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April 22nd, 2006, 6:29 PM
This would be my very first story and it's sort of based years after the the Digimon Frontier. I would base it after Digimon Savers but I have no idea the plot and how the story ends so it's going years after the Digimon Front Seasons.

A Legend Starts

A young girl with red, wavy hair which is up in a ponytail finds herself in a dark dungeon of some sort. Her deep emerald green eyes looks around her. Everything is blurry. All she could see was fuzzy faces looking at her. She begins to struggle finding herself being pinned to something. The voices she could hear come to her in echoes mixed with others. The faces she saw was not human nor anything she knew of. They looked scary, vicious and dangerous to her. Yet one voice echos over in her mind on top of the others.

"She is the chosen one. We must take it out of her before she awakens."

Before anything could happen, she could hear a high pitched machine coming on and yet everything to her was blurry. She tries to blink her eyes many times to make it clear to no avail. She begins to feel a sudden pain that seems to be moving near her chest making her scream out in a silent scream. . . .

She woke sitting up in her bed. Her breathing deep, heavy and quick. She places her right hand to her eyes in an attempted to clear her mind. She began to breath slowly, letting her breathing return to normal.

"That dream. . . It's been happening since three years ago. I can't even sleep in peace like I use to. . ." she said in a calm relaxed voice as she pulls off her covers and gets out of her bed.

She begins to make her way to the mirror where she looks at herself. Staring back to her was what looked to be a silver fox face. Jumping back in shock she rubbed her eyes again and looked into the mirror only to find her own face.

"Did I just???" she asked herself out loud when a knock came to her door. "Come in." She said as she turned to look at the door.

In came an AngeWomon.

"There you are. I've been trying to wake you up for hours now. You really need to get alarm clock," said AngeWomon.

"Sorry. It just. . . Can we talk?" asked the girl.

"Sure. What is it Sakuya?" asked AngeWomon sitting down on the bed.

Sakuya walked over to the bed and sat down next to her.

"Well. . . For three years now, I've been having these weird dreams. Only. . . Everything is blurry. Faces, the building I'm in. It's weird. . . Almost as if I've been their before. Like it some part of my hidden past," said Sakuya as she giggled afterwords. "Sounds silly doesn't it?"

"Yes it does. . . You'd better get going. The others will be waiting for you," said AngeWomon handing Sakuya her clothes.

"Thanks," said Sakuya as she got up went into the bathroom.

AngeWomon sighed worriedly.

"Three years ago, she was their. When we found her, she had no idea who she was. Where she was. No past and at the time. . .No future. I took her in and raised her as my own knowing all too well she was one of them. Humans that were born into the Digital World. Rare and legend. . . but it is true. Those rare and legend humans born in the digital world. . .are destined for something that no other humans have attempted in the past. The birth of a new tamer," said AngeWomon as Sakuya ran out the door.

"See you later Ma!" shouted Sakuya as she ran down the street of one of the white paths.

Sakuya's home was just a few yards away from the nearest town known as Data City. A place filled with millions of data, scientist, and many different types of digimon. Here were also humans who were granted safe passage to live in harmony with the digimons in the Digital World as were the digimons granted safe passage to live in harmony with the humans in the Human World. However, before Sakuya made to the entrance she fell down a whole screaming loudly. She landed on her back and groaned as she slowly sat up.

"Ouch. . .That really hurt," Said Sakuya as she looked around.

The place she fell into was a dark cave and the only light was where she fell in. She stood up and started to walk foreword.

"Strange. . . I know I should be trying to find a way out but. . . somehow. . . I feel drawn to venture further in," Said Sakuya.

The walls of the cave were rugged, yet looked to be a pearly color. Her walking made her way to a very large opening where everything was dark excepted a single light beaming down from the ceiling in the middle of the opening. Their, as she could see was a pillar in the shape of what looked to be a human in armor statue holding up something in the palm of it's hands. Sakuya began to walk toward the object and found the statue seemed to grow small the closer she got. Than, upon reaching it, she glanced down. Their was a large orb crystal that was purple and yellow swirling around each other, yet it was no form. As she brought her hands out to touch it, the mouth of the statue opened up which startled her to pull back her hands. Their in the mouth as a strange looking device. It was Silver and Pink and looked to be a mix device of the D-Tector and the D-Arc.

"What is this?" she asked when she heard a voice echoing which made her gasp in surprise.

"It is the 3D Arc," echoed a soft, calm, and soothing voice. "It is the key to your destiny oh chosen one."

"My Destiny? What are you talking about? I'm just a normal girl nothing more. What could I do with a stupid device as this?" asked Sakuya.

"With it. . . you can protect the world from the growing darkness. As we speak. . . many digimons are beginning to lose their minds and grow very wild. But this is what you must decide. Should you take the 3D-Arc it will awaken your true powers inside and your destiny will be made. If you choose not to accept this power, it will never come to you again," echoed the voice as Sakuya closed her eyes.

Suddenly, around her she could feel a soft, warm feeling as she opened her eyes. She gasped in awe at the sight of pink, glowing beams flying up almost as if they were spirits. They flew around the cave lighting it. The walls of the cave began to glow with each passing of the lights making it a color of pink pearls. She looked to the 3D-Arc and took it in her hand. The spirits around her began to dance quickly and fly causing huge winds to surround her. Than in the blink of an eye they slammed into the orb upon the statue as it glowed and exploded into a radiant purple and yellow colors. The orb had turned into what looked to be an armor of some sort. It had the head of a fox and the purple armor formed under it with two tails coming out of it. Her 3D-Arc shined as the armor glowed and shot into the 3D-Arc. As the 3D-Arc finished it's download the cave began to crumble and shake as she began to give slight screams. She shut her eyes tight and brought her arms in front of her.

Tapping her shoulder was a red, gloved paw.

"Hello? Earth to Digital World come in Sakuya," said a males voice as Sakuya opened her eyes.

The cave she was once standing in was gone and the place she was at was outside on the path to Data City. She looked around and than to the blue, furred husky k-9 digimon.

"What happened Gaomon?" asked Sakuya.

"I don't know. I was coming to meet you and I saw you fall and get up. You were like. . . walking in your sleep. It was very weird and than you started talking in your sleep walk. What in digital's name happened to you?" asked Gaomon.

"I don't know. I just. . ." she paused when she felt something in her right hand.

She lifted it out in-front of her and opened her hand to reveal the Silver and Pink 3D-Arc. Gaomon blinked and sniffed it.

"Hey, where'd you get that?" asked Gaomon.

"I. . . Found it in a cave?" she said more in a questioned answer than an answer.

"Man. . . You humans are weird. If I stay friends with you. . . It might start rubbing off of me," said Gaomon as they started walking to-wards Data City.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakuya as she clipped the 3D-Arc on her belt.

"I don't want Humansydes okay so. . . try not to give it to me. I heard it could be lethal to a Digimon health," teased Gaomon.

"Hey? What'd you say that for? I'm not contagious!" exclaimed Sakuya.

"Yeah? Tell it to the other digimons," said Gaomon as he took off running.

"Gaomon?! TAKE THAT BACK!" she yelled as she ran after him and Gaomon laughing.
I've drawn my character, however, I don't have a scanner to get her on my computer. So until I get one you'll have to go with what I got.

April 26th, 2006, 5:20 PM

Birth of an Ancient Legend

Sakuya was walking away from the City caring an arm load of books in which she had pressed against her chest and her arms wrapped around them. A look of softness and excitement were present. Running up from behind was her blue furred friend.

"Sakuya wait!" yelled Gaomon as he caught up panting.

"Gee. . . Why didn't you wait for me?" asked Gaomon as Sakuya smiled.

"Because you are the slowest digimon I have ever known. A Sakuya crawls faster than you." replied Sakuya as Gaomon growled his ears hung down to his sides.

"Easy for you to say. You're human." Gaomon bluntily said as Sakuya looked to him.

"What's that supposed to mean? Why is it that every time I seem to be better at something than you, you seem to get on my case that it's because I'm human. . . Well. . . It's not! I love everything about the Digital World and can't wait to explore this. . . Human World we are learning about in class," said Sakuya as Gaomon snorted.

"Well. . . Never mind," said Gaomon when he stopped short.

His ears perched high as they began to twitch. Sakuya was walking and noticed that Gaomon wasn't with her. She stopped and turned around to look at him. He had stopped and he had a look of something terrible was happening.

"Gaomon?" asked Sakuya as Gaomon growled.

"There's danger nearby," said Gaomon as he dropped his books and ran off to the right heading right into the forest.

Sakuya gasped which shock at the books left on the floor.

"Gaomon! You can't just leave your books!" shouted Sakuya as she growled and picked up the backpack full of books and put it around her back as she turned to walk after Gaomon.

"Digimons," she murmurred.

Gaomon ran as fast as he could and came to a sudden halt to see a ghost like digimon attacking humans. He ran in ready to take the ghost down.

"Gao Punch!" shouted Gaomon as he lunched himself to wards the first Bakemon with his fist back.

The Bakemon turned to see Gaomon and chuckled as he flew higher into the air which caused Gaomon to miss his target. He stopped and turned to growl at Bakemon as he laughed.

"Oh looky here, a rookie level digimon wanting to take 'em down. Do you think you can handle it?" asked the Bakemon as the little girl smiled at her hero.

Gaomon turned growling looking up the Bakemon.

"I can destroy you easily," growled Gaomon as he ran again to wards Bakemon who smirked and flew down to wards Gaomon.

Sakuya ran to the scene and gasped seeing another Bakemon quickly flying up behind Gaomon as he ran. Sakuya dropped her books.

"Gaomon! Watch out behind you!" shouted Sakuya as Gaomon stopped and turned his head.

"Ghost Chop!" shouted the second Bakemon as he slammed a karate chop on Gaomon's muzzle hard sending him falling down to the ground muzzle first.

The first Bakemon flew down also ready to attack.

"Ghost Chop!" shouted the first Bakemon as he slammed his karate chop on his back knocking him out.

Sakuya clutched her fists and began to take down the backpack from her back and stomped over to the Bakemons who were laughing at Gaomon. The little girl was trying to wake up Gaomon by shaking him.

"How could you gang up on a powerful rookie digimon you dirty sheets of data waste," said Sakuya sternly angered at the ghosts as they stopped to turn around to look at her.

"How dare you call me us a dirty sheep of data waste you freak of a human," Shouted the First Bakemon.

"Perhaps we shall make you pay. Friends arise!" shouted the second Bakemon.

From the ground eight more Bakemons suddenly flew up from under the ground chuckling and smirking at Sakuya as Sakuya giggled enviously.

"We shall see how powerful a mere human is by attacking this poor child," said the First Bakemon as they turned to the little girl who gasped and stepped back screaming as the Bakemons advanced to wards her.

Sakuya growled as she suddenly took off at full speed to intercept the two. To the Bakemons, they saw a glowing image of a black ghost fox appear in front of them.

"How dare you. Wisteria Punch!" shouted the black fox ghost as she turned and lunched herself to the first Bakemon and punched him in where the stomach would be forcing him back to fly into his friends all shocked.

As the ghost black fox landed, Sakuya was in it's place as the Bakemons all got up shocked.

"How?" asked Bakemon.

"She's a Renamon in disguise," said the Second Bakemon.

"That's impossible. The Renamon race has been destroyed," said another Bakemon.

"Since when are Renamon's black?" asked the second Bakemon as the first growled.

"Attack!" shouted the first Bakemon as all the Bakemons charged.

Before anyone could react, the digivice of Sakuya began to glow and shinned brightly stopping the Bakemon to shield their light as they all screamed.

"That power. . . It's pure spiritual?!" wondered the first Bakemon.

Sakuya gasped as she turned to see the little girl transform into an data core colored purple and a ring of data stripe around her.

"I've been searching for you oh Chosen One. A great evil has awakened in the Digital World and only the Chosen Ones can stop it. All you have to do is accepted my power and awaken the true you," said the object in front of her.

"Your. . . Power?" asked Sakuya confused and awed at the beautiful purple light.

"Yes. . . We are a part of each other. I am your awakened spirit that was extracted from you. If you chose to accepted my power, you will find yourself whole. If you don't accept, I and the power I hold will never appear to you again," said the object as Sakuya smiled and nodded her head.

"Than, let's do it. I'm tired of these Digimons thinking I'm nothing because I'm human," said Sakuya as she reached out and took the orb while her 3D-Arc shined brighter.

"Execute!" she shouted as she held the data core/stripe in front of her and ran the top of her digivice to it.

"Spirit Power Digivolution!" shouted Sakuya as a bright purple light engulfed her in purple flames as her body began to change inside.

A purple armor began to form to her shadowed body. Her hair grew longer and flew up wards as the fox like helmet flew down and slammed into the orb causing an explosion. The purple fox metal helmet showed the eyes glowing black and she held up her right hand as a silver circle object flew down and transformed into a Priest's purity staff.

"SakuyaSetmon!" she shouted as she appeared in front of the group of Bakemons.

Her body radiated the power of pure spiritual powers of holiness. This purple armored humanoid fox glanced at them. Her hair which would have been normally silver was jet black as was the traces of gold on a Sakuamon were black. Instead of a the Yin Yang symbol their was a four point star with the bottom shape turning to the end of the j. Spikes out to her forearmed gloves. The Bakemons stood their.

"That's Impossible. . . Sakuyamon cannot be alive! They were all destroyed starting with the baby forms," shouted the First Bakemon.

"Fools. . . I am not just a normal Sakuyamon. . . The spirits of the Renamon race called out and their mourning and sorrowful cries reached my spirit upon digivolving. . . The Sakuyamon power wasn't enough to take the new evil down. . . I am SakuyaSetmon. . . legendary goddess of spiritual power. Now you must all pay for your wrong ways of taking sides with the evil. It's time to purify you," said SakuyaSetmon as the Bakemons circled around her all chuckling.

"That doesn't matter. . . You are only one. . . What could you do against us ten. Attack!" shouted the first Bakemon as SakuyaSetmon sighed.

"So, you will not surrender your powers to me? Too bad, your lose," said SakuyaSetmon in a calm, clear, relaxed voice as she closed her eyes while holding her staff in front of her.

Just as the Bakemons were a few inches away she opened her eyes as the ground around her and underneath the Bakemon's began to radiate a spiritual power.

"Spirit World Mandala!" shouted SakuyaSetmon as she slowly touched the end of her staff to the ground causing the Bakemon to stop as if frozen in time.

"What is going on?" asked as one Bakemon as the circle flew up exploding around SakuyaSetmon as the Bakemon's cries were as their data burst into dust and formed into a data core with a spirit stripe wrapped around it.

As the attack faded SakuyaSetmon brought her hand out to reveal her 3D-Arc showing it to the others.

"Data spirit download," she shouted swinging her digivice out as all ten moved in to her digivice.
Okay, this is like my first real story and I thought I did a good job. I could get a little more descriptive, but I am limited in my mind. I'm used to seeing pictures to help me out. Anyways, Gaomon is one of the new Digimons from Digimon Savers. . . I'm not so sure what his attacks are, but I've seen one of his attacks which is a spinning punch though I don't know what he says to execute it. The Bakemons and Gaomons belong to Bandi where as SakuyaSetmon is my creation. Basically a darker version of the Sakuyamon. Set is an Egyptian God and that's why the Set was in it. I don't know the full history of Set but I am currently studying it right now so I should have it set and ready.

April 28th, 2006, 5:15 PM

The Power Within
Part 1

SakuyaSetmon stood their as she turned to look down to her fallen, passed out friend and smiled lightly as he started to groan and slowly wake up blinking his eyes. He noticed he was in the presence of someone and quickly jumped up and back ready to take on the one who casted a shadow. He growled looking up to SakuyaSetmon.

"Where are those ghosts? You must be their leader. . . I'll destroy you," said Gaomon as SakuyaSetmon giggled.

"Gaomon. . . It's me. No need to worry. I'm not just a human know. . . I'm also a digimon," said SakuyaSetmon as Gaomon tilted his head.

He noticed the bright glow of SakuyaSetmon as she closed her eyes and brought her arms crisscross her chest as she grew shorter and more slender than before. Her once known nice bodily formed muscles faded. As the light disappeared from SakuyaSetmon, she turned to look at Gaomon who's mouth dropped open.

"How that?" questioned Gaomon as Sakuya smiled.

"Don't worry about it Gaomon. I'm all fine and dandy," she replied happily as she turned and walked to the backpack and picked it up for Gaomon. She turned to hand it over.

"Here. Next time. . . Take it with you and leave the hero stuff to me now," said Sakuya as Gaomon grumbled taking the backpack and putting it on as they both began to walk away.

Sakuya stopped to pick up her books and pressed them against her chest as she wrapped her arms around them and continued walking.

As they walked, Sakuya was deep in thought as was Gaomon. He was wondering how Sakuya could have digivolved into a digimon. Sakuya could feel the emotions around her and this made her worry. It was as if the Digital World's Digimons who died by something great and powerful made her feel the urge to do something about it. She has never felt this new feeling before and it made her worry. Gaomon turned another direction walking to his home. Sakuya kept on walking forgetting she was walking with Gaomon.

"Hello?! Sakuya! Good Bye!" shouted Gaomon as Sakuya heard his voice and turned to look at him.

"Uh. . . Yeah later," she replied as she turned to walk to her house over the hill.

She went into the door and went right to her room.

"Welcome home honey," greeted AngeWomon as Sakuya didn't respond.

Sakuya walked to her room and sat on her bed after she dropped her books. She sighed and looked at her 3D-Arc.

"That was strange. How was I able to do that?" asked Sakuya as she looked in the mirror across her bed.

"Maybe I'm like the last known humans who became Digimons threw something called Spirit Evolve with mystic armors of the elements," said Sakuya when her 3D-Arc glowed.

"You are far more than the past tamers," replied a familiar voice as Sakuya looked around.

"Where are you? Who are you? He did you get in?" asked Sakuya as the voice giggled playfully.

"I am your awakened spirit and I know what will make it easier for you to see me," said the voice as her 3D-Arc shined making her look to it.

On her night stand by her bed appeared a glass orb purple and silver with two foxes holding the orb from below. Their were jewels around the bottom of the crystal. A beam shot out from her 3D-Arc and hit the glass orb as it glowed and appeared inside the orb was a black fox with purple sleeves and silver markings where their was white on a normal Renamon. The eyes of this fox were a deep violet. Like SakuyaSetmon, the same symbol was on the sleeves where the yin yang symbol would have been and the marking under the eyes were more lighting zaps than the stretched out w shape. Sakuya blinked in shock.

"A Black Renamon?" exclaimed Sakuya as her 3D-Arc stopped shining.

"Yes. . . I am more known as. . . SetRenamon. I'm a more advanced and powerful version of the Renamon race which was destroyed starting from the lowest level to the highest. I am the emotions, cries, and powers of all those who died in vein as you are. I am you," said the BlackRenamon as Sakuya didn't know what to make of this.

"But. . . I'm human just like the others," stammered Sakuya.

"You are not. . . You are a half breed. The chosen one who will rid the worlds of the new evil which is slowly arisings. I am here to serve as your information of the hidden secrets that were kept from you until the day you remember who you really are. We were born of the emotions of the race that was destroyed. We were once the same Renamons as the others. . . The last of our kind, and the calling changed us to become more powerful," said SetRenamon.

"Whoa. . . This is all too deep. I'm getting a headache so can we like. . . not talk about this anymore," asked Sakuya feeling herself about to faint.

"Of course. . . I will be here when you need information," said SetRenamon as she faded upon the orb growing dark.

Sakuya laid down upon her bed as she sighed deeply.

"SetRenamon? How can I become a Renamon. How can I be a. . . half breed? What did she mean?" asked Sakuya softly to herself.

"This is all a dream. Once I fall back asleep and wake up, everything will be fine. I'm not a half breed," yawned Sakuya as she rolled over to her side and closed her eyes.

She didn't know why, but she found herself was very exhausted and it was unlike her to be like this after school.

AngeWomon walked into Sakuya's room as she smiled softly looking down to the sleeping human.

"Sakuya. . . It's dinner time," AngeWomon gently shook Sakuya as she yawned loudly and slowly sat up in her bed looking up.

"Hi, Angemom. . . I had the weirdest dream that I was able to digivolve into a hybrid digimon named SetRenamon. Well. . . I evolved to a hybrid called. . . SakuyaSetmon who ever she is," said Sakuya as AngeWomon looked to her.

"A dream?" asked AngeWomon as she stood there as Sakuya blinked seeing that look before.

"AngeWomon? What is wrong?" asked Sakuya as AngeWomon looked down to Sakuya and smiled hiding her thoughts.

"Okay," said Sakuya as she turned to notice the Renamon orb as she gasped.

"It's not a dream. . . It really did come true. What is going on?" thought Sakuya as she saw AngeWomon walk away.

Sakuya was about to follow after her when she heard the same voice. She turned around to see the orb glowing and SetRenamon appear.

"You are what is going on Sakuya. You are one of the chosen the one. The one who will rescue the entire worlds," said SetRenamon as Sakuya blinked.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakuya.

"I mean that you are a true hybrid digimon," said SetRenamon as Sakuya laughed.

"Yea right. How could I be a hybrid digimon? I'm a human," said Sakuya.

"Yes. . . and a digimon," said SetRenamon as Sakuya blinked surprised.

"That's impossible. I can't be a digimon and human. I don't even have a spirit armor," said Sakuya thinking back on her history of the tamers of the Digital World and Human World.

"That maybe, but your spirit is of digimon data. You have parents who are both human, but your mother must have been here in the Digital World during her developed of her unborn infant in which you were born. . . Illegally born here in the Digital World," said SetRenamon as Sakuya blinked.

"How would that make me a hybrid?" asked Sakuya.

"Because, when you were being developed and upon your birth, you inherited the powers of the Digital World giving you the right to have the digimon powers as any other digimon making you a hybrid without having to become a full digimon." Said SetRenamon as AngeWomon came back.

"Sakuya what's wrong?" asked AngeWomon as Sakuya turned around.

"Well I was talking too," she said when she noticed the orb was dark and she turned to look up to her caretaker. "Myself." She said as she walked out of her room.

AngeWomon turned to the room and looked around.

"I sense something evil here," AngeWomon turned to follow after Sakuya.

"This is your power within. You have the capabilities of the digimon Renamon. Use it to your advantage over your enemies," said SetRenamon in Sakuya's mind as she gasped and went on to the table to wait for food.

Okay. . . I would appreciate any comments and criticisms. After all. . . what good is being a writer if you don't know what other readers think of your work right? Right. Just email me and let me know. This chapter is done. I know there is little action in it, but I felt it was needed to explain a little bit of how she could have used the power of Renamons.

May 6th, 2006, 9:26 PM
The Power Within
Part 2

Sakuya was glad it was a weekend for their was never any school. She thought it was strange that humans and Digimons lived together in such close harmony that they even share schools and jobs together. Sakuya has never been to the human world and have heard that only a few selected Digimons have managed to make it into the human world. Sakuya layed their in bed deep in thought. The orb in which held her spirited partner glowed and appeared.

"You look deep in thought Sakuya. . . Mind sharing?" asked SetRenamon as Sakuya kept her look on the ceiling not at all phased by the digimon appearing.

She's somewhat gotten used to it and now expects her to pop up at any time, mostly when she's deep in thought or absorbed in something.

"Nothing really Set. I was just wondering how on earth did humans and Digimons live together in such close harmony. I mean, I was always made fun of because I was one of the first humans to start school in this world," said Sakuya as Set tilted her head.

"Yet you seemed to have made friends with one digimon," said Set as Sakuya turned to look at her.

"Gaomon? Well. . . He just kind of. . . um. . ." said Sakuya not wanting to tell about how they met.

After all, now that she knows she is a hybrid in some weird way, she couldn't let SetRenamon know about Gaomon, yet, she somehow knew she couldn't keep anything from Set. With a deep sigh Sakuya closed her eyes brining up the memories her far past.

"I remember a human woman taking me to school. I was only 7 years old and very shy. It was hard being accepted by any of the Digimons even a few of the teachers had a hard time with accepting me. I always had to play by myself or hide from everyone. Than, one day, a groups of rookie Digimons surrounded me and kept me from moving. They began to pull my hair and make fun of how I have only fur on my head and nowhere else. They called me a freak and said for me to return back to where it was I came from. I was so afraid and hurt that I started to cry. Than, I heard a voice that sounded scary yet soothing at the same time. It was Gaomon. He told the Digimons to let me go and leave me alone. Of course the others attacked him saying he's a traitor to all digimon kind. But Gaomon easily took them down and taught them a lesson about differences. After the Digimons ran off crying, Gaomon walked over to me and held out his gloved paw to help me up. He told me to not worry and that no one will ever hurt me again. I was afraid of Gaomon, but he stood by my side and took all the insults from the others and backed himself up with his fists. Gaomon didn't care what I was, he saw I needed a friend and he decided to become my friend. I've learned a lot from him. I've learned to forgive those who don't understand anything past their own eyes. It was Gaomon's pride that held me together and made me want to be like him. So I started to follow after his footprints. Only to find that I have developed my own now," said Sakuya as she sat up smiling her eyes open now.

SetRenamon looked down as Sakuya caught her glance.

"What's wrong?" asked Sakuya.

"Well. . . It's your story," said Set as Sakuya turned to look at her slightly worried.

"What?" she asked wondering what was wrong with her story.

"Gaomon just might be the your destiny," said Set as Sakuya blinked shocked at what she heard.

"Wha?" said Sakuya not finding the heart to finish the t at the end.

"Sakuya. . .That is nothing to be so surprised over. Gaomon is your destiny. Every human who has been chosen like you, have always had a digimon in which to help them become stronger. Even the hybrid legendary digimon warriors had Digimons to help them," said Set as Sakuya sighed a sigh of relief.

"Next time, don't scare me like that. I thought you meant that Gaomon and I were to be partnered to become a couple. I was going to protest," said Sakuya blushing as Set blinked.

"Oh really? So you have something for Gaomon don't you?" asked Set as Sakuya grew even redder.

"No! I just think . . . He's cool aright! Lay off me. Digimons don't interest me in THAT way," said Sakuya folding her arms and closing her eyes obviously upset.

"If you say so. Sakuya. . ." said Set as her voice grew stern that made Sakuya turned to look at her.

"What?" she asked.

"I feel another presence of an evil digimon nearby. They are causing havoc in the city," said Set as Sakuya gasped and got up and ran out of her room.

Sakuya kept running and ran passed AngeWomon who followed after her, but stopped at the door.

"Sakuya honey, don't be late for lunch!" shouted AngeWomon who watched Sakuya disappear from her eyes as she ran further.

Sakuya ran as fast as she could when she gasped and stopped to see a million bats flying around terrorizing the Digimons and humans. A Greymon and WereGarurumon paired together around a few humans to try and attack the bats but their attacks seemed unaffected. Sakuya was breathing heavily as she watched.
http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6654/greymon8tt.jpg http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/8164/weregarurumon7ym.gif

"What is going on?" asked Sakuya as she turned to Greymon and WereGarurumon.

"These bats are not from the digital world," said Greymon.

"I don't think they're from any world," replied WereGarurumon as Sakuya turned behind her hearing wing flaps and high pitched screeching.

She gasped and duck down throwing herself down to the ground the bats finished their dive and flew back up to try and attack again as Sakuya got up growling a bit.

"That's it! Now it's my turn to show you freaks," she shouted as she brought out her 3D-Arc though it wasn't glowing.

"Execute!" she shouted when she gasped noticing her data core and strip didn't appear as she looked to her digivice.

"What is going on?" asked Sakuya as she looked up only to get hit by the bats and send flying threw the air with a loud scream.

Greymon and WereGarurumon gasped as they tried to help her, only to push back the bats that would attack the humans they were protecting. Sakuya crashed to the ground on her back. She tried to get up only to fall back down knocked out. Sakuya didn't know how long she was out, but a familiar voice called to her as she slowly opened her eyes. She blinked and sat up looking around her. Everything she could see were shadows. Outlines of everything going on. A flock of bats flew toward her and she braced herself expecting the hit, but they flew passed her as she opened her eyes slowly.

"What is this place?" asked Sakuya when she turned to see a ghost of a blue humanoid fox standing there.

She could make out the deep glowing, crimson red eyes and noticed the strange gemstone upon her purple sleeves.

"SetRenamon? What happened? Where am I? And why can't I spirit digivolve?" asked Sakuya as SetRenamon let out a small smile.

"Because, you are half digimon weather you believe it or not. The problem is you have to believe with your heart. You find the true power to defeat these shadowed bats without the evolution. The power of SetSakuyamon is very powerful and is not needed to waist much energy on. These shadowed bats can be handled by the power of the heart. Find and believe the fact that you are both a human and a digimon. Be proud to be both in one spirit, mind, body, soul, and data," said SetRenamon as she faded and Sakuya closed her eyes.

Her 3D-Arc shined brightly as she opened her eyes and found that she had something within her. She turned to a flock of bats near the shadows outline of Greymon and WereGarurumon who were having a hard time. She leaped high into the air and crossed her arms in front of her chest feeling the power build within her. Daggers in the form of crystals appeared around her upper body and with her legs tucked to her chest, she focused on the bats surrounding the pair protecting the humans. (In case you don't recognize the attack, it's an attack that Renamon uses called Fox Leaf Arrowhead or in the English version Diamond Storm is executed.)

"Set Fox Dagger!" shouted Sakuya as she uncrossed her arms to move outward as the glowing crystallized daggers flew right for the bats.

WereGarurumon and Greymon looked up to see a shadowed form of a Renamon appear in the air out of nowhere and unleash an attack as they growled knowing this must be the source of the bats. As they watched, they noticed the daggers hit each bat that made them fade and disappear. As Sakuya landed the shadowed ghost form of Renamon faded and Sakuya stood their. The two Digimons gasped as they looked at her.

"Sorry about that. I have to take care of the rest," said Sakuya her voice was stern and calm as if she was a different person.

Just than the shadowed bats moved away from what they were attacking and flew right for Sakuya who stood there waiting. She held up her 3D-Arc so that the screen was facing her as it started to glow the power of holy spiritual powers. An emblem appeared in the shape of a four pointed star upon her forehead as it glowed with the digivice.

"Aku Ryo Tai San!" shouted Sakuya as she closed her eyes and immediately a spiritual light formed around in a swirl as she held up her digivice above her head as the screen was the source swirling down the body of Sakuya.

Instantly her body radiated brightly that sent a huge spiritual beam of light toward the bats that instantly became paralyzed and than disappeared. Sakuya opened her eyes as they returned to their normal human eyes. The power surrounding her faded and she stood there, her arms to her side and her hand holding her digivice nearly fell from her grasp but she managed to hold it.

"Be proud of the fact that I am both a human and a digimon," replied Sakuya softly.

WereGarurumon and Greymon could tell she was weakened badly.

May 7th, 2006, 4:57 AM
it is good i like digimon and i have made a few sprite comics about it but the story of the comics are no were as good as this one =)

May 12th, 2006, 12:22 AM
Souls Captured
Part One

Sakuya stood there feeling her legs shake under her weight as she closed her eyes and began to fall backward. WereGarurumon quickly flew over and caught her in his arms before she made it to the ground. Greymon stood there looking at him and than the strange girl who managed to take on the form of a Digimon. WereGarurumon picked her up and looked to Greymon.

"Greymon, I'm going to see to this humans health. You and the other deputies make sure that everyone is okay." Ordered WereGarurumon as Greymon nodded and began to round up his fellow officers.

WereGarurumon turned to walk past a few streets that led to a few alleyways and passed the local shops. Lillymon ran up to WereGarurumon from behind.

"Hey Werey, nice job as always." Said Lillymon blushing with a quick wink to him when she gasped and noticed Sakuya.

Her blush faded a bit as she looked to WereGarurumon.

"Werey? Why are you holding this human?" Asked Lillymon walking to his side but slightly behind.

"I'm making sure she's okay Lillymon. I've never seen a human so powerful and yet fragile at the same time." Said WereGarurumon as Lillymon stopped and watched him slightly shocked.

"WereGarurumon saved my life before and I was nearly beaten. But he never picked me up and took me to safety. Instead he ordered his officers to watch over me while he went on a business. I had fallen for him, but he fails to notice me. Maybe I was showing too much of a fragile female always in distress." Thought Lillymon as she was shocked to see WereGarurumon enter his rather large mansion.

"He never brought me to his house before!" Shouted Lillymon as she growled and had the look of a mighty challenge in her eyes.

WereGarurumon walked up a large staircase and came to the back of the hall where there was a door on the right. He opened it and slowly walked into the room in which had a large bed and placed her down. He slowly put a blanket on her and turned to walk out.

Sakuya slowly woke as she blinked a minute and noticed the ceiling wasn't her own and she tried to get up only to find her body ached so much that she froze. Before she could ask herself anything, she could hear steady breathing as she slowly turned to look to her right to notice WereGarurumon sitting next to her bed.

"Sheriff?" Asked WereGarurumon as he smiled.

"Welcome back. You really displayed some power out there against those bats. Though they were not from any world I know of." Said WereGarurumon as Sakuya slowly found her strength and sat up.

"How long have I been under?" Asked Sakuya as WereGarurumon's smile faded.

"One week and don't worry, I alerted AngeWomon to your safety." Said the Sheriff.

"One week? What on earth? Why? The first time I digivolved it only took me a day to regain my strength. Why did this take a week?" Asked Sakuya as WereGarurumon sat silently.

He didn't have the answers though he couldn't help but have a strange feeling for her and he was trying to figure out what it was. He finally stood up and walked to the door and than stopped. He kept his back to her.

"If you need to, I have been able to cook some food and I know you must be hungry. I may ask you to join the elite officers." Said WereGarurumon as Sakuya looked to him.

"Elite Officers?" Asked Sakuya.

"Yes, they are the protectors undercover. No one knows of them. We maintain the peace of the Digital World and the Human World. With the help of the Secret Agents in the Human World, we have managed to make ourselves be unknown to the world. Our names have changed, though our appearance stays the same. We are granted more power than the others for the true battle is with the evil Digimons who try to take over the worlds." Said WereGarurumon as he turned to walk out the door and closed it.

Sakuya looked to the door and than took off the blanket and gasped when she noticed that she had on a tee shirt and in her underwear. She blushed and quickly covered herself.

"Where are my pants and. . . Did WereGarurumon?" She asked herself slightly growing very shocked.

She found her pants which were laying to the other side of the bed and quickly put them on. She than turned to get out as she found her legs regaining their strength. She turned to walk out the door and made her way down the hall and down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, she was met by a very old elderly man with blondish-white hair and slightly bold.

"So, this is the one WereGarurumon saved. My name is Yamato. I was once a Digi-Destined like you though I have never heard of the power you display. It's so different from the Digi-Destines who became the Legendary Warriors. Anyways, please follow me." Said Yamato as he turned to led the way.

Sakuya couldn't believe her eyes. Could he be the famous lead band singer? She followed after him feeling very lucky. Not many of her level have ever been in the presence of the Digi-Destines of the past and even if they were, they would never admit to anyone. As they came to the dinning room she gasped at all the food and suddenly found her stomach growling. Without anyone telling her anything she charged for the table, sat down and began to fill her plate quickly. Yamato stood their watching the eager teen.

"Man, I've never seen anyone other than Taichi and Daisuke eat so fast." Said Yamato as Sakuya didn't hear a word and WereGarurumon stepped in when he noticed Sakuya.

She stopped at seeing him and slowly sat down with a pile of food. She started to blush from embarrassment.

"Sorry, suddenly I feel so hungry." Said Sakuya as Yamato walked to the chair at the head and WereGarurumon sat across from Sakuya.

"It's okay. Being knocked out for one week, anyone would be hungry. Just don't eat so quickly." Said WereGarurumon as Sakuya nodded and slowly began to take a bite of the food.

"Did you make up your mind yet Sakuya?" Asked WereGarurumon as she looked to him.

"How did you know my name?" Asked Sakuya as Yamato smiled.

"The Elite Force knows everyone who is enlisted in this city and other cities and towns through out the Digital World." Said Yamato as Sakuya continued to eat.

"I'm not sure. I'd have to talk to Set. . . I mean, Set my schedule and talk to to my mother." Said Sakuya as WereGarurumon smiled.

"Good enough for me." Said WereGarurumon as they began to eat.

In the alleyways, a few glowing white eyes appeared and soon turned to about three pairs of eyes.

"Let's go get some human souls to eat and grow stronger with. We will than seek out and find the one who killed our brethren the Bakemons." Said one of the pairs of eyes as they all flew out quickly becoming blurs of white.

Humans walking on the streets began to fall down one by one and very quickly. The three shadows appeared together as they seemed to have grown bigger.

"Mmmm tasty." Replied one shadow.

"You're telling me. Better than defeating a digimon and taking their digi-core, fractal code and downloading the data." Replied the second.

"Enough. It's time to seek out the one who has taken our brethren." Said the third as they separated and began to search around.

Sakuya had managed to finish all her food when her 3D-Arc began to react to something that caught everyone's attention. Sakuya picked up her digivice as both WereGarurumon and Yamato viewed it admirably. A screen popped up in a small hologram that showed the city with humans laying on the ground.

"That's funny. My 3D-Arc is showing humans laying all over the place. It looks almost like. . . Their life was drained." Said Sakuya as WereGarurumon looked to Yamato and nodded while Yamato turned to walk away.

"Let's go investigate. This will be my first change to see you as you say, digivolve." Said WereGarurumon as Sakuya smiled and they both got up and ran outside.

"Show yourself you champion of justice. The one who destroyed all the Bakemons our brethren!" Shouted one of the shadows as Sakuya began to walk toward the shadow.

WereGarurumon was to her side as the shadow snickered. A hologram popped up as the ghost digimon had on a black hat. It looked like a Bakemon.

"Soulmon. So, that is your name is it. You're a ghost and a viral type. If you want to know who deleted your brethren it would be me." Said Sakuya as Soulmon narrowed his eyes.

"With an Ultimate partner like him I can see. I knew the Sheriff had to have a partner human, but now you must face my wrath." Shouted the Soulmon as he charged.

Sakuya gasped as he was a burr to her and couldn't' figure out where he went. WereGarurumon watched Sakuya and noticed the Soulmon charging right for her.

"Watch out!" Shouted WereGarurumon as he picked her up and leaped high into the air.

Sakuya blinked and turned to look at him.

"Sheriff, I'm fine let me down. I can handle myself."Said Sakuya as WereGarurumon landed and put her down.

"Than show me." Said WereGarurumon as Sakuya hesitated to try her evolution.

Sakuya turned to look at WereGarurumon as she gave a weak smile and returned to look at the Soulmon who stopped. She gulped as she stood there holding her 3D-Arc in her right hand as she took a deep breath.

"Be proud of the fact that you are a digimon and a human." Though Sakuya as she closed her eyes for a moment.

The Soulmon blinked wondering what was going on.

"Hey, wake up you freaky human!" Shouted Soulmon as Sakuya opened her eyes in which she held her contentment.

Her digivice began to glow steadily. WereGarurumon looked to her 3D-Arc and than Sakuya.

May 12th, 2006, 6:34 PM
Souls Captured
Part Two

Energy winds picked up around Sakuya as she held out her hand in front of her. Her palms held up to the sky as the fractal code appeared around her hand as her digivice shined brighter.

"Execute!" shouted Sakuya as she brought her 3D-Arc to the top of her digivice while slicing it threw.

"Spirit Power Digivolution!" as she finished her slice and closed her eyes while her arms were slightly down to her side in an upside down V form.

A bright purple light engulfed her as purple flames changing her body. The orb grew larger and the armor of Sakuyamon appeared with her boots, breast plate, arm band armors formed to her body as it grew slightly more muscular and herself taller. Her hair grew longer as the orb exploded and the shadow face of Sakuya only had the glowing crimson red eyes. The fox helmet flew to her head and snapped on as purple flames exploded from her body. She held up her right hand as a silver circle object flew down and transformed into a Priest's purity staff as she gripped it.

"SakuyaSetmon!" she shouted as Soulmon blinked.

WereGarurumon looked at the beauty of SakuyaSetmon. Rather than the purple and gold armor, hers was black where purple was and light purple sleeves. Just than two other Soulmons flew in to stand side by side to the first Soulmon.

"We felt the shock wave of a priest digimon," said the second Soulmon.

"And looks like we arrived in time," said the third Soulmon.

SakuyaSetmon narrowed her eyes.

"I see that you have gathered human souls. Well, I'm here to release them to their hosts. Give them back now," demanded SakuyaSetmon as the first Soulmon she encountered smirked.

"Or what?" he asked.

"Or face my Staff of Justice," said SakuyaSetmon as the Soulmons laughed.

"Make us," said the second Soulmon as SakuyaSetmon sighed unamused.

"Why must they always want to do the hard way?" asked SakuyaSetmon as WereGarurumon took a step back to see what she could do.

Before the Soulmons were able to attack, SakuyaSetmon disappeared before them that made them gasped. WereGarurumon looked around. He noticed a black and purple blurred beam fly passed the Soulmons and looked up as SakuyaSetmon leaped high into the air her staff in front of her. The Soulmons began to look around for her.

Sakuyamon's staff began to glow a steadily silver, glow as the rings around the large ring began to jingle.

"Spirit Soul!" she shouted as she moved her arm and hand holding the staff across her chest as she swung it to wards the Soulmons.

By this time, they turned to see the large orb of silver light fly to wards them as they gasped and quickly dodged as the attack hit the ground and sent a shock wave that sent the Soulmons flying. WereGarurumon was shocked at this as SakuyaSetmon landed and looked to the Soulmons as they slowly got up to face her.

"Do you surrender or shall I use my true powers?" asked SakuyaSetmon as the Soulmons smirked and the other two flew into the first one forming together.

The three Soulmons glowed and the first one grew larger and more powerful as SakuyaSetmon narrowed her eyes. WereGarurumon took one step.

"They are not like other Soulmons of this world," said WereGarurumon as SakuyaSetmon turned to look at him with her eyes.

"They are from this digital world, but granted with a power beyond the normal Soulmons," said SakuyaSetmon as she returned her attention to Soulmon.

"Endo Trance!" said the large Soulmon as SakuyaSetmon gasped and noticed the worlds around her changed to show nothing but a beautiful green valley.

SakuyaSetmon looked around and stopped to see a small yellow fox looking up to her with a gentle smile. She looked down to it.

"Pokomon?" asked SakuyaSetmon as Renamon slowly walked up and looked to her.

"SakuyaSetmon? What are you doing here?" asked the Renamon as SakuyaSetmon blinked.

"I don't know. I can't remember," said SakuyaSetmon as she turned to see a Renamon, Kyuubimon, Taomon, and even another Sakuyamon.

"Something is wrong here," said SakuyaSetmon as the Sakuyamon turned to look at her.

"Nothing it is wrong SakuyaSetmon. You are home. You can finally relax," said Sakuyamon as SakuyaSetmon blinked a bit.

"I can?" asked SakuyaSetmon slightly confused but couldn't find the heart to protest.

"Yeah, come with us," said the Pokomon as it turned to lead the way.

SakuyaSetmon followed after them as the others chatted among themselves.

WereGarurumon gasped as he noticed SakuyaSetmon's eyes had turned to show as if her soul was captured and taken away from her body. He growled as he turned to look at the large Soulmon who chuckled.

"This spirit is amazing. Her powers are so remarkable and much more tastier than before. We must not devour too much of it so quickly," said the Soulmon as WereGarurumon charged with his claws glowing.

"Wolf Claw!" shouted WereGarurumon as he launched his attack only to see his attack flew right threw.

"What? How?" asked WereGarurumon as the Soulmon chuckled.

"Fool, you are not of the priestess powers, you can't harm us," said Soulmon as WereGarurumon charged for SakuyaSetmon and looked down to her to shake her out of her state.

SakuyaSetmon heard a voice echo as she stopped walking and looked around.

"That voice? Who does it belong to?" asked SakuyaSetmon.

"It's nothing, come on, your destiny is done. You've saved the worlds," said Taomon as SakuyaSetmon tilted her head a bit.

"I did? Than why do," she said as the others turned to look at her.

"Why do I feel as though there is evil in the air?" said SakuyaSetmon as an image of Gaomon appeared in a ghost like form in front of her.

The other Renamon's turned to growl at the intruder.

"That's. . . Gaomon?" asked SakuyaSetmon as she turned around to see WereGarurumon and AngeWomon.

"What's going on? These Digimons. . . I know them," said SakuyaSetmon as the Renamons giggled enviously.

"No you don't. It's just a fragment of your imagination. After all, you really are not of the god Setekhmon," said Kyuubimon as SakuyaSetmon gasped.

"The god Setekhmon? Wait, This. It's an illusion. This world is nothing. I am born from the cries and sorrows of the Renamon race that was destroyed. And because of the power, I was granted the god Setekh. I am the god Setekhmon. A hybrid god. Human and Digimon," thought SakuyaSetmon as she growled and held up her hand to allow her staff to appear.

"Be proud of the fact I am both Human and Digimon," shouted SakuyaSetmon as her 3D-Arc began to glow as it appeared in front of her.

She took it and clipped it to the round circle wire on top of her staff as the world around her began to slowly fade.

"You are all nothing! Aku Ryo Tai San!" shouted SakuyaSetmon as her 3D-Arc and the staff shinned brightly and surrounded her body as the world melted away to nothingness.

Soulmon began to scream in pain as they gripped their head. WereGarurumon turned to look at them wondering what was going on and turned to see the light and spirit of SakuyaSetmon return to her eyes as she glared at the screaming Soulmon.

"WereGarurumon. . . Would you like to help me?" asked SakuyaSetmon as WereGarurumon blinked.

"My attack will not effect them," said WereGarurumon.

"Accept a sum of my spirit's power," said SakuyaSetmon as WereGarurumon nodded once and turned to face the Soulmon.

"Spirit Wolf Claw!" shouted WereGarurumon feeling a new power surge threw him as he unleashed his attack.

SakuyaSetmon brought her hands together in front of her as a silverish-purple flame appeared in the form of an orb.

"Burning Mandala!" shouted SakuyaSetmon as the orb exploded into 30 spinning rings of purple-silver flames spinning that slammed into Soulmon along with the Wolf Claw.

Soulmon roared as his body glowed and three data-cores and three fractal codes formed. SakuyaSetmon brought out her 3D-Arc and stepped foreword.

"It's time. Data Spirit Download!" shouted SakuyaSetmon as the digi-core flew into the 3D-Arc and fractal code began to run threw the top of the digivice which slowly faded.

The Soulmons separated and suddenly disintegrated into data bits as the souls of the humans they captured flew back to their hosts and the bits flew away. WereGarurumon turned to look at SakuyaSetmon as she gave a light smile.

"Thank you WereGarurumon," said SakuyaSetmon as her body glowed and she appeared in her human form as her eyes closed.

She opened her eyes and suddenly fell down to her hands and knees. WereGarurumon gasped and bent down.

"Sakuya? You okay?" he asked as he noticed that Sakuya was breathing heavily and deep.

"I'm fine. Just feeling weak. I get this way after I digivolve," said Sakuya as WereGarurumon picked her up and began to carry her to her house.

"I shall carry you home Sakuya and hopefully you will join our cause. You are meant for it," said WereGarurumon as he walked.

Lillymon was flying in the air seeing the entire thing. She narrowed her eyes.

"WereGarurumon will notice me once I digivolve and defeat that wench," she replied as she flew away.

May 13th, 2006, 7:20 PM
History of the Egypt Gods

It had almost been about two weeks since the battle with the three Soulmons. With the help of WereGarurumon and his tamer, she had been under training to strengthen herself in hopes that the next time she digivolves that she won't be so exhausted. She was sitting down in a history class and Gaomon was sitting beside her to her right.

"Today we are going to talk a tiny bit about the Ancient Egyptian Gods. Though they are more known in the human world, believe it or not, the origin came from here back in the golden age before the very first human ever encountered Digimons," said a Leomon as he turned to look at everyone.

"What is Egypt?" asked Gaomon as Leomon smiled.

"It's no surprise you won't know much about it, I have asked a professor of the Human World who's knowledge in such ancient history to come and explain. Egypt is a land in the World of Men. It's where one of the first Digimons found a way into their world and because of their encounter with humans, they were depicted as gods," said Leomon as Sakuya sighed finding it very boring.

"This sucks. I'm in the Digital World and I have to learn about the World of Men too?" asked Sakuya as Gaomon turned to look at her.

"Well, you are a human right?" asked Gaomon as Sakuya glared to him.

"Hybrid," she exclaimed sternly as Gaomon smiled nervously.

"Of course, but you are also human. It's vital to humans to know about your history as well as ours," said Gaomon as Sakuya just growled and turned to look at Leomon.

"I will talk and learn about five gods which are Digimons long forgotten and eventually seized to exist.These five are Nephthys, Goddess of the Dead, Funerals, The house, and women, Isis, goddess of womens, mothers, children, magic, medicine, and ritual of life, Osiris, God of the underworld, the dead and past Pharaohs and last the god of chaos, confusion, storms, winds, the desert, and foreign lands. . . who later also became the god of evil, Set," said Leomon as Sakuya gasped as did Gaomon who were shocked.

"Set?" asked Gaomon looking to Sakuya worriedly.

"Could Sakuya be the god set? I mean, I've never seen a Sakuyamon or even a hybrid beast and hybrid human digimon with such amazing powers. It's almost god like. But, Set is the god of evil? How can that be?" thought Gaomon as Sakuya raised her hand.

"Leo-sama, You said Set was the god of evil and chaos? And you also said that they were once Digimons who encountered the first humans right?" asked Sakuya as Leomon blinked unsure of what she was getting at.

"Yes. He was. He and the other four gods that the humans talked about have been nothing more than a myth. They said that their was a digimon of chaos, digimon of magic, Digimon of Funeral, digimon of music, love, and beauty, and the digimon of the underworld. But they are legends. Setmon, Hathormon, Osirismon, Nephthysmon, Isismon, and Setekhmon aka Setmon are nothing but myths," said Leomon as Sakuya had her hand down and thought about this a moment.

"I have a question. Is it possible that the myth digi-gods can lend their powers to a digimon?" asked Gaomon as everyone turned to look at him.

"Are you saying you believe the myths?" asked a Piyomon sitting on the other side of Sakuya as everyone laughed.

Excepted Sakuya who knew where Gaomon was going.

"Gaomon, Sakuya. . . They are nothing but myths. Even the other digi-gods told to in ancient history such as Anubismon are nothing but myths. They were created long ago to keep peace through out the Digital World with many Digimons," said Leomon as Sakuya and Gaomon sat quickly.

"I get where Gaomon is coming from. If Setmon is known in our history, than they must have existed at one point in history. But Set is the god of chaos and confusion. How could I have that power when I don't feel evil at all," thought Sakuya as the bell rang and everyone exited the building.

Sakuya and Gaomon walked side by side out of the city both deep in thought.

"Sakuya?" asked Gaomon who stopped.

"Yes?" replied Sakuya as she stopped also to turn and look at him.

"You aren't going to turn evil are you?" asked Gaomon as Sakuya was shocked. "I mean, Set is the god of evil and you have his powers. Maybe if you keep using his powers, you will turn evil later on in the future. I may end up. . . having to fight you," as Sakuya gave a nervous giggle.

"Don't be silly Gaomon. . .I'm still my good old self. I'm not going to turn evil by using his powers. We shouldn't jump to conclusions. After all, the Set after Sakuyamon is only a name. Nothing more," said Sakuya as she turned to walk toward her house though she had doubted her own words.

Gaomon watched her walk on as he noticed another being standing behind him and he turned to look up at WereGarurumon.

"So, you know Sakuya?" asked WereGarurumon as Gaomon smiled.

"Yeah I do. She is one righteous babe. . ." blushed Gaomon after realizing what he said and cleared his throat as he swallowed the blush. "For a human."

WereGarurumon chuckled and watched Sakuya walk.

"Tell me, who is this SakuyaSetmon? The name itself makes me wonder about something. I never questioned it before because I don't sense any evil in her," said WereGarurumon as Gaomon narrowed his eyes.

"What are you saying? Sakuya has a heart of gold and will never turn evil. Her passion for justice is too great!" growled Gaomon as WereGarurumon looked down to him.

"I'm only asking because with out the Sakuya. If we take it away. It's Setmon," said WereGarurumon as he laughed.

"That's funny, their is only one Setmon/Sethmon and he is only an armor level digimon," replied Gaomon. "Are you suggesting that she's one of them because if you are, I'm going to have to show you a thing or two."

"I'm here to cause trouble Gaomon. I was only asking. I believe you," said WereGarurumon as he turned to walk away.

Gaomon watched him leave angry at the Sheriff.

"He knows something. Something he won't tell me, but might tell Sakuya," said Gaomon as he turned to walk to his house just a few blocks away from Sakuya's home.

Sakuya plopped herself down on her bed as she watched the ceiling for a moment thinking about the history of class. The orb light up and appeared was SetRenamon.

"Sakuya? You're to deep in thought. What's up?" she asked as Sakuya turned to look at her.

"Just wondering about the ancient gods. Leo-sama said that all the digi-gods are myths and even Anubismon is a myth. We are going to learn a little about the ancient gods of the human world," said Sakuya as SetRenamon tilted her head.

"Can I have the names?" she asked.

"Sure, Isis, Nephthys, Osiris, Hathor, and Set," replied Sakuya as SetRenamon became quiet.

"That is interesting, find out all you can about those digi-gods Sakuya. I want to know more," said SetRenamon as Sakuya sat up to look at her.

"It's interesting isn't it? Considering that Set is in your name," said Sakuya as SetRenamon looked away.

"That maybe, but I am not this digi-god you speak of. It's just a name," said SetRenamon as she faded from the orb and the glow stopped.

Sakuya slowly narrowed her eyes a bit.

"Yes, just a name," said Sakuya as she got up and left her room.

History was always a nag to her because she never really knew why they had to learn about history when it was so boring. But the talk of five gods from the human world made her curious.

"I wonder if there are other gods besides the five we are going to talk about. I mean, Anubismon. . ." thought Sakuya as she walked into the kitchen where food was ready.

"Anubis, maybe that is another god of the human world," said Sakuya not realizing that AngeWomon heard her.

"Yes, Anubis is one of the gods in the human world. The human world has many gods. Many of which are from different regions of the lands. Anubis is one of the Egyptian gods of ancient Egypt," said AngeWomon as she put a bowl down of soup.

"Really? Exactly what are the other region gods?" asked Sakuya as AngeWomon sat down with her own bowl.

"Well, there are Roman and Greek gods. Such as Hades lord of the underworld and Aries, lord of war. Than you have the Inuets or one of the Eskimo races of gods such as god of the storms, earthquakes, and tides known as Alignak. There are millions of more such as in Africa," said AngeWomon as Sakuya listened carefully.

"Wow. . . Are they. . .digi-gods too that made themselves known to the humans?" asked Sakuya taking a sip of her food.

"Well. . . They are nothing but myths sweetheart. Nothing more. Even Anubismon is a myth and though many claimed to have seen him, have been known as crazy Digimons," said AngeWomon as Sakuya started to finish her food while dwelling on what she was just told.

May 16th, 2006, 9:11 PM
A Not So Much Information of Gods.

Sakuya and Gaomon were sitting in their seats waiting the arrival of the other students. Gaomon was thinking about Sakuya and the power of the god Set in connection with Sakuya and her spirit form SetRenamon. Just than the bell rang as the Digimons began to make their way into their seats. Sakuya was the only human who was in Digimon High School which was founded by the Digi-Destines of the past in hopes that the connection of humans and digimon would be one.

"Good morning class. Settle down and be on your best behavior." Said Leomon as a young sophisticated woman walked in through the door.

She had red hair that was long and straight but up in a ponytail. Her eyes were a deep violet and these eyes were once icy cold. She wore a gray, knee high skirt and a light gray tank top. A few strands hung down her sides.

"Good morning class, my name is Mrs Akiyama. I was asked by Leomon to talk to you all about the gods. However, I had to invite a few other friends with me." Said Mrs. Akiyama

"This is Mr. Izumi, my husband Mr. Akiyama, Mr. Ichijouji, Mr. Lee, Mr. Junpei, and Mr. Norshtein. We are all a team in this story in which we all came together to come up that the Digimons known here were once the very first Digimons to ever cross over to the Human World." Said Mrs. Akiyama as everyone looked at the adults.

Sakuya and Gaomon tilted their heads as Gaomon gave a low growl at the sight of Mr. Norshtein, but the growl faded as he looked away.

"Mrs. Akiyama? Can you please tell us about the god Set?" Asked Sakuya as they looked at her.

"Sure, who wants to tackle this one?" Asked Mrs. Akiyama as Mr. Izumi stepped foreword.

"Set is the god of chaos, darkness, strength, war, confusion, storm, wind, the desert, conflict, upper egypt, and foreign lands. The Egyptians made him the god of evil because of those traits and powers he holds. He is one of the earliest gods and has many different titles. Set isn't his real name. We all hear of a digimon named Setmon or Sethmon, but that isn't the god of evil. The true name that we came up with is Setekh and believe that a digimon named Setekhmon used to live here." Replied Mr. Izumi.

"So, you mean that there was at one time a digimon of evil?" Asked Gaomon as Mr. Lee stepped foreword.

"Not really. Set was one of many early gods in the Ancient Egyptians time. He is brother to the god Osiris who is the ruler of the Underworld, the dead, and the past of Pharaohs. Though at the time, he was never that god. He became that god when Set cut him in pieces and scattered his body parts over the Sahara Desert in the Human World. Set became of jealous of Osiris because he was made to be the next in line for ruler-ship under Re or Ra." Said Mr. Lee.

"Isis was and is the wife of Osiris and it was she that went to find the pieces of her husband and I do believe he was also her brother or at least brother to Set. Like Osiris, her powers are just as powerful and are considered equals. Isis is the god of women, mothers, children, magic, medicine, and ritual of Life." Said Mr. Ichijouji.

"Than we have Nephthys, goddess of the dead, funerals, the house, and women. She is really known as the head of the household of gods. She is also the rider of the funeral boat accompanying the dead into the Blessed Land. Though she isn't exactly the personification of death. This my friends is, believe it of not, the mother of Anubis." Said Mr. Junpei.

"Isis was the one who was able bring her husband back to life in order to conceive a son. It was than that Osiris became the god of the Underworld. Basically he ended up dieing. He is the supreme judge of the dead and if the souls of the dead pass his test,they were granted a place called the Blessed Land." Said Mr. Akiyama.

"The Underworld according to the Egyptians, that there are two parts to the Underworld. One land is with sorrow and/or pain while the other is the land where there is no pain and/or sorrows. The Egyptians didn't say what the test consisted of, but if they passed, he sent the soul to the boat in which the goddess Nephthys rides to grant safe passage through the river of death." Said Mr. Norshtein.

"These leaves our last goddess Hathor. She is the god of the sky, sun, music, dance, and art and as Osiris is with the past Pharaohs, Hathor is with the past Queens of Egypt. They say she is the reincarnation of dance and is head of the royal family. She is also known as the Celestial goddess and is an Ancient. She of can always foretell the future as the Egyptians say, but we've come to the belief that she just announces a warriors fate. They say she appears as seven beautiful maidens who appear to the warriors one at a time announcing the same fate over and over seven times to them. Unlike Set, she maybe also known as the goddess of destruction and drunkenness, but she is also the the goddess of love, music, beauty, cheerfulness, music and dance in which helps her contain her destructive powers. She has often threatened the four siblings that she will bring down the sky upon them if they didn't stop their corralling over who was going to be the next ruler of the gods." Said Mrs. Akiyama.

"You mentioned another god Mrs. Akiyama." Replied a Piyomon in the back.

"You mean Re or Ra? Well, he is as you would say, the king of the gods. the god of the gods. He is the ruler of all and also known as the creator to the Egyptians. He is mainly known as the creator and is often associated with the sun. Though Hathor is also the goddess of the sun, it is unknown to us why the Egyptians wanted her the same as Re. We do know that what made Re powerful was because he created the world. Some believe that Hathor was and is Re's 1st wife and the reason why he gave her goddess with the sun with Re, but that of course is just what others believe, but we haven't found any proof of that." Said Mr. Izumi.

"So, how does it work with the Digimons?" Asked a Gabumon.

"Simple, Here in the Digital World we discover many histories and we still don't know everything. We do know that their are four god men digimon. Mercurimon, Minervamon, Neptunmon, and Anubismon. Because of the history of Anbuismon, is how we came to the conclusion that the gods known on Earth are the Digimons long ago. I must say, these four must have been the soul creators that created this world with the help of Earth's technology. The more advanced Earth became, the more power was given to the four gods and them able to create many more." Said Mr. Ichijouji.

"We still don't know about how Setekhmon and the others fit into these four, but we do know they must have at one time existed, but do to some unknown reason, they had used all their source of power to protect or destroy something as it always seems to be the case when regarding Digimons." Said Mr. Junpei as everyone blinked.

"Do you have a thing about Digimons?" Asked Sakuya sternly as Mr. Junpei chuckled.

"I'm just playing you all. Humans are just as destructive as Digimons only we don't have powers they do. We have instead missiles, machines that do our work for us and our source of battles." Said Mr. Junpei.

"Anyways, We believe that there was once a Hathormon, Osirismon, Nephthysmon, Isismon, and Setekhmon even the powerful creator Ramon or Remon, the problem is, we have many more secrets we need to uncover, but we did get down to how we believe that those gods were the first to arrive on Earth and the Egyptians worship them. Maybe by force of maybe by seeing that the Egyptians weren't alone and that these creatures possessed power thus they must be gods." Said Mr. Lee.

"My mother said that there are many other gods besides known to the Egyptians. Is that true? And if so, does that mean there was once a digimon god man who also made themselves known?" Asked Sakuya.

"We believe this to be true yes. Until we find evidence that our theory is correct. The normal scientists prefer to rely on fact, but we. . ." Said Mrs. Akiyama as she turned to look at them with a smile.

"But we all share the same belief that the gods of humans came from this world and it's not based so much on facts, but feelings as well." Said Mrs. Akiyama as Sakuya noticed something and turned to look out the window where she noticed a few Digimons looking in through the window.

Their was a Tentomon, MonoDramon, Armadimon, Galgomon, and Gaomon. What made Sakuya's mouth drop was when she saw the golden fur of a humanoid fox.
http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/4807/tentomon9wk.gif http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/2861/monodramon5ht.jpg http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/6453/armadillomon2sx.jpg http://img314.imageshack.us/img314/2968/gargomon19rh.gifhttp://img314.imageshack.us/img314/7084/renamon12wp.gif

"That's a Renamon? It can't be. Impossible, they were wipped out." Though Sakuya as she held on to the orb in which she placed in a box and slightly opened it to let the SetRenamon glance out and she too was shocked.

"We need to get that Renamon. Sakuya, it's time to make ourselves scares." Replied SetRenamon softly as Sakuya closed the box and turned to Gaomon.

"Hey, Gaomon, trouble." Said Sakuya as Gaomon smiled and nodded.

He jumped up high onto his desk letting the chair fall to the ground as he held out a fist.

"I will become the god digimon too. I know I can do it because I'm powerful." He replied as Leomon narrowed his eyes only to get Gaomon to smile.

Gaomon leap off his desk and flew to the front as he began to pose. Everyone watched with shock as did the spying Digimons outside. However, Renamon turned to look at Sakuya only to see her disappear. Renamon slowly stepped back.


Okay, I am currently doing more research on the six gods of ancient egypt, but haven't really found very much. Well, if you guys haven't knotice, I desided to use the digidestines of the past to be the professors after all, this is Digimon and I wanted to always make a story to combine all the digidestines together, but didn't know how to quite do it until now. The last digidestines you all probably never heard of yet for it is just been aired in Japan. It's called Digimon Savers and Norshtein is the one who owns a Gaomon, the same type of digimon as Sakuya's friend. And incase you can't tell, I love Renamon and Sakuyamon and hold them up over the others, but I also have other favs such as Gaomon and the dragon digimons. I also have to thank a special guy for giving me the inspiration I needed to come up with this story. So, do feel free to email me and let me know what you think.

I ask that you please don't post on this thread. If you want to make comments, please do it in my mailbox. Thanks.

May 18th, 2006, 5:57 PM
Abomination Truth or False?

MonoDramon turned to look at Renamon who stood at a stance that he recognized. Her alert stance of something coming.

"Renamon? What's up?" asked MonoDramon that alerted the others.

"I'm not sure, but we might have trouble," said Renamon as the others began to look around trying to get a glimpse of what is going on.

Just as Renamon predicted Sakuya appeared on a branch of a tree looking down at the Digimons.

"I never would have imagined that there is a single Renamon race still alive," replied Sakuya sternly and glaring at Renamon as the group turned to look up.

"Yes, however I am not the only Renamon around," said the golden humanoid fox.

"Is that so? Last I remember, the Renamon race was wipped out and there was only ONE Renamon and that Renamon was given more power by the fallen cries and sorrows of the slaughter and gave birth to an even powerful avenger," said Sakuya sternly as the other Digimons blinked in confusion.

Before anyone knew it Renamon leaped into the air her arms crossed in-front of her as the glowing, crystal shard leaves appeared around her upper body.

"Fox Leaf Arrowhead!" she shouted as she opened her arms and her attack flew right for Sakuya.

The other Digimons gasped shocked at Renamon's actions as she slowly descended back to the land. Sakuya leaped from the tree she was in and the attack hit the tree causing an explosion as the tree was deleted.

"You dare to attack me Renamon? Why? I wanted to see if you were real and now I know that you are. No digimon can manipulate a true Digimons attack," said Sakuya as she slowly began to descend back to land.

Renamon however upon landing charged at Sakuya her eyes narrowing. Sakuya gasped at the shock of Renamon attacking and just as she landed she ducked, balling herself into a ball as Renamon tripped and flew over her and crashed to the ground. The other Digimons blinked shocked. Sakuya slowly stood up and turned to look at Renamon who began to get up also. Renamon glared at Sakuya as she was getting ready to attack. Sakuya took one step back.

"I did not come to fight. And I won't fight the last true Renamon," said Sakuya sternly as Renamon took one step.

"That's enough," said MonoDramon stepping in-between the two.

"Yeah, tell us what is going on," asked Gaomon also stepping in the middle.

"That human is no human. She is a hybrid digimon," said Renamon as the Digimons turned to look at Sakuya shocked.

"True, I am. But does that give you a reason to attack me?" asked Sakuya sternly.

"Yes. There is a legend that if all the Renamon race should disappear, an abomination will arise and cause chaos with in the Digital World," said Renamon as Sakuya narrowed her eyes.

"I am not this abomination you speak of or that the legend states," said Sakuya.

"Abomination?" asked Tentomon.

"You are. You have the power of the god of evil within your spirit. Even when you appeared to us, I could sense it. Setekhmon is very dangerous and shouldn't be taken to lightly," said Renamon sternly as Mrs. Akiyama walked onto the area.

"Renamon what's wrong?" asked Mrs. Akiyama when she noticed Sakuya.

The past Digi-Destines followed in.

"This is the abomination Ruki. The abomination of the Renamon race," replied Renamon as Mrs. Akiyama looked to her.

"But, she's just a human girl," said Ruki.

"I have to agree with Ruki-san with this. The chances that human can become a true hybrid digimon is 100,000,000 to 1," said Mr. Izumi.

"Than I'll prove it. She is the one. She has evil powers of the god," shouted Renamon as she leaped for Sakuya.

Ruki was about to stop her when MonoDramon held her back.

"Let's see if it's true. Renamon wouldn't just make up something like this," said MonoDramon as he gave a light growl.

He could tell this human wasn't normal. She seemed powerful and he couldn't figure out why.

"Wisteria Punch!" shouted Renamon as Sakuya took a fighting stance and blocked her punches and kicks with her own.

"Stop this Renamon. I don't want a fight," said Sakuya as she dodged a few of her attacks and refused to attack back.

Just than, Gaomon walked around the corner to see Renamon attacking Sakuya and like Sakuya was shocked to see a Renamon and his mouth dropped open. Sakuya pushed Renamon back as she used the force to leap into the air once again.

"Fox Leaf Arrowhead!" she exclaimed releasing her attack once again.

Sakuya gasped and leaped out of the way barely dodging the attack. Everyone gasped as Renamon landed on her feet and charged yet again. Slowly Sakuya regained her balance as she looked to Renamon.

"I can't fight her. She is the last besides myself. She has to stop, but how could I? Does she really want to prove that I am the abomination? Than, I will have to show her that I am not who she claims me to be," thought Sakuya as her expression grew hurt.

"Than I will show you that I am not who you think I am," said Sakuya as all the digivices began to go off crazily as they all looked down.

Sakuya looked to hers as well which Renamon glanced and grew in shock from the very sight.

"Shadow Scythe!" echoed a voice as a huge black blade in the shape of a scythe flew down toward the group.

Everyone tried to dodge when Sakuya leaped out of the way followed by Renamon. Sakuya landed in a tree while Renamon landed next to Ruki's side.

"Let's take it down," said Ruki as she took out a card the sliced it threw. "Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!"

Her D-Arc didn't respond as she looked down.

"What's wrong? It was working before," she said as Izumi and the others tried to get their digimon to digivolve only to find that their digivices weren't working also.

Sakuya narrowed her eyes and glared at the shadowed gray ghost that appeared wearing a hood and carrying a scythe.

"Who has destroyed my faithful servants?" asked the ghost as Sakuya's digivice began to shine.

"Execute!" she shouted as she began to run the top of the data powers on her digivice. "Spirit Power Digivolution!" as she finished.

In a radiant of light she digivolved and purple flames spewed out as she appeared in her hybrid form.


Phantomon turned to look at the newly formed digimon.

"I believe the one you're looking for is me," said SakuyaSetmon as she leaped from the tree high into the air spinning her staff in-front of her as she made her way to Phantomon.

Just as she neared she brought it up over her head and attempted to slam it down upon his own head. Phantomon smirked and blocked it with the stick of his scythe as he held SakuyaSetmon there much to SakuyaSetmon's surprise.

"Nice try Sakuyamon, but not good enough," he smirked as he pushed SakuyaSetmon away from him and attempted at slice her down.

SakuyaSetmon was hit and sent flying from the air and crashing into the tree's base where she a crack was heard. Phantomon chuckled and dived in his scythe glowing. Just as it happened something quickly flew into the air.

"Spirit Wolf Claw!"

A large white claw slash appeared and hit the scythe that caught everyones attention to a white and blue striped werewolf who was now charging toward the ghost digimon. With a quick leap he aimed for a quick punch. Phantomon swung the chain that was connected to the end of his staff's scythe and swung it out to hit WereGarurumon in the stomach causing him to grunt and end up crashing to the ground. Thanks to WereGarurumon, SakuyaSetmon spun her staff above her as the form appeared on the ground in a huge symbol.

"Spirit World Mandala!"

SakuyaSetmon slowly brought it down as everyone knew this was going to harm them when the second Gaomon being friend to Sakuya came up. Phantomon gasped when he noticed he couldn't move. Energy lights began radiate.

"She's crazy attacking with us nearby," said Izumi.

"No, this attack only effects shadows, ghosts, and spirits," said Gaomon as they turned to look at him. "Trust me. How else are we able to move when he can't?"

Than the symbol flew up and exploded leaving everyone safe from the harm, however, Phantomon screamed in pain as he was forced out of the circle. SakuyaSetmon was breathing hard as the lights faded and she fell to one knee holding both her hands onto the staff. Her cold, violet eyes looked on to the crashing Phantomon who easily got up with a slight chuckle. SakuyaSetmon was shocked. He held up a second charm necklace in which was just a normal black crystal.

"Did you think you can delete me so easily?" he asked when the crystal began to crack and than shattered into pieces as Phantomon just hovered in the air looking at it dumbfounded.

SakuyaSetmon stood up and regained her strength a bit as she looked to Phantomon with a slight smile.

"You fool, now you will pay," he shouted as he lifted his scythe into the air as it glowed. "Soul Chopper!" as he swung the scythe.

SakuyaSetmon grind-ed her teeth in worry on how she was going to deflect that attack as a glowing blade head toward her. SakuyaSetmon leaped high into the air as the attack hit the ground where she once stood. She landed on the tree and leaped away doing a back flip and landing on the ground. She had one knee laying on the ground and the other knee bent and up. Her staff to her side as she looked up to Phantomon who suddenly disappeared from her sight. She stood up and looked around. She could hear echoes of an evil laughter around her.

"We will finish this later," echoed Phantomon's voice as the digivices stopped going off with sounds of beeps.

SakuyaSetmon grind-ed her teeth as she glowed and the data core and fractal code went into her 3D-Arc. Sakuya fell to her knees breathing heavily and sweating. Everyone turned but it was WereGarurumon and the second Gaomon who ran to her.

"Sakuya? You okay?"

Gaomon was in the worried voice as Sakuya looked up to the two Digimons with a weary smile.

"Yeah, I'm fine guys," She pretended to show she was okay.

Really, she could tell that attack nearly wipped her out. And to think it wasn't her attacking, it was the crystal. It seemed to have drained her energy attack allowing more energy to be released than normal, but her positive influence of the heart was too much for it and caused it to crack.

"WereGarurumon, Gaomon. I'm going to head home and get a long sleep," said Sakuya as she weakly stood up and turned to walk away.

Renamon stood there watching her leave.

"Wait, Renamon said you are the abomination," said Ryo as Sakuya stopped, her head was obviously held down.

Sadness took her as she held back the tears which were quickly forming within her eyes. "You believe what you must. If Renamon feels I am truly the abomination, than she has my permission to strike me."

Sakuya kept walking as they turned to look at Renamon.

"Renamon?" questioned Ruki.

"I never attack a fellow warrior when their back is turned. . . and I believe, that you cannot be the abomination for you hold within your grasp the very proof of a chosen child of justice," Renamon replied in her calm, relaxed voice.

I am done. Come to think of it, I'm not entirely so sure exactly what rate I should give this story. I want to say R for violence and adult content, but at the same time, I want to say pg-13. I guess I won't know until I am finished.

May 20th, 2006, 3:06 PM
Well, it's a normal start for a beginning fanfic.

I'm possess no high knowledge on Digimon, but so far, it's turning out average. Try to cut back on the amount of details (especially when describing characters and attacks) and instead convey it through a more different, unique matter. Pertaining to dialogues...

"Yes, however I am not the only Renamon around." Said the golden humanoid fox.

The period should be a comma and 'S' shouldn't be capitilized. You seem to carry many syntax problems as well as the lack of emotion...Those same errors are practically riddled through your entire story, so next time, revise before posting.

I actually can't get the grasp of introduction on this; I'm that ill educated in Digimon. There isn't anything that original, but it isn't the most cliché plot ever.

Either way, best of luck with the next installment. ^_^

May 28th, 2006, 11:37 PM
The Metal Ghost of Souls

In a place hidden in a dark mist appeared a shadowed figure cloaked by the darkness. Her deep, cold violet eyes shinned threw the darkness. Appearing in-front of the figure appeared Phantomon, bent down with his scythe in-front of him.

"My Lady, I have some important news for you," said Phantomon.

"How dare you appear to me in such a filth Phantomon, I expect nothing but the best of appearance even from you!" said the figure, her voice sounded evil and filled with hate and anger as she rose her arm high into the air.

Phantomon shook in fear of the attack and bowed lower. "My Lady, I came hastily and had no time to dress myself for I have urgent news. It has to do with your rule over the worlds."

The shadow figure lowered her arms and her eyes grew dim.

"Tell me Phantomon. If it's good, I may spare your worthless fractal code," she sounded rather disgusted by the digimon.

"Yes, it will be worth it My Lady. A new beautiful digimon has appeared claiming to be the Champion of Justice. Her powers and beauty rival your own My Lady."

In a quick flash Phantomon was sent flying threw the air and crashed to the side of the wall.

"Fool! How dare you compare my beauty and power to a pathetic digimon such as yourself! You will pay for even suggesting it with your fractal code."

The shadow's eyes gleamed brightly as Phantomon picked himself off the floor and gasped in horror.

"Nazor Nail!"

Instantly she rose her right arm high above her head and sliced down upon Phantomon who screamed and dodged the attack.

"Don't get me wrong My Lady, I wasn't suggesting that she was beautiful or more powerful than you! Please, spare your humble servant." Asked Phantomon pleading for his life.

The shadowed figure narrowed her eyes the gleaming glow still present.

"You are not worthy in eyes. Phantom Pain!"

She unleashed a powerful darkness orb that flew quickly to Phantomon who screamed and engulfed in the darkness as his scream was cut short. Instantly around the orb as it faded appeared a white data stripe and in the middle of it a glowing white orb. She swung her hand across the frachtal code and digi-core as it was engulfed into her hand. Red particle data dissolved the figure of Phantomon.

"How impudent. It seems that I must investigate this new power. Somehow. . . I feel attracted to it."

The shadowed creature's eyes stopped glowing and returned to a dull glow. She turned to hold out her hand and there was the data she extracted from Phantomon and whispered darkness around the codes. Instantly it grew in a dark orb slowly began to take a form as she tossed it into the air. A huge black digi-egg appeared and exploded to reveled a new shadow figure holding a glowing, red scythe blade.

"Go my new servant to that digimon whom your former life said rivaled my own. I want you to strike her down with your soul penetrator. Extracted her codes and return to me with them."

"Yes Milady, I will return with your request."

He began to fly away when she turned to look at him.

"Don't fail me this time. If you return, I will destroy you with out a second thought," growled the shadow as the shadow with the scythe faded from view.

Sakuya was standing in an alleyway with WereGarurumon and Gaomon. The other digi-destines have seemed to disappear when Sakuya tried to search for them.

"What exactly is going on? Why was Phantomon so strong from the other Phantomons I fought in the past, " Said WereGarurumon.

"I think I know. It was that crystal. Phantomon had a second crystal from his own in which he was wearing. My energy attack was sucked in by that crystal. I was being sure that I released the correct amount of energy in that attack," said Sakuya as Gaomon put a paw to his chin.

"And yet it shattered I wonder why? Maybe it couldn't handle the priestess's power?"

"No, that crystal was darkness, it was almost as if it was taking more than just my priestess powers. It was taking something else."

Sakuya grew slightly worried and upset by saying that. WereGarurumon had no idea what they were talking about, but Gaomon caught on.

"You are talking about the evil god," Gaomon finished as WereGarurumon blinked slightly confused.

"Evil god? I've never of a digimon like that."

"It's not a digimon WereGarurumon, it's the god Set from the human world. History says that Set may have came from this world, but the only Setmon we have around here is an armor level digimon. Hardly a digimon to be called a god of evil," Sakuya said softly and slightly bored by the hole god thing.

Gaomon chuckled lightly. "So you were paying attention."

"Yes, but what I don't get is that Renamon. I though the race of Renamons were whipped out," Sakuya said wondering about it.

"Yes, but she was a tamed digimon. She maybe a Renamon, but her loyalties rested and relied on her partner," WereGarurumon growled lightly.

"So she wasn't considered a Renamon or one of the Renamon race," Gaomon finished for WereGarurumon.

"She's is still a threat besides me. She is the only Renamon in appearance not to mention her tamer Mrs. Akiyama. When those two digivolve together they become the last known Sakuyamon. Their lives are in danger as we speak. And it's all my fault," she growled angrily as Gaomon turned to look up to her.

"What do you mean?"

Gaomon slowly became concerned with her words. "How can it be your fault?"

"Think about it Gaomon. Suddenly out of nowhere a digimon of the Renamon race appears when they were all destroyed. I believe the digivices are what kept Renamon safe from being detected as it is with me. I had appeared as I am now, and no one but you two knows it's me. Everyone knows of a legendary Renamon who became tamed by a human and together they digivolved. They will be after her,"

An evil laughter in a sort of metallic sound echoed threw the air which caught everyones attention.

"Such chitter chatter Sakuyamon. Why not come out and show yourself in the open."

WereGarurumon growled as Gaomon rose his ears high to look for the source of the sound. Sakuya slowly turned and made her way out of the alleyway and out into the open where the Digimons were frozen as well as a few humans. The point was, everything was frozen as she growled lightly. Slowly the town was covered in darkness as WereGarurumon and Gaomon ran out to stand next to her. In front of them appeared a caped figure in which capped over it's body. There was no legs to show around but than again Phantomon has never had legs to begin with.

"Show yourself Phantomon!" as WereGarurumon roared.

Slowly he took out his arms and brought out a black staff. What they saw shocked them. It was the top human skeleton form with very small ribs and where the tail bone should have been was a pinkish-white orb of static. His arms were made of the same thing, but his hands were not. In-fact, the bone part was made of metal though he kept his hood on.

"Let me go at this ultimate level digimon. Wolf Claw!"

WereGarurumon leaped into the air with his right claw glowing heading right for the ghost digimon. As he neared he sliced his claw down only to get the black staff to block it and he swiftly slammed it into WereGarurumon's stomach and sent him flying and crashing to the ground. He slowly got up as Sakuya stepped forward with her staff. This digimon was larger than she was, but she wasn't going to let that bother her.

"You are not the Sakuyamon, step aside human before I delete you."

"You can try MetalPhantomon, but there is one thing you are missing." She pulled out her digivice as it began to shine.

In her hand appeared the data core and the fractial code. "Execute! Spirit Power Digivolution!"

Instantly Sakuya had suddenly digivolved with the beast of the renamon into Sakuyamon form.


MetalPhantomon was shocked and surprised to see the human digivolve into Sakuyamon. The last of the Renamons yet this Renamon fully evolved form wasn't the usual Sakuyamon. Slowily WereGarurumon began to take a few steps towards MetalPhantomon ready to take him on again.

"Back off WereGarurumon. I want the last of the Renamon race. She may have disguised her armor, but she still reeks of the Renamon aura. Grave Scream!"

The metal digimon swung his staff as a glowing electric blade appeared and he hit the ground as the entire area changed into a deep frozen graveyard in which WereGarurumon and Gaomon were frozen.
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June 6th, 2006, 11:27 PM
When is a Shadow Evilmon?

SakuyaSetmon brought her staff in-front of her to block the attack only to find that it never came. She turned to look at WereGarurumon and Gaomon and was shocked at the frozen statues. MetalPhantomon laughed as anger struck the gentle heart of Sakuya. She turned to glare at MetalPhantomon which stopped MetalPhantomon from laughing.

"You will pay MetalPhantomon. You turned my friends into frozen life statues. I will not let you get away with that." Growled SakuyaSetmon as MetalPhantomon chuckled.

"And what can a human like you do? A pathetic," he said when he realized something. "Hybrid."

Off in the shadows a few yards away appeared the glowing eyes as before watching the scene. Sakuya leaped into the air her staff raised high above her head. MetalPhantomon watched and brought out his staff and blocked her attack, but pushed her off that sent her flying. She landed on the ground on her knees and charged quickly with her staff glowing. MetalPhantomon smirked and blocked her attack but before he tried to push her back, she pushed froward so that they held each other back with the staff in a sort of stand off. His staff sparked with dark light while her's sparked with blue. Both clenching their teeth and glare at each other with anger. The shadowed warrior watched and gasped. Suddenly, the sparks of the two Digimons began to grow and an evil present aura surrounded the area.

"What aura. That digimon, she's releasing that evil aura," she said shocked that a digimon of the Renamon race could have such evil aura for warriors of justice.

MetalPhantomon gasped as black flames began to form around SakuyaSetmon's body.

"Die MetalPhantomon!" She shouted angrily in a voice that wasn't her usual calm and soft voice.

Instantly she screamed angrily that sent out the evil flames to explode sending MetalPhantomon flying into the air. Evil surrounded him that he couldn't even make a sound as it filled his lungs and he began to gag as if it was poison.

"Flame Vajira Mandala!"

Instantly the second evil flames appeared on top of the staff as a huge flaming beam shot out to Phantomon. As the attack hit MetalPhantomon, the symbol appeared in-front of him as he was instantly surrounded by his fractial code and data core, however, the fractial code and data core began to disintegrate into data dust. SakuyaSetmon was breathing heavily, but the anger was still present in her heart. She fell to one knee trying not to faint from the lack of energy. WereGarurumon and Gaomon burst from the melting ice as they both shook their bodies. Instantly WereGarurumon and Gaomon's ears perched high upon their head as they focused on SakuyaSetmon. The evil aura surrounded her enough to make Gaomon and WereGarurumon's legs shake a bit under there wait from disbelief and slight fear.

Before Gaomon could say anything, a deep, sexy laugh echoed through the air that made everyone looked around except SakuyaSetmon who turned her head to the right knowing where the laughter was coming from. Instantly the world around the three grew pitch black.

"There you are Setekmon. I've been searching for you. Only the true evil god digimon can draw me to them," said the voice as the glowing eyes appeared before SakuyaSetmon as she stood up straight glaring at the digimon in-front of her, but the glare turned a sharper glare.


With a growl she said, "what the hell do you want?" WereGarurumon stepped froward.

"SakuyaSetmon, you need to soften your heart. This isn't you." The worry in WereGarurumon's voice was heard, but not taken in by SakuyaSetmon.

The shadow gave a quick, sharp glare and both WereGarurumon and Gaomon were blasted away from them with a slight scream that was quickly silenced.

"You will pay for that!"

SakuyaSetmon charged only to hit nothing with her staff. The gentle, dark giggle filled the air.

"Setekmon, stop this. I can open your heart. We are drawn together you and I. Without evil, the darkness is not powerful. with out darkness, the evil is not powerful. We are meant to be together. To fight as a team and reek havoc where ever we go."

"Fight as a team?"

SakuyaSetmon found herself being lost in her own thoughts.

"A team, no, I can't be evil. I'm a warrior."

"Yes, A Warrior of Evil. A Warrior of Hate, but you are not a the true warrior you can be. What you lack, is darkness."

SakuyaSetmon snapped out of her train of thought and looked to the shadow as the evil aura instantly began to fade. She slowly narrowed her eyes to the figure in-front of her.

"No, I am a Warrior. A true warrior. True Warrior of Justice and you will not pollute my heart!"

Instantly the staff began to shine brightly to penetrate the darkness to reveal a woman like digimon. She began to step away from the bright light. The digimon had strange bat-like wings that hung down like a cape. She wore a purple and black gown and upon her head was a golden crown. She gave a gentle smile.

"I am Lilithmon, Demon Lord of Lust and Darkness. I am to follow Setekmon to help the digimon god of evil to rule this world and the world of men. And behold you ARE the god of evil. Take my hand and let me awaken the true warrior within."

SakuyaSetmon raised her staff high into the air as an image formed on the ground and a silver light began to shine upward.

"Lilithmon, demon lord of lust. . . begone. Vajira World Mandala!"

She lowered her staff point to the ground as Lilithmon growled and leaped backward just out of the way as the orb surrounded SakuyaSetmon and faded.

"We shall meet again, and next time, you will be the god of evil."

Her voice echoed as she slowly began to fade from in-front of SakuyaSetmon. SakuyaSetmon was breathing even harder and her eyes closed as she began to fall froward. As she fell, the spirit of Shadow Renamon faded from her body and she reverted back to Sakuya as she crashed to the ground her eyes half closed. She found herself feeling worry and began to become afraid.

"Am I really Setekmon? Can I really be the digi-god of evil? How? What happened just now? Who am I really?" Sakuya's eyes closed as she fainted from lack of energy.

WereGarurumon and Gaomon ran to Sakuya both panting heavily. WereGarurumon slowly bent down and picked up Sakuya and held her in his arms.

"WereGarurumon, what are we going to do? What happened to her? I got such a cold, and evil vibe off her and now it's gone."

WereGarurumon turned and began to walk away with her. Gaomon followed close behind.

"I don't know Gaomon, but I know one thing for certain, we have to keep a close watch on her."

Gaomon stopped as he watched him leave. His voice was a ruff, deep growl that made Gaomon begin to worry more about his friend. It sounded as if he was putting Sakuya under house arrest. He sighed and began to walk after him.