couldn't take this, his blade was being crushed...
"SparkkFox! gooo!" and Humza's fox bit-beast appeared. The battle took a twist when...
"SparkFox go, Black Thunder attack!" The bit-beast attacked with all the power it had. But then...
"Lightning Dragoon, Lightning Hurricane" Ylia yelled
At the moment both of thier blades jumped and came to their hands...
"That,! was a tough battle" Humza said panting
"Yeah! it really was" Ylia said

But what the Pokebladers dont know is that there're some bad guys in Japan waiting for them...

On the other side of town: [some part narrated by Saiyura, some by Yukia and some by Shijuki]
I sighed. "Yukia, where is he?" I asked. Sitting there, I looked at Sephiroth and then at Zado, Yukia's blade. 'Zado uses ice attacks which aren't very effective against Sephiroth's flame based ones. Then Psylon uses those light attacks...They put a hurting on him last time. Sephiroth and I will have to be careful this time around.' I thought. Hearing loud footsteps, Yukia and I said simutaneously, "Shijuki..."
Shijuki came running toward them and stopped panting..from being out of breath and said "Yukia...Raiyna..sorry I'm late"
He then brushed himself off and checked his blade and checked if he still had everything he needed.
"Blade..check..ripcord..check..launcher..check .." he mumbled to himself"
I smiled. "Breakfast?" He looked at me with that glare of "would you shut it?". I giggled looking at Yukia. "Are we ready?" They nodded and stood up to the beystadium in the backyard.
'If only dad were here. Usually, him and Shijuki fight first... I don't like this.' I thought pouting. They started to fight. I watched their every move for something to go back at them when I fought either one.
Shijuki and Yukia set up their blades preparing for battle.
"Um..yeah..I am ready" he said as everyone heard a loud groan..
"What was that?!!" they all said.
"Um..I rushed out so quick I forgot to eat.." Shijuki said as he sat down holding his stomach
Everyone laughed and said "OH..SHIJUKI!!" as they was all used to it.
I rolled my eyes and walked next to Yukia. "Do you have anything with you?" I asked. She shook her head. I sighed and walked in coming back out with a tray of food. "Here. And hurry up 'cause I ain't doin' it again!" I said
Shijuki started eating the food mumbling out "..Why is..it always me..who has..to..battle..first anyway?"
He sait there waiting for an answer and eating the food.
"Becuase you're the guy and we have to beat you so we have to look at your new attack patterns," I answered smiling. "Yukia, c'mon! Let's go battle!" I said happily. She smiled and walked over with me.
"Hey..that's not fair..you get to look at mine so that you can 'try' to beat me..you should know, I adapt my style" Shijuki said rolling his eyes
He then stood up and patted his now full stomach and prepared his blade then asked
"Well..I guess I have no choice in going first do I?" letting out a soft sigh after
Yukia and I were only doing a practice battle. When Shijuki walked over, I smiled and walked to the tree and sat under it. 'This should be good now. yukia warmed up and Shijuki's got food.' I thought happily
Shijuki walked over and took his battle stance with his launcher in one hand and finger through his ripcord and said
"Well..whenever you're ready" with a smirk on his face.
Yukia clipped her blade to the launcher with a click, breathing in deeply in preparation to battle. " I'm ready!" she told Shijuki, tightening her grip around the launcher and shifting into launching position.

" Three.. two.. one.." they counted down. " Let it rip!"
[Narrated by Saiyura]
I smiled and looked beyond the backyard fence. 'Was someone just here?' I thought to myself. Shruggin, I turned back to the battle. Yukia was fighting pretty well along with Shijuki. I was kinda bored seeing as I knew what the battle outcome was going to be. Shijuki would win against her and then I...but that didn't seem like it was going to happen.

To Be Continued...

PokeBladers:---good guys

MudkipBladerhttp://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f159/Mudkipblader/frlgemtr136.pngYlia-Lightning Dragoonhttp://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f159/Mudkipblader/LIGHTNINGDRAGOON.pngBeyblade-Lightning DragoonGThttp://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f159/Mudkipblader/LightningDragonGT.png
Bleach Bladers:---bad guys

Raiyna: Saiyura-Sephiroth

Chuchino: Yukia -Zado

Renji: Shijuki-Psylon
New to beyblading soon to join ur team...will turn up one of the best

Name: [could be fictional]
Bit-beast: [optional]
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May 6th, 2006, 8:29 AM
I'm in. Just copied what I and the others posted ;)
"Well done, Lightning Dragoon! We should do that more often, Humza!" Ylia smiled.
"Yeah, sure!" Humza yelled. "Hey, look!" "What?"
Humza pointed in the direction of the bridge crossing the river.
"Isn't that the worldChampion?" Humza asked.
The boy standing on the bridge wore a red jacket, a yellow T-Shirt and grey pants. Ylia could see he wore a hat on his head.
"Maybe, he looks a bit like him."
The boy on the bridge was accompanied by a brown haired and a yellow haired boy. Ylia saw the boy with the had pointing in their direction. "...new team.." she could hear.
"...need more data..."
It didn't make sence for the Pokébladers. Ylia slowly walked up the hill. Humza followed his teammate.
The three boys on the bridge had noticed that she was starring at them.
"Hi" she said with a silent voice, but loud enough they could hear it.
"My name is Ylia and this is Humza."
"Hello, my name is Tyson" the boy with the hat said.
"I'm Max" "And my name is Kenny"
"So that means you're the Bladebreakers?" Humza asked.
"That's right," Tyson said. "Are you guys a team?" Max asked.
"yep, we are!" "We call ourself the Pokébladers, and our goal is to become the worldchamps!"
"WorldChamps?" Tyson started to laugh.
"what?!" Humza asked.
"It's just that you need to pass us when you want to become a worldchampion"
"Really?" Ylia asked. "That's interesting"
"Hm?" Max asked.
"Nothing...Nothing," Ylia smiled. "It's just I wanted to meet the Bladebreakers, that's all."

Bleach Bladers
chuchino:" Zado, Frozen Gale!" Yukia commanded, and her blade seemed to gloss over with ice. It slammed into Shijuki's blade ferociously. " Keep on the attack!" she called, and Zado pressed on in it's attacks.

Raiyna:I watched them battle on hard and give all they had. I smiled. "Come on, Yukia! Go, go, go! Get Shijuki!!" I shouted happily. Shijuki gave me a glare and returned his attention to the staduim. 'Maybe Yukia can win if I make Shijuki lose his concentration!' I smiled.

Renji: Shijuki glared at Raiyna before turning his attention back to the dish.[/COLOR]
"Is this all you've got Yukia?, I know it's pracitce, but you should give it your all" he said letting out a small yawn after

RaiynaI smiled. 'Shijuki's always like that.' "C'mon, Yukia! You can do it!!" I shouted.
I looked behind me and saw a boy standing there. "Eh?" I said to myself. I walked over to him. He had gray spikey hair and blue triangles on his face. "Awkward much, what are those for?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Raiyna." I put my hand out. He made a gruff sound and walked off. I stood there and shouted back at him. "Hey! What's your name!!?" I was agitated that he would be so rude.
"Kai," he replied in a low voice. It sounded pleasing yet cold and his hand clenched as he said it.
I watched him leave and walked back to Shijuki and Yukia sitting back down.

Chucohin Yukia made an exasperated noise at Shijuki. " Fine! Zado, hit him with all you've got!" she commanded, and Zado slammed into his blade, a few sparks appearing and disappearing in the dish.

" Keep it up!" she said happily as Zado held against Shijuki's blade.

Raiyna: I smiled. This battle looked close. I didn't know who would win, but my instincts told me to go, once again, for Shijuki. I sighed. 'He can't win...not after Yukia's hard work and effort..' I thought.

Renji: Shijuki smiled as he said [COLOR=Teal]"Well..you have gotten stronger..but now it's time for me to make my move" as it turned into a smirk once again.
The blades clashing and letting off sparks as they met before Shijuki let out a command "C'mon Psylon, power up NOW!!" as a purple aura surrounded the blade before it vanished and smashed down ontop of Yukia's blade. Sending it back over most of the dish.
-"Not quite time to use one of my final attacks yet.."- Shijuki thought to himself as the battle continued.

Raiyna: I watched intently at their bout. It was hard to follow. Hit here, hit there, crash almost everywhere, I was getting a little dizzy. 'Shijuki, you're doing great. I only hope Yukia can keep up with him.' I thought.