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March 20th, 2006, 3:30 PM
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Chapter 1

A sad looking boy perched himself in his window sill. He stared out into the clear sky with his golden brown eyes.

His name was Max and he was about to become ten years old and recieve his first Pokemon like his sister had a year ago.

He sighed as he brushed his hand through his jet black hair. "Which one?" He asked himself.

Max was having problems deciding which Pokemon he would choose of the three Hoenn starters that Professor Birch offered.

Suddenly, a yellow and white star like Pokemon floated in and sat next to Max.

"Hi Jirachi" Said Max flatly. Jirachi and Max had been best friends ever since he saved it from a cruel man named Butler.

"What's wrong Max?" Said Jirachi in its usual high pitched telepathy voice. "I can't decide which Pokemon I want" Said Max.

"Oh..." Said Jirachi. It didn't know anything about picking starter Pokemon because it was a Pokemon itself!

Now you're probably wondering why Max doesn't start off with Jirachi! Max promised he would not treat Jirachi as a Pokemon, but an equal.

You're also probably wondering why Jirachi isn't asleep for another thousand years right now! That's because Max and Jirachi were such close friends, that Jirachi decided to stay with Max!

"I don't think I'll choose Torchic since May already chose that one, but I can't decide between Treecko and Mudkip!" Said Max.

Jirachi floated over to Max's head, yellow tassels flowing furiously behind it, as it landed on Max's head.

"Wish Maker!" Giggled Jirachi. May smiled, that word always cheered him up. Jirachi smiled back. It was trying its best to make Max feel better.

"Max! It's time!" Called Max's mother, Caroline. Max's stomech lurched. "I'll go with you!" Said Jirachi, still clinging to Max's head.

Max ran out of his room and down the stairs. His mom was already waiting at the bottom already. "Are you ready Max?" Asked Caroline.

"Uh yeah I think so..." Said Max nervously. "You're taking Jirachi with you? I'm sure you'll be just fine!" Said Caroline.

Jirachi shined at the sound of its name. "Yay! Wish Maker!" Said Jirachi happily. Max smiled again and slipped on his shoes.

When he was done, he opened the door and walked out. Caroline then shouted, "Make sure you come back home when you get a Pokemon!"

Max nodded and ran down the short path to Birch's lab. He flung open the door and surprised the assistant.

"Max? If you're looking for Birch, he went home to visit his daughter, try visiting there!"

Max was surprised, but he knew where Birch's home was so he ran down the trail to his house.

"Unlucky! Unlucky!" Chanted Jirachi. "Yeah, but that's ok, mom wanted me to meet Birch's daughter, he says we're the same age!" Said Max.

Max finally reached Prof. Birch's house and knocked on the door. A young woman came to the door. "Oh it's you! Come on in, the professer is upstairs!

Max and Jirachi walked into Birch's house. It looked cozy, a fire blazed in a small fire place, the paint on the walls looked inviting.

Max walked to the stairs and slowly made his way up. "Professor Birch!" Called out Max.

A large brown haired man in a lab coat walked out of a door to Max's left. "Oh, Max hello! I've been waiting! Come with me!" He said.

Birch lead Max to a room, almost empty except for a small bed and dresser. A girl that looked Max's age sat shyly on the bed.

"This is my daugter, Lily!" Said Birch pointing at the girl. She had shining blonde hair and pale white skin. Her eyes were an Emerald green.

Max stared at her until Jirachi tumbled off his head. "Wish Maker!" It called out.

"Oh you brought Jirachi along!" Said Birch. "Lily likes that Pokemon!" Max nodded nervously then asked, "Do you have all the starters with you?"

"Yup, have you decided?" Asked Birch. "Yup, I want Treecko!" Said Max. Birch pulled a poke ball out a his pocket.

"Here you go, please take good care of it!" Birch also handed Lily a poke ball. "And here's yours"

Lily threw her poke ball and out came Mudkip, a mud fish with cute eyes and a large fin on it's head and back.

Lily smiled at her Pokemon. Jirachi stared at the Treecko that Max had let out of his poke ball.

Was Jirachi jealous?

Hope you liked it! Next chapter soon!

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March 30th, 2006, 4:07 PM
wow! good job Sapphire May!! I like it! ^^

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It's good, why would you want to close it for.

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Yeah, I liked it. Though it was a bit hard to read with the strikeout.

All you have to do to delete it is to edit your post and click the Delete thingy.

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Stop writing so well! I think that you're a much better writer than me.