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Joey, a ten year old kid, had lived in Phenac City all of his life. He was very happy that he lived there. He had been to all of the other towns except The Under at least once in his life. He even watched a colossuem match at Realgam Tower, which had been given to the owner of Mt. Battle after all Cipher members were arrested. But he wanted to go to a different region, away from Orre. However, he couldn't go. He couldn't go because there were at least 10 miles of desert surrounding Orre, so you'd have to go through all that desert to get to the shore. Even then, you would need a pokemon that can surf so you can go to another island since their was no port. You could use a flying pokemon to fly you, but the population of bird pokemon had greatly decreased. The only place to find bird pokemon in Orre now is at the peak of Mt. Battle. His only pokemon was a Makuhita, which couldn't help him get to another land. He could use a desert cycle, but his family wasn't all that wealthy and couldn't afford one. The only reason he'd been to all of the places he'd been because he went with a friend. His family didn't train pokemon much, and he got his pokemon as a birthday present. It was only at level 10 and wasn't very strong. He couldn't level it up because all the other trainers he knew either didn't like battling or had high leveled pokemon. He stopped going to the Pre Gym because he knew everything that they taught. He and his friends were going to go to The Under in a week to check it out. He heard it was full of strong trainers and had two colosseums. He also knew that there was a group of kids called the Kids Grid, which was the reason he was going. He wanted to meet the kids in it. Once, when he was watching TV at his friends house, he saw an ad for a desert cycle that was also a boat called the Double Dominator. He decided to make a fundraiser to help him get it. He tried to get it into the Phenac City Times, but the editors rejected it. He decided to make flyers and put them around the city. I said "Help Joe Grant raise money to get a Double Dominator desert cycle by sending between 1 pokecent and 5 pokedollars to him." After a few days, he had raised 50 pokedollars. Double Dominators cost 1000 pokedollars. It was only three days away from his trip to The Under.

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oooooooooooooo interesting

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Chapter 1

Joey woke up, brushed his teeth, and did all the other stuff that he did when he woke up. Then he went to his friend Bens house. He went there because today was the day he, Ben, and his other two friends, Sam and Nick, were going to The Under. Joey just walked in. None of the houses had doors since all evil is thought to be gone from Orre again. Inside, he saw Ben, Nick, and Bens dad.
"Hi Ben. Hi Nick." Joey said.
"Hi." replied Nick.
"Hi." replied Ben. Just then, Sam came in.
"I'm here." said Sam.
"OK, lets go!" said Bens dad. They all walked out of the city to Bens dads desert car. It was oval shaped and had 3 rows of seats. It had no wheels, so it hovered. They all got into the car.
"Hey Joey, how much money have you raised so far?" asked Ben.
"Only about 100 pokedollars." replied Joey.
"You've still got a long way to go." said Sam.
"Yeah, I know that." Joey replied.
In the desert car, they drove through the desert, past Pyrite Town, and stopped at the elevator that lead to Under Colosseum. They got out of the car, got on the elevator, and started going down.
"OK, you kids go find the Kid's Grid and I'll buy tickets for the next Under Colosseum match." Bens dad said when they got down. Joey, Ben, Nick and Sam walked out of the colosseum. They saw a small UFO. They walked on it and it brought them to the other side of the city.
"That was cool." said Nick. They continued through the city, walking around. They got lost. Then, a tall girl with brown hair wearing a golden bikini top and blue denim shorts walked up to them.
"Hi. Are you lost?" she asked.
"Yeah. Do you know where the Kid's Grid is?" asked Sam.
"Yeah. It's near the satellite dish." she replied.
"Thanks." said Ben. Then the girl walked into a nearby building. Joey, Ben, Nick and Sam found the Kid's Grid after about five minutes of searching. They walked in and went down the stairs. A girl with a Breloom noticed that they were there.
"Hi, I'm Megg. Who are you?" she asked.
"We're Ben, Sam, Nick, and me, Joey." replied Joey.
"OK. Why are you here?" Megg asked.
"We wanted to come here while we were in The Under and check it out." said Nick.
"Oh, OK. Talk to Nett. He's in the other room." They walked into the other room and saw a kid.
"Hi, are you Nett?" asked Nick.
"Yup. Hey, there's more evil in Orre. I found something on my computer. There are only two members, but there are going to be more. At least there should be." said Nett.
"What does the leader look like and what's the name of the evil group?" said Ben.
"I don't think there is a name for the team, but the leader looks like this." he said as he made a picture appear on his computers screen. It was the same girl that they had saw earlier.

April 3rd, 2004, 4:32 PM
Well, does anyone like my story so far???

April 4th, 2004, 2:37 PM
Chapter 2

Joey, Ben, Nick and Sam looked amazed. "That's the girl that told us where the Kid's Grid is!" said Joey.
"It is?" said Nett. "Where did she go after she gave you directions?"
"I think she walked into the hotel." replied Sam.
"We have to go there!" said Nett. They all ran to the hotel and went into it.
"Hi. Did a girl wearing a golden bikini top come in here?" Nett asked the guy at the hotel desk
"Yeah, she just left." replied the guy at the desk.
"Did she say anything about where she was going?" Nett said.
"I don't know." replied the guy at the desk. "She was talking about her pokemon to someone I think."
"That means she's a trainer..." Nett said to himself. Nett, Joey, Ben, Nick and Sam walked out of the hotel.
"I need to train pokemon if we want to ruin her plans. I can go to a different land on my Double Dominator I'm getting." said Joey.
"Yeah. And I heard about someone in Phenac raising money for one of those. Is it you?" said Nett.
"Yeah, It's me." said Joey.
"OK. Let's go back to the Kid's Grid." replied Nett. They went back to the Kid's Grid.
Nett opened a cabinet and took out money and a P*DA. "Here, have a P*DA so we can communicate with eachother while you're gone and 900 pokedollars." said Nett as he handed Joey the stuff.
"Thanks a lot!" said Joey. He put the P*DA in his pocket and the pokedollars in his other pocket. "I think we should go back to the Colosseum."
"Yeah, my dad is probably waiting for us." said Ben. "See ya, Nett." said Ben.
"OK, bye." Nett replied. Joey, Ben, Nick and Sam went back to Under Colosseum. They saw Bens dad when they got there.
"Hey, kids. Sorry, but there are no more tickets for the next battle." said Bens dad.
"Oh well." said Ben. "Let's go home." They went on the elevator, got in the desert car and went back to Phenac. Joey ran home.
When he got into his house, he ran up to his mom and dad, who were watching TV.
"Mom, dad!" Joey said. "I got 900 pokedollars from a kid at the Kid's Grid!"
"Wow!" said Joey's dad. "We already have 140 pokedollars."
"You can have the rest of the money, mom and dad." said Joey.
"Thanks." said Joey's mom. "I'll go take down the fliers." Joey's mom ran out the door.
Joey sent the mony he needed to buy the Double Dominator to the company that made them. A week later, he got his Double Dominator in the mail.

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nice story but will it be a game ? :cool:

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no it won't.
i made it up.

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:P odd but cool at the same time :)

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ok but it can be a nice game :)

make a book of it and sell it for money :)

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it would be a cool game but hard to make because in the next chapter Joey goes to Kanto

next chapter soon!

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nice i will be waiting :)

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Chapter 3

Joey immediately got his P*DA and e-mailed Nett:
Nett, I finally got my Double Dominator! I've decided to go to Kanto to raise pokemon. Then, when I'm ready, I'll come back and ruin that girls plans!
Then, he opened the box. It looked like any other desert cycle except had bouys under it that didn't touch the ground. It was colored red on the top and blue on the bottom. Joey told his parents that he was going. Then, he went to his friends houses and told them that he was going. He then got on his speeder and went into the desert. Joey had bought goggles before he got a couple days before he got the cycle so the sand and water didn't hurt his eyes. He saw lots of ground- and rock-type pokemon like Sandslash and Graveler. Then, a Golem started rolling at him. Crap, thought Joey. He turned, but the Golem seemed to be chasing him. Just keep going. He'll stop following you when you get near the water. He won't catch up to me. Joey thought. But the Golem was gaining on him. He tried going faster, but he was already at the max speed of 100 mph. Then, he saw the ocean in the distance. I'm going to make it, Joey thought. The Golem was only a foot away. It bumped into the Double Dominator, but it was still rolling. Then, Joey went on the water. The Golem went strait into the water. He stopped and looked behind him. He saw some bubbles coming out of the water. The Golem had drowned. Joey kept going. It was pretty dark outside. The ocean glew a yellow color because of all of the Lanturn underwater. Suddenly, his P*DA started making noise. He had gotten a reply from Nett. When he opened the e-mail, the screen said "downloading" for a split second and disappeared. Netts message appeared.
Hi. I sent you a global map. It should've downloaded when you opened my e-mail. Now you can see the global map if you go to "map" in the main menu of the P*DA. See ya.
Joey opened the map. It showed a red dot in the middle of the ocean. South of it was a landmass labeled "Orre," Northwest of it was "Hoenn," and east of it was "Johto/Kanto." He turned so he faced east. He then zoomed in on Kanto. He saw a large island with a volcano, caves and a large colosseum. He decided to go onto shore on the town just north of the island. He started going toward Kanto. He saw massive Wailords leap from the ocean everywhere. Then, they started to try to attack him. They zoomed at him with their mouths open. "Damm*t!" said Joey. He went to the max speed. The Wailord were just as fast as he was. He saw a large volcano over the horizon. He eventually zoomed past it. Then, he went straight onto the lend of Pallet Town, his destination. The Wailord immediately turned around. Joey hid his cycle in some grass and decided to sleep until the morning.

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sorry i mean we want more :)

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Chapter 4

When Joey woke up, he got an e-mail from Nett. It read:
Hi. I found out the name of the new team: it's Inoxic. And the leader's name is Rachel. So far, she only has 5 members. More on this soon!
Joey decided to wait to reply to him. Joey looked at his map. He was in Pallet town. He walked into the main part of the town. He saw a large lab. He walked into it and saw a guy who looked around 20. He had spikey brown hair.
"Hi. I'm Joey." said Joey. "I need to know where I can train my level ten Makuhita."
"Hi. I'm Prof. Gary Oak. But you can call me Gary." said Gary. "Well, the trainers in the route just North of this town have pokemon weaker than yours. Hmmm... would you like another pokemon?"
"OK!" replied Joey. "Which one?"
"Well, I have a Squirtle and a Nidoran Male."
"Hmmm... I'll have the Squirtle, I guess."
"OK." said Gary as he handed Joey a shiny premier ball with a Squirtle in it. Joey took it.
"Thanks. I'll be leaving now." said Joey. He started to leave.
"Oh, and the Squirtle is level seven!" Gary shouted to Joey as he was walking out the door. Joey nodded in reply.
When Joey got outside, he walked towards Route 1. While he was walking through, a school girl walked up to him. "Hi. Are you a pokemon trainer?" asked the girl.
"Yup." replied Joey.
"Then lets battle!" said the girl.
"OK!" said Joey. They walked unti, they were a couple meters away from eachother. Joey took out his Squirtle's premier ball and threw it underhand in front of him. "Go Squirtle!" he said before Squirtle came out of its pokeball.
"Go Ratatta!" said the girl as she threw a pokeball out in front of her.
"Use Water Gun Squirtle!" said Joey. Squirtle shot a small blast of water out of his mouth. The girl watched as it crashed into her Ratatta. It looked a little weaker than before.
"Ratatta use Tackle!" said the girl to her Ratatta. The Ratatta ran and leapt towards Squirtle. Squirtle moved to the left a little and the Ratattas attack missed.
"OK quickly water gun the Ratatta!" said Joey quickly. He shot a quick blast of water at Ratatta and Ratatta fell on its back. The girl stared at it for a second.
"Return, Ratatta!" said the girl as she withdrew her pokemon. "Go Pidgey!" she said as she threw another pokeball. A pidgey came out of it.
"OK Squirtle tackle!" said Joey. Squirtle ran at the Pidgey and leapt at it. It hit it and some feathers came off the pidgey.
"Pidgey use gust!" said the girl. The pidgey put its wings back and then shot them forward, creating a small tornado. It went into squirtle and he fell down. Then it jumped up again.
"Use water gun quickly three times in a row!" shouted Joey. Squirtle released three quick blasts of water from his mouth at Pidgey. The pidgey fell down.
"Return, pidgey..." said the girl as she withdrew her pidgey. Joey withdrew his squirtle.
"Good battle." said Joey.
"Yeah, I guess..." said the girl. Joey continued walking through the route and entered Viridian City. He bought some pokeballs and walked into Route 1 again. He saw a Pidgey and released his Squirtle.
"Water Gun that pidgey squirtle!" said Joey. Squirtle shot water at the pidgey. The pidgey looked weak, so he threw a pokeball at it and caught it.
"Yes! I caught my first pokemon!" said Joey. Then he walked back into Viridian City.

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And it's not Team Inoxic, it's just Inoxic.

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nice .i will e waiting for the next part

ps:part 2 of my story is online too but your's is beter and bigger :)

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u can see a sprite of Inoxic Leader Rachel in my sig

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