View Full Version : Zangoose question...

April 3rd, 2004, 3:40 AM
Yesterday when i was playing ruby i noticed my zangoose with strange stats:

Level 25

i mean is this normal for zangoose or what,will it have 213 attack when its level 75?!?!

April 3rd, 2004, 4:05 AM
Err, what's so strange about this?

Zangoose's base stat for attack is about 115. Looks about right to me.

April 3rd, 2004, 4:17 AM
well i haven`t got experience (spelling?) with zangoose i didn`t care `cus it was normal type and all but now i`ll put in my team.BTW in what level does zangoose have 115 attack?

April 3rd, 2004, 4:27 AM
I mean 115 is his base value for attack. That's not his actual attack power. By level 100 his attack score should be around 295 on average.

E. Master
April 3rd, 2004, 7:29 AM
Yah, I thought my gorbyss had probs with attack but in the end she had around 347 at. Just use iron and that stuff to rais their stats.

April 4th, 2004, 5:56 AM
The level would be about 45.but what else is wrong anyway