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March 29th, 2006, 8:17 AM
Please can anyone tell me how to fix this picture i made. I see a big white blob around it:


_____ ____

March 29th, 2006, 9:13 AM
Why not just make the background transparent in-game?

March 29th, 2006, 9:44 AM
Yeah, i know but...

HOW :cheeky:

I just save it as .GIF, .everything! Nothing works... (So far as i know >.< )


March 29th, 2006, 11:22 AM
When you are importing the picture into the game, click on the white, which will make it transparent. Also, don't save as .gif. Save as .png.

March 29th, 2006, 12:17 PM
You can save it as a gif, but png works better. here is the battler with transparency turned on.
here is it in a png file:

March 29th, 2006, 1:36 PM
Then save it as a Bitmap. Oh, and make the Transparent and the Translucent colors the same, which should be the background.

March 29th, 2006, 9:11 PM
Yaaaay! It Works! Thnx Everybody!!!! :d


March 31st, 2006, 8:37 AM
Ouch, sorry for the next post, but anyone have to say something..............

Oowh, man! Maby you all can help me twice! Here's my next ask:

How to set the battler/player at place one or place two?

I think you can change it wit the script, but im not a technololololoboy..(*)(*)


March 31st, 2006, 10:57 AM
A lot of Scripting :3 Try learning RGSS.

March 31st, 2006, 11:09 AM


March 31st, 2006, 11:49 AM
Coding for RMXP. Just open the script editor to edit the scripts.

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
March 31st, 2006, 12:17 PM
Whats the difference between png and jpg

:t003:Dark Venusaur

March 31st, 2006, 12:19 PM
From the picture i'm confused. You want the player to be on both sides of the monsters? What you want is a sideview battlesystem. Go to RMXP.net or LRPGM.com to look at thier Battlesystems.

png is a better quality for better sized image format. When i opthimised them, the jpg file has limited ways to be compressed. If i wanted to, i could compress the png file to be palet based and it would be around 1kb. But i figured he might edit the picture.

March 31st, 2006, 9:48 PM
No, tdata, its just: I like to place the battler/player on place 1 OR place 2. But, something around the monsters. ^__^


March 31st, 2006, 11:06 PM
like he said. Get a Side-view Battlesystem at RMXP.net.

April 1st, 2006, 8:12 AM
Oowh, thnx

Ive never heared from that site ^_^

dark heart
April 22nd, 2006, 5:08 PM
hey u don't always have to make ur own scrips, u can also request to those who can and search them up in google.

April 24th, 2006, 7:12 AM
Where can you request them? Is there a 'request ya Script' thread...?? :\

April 26th, 2006, 7:17 AM
i see your dutch :)

dit is waarschijnlijk wat je wilt
side-view battle (http://www.phylomortis.com/resource/script/scr005.html)

April 26th, 2006, 9:21 AM
how do you make the white transparent lol i cant spell

April 26th, 2006, 10:47 AM
Uuh, look above :S

Oh, ik heb het al gevonden!! Bedankt!!!!!!!!!!

Toch ik heb ik nog een vraagje........!
But, i have another question.......!

Heeft er iemand veel trainer sprites van POKéMON???
Do anybody haves much trainer sprites from POKéMON???

April 29th, 2006, 1:06 PM

Cuz nobody say something, i have to say!!

*I even can make a new thread, but that was too much....*

--- I download a game maked with RPGXP. Then while i play it, i cant see the text!! Everybody says something about a font. But what is that????!! *Yeah, a lettertype... XD*

April 29th, 2006, 1:16 PM
Ok, most games come with the font. (BTW, which ggame are you playing?)

Anyway, to play the game, you must install the font that is used. To do that, do the following.

1) Open C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
- NOTE: I do not know what letter your drive is, so replace it with C.

2) Open the folder the font is.

3) Highlight the font, right click it, and click copy.

4) Go to the Fonts folder you opened up earlier.

5) Right click, then click paste.

6) Enjoy the game.

April 29th, 2006, 11:48 PM
!~thnx~! You Helped Me!!!! Really Thnx!!!!^ =d

April 30th, 2006, 8:17 AM
No problem. Just come to me with all your questions. If I can't help you, then post here and someone else can.

May 7th, 2006, 2:57 AM
~~ I have another question... Uuh, it isnt really a question. ~~

Can anyone give a link to the site where to download RPG Maker 2003, or attach it?
I cant found any download for RPG Maker 2003... And you can use a Face there ^^

The Dash
May 8th, 2006, 3:26 PM
Sorry mate but we cant give out downloads to RPG Maker 2003 as its classed as "Wares"

May 8th, 2006, 8:57 PM
~~ How do you mean?... ~~

May 9th, 2006, 2:21 AM
RPG Maker 2003 was pirated, illegally trnslated, and distributed for free.

May 9th, 2006, 11:47 AM
~~ ... Ooh.. Ok... ^.^; ~~