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March 28th, 2004, 4:28 PM
Hi! I'm new to PC, but I already have a story starting. It's based off the story Blizzard began before he stormed off.

Chapter One: The New Moon
It was a lonely night in Pallet Town. It was the night where you could see none of the moon... just a sky dotted with stars. Snow was falling, and Christmas was close at hand. Children were outside playing under the stars. Christmas was just a week away, and I was anxious because Christmas was also my birthday. I was turning 11 this year, and I had just returned from my Kanto badge trip. I only got 7 of the badges, because Giovanni was just too tough to beat for me. 16 battles and I couldn't even KO a single Pokemon of his. Was it because I was a lousy trainer? Or was Giovanni just a better trainer than I could ever be? Either way, I only had 4 Pokemon.

The one I can really identify best with is Moony, my Murkrow. She's calm and collected, and hates fighting. In fact, after I beat Giovanni for my 8th badge, I plan to become a Pokemon watcher. Somehow Moony makes me feel special, and it's almost like I can understand every caw, every sound she makes. We're like brother and sister... that's just how I feel about her. We share the type of bond that absolutely nothing can break... it didn't matter how hard you tried...

Then there's my Espeon, Sunny. She's a little ball of fur, a very energetic ball of fur. I also have a Machamp named Fury. He's full of rage and has attacked me numerous times. Lucky for him, I never seemed to get hurt. Then there's my Bayleef, Celebi. Why name a Bayleef Celebi, you ask? She acts as if she were actually Celebi herself... kind, generous, and always warm-hearted. Also, she's kind of vain, suggesting she were a legendary Pokemon herself...

I shouldnt be telling you this, though.. The most important thing right now is that you know my past. Get ready for it... okay. The truth is I remember nothing. It's like I was changed or something and then had my mind erased. I wouldn't even know my birthday if my mom hadn't told me so. However, something tells me she's not my real mom... I can't quite put a handle on it, though. Sometimes I wish for just one day I could be a Pokemon. Id just love to have a life free of worries, and to not have to deal with trainers and badges and everything else. I'd give anything to be like that... but something tells me that wish might not be too farfetched... not at all...

March 29th, 2004, 12:53 PM
Chapter Two: The Legend
I slept for a few hours, with Celebi by my side. She kept muttering, "Bay", in her sleep. In fact, I lay my head on top of her as I dozed. She seemed so gentle it scared me. Maybe she really was something else... no. The very idea is impossible. I had a dream last night. It seemed so real, but the fact that I was Celebi in my dream kind of offset that reality part. There were only 2 more days until my birthday. I was wrong; it was less than a week. I woke up, and Celebi yawned. She cried out... seemingly asking me if it was morning yet.
"Yes, Celebi, it's morning..." I said sleepily. "Rise and shine, why don't you..."

She nodded, and the two of us got on our feet. Celebi rubbed my leg with her head. I let out Moony, and she cawed. Moony seemed tired as well... but that's a different story. Anyway, I decided to go to the Pokemon Center. My faithful friends followed me happily, and when I arrived, Nurse Joy greeted me. "Hello and welcome!" I nodded, and took out my laptop. I did a search on Celebi, and found an intriguing site. It told about the legends of Celebi. Here's a little excerpt I remember...
--Celebi: For Real or Just a Myth?--
Celebi is a long revered legendary Pokemon. It has the power of time travel, and often uses it to avert danger. Celebi is said to be a Grass/Psychic breed. However, many questions remain on whether it truly exists... Why, you ask? Well, the last reported sighting was 11 years ago, by Ash Ketchum and two of his friends, Misty and Brock. That's right, I said reported sighting. Not a single person claims they have seen Celebi in 11 years. The reasons are unknown, but experts point this to one conclusion: Celebi may be nonexistential.

That's all I remember. I also found this site, telling of a possible reason Celebi hasn't been seen:
--Celebi: Why It Hasn't Been Seen in Years--
Many experts claim Celebi doesn't exist. However, I know the unvarnished truth: Celebi has disguised itself as a human. It could even be disguised as another Pokemon. No one truly knows. But if it is a human, legends say that a day before the human turns 11, they will revert back to their true form. The same goes for if Celebi is another Pokemon in disguise. Perhaps this isn't true, but it's the best reason many of us can come up with. The day of reckoning is said to be Christmas Eve, but no one knows for sure...

I frowned. If the legend was true... then I might be the one! I decided to ask Wally, my best friend. He greeted me, and I explained the situation. Wally just laughed, calling my story insane and pure fantasy. I reluctantly agreed, and shrugged it off. However, I had a feeling the legend pointed to me... but could it be true?

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March 29th, 2004, 7:18 PM
Chapter Three: A Link Long Forgotten

Today was a day where nothing could go wrong. I was on top of everything, it seemed. Celebi was really sweet and affectionate today. Surprisingly, she wasn't vain at all today. She was even loving to other trainers that passed by. I couldn't help but notice, though, that most people shot weird looks at me. Did they know something was up or what? It was hard to tell, but I knew something was up when Celebi stopped acting conceited and all...
Later that night, just before midnight struck, I fell asleep. I was really tired after the long day. We had trekked all the way to Cerulean City... and I was bushed. I lay my head on Celebi's body, which I did very often. She was happy to offer her body as a pillow, since her skin was so soft...
I was awoken by my head hitting the ground. I rubbed the back of my head, which seemed a bit smaller than usual. I was quite confused, but I realized Celebi had run off somewhere. "Celebi, are you here?" I called. It was no use... no response came back. I did hear something, though. Someone was sneaking up behind me. I turned around, and a young man had his Charmeleon out. The man cried, "Go get him, Tinder!" The Charmeleon nodded, and shot a flamethrower attack at me. I dove out of the way, and the man seemed frustrated. "Try again, and don't let him out of your sight! Ooh, I'm not going to miss this chance... finally after 11 years, I found him. You aren't getting away from me, no sir..."
I thought to myself, ~This is weird... maybe he's just seeing things...~ Then I ran over to the water. The stars were bright, and I could make out my reflection in the lake. What I saw, though, sent a chill through my body. I couldn't believe what I saw...

March 30th, 2004, 1:59 PM
Chapter Four: A New Discovery
"It can't be..." I uttered. I ran, as Tinder had shot more flames at me. "Grass doesn't go well with flames, you know!"
"You can talk?" The young man seemed surprised. "None of the legends ever mentioned that..."
"Well, the legends are obviously false..." I added.
"Who cares? Get him, Tinder!" He nodded, and Tinder chased me some more.
I realized in my new form, I might be able to teleport. I concentrated on getting out of Cerulean, and ended up teleporting to Pallet Town.
Meanwhile, back in Cerulean, the man had let out all my Pokemon. I teleported back to retrieve them, and was very surprised when Moony, Sunny, Fury, and even Celebi all were looking at me fiercely. "Guys... don't you remember? It's me..."
Sunny sniffed me cautiously. After she growled, Moony began cawing at me. Caw caw caw... on she went! By the time she was done, the sunrise had begun. I looked up at the sky. "Christmas Eve... and I've lost it all."
Celebi was brave enough to question my true being. She called out shrilly. She was saying, Who are you?
"Don't you remember me?" I asked. She scanned me carefully, and shook her head. I sighed. "Then I suppose you're all free to go... I have no use for you." Just then Moony flew over to me, and put her wings around me. "Yes, Moony... that's right."
The young man revealed himself to be none other than... Wally! "You, little dude, what's up?" He asked.
"Wally?" I looked at him strangely.
"Wait: how'd you know my name?" Wally looked puzzled.
"Let's just say the legends were true..."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I think you know very well what that means, Wally..."

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March 30th, 2004, 2:51 PM
"dude so cool keep typing!!!"

March 30th, 2004, 3:04 PM
((Well, I asked you to read it, so you don't count Paige. Anyway...))

Chapter Five: Looks Aren't Everything
Wally looked shocked. He stepped back and tripped, warranting a little help from Fury. Fury was glad to help, and seemed to like Wally. It was as if he wanted Wally to be his trainer instead of me... but enough of that. Moony, who was still hugging me with her wings, cawed happily. She cawed a few more times, telling me she was glad to see me, no matter how I looked. Suddenly Fury decided to grab me in his arms. "Fury... you look glad to see me for once..." I uttered. He nodded, and set me down gently.
Suddenly Wally decided to speak. "This is impossible... you're playing a joke on me. Where's my best friend really at? Huh?"
"Wally, calm down..." I said, sniffing the air. "Oh, and use a breath mint, why don't you..."
Moony cawed with laughter. Sunny pounced on me, finally believing I was really her trainer. "So, Sunny, darling, you finally figured it out?" She nodded after I asked her this. She sent me a telepathic message. Here's what she said: 'It's you, huh. Guess I can't deny it any longer, hmm?'
She licked my face as I fought back tears of joy. Now Celebi remained the only one not to understand what was going on... but she said something I never expected...
She cried, "Bay!", and what she meant to say was, "I love you..."

Raichu Master
March 30th, 2004, 3:36 PM
I thought I'd never say this. I ACTUALLY agree with Paige! The worlds going to end, everyone run! And Paige your not in the rp so don't use quotation marks when you saw something! Anyway nice job, keep it up, I'm at chapter 8 on my fanfic. So keep going! I'm really enjoying it.

Man! I usually have some type of helpful criticism when reading fanfics, but I'm to sick to think of anything that makes sense to me.

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March 31st, 2004, 2:15 PM
Hey! oh well this is a great story opps I mean Fan Fic keep up the good work!

April 1st, 2004, 12:45 PM
Chapter Six: The Test
"This is all a trick, isn't it?" Wally's voice shattered the minute-long silence. "You can't be Vince; it's just impossible!"
"Do you think so? Then put me to a test!" I was ready to prove myself to Wally.
"Fine, I will, then. Name every member of my team, in alphabetical order by nickname."
"There's Cheese, your Pichu, then--"
"Aha! Wrong!"
"What? That's impossible!"
"His name's Cheddar now... I knew it."
"You never told me--"
"I told Lance yesterday! You lie..."
"I'm not lying!"
"Yea, and I'm Mew... listen. You aren't Vince, and you know it!"
I frowned. "So I'm not Vince, then..."
"You know it now, eh? Now move your grassy self out of here. I got to find my friend, this time for real..." Wally walked off, but my Pokemon stayed with me.
Moony cawed and hugged me with her wings. She was telling me that she and the rest of my team knew the truth. She also said no matter what I look like, she'd always know it was me... I smiled upon hearing this. I fought back tears, but couldn't hold it for long. Moony patted me with her wing, cawing consolingly...
Wally knew the truth; he just didn't want to admit it. I was going to prove to him, somehow, that I was really Vince. One way or another, he'd understand... but not anytime soon. If I could just change back and forth, I'd get him to believe me for sure. I tried this, but I failed miserably. Moony cawed, still hugging me. I smiled, but I still cried like I had lost my best friend.

paige pelletier
April 1st, 2004, 2:10 PM
awwww! that is so sad you should be an auther! wow this is on the edge of your seat good!

April 1st, 2004, 2:30 PM
((Um, Paige, can't you think of any constructive criticism? I don't want to believe everything you say, post this somewhere else, and get bad reviews. Now lets get back to the story...))

Chapter Seven: A Secret
I spent about 2 hours crying, with Moony constantly trying to cheer me up. I told her I didn't want to be cheered up, and she cawed in agreement. She turned to the rest of my team, and cawed loudly. Some bird Pokemon (Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, the like) flew out of the trees, and another Murkrow appeared by Moony's side. Moony explained that this was her boyfriend, Night. I bowed and graciously offered a hand (or, in Night's case, a wing) shake. Night cawed threateningly at me, and I backed down. Moony cawed angrily at Night, explaining that I was really her trainer caught up in a bizarre mishap. "Moony, it's not bizarre or anything like that. It's destiny." I explained this very clearly, and Night cawed in apology. I nodded, flew over to him, and patted him on the head. He grabbed me in his beak, in a playful manner, and shook me around. I was dizzy when he finally let go, and a little confused as well. "Boy, Moony, you sure can pick them..." I stated, still dazed by the shaking.
Night flew away for a couple of minutes, and returned with a few berries. Each of us, including my Pokemon, took one and began eating it. "This is good!" I said, a little surprised at how much I liked the berry. Moony cawed, and Wally said, "Of course it is, you silly Celebi! Pokemon adore berries!" I looked at Wally, not too shocked he came by, but not too expectant of it either...
"Wally? I thought you left..." I said, somewhat frightened.
"No, I just walked away for a minute. You are having fun, yes, Vince?" He smiled, and nodded to me.
"I guess. Wait, you called me Vince!"
"Sure did. I thought about it, and I trust you. I'll just have to accept my best friend is the one and only Celebi now..."
"Guess I kind of stole your spotlight, hmm?"
"I'll say. I got a secret, though, that'll blow your mind..."

April 1st, 2004, 3:26 PM
Cool story, Plasma!!!!!!!!!!

April 2nd, 2004, 5:09 PM
((Seriously, none of you have any advice? I guess on to Fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net) I'll go, then...))
Chapter Eight: The Truth Shall Be Revealed
I nodded to Wally, smiling. "Um, so what's the big secret?"
Wally got closer to me, and whispered, "There's an island off the coast of Fuchsia City that houses a mysterious mirror. Legend has it, if a being has been transformed from a different state of living, the mirror will show their previous form, change them back to their previous form, and allow free transformation between their last 2 forms. However, no one knows for sure if the mirror works or not. You teleport us to Fuchsia, and I'll show you the island. If you're Vince, all will be fine. If you aren't, you're mine. I have 6 Master Balls from Johto's lottery contest. So if you aren't Vince, then you're mine, Celebi."
I shuddered. Was I really about to risk my freedom to prove myself to Wally? Of course I was! "You got a deal. Though you might want to think twice about this..."
He laughed. Moony cawed angrily at Wally, and he stopped. "Think twice? No way, little man..."
"That's Celebi to you, Mr. Skeptic."
"Right, whatever you want, you got it. So why dont you teleport us already, Vince!"
I obliged, and followed Wally's trail as he led me to the island. There sat the Mirror of Truth, as Wally told me. He walked up to it, told me to fly in front of it, and as I did, the mirror fell on top of me and smashed. It didn't hurt too much, but I was ticked as I could be. I heard the sounds of 4 Master Balls, as they were ensnaring my Pokemon. I growled, and flew out to find that every Pokemon of mine, except for Moony, had been captured. I teleported both myself and Moony out of the area, and we ended up just outside my old house in Pallet. "That was a close one, eh Moony?" I tried to lighten the situation.
I could tell she was crying, though. "Night... he..."
"Yes, Moony, Night was taken from you. I feel your pain, Moony..."
"You haven't said anything..."
"Said anything about what?"
"The fact that I can talk... you're not surprised?"
"Don't be silly, Moony! I knew when I first captured you!"
"You couldn't have... I never said anything..."
"I could tell you were special."
"Oh... Vince, I love you! I've loved you for the longest time..."
"Love as in how a Pokemon loves its trainer?"
"No... This is actual love... I..."
"Moony... I get it. Just don't say anything else, and we'll rescue Night."
"No, Vince, he--"
"What did he do? Did he attack you?"
"Yes, he did. He viciously attacked me, just before you showed up. He might've killed me if you hadn't come along and caught me. Ever since then I've just loved you with all my heart..."
"Be quiet, Moony. So we can just stick by each other... we'll be inseparable!"
She nodded, and cawed joyfully. "Besides, I think Wally's working for Team Rocket now..." She cawed anxiously, as I rang my parent's doorbell. They opened the door, and...

((Thats an official Cliffhanger! Thanks Spon11 for that idea!))

April 2nd, 2004, 5:17 PM
Whoa very VERY cool!!!! Keep going!

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Nice one. Only a few comments. Try seperating quotes from the paragraphs and try typing "seven" instead of "7" Nice job anyways!

and add some stuff in your quptes like...

"I said I'm OK!" I said loudly enough for him to hear. (try adding the bold stuff)

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April 2nd, 2004, 5:45 PM
Your style is much like role playing and you should be using much of a different form rather than that.
...I see that you're using a reply box (correct me if I'm wrong) and you should be more descriptive. As Flames said, you should add those stuff like "He said, she said, they said, he said while standing up...etc".

April 2nd, 2004, 5:53 PM
((Correction, OF. I use the reply button, then I double-check each chapter in Microsoft Word...))

Chapter Nine: You Say You Want a Revolution...
I blinked, as I saw a man and a woman, both about forty, in Team Rocket uniforms. Could these people really be my parents??? I was sure of it, though... the woman had honey golden hair like my mother's. My dad had a teardrop-shaped scar on his left cheek. The man I saw did as well. I whimpered, somewhat frightened. Moony flew off, cawing madly, and I followed suit. Before I could move, however, my mother slapped some cuffs around my legs. Suddenly I dropped, like a rock, to the ground.
"Please don't hurt me!" I begged, hoping my parents would have heart for their son.
They just looked at me and laughed. Moony was gone, and I was stuck with my parents. They looked insane, like some outside force was driving them to be evil. They calmly told me that they weren't going to hurt me. I breathed a sigh of relief.
"No, no, Celebi, we're not going to hurt you. We're just going to capture you." They laughed maniacally, as I tried to vacate the area. I began running, but my mother grabbed me by the head.
"No, no, Celebi, you mustn't run. You're going to be quite the showpiece for our boss..."
"I don't want to be a showpiece! I just want to be with Moony!"
By now I was fuming with anger. My parents gasped, and chuckled.
"Moony? What, your Murkrow girlfriend? You don't need her now..."
"Yes I do! Let me go, you goons!"
"Goons... not the first time we've been called that before..."
"Who cares? I... what is that?"
My mother pulled out a Master Ball. She threw it at me, and I knew instantly I was caught. The ball shook, and I was trapped. The next thing I remember was being in a giant office with a frightening man. My dad was the first to speak.
"Giovanni, sir, we've brought you a gift."
He bowed, as Giovanni smiled.
"Tell me of this gift, Ben."
Ben lifted me up to where Giovanni could see me. Giovanni smiled, and calmly stated,
"I'm pleased. I thought this little guy didn't exist..."
Carefully planning my future, I decided to butt in.
"Well, I do. Do with me what you must, leader."
Giovanni simply smiled and petted me on the head.
"You're so cute... That's right. I am your new leader, Celebi..."
I frowned.
"As much as I resent this, I accept my fate as your servant. What do you desire of me?"
I bowed humbly. I smiled, as I blinked, awaiting my orders. For a few minutes Giovanni alternated between looking at me, then at my parents. He broke the silence by asking my parents how they got me to be so obedient. They simply replied by saying they brainwashed me. Giovanni smiled, and looked back at me.
"Well, since you asked, Celebi, I'd like you to meet your trainer. Wally, come here."
Wally entered the room.
"Wally?" I was quite shocked to hear his name, and called out his name, a little frightened.
"Well, well... so we meet again." He smiled, and shook his head, his blonde hair waving.
"How are you, Wally?" I asked grudgingly.
"Looks like you get to be with your Pokemon after all... even Moony came to me. She must've realized you'd come back to me eventually..." Wally smiled, and patted me lightly. I flew over to Moony and gave her a little kiss. She cawed in a lovestruck manner.
"How cute... Celebi is with his girlfriend again." My mother, named Cori laughed. She nodded to Wally, and called him son.
~I knew it!~ I thought solemnly. Wally had been my brother, and now he was my trainer. Well, I said I wanted a revolution... but nothing like this...

April 2nd, 2004, 6:15 PM
Awesome! Youve inspired me, to make Fan Fiction!!

April 3rd, 2004, 1:50 PM
Chapter Ten: Well You Know...
I glanced around the room, and I leaned in toward Moony, she whispered something to me. Every few words were interrupted by loud caws.
"Vince, I have to tell you something. It's about my speaking ability..."
I look quizzically at my best friend.
"Go on, Moony..."
"The truth is, if even one human finds out I can talk, I'll... I'll..."
"You'll what, Moony?"
"I'll... I'll be turned to dust!"
"Theres no way!"
"Quiet, Vince!"
I covered my mouth, as now everybody was looking at me. Suddenly Cori decided to ask me something.
"Celebi, what's going on? You act like that Murkrow is your friend! Can she talk or something?"
Moony cawed in a worried manner.
"Yes, she can."
I stated this emphatically as Moony pecked me until I fell. Nobody was fooled, though...
"Well, if she can talk, prove it! Go on, Moony..."
Moony simply cawed angrily. I breathed a sigh of relief, but all of a sudden, I saw him. It wasn't my father, Wally, or Giovanni. It was... him! His voice called to me telepathically. I simply stared in amazement...
~Celebi, how could you let yourself get caught? You idiot, what were you thinking?~
"Please don't be mad, sir! I just..."
~You had to go to their house, didn't you? If you had just stayed in Cerulean, you'd be fine!~
"Now what are you going to do?"
~What I should've done a long time ago...~
A psychic blast emanated from his three-fingered hands. His face... I had seen it before. Was it a dream? No, it couldn't be... I pinched myself to make sure. The fact I was still in front of him proved this was no dream. I was about to be eliminated for sure. However, when his wave of energy died down after hitting me, I checked around me. I saw Celebi! Of course, it seemed like the spirit of Celebi or something like that. It flew away, and tears began to fall down my cheeks. I collapsed, and when a cold splash of water woke me up, I was...
((This is cliffhanger #2!))

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April 3rd, 2004, 3:02 PM
My only advice is to make your chapters longer... hope that would be less threatning...

April 3rd, 2004, 4:41 PM
((Hey, I never said go easy on me. This may be my first story ever, but I came in expecting this...))

Chapter Eleven: The Waves of the Sea
I was in the ocean... I couldn't quite understand what was going on, so this fact was my only reassuring blow that I was even alive. My body winced in the cold ocean water, so it felt obvious that I wasn't a water type... I almost felt on fire, with the only pain crusher being the water surrounding me. The whole incident with... with... well, him, was playing back repeatedly in my head. I remembered the three fingers on his hand, the psychic blast spewing from it, and the fact he seemed to know me. I kept thinking about just what happened exactly... it was hard to grasp the pulsating force of the memories I had. What would be my next adventure? Why was I in such pain? Where was Moony? Who changed me from Celebi to human in the first place? When did my life suddenly go awry? The final question was the most important: How would I make amends with myself for all my mistakes? Everything raged in my mind... my new life began now.
I decided the first thing I would do was make my way to the surface. All the motions I made seemed enough to convince me I was human again. Just where did Celebi go in all this mess? I didn't dare to think about that. I swam like my old self to the surface, where I gasped for breath. It was now night out... the moon was out in its fullest form. Had I really fallen asleep for 4 weeks? Or had I died and been resurrected? Either way, I yawned, and searched for any sign of land. I couldn't make out much, but it seemed as if my new home was out in the sea now. I was probably hundreds of miles from any land mass on the planet. When I closed my eyes and rubbed them, my hands felt unusually soft. I caught sight of one, and it was much paler than I remember. Just what had come of my transmogrification? Had I been disassociated from the lands that I once relished? I kicked my legs wildly, wanting some answers...
Clouds were overhead on this lonely night... and a thunderstorm seemed to be brewing. I jumped out of the water... and just as I did, a boat passed under me. I ended up grounding myself on the deck of the boat. It was there that I saw a young man who looked to be just older than my age as a human. He had on a black cap, brown hair, a long golden robe, and what I thought to be boots. He smiled when he saw me, and simply said,
"Hey, you all right?"
I tried to speak, but somehow I couldn't. I just nodded my head.
"Never thought I'd see one of you around here..."
I glared at him. My first thought was:
~What, you never seen a human before?~
The man smiled at me and rubbed my head.
"Seen a human? Man, you must've fallen harder than I thought..."
I gasped. How was it that he knew what I was thinking?
"You're no human, you're..."

April 3rd, 2004, 4:54 PM
Ooh.....this is GOOD!ME WUV CELEBI!^^
What I mean is; continue.^^;

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April 3rd, 2004, 6:21 PM
I am not good at critasizum! and I think the story is perfict!

April 4th, 2004, 10:59 AM
((You might want to think of a fault and think of it quick, paige... anyway that's the end of the story. It's a little late, but APRIL FOOL'S!))

Chapter Twelve: Revelations
I awaited the man's answer as I remembered that I could probably speak telepathically with humans. My arms and neck seemed much longer than usual.
~Okay, so what am I?~
I sent him the telepathic message because I was anxious to find out what had become of me.
"Well, let's just say that you're speaking telepathically to me has to be able to ring a bell. Doesn't it at all?"
I shook my head. What was the man babbling about?
"Well, you act like you've just been born or something..."
I nodded. I knew the feeling very well...
"Well, to be perfectly blunt, you're... um, I can't bear to tell you, so just look in this mirror."
He held up a small mirror and I peered at it. The moment I saw my reflection, I glared wildly at my companion. I was... Lugia! I looked up at the sky, and saw Celebi again. He nodded, and I waved my wing at him. I smiled, and turned back to the human.
~Did you do this to me?~
I was very curious, and the man smiled and calmly replied,
"Of course not! You must be dumber than I thought..."
I thrashed my head at him, and I ended up striking him.
"What gives? You act like you used to be something else..."
~Oh, if only you knew...~

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April 4th, 2004, 2:23 PM
Ok I think you need more female characters ok the stunk!

April 4th, 2004, 2:24 PM
((Are you accusing me of being gender-biased?))

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April 4th, 2004, 2:56 PM
...Plasma, you should maybe ignore some people's comments. I think your story is quite interesting but I still want you to make your chapters longer. I want a 10-15 minute read not a 2 minute read. Good job anyway and ... you don't have to do those ((__)) stuff... It's fanfictions not RPs ^^;

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April 4th, 2004, 3:07 PM
(epp sorry caps lock!!)

April 18th, 2004, 2:20 PM
Chapter Thirteen: A Seperate Piece

Notes: Okay, that was a real rip-off title, but I am using it properly. Okay, here we go... and ~___~ is telepathic speech by Lance, formerly Celebi, and now, Lugia.

"If only I knew what?"
Suddenly the man was quite interested in me.
~You wouldn't understand.~
"What wouldn't I understand?"
~It's a winding story. Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you, but I dislike being called dumb. It's rude and appalling.~
"I'm sorry, then, too. By the way, my name is Gary Oak. You know, you're quite small for a Lugia... are you a baby?"
~I'm only 11, so maybe I am...~
"11? You're implying a human trait there..."
~That's because I was human, you freak!~
"You think I'm a freak!?"
Gary seemed quite furious.
"You're the freak! You're trying to get me to believe you used to be human? Well, I ain't buying it!"
I grabbed him by the collar with my mouth, and flung him towards the nearest landmass. I couldn't tell if he landed on land because I threw him so far...
~What did I do to deserve this?~
A voice was calling me from behind. Turns out it was Wally, surfing on his Dragonite, Star.
"Hey, Lugia," Wally stated plainly.
I was quite shocked he was all the way out here.
~Where am I?~
"You're way off the coast of Dewford. What's a Lugia doing all the way out here, though?"
~Think carefully, you dolt.~
Wally shook his head in thought. Suddenly the proverbial light bulb flashed in his head.
"I get it now, you're Lance!"
~Gee, how'd you know?~
I had a sarcastic tone.
"Who else would call me a dolt?"
Wally grinned, satisfied he'd found me. I simply growled at him.
~I'm still ticked you're with the Rockets, Wally.~
"Eh, I quit the Rockets. Actually, I got kicked out."
"Because I insisted on finding you to return your Pokemon..."
I gave his face a little lick.
~I suppose we can still be friends, then.~
"That's only if you want to be friends, though."
I wasn't sure whether a Lugia could smile, but I did my best effort to.
~I'd love to be your friend. Hop on, and I'll give you a ride back to Pallet.~
"You know the way?"
I shook my head.
"Don't worry, I'll help you out..."
He hopped on my back, and I took off. Star came out behind me, and I went in the directions Wally pointed towards. It took several hours, but we finally arrived in Pallet Town again. As soon as I landed, I put Wally down and gave him a friendly nudge with my head. It was good to have my best friend back...

Notes: I know this chapter is short, oni flygon, but I personally prefer making more short chapters. I promise my next story will be better...