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-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-
April 2nd, 2006, 4:52 AM
Welcome to BrokenWing's Sprite thread!

Now I struggle at these, but here are my first ever 2!
Frion (fry-on), a Grass/Water type.
Foriona (Fry-oh-nah), the evoloution of Frion, a Flying/Grass/Water type.
Mrufang (Mroo-Fang) A Water/Ice type.
I'm no good at these.
A digglet looking at an Eclipse.
Dugtrio looking at an Eclipse.

Can 'ya guess?

Frozeon, The Ice Eeveeloution.

More soon!

Prince Peasley
April 2nd, 2006, 4:53 AM
There cool! Keep it up! Could you make a sprite of the Evolution of Buizeru?

Great Chikorita
April 2nd, 2006, 5:09 AM
Not bad for a starter (even if I'm not a spriter), but there good! keep it up! 8.5/10

Let me guess your mix...
Hypno + Lunatone + Spinarak + Krabby? or
Hypno + Lunatone + Corphish?
Let me know Plz...?

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
April 2nd, 2006, 5:46 AM
The Scratches are nice 8/10
The shadings need more work 5/10
Your mix its pretty okay for the 1st timer 7/10

:t003:Dark Venusaur

-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-
April 2nd, 2006, 8:48 AM
The mix is a basic mix of Kingler/Hypno!
Anyways, I'll try and do the Buizeru Evo.

April 2nd, 2006, 8:55 AM
The shading isn't the best and the outlining is downright terrible.

-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-
April 3rd, 2006, 7:12 AM
Oh thanks for the love...

Kurosaki Ichigo
April 3rd, 2006, 7:42 AM
I knew it was Kingler/Hypno Mix that was prett obvious the left arm could of used more work to not look like the thin arm of Kinglers, the Scratch is pretty good i must admit, as for the Eclipse ones, their pretty decent.

April 3rd, 2006, 4:29 PM
These are really nice! ^^ although the Hypno Kingler mix looks odd t' me...

but anyways, I really like 'em! :D keep it up! ^^

-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-
April 6th, 2006, 10:17 PM
I've added Frozeon now! Have a look!

Kurosaki Ichigo
April 6th, 2006, 10:19 PM
Heh, thats a nice idea, bit like my Rock Eeveelution, called Onixeon.

-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-
April 7th, 2006, 4:58 AM
Mrufang has been added! Check it out!

Prince Peasley
April 22nd, 2006, 7:50 AM
... I don't see mrufang and Frozeon..

April 22nd, 2006, 7:55 AM
If the Dugtrio are looking at the same eclipse, why does each of their heads have its own round shadow?

Prince Peasley
April 22nd, 2006, 8:13 AM
Ah i see the frozeon now! Not super but it's not bad either !