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April 2nd, 2006, 4:03 AM
Well, here goes another shot at a fanfic. I've posted up a few before, and I know they haven't gone over well. But hey, we're going to give it another shot. I've improved greatly since you've last seen me (As Mew13 or Phantom Mew). So, welcome to my newest fanfic!

Comments, as always, are quite welcome!

Chapter One: What Fantasies Are Made Of

The cave was dark tonight. Not that it wasn’t normally, but tonight seemed worse. Alexakai shuddered and pulled her dampened bathrobe tighter around herself. The fleecy material was usually a comfort against her pale skin, but in the storm, it seemed to weigh her down. At least the rain washed away the blood…

Tears mingled with the raindrops clinging to her rosy cheeks as she sat on the rock ledge at the back of the cave. She cried softly and sniffed, pulling on a loose thread at the hem of her robe. She only wished she had grabbed her umbrella or something when she ran out. Then again, she hadn’t really had the time.

Alexakai sighed and tugged on her long, blond hair. She knew she would have to go back. There wasn’t much of a choice for her. She was only sixteen and currently unemployed. She lost her last job due to frequent absences. It wasn’t that she was lazy or irresponsible… But at time, she really didn’t have a choice. Truthfully, Lexa wanted to hold a job. She wanted to save up enough money to get off of this God-forsaken farm. She dreamt of getting out of Montana and never looking back. She wanted to escape.

She winced as her hand brushed across her jade-green eyes. It wasn’t often that her father would leave a bruise where anyone could see. She would have to cover his tracks now.

If she didn’t, the next time would be worse.

Thunder boomed as a flash of lightning cast a harsh light over the world for a brief moment. Alexakai jumped in shock and irrational fright. She trembled and calmed herself mentally. He would come after her again tonight. He’d passed out hard on his own bed. He was whiskey drunk, and that would hold him all night. With a little luck, he’d stay under the next morning, and she could get a decent breakfast. With a little more, the hangover would be bad enough that he’d leave her alone after school tomorrow.

Alexakai moaned in dismay as she felt something hot running down the insides of her thighs. She spread her legs apart and touched the moisture. Licking her fingers, Lexa tasted her own blood.

Her father had been rougher with her tonight than usual. Normally, he took care not to make her bleed. He hated it when his dick got unnecessarily dirty like that. But whiskey made him bold. Lexa was a little worried. On the rare occasions that she bled now, she’d stop soon after he was finished with her. Afterwards, the wounds inside her had never reopened…

Alexakai choked on a sob as the hellish images played behind her eyes. She could feel his weight crushing her slight frame. She could hear the hungry moans and grunts echoing in her ears. It was like it was all happening again. It was all she could do to hold back the screams.

So instead, she cried. She curled up in her damp, now slightly red, bathrobe and sobbed. It had been like this for almost as long as she could remember. The physical abuse started at age six, when her mother died and her father had turned to the bottle for comfort. Lexa was eleven when her father “started teaching her how to please a man.”

The storm raged and howled outside of her cave. The hollow rock formation was the only place on the inherited farm that her father didn’t know about. Their closest neighbors lived ten miles away, and on a farm, that was a long ways to run. This little place on the edge of the looming Rockies was the only place she COULD run to.

Slowly, she stemmed off her tears. It was getting cold, and she was getting soaked in rain leaking from the roof of the cave. Lexa shivered as her teeth started to chatter. She would have given anything to be in her bed tonight. She’d just washed the sheets so they didn’t smell like her father’s excitement. She knew she’d be warmer in the quilt her mother made her than here. But it was just too dangerous to go home.

Her eyes began to droop. It was cold, and she was shivering, but tired. She snuggled up against the rock wall. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad once she fell asleep… It wasn’t like it was the middle of winter. Hypothermia wouldn’t set in for another good portion of hours, and she’d have to go home by then…

A small, pained whine reached her ears. Lexa was slightly annoyed as she opened her eyes. Looking around, she didn’t see anything. Then again, it was hard to see much at all in the gloomy darkness. Grumbling, she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

The whining continued.

Alexakai bolted upright, her wet hair splaying around and sticking to her neck. She pushed herself into a standing position. Her legs were like rubber underneath her. Taking a few, shaky steps, Lexa looked around again. As she was walking, she felt her toes touch something warm and soft.

Lexa was a little shocked. She hadn’t really expected to find anything. Kneeling down, she reached out to touch it. Soft flesh cringed away from her touch. Alexakai frowned and reached out again.

No, please, came a weak, fevered voice. Please, just let me be. Not again. I can’t handle it all again! Please!

The voice faded back in to whining. Alexakai blinked a bit. For some reason, the voice sounded like it was in her head. She shook off the feeling.

“Hush,” Lexa whispered tentatively. “I’m not going to hurt you, but you have to let me help you. You’re hurt.”

Feverish moaning was her only reply.

Lexa reached out again to try and figure out where this person’s injuries lay. As her hand moved out, a flash of lightning illuminated the entire cave. The nearly blinding light revealed to the wide-eyed girl just what she was dealing with.

The huddled form was rather small. A triangular head was lying against the muddied floor. A long, white neck splattered with mud and blood curved awkwardly to attach to a rounded body. Triangles of blue and red stood out against the white. Small arms, legs, and wings were lying haphazardly extended from the body.

It was a Togetic! A Pokemon from her fantasies!

But, Pokemon didn’t exist. They were just made up fads for kids. They were nothing more than the substances of the fantasies that she used to escape from her harsh reality. How she had always dreamt they were real!

Lexa shook her head. It couldn’t be! They WEREN’T real!

The injured Togetic moaned again.

Lexa sighed and scooped up the small bundle. Steeling herself, she struck out of the cave on a path for the house. The pouring rain soaked the pair as Alexakai stumbled back to the house through the mud. She stopped under the awning of the porch, catching her breath. She stroked the Togetic’s head in an effort to calm it down.

She slowly opened the front door and peeked inside. Her father was nowhere to be seen. At least, for now.

Dear Lord, what was she getting herself in to?

April 6th, 2006, 3:31 PM
No comments? Well... All right... Here's chapter 2 then.

Chapter Two: Floorboards and Flowers

Alexakai grimaced. She hated this old house. At least at night. When the wind blew, it made the walls and floorboards creak. It always made her jumpy, and tonight was worse than usual.

She wiped up the last few puddles of muddy water on the hardwood floors. She couldn’t afford to leave any tracks. She wasn’t even really sure how she was going to keep the Togetic hidden. This wasn’t just a stray kitten. This was a mysteriously appearing, previously animated creature! If her father found that she was wasting food and medical supplies on a pet, he’d beat her. If he found out it was something strange and almost magical, he’d sell it off to the highest bidder online.

She tossed the soiled towels into the washing machine. Lexa didn’t turn it on, lest she wake her father. With a steadying breath, she creepy in to the kitchen and bathroom, gathering supplies. Alexakai was deftly aware of every crack and creak under her feet as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

Lexa closed her the door softly behind herself as she entered the bedroom. The injured Togetic was curled up on a pile of soft towels atop her bed.

Sighing a little, Alexakai pulled on a pair of soft, lilac-colored pj pants and a black-hooded sweatshirt. The fabric was wonderfully warm against her skin. She turned a small lamp that stood on her bedside table on. It’s glow was much more inviting than the sporadic lightning that still flashed outside.

She drew her heavy curtains closed to block out the light. She couldn’t take any risks of her father seeing the light from his first-story bedroom. Sitting tenderly on the edge of her bed, she set to work.

Lexa dipped a washcloth into a bowl of warm water and cleaned the cuts that laced its back. The little Pokemon made no noise of protest as she worked, bandaging the deeper wounds with strong cloth bandages. Intended for equine or bovine use, Alexakai discovered that they worked wonderfully to bind a sore sprain. Now, they served a new purpose.

Alexakai stashed the dirty towels and washcloth under her bed and tossed the water quickly out her window. Wiping her hands, Lexa walked back over to the bed. She laid the Togetic down on a soft, fleece blanket and wrapped it up snugly. The creature stirred a little and coughed softly.

Lexa smiled and nuzzled her bundle. As she sat cross-legged on her bed, she couldn’t help but feel strangely happy. She’d never had a real friend before, and maybe this little one would be her first!

The thought sparked a tiny glimmer of hope in Alexakai’s darkened soul. She pulled her no-longer-so-clean quilt around herself and the bundled-up Togetic to ward off the stormy chill. Dipping her finger in a glass of milk, she held the moisture to the Togetic’s mouth.

To her delight, a gentle pink tongue tentatively came forth to lick the mild. A pair of black eyes blinked open.

Lexa giggled for a mere second before thinking better of herself. “Hello,” she whispered. “How are you feeling, little one?”

The Togetic yawned. Hungry.

Lexa smiled a little. “Well, I can fix that,” she said, dipping her finger back in the mild.

Togetic pulled the finger into her mouth and sucked off the milk. Wait, came the tiny voice in her head. You can hear me?

Lexa nodded, taking a slice of wheat bread and dipping it in the mild. “Yeah. Is that strange?”

The Togetic took the offered bread. Only so much as the rest of this, it whispered. Where am I?

“In Montana?”

Montana? Where is that?

“In the United States!”

Is that north of Jhoto?

Lexa blinked. “You sound like you came right out of the game!”

Togetic merely looked at her. Game?

“Well, that’s where you came from, isn’t it? The Nintendo game?”

The Togetic suddenly started struggling against the blanket it was wrapped up in. No, no, no! They haven’t succeeded! I won’t let them! I have to run! I have to hide!

“Whoa!” Alexakai whispered. “Easy, little one. Easy. Ill keep you safe, I promise. Who’s after you?”

The Togetic snuggled against her chest, noticeably relaxing. Team Alashan, a team dedicated to turning all Pokemon they lay their hands on into part Psychics to enchance out abilities. The transformation is painful, and most of us die in the process. I’m one of the only to survive, and apparently, their first real success. I think I’ve Teleported exactly where they wanted me… I think I’m across the void…

Alexakai blinked. “Void? You mean the Pokemon world exsists? Really and truly?”

I know it does, the Togetic replied dryly. After all, I live there.

Hope’s light was flooding through her now. “Can you go back? Can you take me back with you?!”

Slow down! It takes a lot of power to do what you’re asking! I’m too weak to even fly right now!

“Forgive me, my friend,” Alexakai said, growing red with embarrassment.

My name is Kashira the Togetic smiled.

“That’s a lovely name,” Lexa giggled. “My name is Alexakai, and I’ll make you a deal, Kashira. If I can get you back to health, will you see if you can get us both out of this hell hole?”

Kashira looked at her curiously. And back to my own?

“I promise I’ll keep you safe.”

The Togetic smiled. Well, we can give it a shot!

Lexa smiled back and yawned. She gently flopped abck on to the bed, Kashira giggling as they descended. Lexa smiled and nuzzled her new friend. “We should try and get some sleep, though. Tomorrow’s going to be rough.”

Kashira snuggled against her chest again happily.

Alexakai was just drifting off to sleep when Kashira spoke again. Alexakai? What are those? she asked.

Lexa blinked her eyes open and looked around. “What are what, Kashira?”

That bundle of leafy stuff…

She smiled as she realized what the Togetic was talking about. “When my mother was alive, she used to take me out to pick flowers. When she got cancer, we couldn’t go pick them so often. Just before she died, I went out in to the meadow again. I picked her that boquet and brought it to her at the hospital. She dried it, and when she passed away, I took it home. That boquet and the book we pressed and labeled flowers in are all I have left of her.”

No pictures or home videos or anything?

“Nothing. Father destroyed all of that. He doesn’t want to remember anything about her.”

I don’t know who my mother is either. I hatched inside the Alashan lab, Kashira whispered. I don’t have any family

Alexakai smiled gently and softly rocked Kashira back and forth. “You do now. We’ll be each other’s family. Neither one of us will have to be alone again.”

Kashira didn’t answer right away. The little Pokemon was slowly drifting off.

Never again… she said softly before falling asleep.

Iron Mankey
April 6th, 2006, 6:13 PM
Great stuff. First chapter is delightfully dark and morbid. Post more soon, and keep being awesome.

April 7th, 2006, 8:55 AM
Really nice Story :)
Can't wait for the next chapter ^_^

April 8th, 2006, 5:22 AM
You see, love, now you have other people agreeing with me. :P Having already heard/read the frts, lookinf at the second is a well-done continuation with further plo development. If there was any more on the Togetic's background, I would say it was a trifle too soon, but you avoided that trap very well.

April 17th, 2006, 6:39 AM
Aye, agreed with the others above. You gave us a bit of detail on the Togetic, but not enough to actually let us know what's happening to it. It keeps the reader intrested, or, at least me. n_n I'm hoping to see more soon.

May 2nd, 2006, 5:46 PM
Thank you for the comments, and for those that care, I'll have Chapter 3: Path of a Comet up by the end of the week!

May 4th, 2006, 6:10 AM
Well, Nat, you know what I think. *smiles* Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing the next chapter.