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April 25th, 2006, 5:29 PM
My, my…

Isn’t this ironic.
Amusing, too.

I can only assume that the mods will delete this.
Please…I’ve known you all, and I beg of you to let this stay open for at least 24 hours, and don’t delete it. Ban me, go ahead but please do not lock it. I want people to read this. For any remaining dignity there is here, please.

Two years ago, I joined this site as a 7th grader. A child bearing absolutely no worry or burden. I was what you sort would call “a n00b”.
It was then I realized a goal. A pathetic goal I considered for some reason I do not understand until this day a goal with a heightened level of meaning.
I wanted to be modded.
It’s funny, because I hate the whole way modding works now. Yes, I, Eli, am saying that. You can quote me on it, I don’t care.
For a year, this “dream” went on until November 26th, it happened. This was thanks to Dakota, whom I believe is…banned now. Great guy, by the way. I assume he was banned unjustly. However, I do not know everything, so I’ll keep quiet.

As I began to “work” at PC, though I thought things were going great, they only went downhill.

It’s time I told you guys what was really happening to me last year.
I would also like to tell all the members of PC why I was demoded.
I can only imagine the mods will delete this thread now, but I will shed light on this.

They claimed I wasn’t doing my job.

Yes, this is the truth.
They truly thought I wasn’t.
I’m sure you are all are wondering how they could think this.
I’m wondering this too.

Last year, I was literally up at 6:00 AM before school, just to be on PC. I would skip lunch at school too. And yes, folks, I got 6 hours sleep a night.
It was a thriving addiction, waiting to implode. And then it did.
I started failing math and bio. I went “suicidal” otherwise known to some on here as “being a pity whore” due to stress, some from PC, some from other things.
I went into overdrive for quite a while.

I went to summer camp at June. Things were looking up, forgetting the fact that I was away from PC. At this point, I do believe PC was already decaying, having it’s own issues.
But the worst, as I would find was yet to come.

August 29th.
I withdrew from online and offline. Cried at night. This is the result from a deadly addiction I never should have gotten into. I admit that. I was a loser for doing so.
But this opened up the gateway to a whole new life, actually.
I write 3 poems a day, I play piano, guitar, and sing a lot. Yes, I am good at poetry regardless of the mediocre results from the poetry contest.
In fact, I am actually the poetry administrator at a site with 12,000 members. It’s one of the best sites I have ever been too, where people respect you for your opinion.

Henceforth, I thank PC for music. For a life. Had I never joined, I would have never gotten my friend to join. She got into Green Day from PC, and got me into them too. That opened a world to me.
Punk shows. Yes, real Punk. I’ve moved away from silly mainstream bands. I listen to Anti-Flag a lot now, and street punk as you would call it.

So I thank you PC. Thank you for screwing me up for the best.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a few people, who may or may not still be here.

John- Dear lord, what has it been, 3 years? And you’re STILL talking to me. That’s gotta be a record. Thanks for the time, dude.

Kimi- What can I say? You’ve been here for quite a while too, thanks a million.

Paige- …For being my wife. And always will be.

Ty- I think you’re banned. XD Whale AIDS shall live on.

Ryan- You’re banned too. Geez. Thanks for the music criticism, appreciated.

Dakota- Banned, too. Thanks for ending the modding and starting it. You’re great at guitar, by the way.

Arcy- Haven’t spoken to you in a really long time, and I’m sorry for it. You’re a really great person, and I really hope to talk to you at some point.

John (Useless I.D. one)- Thanks for listening to my music, honestly. O_o

Thomas- Keep the Green Day club alive, will you?

Jorge- And I’m pretty darn sure you have no idea why you’re on here. A few words of wisdom can change a lot. I took it to mind when you said there are worse people in the world. Thanks.

Shiney- Yeah…Just figured I’d put you on here, because I’ve known you for a long time.

Ningi- You’re banned too. Thanks for everything.

And finally…
Jedi_Amara- Yes, it was her. She got me into all of this. I love you dear.
And lastly to anyone I’ve forgotten;
Thanks to all of you. You really made me feel great. I honestly cannot describe the amazing people I’ve met at PC, and I will never forget that.

I’m not leaving the computer, so don’t fret. I’m still at many forums.

Should you wish to contact me…

I’m an MSN whore.

[email protected] except I may get a new one soon…FlamesHaveDestroyed or something.

AIM: CptnxAnarchy

I really encourage you all to write to me, I don’t wanna lose touch.

With over 17,000 posts, Eli is out.


April 25th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Sorry Eli~ o_o;; It's against the rules~

Sad to see you go, though~
.. but yeah ._.;; Uh.. you shouldn't be crying over a forum ._.;; You'll always have your friends on it by adding them on MSN~ *pats head*

Bye, Eli~~
Well miss you~ <3

oni flygon
April 25th, 2006, 5:45 PM
On the account of your poetry: Poetry is nothing about quantity but the subject and structure. If you pick a rash subject bound by redunduncy, you're just basically flogging a dead horse. Immersing yourself in a one sided view of poetry will only lead you to a horizontal growth. But immersing yourself in different kinds of poetry and music will lead you to inspire more and obtain a deffinitive structure. Listening to real punk, as you have called it, presents you a one sided view. Whereas if you listen to other music with great poets such as Cash or Dylan or the bluesy feel of Zeppelin, maybe you will understand.

And from Lily: 'Eliana is a lovely poet, and she shouldn't let some "mediocre results" intervene with her beliefs in her own skills.