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March 19th, 2006, 7:12 PM
For those of you who know the userneame Kokobean22 from another site, you probobly know that I tend to use this rp repeatedly.
To expieriment with how it goes on each site. That and I just Plain love the plot ^.^

Long ago there was a mystical heroine of the universe named Serena. She was the princess of the moon and worked together with the other princesses to save the universe from evil. However she didn't find these powers until she was a teenager because as a baby her and the other princesses along with the queen of the moon's trusted advisor cats were sent to earth so they could survive the great evil that was to befall the moon. Eventually, there was a great battle and Serena, the other princesses, and her lover darien, were all killed. There souls flew back to eart inhabiting 10 baby children. Scince then the queen's advisors Luna, Artimis, and Diana, have been searching high and low for the 10 and the mysterious 11th sailor scout. But, Along with the reincarnations of the scouts the evil was also reincarnated. Their souls and powers slept in the bodies of the young infants awaiting the day when finally, finally they would seek the heart crystals once more and take over the earth.

Our story Takes place in the suberbs of Osaka Japan where a youn girl is about to learn of her destiny. For she is the one who must continue on and become the next queen of the moon.

In the City there are many buildings and the school while in the suberbs there is a park with a large tree. A mysterious tree that seems to hold many secrets.

Sensing the scouts Luna and Artimis find ther way to these suberbs to continue their search for the new sailor scouts and the new Tuxedo mask. Diana has gone to the future where she, the 11th, is said to reside. Now let our story begin...

1. Follow the baisic RP rules in the sticky.
2. You may have only one scout. Other than that you can have a few villians and one of the Guardians as well.
3. Have fun!

Sign Up:

Sailor Scouts/Tuxedo Mask
Description: ((Normal description ie: what he/she looks like in rl rather than in their scout uniform because lets face it. We all know what that looks like. Of course if any changes are made to the character {besides their outfit} feel free to explain it here.))
History: ((Key part in this section. Please not your scout does not, NOT! have their powers yet. This is just so we can know how they grew up to this point.))
Sailor Scout: ((List one of the scouts or Tuxedo Mask.))
RPG sample:

For an extra character:
Species: ((This is just if you are being a guardian. If not just put human or something.))
Other: ((This is optional))
RPG sample:


Name: ((Please include both their Alias name and Villian name))
Personality: ((Don't just put evil. Try to describe them more))
Powers & Weapons:
RPG sample:

My Sign up Form:

Name: Kiki Komodo

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Kiki's about 5'9" and weighs 105lbs wth a fine figure. Her hair is straight, chinlength, and a medium purple color. Oddly enough the hair color is natural. She wears her school uniform, a pleated blue skirt and a top like Serena's in the series, along with a light blue courderoy knapsack.

Personality: Kiki's nice and sweet but hates to be made fun of. Unlike Serena, she's not forgetful and gets good grades even though she doesn't study. She's not quite as much a crybaby as Serena but if she truely feels all hope is lost she'll wail like a sick kitten. She's pretty easy to make friends with as well.

History: Kiki grew up in Tokyo all her life with a nice family. However her mother always seemed to be keeping something from her. Some secret she knew that Kiki didn't. Then one day Kiki's father died in a plane crash forcing her and her mother to move to a smaller town called Osaka. This is where our story begins.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Moon

RPG sample: A light blue van drove through the rain on that tuesday afternoon. A girl no older than 16 sat in the back staring angrily out the window streaked with rain. A woman sat up front driving. She looked at the rearview mirror and sighed. The van passed a sign reading 'Welcome to Osaka!' before the woman spoke.
"Kikichan, I know you didn't want to move but I'm sure you'll make new friends." she said. The girl looked up at her tucking her purple hair behind her ears.
"Mom you don't understand. I had friends in Tokyo I don't want new ones." she replied before turning back to the window. The van then stayed silent for the remainder of the trip.

Name: Luna
Age: I don't know
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Description: Luna is a black cat with a cresant moon on her forehead. She can talk and sense scouts through this moon. She's the size of your average house cat.
Personality: Luna's a bit uptight. She cares about her work and that along with the safty of the scouts are her top priorities. She's also quite intellegent.
History: Luna was the guardian for the past Sailor Moon. After the war she, Artimis, and Diana gathered up the items in tact and hid them in a new town where evil wouldn't search. She and the other two have been searching for the new Scouts ever scince the war and are trying to find them before the reincarnates of evil can.

Other: Nothing

RPG sample: (I already have an RP Sample. There's no need for more than one if you ask me.)

March 26th, 2006, 6:51 PM
Wow, cool, reincarnations of the original Sailor Scouts! Well then, let's see...
(BTW, it's funny--the character I'm RP'ing is from my Digimon fanfic)
Name: Zuri Takina
Age: 17
Appearance: Zuri stands about 5 and a half feet tall and has very pale skin. The color of her eyes and her hair almost perfectly match; they're pretty much a silvery white with streaks of crystal blue here and there. But her hair is straight and flows halfway down her back, and there are slight hints of bangs on the sides. Usually those would blow back in a gust of wind to reveal earrings that look like inch-long amethyst spikes. As for what she wears, that would be a lavender blouse with loose, medium-length sleeves, and over that would be a light blue sweater with the sleeves rolled back. Below that would be a long, silky, light blue skirt with teal trim at the top. All she would have on her feet are white sandals, but around her neck would be a charm similar to her earrings except with a blue oval on top. That same dot is on a ring on her right hand.
Personality: Zuri tends to be distant and mysterious to those around her. She's not very social, but she's not antisocial either... She actually tends to hide feelings of kindness. Often she can be found reading or deep in meditation--this happens in her free time. Because of that, she tends to be quite calm and intuitive, and spiritual as well. Of course, she's also a firm believer in magic and superstition, and the afterlife, and stuff like that. And as for her guardian raven... well, Zuri kind of sees her as a kindred spirit or the like. Yet in her weird way, she tends to be a hero sometimes...
History: In Osaka, Zuri and her parents lived only a block away from Zuri's grandmother. Zuri's parents were channelers of a sort--but they never let Zuri onto their practices, probably because she was too young. However, there was one time: when Zuri was almost three years old, her parents went away and didn't come back for a long time. Impatient, Zuri started to wander around the house. While doing so, she finally discovered a room she never knew was even in the house: apparently this was where her parents held all their seances and spiritual practices. Anyways, she entered and looked around, and a startling sight came to her: out of the floor two figures rose--they were ghosts! However, these ghosts worried little Zuri--they were the ghosts of her parents. Her parents had died somehow, but Zuri couldn't quite understand that.

The next day, Zuri's grandmother came to the house. From then on, Zuri lived with her in her house near there. However, Zuri's grandmother was totally different from her parents--she was very assertive and religious, and she regarded Zuri's parents' practices as demonic and evil. She kept criticizing those people in front of Zuri, and at the same time she sought to "purify" her--or ensure that she would not be like her parents at all. Zuri felt uncomfortable with this though, and whenever she got the chance she snuck out of the house to visit the house of her parents, which remained vacant because the two ghosts kept haunting the place. She spent most of her time there, and when she got older she became more interested by her parents' beliefs. She was particularly interested in two things: the room where she first saw the ghosts, and the books that were in various places in the house. It was the books, for the most part, that gave her a general idea of the path her parents followed. Anyways, ever since then, she still hated her grandmother, and her penchant for the supernatural lived on.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Mars

RPG Sample:
Zuri sat in the room where she first knew her parents didn't physically exist anymore, the room where numerous rituals and other ceremonies had taken place, giving the room a mysterious and pretty much meditative aura. It was early in the morning, and since the window faced east, Zuri was able to watch the sunrise. She had been awake since one in the morning--nowadays she kept her awake hours around nighttime so that she could spend more time outside or in the house she was in, away from her grandmother.
On a nearby building stood Persephone, the raven that occasionally kept her company. She too was watching the sunrise, standing completely still.

After a few minutes, though, when the first crack of bright orange sun appeared over a certain building, Persephone raised both her wings and looked up. Zuri recognized this warning sign--soon her grandmother would be awake, and if Zuri didn't make it back to her house soon, Grandma would be suspicious. With that, Zuri got up and left the room, closed the door carefully behind her, walked down the stairs, opened the front door, and went out into the street. Soon after, Persephone flew over and perched on a lamppost ahead of her. After Zuri walked past this lamppost she turned left onto another street that ran along a park, and after crossing another street she came to the house of her grandmother.

A long time ago Zuri had stolen a key to the house--this she now used to open the door as quietly as she could. She stepped inside--the coast was clear so far. No Grandma in the living room, the kitchen, or any of the halls at the top of the nearby stairs. Breathing a sigh of relief, Zuri climbed the stairs and walked along the hall than ran the perimeter of the house, all the while looking down at the first floor to catch a possible sign of her grandmother. Nothing.

Finally Zuri found the door to her bedroom--this she opened and went inside. Now all she had to do was wait until her grandmother woke up and the usual torment began.


Guardian Name: Persephone
Age: ??? She looks pretty old though
Species: Raven
Gender: Female
Description: See top right of attachment--she's twice the size of a normal raven. Most of her feathers are dark indigo but her wings are black near the tips. Also some of her feathers are green (especially on her head and wings), or gray as on her belly. Her beak and feet are dark gray and her eyes deep blue. Also deep blue are the gem thingy on her forehead (which you can barely see in the pic) and the gem thingy on her wings (yes, it's there, even though it's in pencil).
Personality: Persephone has a strong affinity for the supernatural as well as the dark. Generally she can be described as dark and silent--she never talks, and she has an ominous aura about her. She laughs (to herself, of course) in the face of evil as well as death, and she's also very wise and intuitive, and she keeps almost everything to herself.
History: Persephone never saw the light, quite literally. When she was born, she was all alone, and her world was complete blackness and silence. She could feel things though--for a long time she just felt wet grass because that's really where she sat. But the second thing she felt was a sharp bite--the cat guardian Artemis had pounced on her. But after Artemis did so, she looked at the raven with curiosity--she sensed something in her that made her seem just like a guardian. Thus at times she secretly took care of her until she had to leave on a mission with the Sailor Scouts. After Artemis left, Perspehone heard for the first time, though it wasn't a proper hearing but a voice in her mind: "Persephone," it spoke. She heard her new name.

As the years went by, Persephone heard more and saw more as well, though as usual it wasn't proper sight or hearing--just images or sounds in her mind. As time went on this happened more often, until she was finally able to sense the world around her, though she still wasn't utilizing physical sight or hearing. It was all mental--she had some sort of power that allowed this.

But the memory of darkness remained, andthat's what she embraced. Anyways, later on Persephone heard the same voice that had spoken her name: "Zuri Takina," it said. Persephone didn't know who Zuri was at the time, nor where she lived, but within seconds she mysteriously did know--a sort of vision she got from the source of the voice. Upon sensing this Persephone visited Zuri--and since then she was her guardian.

Other: Physically, Persephone is both blind and deaf. However, as said before, she can still sense the world around her with a certain type of psychic power. With this sense, she can see basically everything--through things, around things, things that are invisible or very far away. She can use a certain form of telepathy, but not actually to talk--to send certain thoughts. On top of that she's also clairvoyant--but yet she hardly ever acts on what she sees nor tells anybody.
I hope the made-up guardian is OK... After all, Zuri doesn't seem the type to have a cat. If not, I guess I could remove Persephone... Oh, and also I might be a villain as well, but I'm too lazy to post her info at this moment... Like Persephone, she's completely made-up if that's OK... I'm not familiar with many Sailor Moon villains...

March 26th, 2006, 7:32 PM
Reserve a spot for me? I'll post my sign-up tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
BTW:I haven't seen sailor moon in quite some time, so if I miss something, or do something weird, well. There's your reason! XD


March 26th, 2006, 10:05 PM
Please reserve a spot for me also. I'd like to have Sailor Saturn please. I'll post my sign-up tomorrow.

March 27th, 2006, 4:27 PM
Name: Mikiko (Mickie) Midori



Description: Changed the picture. (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/Lana.jpg) She usually wears her figure skating outfit for casual wear, Like so, (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/DCP03670.jpg) and usually wear's black skin tight lace up boots that reach just above her ankles as well. Her hair is most often seen up in two low piggytail's, curled to perfection.

Personality: Mikiko is almost your average girl. Her studying habits are almost spooky, as she has an entire section of her expansive room dedicated towards her education. Her parents are very successful, and she is very ladylike. Her manners and polite attitude often unnerve the people around her, and though her attitude in general is very sweet and kind, most people somehow see her as a stuck-up know-it-all. She entertains herself by reading, studying, and figure skating. When she's not locked up in her room studying for the next algebra test, she's grinding the ice at the public ice rink.

History: Her parents are very wealthy, and almost have no time for her at all. But this doesn't bother her at all. She's grown up knowing no friends but her maids and butlers, who treat her very kindly. She began skating at the age of 3, and figure skated by the age of 5, doing gymnastics in between to improve her flexibility. She's lived in Osaka all her life, and has never known any other place in the world, her parents neglecting to take her with them on business trips. She has never gotten a grade lower then an A-, because she has very little to do but focus on her four, and only four, major hobbies. 1)Studying 2)Figure Skating 3)Reading 4)Gymnastics.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Mercury

RPG sample: Miki sat in her large and rather empty room. It had a cold feeling to it, as though the window's were constantly letting in cold alaskan air. Alaska...in fact, that's the very place she was reading about. She had the book's upper end dangling off the edge of her large and pure white queen bed. It's canopy had light blue stars dangling off of the white mesh, and a pair of white ice skates sat at the foot of the bed. At the front, were piles upon piles of pillows, white, and light blue.

Her room had two sides entirely dedicated to glass. Glass were the walls, and you could see out, but not in. It was still strange though, to stare at someone that was looking straight at you, and you being the only one knowing there were two people in the premises. Her room was really only made of white marble, which consisted of the bathroom, Stainless steel, which was the furniture, and glass, which also was apart of the furniture.

It was a very cold room, white's, light blue's, and grey. It had a very modern look to it, just like Miki loved. In the right hand corner sat a variety of things, such as parallel bars, balance beams, and even an oversized ring that hung from the ceiling, doubling as gymnastics equipment, and decoration.

Miki would've very much liked her own library, but her parents had forbidden so, and she didn't argue with her parents. And so she settled for the laptop that sat on her desk, surrounded by text books, essays, and notes. It was her outlet on life, the people she talked to. It was never someone she didn't know, of course, but they were usually people from school, who found her cooler online then in real life.

It was a boring, but peaceful existence.

March 28th, 2006, 5:52 PM
((Ah...I remember Sailor Moon...vaugly. Same as what Bell said, if I mess up with something or get lost, dont yell at me...>.<

I hope this sign-up form is acceptable!))

Name: Kelia Okomo

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: She has long, dark brown (nearly black) hair that goes down to her waist. However, she normally wears it up in a long, well-kept French Braid. She isn't tall, nor is she short. Just average height for a young woman. Her nose is peirced, merely just with a silver stud, nothing all too noticable, and she never. Her eyes are a aquamarine colour slightly leaning towards the greener side, and she wears simple earings in her ears (usually diamond studs in the shape of a, well...diamond. She wears simple jeans and a tee, and doesn't wear anything out of the ordinary.

Personality: Kind and perky. However, because she considers herself an adult now, she could sometimes try to act mature in some manner. She is scared to drive her car (and even more frightened to ride in one) and rides a bike around instead. She has one hobby, and that is writing. She occaisionally can be caught in a thought, and when one addresses her after a couple minutes of silence, she would snap at them and tell them that they ruined her "muse," but would immediatly apologize for her rude behavior.

History: She grew up with her aunt since the age of seven, after her parents died in a (you guessed it!) car accident. After witnessing the tragedy of loosing her parents, she has been mortified to go into a car ever since. Her aunt just recently remarried (she was her mother's youngest sister, and was just merely twenty when she took Kelia in) and her new husband is upset at the fact that they are housing her sister's daughter.

He usually critisizes Kelia's writing, telling her how bad it is and how much she needs to improve, and constantly whines about "when Kelia will leave off to college or something" and also makes fun of the fact that Kelia is deathly afraid of cars and not other automotive vehicles, such as a bus. Because of this, she can frequently be seen in the library writing away at her journal.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Jupiter

RPG sample: ((Oh so Cheaply ripped off from another RP. I am lacking intelligence today...>.<))

Such as her peers around her, Simone was waiting eagerly for the arrival of the two schools. She too sat at a rather empty table, smaller than the others. Apparently, one had not done so well as to size it up compared to the others, and it was pathetically smaller than the others. Over the years at this school, she had learned not to slouch, and was sitting up in a perfect lady-like manner. However, though as lady-like as she wished, compared to all these girls she was nothing more than a mere shadow of a girl, clearly outshined by the beautiful girls at this school.

It wasn't that she was unnactractive: Why, many long for her pale white skin as a china dolls, her long silky, raven-black hair, and those strange yet haunting eyes she possessed. But, to put it bluntly, she lacked figure, and though as pretty as she was, she was just pretty, not beautiful. Her clothes were unkept as well, her uniform having small patches and whatnot, and her eyes, as hauntingly pretty as they were, always had a tired, vacant expression.

Sim was either ignored, or made fun of. Either way, she was still alone. No matter how hard she tried to make friends, people instinctavely avoided her as though they knew of it. But of course not, the Headmistress swore she told no one. She told no one why exactly there were large, dog-like footprints sometimes lingering outside on the ground. She told no one why there was a pitiful howling every full mooned night. And the strange potions that left a strange smell during lessons made with Wolfsbane and other such things was just from a previous lesson. Nope, no werewolves at Beauxbatons, we can assure there is no such dangerous creature thriving here.

But alas, there was. No matter how hard they denied, it still could not change anything.

March 29th, 2006, 6:01 PM
((Everyone who has signed up so far has made it. I'm not too picky and it sounds like this rp will turn out great!

@Ninetails - I'm perfectly fine with your character having a Raven. I encourage change and origenality. As for making a villian....YES! Please! Villians spice up an rp ^.^

I'm also glad everyone read the History part in the sign up form.

Now I'm going to wait a little while for more people but I'm sure it won't take too long. If by chance I don't get any more people by April fifth You're all welcome to make more scout characters. If I do get enough super! I'll accept villians anytime during the rp as well. But so you don't disrupt the rp itself please PM me with it. For now though just sign up here in the thread. ^.^))

Username: Bell
Name: Jiselle (Giselle) Shiawase
Description: Jiselle is your average blonde (yes thats supposed to be blonde) beauty. She's a tall and curvy young woman, with a long-sleeved orange, zippered, turtleneck which shows off her tiny waist. An ashen grey black wrap-around miniskirt worn low on her hips sports a loose tassle belt dangling across her skirt. heeled black leather boots that reach just below her knees cover much of black tights.

When she's not on the streets, but instead, casually lounging in her apartment house, she usually wears a long ankle-length pale yellow skirt, flowy and plain, along with a white off-the-shoulder long-sleeved top with orange ribbons inter-laced along each rim. An orange ribbon choker and occasionally a pale pink poncho complete's her comfy ensemble, with black clogs on her feet.

Personality: Jiselle, though not very rich, has a very snobby and stuck-up kind of attitude. She's all serious, mature beyond her years, and doesn't like to be treated like she's 15 or younger. Everything about her, her belongings, and anything associated with her, has to be just-so. Except her friends. No matter how much she wishes it, her friends are the one thing in her life other then her parents that she can't change for the better. Even though she seems like a beautiful, spoiled rat, underneath the husky exterior, she is really just the girl her age calls for. Easily infatuated by any passing hunk, she'll daze off into dreamland, snapped back by her more serious side. And though she doesn't like being treated like a child, she treats almost everyone else like one. Some people say that if you look up the definition 'hypocrite' Jiselle's picture will be right there for reference.

History: Jiselle has always had exactly what she wanted. Dance classes since she was in kindergarten, beautiful dresses that are elegant and sophisticated, a perfect appearance, and pretty much any cool looking technology. There was always only one thing missing. While she did get the things she wanted, she was missing the attention she wanted for it. Both her parents worked full-time, and never really cared about her anyway. She was just a third-wheel in her family. Or, maybe the fourth-wheel. Jiselle and her younger sister, Camille, had always been ignored by their parents, and yet given anything they wanted. It was an unfulfilled life you could say. The both of them were probably the star attention in classes, school, dance, and everything pretty much except the one thing the two wanted the most. Real parents who would actually touch you, smile at you instead of mustering an incredibly fake grin, and treating you like you were just born when in fact you had been born 17 years ago. This made Jiselle feel like she never ever got what she wanted, crossing her as a spoiled brat in school sometimes. And so she tried to deal with the problem, to no avail. Her parents left on a month long vacation, leaving the two girls alone in the house, as they are now.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Venus

March 31st, 2006, 2:37 PM
Name: Terra Helgrind

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Description: Terra has jet black hair and piercing yellow eyes. She wears a black shirt that stops right below her shoulders, but it continues up the rest of the way going compleately around her shoulders in a light purple. Her pants are black with two light purple zig zags going down each side. On her feet are black tennis shoes. Going acroos her right eyes is a long scar. Placed upon her left shoulder is a tattoo of a black dragon.

Personality: Terra is the kind of person who doesn't trust others. She is normally depressed, and if she isn't depressed she is furious. Truthfully, she's rather be alone or with animals than be with humans. It would probably take a lot of convicing to get her to work with someone.

History: At the age of five, Terra lost her home in a fire along with her family. Since she had no one to turn to, she lived in nature. Year after year she avoided humans more and more. Each year her heart became colder, until she was dark. She had her happy times with the wolves when she saw them though. The rest of her past is unknown.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Saturn


Gaurdian Name: Crystal
Age: Who knows?
Species: Gray Fox
Gender: Female
Descrpiton: Crystal is a gray fox with a scar going across her right eye. There is also a white diamond on her forehead . Around her neck is a white bandana. She is bigger than a normal fox, not much though. She is still able to ride on Terra's shoulder. Her eyes are an odd gray like color. When she looks at someone it's like she is looking right through that person. Crystal also limps at times because she injured her leg a while back.

Personality: Crystal is the quiet type that doesn't enjoy talking a lot. Usually she keeps to herself and doesn't like company. She is clever and cunning. At times when it seems like she is planning one thing she is really thinking about something else. A lot of times she means the total opposite of what she says. Another thing is that she is always alert and when it seems like shes even half asleep she is always wide awake. Her head turns to even the smallest sound she hears.

History: When Crystal was younger, she was all alone. From the very begining she didn't have anyone to turn to or get help from.
I shall add the rest later when I'm not so busy.

April 3rd, 2006, 2:24 AM
I have a question:
Could we be Sailor Chibi? Cause I would like to be her.

April 3rd, 2006, 8:04 AM
OOC:If need be, would I be allowed to reserve Sailor Venus if nobody signs-up as her?

Changed Mickie's picture to something more accurate.

And, I'll do a villian as well, but since the RP hasn't started, I'll do it here...She doesn't have an origin reincarnation, but if you can think of one =_= Done all the research I can, and well. Nutin.

Name: Karen Lash (Known as 'Amethyst')

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Description: Karen (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Purple%20Hair/hoshit.jpg)'s long purple hair ends at the bottom of her shins and her tube top dress has one 2'' black strap on the left side. She is blind, but the mask she wears allows her to see if only in black and white. This mask is never removed, not even during the rare instances when she sleeps. She is more often seen wearing a dark indigo cloak, that trails on the ground.

Personality: Karen is a blind and mute girl, who doesn't like to drag things out. She is always tightlipped, and during the few times she speaks, her voice is coarse and rough. Karen has a very cold attitude, but perhaps this is just a figment of her silence? To be revealed.

History: Amethyst wasn't always entirely blind. She used to be only partially blind, until she accidentally stared up into the sun, thinking it was a cloudy day when it really was not. After that, Karen lost all her vision, and grew mute, and very sensitive to remarks made on her vision, and silence. Karen stumbled her way around until she overheard her parents discussing about how they would keep Karen safe from the outside world, with her being blind and her senses underdeveloped. The conclusion was to keep her inside, but not for Karen. She grew her short purple hair out, and found someone she couldn't name, and recieved the things she has now. Her long flail chain, and her mask. Angry at her parents quick decision to never let her outside, Karen spent her time sharpening her senses, and soon enough, she could tell a yellow lined peice of paper, from a white lined peice of paper, though she was still seeing in a black and white world. All this while, the unnamed person helped her, never really revealing their name, so Karen referred to the being as 'master'. It was sooner rather then later that her parents were confronted by the newly reformed Amethyst, and lay dead in their living room. She would become one of the most notorious killers, and at any small remark that might be even slightly offensive, she'd kill that person.

Powers & Weapons: Amethyst's flail chain, can not only be used as a weapon, but can double as a sort of whip. When the pointed ends of the chain make impact upon a dirt floor, sharp crystals of amethyst rise up from the place it made impact, usually managing to stab less intelligent enemies.

RPG sample: =_=

JX Valentine
April 3rd, 2006, 11:29 AM
I'm thinking of applying as a villain, but I need to know a few things first (if you don't mind).

1. The character I have in mind probably won't freelance, so can you tell me a bit about the first major evil (anything a la Queen Beryl) if there is one? Just history and things a minion of his/hers would need to know. Even if you told me by PM will do if you're uncomfortable with revealing that much before the RP actually starts.

2. Do you have anything in mind for the types of generals he/she keeps? If not, would you mind if I made a scout (not necessarily one of the scouts of our solar system, although I have interesting things in mind for Uranus) or scout-like enemy, a la Sailor Tin Nyanko, et al?

April 3rd, 2006, 1:38 PM
((@ Mighty Mightyena - Sure knock yourself out! ^.^
@ Bell - If noone else signs up for her it's fine by me
@ Kazeto Tamashii - 1. Well in one of the other Next Gen rps the Evil Queen is Queen Brittany - a reincarnate of Beryl herself who discovered on Earth along with a large group of other children (don't care what age), that she had unique powers. The negaforce(which I've always understood to be a being in itself) took her and the other children in and taught them evil. She's welcome to anything so long at it fufills her purpose, to collect energy from the people of Earth (mostly Osaka) for the Negaforce adn eventually to defeat the scouts. Wow. That was a lot. 2. This RP is based on Creativity and Plot construction so have fun with your character and do as you wish. I find uniqueness to be a villians best quality. As for a unique allied Scout I've tried that in 2 of the other ones and it got a bit overrun with them so I'm saying no here just to keep on track.))

Username: Waker of Chaos (I think I wasn't paying attention)
Name: Vincent, but he's more commonly known as the Waker of Chaos
Age: 18
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Description: Usually wears all black, with some gold trim. His shoes are actually air skates that he built himself. Instead of wheels, they use air as fuel to allow skating at speeds up to highway norm. He has very quick reflexes as well, allowing him to skate at top speed without crashing. Such reflexes, however, he can only apply to his speed.
Personality: Technological genius, even more so than the original Sailor Mercury (not by much, though). He prefers to put this skill to work by creating "medival" weapons, such as swords and maces. He's fascinated with magic, and even more with the powers of Silence and Chaos.
History: Vincent has always been alone, and has always been scorned and ridiculed by everyone else. This caused him to grow up a dark and forceful person, but his heart is still that of a good person. The heart of a hero, perhaps...
Other: After awakening as a Sailor Scout (hopefully Pluto, given his cold exterior), he'll be able to use his magic to power his inventions rather than technology, if such a thing was needed.
RPG Sample: Vincent stood atop the highest point in this city, looking out over the dark. He stared up at the full moon. "Why does the moon haunt me so? I always feel as if it is trying to tell me something...as if my mind is attempting to remember something long forgotten...yet I can't figure it out!" he thought to himself. He suddenly noticed some flashes of light below him somewhere. Looking towards the disturbance, he noticed a young girl about his age fighting against another figure he couldn't make out. It looked like the girl was...magic?! Eyes wide, Vincent steeled himself for battle, and jumped forward.

April 3rd, 2006, 9:56 PM
All righty, one villain coming up! (I noticed there's another character here named Terra, so I'm giving my villain a nickname to minimize confusion.)
Name: Tara Surea (a.k.a. Kali)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Kali looks almost like Zuri as far as complexion goes. She's about 5 and a half feet tall and has light almond-coloured skin. Her hair is long and pitch black with a few red streaks, and her eyes are a deep hazel. She has earrings too, but they are composed of short black and red spikes. As for what she wears, that would be a mediumsleeved dark purple shirt with black sleeves and a rose on the front, plus a black knee-length skirt and long black boots that go almost up to her knees. And going with her earrings is a black choker with a skull charm.
Personality: Many can generally describe Kali in one word--it varies from "malevolent" to "satanic" to "dark", but mainly "misanthrope". Going into those, Kali is highly sadistic and cynical--one can say she loves suffering, the underworld, and the occult, but hates love, people, and the mundane. She is quite smart as well as aware of what goes on around her, but agreeing with other people is a different story... Speaking of people, Kali sees friends and romance as "pointless" and "foolish"--she prefers to do her own thing. Because of that, she is pretty confident in herself--in fact she keeps expecting more from herself, even if it may seem impossible. For example, her main goal is to become immortal, to "rise up above the limits of humanity". In attempt to do so, she kills and harms often--even herself at times. It would be hard to find a sort of good in her...
History: Kali's parents, who used to live right next door to Zuri's parents because they were siblings, were kind of the opposite of Zuri's parents (see Zuri's history). Nor did they show complete similarity to Kali's grandmother, a straitlaced religious freak. Kali's parents were businesspeople, specifically in a company that made cell phones. They never had much time to spend with her, but Zuri occasionally did--the two were almost friends until Zuri was almost three--when her parents died and she cooped herself up in their house. Tara (Kali) wanted to stay with her, but her parents were in the way. However, there were some occasions when Zuri ventured out of the house, and she and Tara hung out together. And plus, they even went to school together, even though they weren't in the same class. On other times, Zuri showed Tara around her late parents' house, and the two explored it as well as its library.

However, Tara's parents soon found out about what the two were doing, and since they themselves wanted nothing to do with the supernatural ("it taints your minds and rids what could be useful," they once said), they kept a close watch on Tara, determined to keep her away from Zuri. They even hired a babysitter to keep watch while they were gone. Tara's first instinct was to get upset about this, but she soon became a "good little girl" and dealt with it...

At least until she hit her teens. By then Tara never saw Zuri--the two even went to different schools after Tara's parents found out. In school, Tara noticed the attitudes of some other students who hated their parents and such. She tried to get into a group of these people, but they rejected her as being "wimpy". Later on, they even threatened to fight her. They were also in a lot of her classes, so Tara kept trying to transgress them by being good at something else--the classes themselves. Her grades creamed theirs. But this also inspired something else inside of her...

By the time high school hit, Tara's hatred of her parents was in full swing. Her parents were proud of her success in her classes, but they weren't proud of this... in fact they were a little hurt by it. That last bit, to Tara's astonishment, amused her greatly. Bit by bit she discovered more of her true nature, her overwhelming dark side, and even a penchant for the supernatural similar to Zuri's... And finally, she "let her soul rest with the force of the devil". As for school, she still did exceedingly well, and she waited until her sophomore year to strike at last...

And there she did. First, the biggest school rule she ever violated: she brought a knife to school and killed the group that bullied her in middle school. She then fled the scene back home, but there it only got worse--the second they arrived home, she killed them as well. After this, she went back to Zuri's parents' house and continued all the magical studies she missed here. By something that had to do with fate and the death of her parents, she began to develop some of the powers that she currently has now. When one discovers one's true self, great power and joy comes forth--as is what happened here. And there she did it, giving herself the last name "Surea" and the nickname "Kali".

Weapons: First is the knife she used to kill her parents--by some magical property it turned black. Second is a long, thin, purple wand with a black diamond on the end, and the other end is as sharp as a needle. Third is actually a mirror, but it aids with a few of the spells she uses.
Powers: Her wand summons a black flame, one that doesn't physically burn anything but sears the spiritual self--in other words, it only affects living things.
--Weaponless, Kali possesses what she calls a "hex blast". It basically causes some sort of misfortune for the victim--minor things at the weakest level, from a temporary bodily malfunction to a period of bad luck. Anything stronger than that requires a sort of sacrifice.
--As for the knife: When stabbed into the eye of a near-ded victim, it eats away at morale, and when the will of the victim is withered to a crisp, it extracts its soul, giving the bearer a newfound energy. (Whee, words taken directly from a prophecy Kali associated with the knife!)
--Her mirror assists with her most powerful spell. It possesses a hypnotic quality--backed by mental force of the bearer, The Mirror entices the victim to its surface. Though the following effects vary dependent on will-to-will and mind-to-mind, they are as follows from weakest to strongest: Nullification of the mental forces within the victim; Intimidation and invocation of Fear; Confusion and initiating of a battle with the victim's self; Control over the mental forces within the victim; Partial or Total physical paralysis; Disempowerment of the spiritual forces within the victim; Death; Eternal imprisonment of the spiritual forces with the victim. The Mirror may not comply with the instruction of anyone not akin to the Possessor. (Yay, more exact quotes from the prophecy...)

RPG Sample: There stood a room at the very top of the house of Tara's aunt and uncle, one now dedicated to the workings of the forces of the Devil. If Kali had held the false belief that the Devil is a set being who casts hs evil upon mortals alike, she would have never appealed to him/it in the first place, for it would have been akin to friendship. So now she sat there, looking out the window into the night, the sliver of the moon casting an ominous shadow on the room. In front of her was an altar, one which seemed even more ominous than the Moon's shadow, one which now held a single candle with a flame--a magical flame blacker than the night itself. In the room was a foreboding silence, one of darkest prayer and bleakest destiny. All this Kali embraced, given the nature she was infused with ever since that fateful day when the life of her parents came to an unusual close.

Kali passed her hand over the flame--it was not warm but cold, giving off more chills than ice.
Perfect as was, Kali thought. Then she nodded at the flame, to the altar in general, and got up, walking out the room in the attic, and climbing down the ladder to the bedroom below. In the moments that followed, she exited the house altogether and walked out into the street.

It was not too long after midnight when Kali headed towards the park at the end of the street. Though there were lights in the street, there were only shadows in the park where surely hardly anyone was in by now. This Kali finally entered--she wandered down a dimly lit path that wound its way through gardens and trees. All was quiet, all would have been peaceful...

But then there was a woman, sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper under a lamp--in the middle of the night! Kali couldn't blame her--she might have been distracted by car noises and the usual turmoil of daytime, things that supplemented the reason why Kali was mostly awake at night. Anyways, the woman sat there with her face buried, keeping her hat on and her purse beside her... This gave Kali an idea.

Kali took her wand out, eyeing its sharp point with pleasure. She then walked toward the newspaper lady, casually sliding the wand's point along her left arm while doing so. Even though doing so caused a little tension inside of her as she quickened her pace, losing feeling in her left arm, she soon faced the woman. Wand still out, she took the woman's purse then walked a few paces backwards, further along the path. Seeing that the woman hadn't even noticed this, Kali waved the purse, which jingled (apparently it had keys and such in it)--this finally got the woman's attention. The woman gasped in surprise as she threw her newspaper up in the air.
"...My purse!" With that, she began to chase Kali, but Kali had already started running along the path. After the path took a turn, Kali saw a tall and thin tree and stepped behind it. Touching her wand to the tree's trunk, she closed her eyes and focused her energies on the tree. Then, she tapped the tree with the wand, a movement which would normally have sparked a flame, but instead it sent a wind through the tree's leaves, a wind which blew right in front of the woman, halting her. With a last effort at the tree, Kali ran further along the path. A few seconds later, she heard two things that pleased her: a crackling sound, and a rustle. Another sound not only made Kali aware of the pain in her left arm, but also the woman's: a thud and a scream.
OOC: Whoo, that was lengthy... Heh, and believe it or not, Kali's very similar to my own dark side...

April 4th, 2006, 3:25 AM
Ok. Reserve me a spot as Sailor Chibi.

April 4th, 2006, 11:05 AM
OOC:Er, so is Amythest accepted? I'm thinking she won't be very major, as I'll then be playing three characters, so she may show up just for a little while. As for the Sailor Venus thing, I'll get to work on one now, just in case. ^^

April 4th, 2006, 3:36 PM
((Sorry for not being on. I've been busey.
Bell your accepted and don't worry about the RPG sample. I know your good. And the villian, Tara/Kali is accepted as well.
RP starts tomorrow April 5th but again sign-up are always welcome through PM. WHere I'll put them in the first post if I can.))

April 4th, 2006, 4:16 PM
OOC: Hoe Crap! Er, I'll be -GONE- April 5th to the 10th. 0_0 My characters can be the last to show up. It shouldn't be extremely hard, and if you get into a battle with a villian, go ahead without me. Beside's, sailor moon got into fights without her sailor scouts by her side every now and then right? ^^;; I'll post as soon as I can, and maybe on Sunday if possible.

April 4th, 2006, 5:28 PM
((That's okay. I'll be gone till 9:29pm Easter US time so I may not get on.))

Waker of Chaos
April 4th, 2006, 8:08 PM
If I can be a character that is neither Sailor Scout, villian, Guardian, or ordinary citizen, then I'm in. Let me know?

April 5th, 2006, 6:04 AM
I really didn't feel like typing when I wrote this up...sorry that it's not as long as my other sign ups...

Sailor Scout

Name: Cibera (Chi-ber-a) Tsubaki (Su-ba-ki)
Age: 12 (Could she be 12 cause she is replacing Sailor Chibi Moon…)
Gender: Female
Description: Cibera has dark brown hair that she normally ties into two ponytails. She is quite small for her age. Normally Cibera wears her school uniform, but during the weekends she would wear some skirt that is similar to her school uniform and a shirt with a little puppy on it.

Personality: Cibera has a strong love for animals and is not afraid to take risks. She sometimes has a calm attitude. Most of the time she is very kind to everybody and hates to see fights. Among her small group of friends, she is the smartest and acts kind to everybody. Although she can be bossy and very responsible she acts just like every other normal child.

History: Her mother didn’t always give attention to their child because she was always away doing work. Cibera soon got used to it and just went along with it. Her mother did care, but never had time to spend with her child. Cibera, luckily was an easy going child so she never complained about it to her mother, but because Cibera’s mother wasn’t taking care of her too much (and her father was dead) Cibera soon had to learn to do everything by herself.

Sailor Scout: Sailor Chibi Moon
RPG sample:
‘Oh I’m so tired!’ Cibera said as she started to yawn. ‘Today is just going to be one normal day…’ she said running towards the bus stop to come and meet one of her best friends. Tohru, her friend just smiled and they both exchanged their greetings. They started to talk about what they had today and later all of Cibera’s group had come. The bus came about 20 minutes after and was driven to school.

In class, after the teacher had said good morning, a new student came in. It was a young male, who had spiky hair that seemed to go in every direction. He had a big cheesy grin on his face, and his shirt was hanging out. The teacher scolded him but he replied, ‘Like I’m going to tuck in my shirt….’ Luckily for him, the teacher just told him how hard it must be for him to come to a new town, so she just pointed him toward his seat, which was next to Cibera.
When he reached his seat she introduced herself and stretched out her hand for a friendly handshake. ‘Hello! I see you are new here. I’m Cibera, Cibera Tsubaki, it is nice to meet you.
He just looked at her with his cold, blue eyes and just replied, ‘Get away from me you freak.’ Then he just turned away, which left a stunned Cibera.

April 5th, 2006, 12:36 PM
Name: Kasan

Age: 12

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Description: Long black hair with blonde streaks that reaches to her waist, blue eyes and tanned skin. Wears a school uniform that includes a green skirt, white shirt with a red colar and brown shoes.

Personality: Shy. Doesn't talk. She enjoys sitting outside on a field and she also likes drawing. Kasan has no friends.

History: Kasan is 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Scottish. She was born in Japan though. She lives with her aunt and little brother in a small house in Tokyo.

Other: N/A

RPG sample: Do I have to? Trust me, I'm good at Role Playing. ;D

April 5th, 2006, 12:50 PM
((Pinkhana I'm sorry to say your rejected. You have far too little in all of your feilds and I'm unsure as to what your signing up as. Mighty Mightyena you're accepted as soon as you get the RPG sample in. You can just copy one from flight from Earth if you want to.))

((RP starts now. For anyone else withing to sign up PM me with the proper form and if accepted I'll post it here in the thread on one of my posts. For now we begin.))

The rain fell hard in Osaka as a light blue van pulled up to a large white house. The house was nice complete with two stories, a porch, and a garage visible from the outside. The Van pulled into the driveway and parked a girl with chin length purple hair staing out the window at the falling rain.
"Here we are Kiki-chan!" the woman driving exclaimed as happily as she could. SHe had curly blue hair to her chin. The girl, Kiki, her daughter, had been making a mopey fuss the whole trip so it was becoming hard for her top keep a smile.
"Big whoop. I hate it here already." Kiki complained to her mother.
"O c'mon Kiki! It's not that bad! It rained in Tokyo all the time."
"But when it rained in Tokyo I was in Tokyo and stayed inside! Now I'm in Osaka and have to get out into the rain to go inside." her complainign went on as she stared out that window listening to the pitter of the falling rain.

April 5th, 2006, 6:12 PM
BEfore I sign up.... I must ask... Can I be a guy? I mean it sounds cool and everything... but I would really like to be a guy... or maybe a guy who can turn into a girl...

April 6th, 2006, 1:35 AM
((Alright. I have editted my post and put on my RP Sample. Tell me if it is okay...))

April 6th, 2006, 5:22 PM
((JBCBlank Being a guy is fine. I had an RP where Tuxedo mask was a girl.
Mighty Mightyena - It's perfect))

Name: Haru Yoshizuki

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Haru is abotu six feet inheight and well built. He has shortish black hair and peircing
blue eyes. He wears a black jacket with a black shirt underneath and a pair of Jeans when on
the street.

Personality: He's just like Mamoru with his sarcastic humor but is a bit more polite. He's also quite mysterious and can seem to just appear out of nowhere at the worst times and dissapear when you least expect it.

History: Haru's mom died in a car crash when he was 5 and his father was a drunkie who didn't want anything to do with him. He lived by himself for years mowing lawns and doing other chores to make money until he was a teenager. He then worked larger jobs and such to get through school. He loved his mother and vistits her grave to think as something dark haunts the secrets of his distant past. He also wants to know why he sometimes just wakes up not knowing where he is or what happened. His dreams hold the truth.

Sailor Scout: Tuxedo Mask

RPG sample: (Already have one)

April 6th, 2006, 5:52 PM
((Bah... as seen, I will be punished for about...


11 days or so. >.<
(Hopefully shorter.) Sorry.

If you see me on, I'm on my PSP 'cause the 'rents don't know about its imternet access. Sadly, I can't type much, so I'm only checking.


I am so sorry...))

April 6th, 2006, 5:56 PM
Sailor Scouts/Tuxedo Mask
Name: Alan
Age: 20
Gender: male
Description: Tall dark and hansom..... *shakes head* oh... wait... that's what girls say, Origianaly he looks like a normal guy, about 5'6", dark black hair about to his shoulders, deep blue eyes with a hint of gold, his tanned skin seams slightly bronze. Girls are always saying he has a beutiful smile but he's not sure.
Personality: A nice guy. He would never do anything without asking first, but he normaly is the first to go up to a beutiful girl. Although slightly religuse.
History: He doesn't have a very nice history, he was abondaned in a monistary when he was born, so he dosnt' know his parents, the "Nuns" rased him to be restpectful, but they never taught him how to be a guy, so he's a bit strange and kinda munk like. He doesn't like this one bit. it seams to scare the girls away.
Sailor Scout: Serina, (I think that's how you spell her name, I only saw the show in spanish so it was "Serena")
RPG sample:
"...... Amen." Alan repeated with the rest of the nuns after Father Pret bowed. "Took long enough..." he said quietly as he started exiting the chaple. "
"Enjoy the mass Alan?" A voice asked from behind him.
"It was wonderful Sister Mary." Alan lied closing his eyes, Just like the last hundred times I heard that surmen, he thought.
"Well I hope that you have some time to do something for me dear..." Sister Mary said smiling, she was the youngest nun, Alan did anything for her.
"Of course Sister."
"I need you to get us some items we don't have.." she hands him a list, "Come back before dark."
Alan looks at the list and sighs, "Yes sister..." He says and starts for town, it was a ways away being that the monistary was far in the contry but he was content to walk. About half way he stops in the sade of a tree, "Why do I have to be so difrent from everyone else, why can't I be the same as them...?" he leans against the tree, "I pray that God will show me where my place is..."
((I guessed he might as well look kinda like Miroku... but with longer hair of course... and no staff))

April 6th, 2006, 7:15 PM
((Serena was Sailor Moon. I'm playing Sailor Moon. Would you mind changing it?
As for anyone being gone, I'm okay with that.))

April 6th, 2006, 8:48 PM
OOC: HAHA! I hath snuck online. And typed out Mikiko's first post. I'll be typing out the Sailor Venus sign-up sheet now. See ya's!

IC:Mikiko found herself, once again, in the middle of her beautiful bedroom. And she found herself, yet again, reading, her favorite books, comics, novels, and manga all scattered around her light blue plush comforter. She had to admit, she was definetly one who loved the pattering of the rain against her massive windows, and the gloomy skies didn't dampen her spirits in the least. If anything, they lifted them.

It told her that she would not be able to go to the ice skating rink today. Last time, the ice had been so slushy she was ready to yell 'help' the moment she went under. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, but she wasn't keen on going back to the outdoor skating rink. Preperations had to be made to go to the indoor one.

Miki sighed and brushed a long lock of white bluish hair behind her ear, burgandy colored eyes scanning the drawings of her comics. It was not often that she owuld spend so much time on one page, but her attention was wandering, and that was for sure. She was thinking about everything from the cute boy she'd met at the rink earlier today to the fact that she'd neglected her studies for the past few weeks because of the weather. Rain usually made her eager to study, as there would be little else to do, but for some odd reason, the three things she loved to do most, just weren't appealing today.

"Charlette, you're excused for the day." She said waving a delicate hand toward her uniformed maid, who bowed out the door and left in a flurry. None of her maids and butlers were ever eager to stay. She was the only one to serve, and she never asked for much, so they were usually lounging about, finding tidbits of gossip or weird topics. It got boring after a decade of it all. Charlette was her personal maid, the one who usually stayed by her side 24/7. But this time, Miki did not want to be disrupted as she thought. There seemed so much to do in so little time, and yet, she didn't know what to do.

Perhaps it would be revealed in the future...

April 7th, 2006, 5:25 AM
Cibera gave a loud yawn. It was raining, and it had to be on a Saturday. Cibera was hoping to go to the local pet store to see some of the new animals, but seeing as it was raining. Cibera then just sighed.
'Oh, such a shame.'

Cibera came downstairs to the kitchen and like usual her mother wasn't there. Cibera just sighed once again and started getting food out for her pet dog, Rathune.
After feeding him, Cibera looked outside and saw a light blue van driving past. 'I wonder if that is the new people who just moved here in Osaka just over on the other street...'

April 7th, 2006, 9:58 AM
(( Ok... but I forgot the names of the other girls.. *blushes* its been a long time sence I've seent them....))

April 8th, 2006, 7:42 AM
(Uranus and Neptune are all thats left Them and Tuxedo Mask)

Kiki pulled out an umbrella from under her chair in the Van. It had purple frills around the umbrella part itself. She opened the door of the van and opened it up stepping outside. She then opened the back door of the van and pulled out a small purple handbag and walked inside the house.
"Kiki dear you're rooms the one at the end of the right hall!" her mom called. Kiki followed her mom's directions and dropped off the bag in the room.

April 9th, 2006, 11:27 AM
((Tuxedo Mask sounds like the best for me.....))

Waker of Chaos
April 9th, 2006, 11:30 AM
((I'm assuming that I'm allowed to start now, right?))

April 9th, 2006, 1:57 PM
((Yes your allowed to start now.))

April 9th, 2006, 2:48 PM
((Coolness ^_^))

Alan opens his eyes, "I need someone..... to love..." He sighs.

Better go and get the food they need, His mind told him. He starts into town, it was a small town, nothing much, just what one needed in a town, a light breeze made his hair flow infront of his face, "**** wind..." He curses.

He stops short at a shadow that covers him, the shadow is that of a woman......

((who could it be...?))

Waker of Chaos
April 9th, 2006, 4:28 PM
((All right!))

Vincent stood atop a swing set in the park, glaring down at the sand below. He was, as usual, contemplating why he existed in the first place. He had no family, no friends, nothing except his mind....and he wondered if he was losing that, too.

Why am I here? What is my true purpose for being?

Vincent turned his glare to the sunset. His piercing blue gaze seemed to make the sun set more quickly from fear.

I shall find my own purpose. Perhaps....history will not repeat itself....No! I won't let it!

Vincent jumped down and pressed a button on each shoe. They hummed to life, drawing in air silently. The dark figure then skated away at high speed, hoping against all hope that, at long last, he'd make a friend that wouldn't abandon him.

April 9th, 2006, 4:37 PM
OOC: I've nothing to roleplay.

Kokobean, is Venus accepted? I PMed you with her sign-up, and you didn't PM me back. And are you going to put it somewhere, because much good it'll do if you're the only one who knows what she looks like/what her name is/etcetc

April 9th, 2006, 4:53 PM
((Ya she's somewhere on the front page there. In one of my posts.))

Kiki, after setting her stuff in her room walked outside back into the rain awaiting the moving van. She had her umbrella once again and walked to the end of the friveway and looked at the other houses.
They seemed small comapred to what she saw in Tokyo but all the same it wasn't that bad of a place and she figured somewhere that looked this nice had to have some decent people living in it.
It was Saturday. Tomorrow she had to get ready for school on monday. To go to some new place filled with people. She missed her friends already.
"Come now Kiki you'll catch a cold!" he rmother said coming out of the house.
"I want to stay outside. At least till those idiots with the moving van get here. I'm prepared to scream at them if any of my stuff is damaged. That includes scratching the pain on my bike." Kiki retaliated. Kiki's mom backed off. Her daughter wasn't ususally like this so she knew it would pass. She went back inside leaving Kiki to stare at the houses through the rain.

Waker of Chaos
April 9th, 2006, 6:14 PM
Vincent sped through the traffic on his air skates, angrily passing up all kinds of cars and motorcycles on the road. They all looked the same to him. All were dark, sinister beings who would torture you as soon as look at you.

It's been much too long since I've seen a beacon of hope amongst this sea of darkness, Vincent thought, now quickly passing a semi. There might not be any people left in this world who actually care about others.

Vincent just now noticed that it was raining. He didn't care. It rained, it snowed, it was sunny, it was hailing. All was the same to him. He believed that he had little to no reason to live at all, yet death never came for him. That must mean that he still has some destiny to fulfill....or perhaps death is playing a vile joke on him.

Vincent skidded to a stop, shutting his skates off. He had noticed a pretty female face in one of the house windows, staring out as if she wanted beyond anything for time to backtrack.

Eh? She has the same expression that I once did....why would she feel as I do? Perhaps not as strong a feeling as mine, but I can see that she's not where she wants to be....perhaps I have just found a shining light in this world of shadows....

Vincent found himself staring at the girl in the window, his face a clear expression of pained remembrance. Anyone who looked into his eyes could tell that Vincent had to deal with the world's darkest horrors, yet still he had hope, if only a small glimmer.

.....I will attempt to befriend this one. She's not at all like everyone else. Perhaps my wish for true friendship will finally come true....

April 10th, 2006, 2:04 PM
Kiki looked around spotting Vincint. He was the first person she had seen in Osaka and she smiled waving to him from beneath her umbrella. The moving van had yet to come and she had time to kill but she didin't move. She stood just the same in the driveway watching the roads, looking at the houses, and listening to the rain fall onto the many surfaces creating sweet harmonic music. She loved music.

Waker of Chaos
April 10th, 2006, 4:20 PM
Vincent managed a smile and waved back at the girl. He started wondering if he should get a little closer, so as better see her face. Of course, he had no umbrella, so he was already soaking wet. True, he had made one, but he had left it behind. He had only his air skates with him.

Knowing that he wasn't exactly the greatest at conversation, Vincent wondered if approaching was the right move. I won't know until I attempt it.... he thought. Making sure there would be no obsticles, such as the traffic (he wanted to make sure not to startle the girl by skating out in front of a moving car and dodging it like always), he started to make his way across the street by simply walking normally. What he didn't see was a black car (just an unknown citizen driving along, not a specific character unless someone other than me makes it so) turning onto the street and speeding directly towards him!

Acting quickly, he turned his skates back on by kneeling and pressing the earlier mentioned button, then speeding the rest of the way across before the driver had a chance to react. Stopping about three yards behind the girl, Vincent turned his skates back off and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uhh.....hi," he started meekly.

April 10th, 2006, 4:39 PM
Kiki was surprised he had dodged the car. She whirled around and turned to Vincent.
"Oh hello. Do you live around here?" she asked stupidly. /Of course he lives arounf here genius!/ her mind said. /Oh be quiet. I'm new./ she thought back.
She bowed, "I'm Kikiyorashima Komodo. My friends in Tokyo called me Kiki. I'm new here." she said. The moving van was driving up her road slowly so as not to slip in the rain. Kiki forgot about it however and continued to face Vincent.

April 10th, 2006, 5:24 PM
OOC: Er-Wind Waker, where's your sign-up? I'd like to see what Vincent looks like...OH and KokoBean? The very first 'Jiselle' in my sign-up was a link to her image. Did you see that in the PM? Cuz it ain't a link on the sign-up.

IC:Jiselle walked down the soaked sidewalk, her best friend at the moment, right in her hand. Her cream colored umbrella. Brand-new, with a straight black handle, it was the only thing shielding her beautiful blonde hair and her cream colored outfit from the rain. And that was a very important thing.

She waved to a few other lingering teenagers. Jiselle had lived here for forever. Forever as in, her entire lifetime. The result was, she knew nearly everyone out on the streets. Or, at least, everyone who lived near her, her school, and her friends. Beautiful thing, popularity. Jiselle smirked as she noticed a few geeks dancing into a book store to get out of the rain. It wasn't as though she disliked reading, she just disliked being seen in a book store, or any place that wasn't the hottest clothing shop, or the hottest coffee place. The park was okay, but only with friends. Otherwise, it was on the streets, or at home. Even in the bitter cold rain, Jiselle refused to wear anything warmer. Her cream trench coat was keeping her warm enough anyway. It wasn't a chilling rain. Not to her anyway.

It was comfortable, as would've been that cute boy's arms. Jiselle's smirk turned into a grin, as she waved to the boy, who waved back, though in a flash, he was gone-right into a book store. Jiselle felt her mouth open slightly and reprimanded herself for waving to a boy who even dared enter a book store. On the streets in public anyway.

Jiselle sighed, her neatly spread pink lipstick making her lips glossier then ever. She loved the fact that she knew she was beautiful. Her hair was always perfect, and she freaked whenever it wasn't. This she was well known for. Not even one hair could be out of place with her knowladge. Otherwise it would be smoothed down in a flash.

Camille was at a friends house, so Jiselle was free to roam, but with her friends all preoccupied with their families, she had little to do. For the first time in ages.

April 10th, 2006, 5:37 PM
((Check one of my posts on the front page. It's in there somewhere.))
(Enter Luna)

Luna walked alone in the rain. She had no choice. There was nowhere to stay, noone to go to, and to make things worse Artimis and Diana were off as well. Diana was in the future to see if she couldn't find Sailor Chibi Moon, while Artimis had left without saying anything. Determined to find Minako's reincarnate.
"And so history repeats itself. I wonder why the girls chose Osaka," Luna pondered as she walked aimlessly through the inner city of Osaka. She was searching as well. Not for Chibi, not for Minako, but for the other scouts and the Princess of the Moon. For she knew evil was on the rise as she could sense it. She sat then in front of the bookstore with a sigh.

April 10th, 2006, 5:38 PM
((I hate to intrude but....))

Alan walked threw the streets not paying atttention to anything besides the list in his hands, Milk, eggs and cheese.... Why do they always send me to buy this stuff... why can't I buy other stuff.....

He was so ingrosed in what he was thinking that he didn't notice the girl sitting in his path, and so... He ran into her, CRASH!!! "Oh God.. I'm so sorry...!" He said right away seeing that it was a younge lady, a very attractive young lady no less, "I didn't see you there, forgive me please..." He looked around for his list. "I'm terribly sorry... I don't usualy do this....I'm usualy very...." He looks up at her, she was so beautiful he could hardly bring himself to speak, "I... I-i... Hi...." Was all he manged, looking up at the book store he sighs.

He shook his head, Pull yourself together she seems like a smart girl says something smart!, "My names Alan..." He finally said smiling, Smooth romeo....

April 10th, 2006, 5:48 PM
((Assuming....Assumtion complete))

Kiki turned keeping her balance Alan.
"I should say so. Tell me, why are you passing through my neighborhood with that bag?" she asked picking the bag up, "What's all this for anyway? You grocery shopping or something?" her attitude was kinda snobby and ticked off seeing as how some random guy bumped into her in her own driveway. Well more so on the sidewalk infront of her driveway, in the rain but that was besides the point.

April 10th, 2006, 5:58 PM
((Assuming....Assumtion complete))

Kiki turned keeping her balance Alan.
"I should say so. Tell me, why are you passing through my neighborhood with that bag?" she asked picking the bag up, "What's all this for anyway? You grocery shopping or something?" her attitude was kinda snobby and ticked off seeing as how some random guy bumped into her in her own driveway. Well more so on the sidewalk infront of her driveway, in the rain but that was besides the point.

Alan blushes scarlet, "Well... you see... I um..." He reaches for the bag, "Sister... s-sister Mary asked me to get grocery's and.... I just... I can't say no to her...." He gulps and grasps the handle, but also touches her hand, "I-I'm truely sorry....." He gulps again and feels his face grow hot. Keep cool Alan.... "I hope you don't hold it against me..." He closes his eyes, "I hope... that we can be.... friends..."

Waker of Chaos
April 10th, 2006, 7:43 PM
((I'm no "wind waker." I'm the Waker of Chaos. Remember this well, for the Wind Waker and I are little alike....))

Vincent bowed back. "I am named Vincent...." He then took notice of another person, who had apparently bumped into Kiki. "And it would seem that this young man is smitten with you...." he added quietly, so that only Kiki would hear. Vincent regarded the new one with indifference.

"Shy, aren't you? I was like that once...." Vincent said to this new person. "It's nothing to worry about. Just be yourself, and you'll be fine. That's all anyone in this dark world of ours can really expect..."

Given Kiki's intellegence (which I assume is pretty high for her age), she might pick up on how Vincent describes the world. It's as if he loathes it above all else....

April 10th, 2006, 11:41 PM
Cibera decided to come meet the new comer. She seemed to have met some new people here already. She grabbed her blue umbrella and walked out into the rain. Rathune decided to follow her so he followed right along with her underneath her umbrella. Rathune barked loudly to alert Cibera that he was coming along. 'Of course you can come along. But just don't scare her, you know that some people are afraid of dogs...' Rathune barked happily in return and followed along Cibera.
Cibera soon was right in front of a girl. Because she was older she felt nervous but shook it away.
'Hello! I see you are new here. I'm Cibera, Cibera Tsubaki. It's a pleasure to meet you...' Rathune barked loudly in response and ran towards her and started to try to lick her on the face.

April 11th, 2006, 11:47 AM
"Well now lots of people ou tin the rain today." Kiki said looking down at Chibera. She held up the index finger on her right hand to show that she'd be with the young girl in a minute. She then turned her attention to Alan who had taken the bag, while at the same time held back laughter from Vincent's comment.
"We'll see. Who knows?" Kiki siad slyly to answer Alan's friendship question. She didn't usually hang out too much with guys. Just a few back in Tokyo but not as much as she hung out with girls. She then turned to Vincent.
"Ah yes the world is such a dark place. But we must not dwell on the selfloathing and loathign towards others we feel but instead find the silver lining of every cloud and cherish it so." she said trying to make sense. She was smart but not too smart. Finally she went back to the young Chiber and her dog. She bowed before coming down to Chibera's level.
"Yes I'm new. It was very kind of you to come over," Kiki smiled a warm smile while holding up her free arm to keep Rathune down, "I'm Kiki. Kikiyorashima Komodo. But you may call me Kiki." she then petted Rathune and stood back up.

April 11th, 2006, 1:49 PM
OOC: My apologizes Waker of Chaos (or something close to that) I wasn't paying attention. And, when are we going to get our powers? Because that's when I'll post next. I'd rather not butt into your conversation. ^_^

April 11th, 2006, 4:48 PM
(that won't take too long I hope. Maybe. I'm going for a different approach in this rp...)

The rain began to slowly let up and Luna got up and began to walk more towards Kiki's neighborhood. Once there she stood accross the street and looked towards the group.
"Their Aura seems familiar. Could they be..." she whispered to herself. She stayed hidden behind a bush noticing the dog and sat.
"I'll wait till nightfall like I did with Usagi."

April 11th, 2006, 5:18 PM
"Well now lots of people ou tin the rain today." Kiki said looking down at Chibera. She held up the index finger on her right hand to show that she'd be with the young girl in a minute. She then turned her attention to Alan who had taken the bag, while at the same time held back laughter from Vincent's comment.
"We'll see. Who knows?" Kiki siad slyly to answer Alan's friendship question. She didn't usually hang out too much with guys. Just a few back in Tokyo but not as much as she hung out with girls. She then turned to Vincent.
"Ah yes the world is such a dark place. But we must not dwell on the selfloathing and loathign towards others we feel but instead find the silver lining of every cloud and cherish it so." she said trying to make sense. She was smart but not too smart. Finally she went back to the young Chiber and her dog. She bowed before coming down to Chibera's level.
"Yes I'm new. It was very kind of you to come over," Kiki smiled a warm smile while holding up her free arm to keep Rathune down, "I'm Kiki. Kikiyorashima Komodo. But you may call me Kiki." she then petted Rathune and stood back up.

((I´ve changed Alan a bit... in looks anyway. right now he lookes exactly like Miroku... Staff included, but where Miroku has purple on his robes Alan has different colors depending on the time of the year... like a priest, today... in the rain... green))

Alan sighs, it seemed to him like it was to crouded for him to ever be able to act like himsel he looks over at the girl that he thought he had been talking to.. "Well, I had better leave you to you're busness, It seems as thought this conversation wasn't concluding me to begin with so I might as well leave before I cause any disruptions..." Alan turns to look at Vincent, "I hope that you find someone else to give adivise to..." he looks at the girl who had talked not to long ago, "I pray you and you're dog have many happy days..."

He lifts his staff and bows, "I must return to the monistary, they'll be wondering what became of me... they don't like me being out in the rain, knowing the sisters... there will be a warm bath waiting for me..."

He smiles and turns to leave...


April 11th, 2006, 5:39 PM
Kiki watched as Alan left.
"What is he a Monk? He's so...formal. I wonder if he goes to highschool." She said to herself forgetting the two people that were still there. She thought about the rain letting up and the soft sounds of the splashing water softening. It was nearing four o'clock and Kiki knew at five her mother would want her in so she stayed outside with her new aquaintences.

Waker of Chaos
April 11th, 2006, 11:01 PM
Vincent merely nodded towards the one with the stave. He seemed indifferent to this new person with the dog. Animals, for some reason, tended to avoid him rather than play or fight with him. He had no idea why. This dog, however, might be different. We'll have to wait and see.

In response to Kiki's earlier comment on the silver lining, Vincent nodded and said softly, "That is the sole reason why I am still alive." That made it clear that he understood perfectly, but also made it clear that his life was an incredibly....difficult one.

As the rain let up, Vincent just now notices that he's soaked. He never cared about getting soaked like this, but as he was with other people....actually kind ones at that, which surprised him to a certain extent....it was sort of embarrassing.

"He very well may be...." Vincent replied to the monk question Kiki had asked. "I see no reason for him to be carrying such a stave otherwise."

He noticed cat's eyes watching them and stared back, as if to challenge the cat's purpose for watching them.

In my experience, cats have connections to other realms. Perhaps that one most of all, Vincent thought. It's staring right at us as if it knows us, yet I know that I have never seen that particular cat before.

His eyes narrowed, making his challenge to the cat a bit more fierce.

April 12th, 2006, 2:01 AM
Cibera looked around at all of Kiki's 'friends'. 'Wow...she already seems to have friends...' Cibera thought as she asked, 'Who are your friends here?'
Cibera then turned to Rathune and said, 'Down Rathune! Sorry...he gets very excited sometimes, but he wouldn't hurt a cat!' As Rathune heard her voice he stopped trying to jump on Kiki and decided to run along back home.

April 12th, 2006, 4:44 PM
"Friends? Oh no I just met them!" Kiki said to Chibera slightly embarrassed. She turned to Vincent.
"Sorry. I was talking to myself."

Luna stared back realizing she was seen.
"So I've been spotted. What an odd boy...and yet the aura around him is so familiar. But how could that be?" she asked herself quietly. Kiki followed Vincent's stare to the bush and looked to see nothign as Luna had ducked. She shruged it off the rain stopping.

Waker of Chaos
April 12th, 2006, 5:41 PM
"It's okay," Vincent replied. "There was a black cat with a crescent moon mark on her forehead over by that bush. She was watching us as if she knew us well, and yet I've never seen that cat before. In fact, I thought I heard that cat speaking...."

Vincent made a mental note to keep an eye on that cat. A talking cat may mean trouble. He was still soaking wet from the rain, and it wasn't exactly sunny out....at least not yet, even though the rain had let up.

"Kiki....do you mind if I stay with you for now? I don't have a home to go to."

April 12th, 2006, 5:54 PM
"I'm sure my mom won't mind." Kiki said. The moving van then pulled up three large men opening it up to pull out the many boxes and furniure. Kiki looked over.
"HEY! IF YOU'VE BROKEN ANYTHING I'LL FILE A COMPLAINT YOU HERE ME?" she yelled. She was very particular about her stuff. She then looked back at the bush before turning to Vincent.
"Are you sure about the cat? I didn't se anything."

Waker of Chaos
April 12th, 2006, 6:01 PM
"Very sure," Vincent replied. "I seldom miss things like this."

Bowing again, Vincent thanked Kiki for her hospitality. He also held back laughter at Kiki's yelling at the movers. He had a feeling that there wasn't even a scratch on anything.

I wonder if we'll see that cat again. I might have to chase her away....but if she really can talk, then she'll have some explaining to do first.

April 13th, 2006, 2:21 AM
'A cat?! Where?' Cibera loved the sound of a cat out in the rain. She loved animals and started looking around for the 'mysterious' cat. Cibera suddenly noticed how she had acted and started to laugh. Everybody probably thought she was an animal freak.
Cibera just sighed and then sneezed.
'Well I think that I might go inside now...before I catch a bad cold. Well, everybody is welcome to come in if you like....'

Waker of Chaos
April 13th, 2006, 5:46 PM
Vincent raised a brow. "I must respectfully decline. I'll stay with Kiki."

Interesting....this person loves the sound of a cat in the rain....but that was no ordinary cat. That one can talk.

I must find out more about this cat.

April 13th, 2006, 6:02 PM
"Alright then. By Chibera-san!" Kiki said patting her on the head.
"Kiki dinner!" he mother called. Kiki nedded and turned to Vincent once more.
"You're welcome to have dinner with us while the movers bring the boxes in. Then we'll get a bed set up for you. Or at least the couch." Kiki said. She then turned and left inside for dinner while the movers brought in a box labled 'Kiki's stuff'.

Waker of Chaos
April 13th, 2006, 6:15 PM
Vincent smiled at Kiki. "Thank you."

What an interesting girl. I thought I'd be lucky if I got the roof just for tonight, yet she offers the couch and dinner at least? I was right about her. She is indeed a shining beacon among all these shadows....

Vincent suddenly noticed that he was blushing, and tried to force himself to stop. To no avail, of course. He followed Kiki inside and made sure to do as she did upon entering, such as taking his shoes off or whatnot.

April 13th, 2006, 7:04 PM
Cibera waited just before Kiki and Vincent had gone inside and then yelled 'Bye Kiki-san and Vincent-san!'. Cibera then went inside and started to make her dinner as she waited for her mother to come home.

Waker of Chaos
April 13th, 2006, 10:04 PM
I am lucky to have found this girl, Kiki, Vincent thinks. Perhaps there is a destiny here for me after all.

Perhaps that talking cat has something to do with it. I'll have to find her again, but preferably without the cat noticing me. Maybe I'll be able to find out from that cat why she can talk.

Vincent bowed to Kiki's mother. "Hello."

April 13th, 2006, 11:34 PM
OOC: Eh, for now I guess I'll just do an intro post...

"My blessinga on this poor child..." Zuri's grandmother's voice rang sweetly through the air of the house. She was downstairs, in front of an altar near the front door, while Zuri watched her from upstairs near her room, listening and frowning at her grandmother's words.
"Cure from this insane state... mind must come back down to earth before it rises like a balloon into the thoughtless realm of oblivion..."
However spiritual she may sound, Zuri thought, she's the most mundane person I know.
"...sinful, always toying with the purity of the divine--manipulating it for the will of others, dreadful..."
She thinks I spend my time in my room casting spells! Zuri laughed to herself. Well, in a way she's right, but she's putting it in awful terms...
"...striving to transcend divine will, to take control in prideful attempts to become holy... Pride! Greed! So pronounced are these sins this maverick must expiate... so slippery is the fish I try to catch with hands of faith. Won't you please help me out with this...?"
Dear Divine Spirit, Zuri half-mocked, half-prayed, I wish the same fate upon the Judge. With that Zuri crept quietly back into her room.

Persephone was waiting right outside the window, perched on a telephone wire--Zuri walked over and opened the window.
Demons walk the earth, so I sense, Persephone communicated. A demon, rather. I can see for now that this one bears a past that intertwines yours on a very fine level.
"If you mean to speak of a magical demon," Zuri answered, "then I need not be so afraid. Had I powers of light, I would cast down upon those who defile the one presence that unites us, but for now we'll have to let the Karma Fairy do its work."

Persephone nodded with understanding. Then she gestured to a spot on Zuri's right, a place consisting of a tree and a ledge on the side of the building. Understanding what she meant, Zuri stepped onto the ledge and then into the tree, where she had made a small fort out of twigs for a sort of hideout. After reaching this, Persephone helped Zuri climb down the tree. Persephone then flew off towards another section of town--something must have been happening wherever she was headed.

April 14th, 2006, 5:15 PM
Kiki's mother bowed back to Vincint placing some food on a foldable table in the kitchen.
"So Kiki-chan who's your friend?" she asked her eyes closed with delight. The movers had now brought in a black leather couch.
"Aquaintence mother. One does not make friend on the first day. It takes longer than that." Kiki responded sitting down in a foldable chair and grabbing some of the rice with her chopsitcks, "His name's Vincent. He needs a place to stay for the night."
"Oh really?" Kiki mother inquired, "Well now that the coush is in he can sleep in the living room. I don't have time to set up the guest bed," she turned to Vincent, "Is that alright with you dear?" she asked taking a seat herself and grabbing some sushi. Most of the foods on the table were of Japanese origin however, some were American foods such as the hot dogs and french fries in the center of the table. Kiki looked at them and sighed.
"Mom, why did you cook both types?" she asked referring to the nationality of the foods.
"I was bored and making miso soup didn't sound appetizing tonight." her mother replied with a shrug.

April 14th, 2006, 5:27 PM
((Eh, I'll do my opening post soon. I'm really in a bad mood today, after coming out of a LONG punishment I'm just feeling too lazy at the moment (and I am caught up in this REALLY good video game...) Sorry...))

April 14th, 2006, 7:04 PM
Just as Cibera had finished cooking, gotten the whole table set up and also had the food set out for her pets, her mother had come home all exhausted. 'Hello mother. I just finished cooking dinner. You can come over and eat now if you would like so.' Cibera replied as he mother sat down and thanked Cibera.
'Thankyou Cibera. You are very smart to be able to cook by yourself already...its strange how I never noticed.' her mother said as there was an awkward silence. Cibera just wondered how her mother had acted today. She normally never talked about Cibera and just talked about work as Cibera listened. 'I'm sorry. After your father died I never even stopped to think about you, all I did was think about myself, I've been so selfish...I' she stopped midsentence as she started to cry.
'No mother you have not been selfish. You have provided me with love, and that's all that matters.'
'Here. I brang you a present....ermmm an early birthday present.' she brang out a beautifully wrapped parcel.
Cibera surprised that she had given her a present, especially when she never does. She carefully opened the present which turned out to be a beautiful pink bracelet with blue orbs.
'Thankyou...' Cibera just said and gave her mum a hug and went back to her chair to eat.

April 15th, 2006, 1:29 AM
I got a report for there being a few short posts here and though most of your posts are up to standard, I do see a few short posts. Remember to keep your posts over a paragraph long, please. If your in a discussion with a conversation with another character, then all you have to do to lengthen and add more quality to your post is to describe your surroundings, your feelings or your movements. It's best to get out of small talk quickly, because you will soon run out of things to post.

April 15th, 2006, 2:10 PM
I got a report for there being a few short posts here and though most of your posts are up to standard, I do see a few short posts. Remember to keep your posts over a paragraph long, please. If your in a discussion with a conversation with another character, then all you have to do to lengthen and add more quality to your post is to describe your surroundings, your feelings or your movements. It's best to get out of small talk quickly, because you will soon run out of things to post.

((I'll be sure to remember that, *smiles at Ookami* I'm not the one right.....))

Alan runs breathless to kiki's door, he would never forget what he had just experienced, the fire, the heat, the screams, the evil that was around it. He slams his fists on the door, "Kiki! KIKI please! I didn't know were else to go! I don't know what to do! Please Open the door!" He closed his eyes, tears flowing freely, nothing could be worse, the thought.

A tall woman opened the door, Alan assumed that it was Kiki's mother, "What is it young man?!" she asked stunned at seeing a young monk covered with ashes.

"The monestary's on fire!" Alan cries "I couldn't contact anyone, everything i've ever known is in that monistary, I called the cops, and they thought I was joking, they didn't even consider sending anyone over!" he grabs on to her leg, "Everyone's dead! Sister Mary, Brother Markos, Father Harison! I didn't even get to talk to them, I know who did it, they said they would do it, but I didn't baleave them."

Kiki's mother kneels down and runs her hands threw his hair, "You poor thing... Who would do such evil...?"

Alan looks up to her, "The one who cursed me....." He said braking in a cold sweat, "the one I met five years ago, The one who sits in your very dinning room." Alan glares, "The one named Vincent!" He falls back crying covering his face, "I didn't know what to do...."


((Not really you dude, Just working an angle here, it'll all be clear in time, *smiles* The one who did it is exactly like you though.... *smiles darkly*))

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 3:35 PM
((How dare you accuse my character of doing something he didn't do? And isn't controlling Kiki's mom, since that's kokobean22's character, considered godmoding? The last thing I need is to have to clear my character's name right off the bat....then again, this could work to my advantage.))

"You speak a lie," Vincent said calmly. "What you fail to realize is that I have a twin brother who shares my name. His specialty is destruction, not mine." He stared directly into the monk's eyes as he said this. No human who speaks a lie can look a person in the eye and do it. Their eyes would be downcast.

Vincent had already eaten his fill. Standing, he walked over to the monk and said, "Point me in the direction of your monastary. While I may not be able to reverse death itself, I can at least put an end to the destruction my brother caused."

I'll have to kill him this time, too. I made a mistake all those years ago, leaving him alive when I could have just ended his life. He's the reason why my life has been so....dark.

April 15th, 2006, 3:57 PM
((How dare you accuse my character of doing something he didn't do? And isn't controlling Kiki's mom, since that's kokobean22's character, considered godmoding? The last thing I need is to have to clear my character's name right off the bat....then again, this could work to my advantage.))

"You speak a lie," Vincent said calmly. "What you fail to realize is that I have a twin brother who shares my name. His specialty is destruction, not mine." He stared directly into the monk's eyes as he said this. No human who speaks a lie can look a person in the eye and do it. Their eyes would be downcast.

Vincent had already eaten his fill. Standing, he walked over to the monk and said, "Point me in the direction of your monastary. While I may not be able to reverse death itself, I can at least put an end to the destruction my brother caused."

I'll have to kill him this time, too. I made a mistake all those years ago, leaving him alive when I could have just ended his life. He's the reason why my life has been so....dark.

((That's what I wanted... and I don't really think that controling Kiki's mom is godmoding. I mean she's not a main person... but... I'll take that slap on the wrist...))

Alan looks up at Vincent, "I guess I could take you..." he wipes his face with his right hand, showing the scar on his wrist.

"Lets go..." He says turning around and starting to walk toward the large smoke cloud that was forming over were the Monistary once stood. "Fallow me closely, if you see shadows... ignore them, they are only the demons that were kept in the Monestery... they won't do anything as long as you stay close."

Alan walks slowly making sure that Vincent was within two feet. He walks past a large oak tree that used to be where he was taught to be an exersist, the tree growled as he went by. "Stay in there!" Alan says poining his staff at it. It hisses and the tree drops a few leaves, "Don't let the leaves touch you, they'll burn a whole right threw your skin." Alan says pushing Vincent back.

A leaf hits the ground and hisses as it burns threw the dirt. "I wish that Father Harison, whithout him, I'll have to trap all the demon's again..." He sighs, "How evil does a person have to be to destroy the only protection a town has...?"

He looks at Vincent, "I must know.... is it possible for you to remove the curse that has been put on me by your brother..?" He grabs Vincent's arm, "Please..."

April 15th, 2006, 4:21 PM
((Okay wo things, who's been reporting us and the mom thing is okay.))

Kiki sat in silence staring akwardly at what was going on. She was confused and shocked at the same time.
Meanwhile Luna heard about the ruckus and wasted no time. She darted from the bush around Kiki's house to the back door opening it. This door lead to the kitchen where she approached Kiki. Kiki looked down at the cat with the same confused and shock expression.
"No time for introductions. You name is Kiki right?" she asked. Kiki now even more shocked nodded. Luna then flipped the moon brooch landing on the ground.
"Now take that and say 'moon prisim power makeup'(yes I'm using the Japanese one)," Luna commanded, "Hurry there's not much time!" Kiki took a deap breath, picked up the brooch, held it up in the air and announced,
"Moon Prisim Power, Makeup!" After a few quick seconds she was in the uniform of Sailor Moon. She stayed silent and looked oddly at the Luna.
"Good now follow me!" Luna said running out the back door. Kiki followed. They were headed for the Monestary.

April 15th, 2006, 4:43 PM
((That's a good question... Who did report us...?!))

Alan falls to his knees, "What's happening...?!" he looks down at his hands a strange pendent had apeared in his hand, "Wha..." He looks to the dark, a pare of eyes looks at him from the dark, and they nod. "Lord, help me..." Alan prays closing his eyes.

Alan feels strange and says the first thing that pops into his head, it was as clear as though someone had whispered it to him, "Moon prisim power makeup" He cried.

Suddenly he was on his feet, he glowed for only a moment and when the light faided he was dressed differently but only slightly, his robe was changed, it was a bit shorter and he noticed that he had a pair of pants on underneath, along with a pair of combat boots that he could bairly see, he looks himself over, and sighs at the color, "Red...." he says aloud, "I hate red..."

((I'm gonna draw a pic of Alan in his uniform, give me about a day and I'll have it up here.. or an hour... one or the other..))

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 5:14 PM
((I don't care who reported us. As long as we follow the rules, the mods won't get in our way. Also, it should be noted that only I should be allowed any control over either Vincent. I'm a bit possessive when it comes to my characters.))

Before leaving, Vincent noticed Luna. "You! What you are you doing here again, feline?! You've made things bad enough as it is!"

With that, Vincent knelt, activated his air skates again, and sped off faster than any could follow towards the smoking ruin, nearly knocking Luna off her feet. He didn't bother staying within two feet of any human, let alone that blasted talking cat.

If my twin has been making trouble again, I'll have to kill him! There is no other option!

Arriving at his stash of technology, he took the pendant that looked blade-like and sped off again towards the ruin. Any demon or dark spirit that tried to cross him simply wouldn't be quick enough.

April 15th, 2006, 5:26 PM
Alan looks himself over and sees Kiki, "Kiki, What happened to me?!" he demands seeing the cat she was fallowing, "You must know..."

He grabs the cat, "You must be the one causing this!"

((As you can see Alan has a habit of Blameing everybody for everything...))

April 15th, 2006, 5:35 PM
'Huh?' Cibera heard loud noises from outside. It sounded like the 2 boys that were at Kiki's house just before. Cibera decided to look outside, and saw a strange girl that strangely looked like Kiki in a different outfit.
Cibera also noticed the 'mysterious' black cat that they were talking about just before.
'I'm going out for a walk mother! Bye!' yelled Cibera as she ran outside to see what the matter was. She ran up to Kiki and asked a series of questions, 'Kiki?! What is the matter? Why are you dressed like that? Why are you with the black cat?'
Cibera then just looked at the black cat which seemed to understand her every word.

((I think you've noticed that Cibera loves to ask questions, she is a very curious girl.))

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 5:36 PM
By now, Vincent had arrived at the ruined monastery. He spotted his twin atop the highest area, smiling sinisterly down at him.

"So, you've come at last," the dark Vincent said, as if declaring a triumph. "I thought I would have to destroy half the city before getting your attention."

"I should have killed you when I had the chance, brother," the light Vincent growled back. "One would think that you'd be grateful enough to leave this place alone, but no. You had to go and destroy it. Idiot."

"I'll teach you to call me an idiot!" yelled the dark Vincent, jumping down from his spot and pulling out a sword that seemed to glow with a demonic aura.

"And I'll make you wish you were never born!" the light Vincent retorted, pressing a button on the pendant he grabbed, turning it into a sword and jumping back before getting decapitated.

((Now would be a very good time for Sailors Mars and Moon to show up with Luna. This battle must be witnessed.))

April 15th, 2006, 5:38 PM
"You can recognise me?" Kiki asked her shocked look still present. Luna scratched Alan's hand.
"Put me down! Whatever's going on with you is your own fault. Sailor Moon is my only concern for the moment." she hissed angrily. She was angry to be treated by people this way. /It was never this hard in Tokyo./ she thought. Kiki sighed looking at the blue skirt and then turned to the angry thrashing Luna.
"Who are you anyway?" she asked.
"I'm Luna advisor to the Queen of the moon. Well I was. It is my duty to find the Sailor Scouts and the Princess of the Moon before evil takes over Earth." she explained looking Kiki in the eye.
"Sailor Scouts?" Kiki questioned.
"Yes. They're a group of warriors. Female warriors who are to protect the princess. You are their leader, Sailor Moon."
"Me a leader?" Kiki asked still shocked.
"Yes. Now we nmust be going if only I could..." she stopped mid sentence and bit Alan.

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 5:44 PM
When Luna, Sailor Moon, the monk, and whomever else arrived, the first thing they'd see is two familiar shadows amongst the flames. Vincent and Vincent were about to face off in a sword duel. Both had air skates, but their clothes made the light Vincent and the dark Vincent easily distinguishable. The dark one wore blood red.

"I should have killed you when I had the chance, brother! I won't make that mistake again!" the light Vincent declared.

"Heh. You kill me? More like the other way around if you don't put that sword down, brother. You don't even know how to use it!" the dark Vincent countered.

"Care to bet on that?"

April 15th, 2006, 5:49 PM
"You can recognise me?" Kiki asked her shocked look still present. Luna scratched Alan's hand.
"Put me down! Whatever's going on with you is your own fault. Sailor Moon is my only concern for the moment." she hissed angrily. She was angry to be treated by people this way. /It was never this hard in Tokyo./ she thought. Kiki sighed looking at the blue skirt and then turned to the angry thrashing Luna.
"Who are you anyway?" she asked.
"I'm Luna advisor to the Queen of the moon. Well I was. It is my duty to find the Sailor Scouts and the Princess of the Moon before evil takes over Earth." she explained looking Kiki in the eye.
"Sailor Scouts?" Kiki questioned.
"Yes. They're a group of warriors. Female warriors who are to protect the princess. You are their leader, Sailor Moon."
"Me a leader?" Kiki asked still shocked.
"Yes. Now we nmust be going if only I could..." she stopped mid sentence and bit Alan.

"F*CK!" Alan shouts and grabs his hand dropping Luna, "F**king Cat!" He grabs her by the tail and tosses her in the air, "This is what you get for biting me!" He waits till she hits the ground and slams his foot on her tail.

Alan turns to Kiki, "If you are the leader of a bunch of girls in uniforms like your's then what the F*ck am I!?"

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 5:54 PM
((Since all great battles have music to them in the anime, I thought I'd make this RP no different. For the Vincent versus Vincent battle, here (http://youtube.com/watch?search=yugioh&v=8aDgAJ0c28g) is the music that would play if this were anime. Ignore the movie part of it at your leisure. Also, I want to deal the final blow to this dark version of my character.))

Both Vincents raised their swords cautiously, both judging where the other's weak spots were, how to strike first, et cetera.

This day I shall regain my honor, the light Vincent thought.

"Death to all who oppose me!!" yelled the dark Vincent, slashing forward at the light Vincent.

Blocking the attack, the light Vincent countered with a lunge, trying to end this in one blow.

No dice. The dark Vincent spun out of the way, and the two Vincents faced one another again, swords crossed like in duels of old.

I might not be able to kill him on my own. I need help, the light Vincent thought.

April 15th, 2006, 5:55 PM
"YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW!" Kiki screams back. Luna shreiked and then tended to her tail.
"THERE'S NO NEED TO CURB-STOMP MY TAIL YOU BRUTE!" she cried. Luna regained her compusuer and turned to Alan, "As much as I hate you at the moment it appears you outfit is similiar to Kiki's is it not? Prehaps then, there was a mistake in the reincarnation. Prehaps a piece of the old Sailor Moon got into you as well as her. However I doubt someone such as yourself was made to be a heroine....seeing as you're obnoxious and male." she explained adding the last part a bit sarcastically as though to insult him. Kiki giggled getting the joke.

((And off my computer goes just like clockwork. See you guys tomorrow I've got net restrictions.))

April 15th, 2006, 5:58 PM
'STOP HURTING THAT CAT!' Cibera yelled as she tried to stop Alan from hurting her anymore. Cibera picked up Luna, the cat, and tried to restrain her from trying to hurt Alan anymore. She then looked at Alan and stood surprised at what he had said. 'Ahem.' was all that Cibera had said and just thought, 'Wow. Bad language that these people use when they are older...'

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 6:02 PM
((Would the whole lot of you, or at least Luna, Sailor Moon, and the monk, get to the ruins now, please?! This battle can't last forever, and my light character's as good as dead without someone there to aid him!))

"You do know how to use a sword, then," the dark Vincent smirked. "Good. You haven't really been a threat to me before, but now that you can wield a sword...."

"I can kill you!" the light Vincent finished his brother's sentence.

Another short round of swordplay passed, without any notable result.

Where the hell is that girl?! True friends don't leave their friends alone to fight! I need someone's help, and now! Why not her?! She's the only friend I have right now!!

April 15th, 2006, 6:05 PM
"YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW!" Kiki screams back. Luna shreiked and then tended to her tail.
"THERE'S NO NEED TO CURB-STOMP MY TAIL YOU BRUTE!" she cried. Luna regained her compusuer and turned to Alan, "As much as I hate you at the moment it appears you outfit is similiar to Kiki's is it not? Prehaps then, there was a mistake in the reincarnation. Prehaps a piece of the old Sailor Moon got into you as well as her. However I doubt someone such as yourself was made to be a heroine....seeing as you're obnoxious and male." she explained adding the last part a bit sarcastically as though to insult him. Kiki giggled getting the joke.

((And off my computer goes just like clockwork. See you guys tomorrow I've got net restrictions.))

Alan makes a face, "I'm just as good as any girl!" he says grabbing his staff, "It's just.... It's all so sudden, first my home is distroyed now this... I'm not sure I'm saposed to end up like this.." He looks at Luna, "sorry about hurting you... but, I don't appreciate being bitten." he hands her a small mushroom, "This will get rid of any bruse."

He looks at Kiki, "I'm afraid that we're in this together, wheather we like it or not..."


((I'll bring Alan over!))

Alan turns to the ruins, "I'd better go help Vincent, I owe him that much." he runs off in that derection making as good time as he can, I hope he hasn't been defeated yet.

Waker of Chaos
April 15th, 2006, 6:11 PM
((Okay, so my character dies at the hands of his evil brother. That's just great. So much for Sailor Pluto. A person would think that people would make just one more post before leaving, so I can at least post the real battle. Oh, and about that music video. It was flagged for adult content, but I've watched it carefully, and there is none.

As you can probably tell, I'm not very good at waiting. Sorry.))

"You're all alone, with no one to help you. You don't stand a chance," the dark Vincent said, laughing.

"That doesn't change the fact that I must kill you," the light Vincent replied.

Another round of swordplay, and again with no notable result. They weren't even getting tired.

Kiki, where are you?! I need your help! the light Vincent thought desperately. He noticed the monk coming over, but he was alone. Not enough power there to defeat the evil Vincent.

April 16th, 2006, 4:18 PM
Luna turned to Kiki not taking the mushroom.
"Sailor Moon go! You need to help Vincent!" Luna commanded knowing she couldn't do anything while constantly being held and not wanting to bite Chibera.
"But how?" Kiki asked ready to run.
"If you need to just throw your Tiara and say, 'moon tiara action.'" she instructed. Kiki nodded heading off in the direction of the monestary. She arrived about a minute later and gave a shout.
"Hey!" she called an angry look in her eye, "Burning down a sacred place? How unforgivable!"

((No my net just shuts off. I have no control.))

April 16th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Cibera then just decided to put down Luna for she seemed to want to leave and that Alan wasn't going to hurt her anymore. So she placed her down gently onto the ground. "Well off you go Luna. Tell everyone, 'Come back safely'. Okay? Good luck..." Cibera told Luna as she walked back inside.
'Come back safe....'

April 16th, 2006, 5:49 PM
Luna looked oddly at Chibera.
"Her personality...could she be...no! That's Diana's department. After All what would she be doing here in the present." she said to herself before bounding off after Kiki. She arrived just as Kiki finished speaking. Kiki looked down.
"Ah! Luna!" Kiki said. She smiled then turned back to the fight waiting for someone to ask who she was.

Waker of Chaos
April 16th, 2006, 11:07 PM
((I'm starting to hate this site. I keep trying to post something, and it won't let me!

Anyway, sorry about that, kokobean22. I didn't know that.

Start music at this point.))

Vincent and Vincent were standing, facing one another, with two swords each now rather than just one.

"You can't defeat me! You're all alone!" the dark Vincent said, smirking. Behind the dark Vincent, the light Vincent noticed Kiki and the talking cat were there, causing the light Vincent's heart to melt for the first time in an eternity of shadow.

She's here....that costume doesn't fool me....Kiki....you came to help me.....I will never doubt you again.....

"Brother!" the light Vincent declared. "I won't allow you to cause any more harm to this world!"

"And why not?" the dark Vincent asked, amused. "You said it yourself. This world is nothing but treacherous and sinister! It deserves to be destroyed!"

"I was wrong," the light Vincent said. He skated up to one of two highest peaks of the ruin. It was originally one, but the heat caused it to split. The distance between the two was now much farther than a human could jump without aid.

The dark Vincent growled and ran up to the other highest peak. The two of them now stood against one another, like they were destined to be.

"You're as good as dead!" the dark Vincent yelled. "I'll destroy you just like I did this place!"

"I think not!" the light Vincent replied. "This day I shall avenge my father--whom you killed!"

"You? Avenge our father? Give me a break!" the dark Vincent laughed. "I've already mastered the Ultimate Power! You can never defeat me!"

"You fail to realize just what the Ultimate Power truly is! Before I kill you, I'll show it to you!"

"You? Hold the Ultimate Power?! How can this be?!"

"It was her," the light Vincent said, indicating Kiki. "She showed me that this world still has hope. She showed me the Light of Friendship. She cared for me when no one else would."

"You sound lovesick."

"Do I? Well....maybe I am. But I will promise you this, brother. Before our destined battle is over, I'll prove to you that the Ultimate Power is what she allows me to wield!"

Both Vincent jumped from their peaks and skated or ran down the walls, slashing at one another as they went. Kiki and Luna felt every swordstroke as one would feel every note in a grand melody. Both Vincents wielded their swords as a conductor would his baton. Sparks flew from every clash.

Landing safely, their battle continued, and just when the dark Vincent was about to deliver the final blow, the light Vincent's sword began to glow white!

With a voice like lightning and determination like mythril, the light Vincent cried out with every last bit of strength he had left!


Vincent swung his sword into his evil brother's sword, shattering it!! The sword continued to literally sing through the air, ending the battle!

The dark Vincent, fallen and defeated, fell in pieces onto the ground.

Vincent's back was to Kiki at the moment. "It is finished. After an eternity of darkness, I could finally overcome my evil brother and end him." He sank to his knees, dropping his swords. "My father has been avenged....my destiny has been completed...." Vincent stood shakily and turned around to face Kiki. His eyes were shining with tears.

"And I have you to thank....so thank you, Kiki.....without you being here, I would not have been able to wield the Ultimate Power....I doubt I'd be able to wield it like that again....but better alive for my friends than dead at all...."

Vincent leaned forward towards Kiki and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you for being here.....when no one else would look twice....."

April 17th, 2006, 4:16 PM
Kiki blushed. Her scout outfit faded into her normal clothes as she forgot what she was doing out of embarrasment.
"I...That is I....Um...Okay." she stuttered. She was speechless. Luna pawed herself in the face.
"Kiki you really must gain better control of your powers. Your outfit!" she said. Kiki looked at her outfit noticing she had changed back. She turned to Luna.
"What does it matter? He knew who I was anyway." Kiki replied still blushing.

Waker of Chaos
April 17th, 2006, 6:11 PM
Vincent was also blushing. "That's the first time I ever kissed another living being. Therefore, you must be something special. Our meeting was no coincidence. In fact," Vincent looked down at Luna, "I think you can explain that. I knew you could talk since the first time I saw you, yet you don't cause trouble.

Answer me this, cat. What are you doing here? And don't leave any details out. You gave Kiki that Sailor Moon outfit, and that implies that the original Sailor Moon died and was reincarnated as Kiki. You seem to know me as well as you know Kiki, and that implies that I am another reincarnated Sailor Scout."

It was very clear that Vincent wasn't going to let Luna go anywhere until she explained everything.

April 17th, 2006, 6:14 PM
Alan stood amonge the ruins of the Monistery, "It's gone... its all gone...." he falls to his knees dropping everything, even his uniform disapeared, "Gone.... its.... just gone..." he feels the tears rolling down his cheeks, "I'm never gonna see them again," he slams his fist on the floor, "Dam* them, Dam* them for doing this. Dam* everything that's evil!" He closes his eyes, "I don't have a home now... what am I going to do...?" he turns to Luna, "Is there any way that I can avenge the burning of the monestary. MY monistary!, my home!" He takes her in his arms, "Tell me there's some way... tell me that I have some purpose.... other then jsut being an intrement..."

He looks her deep in the eyes, "Or am I simply a warrior... without any other purpose...?"
He kisses her on the forhead, "I'll do as you ask... If you'll just tell me this.... What am I sapossed to do now?" He looks away from her looking at the ashes of his home, "What am I to do with no home..?"


Waker of Chaos
April 17th, 2006, 6:23 PM
"Let the cat go. She has some explaining to do for both of us, and she can't do that while you're holding her like that. And you should be thankful that your life wasn't taken instead of your home!" Vincent said fiercely.

Vincent glared at Luna. "Start talking, cat. Why did you come to seek us?"

April 17th, 2006, 6:33 PM
"Let the cat go. She has some explaining to do for both of us, and she can't do that while you're holding her like that. And you should be thankful that your life wasn't taken instead of your home!" Vincent said fiercely.

Vincent glared at Luna. "Start talking, cat. Why did you come to seek us?"

Alan glares at Vincent, "Better to loose my home!" Do you have any idea what I have just gone threw!?" He places Luna in his lap and lifts his staff, "I lived with over fourty people, most of them the kindest women in the world! I have lost them all! I have no other family then them! Am I saposed to feel happy about that!?"

he points his staff to Vincent, "I vow this day, that you will regret thoes words!" Alan smiles, "Nothing you say now will make me forgive you for saying that! And I am no monk... so I have no obligation to forgive!"


Waker of Chaos
April 17th, 2006, 6:46 PM
"Nothing can defeat Chaos, first of all," Vincent said, reffering to himself as the chaos. "Let alone what little power you possess. You'll never stand a chance against me in battle, so if I were you, I'd save that vengenful ambition of yours for those who destroyed your home.

That, in fact, was the reason behind my earlier statement, since ghosts cannot take revenge against anything, not even a single stone. I never said that you had to feel happy about it. Happiness and gratitude are very different things. And since more than just my home was destroyed all those years ago, one would think that I know what I'm talking about."

Vincent turned so fierce a glare into the former monk's eyes, the guy's heart felt as if it stopped. "I would suggest you lower your staff before I shatter it. I've explained myself, whether you like it or not. I don't give a dam* if you forgive me or not."

April 17th, 2006, 6:57 PM
"Nothing can defeat Chaos, first of all," Vincent said, reffering to himself as the chaos. "Let alone what little power you possess. You'll never stand a chance against me in battle, so if I were you, I'd save that vengenful ambition of yours for those who destroyed your home.

That, in fact, was the reason behind my earlier statement, since ghosts cannot take revenge against anything, not even a single stone. I never said that you had to feel happy about it. Happiness and gratitude are very different things. And since more than just my home was destroyed all those years ago, one would think that I know what I'm talking about."

Vincent turned so fierce a glare into the former monk's eyes, the guy's heart felt as if it stopped. "I would suggest you lower your staff before I shatter it. I've explained myself, whether you like it or not. I don't give a dam* if you forgive me or not."

"There is no way you can brake this staff, and I'm not the one that has the power.. they are." He turns to the trees, Hundreds opon hundreds of Demons stood on the tops of the trees. "They have more power then any of us, and I controle them..."

Why did you say that? his inner voice asked him as the Demons jumped from the trees and attacked him, "*rap!" He yelled holding his staff before him, "Protect me St. Michael!" he cries closing his eyes. His staff glows as it always did when he called on the guardion of the monistary. "God be prased..." he says with a sigh, "Now I just need to fight them all off... and protect Luna as i'm doing so..."

He glares at the demons, "give me a reason not to send you back to you're master!"


Waker of Chaos
April 17th, 2006, 7:13 PM
"If you can show me a demon that has more power than me, I'll show you a guy who wears black all the time," Vincent said cooly. Clearly he was confident enough in his power to overcome any demon.

"Start talking, cat. Why have you sought us? What brings you here?" As Vincent spoke, he drew both swords again in case he had to fight the demons.

Vincent looked around, mentally mapping his surroundings. In case he had to fight, he'd attempt to finish it in a single stroke.

April 18th, 2006, 4:25 PM
"Alright already!" Luna yelled, "I'll start at the beginning..." she bagan a story. Kiki sat down to listen.
Long ago there was a kingdom on the moon. It was destroyed by a wicked Queen and so the Queen of this kingdom sent the children of the moon to Earth. She also sent me, and Artimis, her faithful advisors as well to seek out the Princess and her protectors. I found the first four in Tokyo and an allie named Tuxedo mask who'd frequently encourage the leader, Sailro Moon. Artimis found Venus in England. We all got together and fought and searched for the princess who we didn't know was Sailor Moon. After we found out there was much we had to do. Eventually we rebuilt the moon kingdom with the help of Sailor Neptune and Uranus who refused to travel with us. Pluto and Saturn had passed away by then. Suddenly a greater Evil appeared and everyone but me, Artimis, and our daughter Diane was killed. All was not lost though as Sailor moon told us they would find new protectors and a new princess as her daughter Rini had dies in the battle as well. And so we went back to Earth following our senses to find the 10 new scouts and the new Tuxedo Mask before evil could begin what had happened years ago...
"So you see I have been searching for them here in Osaka. Artimis headed for the U.S, and Diana to the future. Kiki is Sailor Moon. That much I knew. However you two are harder to discover. It is only in times of great peril where the sign is revealed and I can be sure. I can however, assume." she turned to Vincent, "You remind me of Pluto." she did a backflip Pluto's old transformation pen falling to the ground.
"Take that you may need it. As you you," she said turning to Alan, "You're also Sailor Moon. I must say that's a bit odd. Anyway, if what I'm assuming is correct you should recieve items identical to Kiki's when she gets them to keep an eye out."

Waker of Chaos
April 18th, 2006, 6:45 PM
Vincent sat down as he listened. "Pluto, eh? Figures. I've always been so cold to everyone, and Pluto's the farthest planet away.....an outcast, cold and merciless." He looked down, taking the pen.

"My past returns to haunt me, I see.....Luna, was it? How do I activate this pen's hidden powers?"

So she does bring fortune. A grand adventure. Perhaps I still have a destiny to fulfill after all....

April 19th, 2006, 4:13 PM
"That part's easy," Luna explained, "Just hold it in the air and say 'Pluto Planet Power Makeup.'...My your's is a bit of a tongue twister." she laughed a bit.
"Oh. I may want to mention I'm not sure how your outfit will turn out. Considering the past scouts were all female and wore skirts. Short skirts." she said nervously. Kiki giggled imaging a guy in a skirt.
((Hey is Tuxedo Mask Taken? I'm thinking I want to Play him.))

Waker of Chaos
April 19th, 2006, 6:18 PM
"Hm. I don't suppose that the ghost of the original Sailor Pluto would bother coming over to tell me anything. And isn't there some way for me to change the password on this pen? Guys don't wear makeup!" Vincent said.

((Let me worry about my character's Sailor Pluto uniform.))

April 19th, 2006, 7:08 PM
OOC: I'm very sorry to say this, but I'll probably have to quit this RPG. This RPG is moving WAY too fast for me, and I don't think I'd be able to get anywhere in it without getting confused or having to read 2 pages of posts. Sorry it didn't work out...

April 19th, 2006, 7:38 PM
Alan sighs, "Well I already know my suit, maybe Vincent's isn't much different." Alan picks up Luna again and hugs her, "Hey um.... Kiki..." He blushes slightly, "Do you think your mom would mind if I stayed at your house?"

He strokes Luna, and smiles, "Or do you think I sould sleep outside?" He kisses Luna lightly on the head, petting her from head, to tip of tail.


Waker of Chaos
April 19th, 2006, 8:02 PM
Vincent shrugged. "I guess we'll find out whenever I decide that I need to use this." He pocketed the Pluto Pen and stood up.

"Alan, was it? You slept in a bed here, right? If Kiki's mom can make the room, or if there is already room, I see no reason why you shouldn't be spared a bed. However, it's not exactly my call to make. Luna, can I see you alone for a moment?"

April 19th, 2006, 8:08 PM
Alan blinks and lets go of Luna, "You sure, I mean I only slept here becuase noone wanted me, are you sure that she'll want me..." he gestures to Kiki, then blushes, "I mean...."

He turns away from both Kiki and Vincent, "i mean... kiki's mom.. do you think she'll accept me....?" He fells his face go hot, " you know... Kiki will have a full enough... I mean Kiki's mom will have a full enough house what with you and all...."


Waker of Chaos
April 19th, 2006, 8:15 PM
"You have a crush on Kiki, I see," Vincent said quietly, so only Alan and Luna could hear. "Luckily for you, I don't mind sharing. However, if you don't mind sharing, then remember that I saw her first, and she's the one who restored my hope, and therefore saved my life. She's done very little for you except kindness alone, unless the two of you have some history together that I don't know about. I find that doubtful, though."

Vincent raised his voice back to normal. "Anyway, Kiki's mother seems nice enough. If she can't make room, you can have the couch that was offered to me, and I'll sleep on the roof. I'm more used to sleeping outside than you are, and I can serve as a guard."

April 19th, 2006, 8:28 PM
Alan smiles slightly, "Know what Vincent, I think we'll be really good friends." He stands up holding Luna in his arms, "I'll say this though..." He leans forward close to Vincent's ear, "I wouldn't mind sharing you eather..." He places a hand on Vincent's shoulder, "Unless... you don't want to try..."

((Mwahahahaha, big twist from me! I'm gonna flirt with everyone, so don't think i'm inlove with you Waker. and don't be too grossed out. I may even kiss everyone.. I've already kissed Luna))

Waker of Chaos
April 19th, 2006, 8:38 PM
((After the things I've gone through in my lifetime, your character's flirting is like pound cake.))

Vincent smiled slyly. "I guess you'll have to wait and see, now, won't you?"

Interesting. A male monk is flirting with me? I wonder how far he'll go....I'm into girls like that, but I've always been willing to try new things. If things come to that, I'd probably end up doing it if Kiki requested it.

Vincent looked over at Kiki. "Your mother wouldn't mind if you had Alan sleep inside and me sleep on the roof, would she?"

April 20th, 2006, 3:20 PM
"I'm sure Okka-chan wouldn't mind if you both slept inside. We can't make up a bed but we can put the mattress for the guest bed in the guest room and give one of you some blankets if that's alright." Kiki said with a smile. Luna by now had given up on struggling her way out of Alan's arms.
"Oh but Mom won't like it if I don't get home. SHe'll be worried sick!" Kiki said. And so she ran off towards home getting there not too long after.
"Kikichan where have you been?" her mother asked. Kiki bowed.
"Gomen. I'm sorry mom. I was out. By the way could we set up the matress in the guest bedroom without the frame for another aquaintence? He lost his home to a fire and needs a place to stay."
"I guess. You sure he won't mind not having the bed frame?"
"Pretty sure. That way Vincent-sama could have the couch as well."
"Alright." Kiki smiled and headed to her room. Her matress was on a trundle bed. She sat down tired.

((That's okay Ninetails. ^.^ I'll play extra Charries as soon as I set up ther profiles.))

Waker of Chaos
April 20th, 2006, 7:39 PM
Vincent had followed Kiki home, of course. He noticed that she was tired, and so went into her room. "You must be pretty tired after today's events....here...." As a gesture of kindness, he started to rub her shoulders a bit to help relax her.

"I owe you my life, Kiki...." he said softly. He was surprised at his own shyness, but decided that it was normal to be shy around a girl he really liked. "I'm grateful to you....I have never met anyone so kind....thank you...."

He continued to rub her shoulders like that until she said to stop.

April 21st, 2006, 4:20 PM
Kiki pushed Vincents hands off after a short while. It felt good but she was fine.
"Just doing my job!" Kiki said with a smile. She was glad she could help out and that she knew what she was suppossed to do.

Meanwhile in town,
Haru sat up in bed his head hurting a bit. He turned to stare out the window into the horizon where the sun had almost finished setting. He had needed a nap and the headache had just woken him up.

((Last post front page for Haru's Profile.))

April 21st, 2006, 6:08 PM
Alan sighs, seeing Vincent and Kiki together in her room, "So Luna.... you doing anything tonight" he asks placing her on his shoulder. "Any thing interesting?"

Waker of Chaos
April 21st, 2006, 7:04 PM
Vincent smiled back. "I'm just glad that I get to help." He chuckled. "Hopefully, I won't have to wear a short skirt while doing so...."

Vincent stood up and pulled what looked like a black, shiny potato from his pocket. "This is probably my only possession that I didn't make....it's an ocarina. My father told me before he died that should I ever find an ocarina, I should keep it safe, and learn every tune possible that I could play on it...." He sat down next to Kiki. "I wonder.....perhaps this ocarina and my new Pluto powers can work together? If that's so, then my father must have known my destiny...."

Vincent stared at the ocarina. He could just make out a dark purple symbol on it. He wouldn't know this until later, but it was the symbol of Sailor Pluto. If Luna looked, she'd recognize the symbol instantly.

"So far, I've learned a few tunes that you wouldn't normally find in a music store or expect to hear from an orchestra....want to hear one?"

April 23rd, 2006, 4:24 PM
"Sure," Kiki said, "But just one. It's getting late." she said.

Luna looked at Alan with a, 'you can't be serious' face.
"Not really. I do have to contact base and figure out what I should do and any possible places of the other scouts but I don't want to until everyone else is asleep." she said keeping the same expression.

Waker of Chaos
April 23rd, 2006, 5:02 PM
Vincent nodded and started to play a very soothing, very hypnotic melody. He figured that he'd play something relaxing, given the time of night. He discreetly watched to see if it caused Kiki to get sleepy at all. His eyes appeared to be closed as he did this.

I wonder if this melody has any magical properties to it. If it does, then Kiki would be totally entranced by it. If not, it'll just put her to sleep, or at least make her much more relaxed than she was when I started to play. Fortunately, I'm not the type of guy who does this for control. However, if we ended up facing a powerful enemy, and this melody does put people in a trance, then perhaps I could use that to our advantage against such an enemy....

((As you may or may not be able to tell, I happen to find hypnosis fascinating. By the way, kokobean22, the choice lies with you whether this melody hypnotizes Kiki or not. I just thought I'd present a possible edge in battle through accidental discovery.))

April 23rd, 2006, 5:06 PM
Luna looked at Alan with a, 'you can't be serious' face.
"Not really. I do have to contact base and figure out what I should do and any possible places of the other scouts but I don't want to until everyone else is asleep." she said keeping the same expression.

Alan smiles at her, "You wouldn't mind if I went with you would you? I mean I would like to understand what exacltly it is that you do... you know, in case you need someone else to do it." He runs his hand over her back, it made him feel better as he petted her.


April 23rd, 2006, 5:55 PM
"I don't see why not. You could gain some valuable information. However you cannot be there when I say my password. It has to stay a secret." Luna said purring a bit happy to be petted.

Kiki smiled happy with the meoldy. It was beautiful and yet, something in the back of her mind seemed to come up. The doors seemed to shut and lock for a moment but then were unlocked by another item in her mind.

"What's going on?" a female voice asked over an intercom. A girl who looked like Kiki wearing a suit answered.
"Hypnotism. Don't worry though the new open door gave a manual override." she answered.
"Oh. Thanks Intellegence." the intercom replied. The two people had similiar voices, "By the way, who is the new girl? I never even knew that door was there."
"She's been here all along. There's just no secret passege to her room. And she's never been able to come to the meetings." Intellegence answered, "I havn't seen her either."
"Well she must be strong. She held past the hypnotism."
"I guess." Intellegence answered. The other voice ended and Intel got back to her computer watching the screen.

((The last segment is a peek into Kiki's Mind. A set of hallways with several rooms. Open doors create emotion and such depending on who lives in the room. Doors are opened automatically and cannot be opened from the inside.))

Waker of Chaos
April 23rd, 2006, 6:08 PM
So she was put into a trance. I wonder if I should.... No. I'll just explore a little bit.

Vincent had finished playing once Kiki was in a very deep trance. He then asked her, "Kiki, tell me all about yourself. The only thing you should leave out is what you absolutely must keep secret from anyone, even a fellow Sailor Scout. With each sentence spoken, you'll feel more and more relaxed. The more relaxed you feel, the more you'll be willing to tell me."

He just wanted to get to know her better. He hoped that she'd fall in love with him, especially since he was already falling for her. Then again, it's pretty easy to fall in love with a girl who's like her, isn't it.

April 23rd, 2006, 6:14 PM
"I don't see why not. You could gain some valuable information. However you cannot be there when I say my password. It has to stay a secret." Luna said purring a bit happy to be petted.

Alan nods, "I won't look, I promise." he studies the moon on her head, "That's very pretty.."

He runs his fingers across it, "feels funny though, leaves my fingers feeling funny..." he sighs, "Well I guess its a way to protect you, no?" he runs his fingers down her tail.


April 24th, 2006, 4:25 PM
"Somewhat more or less." Luna said shrugging, "It's more of a sensory device. It reacts to Scouts and other important things. Like a sixth sense." she explained.

{Kiki's Mind!}
The doors closed one by one. Even the orange door to Intellegences room locked.
"Crap." Intellegence said monitoring the screen. "It's too strong."
"Hey Intel! What's the deal!" said the intercom again.
"The new door can't handle the strength. She's shutting down. All bu tthe secret files." Intel answered.
One door was keeping itself open. It was red with a cresant moon on it.
"C'mon! C'mon!" said a girl inside. She had long blonde hair in on****s flowing into pigtails and wore the sailor scout uniform in Sailor Moon's colors. Her and another girl were focusing on keeping the door open. She looked like Kiki when Kiki transformed.
"Usagi it's no use. It's going to close!" said the other girl and she was right. The door slammed shut.
{Now leaving Kiki's Mind...}

Kiki said her pupils enlarged to show a trance like state.
"My Father died in a plane crash last year; I have dreams that are quite elaborate; I lived in the US from when I was three to when I was five; I have a 95 grade point average; I once dreamt of a music box shaped like a star; I once..." she continued spilling out a few random pieces of information here and there. There were three things she kept hidden though.

Waker of Chaos
April 24th, 2006, 6:12 PM
Vincent could tell that she was hiding something, but thought it best not to press her. He listened intently to her, hanging onto every word. Once Kiki had finished, Vincent replied, "Well, you've had a most interesting life. One much like my own, in fact. Now, I'm sure you've noticed the doors in your mind...." He lowered his voice to a whisper, "One of which you and the original Sailor Moon were trying to keep open. Allow this door to open, if that is what you wish. I'm not going to force you to do anything." The door that, inside Kiki's mind, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon (Kiki and Usagi) were trying to keep open opened on its own, unlocked.

"Now, I have one more question for you, and you must answer it completely and truthfully," Vincent said. "What are your intentions toward me?"

April 25th, 2006, 4:17 PM
"I think you'll be an awesome friend Vincent." Kiki said.

{Another trip inside the mind!}
The door opened.
"Wow Usagichan you're good." the other girl said.
"It wasn't me Sailor Moon. The hypnotism let up." Usagi replied sitting down on one of the two beds in the room.
"Don't fall asleep! We have to go to the conference tonight!" Sailor Moon Kiki replied.
"Ya ya! Just a nap. Intel will call us."
"Should you really call her that? You don't know her very well." Usagi just shrugged laying down.

April 25th, 2006, 5:09 PM
"Somewhat more or less." Luna said shrugging, "It's more of a sensory device. It reacts to Scouts and other important things. Like a sixth sense." she explained.

Alan smiles and looks to the clock, it was getting late. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing, "There's something outside..." he whispered almost dropping Luna as he stood up, "Its strong.... and evil."

He runs to Kiki's room, where he knew that her and Vincent would be, the whole time hanging onto Luna. He reaches her room, "Kiki, Vincent... there's something outside..."


April 25th, 2006, 5:41 PM
Kiki sat still in a trance.
"Kiki snap out of it!" Luna said jumping onto Kiki's bed and scratching her arm. It bled slightly but it worked.
"Ow! Lunachan!" Kiki whined tears beginnign to fill her eyes.
"Not now! There's something outside!" Luna exclaimed looking at her seriously.
"Good. Then lets leave it outside and not worry about it." Kiki said shrugging a fearful look on her face.
"But you're a sailor scout! It's your duty to investigate."
"Fine." Kiki left her room and went to open the door and check outside.
"Kiki chan you're not going out are you? It's dark out!" her mom said looking in from the living room where the TV was sitting on the floor in her mothers desperate attempt to get to watch it.

April 25th, 2006, 5:53 PM
Alan jumped up before Kiki could answer, "I'm gonna show her how to bless herself properly before we enter a house!" he says blushing slightly, Nice one... that was stupid to say... He thought to himself. "Don't worry I'll be with her, its not that dark outside anyway." He lied, it was pitch dark.

Waker of Chaos
April 25th, 2006, 6:53 PM
Vincent cast a warning glare at Luna. "Don't do that again." He then cast the same glare towards Alan. "Same goes for you. And don't lie; it's pitch-black outside!"

Vincent's glare moved towards where the evil was coming from. He could also feel it. "I think I'll handle this one alone."

Vincent stood up and walked outside, making sure he had his sword from earlier and his Pluto Transformation Pen. He hoped only that he wouldn't have to use them.

"I know something's here! Show yourself!"

April 25th, 2006, 7:13 PM
"Don't you be calling me a lier!" Alan says pushing Vincent away from the door, and whispering into his ear, "You wont' get anything that way... not even from kiki... and I know you would like something..." He runs his hands over Vincent's shoulder. "Now lets get this evil out!" He places his staff across his chest, "In the name of St. Micheal, Show yourself..." A strong wind began to blow as he said thiese words. "Here it comes.." he says opening his eyes.


Waker of Chaos
April 25th, 2006, 7:19 PM
Vincent drew his sword and held it ready towards wherever the evil was to appear.

This is my chance to prove my worth. I won't allow anyone to help me, nor will I allow anyone to defeat me!

Something about the way Vincent was acting tipped Alan off about what Vincent was thinking. Vincent's glare turned incredibly fierce.

"Let's see you defeat me, Youma!"

April 25th, 2006, 7:28 PM
"Do it yourself then Vincent..." Alan whispers into his ear, "Just take my blessing as you do so..." He lightly licks Vincent's right ear, "You'll be protected by everything that I can summen... but you won't notice it..." He smiles and kisses the place were he licked, "Good luck."


Waker of Chaos
April 25th, 2006, 7:34 PM
Vincent didn't react, except to indicate a bit of thankfulness towards Alan.

He waited for the youma to make itself known, no matter where. He made sure his Pluto Pen was in one hand, but secretly, so that he could surprise the youma.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are...." Vincent sang tauntingly. "I'm waaaaiitiiiiinng...."

April 25th, 2006, 7:43 PM
Alan closes his eyes, "Show yourself NOW!" In a blast of light the evil one revieled himself, "Go get him Vincent!"

((that was dam* short I know...))

Waker of Chaos
April 25th, 2006, 7:57 PM
Vincent glared at the youma, striking fear into it. "Let's see how well a youma can deal with the power of chaos. Pluto Power Make Up!"

Vincent transformed, his new clothes armor-like and dark. He looked a lot like a demonic warrior that brought out a light of hope. Rather than a short skirt, he wore black armored pants, so Luna won't have anything to worry about there. Instead of the staff the original Sailor Pluto held, Vincent's sword also transformed, becoming a dual sword with its hilt in the middle. His skates were almost the same, but looked more like boots now.

"No youma can stand against me! Oblivion be unto you!!" Sailor Pluto yelled. He lunged forward and slashed through the youma! "PLUTO CHAOS BLADE!!!"

The youma, given no chance to react, shattered into oblivion, utterly wiped out.

"I will allow no evil to get past me!"

((By "dual sword," I mean the same type of blade Darth Maul (Star Wars) and Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) use.))

April 25th, 2006, 8:14 PM
((I love that sword!))

Alan watches as Vincent fights, "Protect him Angel warriors..." he whispers praying for the arch angles. "Enjoying this Kiki? Luna?" He asks looking over his shoulder.

Waker of Chaos
April 25th, 2006, 8:32 PM
Sailor Pluto looked over at Luna. "Now, would you please explain to me how to change the dam*ed password?! Guys don't wear make up!" He walked over to them, holding his sword at his side.

"Well, kitty? How do I do it? Or must you change it?"

Pluto Power Make Up, eh? I really hope that we can change the passwords for the guys, or at least just me. I, for one, don't want to be using make up to transform into this chaotic warrior I now am.

As for Kiki, I'll have to entrance her once more. I have a little more exploring to do.

((So do I. That's why I used it. With a new reincarnation of Sailor Soldiers, it would make sense that their powers aren't identical to the originals.))

April 26th, 2006, 4:07 PM
"Well you could try Pluto Planet Power. It works just as well but tends to act differently on the costume." Luna explained to Vince. Kiki who had managed to get outside smiled.
"That was cool!" she said extatically throwing her arms in the air. She quickly pulled the one down though that Luna had scratched. Luna looked up at her.
"Sorry dear. 'twas the only way." she shrugged smiling sorrily. She looked at the moon, "Kiki you best be getting to bed. And Vincent,.....I'd advise you stay away from Kiki and let her rest." she glared. She was a bit angry with his previous actions. Kiki nodded heading back inside. She went into her room and locked the door going to sleep. Luna watched her leave then headed down the street.
"Coming Alan? Or did you change your mind?"

Waker of Chaos
April 26th, 2006, 4:40 PM
In an instant, Luna found herself staring at the point of Sailor Pluto's blade. "And who are you, feline, to even try to control me?! I allow no one, no one to even try to control me! The last person who tried it now resides in hell, so unless you want to join her, I wouldn't be so quick to bark orders like a sorry dog!" Sailor Pluto changed back into Vincent, and he sheathed his sword after making his point crystal clear.

Whispering in Kiki's ear, he said, "We need a base of operations where no Youma can reach. Otherwise, we're sitting ducks." With that, Vincent stormed inside.

April 26th, 2006, 5:19 PM
"If you weren't necessary for the procedure taking place I'd take that transformation pen straight from you!" Luna exclaimed. SHe turned back in the direction she was headed and sat down.
"The queen's top advisor and I'm stuck watching over and directing a stubborn kid to help find and protect Princess Serenity's Reincarnate? Ha! This is Artimis work. But no! He gets to find Sailor V! It's not fair that some of the scouts are guys. The girls were much less violent. Even if Usagi was a little stubborn." She looked again at the moon and sighed shaking her head unable to say another word.

Waker of Chaos
April 26th, 2006, 6:23 PM
Vincent glared at Luna so hard, her fur almost turned white. "If you hate your job so much, why not just force your hand and have Artemis deal with me? It's not like I've endured worse than a dam*ed talking cat trying to boss me around!" Vincent pounded his fist against the wall, somehow causing Luna to lose her balance.

"The truth is....being controlled by an outside force....is my greatest fear....and I despise myself for it....for all the power I now possess....I still can't get over my own fear...."

Vincent remained standing there, still as stone, trying to hold back his tears. The last person who had tried to control him was his mother, who was truly a dark and sinister person....though she wasn't exactly up to Beryl's level, she came close.

April 26th, 2006, 8:56 PM
Alan only looked on as Vincent faught with the cat once more, "Do you have to do that everytime you see Luna?" he asks going over and picking her up, "I'm ready to go if you are Luna." he whispers into her ear.

Alan smiles to Vincent, "you'd better get yourself rested, don't want you going to the depts now do we...?"

Waker of Chaos
April 26th, 2006, 9:13 PM
"Reflect on your life, Alan. With the only exception of my dark twin burning your home and killing those you loved, your life was just fine. My life was one torture after another, impossible to imagine. Luna can't understand how I feel without experiencing my life first-hand, and that's impossible without letting whomever our enemy is win. Since that can't be allowed, she'll have to deal with me the way I am." Vincent turned away from the wall and walked off, sitting on the couch he was to sleep on. It was very clear that he hadn't gotten over his past at all. He was still haunted by his years of darkness.

After all that's happened....am I still myself? Or have I become a Youma? I may be violent, but that's because I have to be to survive. Without being so fierce....I would have died long ago....but no one understands that....no one, other than Kiki, truly cares.....so besides her.....I'm alone......aren't I?

Vincent looked away from everyone, hiding tears.

Who am I? What is my true purpose for being? Am I the embodiment of chaos, or its destroyer? Why was I chosen to be the reincarnation of Sailor Pluto?

Why is there so much that I do not understand....? Am I meant to be lost? Am I good or evil?

I may never know....

The reason why was unexplanable, but somehow, Luna could hear every last word of Vincent's thoughts.

April 27th, 2006, 5:27 PM
Luna looked at the house enraged. The then began to walk towards town not really caring if Alan was following or not. She had gotten two blocks over before she started ranting to herself.
"What does he know? I've been through as much as him if not more. How I'm able to keep my calm composure is beyond me though." she wasn't speaking to anyone really. She looked around and spotted a videogame arcade and nodded sitting down to wait for Alan.

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 5:33 PM
The worst part....is that I knew all along that I was the reincarnation of a Sailor Soldier....I remember every detail of the destruction of the Moon Kingdom....I was there....so I know precisely how powerful the Negaforce was at that time....and it could only have gotten stronger....and it's my own fault....

Vincent stood up and looked at Kiki. "Are you absolutely sure that I am to be your friend? Are you absolutely sure that you want to befriend someone who doesn't even know who he is anymore?"

April 27th, 2006, 5:37 PM
Kiki opened her door and looked out at Vincent with a smile hearing his question.
"Of course! For truthfully noone knows who they are but rather more, what they are. That and you seem nice to me!" she said brimming with another smile. She then yawned sleepily.
"G'night!" She called closing the door and locking it once more. The then went to sleep for the night.

April 27th, 2006, 5:48 PM
Luna looked at the house enraged. The then began to walk towards town not really caring if Alan was following or not. She had gotten two blocks over before she started ranting to herself.
"What does he know? I've been through as much as him if not more. How I'm able to keep my calm composure is beyond me though." she wasn't speaking to anyone really. She looked around and spotted a videogame arcade and nodded sitting down to wait for Alan.

Alan stops next to Luna placing his hands on his knees as he breathed hard, "You walk fast when you're.... angry..." he says looking down at her smiling, "So, where exactly are we goin?" He asks sitting down next to her to catch his breath, he could barely talk because of a sharp pain in his side that he had aquired by not breathing right as he ran.

April 27th, 2006, 5:55 PM
"Gomen Nasai! Sorry Alan." Luna said, "We're headed for that arcade. I was able to fix a machine the other night to work as a communicator. C'mon!" she bounded off the automatic doors opening as she walked up. Going inside she went to the fourth machine in the back.
"Luna number 0019. The Bunny makes ricecakes on the moon." she said to it. A colorful ball appeared on the screen.
"The moon ricecakes are sticky." a voice replied from the machine.
"When I boil them the puff up." that was the end of the password.

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 5:57 PM
Vincent stared at Kiki's door, touched.

Given that she is the Moon Princess reincarnated....she must mean what she says about me....I'll have to entrance her one more time. I must know what the original Sailor Moon thinks of me.

Vincent walked around the couch, then sat down. He hoped that sleep would come, but he didn't feel tired at all.

Kiki's the only one who truly cares about me. Everyone else either despises me or treats me like I'm my former incarnation. I'm not a girl, although I was in my previous life. In this life, I'm a boy with a heart as black as the night....and only Kiki is my light of hope....no one else cares. If they do care, though, they've yet to prove it.

"Kiki, I have to go and do something real quick," Vincent called to her door, hoping she'd hear. Vincent then left for the arcade.

Something's not right. Much like Alan, I know when something terrible is about to happen.

April 27th, 2006, 6:16 PM
"Gomen Nasai! Sorry Alan." Luna said, "We're headed for that arcade. I was able to fix a machine the other night to work as a communicator. C'mon!" she bounded off the automatic doors opening as she walked up. Going inside she went to the fourth machine in the back.
"Luna number 0019. The Bunny makes ricecakes on the moon." she said to it. A colorful ball appeared on the screen.
"The moon ricecakes are sticky." a voice replied from the machine.
"When I boil them the puff up." that was the end of the password.

Alan staired confused, "Ok..." he looked around, there was noone, and it seemed like the guy cleaning the floor was only paying attention the the puddle of puke he was talking to...

"What did he eat... carrots... why is it always carrots?!"

"I'm gonna stand here..." Alan says standing infront of Luna so that even if the guy stood up he would only see anouther kid at a machine. this is crazy he thought to himself as he places a quarter into the machine.

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 6:25 PM
Vincent ran into the arcade, drew his sword, and slashed through the janitor, who split into the janitor, now unconsious, and two pieces of a Youma, which fused back together. The Youma, recognizing a challenge, faced Vincent and started walking towards him. Vincent backhanded the Youma, then slashed a few times, spliting the Youma into five pieces. They reformed again, and the Youma kept walking towards Vincent.

April 27th, 2006, 6:43 PM
Vincent ran into the arcade, drew his sword, and slashed through the janitor, who split into the janitor, now unconsious, and two pieces of a Youma, which fused back together. The Youma, recognizing a challenge, faced Vincent and started walking towards him. Vincent backhanded the Youma, then slashed a few times, spliting the Youma into five pieces. They reformed again, and the Youma kept walking towards Vincent.

Alan jumps back, "What the Hell!" He turns to Luna, "Luna I think you sould see some to this." he lifts his staff, his pendent was fused onto the middle of the golden cross, "I'm gonna help you weather you like it or not Vincent! Moon prisim power makeup!" He cried. His uniforme became part of him again, He glowed slightly before his cloths stopped hovering. "Lets fight together, I'm sure we can come up with some good combo's Vincent!"

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 6:58 PM
Not listening, Vincent transformed into Sailor Pluto. He then started glowing. "Pluto DoubleSoul!" Sailor Pluto's one shadow split into two seperate shadows. One shadow was his own, and the other Luna would recognize to be the original Sailor Pluto's shadow. The original Sailor Pluto's staff appeared in Vincent's left hand, but the shadow of the original Sailor Pluto showed it in her hand. Vincent's right hand held the dual-blade from earlier, and his male shadow reflected that. His glowing aura was a purplish color, matching the original Sailor Pluto's color.

"This is all the combination I need for the moment, thank you," he said quietly to Alan. His voice sounded like both his own and the original Sailor Pluto's voices speaking in unison.

Both Sailor Plutos then attacked the Youma together. Both voices were heard at the same time, yet they said different things and used different attacks. "Pluto Deadly Scream!" "Pluto Chaos Blade!" Both attacks fired at once, the spinning torrent of the new attack propelling the old one. The Youma had no chance, blowing up when it was hit.

April 27th, 2006, 7:29 PM
Alan depowered instantly, "Dam* you're strong...." He whispers falling to his knees, "there is now way I can get that powerfull..." He places his hand on his lower stomach, "I think..." he looks up at Vincent... "I think that turned me on..." he smiles slightly, "But... noone has been able to do that for many years... not sence..." he blushes.


Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 7:37 PM
Vincent switched back to his normal self and held the point of his sword at Alan's neck. "I've had enough of your sex talk." He then turned to Luna. "Anyway, given that we're the second generation of Sailor Soldiers, I thought that we should be able to OverSoul with the original ones. That was what I just accomplished, so if I can do it, so can all the other Sailor Soldiers."

April 27th, 2006, 7:44 PM
Vincent switched back to his normal self and held the point of his sword at Alan's neck. "I've had enough of your sex talk." He then turned to Luna. "Anyway, given that we're the second generation of Sailor Soldiers, I thought that we should be able to OverSoul with the original ones. That was what I just accomplished, so if I can do it, so can all the other Sailor Soldiers."

Alan slapped the sword away, "hey its not my fault, I can't help that I'm like this... what would you do living in a place full of wemon that have no interest in you what so ever!" he stands up and gets close to Vincent, "Or is there only in warrior in that handsome shell of yours?"

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 7:58 PM
Alan succeeded only in making his hand bleed a bit from the blade's sharpness.

"I'm not a girl, Alan. I think it's about time you got that straight. If you want to be like that, then perhaps you should go out with Luna." With that, Vincent turned on his heel and walked out the door, sheathing his sword.

Why don't I doubt that the original Sailor Mars was a huge flirt as well? he asked himself.

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 8:09 PM
Vincent kept walking. He wondered why the second generation of Sailor Soldiers were able to OverSoul like that.

Because you'd be doomed if you couldn't, said the original Sailor Pluto in his head.

Then we'll be facing the evil that killed you and your companions, right?

Maybe, but it's a strong possibility.

Well, the first thing I have to do is get more information, and I think the original Sailor Moon may have some.

Then you're going to hypnotize Kiki again to talk to Usagi?

That's the idea. Thanks for the ocarina, by the way.


April 27th, 2006, 8:28 PM
Alan succeeded only in making his hand bleed a bit from the blade's sharpness.

"I'm not a girl, Alan. I think it's about time you got that straight. If you want to be like that, then perhaps you should go out with Luna." With that, Vincent turned on his heel and walked out the door, sheathing his sword.

Why don't I doubt that the original Sailor Mars was a huge flirt as well? he asked himself.

Alan glares at Vincent as he walks away, "bastar....." he looks at Luna, "I don't like him!"

Waker of Chaos
April 27th, 2006, 8:35 PM
Vincent, of course, didn't care at all if Alan liked him. He walked into Kiki's house and laid on the couch.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hypnotize her again, of course.


Still, I wonder if I can reach Usagi using hypnosis like that.

Kiki was very easily put into a trance. Luna may not like it, but we need more information. I don't think it'll be too difficult to entrance her again. As for reaching Usagi that way, we won't know until we try.

Good point.

With that, both Sailor Plutos fell asleep.

April 30th, 2006, 4:24 PM
((I've been busy.))

Luna had been talking wioth the voice in the machine the entire time to busy to react. She did however manage to hear Alan's comment on not liking Vincent. SHe turned to Alan and sighed.
"Why is there always conflict? First there was the stubborn and self concious Sailro Moon and the hot headed Mars, the outer scouts against the inner scouts and Sailor Jupiter who'd jump out here and there! Now I have you two dueling it out." she sighed again and glared at Alan, "Unfortunately, we all have to work together to defeat the evil."

May 1st, 2006, 4:19 PM
((You're controlling peoples characters again.))

Waker of Chaos
May 1st, 2006, 4:42 PM
((Sorry, bad habit. Wait, again? When did I do it last time?

**** it, I suck at this.... I'm sick of failing at everything. I wish I wasn't so **** pathetic, but there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

Honestly, I post a nightmare, why my character needs help the most, the main thing that could destroy him, and you chastise me. It makes me wonder why I keep putting off suicide.))

May 1st, 2006, 4:55 PM
((I like the post but you're just controlling other peoples charries! Just delete {not one inch away from Luna's head. It was morning. The couch was soaked with Vincent's sweat, and Luna had a worried, and now shocked look on her face. Kiki, Kiki's mother, and Alan, and perhaps others that Vincent hadn't yet noticed were also there with the same look.

The terrified look in Vincent's eyes were replaced with sorrow. He knelt, dropping his sword, and hung his head, crying. "I saw their deaths yet again....I saw my parents being murdered by my brother.....I was only nine...."} and it's fine. Let everyone come to you.))

Waker of Chaos
May 1st, 2006, 4:59 PM
((It can't work that way. Everyone has to be already present.

I just deleted it after copying its contents. At least Kiki, Kiki's mother, and Luna must be present--all your characters. It is therefore up to you to get them there in your next post.))

May 1st, 2006, 5:09 PM
((WHy not just post leaving out what I asked, allowing me to allow my characters to react, and then continuing on?))

Luna turned towards the door after finishing up the system shutting itself down automatically.
"Coming?" she asked Alan as she reached the door which opened once again. She turned her head to look at him quizzically.
"We should be getting back to Kiki's house." SHe was right. Kiki's mother had finished watching TV and went to bed and Luan herself was exausted form the long day.

Waker of Chaos
May 1st, 2006, 5:13 PM
((I hate my self-destructive nature.... I never do think of things like that. I guess I'll never know why I'm such a pathetic creature....))

Vincent was 9 years old again. He was running from his father, who was wielding a knife. "GET BACK HERE, BOY!" the father yelled. Vincent continued to run for his life. His father was spellbound by the other Vincent. How he didn't know.

The evil Vincent and their father cornered him at last. "I'LL KILL YOU!" His father lunged towards the good Vincent, who ducked just in time to avoid a fatal wound. The evil Vincent slashed their father's head off. "Who needs you, you worthless oaf?!" The evil Vincent then glared at his brother. "And now to finish you off...." The good Vincent rolled forward between the evil Vincent's legs, dodging the attack. The chase began again, the evil Vincent chasing after the good Vincent. The good Vincent ducked behind a tree just in time before a blazing green light bled from the air where he was just a moment ago. "DON'T YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME, BROTHER! I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT ME WHEN I KILL YOU! I WANT TO SEE THE LIGHT LEAVE YOUR EYES!!" his evil twin yelled with fury.

The good Vincent held his breath, gathering his strength, until he broke into another run. Again, the evil Vincent gave chase. Then their dear, sweet mother came out of the house to see what was going on, and the evil Vincent lunged for her. She screamed, but her voice was cut short by the same green light from before. The good Vincent was filled with such despair, not even what Luna felt when the Negaforce hit the Moon Kingdom all those years ago could compare to it. Crying, the good Vincent kept running until he came face-to-face with his brother again.

"You cannot hide from me. Accept your doom."

With that, the evil Vincent raised his sword for a final attack that would plunge the world into darkness.....

Luna's heart suddenly skipped a beat. She could feel what Vincent was feeling. She could see into his dream, which abruptly came to an end. Perhaps now she could understand at least a little bit of why Vincent hated life so much.

With an ear-splitting scream of terror, Vincent leapt from the couch, drew his sword and slashed savagely through the air not one inch away from Luna's head. It was morning. The couch was soaked with Vincent's sweat.

The terrified look in Vincent's eyes were replaced with sorrow. He knelt, dropping his sword, and hung his head, crying. "I saw their deaths yet again....I saw my parents being murdered by my brother.....I was only nine...."

((If that's not what you mean, I don't know what is.))

May 1st, 2006, 5:29 PM
((Close enough))

Luna had arrived later that night and had managed to get a little sleep. SHe was however awoken bye Vincents scream and listened to his words.
"They?" she asked, "whomever do you mean?" Luna asked almsot feeling sorry for him. Kiki's mom had gotten up to make breakfast just then.

Waker of Chaos
May 1st, 2006, 5:32 PM
((Well, at least I can do something half right....))

"I suffer from a recurring nightmare, Luna.... A memory from my past.... My only memory.... I saw my mother and father.... My brother murdered them right in front of my eyes.... He chased me down.... And tried to kill me...." Vincent managed to say between sobs.

"Every time I have that nightmare.... I question who I am.... Am I a black-hearted evil.... Or brave-hearted hero...."

May 1st, 2006, 5:53 PM
"You sound more like Sailor Saturn than Pluto." Luna stated, "I'm sorry for what happened to you btu I've had my own problems. The origenal Princess Serenity Died with Prince Endimyon out of love as the moon kingdom was destroyed the first time. After her mother gave up her life to reincarnate her daughter and the other children of the moon to Earth where they could be normal and froze me and Artimis to be awoken on Earth and alert the children of their pasts if need be. I did so and the scouts were brought together. After a long time the origenal scouts had to fight queen Beryl and Usagi had to fight Mamoru, Endimyon's reincarnate. He died for her. The other scouts had died protecting Usagi from the queen's lackys. However following the same fate as her mother she killed herself and queen Beryl. Everyone was once more reincarnated but everyone just seemed to forget. Once we did get them to remember though things were fine for a time. Until we had to save the world from the rise of mistress nine better known to all of you as Sailor Saturn. Plutoi gave her life to save Uranus and Neptune by freezing time, something forbidden by the time keeper. And Saturn gave her live to save the world she was brought to destroy. And not too many years ago was there a war that killed off the remaining scouts and Prince Endimyon's re-reincarnate...." she looked away from him crying, "I've seen so much happen. So much that I hate it. The pain, the suffering. They all did it to help another. But it was still sad all the same."

Waker of Chaos
May 1st, 2006, 6:07 PM
"This is precisely the reason.... Why I hate all life.... My life has been nothing but torture, ruin, and pain.... And now as Sailor Pluto.... I finally have the power to destroy all life.... Yet I find myself unable to make myself do it.... I'm pathetic.... I should just end my own life and be done with it...." Vincent replied, his crying getting worse.

"I wish for the Ultimate Silence that will never come...."

May 2nd, 2006, 5:13 PM
"No Saturn has the ability to end life on Earth." Luna corrected, "As for me I see no reason to hate the world. People come and go and even though we may mourn death is but another part of life." SHe turned towards the kitchen hearing the clink of a bowl to the ground. She reached the doorway and whispered.
"That's your problem, you live in the past."

Waker of Chaos
May 2nd, 2006, 6:33 PM
Vincent had nothing to say. The original Sailor Pluto within his mind wanted to place a comforting arm around him, but she couldn't. She was a spirit within him.

"Luna.... How can I change?" he asked finally, before Luna could get out of earshot. "How do I stop living in the past?"

Vincent went over to Luna so that he could look her in the eyes. "How do I transform myself from pathetic idiot to worthy Sailor?"

May 3rd, 2006, 4:12 PM
"This is something only your heart can answer. There is something in your mind that must be settled before you can move on. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cream waiting in the kitchen." And with that she walked over and meowed to Kiki's mom who petted her on the head and pointed to the dish of cream. Kiki's mom had begun making french toast and omlettes the smell reaching Kiki's room where the door unlocked and Kiki burst out in her PJs and dashed to the kitchen.
"Is it done! It smells so good!" Kiki said excitedly.
"Not yet. It should be finished soon though." her mom answered.

May 3rd, 2006, 4:47 PM
Oye... what happend while I was gone....? *looks around lost*

May 3rd, 2006, 5:07 PM
"Alan!"Kiki cried happily she then also just noticed Vincent, "Vincent!" she smiled, "Good Morning!" Luna walked up to Alan to get out of earshot of Kiki's mom.
"I was wondering if you got back. I had come home hoping you'd be behind me. Sorry if I left you." she bowed in apology. Kiki's mom finished breakfast.
"Breakfast!" she called. Kiki sat down at the table and grabbed two pieces of french toast and an omlette.

Waker of Chaos
May 3rd, 2006, 5:52 PM
Vincent had no response for Luna. She wanted to eat, anyway. Now wasn't the time to continue such a conversation. He saw Kiki's mother and politely turned down all food and drink. He then noticed Kiki bowing after hearing what she said. "You need not bow to me, Kiki. You aren't at fault." He turned away, so that his back was to everyone. "That would be me for being such a liability."

Vincent sighed heavily, sitting back down on his couch, hanging his head.

May 3rd, 2006, 6:57 PM
Alan sits in the chair next to Kiki, "my back feels like its on fire." He looks at her and steals a peice of french toast from her plate, "I really souldn´t have gone out last night.... I had to find my way home in the dark.. there are no lights outside...." He looks at Kiki, "did you know that?"

He places his hand on her knee, "sabes que... you are really pretty this morning." He kisses her hand.

Waker of Chaos
May 3rd, 2006, 7:23 PM
Vincent's hand moved to the hilt of his sword without a command from his mind. Alan could almost feel Vincent's dark glare burning his skin.

When the hell will he learn to stop flirting, especially with Kiki?!

Just don't hurt him, okay? He's the new Sailor Mars, after all.

That's true, but I won't just sit here and watch Kiki fall in love with him rather than me. I've already fallen for her, and I won't allow anyone to hurt me again!

Calm yourself. Your anger will ruin you if you don't keep it in check.

May 4th, 2006, 5:11 PM
Kiki's mom hit Alan with her spatula makign it look like an accident. She gave a goofy smile.
"Whoops! I'm sorry I'm a bit clumsy in the morning!" she giggled then turned away from him casting an evil yet satisfied look at the wooden cabinets.
"Mom! Be more careful." Kiki said honestly not knowing her mom had done it on purpose even though Alan doing that was rather uncomfortable.

Waker of Chaos
May 4th, 2006, 9:38 PM
Thankful that Kiki's mother handled it this time, Vincent let his hand move away from his sword. His stomache growled, but he ignored it. He stared at the carpet, eyes narrowing.

Who am I? What is my true reason for being?

Sailor Pluto had no response. She apparently wanted Vincent to figure this out on his own.

Perhaps I'll ask Usagi that. I need to get Kiki alone and hypnotize her again.

I highly doubt that this is something you should ask Usagi. She's a good person and all, but she's surprisingly dull-witted.

That may be, but she's also the original Sailor Moon. Her soul was frozen much like Luna, Artemis, and Diana were frozen. All of you were.


Perhaps that is where my power lies. Within my soul is chaos. I'm not a bad guy, but my past made me what I am.

No, you made yourself this way. No outside force can shape you.

Vincent's eyes visibly widened. If that's true, then can it be that I am who I alone decide I am?

Now you're catching on.

Vincent shut his eyes and smiled. Then I can rest in peace at last. I decide that I'm the brave-hearted hero that a Sailor Soldier should be. Perhaps the deadliest one.

Well, you're certainly the one that's most easily pissed off.

Hey, come on!

Sailor Pluto laughed in his head. Ha ha! It's true!

Vincent merely smiled. Then another question popped into his head. What if I'm supposed to be Sailor Saturn rather than Sailor Pluto?

That's a good question, but you should ask the cats that one.


Vincent was still sitting on the couch. You know, you won't be able to fight off a Youma if you don't eat.

Oh, yeah. That.

He got up and joined everyone at the table, making certain that, if need be, he could draw his sword and easily get between Alan and Kiki.

May 5th, 2006, 5:42 PM
"Oh good you're having breakfast! I thought you didn't like my cooking silly me!" Kiki mom said whirling around to face Vincent the evil smirk changed quickly to her same peppy smile the sun outside shining on her blue hair. Kiki slouched in her chair full.
"Great breakfast mom." Kiki said closing her eyes to widen her satisfied smile. She opened them putting her elbows on the table.
"So what should we do on this brilliant Sunday?" Kiki asked. Luna wanted to suggest something but didn't in order to keep Kiki's mom from suspecting anything.

May 5th, 2006, 5:58 PM
Alan rubbed were he had been hit, "Geeze.. I didn't mean much by it.." he says moving his chair farther from Kiki to prevent temptation. "I was just doing what I was taught..." he looks at his plate, "not like any of you care huh..." he stands up quickly, "I'm gonna go outside for some air!" he practicly yells.

He leaves the kitchen in a hurry, He almost steps on Luna's tail as he leaves, tears starting to well up in his eyes, Why can't I do anything right!? He thinks to himself as he brakes into a run and bursts threw the door, leaving it wide open. He didn't know where he was going, all he knew was that he had to get out of there.

Waker of Chaos
May 5th, 2006, 6:32 PM
"It's just that I'm used to not eating at all," Vincent replied to Kiki's mother. He then noticed Alan yelling something incoherent and bursting out the door.

"Hmph. I guess he can't deal with the world as it truly is, being sheltered for so much of his life. We should let him be until he's in real danger. Perhaps he'll learn something."

Vincent sat down and started eating. He finished his plate in record time, not bothering to savor anything.

"What shall we do today, eh?" Vincent mused. "Well, there is something I'd like to talk to you alone about, Kiki."

Or rather, the person who lives within your mind.... Usagi.

May 6th, 2006, 4:20 PM
Luna watched Alan leave chasing after him.
"For heavens sake it's like baby sitting!" she said to herself tryng to keep up, "Baby sitting an airhead, manipulative depressed guy, and drama king."

Kiki's mom watched Alan run out as well feeling alomst sorry.
"Oh my. Was I that mean?" she asked to herself holding her handup to her right cheek her eyes a pitying look to them. Kiki ignored her mom and smiled.
"Okay then but where should we go to talk?" she asked.

Waker of Chaos
May 6th, 2006, 6:42 PM
"My first suggestion would be your room," Vincent replied. He noticed that Luna had chased after Alan, so she won't be interfering again.

"Whenever you're ready, Kiki," Vincent said, standing. He bowed to Kiki's mother. "Thank you for the meal." With that, he turned away from the table.

I hope this works. I noticed the doors in her mind. I saw Usagi there, along with Kiki's Sailor Moon self. Hopefully, I'll be able to speak directly to Usagi this way.

If you don't mind, I have a question or two to ask Usagi as well.

I can relay them to her for you if this works. I haven't yet figured out how to Mind Shuffle with you.

"Mind Shuffle"?

Switching our minds back and forth. It's really helpful if someone tries to read your mind. We'd have to keep our thoughts secret from one another, though.

Very useful indeed, if you're up against a telepath.

May 7th, 2006, 4:26 PM
"I'm just glad you liked it!" Kiki's mom replied putting her smile back on, "I'll clean up here!"
"Thanks mom!" Kiki said smiling as well. She nodded to Vincent and began to walk to her room.
{Kiki's Mind}
Intel sat in the optics room listening in on what was going on and watching the world from Kiki's perspective.
"What's this guy up to." she asked herself pushing up her glasses. Usagi and Sailor Kiki stepped up behind her. She turned around and jumped, surprised at the sight of them.
"So it appears the undermind passages work then?" Intel asked regaing her composure.
"Yup!" The other two said in unison. Intel nodded and the three walked out through the passage to theri respectful rooms. Intel got on her computer analyzing the situation.
"He seem's familiar to the system. But how?"

Waker of Chaos
May 7th, 2006, 5:30 PM
I wonder why I'm able to sense Kiki's thoughts like that, seeing into the rooms of her mind. There seems to be some deeper connections in her mind now, like underground passageways. If she asks how, I guess I should say it's telepathy...

Better that you tell the truth, that you aren't sure.

Good point.

Vincent figured that he needed to speak the truth to Kiki. He wasn't going to manipulate her. He wasn't the evil that his brother was.

Once inside her room, Vincent spoke softly so that they could not be heard. "Kiki, Luna mentioned that we're the reincarnated versions of the original Sailor Soldiers. After using the DoubleSoul attack against a Youma, I've felt the presense of the original Sailor Pluto in my mind. To that end, I'm going to see if I can speak directly to Tsukino Usagi by placing you back into a trance, and I'll also teach you the DoubleSoul attack. I promise that I won't do anything further. I'm not the evil that my brother was."

As Vincent spoke, he pulled out the Pluto Ocarina again.

"I figured that you'd be wondering what I was planning. I also figured that if I tried this again, you'd form some sort of defense, like undermind passages within your mind, in case I tried this again. I therefore thought it best to tell you the truth. So, now you know."

May 7th, 2006, 5:44 PM
Alan finaly stopped when his lungs whouldn't let him run any further, his sides ached and he felt like he had swallowed a cat. Why do you have to be such an SOB? he asked himself, sitting in the tall grass.

He looks up at the stars, "Why do I have to be so different...?" he asked looking back down, "What purpose have you given me...?" He stands up again. "Maybe they wouldn't care if I let the next monster kill me...." he says looking around, as if hoping to see one.

"Why did you fallow me Luna?" he asks sencing her behind him, "Here to try to tell me that what I did was uncalled for... that I sould just get over it?" He looks at her, "I wish that they would at least try to understand....."

His eyes start to well up as he keeps looking at her, hoping that she'll say something, "I don't want them to think.... that I'm usless.... that.. I'm just.... some horny kid who.... j-just... wants one thing..... I-I... d-don't.." He falls to his knees, "I-I... I don't... w-want.. you to... think that I'm usless... just...b-because I-I... had.. u-one lousy b-brekfast....." He cleans his nose, "O-of... all... people... I-I thought that you... w-would be the one... to soport me in... th-there.... I-i don't.... have.... a-any... u-one.... th-they have... e-eachother... I-I thought... I-I had... y-you... b-but... I-I... g-guess.. I-I... w-was... wr-ong...." he lets the tears take over, he covers his face so that Luna doesn't see him cry.

May 8th, 2006, 4:04 PM
Luna breathed heavily.
"Alan I came because I was worried about you. I just think Kiki's mom is a little...unpredictable. Are you all right?" she asked rubbing against his leg and looking up at him.

"You put me in a trance?" Kiki asked. She had no idea what had happened. She shook her head knowing however that that wasn't the point.
"SO you want me to be able to contact the original Sailor Moon? Alright then." she agreed with a smile regardless of how unsure she was.

{Kiki's Mind}
"What are you nuts!" Intel screamed at a figure who looked exactly like Kiki.
"Hey! It's my mine I decide what happens okay?" the figure said. Intel bowed.
"Alright master." Intel replied. Master Kiki walked out disappearing. Intel turned to the intercom and pushed a button.
"Attention all emotions, figments, memories, and others; we will be exhibiting a temporary door closing followed by the possible entrance of another figment. If you must leave your rooms please try to keep out of sight, as I don't want us to be noticed. Also leave your undermind doors unlocked in case the figure needs to contact you. That is all."

May 8th, 2006, 5:31 PM
Luna breathed heavily.
"Alan I came because I was worried about you. I just think Kiki's mom is a little...unpredictable. Are you all right?" she asked rubbing against his leg and looking up at him.

Alan cleans the tears from his face, "Yeah.. I'll be ok... I-It's not like it's the worse day of my life or anything.... " He forces a laugh, thinking about how it looked to see his own home go up in flames.

He picks Luna up, "I wish that Vincent would at least accept me...."

Waker of Chaos
May 8th, 2006, 5:32 PM
"You wouldn't have known. When a person is in a trance, their mind completely shuts down. It's as if no time had passed. Sleep can sometimes be similar in that way. I want to be able to speak directly to the original Sailor Moon through you. Are you sure you're up to this?"

Vincent was concerned for her, just as anyone would be concerned for the one they love.

"I will not do this against your will."

May 8th, 2006, 5:39 PM
Kiki nodded in understanding, "Yes. I'm sure. I may be able to go into my mind if I realize what's going on and talk to her as well if that's okay." she replied.

"Oh don't mind him. I think he's just had a tough time in life. SO much for you all being normal." Luna replied. Haru walked down by where the two of them were. He didn't notice either of them though as he was in thought and bumped into Alan. Embarrassed he turned and bowed.
"Sorry. It's not like me to not pay attention." he apologized.

Waker of Chaos
May 8th, 2006, 5:43 PM
l"It's your mind. I can't force you to do anything while you're in a trance, Kiki," Vincent stated. "Now, let's see if I'm right...." He put the Pluto Ocarina to his lips and played the same hypnotic melody as before. Once Vincent was sure that Kiki was in a deep trance, he asked his question in a soft voice.

"Are you there, Tsukino Usagi? Was I right about being able to speak directly to you while Kiki was entranced?"

I hope I'm right.

I hope so, too.

May 8th, 2006, 6:03 PM
"Oh don't mind him. I think he's just had a tough time in life. SO much for you all being normal." Luna replied. Haru walked down by where the two of them were. He didn't notice either of them though as he was in thought and bumped into Alan. Embarrassed he turned and bowed.
"Sorry. It's not like me to not pay attention." he apologized.

Alan stands up and bows in return, still hoding Luna, "It is quite alright, you are forgiven. ....." he added heavy heartedly. "And may your days be filled with light and hope."

He sits back down, and burry's his face in Luna's furr.

May 9th, 2006, 4:08 PM
Luna and Haru exchange looks. Luna's was concentration and the feeling of a familiar Aura and Haru's was a bit of fear in uncertainty as a quick flash of his or rather Mamoru's past went by in his mind. He continued on.

Kiki walked her mind all of the doors closed. She walked to a Red door with a crescent moon on it and opened it successfully. Inside Usagi and Sailor Kiki stood staring in awe.
"Well go ahead and answer him!" Kiki commanded Usagi. Usagi nodded.

Kiki's voice changed to the high-pitched annoying Usagi.
"Ya? Who's this and what do you want?"

May 9th, 2006, 4:33 PM
Luna and Haru exchange looks. Luna's was concentration and the feeling of a familiar Aura and Haru's was a bit of fear in uncertainty as a quick flash of his or rather Mamoru's past went by in his mind. He continued on.

Alan looks up suddenly, "Did you just......" He looks at Haru, "Thank me?"

He stands up still holding Luna in his arms affraid to let her go, "No one has ever.... thanked me before....." He steps toward Haru in awe. "Would you... by any chance be willing to talk with me a while?" He then adds, "If you arn't busy I mean..."

Waker of Chaos
May 9th, 2006, 4:53 PM
"I am Vincent. Through Kiki, you already know me. My other self you know even better." With that, Vincent performed the Mind Shuffle. It was now the original Sailor Pluto's voice coming from Vincent's mouth rather than his own.

"I am glad to speak to you again after so long, Sailor Moon. You remember me, don't you?" the original Sailor Pluto asked. "I remember you well...."

Vincent was happy that his plan had worked. He would be asking his own question soon.

I hope she remembers you.

As do I, but let's listen for an answer. I missed her so much....

((I just now noticed that you were making Haru Mamoru's reincarnated soul. You do realize, given the past few quotes, that my character will likely treat him as a Shiitennou, or whatever those elite dark generals are called, right kokobean22?))

May 9th, 2006, 4:58 PM
"Trista? So you did make it with us. I'm almost surprised seeign as how you had died far before. Uranus and Neptune told me what you did after RIni asked where you were." Usagi replied a tear in her eye in the mind. Sailor Kiki looked at her in confusion not knowing why.

"Sure I'll chat." Haru replied taking a seat on a rock. He shrugged glad to get away from his thoughts.

Waker of Chaos
May 9th, 2006, 5:05 PM
"I'm just wondering why I was reincarnated as a boy. I'm glad that you remember me, though. This guy has a soul of his own, though, just as you do, given Kiki's self. He's suffered more than we have in life. He can't tell yet if he's good or evil. Even though he can't be, he reminds me of Mamoru in that way. He also has incredible ability. You should see him fight." she replied.

So your name is Trista.

Yes. I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself when my mind awoke as a seperate identity.

Don't worry about it.

"Usagi-chan, I was wondering about something. Have you found Rini reincarnate yet?"

May 9th, 2006, 5:11 PM
"It was too hard to pinpoint where everyone was going. Rini's sould though did just seem to vanish. I suspect she's in the future but then again I can never be so sure. Then again I wasn't the only one headed for here. AMi and Mako tried this girl as well but my soul was stronger. Anyway, to bluntly answer your question, no. I don't know." Usagi answered going a little mor in depth than the question truely required.

((On the whole Shiitennou thing, ya. But that's okay. It adds...spice.))

May 9th, 2006, 5:17 PM
"Sure I'll chat." Haru replied taking a seat on a rock. He shrugged glad to get away from his thoughts.

Alan smiles at Haru, then remembers, "Where are my manners, My name's Alan." He offers his hand, then notices it's dirty. "Hold on...." He cleans it on Luna's furr, "What may your name be?"

May 9th, 2006, 5:20 PM
Luna glares at Alan with a, that's-not-what-my-fur's-for look. Haru laughs a bit with his eyes then shakes Alan's hand.
"My name's Harukuso Yoshizuki. You may call me Haru as my friends do." he replied the sun shining on his black hair making it glisten a bit. He smiled but it was very subtle.

Waker of Chaos
May 9th, 2006, 5:25 PM
((And do you also realize that Tuxedo Mask cannot defeat Sailor Pluto, right? If he tried fighting, he would die. It would take a while, of course, but die he would. My character's been through way too much pain to lose the only person he truly cares about. He'd end up evil, and then the word "fear" would be given a new meaning.))

"I thought that may have been the case. Hotaru tried for this boy. Given what he's been through, it makes sense, but why I'm stuck here I cannot fathom." Trista stated. "I'm glad, though, that you were able to answer my question. I guess now we just wait and see. For now, I think Vincent has at least one question for you. We'll Mind Shuffle again so he can ask you." And so they did.

"I thought it would be a good idea for old friends to reunite," Vincent said. "You're probably about to ask what a Mind Shuffle is, so I'll explain it now. When two different souls reside in a single body, like Trista and I and you and Kiki do, the two souls can switch their minds back and forth. This is why you were able to speak to Trista directly, rather than having me act as a messenger. It's also helpful when your enemy is a telepath. After I bring Kiki out of her trance, you and she will be able to do the same, among other things."

May 9th, 2006, 5:28 PM
Luna glares at Alan with a, that's-not-what-my-fur's-for look. Haru laughs a bit with his eyes then shakes Alan's hand.
"My name's Harukuso Yoshizuki. You may call me Haru as my friends do." he replied the sun shining on his black hair making it glisten a bit. He smiled but it was very subtle.

"I'll be calling you Haruk, if that's alright with you..." Alan says smiling and patting Luna on the head, "This fine feline here, is Luna." he bounces her. "She's a bit of a scratcher though..." he says to caucion Haruk.

May 9th, 2006, 5:36 PM
"I'll show you scratcher." Luna whispered unsheathing her claws. Haru picks her up the way a cat picks up her kittens and holds her at arms length so she can't reach seeign as how she was abotu to claw Alan.
"Haruk. That's origenal. I like it." Haru says smiling a little more.

"Neat!" Usagi said, "I never had powers like that."
"That's because you were a direct reincarnate." Intel answered not only in Kiki's mind but also through Kiki herself, "Oh wow. It works for me too."
"Hey! This is a private conversation! How'd you know about it anyway?" Usagi asked regaining control. Intel, unable to answer anywhere but in the mind did so.
"I set up cameras in every room. I see all." she answered.
"You set up cameras?" Usagi asked forgetting she still spoke for Kiki in real life. Kiki sat on the bed with Sailor Kiki and sighed.

Waker of Chaos
May 9th, 2006, 5:44 PM
"I knew you'd try something to that effect, Intel," Vincent stated. "Anyway, the Mind Shuffle isn't the only thing I can teach you. The other is an attack method for battle that calls whichever soul is dormant within your mind up to attack in unison by your side. It's called the DoubleSoul attack. All you have to do to activate it is to call it out as you would your Moon Twilight Flash attack. In your specific case, it's called the Lunar DoubleSoul."

May 9th, 2006, 5:52 PM
"One problem, the Moon twilight flash can only be performed with the Moon Stick. She doesn't have it yet." Usagi replied.
"Also I think it would be wise to use that sparingly. You never know what the effect could be with Kiki. I'll have to research door targeting." Intel took over again. Usagi pushed her back.
"Geeze Intel!" Usagi yelled.
"Vincent. I think we might want to end this before I start beating myself up." Kiki said.

May 9th, 2006, 5:56 PM
"I'll show you scratcher." Luna whispered unsheathing her claws. Haru picks her up the way a cat picks up her kittens and holds her at arms length so she can't reach seeign as how she was abotu to claw Alan.
"Haruk. That's origenal. I like it." Haru says smiling a little more.

Alan smiles, "Well, I like calling people by sami-oficial names, and thanks for taking her before she turned my arm into jerky." alan says covering the scar on his whrist. "How did you come to end up on this part of town anyway..? its a bit out of the way fro most people."

Waker of Chaos
May 9th, 2006, 5:59 PM
"I believe I have another method. Kiki's entranced, remember? Intel, stop beating up Usagi. Now!" Vincent allowed no choice in this matter, and most of Kiki's mind should be ready and willing to accept such a command.

"Now, assuming that worked, there are a few things I'd like to ask Kiki, and a bit of.... Well, I guess I'll call it a bit of information, though it's quite a bit more than that to me."

Vincent took a deep breath before continuing. There was no need to hide this from Trista, as she already knew. "Only Kiki herself should hear this. Intel, Usagi, if you don't mind...."

May 10th, 2006, 4:53 PM
"Alright alright. Spoil sport." Usagi complained. Kiki left the room and headed through a large rainbow door into a circular room.

"Hm? I don't live too far off. I was taking a walk to clear my head. Prehaps I was n my way to the arcade to see a friend of mine. I dunno. I just go where my mind takes me." he sets Luna on the ground seeing her squirm in his hand. SHe hissed at him before hiding behind a nearby tree.

Waker of Chaos
May 10th, 2006, 6:01 PM
"It's for me, actually..." Vincent began shyly. He was blushing. "I don't feel comfortable talking about this particular subject in a crowd, so to speak...."

Vincent took a breath. "Well.... Here goes. Kiki, you are the one and only person that I have ever known in this world to be the direct opposite of what I viewed the world to be. You are a beacon of light among a sea of shadows. You were there for me when I finally bested my brother. I know it's sudden, but...." Vincent leaned close to Kiki's ear, lowering his voice to a whisper.

"I've fallen in love with you, Kiki.

"Tell Usagi if you wish, but if she questions about the one she loves, Mamoru, tell her not to worry. I have a plan for that. Kiki, you and Usagi share this body, just as Trista and I share mine. You're two seperate people. Therefore, from now on, all of you, Kiki, but not Usagi, will have an unshakable affection toward me that will eventually turn to love.... provided that there isn't already someone you've fallen in love with, and that I doubt. This is the one and only hypnotic suggestion that I will plant in your mind. You won't be able to resist it, no matter what. I do this because I've endured too much pain in my life...." Vincent looked away so that Kiki wouldn't see his tears, "To lose the one person that I really do care about...."

Trista, from Vincent's mind, held her tounge. From what she had seen, Vincent must have a good plan. She pitied him a bit, too. He lived through such torture, and barely made it out with his life.

May 11th, 2006, 5:11 PM
"Oh Vincent! That's so sweet! But unfortunately I don't see you as any more than a friend. You're a sweet guy but we barely know each other and I'm sure there's another girl out there. But if anything does change. If you truly are the one I was destined to fall in love with, and trust me I'll know, just make sure you're waiting okay?" she answered a tear falling from her real eye.

Waker of Chaos
May 11th, 2006, 6:20 PM
"I have no doubt that you and I are destined for love. I know this because, quite simply, I could never fall in love with anyone else. That's why the hypnotic suggestion for you to find me most attractive no matter what. You, Kiki, are bound by that now. You therefore cannot fall in love with anyone but me. Usagi's the only exception, but I have a plan for that already. I realize that love takes time to take place, but at least I won't have to worry anymore about losing you," Vincent said. "With that hypnotic suggestion in your head, Kiki won't fall for anyone but me. Usagi still gets Mamoru, though. I do this so that I won't have to go through any more pain. That should have ended with my brother's life."

Vincent, it's wrong to force someone to love you like this.

That may be, Trista, but I won't allow any more pain to be inflicted on me. Therefore, I'm making sure that I am never hurt again.


"I won't allow any more pain in my life. Therefore, Kiki will never fall in love with anyone but me. I can wait for such love to blossom, but I won't allow her to fall in love with anyone else. Tsukino Usagi, since she already loves Chiba Mamoru, is the one and only person that will remain unaffected by this hypnotic suggestion. However, I forbid any resistance to this suggestion from anyone in that beautiful mind of yours. You won't remember this suggestion being planted in your head, but you will abide by it."

With that, Vincent snapped his fingers, bringing Kiki out of her trance and making the suggestion stick. Kiki would fall in love only with Vincent, no matter how long it took. Usagi, within her mind, would remain in love with Mamoru, and Vincent had a plan to make the "double love" work.

"Welcome back to the waking world, Kiki," Vincent said softly. His eyes were still shining with tears.

May 12th, 2006, 4:39 PM
Intel had recorded the conversation.
"That jerk! Ohh yes. Love is definatly going to hear about this. Her door opened she left and snuck into love's room behind a deep red door. Love had long deeper purple hair in a ponytail and was curretly in her hot tub in the middle of what looked like a forest going through a book of cute anime guys.
"Someone's interfiering with your job." Intel stated.
"Whatever do you mean?....Hey did you ever realize these guys just aren't as cute anymore?" Love replied showing a picture to Intel.
"Dang. He's not going to get away with this. If I have to lock your door love and open so many more through the mainframe I will!" she ran out leaving Love confused.

Meanwhile behind a black door of the same hallway anger thrashed about her room unable to find what was wrong. She slammed at the door wanting it to open but it wouldn't. She wore an outfit similiar to Raven's from Teen Titans and sat alllowing her short purple hair to fall in her face. Intel noticed the pounding on the door and looked up. Problems were starting already. She made a dash the the next door over and listened to what was inside. THe door was deep blue and a small storm could be heard from inside.
Inside was Sadness who sat on the top of a hill on dead grass with wilted flowers all around crying. She had been fine until not too long ago. Her door was shut though as well. Intel finally ran around the corner to an ajoining hallway to find another orange door similar to hers but with a star on it. The color had faded and the door was barred shut. Inside on a bed lay'd trust. Asleep. Intel took a peek from the undermind door and gasped.
"What has he done. Kiki's very mind is at stake..." she said turnign around to look at the forbidden hallway. This state of inner hypnotism opened a few doors one by one and Intel ran off to her room to make sure nothing more could go wrong and to see if she couldn't overwrite the central computer and backlash the effect.

{Real world}
Kiki awoke and smiled at Vincent.

Waker of Chaos
May 12th, 2006, 5:20 PM
The wrong thing to do this may be, but I cannot allow any more pain to occur in my life. She'll hate me for a while, but she should be able to get over that.

Within Kiki's mind, the moment she awoke, the conversation that Intel had recorded was placed under a password she didn't know. If Vincent had done this, he didn't know how or why. It essentially meant that the suggestion would stick, period, but no one would be able to find out why until the password was found.

Vincent's face was tear-streaked. He hadn't noticed that he was still crying. He was, however, smiling at Kiki.

"Kiki.... I'm sorry...." he managed. Within Vincent's mind, Trista watched, wondering what would happen next.

"All my life.... I've experienced nothing but torment and pain.... perhaps now you can help me put an end to that...."

((Sorry I had to force this. If my character lost Kiki, he'd end up more powerful and more evil than anything any Sailor Soldier had ever seen before, and he'd quickly become invincible. The last thing we need is for a god of darkness to wipe the Soldiers out.))

May 12th, 2006, 5:51 PM
((Good point))

Kiki was confused.
"You know I'm not the only person who's like me. Who looks at the world in a sense of happieness even though she's been through tragedy and torment...it's all how you look at it." she gave a sincere smile and then stood up.
"I feel like visiting around town! Seeing the sights and finding a place to hang out before school tomorrow." she stated.

Waker of Chaos
May 12th, 2006, 5:59 PM
Should I tell her what I did?

It seems like the right thing to do to me, but if you keep it secret for now and tell her later, perhaps you'll get a better reaction. She needs to get to know you.

Then I'll wait. I just hope that she forgives me....

Vincent stood up. "I've been all over the world, and I haven't seen but one glimmer of hope for this world.... You." He looked into her eyes. "I know that we've known one another for only a day, but I feel as if we've been together for an eternity. I feel as if I can truly trust you. I've never felt this way with anyone or anything else."

Vincent took one step forward. "I do not know if you feel the same way.... But I want you to promise me something.... That you will never abandon me, no matter what the circumstances.... This day I promise this to you...."

Vincent waited, still shuddering a little bit from crying.

May 13th, 2006, 4:58 PM
The anger door in Kiki's mind flung open for a seconed.

"I never abandon anyone." she said harshly her eyes filled with hatred at the remark. The door shut itself again. Her face went back to a smile almost totally forgetting what she had just said in the process.

{Kiki's mind}
Bored Intel decided to take a walk. She turned leading to the memory vault, another series of hallways and doors. A door labled 'ESP?' and walked inside. Dreams predicting the future played around her. She stopped at one with Kiki's father leaving in a plane the plane soaring into the darkness and then crashing. No survivors. Kiki watched in the dream and looked to her mom.
"I abandoned him mommy." she cried. Intel left unable to take it. Stuff like that was way too much for her. She went back to her room.
{End Kiki's mind}

Waker of Chaos
May 13th, 2006, 7:38 PM
For some unknown reason, Vincent saw that particular vision. He hugged Kiki, also unable to take it on top of what he was already feeling.

"I understand perhaps more than anyone what that was.... When I was young, my father.... He had to go on some business trip. I could have told him that it was a bad idea.... He would have listened.... But when he returned, he was spellbound, like in my nightmares.... It's my fault that my brother was able to claim his mind.... And later his life.... No one can truly know what will occur in the future without totally controlling it.... For humans like us, that task is impossible to complete.... All we can do is listen to our instincts and plan accordingly...."

Vincent looked into her eyes. Kiki should be able to notice the ultimate sorrow in his eyes, yet also a glimmer of hope.

"Kiki.... Don't worry. I promise you that whatever fate may befall you, whether good or evil, I shall share that fate with you."

May 14th, 2006, 5:42 PM
Kiki sat silent for a minute.
"Okay. Now off to the Arcade!" she got up and grabbed Vincent by the hand and dragged him to the front door.
"Mom, Vincent-kun and I are out to the Arcade!" she called.
"Alright just be back by sunset!" her mother replied.

Waker of Chaos
May 14th, 2006, 6:23 PM
Normally, Vincent would throw around anyone who tried dragging him somewhere. Kiki was a special case, though, so he allowed it. He found himself thinking that it was sort of fun.

"Kiki, forgive me, but what was that suffix you gave to my name? What is its meaning?" He meant what "-kun" meant. Since Vincent had, for the most part, stayed away from humans, he wouldn't know what all the suffixes of names meant.

They soon arrived at the arcade. Vincent hoped that Kiki understood what he had said the moment before they left for this place.

I hope that she understood that, too. What did you see?

Her father's death when the plane he was on crashed. She blamed herself, believing that she had abandoned him. I couldn't tell if this was a past event or an event that may come to be.

If it is the latter, perhaps you can help her father survive.

Not perhaps. If such an event is about to come to pass, I shall stop that plane from taking off!

You know.... Out of all the people I have ever met, however briefly, you are truly the most ferocious.

I am all of me.

May 15th, 2006, 4:12 PM
"Kun is a suffix added to the end of a name to signify a masculine friend. In short you are my friend and you are a guy! Other suffixes include sensei, sama,san, and chan which all have different meanings. However they are only to be used with the name of another person. Usign them with yourself is considered rude." Kiki explained in greater detail than what really needed to be said. However scince Intel's part of the mind was one of the only ones functioning properly, that and happieness, keeping things simple would require more thought than usual. Upon arriving Kiki headed for an old game in the back called 'Sailor V' and stuck in a quarter.

Waker of Chaos
May 15th, 2006, 6:04 PM
Vincent smiled at the response. Moments later, he also found that she was looking at a Sailor V game. He was more attracted to RPG and adventure games, especially The Legend of Zelda. He picked up The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and walked up to Kiki.

"Have you ever played an adventure game, Kiki?" he asked her. He had never played a Sailor V game himself, so if it was an adventure game, he wouldn't know.

Why do I feel so nervous?!

Ha ha.... Somebody's in looove....


It's true! You're in love with Kiki!

Well, yeah. What of it?

Oh, nothing.... Except that being nervous is part of a first love. I wonder how much you'd be taunted if Sailor Uranus was here....

She wouldn't be taunting for long. Or, perhaps he wouldn't be taunting for long. We don't know yet.

May 16th, 2006, 4:52 PM
"You mean like an RPG? Ya they're pretty fun. I prefer those at home though. I'm just glad they had this old thing here." She said still focused deeply in the game as she neared the high score. Something hit her ending the game but she got enough points to just get seconed place in the score boards.
"It's an older basic fighter. You shoot the bad guys as the mysterious super Sailor V! It was based on her real adventures in London some years ago." she explained.

Waker of Chaos
May 16th, 2006, 6:30 PM
"Really? Here, let me give it a shot...." Vincent put in a coin and started from the beginning. He blitzed through the level without being so much as touched even once, and the final boss was wiped out before it could launch a single attack. The Sailor V in the game posed and did some sort of girlish taunt.

Vincent's score was ranked first, just above Kiki's.

"Well, would you look at that?" Vincent said. "I guess I'm better at fighting games than I first thought." He smiled at Kiki. "I just barely beat your score."

Vincent then walked over to a game based on the final battle from Zelda no Densetsu: Kamen no Majora. It was a three-stage fight, first against Kamen no Majora, then against its morphed, running form, and finally against its raging form. The exception was that the Hero of Time wasn't your character; Sailor V had to face off against Majora.

Vincent inserted a coin and started playing. Kamen no Majora was a difficult opponent from the beginning.

((I hope I got the Japanese title of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask right.))

May 17th, 2006, 2:50 AM
((I wouldn't know. lol))
Kiki smiled.
"I guess I'll have to try harder!" she said. Another game caught her eye. Pac-man imported from America. She walked over deciding to give it a shot losing her first life quickly. The finally she got to the last pellet before losing her last life.
"wow. What a peculiar game."

Waker of Chaos
May 17th, 2006, 5:58 PM
Vincent destroyed Majora's Mask, but it morphed into Majora Incarnate. After beating it again, it morphed into Majora's Wrath. Then, after beating the demon a third time, the battle was over, and there was a scene with the cursed, suicidal moon disappearing into a rainbow.

That brings back memories.

What do you mean by that?

Just that I've seen the moon destroyed before.


"Pacman is a weird game, all right," Vincent agreed, paying no attention to Trista at the moment. "I think I've had enough of arcade games for now.... I wonder if Crown is still active?" He was reffering to a karaoke place that Usagi herself used to love. Perhaps she still does....

((Out of curiosity, do you ever get extra time on the Internet, kokobean22, or are you cut off at 9 every single time?))

May 18th, 2006, 2:25 AM
((Hey! I've been checking up on this place often but I have a question for kokobean22. Is there anyway I could join the RP now? Could I become Sailor Chibi Moon yet? Or would I have to wait?
Sorry if I sounded rude but I would really like to join in it now...))

May 18th, 2006, 2:25 AM
((I get a few minutes after but no. As far as extra time I'm sunk unless I'm babysitting or Mom leaves the upstairs computer on in the morning.))

"Crown? You mean that little Kareoke place in Tokyo? I loved that place. Mushiru and Kotoki would run that and the Arcade next door. You think they have a place aroun dhere like that?" she asked excited to get to talk about Tokyo. She wondered how they were, her friends but then got her mind back on subject and awaited for a response from Vincent listening to the many games in the background.

((You could join in anytime. However noone is Diana yet and if I have to be another character I'll scream!))

May 18th, 2006, 2:31 AM
((I would be Diana. But unfortunately, I don't know anything about Diana and her relationship with Sailor Chibi Moon because I haven't watched Sailor Moon up to there. And I don't know Diana's personality...))

Waker of Chaos
May 18th, 2006, 8:24 AM
((Most of my knowledge about Sailor Moon comes from the live action TV show from Japan, which can now be found here. (http://www.youtube.com) Just do a search for it, and you'll find it. I haven't yet seen Diana in these shows, but I have seen Luna and Artemis. As for other characters, I can take some more if you want.))

"I doubt there's one of those in this town," Vincent replied. He then smiled and winked at her. "But then again, with these skates of mine, I could travel the entire length of Japan in less than a week. What makes you think that I couldn't take you to Tokyo for a visit and not have you back by dinnertime, hmmm?"

Actually, I've never taken anyone with me on a fast trip like that would be.

There's a first time for everything, lover boy.

Don't call me that!

Oh? What's this? The tall and dark warrior has a weak spot?! Oh my gosh!

Enough already! Just because you're another soul within my body doesn't mean that I can't get even with you!

Okay, okay, I'll stop.... Lover boy.


May 18th, 2006, 4:16 PM
"You could! I could see Haru, Kotoki, and thew others?" she asked starry-eyed. She hadn't seen her friends in days and hated leaving them. That was why she had such a sour attitude on the way over in the van.
"But what would mom say if she found out I went to Tokyo without telling her? And if I did tell her she wouldn't allow it." she worried and seeing as how she told her mother everything it wouldn't be too hard for her to find out.

((Truthfully I don't know too much about Diana either. I could do an internet search and you could check there once I find a site. Oh and I'll be gone on Saturday so they'll either have to be a pause or something.))

Waker of Chaos
May 18th, 2006, 6:16 PM
Vincent smiled. "I could. Let me talk to your mother. I'm sure I'll get an okay from her." Vincent took Kiki by the hand and smiled. "Trust me." He knelt so that Kiki could ride piggyback.

"Hop on and ride piggyback. I'll show you that even light itself can't beat me in a race."

You can't be that fast, can you?

Why don't you sit tight and find out?

((Diana's about the same as a younger Luna, really hard to get mad but not obsessed with her duty. Watch out when she does get mad, though!

I don't know much else about her, so finding a profile site would be a good idea.))

May 19th, 2006, 3:59 PM
Kiki nodded and hopped on. She hadn't had a piggy back ride scince she was six so the entire scenario was exciting.
"Alright I'll let you try and talk to mom but she's a little on the stubborn side." Kiki said. She smiled(she smiles a lot!) happily glad to maybe get to see her old friends.

Waker of Chaos
May 19th, 2006, 9:59 PM
Vincent smiled (he can smile a lot as well, despite his dark past) and took off. After 10 seconds past of the world spinning out of control and searing winds (Kiki would be fine, just a bit shaken if anything), they were back home.

"Hey, Kiki's mom-chan?" Vincent called. He shook his head and chuckled at himself for referring to her like that, but he didn't know her name. The moment she acknowledged him, he would ask, "Can we go to Tokyo to visit Kiki's old friends? I can have her back by dinner time."

In the meantime, though, Vincent asked Kiki, "How did you like the ride?"

May 22nd, 2006, 2:31 AM
"Kakui!(It means wow)" was all Kiki had to say her eyes wide with excitement from the rush of the ride. Kiki's mom chuckled from the kitchen.
"You can call me either Komodo-chan or Kokiru-chan if you like Vincent-san." she laughed. She though for a moment while she walked to the front door.
"Alright. Fine. But, if shes not back by dinner you're sleeping outside tonight." she stated. By now she was at the door a sly expression on her face. Kiki would've objected but regardless her mother would hold herself to that so Kiki didn't interject.

Waker of Chaos
May 22nd, 2006, 3:45 AM
"Done!" Vincent said. With Kiki still on his shoulders, he sped off at top speed (about 100 mph) on the highway, to fast for even the policemen's radar guns to track.

His reflexes were so quick, he could easily be mistaken for an extraterrestrial in human clothing. That, of course, wasn't the case; it was actually a gift he was born with. This is why he was so evasive in battle and so skillful a skater. Just to make the trip interesting, he jumped over more than a few cars on their way to Tokyo. He even jumped atop a semi truck and skated its length, then bounced off the hood silently and skated on.

"Hey, Kiki!" Vincent called over the wind. "How about a true daredevil stunt?" Laughing, he didn't bother waiting for an answer. He sped through the gap between two cars and grinded the rail on a bridge above a river, leaning just enough to keep his balance while freaking Kiki out. If he leaned over even an inch more, they'd fall into the river. Of course, such was his plan. He didn't feel like skating on the highway anymore.

"Behold the true meaning of speed!" he declared, literally jumping off the bridge towards the river!

He made sure to keep his skates on the bridge's pillars that held the highway up, speeding their way straight down. At the river's surface, Vincent pulled off the unthinkable.

Placing his skates on the water's surface and keeping his speed up, Vincent (with Kiki still on his shoulders unharmed all this time) sped forward, skating on the water as if it were the highway, leaving a V-shaped wake of turbulence behind them, as if unzipping the river!

"You can open your eyes now!" Vincent called, just in case. "We're skating on the water!!"

May 22nd, 2006, 4:59 PM
"This is soo awesome!" Kiki said as she looked at the water, "You know, you may actually give mom a run for her money." she smiled laughing a bit. SHe couldn't wait to get to Tokyo and see her friends, to introduce them to Vincent and still be back home in time to eat dinner and set her things out for school the next day.

Waker of Chaos
May 22nd, 2006, 6:43 PM
Vincent noticed a youma in the water, trying to keep up and launch an attack. He laughed. "Hey, Kiki! There's a youma trying to catch us! What say we give it a challenge, huh?!" Laughing, Vincent drew his normal twin swords and kept their tips in the water, adding a scar to each side of the zipper.

"I won't need my Sailor powers to take out this one!" Vincent declared. "Speed is the only weapon I truly need!"

The youma jumped into the turbulence, trying to skate with it to catch up. The plan would have worked, except that Vincent knew what was coming.

Vincent spun quickly, forming a tornado underneath him and flying at breakneck speed, still headed for Tokyo!

"CAN YOU CATCH THE WIND?!?!" Vincent's voice echoed across the horizon. Those in Tokyo who knew him (quite a few people, all of whom knew the original Sailor Soldiers, like Motoki) heard and smiled. They got together and planned a reception.

Using the tornado to propel himself, Vincent performed a Double Kaitengiri (spinning slash) attack, tearing through the youma like tissue paper!

The youma, naturally, couldn't take the abuse of such incredible speeds, and thus was destroyed.

"Eat that!" Vincent yelled, sheathing his swords victoriously. He then decided that it was time for another stunt that put the X-Sports (the most extreme of all sports) to shame. Drawing his swords again, he joined them at their hilts, forming the dual-blade he was famous in Tokyo for. There was a waterfall ahead, and they were headed right for it!

"Hang on, love!" Vincent said. He noticed a moment too late that he said "love," and not "Kiki." Too late to turn back the hands of time, though, so he thought that he'd handle it after this.

At the edge of the waterfall, Vincent jumped, throwing Kiki above him. He winked and fell below her, twirling his dual-blade, flipping, and doing all kinds of stunts with Kiki freefalling just above him. At the last minute, Vincent did a frontflip, throwing his dual-blade towards the water, and planting his feet on it like a surfboard, catching Kiki back on his shoulders the exact same way she was riding before! They sped on their way, Vincent riding his blade like a surfer on the oceanic waves!

Vincent started singing a song written by a band from America called Crush 40. It was called "Revvin' Up." The water literally responded by playing the music that went with it!

"Well, at last time has come
Sundays, weekend
It's our turn and let's go
Got weary of waiting for
Let's drive at full speed
It's the thrill of the feel

Get it up loud, put it into the right
Dare to cross the line
So hold on tight
Straight to the top

Revvin' up
You can listen to this aggressive howlin' roar
Burnin' up
You can see fire in the night too fast for you
I'm wild at heart
Don't push me over the edge

Don't hold back I can't wait
Fever's runnin' hot
Yeah, I'm nothin' but hell
I'm gonna step across the line
Gettin' through, drivin' mad
It's the thrill of the chase

Follow my heart, where ever it goes
Pick myself up
Get back in it
I can make my day

Revvin' up
You can listen to this aggressive howlin' roar
Burnin' up
You can see fire in the night too fast for you
I'm wild at heart
Don't push me over the edge

*water guitar solo*

Revvin' up
You can listen to this aggressive howlin' roar
Burnin' up
You can see fire in the night too fast for you
Revvin' up
You can listen to this aggressive howlin' roar
Burnin' up
You can see fire in the night too fast for you
I'm wild at heart
Don't push me over the edge"

((No Sailor Soldiers were harmed in the making of this RP post. And if you can find this song on the Internet and download, great, but if you can't, let me know and I'll send it by email.))

May 23rd, 2006, 4:11 PM

Kiki blushed at the love comment but quickly forgot when the stunt took place. She held her breath or breathed really slowly and quietly. Too little for her to notice anyway. She was excited as she hadn't done anything like that before. Vincent was different than anyone she had ever met. He was daring, courageous, and a little cocky.

Waker of Chaos
May 23rd, 2006, 6:38 PM
Vincent may be a little cocky, but he's been doing stunts like these all his life, so it's not like he's going to be crashing or anything bad like that.

Once again unzipping the river's waters by surfing, Vincent asked Kiki, "How did you like that stunt, love?"

Oh, no.... I called her "love" rather than "Kiki-chan" again....

Needless to say, Trista laughed hard at this. Vincent did his best to maintain his cool, but it was getting very difficult. He never made speech mistakes like this.

What's wrong with me?!

Nothing's wrong with you, Vincent. You're in love, and people who get really nervous around people are naturally like this when they're with someone they really care about.

You're saying that this is normal?

That's right. And thanks to that evil hypnosis thing you did to her, I seriously doubt that she's going to turn you down.

Yes, but.... It's still possible for her to break free if she makes her will strong enough.


There is, if I've done my math correctly, about a 0.000000001% chance of her breaking free from that one hypnotic suggestion. If she does, though, I'd prefer that it be much, much later, so that I don't lose her.... Because if I did lose her, I'd become the very power that originally destroyed the world.... With the power of chaos, I would tear apart the very fabric of existance if I lost Kiki-chan!

Wow.... It's amazing that you care so much for her.... But it's also amazing that you are both good and evil at the same time.... Just like Usagi-chan in the previous life. She was both Usagi and Serenity, and through Serenity, she was also Metaria.

This sounds like a bad soap opera to me.

There was a lot of mental laughter and a physical smile on Vincent's face from that.

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May 24th, 2006, 4:15 PM
((I need it.))

"It was...different. How much longer?" she asked. Trying to disregard the whole love thing.
{Kiki's mind}
Love was all a twitter behind her door and Intel was sick of it.
"It's all fake. She even through away her subscription to Hot Anime Guys monthly! Someone has to show her what's up." Intel left her room and headed down the hall to a pink door. She went in and a Kiki with curly blonde hair greeted her.
"Intel what brings you here?" she said in a southern accent her blue eyeshadow clearly visible.
"I need to look like love beauty. Someone needs to show her a thing or two."
"Okay so that's hair extentions, a makeover and the outfit then? Neat lets get started!"
{End Kiki's Mind}

Waker of Chaos
May 24th, 2006, 6:21 PM
Vincent could sense Intel's resistance.

Perhaps a dose of reality will end this once and for all. I can only hope that Kiki will forgive me.... If she doesn't, it's all over....

"Kiki, I need to tell you something," Vincent said, no longer smiling. "I've fallen in love with you. So, in order to prevent a catastrophe, I placed a single suggestion in your mind while you were in a trance the second time. This suggestion prevents you from falling in love with anyone but me. I did this because there is a prophesy about a dark hero who would become the destroyer god if he had to endure the ultimate pain. What can be more painful than the one person you love falling in love with someone else? Nothing at all. While I understand that it takes time for love to grow, I didn't realize at first that it also depends on trust. I hope you can forgive me for restricting you like that, but it was necessary to prevent my transformation. No one else really fits the 'dark hero' title, and since I've become a Sailor Soldier, it became clear to me that the prophesy was talking about me."

He took a deep breath, waiting for Kiki to say that she hated him and hoped that he choked or something. The only thing that now prevented his transformation into the destroyer god was the hope that Kiki would forgive him. Trista was proud that he finally spilled the beans, but hoped that Kiki forgave Vincent. If Vincent transformed into this destroyer god, Trista's very soul would be torn apart, and there would never be another Sailor Pluto.

Intel could not have missed even one word. Everything should now make sense.

"I'm sorry."

May 25th, 2006, 4:08 PM
Intel took over angers door open again.
"Sorry? you think sorry will help?" she screamed with the help of anger.
"Enough Intel!" Kiki retaliated. She was arguing with herself.
"But...but mistress! He used you! For his own gain!" Intel and Anger replied. As the real life Kiki spoke for each different person her eyes would change from their natural purple to one orange and one red.
"No. He did it for himself yes, but also for the world. Love is not a crime." Kiki replied.
"But forced love is wrong."
"But he's brave enough to admit it. That gives him some credit." Kiki took back over silencing Intel who left for her room beauty upset that she wouldn't get to finish her makeover. Anger's door shut slowly and Anger calmed down.
"Vincent. I'm very dissapointed in you. I'm upset that you would force one of the greatest things in the world on me without my consent. It's goint to take a lot to regain the trust that you just lost." she stated, "But no matter what, you're still my friend. And I can't hate you for admitting that what you did was wrong." she gave him a kiss on the cheek, "And that's your reward for being able to come out and say that."

Waker of Chaos
May 25th, 2006, 6:54 PM
Vincent blushed and brought their trip to a short pause atop a rock in the middle of the river by abruptly stabbing into it with his blade. He let Kiki down, holding onto her hand to make sure she didn't fall. Kiki should notice that he was blushing like mad.

"Kiki.... Thank you.... I could not have met anyone else so forgiving...." Unable to continue with words, Vincent simply hugged her tightly, crying.

Vincent made it a point never to stop and cry for any longer than five minutes, so whatever reaction Kiki has should be somewhat brief.

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May 28th, 2006, 12:37 PM
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Waker of Chaos
May 28th, 2006, 6:54 PM
((I'll sum things up for you. Since your last post, Vincent still had Kiki in a trance. He stopped the fighting that was going on in her mind, then planted a single posthypnotic suggestion in Kiki's mind that she wouldn't be able to fall in love with anyone but Vincent himself. After awakening Kiki from her trance after that, Vincent got Kiki's mother's permission to take Kiki to Tokyo to see her old friends. On their way, Vincent explained what he did after killing a youma without using his powers. Kiki forgave him, but doesn't trust him as much. Vincent apologized and took a five minute break from the trip to hug Kiki and get his feelings out.

Also, kokobean22, I need you to send me an email ([email protected]) so that I can attach the song and reply. JBCBlank, I want you to do the same. I used a song for the trip to Tokyo. They have yet to arrive, but they're really close.))