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April 21st, 2006, 1:42 PM
Anyway, this is my very own poetry thread. I'll try to keep a steady stream of poems going so that this thread doesn't die. ^^ Here's one...

(A lot of these poems might have things about God and religion in them, so if you feel offended, then please don't post and leave me be. That will make matters much easier =D)

My Search for God

As distant as a wishing star
Was God to me, for years.
So far, my prayers were never heard,
Unseen were all my tears.

Where was God? I didn't know!
I thought I'd done my part,
But never once had I invited
God into my heart.

He came as soon as He was asked,
He brought with Him, his peace.
My soul was flooded with his joy,
My search for God, could cease.