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April 6th, 2006, 10:43 AM
Okay! So I was inspired by the many contestshipping fics on here and decided to do my own! Actually, I have been planning on writing this for a while now, but the reading of others on here made me actually get to it. ^^;; So anyway, here we go:

What About Love?


The crowds cheering, the bright lights shining in her eyes, the smell of the previous competitor’s attack still lingering in the air; these were the things that called her back to the stage. Not just any stage though, but the stage of a Pokemon Competition. A young girl sat on a small bench, excitedly awaiting the judges’ decision on who would make it to the semi-finals. Her chestnut brown hair hung on either side of her head, and she played with a piece of it absentmindedly as she waited. The suspense was killing her. Why must judges keep people waiting like this? She took a moment to reflect on her appeal. She had used one of her most trusted pokemon, her Combusken, with a combination of Fire Spin and Sky Uppercut to make a whirling torrent of blowing flames. It had been quite spectacular, and May was quite pleased with it herself. She had gotten a fairly high score, and though she knew that she would make it to the semi-finals, there was always that small doubt in the back of her mind. The doubt annoyed her; she knew she had done well, why did it haunt her so? Why couldn’t she be more confident, more sure of herself like other coordinators she knew? Well, that wasn’t quite true, she had been over-confident before, and it proved just as emotional and risky as being under-confident. She nodded to herself, yes, it was better to be a little unsure than too sure of yourself, that way you won’t act pompous.

“Hey May!” came a male’s voice; May looked up to see a good friend of hers.

“Oh hi Ash,” she replied, sounding a bit nervous, “Where’re Max and Brock?” She looked at the boy with the red hat, focusing for a moment on the green pokeball symbol that was printed on his headgear.

Ash put on a grin, “Brock saw a couple of girls selling some popcorn, so he went to get some. Max followed him to make sure that’s all that Brock went to get.” He knew his older friend all too well, and completely agreed with Max’s decision. Ash may not have understood all of the subtle ways of romance, but he would truly be a fool if he hadn’t realized his friend’s attitude towards women after more than a couple years of traveling together.

“Ah, yes that sounds like Brock all right,” May agreed, chuckling a little. She was beginning to get a little older herself… and she often found herself wondering what love felt like. Her cheeks flushed a little pink as she though about how embarrassing it would be to ask Ash, but she found herself strangely compelled to do it. He had always seemed like a mentor to her, ever since he took her under his wing when she began training.

“Ash have you ever liked someone?” she asked the older boy. She gasped a little after she had said it, realizing how that must have sounded.

The boy before her merely gave her a blank look, his eyes blinking a few times and his mouth slightly open as he pondered the thought. After a few seconds of silence that seemed to last too long for May’s comfort, he shrugged. “I don’t know… uh, maybe,” he said, looking a bit bothered by this question he didn’t truly understand, “I’m not really even sure what you mean. You mean like as in love, right? Well, I’ve never loved anyone; I don’t think. I’m not sure, I don’t really know too much about love.”

May relaxed a bit, though she was afraid that she had made him too uncomfortable, “Oh, well I was just wondering. It’s just… Brock’s always falling in love, and I always wonder what it must feel like.” She smoothed out the stomach of her red shirt a little, hoping Ash would just go away now so she didn’t have to feel so nervous. Why did she ask Ash anyway? He never seemed to get anything about love. He probably thought that she liked him now…. No, wait, that couldn’t be, because that would contradict her earlier thoughts on how he never understood love. Ash poked his hat a little with his right finger, and then spoke to the yellow pokemon on his shoulder.

“Pikachu and I should really get going then, right Pikachu?” he said, looking at Pikachu and then May. Pikachu smiled and gave a few words of support to May. The girl blinked, suddenly realizing that she had gotten so used to seeing the yellow mouse on Ash’s shoulders that she hadn’t even noticed it through the whole conversation. Ash then nodded to May and turned to the door, walking out of the room with Pikachu giving a last glance at May from his shoulders.

Standing up, May noticed just how nervous everyone else was in the room. Some had their heads in their hands, knuckles turning white as they gripped their chins or cheeks in anticipation. Others seemed to be going over their own mistakes in their appeals. The room was really very quiet. It was a plain room, a strange off-white color that you couldn’t quite place, and it had lockers lining the walls, painted an odd blue color. Benches, such as the one May had been sitting on, were along the middle, it gave the appearance of an athlete’s locker room. There was a large television screen that hung from the ceiling at the end of the room, this being how the judges and announcer relayed messages to the competitors. May looked at the clock and realized that the last person must be getting done with their appeal now, and soon they would know who the semi-finalists were. She wished Ash had stayed; she really needed some support now.

Suddenly, she realized that someone had appeared to the right of her, and she looked over to see another boy. This was also someone she knew, but unlike Ash, didn’t travel with throughout the region. He had a confident smirk plastered on his face—this did not surprise May, for this boy always seemed the epitome of sureness.

“Hello Drew,” she said, not sounding very excited. She was really quite annoyed with that smirk, and she desperately wanted to wipe it right off with a well-placed slap. However, common sense and manners always held her hand back. Not to mention, the boy may usually behave a bit pompously; but he was her friend, and she didn’t like to intentionally hurt friends.

The boy didn’t turn his head to look at her, he just kept his eyes closed and his smirk on as he spoke to her greeting with one of his own, “I saw your appeal. Combusken looked great. You should really save it for battling only though, it just doesn’t have the same amount of poise and style that your other pokemon do.”

May could have killed him. Here she was, nervous and excited about her appeal, and what does he do? Tell her that she was horrible; that’s what! He may not have said those exact words, but in May’s mind, he had just shot an arrow through her stomach and was laughing at her pain! How dare he do that to a friend! She composed herself though, and tried to look as if the comment had bounced right off of her mind.

“Oh, well, that’s just your opinion. I think that Combusken did great and I think its style was great too!” she said, throwing on a very fake confident smile. She would not let him see her bothered by his remark. She was not some rookie anymore, she should get at least a little respect! Drew remained in the same position, though he ruffled a bit of his green hair with his right hand, something he did quite often to look cool. Well, at least that was what May assumed it was for.

When he remained silent for about ten more seconds though, May began to get impatient. She lost the fake look she had been sporting, and threw on an annoyed face. “What?! What is it already! I know you want to say something so just say it Drew!” she said, her voice rising in volume a bit. She really did despise that smirk.

“I have nothing to say,” Drew replied coolly, tilting his head ever so much in the opposite direction, “It seems you already have it all figured out, so why should I waste my breath?”

If May had been the holder of any remaining confidence, it had now seeped away onto the floor below her. Why was he always so cruel to her? They seemed like friends one minute, and then bitter rivals the next. He was always right too, and it made her so frustrated that she could never be the one so confident, with that smirk painted on her face, ruffling her hair to enhance her coolness.

“Good!” she said to him with a definite angry note in her tone, “I didn’t ask for your- your advice anyway! I hope you and I both face off against each other in the semi-finals, because I so want to beat that smirk off of your face!” She actually had a faint tinge of pink to her cheeks again, though this time it was from a combination of embarrassment and anger. She wanted to crush him, to throw a smirk at him when she finished beating his precious Roselia and Masquerain.

Drew smiled inwardly. That was more like it. He enjoyed seeing May fired up and passionate about winning, not nervous and low on confidence. It was so easy, and amusing, to make her mad at him; he truly did enjoy it.

“I hope so too May,” he answered, the smirk on his face widening.

Comments and criticism most welcome! I know it's a little short, but it's just a little prologue to the real first part. The first chapter will be longer, probably about 9 pages or so in MS Word. Just thought I should say that. ^-^ And thanks for reading!

Alter Ego
April 9th, 2006, 7:52 AM
Ehh...I meant to comment on this when my computer started acting out, so now that the problem is fixed...

Well, I'm not exactly an expert on the contestshippy stuff, but this does look like a nice little fanfic this far. ^^ Despite being a bit on the short side, as you noted, the prologue functions fairly well and does set out a nice starting point for things to come.

What did bother me a bit, though, was your description of the characters. Now sure, they're the anime characters we all know and (Generally) love, but a bit more basic descriptiveness might be in order. This far the only things we've gotten in the way of description are their hair colours and a brief reference to May having clothes and Ash having a red hat, so if my image of the boys was based solely on that...eh...let's just say that it's an image I'd rather not dwell on. xD This could just be my own sticklerish desire for details, though, so don't read too much into it. Beyond that, the only correction I can suggest this far is to add a hiphon to 'absentminded'.

Well, that's it, I'll probably have more to say once the plot develops a bit, although that first exchange between May and Drew is rather cute in my opinion. D'aww...Drew really cares and May's just not getting it. ^-^