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April 23rd, 2006, 8:07 AM
Here's how the thing works. On the user above you, he or she will say the name of a Pokémon. You have to come up with two or more made up abilities (Something that would seem to be used in the soul and mind (like Overgrow, Blaze, and Torrent, and another that would be used for outside its body), and four or more made-up attacks that would fit the movepool for that Pokémon. You can do this for a Pokémon that already exists or one of the ones that you made up, and you're also allowed to make up your own Pokémon types to boot. I want to see who has the skills to make things straight from the blue, even under the scrict rules of this thread.

Here are the rules of this thread:
1. Include this: Name, Type, Base Power, Accuracy, Power Points, Effect. It doesn't have to be in the same format; just have all of those in there somewhere.
2. If you're going to give an opinion about a previous post about the attacks or abilities, don't forget to contribute your attacks and abilities so that your post won't be considered SPAM.
3. Follow the regular rules of the PokéCommunity forums, even though I shouldn't even say it here and all of them are realistic and easy to abide by anyways.

Since I'm the starter here, I'll use my favorite Pokémon, Cacturne:

Power: Stalker
When any Pokémon on the field switches, that Pokémon loses HP equal to the level of this Pokémon.

Body: Needle Protection
When a Pokémon attacks the owner of this ability, after the attack, 10BA(opponent's move's PP) is dealt to the attacker.


Poison Missiles: 20 BA, 100 AC, 20 PP, Poison/Sharp
Effect: Shoots poisonous missiles at an opponent that hits 2-5 times; hits all opponents on one side.

Evil Glare: -- BA, 100 AC, 20 PP, Dark
Effect: The target's Accuracy and Evasiveness drops by one level due to an intimidating glare.

Needle Kick: 100 BA, 95 AC, 20 PP, Grass/Sharp
Effect: A kick using the needles on the feet of the user that has a 20% chance of poisoning.

Dark ArmCross: 160 BA, 90 AC, 5 PP, Grass/Dark
Effect: The user crosses its arms, releasing a dark wave of energy that has its damage divided by the number of targets on that side of the field.

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